Multicult Insanity Is Why We Have Terror BS

Commentary by Phillip Marlowe

This is supposedly the bomber, Salman Abedi. Note how the lefty media will call him “British” simply because he was born in Manchester. My White little tushie.

You certainly have already heard about the horrible Manchester, England, bombing of a concert attended by little girls that killed 22 and wounded 59 — done by another Mudslime freak suicide bomber. The concert was by Ariana Grande — a mixed race something “pop diva” promoted to educate our young girls how to be cheap sluts and mudsharks in our brave new world.

But you got to understand a few other things “they” never talk about in the mainstream media that has put us White people into this nightmare.

While it’s probably untrue Einstein once said: “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result,” but he could have. Now Albert Einstein was a Jew, as you probably know (he’s like a God to Jewry). Yet what they always conveniently forget to mention is that Einstein did say Zionism is pretty much the same as Nazism. Einstein realized they were plenty of hard core Zionist Jews ready to bollix up our Mr. Nice Guy brains to support the Jews invading the Levant (what they used to call Israel); to recreate a supposedly ancient homeland they’ve obsessed over for thousands of years. Jews know the deal.

The Father of our country, George Washington, said in his farewell address that getting in bed with foreign interests invites retribution and serious dangers to our republic. He was alluding to the Brits versus the French, since this was the big brouhaha of the time, but the same logic applies to the business with the Jew Zionist psychos versus the dirty terrorist A-rabs. George Washington had no idea about what subversive idiocies were to eventually infect this nation. Of course, there were hardly any Jews in America then.

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Evil Blacks Kill White People All The Time Just Driving

By Phillip Marlowe

Someone handed me a copy of the local paper yesterday (I don’t subscribe) and on the front page was the story of two stunningly beautiful high school seniors, Kaitlyn Duffy and Sabrina Mundorff, in a car wreck where one died and the other was critically injured. After skimming past the usual fluff about the saddened White family and candlelight crying fest where nice guy Whites still don’t get it, I finally reached the part in the back of the paper where the reporter listed the name of the bastard who ran into them head-on with a box truck (he was drinking on the job).

Yeah, I could tell immediately by the name it was another sorry-ass Negro (they didn’t show his easily obtainable mug shot, natch). He already had a rap sheet a mile long. He was charged with involuntary manslaughter, maiming as a result of DUI, felony hit and run resulting in a death, DUI and driving on a suspended operator’s license.

You should know that I have several pages of photos dedicated to blacks murdering us — be it mudsharks or just regular random Whites (including idiot multicults) targeted by these criminals for robbery, home invasions and/or murder. But blacks don’t just kill us with guns, knives and occasionally a handy two-by-four piece of lumber. Oh no. They are also most often the ones behind the wheel of a two ton car when a White is run over or turned to hamburger in a horrible car accident. Basically, they could care less.

Sure, you’ve got your crazy illegal wetbacks, drunk as hell on Coronas from Walmart and listening to blaring mariachi circus music (they actually dig that nutty crap), who kill us all the time on the road. But keeping track of illegals committing crime and also the stinking black race is just too much for one White guy. Yet you can see the “real deal” on a regular basis by going to the site NEW NATION NEWS where they list out such crimes from compadres all across the “NEW NATION” of our now racially screwed America. You will simply not believe just how bad things are getting.

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Backstabbing Jews Happy Seeing Whites a Minority

A couple of smiling, beady-eyed Israeli Jews at a big 2013 international conference hosted in Israel and specifically aimed at increasing Third Worlder immigration rates into EUROPE, but not sacred Israel, where they do everything they can to keep non-Jew peeps of color out. Can you believe the utter gall of these hypocrite Jew creeps? Just who do these sorry SOBs think they are? [INCOG]


Houston, Texas is a city that has been struggling to forge some kind of unique identity for the longest time.

Negro shows how to mix up “purple drank” using cough syrup with grape soda to catch a lazy buzz. Trayvon Martin was going to make it before Zimmerman justifiably plugged him in the gut.

There’s not really a whole lot to this town when it comes to culture. The only people really proud of the city are sportsball fans and the blacks because it’s the birthplace of a certain style of ooga booga music that mimics the effects of getting high on cough syrup and also the home of their queen negress, whose GIFs they use on Twitter in lieu of having a high enough IQ to form an actual argument.

Everything here revolves around working.

There’s a stable and at times booming economy, the oil and gas industry and the world’s largest medical center. There’s an exponential growth rate in regards to its population, which is set to overtake Chicago to become the third largest city in the US. These details basically serve to highlight the fact that the only thing that unites Houstonians is the fact that there’s an economy here. But now Houston has something new it can brag about: it has become the most “diverse” city in the US.

This is not a particularly shocking revelation to anyone who’s spent time in Houston. It’s similar to New York City in some regards, except the cost of living is much lower and it’s a lot closer to the southern border, which, along with its reputation as a sanctuary city, makes the city a prime destination for the world’s “wretched refuse.”

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Assassinated DNC Staffer Linked To Wikileaks

Private Investigator Says Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was Talking With WikiLeaks


It has long been speculated that the source of the damaging DNC leaks was the murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich. His family recently hired a private investigator and that investigator is saying that Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks before he was shot dead.

From NY Daily News:

Nearly a year after the unexplained slaying of a Democratic National Committee staffer, a private investigator hired by the victim’s family says he has some key information.

Staffer Seth Rich’s violent death prompted several conspiracy theories considering his political ties and according to Rod Wheeler, there’s at least some certainty on if Rich was communicating with WikiLeaks.

“Absolutely. Yeah. That’s confirmed,” the former D.C. detective and Fox News contributor told FOX 5 according to information he supposedly has from unnamed sources.

Rich was shot twice in the back at approximately 4:20 a.m. on July 10, 2016, just a block from his home.

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What I’m Trying To Do With My Attacked Site

By Phillip Marlowe

You probably have noticed I have not been here too much lately. That’s because last week I was hit by massive DDOS or hack attacks that forced a certain unsung hero to take my site down temporarily. This just happened to coincide with an upgrade that I did, that had me bollixed up on my end. I only recently got things somewhat sorted out.

Let me state unequivocally: There is a huge war going on for your brain. It’s a propaganda war (for right now). You have little guys like me, who have figured out the scam and are desperate to awaken fellow Whites in whatever fashion possible.

I can march around on a street corner in my town with a sign. I can talk to friends and neighbors. But there isn’t a whole lot I really can do, short of illegal actions that I probably shouldn’t even talk about for fear of “them” using it against me. I certainly can’t go on any TV; if you notice, all that’s specifically reserved for agents in the destruction of our race — including greedy little well-off bastards of our own. Think about it!

You see this multicult brainwashing of us Whites everywhere in the media. Once you “glom on to it” you will notice it, too. It’s in the movies — even old.* It’s in the news. It’s in the TV shows and documentaries. It’s in the commercials (ad agencies have been ordered to increase it). Hell, even a big beauty pageant last night (I didn’t see it but someone told me about it this morning) had half the contestants black and the winner a black, natch (a tranny could also been used to fit the “agenda”). As I said often here on my site, “they” are totally “niggerizing” and perverting America and the White race before our eyes.

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Dirtbags Make Affordable Health Insurance Impossible

By Phillip Marlowe

I wanted to weigh in on the Health Care bill, but like most normal people out here in the real world, I got a little tied up with personal day-to-day BS to write much. But let me tell you a few things anyone can see without the media drivel. First off, “pre-existing conditions” includes dirty freaks who do sick crap you would not believe — sometimes even with total strangers. This immorality, coupled with the importation of Third Worlders and their myriad jungle diseases has turned healthcare insurance into an unaffordable proposition for most of us decent, working White people.

They had this story all over the news — and tied it into the Health Care debate. You think this guy has to worry about money like the rest of us?

Second, the stinking liberals in the media are HUGE hypocrites. Here’s the democrats in government voting across the board against the latest reiteration simply because of politics. Sure, the retardicans did it to Obama, but didn’t your mother tell you two wrongs don’t make a right? The American people now get screwed over on a constant basis by big government.

How about them trying to make a big deal about TV host Jimmy Kimmel crying on national TV about his little boy having heart problems at birth, and how Mr. Kimmel thinks everyone should never have to worry about that happening to them? Damn, did the media play up this story BIG TIME. It was everywhere. They even showed the little baby’s photo so we would all go “oh, how cute. I really feel for poor Jimmy. Yeah, we need to cover everyone so such terrible things don’t happen!”

The brainwashing media creeps know exactly what buttons to push among us hoi polloi. They’ve been up to this for decades and have highly paid social and behavioral scientists working for them. Hell, you can turn on the TV and easily see cultural Marxism, or multicult “PC” jammed down our throats. You can even see it in commercials.

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America Now Sick of Kardashian-Jenner BS


One of the worst things about American pop culture over the past decade has been the Kardashian family. It started with a stupid show called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” that spawned numerous spin offs. The show appears to have caused Bruce Jenner to go insane. He is now dressing up as a woman and calling himself Caitlyn.

Fortunately it looks as if we’ve reached peak Kardashian. Ratings are in the toilet and nobody cares about Jenner’s new book.

From Show Biz 411:

Is our long national nightmare over? The saga of the hideous Kardashian-Jenners is losing steam at last. People may finally be wearying of people who are famous for no reason.

First: Caitlyn Jenner’s book about going from Bruce Jenner, Olympic athlete to Caitlyn Jenner, trans heroine, has not rung up big sales in book stores. On amazon, “The Secrets of My Life” is stalled at number 296. The Kindle version is at 487.

Jenner’s own E! TV show “Life with Cait” was cancelled not long after it debuted.

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Little Miss Molly Got Exactly What She Deserved

By Phillip Marlowe

When I read that 22 year-old Molly Matheson was found strangled dead in her apartment’s bathroom by her mother, I immediately suspected she was a big mudshark. I went online and soon found her Facebook page, still not yet removed. Looking over her photos, it’ll be a black perp, I told myself. The twit made a shot of herself at some fancy social event in the arms of this smiling little ape, all dressed up in White man clothing as her masthead profile photo (below “continued”).

Reginald Kimbro looking pleased with himself. These ugly flat-nosed apes actually think they are handsome.

Can you believe that crap? Proud of that photo? Yep, in today’s Jew brainwashed America we see our women acting this way. Disgusting.

This past weekend, 23 year-old Reginald Kimbro (right) was busted for the murder. Her parents claimed she only “sort of” knew him. Yeah, I bet. She freely allowed him into her apartment (no signs of forced entry). Undoubtedly, he expected to get some, being a black stud puppy and all. When he didn’t get it fast enough, or she had a change of mind, he cried the blues. And we know how much these poor, oppressed apes love singing the blues. One thing led to another and him being a Negro, lost it and strangled her in a fit of black rage. He certainly raped her, before or even after. That’s probably why it took so long to bust him — they had to wait until the DNA results came back.

Her mother discovered her daughter’s naked dead body in the apartment’s bathroom shower the next day. She had a blackened, grossly swollen eye from him punching her out at some point before her heart stopped beating — forever. The ape carried her into the shower in the lame attempt to wash away evidence; then put some of her clothing and bedding in the washing machine and turned it on before he made his brave escape. Personally? I think little Miss Molly got exactly what she asked for. I have absolutely ZERO empathy for stupid mudsharks like this. And I do indeed mean stupid. The twit was braindead even before getting the oxygen cut off to her foolish head.

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Looks Like Trump Got Himself All Jewed-Up

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

— The Who

By Phillip Marlowe

Word has it Trump is not insisting on any kind of funding for the border wall with the new budget (amping up the national debt once again). Making Mexico pay for it is not going to happen either, even though we have plenty of ways to make them. He might not even pull out of NAFTA, like he promised every minute during the campaign. The new federal budget supposedly will also continue full funding for Planned Parenthood, including abortion. Things are looking like we’ve been screwed like a cheap slut.

Anybody that comes here knows good and well I supported Trump. I wrote fawning pieces and did up some great photoshops for him. Hell, I even went door-to-door in the real world pushing for him and handing out yard signs all over my neighborhood (totally voluntarily). I’ve endured my share of verbal abuse. Nobody can say I didn’t try to work “within the system.” A Jewed system. Of all people who should have known, it’s me.

I had this one Jew woman with a big happy cartoonish “SHALOM” sign right next to her door. As I saw her walking towards me in the foyer, she suddenly looked like a mean witch when she recognized I was there for Trump’s campaign. She rudely slammed the inner door in my face. With the way she looked at me, I’m surprised she didn’t shoot my butt with an Israeli-made Uzi right then and there.

Yep, looks like the filthy Jews have gotten to Trump. Exactly to what extent, I don’t know. Perhaps from the very start. Coincidently or not, all this comes during the holohoax remembrance week, when we’re all expected to kiss up to the lousy Jews for some gassing BS that may or may not have happened over 70 years ago on another continent. Need I remind you of all us American White Christian men who died fighting the Nazis? The backstabbing hypocrites don’t care. I’ve had it with these asshats.

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Dirty Rats Remove Confederate Statues in the Night

New Orlean’s ISIS Starts Wrecking Confederate Monuments

From Eric Striker @DAILY STORMER

The international community was horrified when ISIS began destroying Roman and other pre-Islamic history in Syria, with good reason. There is an expectation in the civilized world that when a power structure or ruling ideology shifts, historical structures are maintained and protected, in order to remember where we come from.

But this rule doesn’t apply when populations, rather than cultures, are transferred. The goal of the mostly foreign ISIS mercenaries interloping in Syria is to eradicate the native culture and replace it with an entirely foreign culture (in their case, Saudi Arabian Wahaabism). The motive of the Jews who rule America, and their non-white and bribed white puppets in New Orleans, is exactly the same.

Even though New Orleans is 33% white, there isn’t even one white male on their city council. The 6-1 decision to raze monuments to Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and other honorable warriors of American history was made entirely by career-climbing middle-aged leftist women and petty Uncle Toms/Aunt Jemimas fueled by inferiority complexes.

Anti-white rhetoric and political action is escalating because of opportunity. Our demographic decline makes us weaker at the ballot box so whether we have a right to even exist is now increasingly up for debate.

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Christian White Gal Raped and Murdered By Illegal

By Phillip Marlowe

Just read about this beautiful White woman found raped and strangled to death by an illegal spic in the Chimpchago area — dedicated as a sanctuary city by the lefty Jew creep mayor, Rahm Emanuel. These damn Jews and their immigration BS!

Tiffany Thrasher, 33, was found dead in her apartment in suburban Schaumburg, Illinois (Cook county) after failing to show up at an Easter Sunday church service. “Tiffany was happy and excited about her faith…she loved her church family” said her church’s pastor. A wetback illegal Mexican named Bulmaro Mejia-Maya — already with at least one outstanding criminal warrant in the US — broke a window to gain entrance sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning; where he raped and then strangled the life out of the poor woman. Apparently it wasn’t “random” — the perp belonged to a feral pack of illegal aliens observing the good-looking blond woman for some time.

This kind of thing now happens all the time in White countries. Only rarely do you hear about it in the national news and only because of the Internet now exposing matters. You can see the same crap going on with black crime — for decades, the lefty Jewish media has carefully censored black criminal behavior from the general knowledge of White people, so they could quietly steal our lands for the Jewish NWO agenda.

I’ve had it with these filthy Jews and their non-stop efforts to flood our country with criminals and rapists. We got it bad enough with the homies and these Jew bastards expect us to take in even more non-White criminals from everywhere on the planet.

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I’ll Take Trout Over Trampy Twits Anytime

By Phillip Marlowe

A friend of mine, N    , and I used to go fly fishing all over the state. One Sunday, we went to this little river about an hour west of the large university he graduated from. Alongside the river (it was really just a rocky creek that high up) ran an almost 4 mile hiking trail popular with the students from his alma matter. Someone (probably a hiking club at the school), maintained the trail pretty nicely by building up neat little rock walls and steps where erosion threatened and cut away ankle-twisting roots.

We fished the river and caught a few boring stocked rainbow trout. Stocked fish don’t really fight all that well and are pretty easy to fool. A small piece of red yarn is all it takes.

When we got to the very end to the trail, there was a fairly impressive waterfall pouring into a oddly greenish, almost Alpine blue pond. It was a misty place with fog steaming up off the cold mountain water. My buddy N    figured out this one particular streamer fly quickly stripped down deep would elucidate fierce strikes from feisty little native rainbows. He was always a bit better than me when it came to fly fishing. After that we waded back across to the trailhead because we planned to do some bushwacking on past to see if we could catch wild brook trout above this point.

While taking a break and checking out the beautiful view, this older, pleasant White couple wearing brand new LL Bean outfits and what appeared to be the daughter came up to ask us if we would take a picture of them using their top-of-the-line camera. You could tell the girl must have been a freshman or sophomore student at the nearby university and didn’t seem all that happy having to spend time with the parents who paid the freight. The twit was probably hung-over from partying the night before and looked very sullen. She wore a tee shirt that said “PORN STAR” in big letters with a star graphic silkscreened in glitter ink. Funny how she wore that while out with her folks on a Sunday. Spoiled little tramp, I thought to myself.

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Emily Rose Nauert: ANTIFA Hero Slut Does Battle!

By Phillip Marlowe

Did you see that business last week at the Anti-Trump Berkeley demonstrations where this White guy punched out some funky little ANTIFA tramp? Emily Rose Nauert was determined to get “100 Nazi scalps” that day, as she stupidly posted on her Facebook site before heading out to all the lefty fun. After justifiably getting her clock cleaned when attacking a pro-White activist, she created a “GoFundMe” site trying to get $80,000 for her terrible “pain and suffering” (she later dropped it down to $45,000). Just who do these idiots think they are?

Yep, it’s the same little porno tramp. Look closely at her teeth. As usual, the media said nothing about such ANTIFA people attacking pro-White and Trump supporters at Berkeley.

Sweet little Emily was soon exposed as a porn model using a fake name (Venus Rosales). Someone dug up a bunch of shots of her in various nasty poses, exposing her hirsute thingamajig, etc., in all it’s glory! They also have movies of her masturbating for paid subscribers.

She used to be a nice-looking young lady (photo below) but then went Marxist psycho and is now starting to look like a cheap worn-out street hooker, dirty hair done up in semi-dreadlocks. ANTIFA people call her “Moldylocks.” Like Rachel Dolezar, I bet she wishes she was a black girl. She might even be French Jewish.

I did some checking around and found a bunch of photos of her (montage below). Emily is big into archery, most likely after seeing that idiotic movie series “The Hunger Games” where the female heroine, Katness Everdeen (the movie has all sorts of weird names), uses a bow and arrow to lead the big revolution by multicult rebels (started by the brave oppressed blacks in District 11) against evil White male patriarchy and the degraded bourgeoisie of Capitol City. You can really pick out the lefty, diversity brainwashing in Jew movies these days, if you pay any attention. It’s really obvious these days.

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Angry Ape Live Streams Murder on Facebook

Yep, just like you thought — he looks like an ugly gorilla wearing human clothing.

By Phillip Marlowe

Happier times with Joy Lane. At least it’s not another mudshark.

This crazy ape man in Cleveland, Ohio went nuts on Easter Sunday and streamed live shooting some old silverback walking along on the sidewalk minding his own business.

Steve Stephens jumped out of the car and went up to him and asked “can you say Joy Lane?” The old black goes “whaaaaah?” Stevens quickly tells him Joy Lane is the reason he’s going to die right now and pulls out a black semi-auto and puts a bullet in the old guy’s head. Stephens looks back before getting in his car and the old guy is crumpled up, blood already streaming down the sidewalk. Crazy black bastard.

Joy Lane was his girlfriend, who apparently had enough of angry black ass and gave him his walking papers that weekend. He tells his Facebook viewers and someone who calls him on his cell phone that he just snapped and already killed 13 people that day. So far, there’s no verification of any other murders. Knowing blacks, he’s probably just talking out his ass. But then again, knowing blacks he might have killed a lot more people for real.

Anyone hear from Joy Lane lately? I didn’t think so.

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Happy Easter Christians!


Notice how the Jew media has built up Passover this weekend to the same level as Easter. They now do the same thing during the Christmas season for Hanukkah. Damn Jews can’t allow being in the backseat to any Goyim holiday. Also, there’s ZERO historical evidence for any Moses/Passover BS. Try telling one of the Chosen that and watch him go nuts!

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Black Security Guard Will Cost United Airlines Millions

By Phillip Marlowe

Have you seen this stupid video they keep going on and on about in the news? Some crazy supposed doctor from Kentucky named Dr. David Dao is seen getting manhandled — hauled off a plane because they overbooked the flight. He wouldn’t go, so they sent in security people to get the slopehead to leave his seat, justifiably or not (they offered him $800). Chinese can get quite hard headed when push comes to shove.

But if you look closely at the video you can tell the security guy who did all the roughing up was black. He totally lost his cool. The ape went overboard trying to pull the guy out of his seat and dragging him caveman style down the aisle. It provided great visuals for people with cell phones. This is what happens whenever you give a black a little responsibility and authority; especially when they get a chance to use it on a White or other non-black race. Negroes have zero brainpower, only acting with primal violence. They have little in the way of common sense or power of persuasion.

This one black security guard will end up costing United Airlines tens of millions when all is said and done.

The chink doctor will never have to worry about working again. His kids, too, probably. They have already lawyered up and suing. Big time. Expect the airlines to pay them off 5 million dollars at the least. The airline’s stock has already plummeted simply because of bad publicity. Talking TV Jews are yapping up a storm. But don’t they always?

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Yids Flip Lids Over Spicer’s Minor Gassing Comment

Kike Mossad Operative Wolf Blitzer Loses His Shit On Sean Spicer After Exposing Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax


The kike Mossad operative Wolf Blitzer did an interview [BELOW] with Sean Spicer on CNN in which Spicer apologized for exposing the Jewish gas chamber hoax at today’s White House press conference.

What’s really interesting about this clip is how thick Blitzer lays the Holocaust guilt on Spicer for exposing this Jew hoax. He went way overboard with it rambling on about the gas chamber lies and muh six million etc.. He came off like the biggest dick.

The amount of media coverage this has gotten has been truly hilarious.

Seriously, why would the media flip out over this? Could it be that Adolf Hitler didn’t really put six million Jews in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms? Are they trying to cover for the fact that they’ve pushed this stupid lie for decades? Seems to me this is damage control by the Jew media.

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The US Military is Awakening to The Jew!

They know what’s going on!

More and more people across America and the world are awakening to the Jew. Have you done your part to spread the news?

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What About All The Palestinian Kiddies?

This Palestinian family driving down the road was blown to bits by Israelis using an unmanned US drone firing a single US built Hellfire missile. As usual, they claimed the daddy was a big terrorist, but only because he was a Hamas politician talking smack about sacred Israel. They blow away Palis kids all the time, actually. So where is the outrage from people (liberals or conservatives) in the US? Hypocrites!

By Phillip Marlowe

There’s lots of Jews working the money-grubbing Christian Fundie “schtick,” like Sid Roth above. They always make a big deal about Jesus being a Jew, if you notice.

There’s this huge Christian fundamentalist mega church near where I live. They have this big sign out front, one of those LED jobbies they plug a computer input to run colorful imagery and graphics for upcoming church events. I’m always seeing these pro-Israel ministers coming to town to speak down to the local Christian hoi polloi about supporting Israel and the usual End Times messianic crap. Most of these creeps I suspect are really Jews — probably part of some kind of big brainwashing program.

Today, right at the exact moment I was driving by the place in the left lane, along comes a hybrid Jap SUV of some kind in the right. Driving the car was a sort of attractive (from what I could see) woman in her twenties, with long brown hair. She had her face buried in a cream cheese-covered bagel (no lie) and was greedily chowing down. Hanging from her rear view mirror was a fairly sizable Israeli flag, edges festooned with gold tassels. She had an out-of-state American license plate, but by that flag really advertised where her true loyalties were with.

I felt like honking the horn and flipping her the bird. I should have, excepting I wasn’t alone and chickened out.

This was the very day after Trump spent upwards of 100 million in US taxpayer dollars shooting high tech cruise missiles at a pissant Syrian airbase because of those Syrian kids horribly dying from a Sarin gas attack, supposedly ordered by Bashar al-Assad. Whether he did it or not, I don’t know.

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Big Fat Liar Susan Rice Says She “DINDU NUFFIN”

By Phillip Marlowe

Wow. This is just plain unbelievable. Here we find out big time Obongo boy minion, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, was keeping tabs on private citizens working in Trump’s campaign by using secret NSA surveillance information. The woman even started compiling spreadsheets an entire year before the November election just to keep it all straight!

This is completely illegal — especially if she leaked the names to democrat compadres, who then leaked the names to anti-Trump liberals in the media. Everyone knows they did.

I still love you, Cog Man!

Sure, I can’t stand this Susan Rice character one bit since she’s some kind of half-breed dragon lady freak. But I’d still feel the exact same way morally and politically even if she was a cutesy, brainwashed liberal White chick wearing a pair of nerdy horn-rims. Hell, that would probably get me off! Uh-oh, looks like I said something evil White male sexist once again!

Yep, this whole thing is indeed a big stinking, corrupt deal. Rice told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell — that blubbering old Jewess Diva married into the mob (former Federal Reserve Chair, Alan Greenspan) — “I leaked nothing to nobody.” Sounds like Rice’s blackness is showing. Double negatives are a common expression among idiot Affirmative Action Negroes. She insisted politics played no role in her “unmasking” of names in the secret NSA surveillance. Riiiiight. We can be certain that this was the original source to all this never-ending Russian/Trump collusion BS in the media over the last few months. Everyone is sick and tired of the crap.

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Lefty TV News Now Driving America INSANE

By Phillip Marlowe

Haven’t you noticed? The US media is off the rails with liberal insanity and getting worse by the minute. I know some of you think I’m an evil racist anti-Semite. Sure. But I’ve got plenty of good, perfectly logical reasons for becoming sick and tired of the criminal blacks and subversive Jews destroying America. I’m proudly a White Anglo-Saxon male and if you got a problem with that, well, you can just suck it, White-hater boy.

Need I remind you all the things the White race has done for the World and America? How many of our lives have we’ve given in the defense of this country and all the great things our race has invented to help people in the world? Hell, there’s billions of non-Whites alive today simply because of White people.

The US media knows what they are doing. They start off every report with phony “polls” they create out of lefty demographics to make it look like Trump’s approval numbers are in the tank. They act like the recent Healthcare bill was such a major defeat for Trump, with little to no reporting on the utter failure of Obamacare. They make big reports about any leftist outrage, or the always militant, always spoiled blacks demonstrating and then act like it’s everywhere. The media are experts at negatively portraying people and pretty much anything they want to manipulate TV viewers. The lefty bias is so obvious.

And it’s completely obvious they are trying to do whatever they possibly can to destroy Trump and the country as a whole. They are enemies of America and our sanity. Clearly.

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INCOG MAN Exposed as a Mulatto Jew Homosexual!

Real photo of me. I swear.


Yep, my mother was a CIA MK Ultra-brainwashed Jew woman from Brooklyn who, back during the LA Watts riots, slept with a bushy-headed old Negro Wino named “Leroy.” She was out there trying jump-start a career in Hollywood as a quirky hippie chick night club singer. Well, at least until her so-called best bud forever, Carol King, stole her “schtick” and beat her up in the parking lot behind “Whisky a Go Go” on Sunset Strip.

For some convoluted “Tikkun Olam” Jewish reasoning, my mother decided to raise me up to be a nasty little faggot. I had to wear pink tutus around the house and play with obscene sex toys, of which I had no idea what they were used for. But no longer. I am now the biggest, most disgusting sodomite west (or is it east?) of the PECOS (or is it peckers?). Hell, I can barely sit down at a computer with the way my bum (Brit for butt) now feels. Thank Allah for adult diapers I always say.

Yep, not only am I technically Jewish, I’m also a big Moslem lover boy too. I was going to join up with ISIS but on the way got hooked into a big orgiastic Neo Sabbatean commune in Turkey. Now I work in the basement of a tranny whore house owned by this Ex Pat, but still fat, Bulgarian — doing Internet side jobs for Putin and the Russians so he can pay off Erdogan’s boys to look the other way. I did the entire FAKE NEWS/hacking thing that put Trump in office. For awhile there, I had boatloads of bots coming out my sore ass.

Yeah, I’m a walking conundrum, alright. Still can’t believe I haven’t had a massive coronary by now. Must be the cocaine-laced Starbucks latte coffee I down by the minute. Well, now you know. Go back to paying federal taxes, watching “The View” and bowing in submission to the Chosen Ones and shut your fat Goy face.

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Fake News STILL Ignoring Clinton’s Dirty Dealings

Dirty Details Emerging on Clinton’s Russia Uranium Deal


Sure, receiving millions of dollars in bribe money to transfer weapons grade uranium to a competing super power sounds pretty bad.


But what about grabbing pussies, though?

Or saying that it would be nice to avoid having a world war against said super power?

Isn’t that worse, somehow?

World Net Daily:

Tens of millions of dollars from uranium investors flowed into the Clinton Foundation, and Bill Clinton received a $500,000 speaking fee from a Russian bank tied to the Kremlin before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped decide whether to approve the sale to the Russian government of a company that held one-fifth of America’s uranium capacity.

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Criminal Blacks Murder White Women ALL THE TIME

By Phillip Marlowe

Last Tuesday, Corrina Meheil, 34, a visiting artist at the Corcoran School of Art and Design was found tied up and stabbed bloodily to death in the basement apartment of a rowhouse in Northwest Washington, DC. Her rotting corpse wasn’t found for almost 2 days after she was probably murdered. DC cops have released “POI” (“person” of interest) surveillance shots; as you can see (above right) it’s another footloose, free-ranging black animal.

Corrina was a big liberal. One of her art school colleagues told a reporter: “Corrina was a feminist who wanted to end violence against women… ” From Corrina’s own blog: “Hillary Rodham Clinton was a part of that narrative. My Mom required me to read ‘It takes a Village’…This year has been exciting and terrifying. So many tragedies inflicted on the full spectrum of non-white males in my country… Crying to my father after watching Philando Castile [black] pass in real time in front of the whole world…others rallied around chants of hate and fear toward people of color…”

Hilarious seeing such liberal fools get a close-up taste of how blacks are really like, huh? I guess the poor woman couldn’t pull off a big Kung Fu style move on her black killer like they do in all the ridiculous, CGI-loaded female empowerment movies put out by Jew Hollywood every minute. Reality is a bitch!

Downtown Washington, DC is so full of worthless, criminal blacks, grocery stores don’t dare sell beer — not because of drunken behavior out on the streets — but simply because the jigs will walk on in and steal the product at will. I found that out myself one hot summer night during a business trip to the nation’s capitol when I desired a few cold ones to enjoy back in my hotel room. I somewhat foolishly decided to take a quick hike to a store listed in the yellow pages. The clerk laughed when I asked where the beer was. I was probably taking my life in my hands just walking in that neighborhood after dark.

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INCOG MAN PSA Series Poster 11

Download High Res version for color poster print-outs.

You have my full permission to copy and use, as long as you don’t change anything, including the text. Give my site credit and a link, if possible.

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