Totally Worthless OJ Simpson Gets His Parole

By Phillip Marlowe

Before I go on, let me just state I could care less about Nichole Brown Simpson and that Jewboy waiter, Ron Goldman. Nichole was an idiot mudshark who fully deserved her bloody fate. Goldman was going over there to get himself a little nookie that night (he had been involved with her for about a month but the tricky-dick media said nothing at the time). Yet, that’s not what bothers me — only that he was a stinking Jew. He got his just desserts, too, since Jews are totally responsible for this militant black nightmare now menacing America. Call it “Schadenfreude.” That’s German for “hoisted on their own petard” (an old medieval term for a grenadier accidently blowing himself up).

The race-selfish black jurors in the OJ case now braggingly admit their acquittal verdict was payback for the LAPD beating of PCP druggie Rodney King. They sure do know how to pick their martyrs, don’t they? OJ was indeed guilty as sin for the crime. No doubt about it. His blood was at the scene. The BS about Mark Fuhrman was a total joke. In fact, playing the race card by trashing an obviously competent and decent White detective was the brainchild of OJ’s Jewboy Hollywood celebrity lawyer, Robert “Sharpy” Shapiro and crime writer, Jeffrey Toobin — another dirtbag Jewboy you can see on CNN right now pushing lefty Jew nation-wrecking.

Haven’t you noticed the Jew media in the last few months has been churning out big documentaries on TV about all this and the Rodney King riots of 1992? They have a big new Jew Hollywood movie called “Detroit” coming out soon, making Whitey evil as usual. Seems the Jews are doing whatever they can to portray these violent, spoiled blacks as having legitimate, perfectly reasonable excuses for going haywire all the time — killing, rioting, looting and burning across whole cities.*

Dey be so oppressed by ebil raycist Whitey all the time!

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Noise Makes Somali AA-Hire Cop Blast Aussie Gal

By Andrew Anglin @DAILY STORMER

With regards to the Minnesota killing of Yoga instructor Justine Damond by the beloved Somalian cop, I am not of the opinion that it was likely malicious in the sense that the Somalian was like “emmm, boutta be keel me da wite bitch nah, hggghhh.”

More than likely, the shooting was the result of his abhorrently low IQ and savage lack of impulse control.

Of course, the fact that he did not turn on his bodycam makes it look like it was some kind of weird murder, but in all likelihood, the cop he was with was also black and it was just standard operating procedure not to follow standard operating procedure, since the white who run the department don’t expect anything out of these affirmative action hires and they can’t really get in trouble for anything.

Except accidentally shooting some woman who called-in reporting an assault. They can get in trouble for that.

Now we’re hearing that he shot her because he heard a loud sound, and that makes sense to me.

Fox News:

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Trumpsters Now Hate Closet FOX Fag Shepard Smith

By Phillip Marlowe

Fox’s afternoon “anchor” and once big closet homo, Shepard Smith, is now under fire for attacking Trump. He told Fox’s inherited legacy News Jew, Chris Wallace, Trump is full of lies. Trump backers have become incensed to have this kind of crap on the one network news that was at least is a bit better than the sh*t-house crazy rats over at MSNBC and CNN. Smith is also an excitable blithering punk — who screws up onscreen all the time.

Recently, Smith came out of the closet after years of rumors and speculation out of the gay “community.” Look at him — I’ve seen big closet fairies like this before. Seems like this kind of mofo often gets off molesting little boy scouts. And no one else is saying anything about him being a pervert homo, except straight shooters like myself. These are “cucked” or too PC-scared idiots who won’t dare say anything non-PC — or get called a “hater” by the brainwashed — jacked-up with liberal BS.

Going along with this gay crap is totally insane. Folks, this is a nasty, filthy business. It’s only one step away from pedophilia for crying out loud. “Hairless boys” is a giant turn-on for these dirtbags. “Tolerance” and “acceptance” of everything — except those out here trying to warn you natch — has been an on-going brainwashing operation against our race from day-one. Don’t you people get what’s “going down?”

Chris Wallace is one of the most boring, mealy-mouthed talking heads out there. His father was Mike Wallace, one of the Jew boys and girls on CBS’s “60 Minutes” (Lesley Stahl is from a rich Jew family). Neocon Chris was living the lefty hippie life but decided he had better cash in on daddykin’s fame before the old guy croaked, so he could live in nice mansions and have fancy cars with a big time media career like dear old dad. Just listen to him on TV — like FOX’s Charles “Kraut”hammer, he’s a clever sideways-jinking globalist and PC-pushing Jew.

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Much Ado About “Nothing Burgers”

By Phillip Marlowe

I believe it was an ancient Chinese Confucian guy who once said: “May you live in interesting times.” My ass, Chinaman. I’d like to go back in time to jap slap the living tar out of that slanty-eyed fat bastard!

Here’s the libtard media STILL insane over Donald Trump’s election. When will these creeps ever STFU? Never a word about the Clinton’s dealings with Russians or all the other BS she’s responsible for. Hell, everyone knows her stupid little server was just waiting to get hacked by some hacker punk somewhere — and probably just for sheer troublemaking giggles more than anything else. Her suspected pedophile campaign chairman, John Podesta, refused to turn over the server to the FBI so they could look for the digital fingerprints of whoever did it — if any.

Why can’t Hillary, Obongo boy and that old commie Jew, Bernie Sanders, just slink off somewhere and retire? Enjoy life, go fishing, do needlepoint, golfing, whatever. Hell, they got enough dineros, I imagine. I would say write their idiot memoirs, excepting nobody would buy them but other idiot liberal morons living in Manhattan. Just imagine all the waste of paper made from cut-down trees to print libtard idiocies over the years? And these creeps think they are such big environmentalists!

And “nothing burgers”? That’s the big new cool phrase du jour, trying to sound “down to earth.” Hell, everybody out in the real world has used that one since kindergarten. I added a little Shakespearean wordage to my headline so you think I’m all smart and crap. I still had to run my spell checker to make sure I got “Shakespearean” right. But I’ll tell you something that’s a very, very real burger, alright. Or perhaps I should spell that one BERG-er. Capiche, comrades? Continue reading.

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America’s Two-legged Civilization Wrecking Balls

Smiling groids, wearing the usual way over-priced basketball shoes they love so much, clean out a CVS pharmacy during the 2015 Baltimore Looter Fest sparked by Freddie Gray — a two-bit drug-dealer who died from banging himself around inside a paddie wagon to make a police brutality claim — which he pulled off once already (his final effort did earn his family a cool 6.4 mil). Looks like the above nappy-go-lucky Negroes got themselves a nice haul of toilet paper and cookies right before they “burned that bitch down!”

By Phillip Marlowe

Haven’t you White liberals had the least inkling yet the black race are not really worth all the guilt and hand-wringing? God, what don’t you get in this Internet age? Blacks are always looting, rioting, committing arson, torturing animals, raping little old ladies and children, murdering themselves and us White people. That’s in addition to robbing this country blind with Affirmative Action, social welfare programs and various other race gimmees “our” government hands them on a silver platter.

It’s all been a huge colossal waste.

Sure, call me a racist. Sorry to say, you’ve been brainwashed by the media all your life and don’t realize it. Turn on the TV and you can spot the now incessant PC “niggerizing” of America in minutes. Even the stupidest TV commercial now has to have a smiling black or at least a mulatto kid jammed in there somewhere. About the only place they don’t have them are the criminals in burglar alarm spots, when practically all B&E perps in real life are black. Ridiculous.

You’ve heard their stupid “black lives matter” BS, haven’t you? What a lousy joke. This is from a violent race who kills each other in the streets over chicken bones, sometimes even literally. I read a story not long ago about this 90 year-old black woman in Baltimore berating a homeboy for throwing his chicken bones all over the place as he was strolling down the street happily feasting. So homeboy pulls out his handy stolen pistol and “puts a cap” in the old black lady and another nearby black man for “dissing” his Kingly Negro highness! These apes are clearly out of control.

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Happy Fourth Of July White People!

Let’s put a stop to the subversive Judaics and any selfish slime allied with them.

Tell everyone you know, especially those patriots in the military and police community, that soon we’ll take back the America of our forefathers and give the big boot to the traitors and parasites now infesting the land.


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Lying Liberal Jewish Media Now In Freefall

By Phillip Marlowe

Now that the phony Russian “kookspiracy” has fallen apart at the seams — after months and months of pretend outrage — everybody is talking about the totally obvious left-wing media agenda to attack Trump. But America doesn’t believe their bull crap any longer. Except of course, brainwashed libtards who work as “useful idiot” foot soldiers in the destruction of America.

One thing to keep in mind, is that the Internet is exposing all the patent lies. I certainly hope I’ve done my part. Blacks ARE violent criminals and militant brats, non-White immigrants ARE flooding our countries, homos and trannys ARE disgusting perverts, Jews ARE big fat lying hypocrites. The house of cards is coming down, jack!

Listen up, people: Bolshevik Jews are getting panicky. They can’t stand the fact their lefty BS is now falling on deaf ears. The saturation point to their brainwashing has come and gone. The pendulum is swinging back the other way — fast.

Now’s the time to make hay while the sun shines. It’s only a matter of time before these rats resort to extreme censorship of Whites everywhere. Youtube comments are going off the chart with Jew talk and disgust with blacks and homos. Multicult-pushing Jew, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is hiring three thousand more people simply for censorship work. Lefty media in Germany, France and Sweden have already been censoring awakening Whites like crazy. Whites have had enough of their lands turned into foreigner crap holes.

Obongo NSA minion, Susan Rice, tells us she’s under fire only because she’s blackish and female. Oh boy, she must be nervous where things are headed. So, I guess the creeps think they can do whatever they want when they’re a “person of color” and an “empowered woman.” I don’t think so, lefty BYATCH!

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Sodomites Spending Fortunes on Anus Tightening

By Michael Bryon @DAILY STORMER

Every so often, I encounter a headline that is so disgusting, so spiritually unclean, that I turn off my computer and go outside for a long walk. It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or snowing, morning or midnight, I’m going for that damn walk.

This was one of those times.


Gay men are spending up to $25,000 on anal botox and other cosmetic procedures on their bottoms including “anal rejuvenation and bleaching services” along with treatments for “hemorrhoids, skin tags and polyps,” Moneyish reports.

One patient interviewed told Moneyish that he has spent $70K to correct a botched surgery down there (“like Freddie Krueger performed it”) but in the process discovered the fountain of anal youth:

He also got Botox injections to release the muscles around his anus so that he can enjoy bottom sex once more.

“It sounds crazy. People laugh, and they ask, ‘Does your butthole look younger now?’” he said. “It probably does! But seriously, I identify with my sexuality very strongly, and I couldn’t receive anal sex for seven years. That was a big issue for me.”

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Will Kill-Crazy Blacks Rampage This August?

By Phillip Marlowe

You might have heard about Jew Hollywood releasing a movie called “A Birth of a Nation” not long ago. To say the title is patently ridiculous is an understatement. It was simply about the Nat Turner slave revolt way back in 1831 Southampton county, Virginia, when angry slave apes killed 60 plus Whites, including women and perfectly innocent little children — which they cleverly neglected to portray in the movie, but lovingly showed you White men realistically brutally murdered (Satanic Jew Hollywood has the bloody gruesome special effects down pat).

They played up the killings as this big noble act of God. I’ve never seen such wide open hate Whitey instigation bundled up in one movie before. And I’ve seen a lot. Simply unbelievable how they feel free to release such things out to the public. They don’t care. If the Jew suits in Hollywood think they can make a buck and trash Whitey at the same time, so much the better.

And how long ago was slavery for crying out loud? A hundred and fifty years ago? Or how about the fact less than 5% of Whites today in America have any possible connection to slave ownership descent? These hopped-up Negroid freaks go on and on and on with this slavery bull crap. It never ends, does it? It’s GD friggin’ nuts!

One scene in the movie makes a solar eclipse the big “sign from God” so Turner has the excuse to start killing White people (there was no solar eclipse in that area at the time).* But guess what? There will be a big solar eclipse to go across the entire continental US this very August 21st. It will be visible from St. Louis and Ferguson — recent hotbeds of insane Negro volatility. Yet location will not mean anything when it comes to these filthy apes going ape since they live all over the place. Could even happen where you live. Are you prepared? I’m being serious as hell.

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Figuring Out The Big Scam Against Whites II

By Phillip Marlowe (continued from “Figuring Out The Big Scam…“)

Let me state right off the bat: This is a real life “existential” matter for the White race. What they are doing is stealing our lands right out from under us, while at the same time silently winnowing our numbers down by promoting race mixing, immigration of Third Worlders, abortion, immorality of various sorts to destroy the family unit — all of which happens to distracts us from them as they continue on with the rest.

For decades, they have been steadily working to turn Whites into some ugly as sin, dumbed-down, moronic mud race. A race far less dangerous to Jewry’s ambitions of World control — more easily managed and policed once the “Chosen Ones” finally gain “full spectrum” globalism. Call it “just in time” racial engineering, if you like.

Unfortunately, way too many White people hide their heads to this now glaringly obvious agenda, simply because they can’t believe how anyone could get away with all this. Somehow they think there must be people out there who can put a stop to such lefty brainwashing and lying (like the holocaust) in the public sphere. Guess what? There isn’t any.

We really don’t have any big, well-funded organizations who can speak out publicly in defense of the White race without being vehemently slandered and infiltrated by the FBI and self-elected Jew thought police like the SPLC and ADL. And once the media was bought out by big international Jew money and staffed through-out with lefty Jews, they could put a stop to any worrisome modes of thinking among the Goyim. Meanwhile, other Jews in the educational arena worked steadily with the young to install “PC” social taboos so we would soon fear even talking about it with each other. Hell, everyone knows just how insanely psycho liberals have become.

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Why We Don’t Want Jews In Our Movement

The Jews opened-up a whole can of worms when they got the right-wing to go along with anti-racist dogma.

By Andrew Anglin @DAILY STORMER

The list of reason you don’t want kikes in your right wing is very, very long.

Earlier today I wrote about how Ezra Levant took a perfectly good opportunity to protest Shakespeare in the Park Trump assassination agitation by using a shrieking Jew female and instructing Jack Posobiec to talk about Nazism.

I’ve got another example here.

Little Benny Shapiro, formerly of Breitbart, has made a name for himself in the mainstream cuckservative movement and even to an extent in circles slightly right of the mainstream by arguing with SJWs on campus, including about racial issues.

But then, here’s this:

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RIDICULOUS: Serial Drug Rapist Bill Cosby Walks!

This just in to the INCOG NEWS BUREAU: The jury in the Bill Cosby rape case deadlocked, so the judge declared a mistrial.

By Phillip Marlowe

After 6 days, the jury came back this morning defeated, meaning they had at least one “hold-out” juror, so the judge had to declare a mistrial. The prosecution promises to re-try the case, but they always say that. Meanwhile, Cosby gets to go home and enjoy his rich, cushy life. He will live out his last days quite comfortably. His black lawyer and his loud-mouthed black assistant just militantly declared a victory on the courthouse steps. She sounded like the Black Panthers when she read a statement from Cosby’s wife.

You can bet the jurors most responsible for this travesty were black, perhaps assisted by idiot White liberals. Imagine all the millions of state taxpayer dollars spent on prosecuting his old black butt? Black jurors don’t give a flying rat’s ass about justice when it comes to blacks committing crime on White people. To them, freeing fellow blacks is justified revenge for slavery a million years ago.

The guy had been drugging and raping White women for decades. Except for the half-breed something or other victim in this one particular trial, virtually all of them were good-looking young White girls just trying to make it in the entertainment industry. The sorry SOB took advantage of that for decades, quite obviously. You won’t have the media say one thing about his Whitey girl rape preferences.

He should have gone to prison years ago and simply be a minor footnote in entertainment history. Instead, they still act like he’s “Father Knows Best.” This is because the Jew media has been falsely building up the black race for 50 years and what do we get? Nothing but constant rape, murder, armed robbery, petty larceny, arson and tons of other crime at the drop of a hat. They rape and brutally kill us Whites all the time. All that’s in addition to welfare programs and Affirmative Action running America straight into the gutter.

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Upcoming Film Pushes “We Wuz Kangz” Black Idiocy

New “Black Panther” Film Portrays an Africa Free From White Savagery


The first teaser trailer for the upcoming superhero movie Black Panther has been released, and it offers us an exciting glimpse of how Africa would look if the White man hadn’t colonized it.

In summary, it’s “We Wuz Kangs” on jenkem. Flying spaceships, sprawling metropolises, advanced infrastructure… this honkeyless utopia has it all.

Moreover, in the trailer, Gollum tells Bilbo how it came to be: the primitive Africa we see in National Geographic is “all a front,” and that the real Africa – Futurama with Blacks – is secretive and hidden, presumably to protect itself from White slavemasters.

Some spic provides additional information about the trailer for Affinity magazine:

In the trailer within just the first few seconds we see a white man, Everett K. Ross, who is interviewing another man, Klaw, describing the most common stereotypes about countries in Africa. Soon he is asked about what knows of Wakanda, soon we see visuals of a place the interviewee calls “El Dorado” and how it is not in South America, it is in Africa and it’s actually Wakanda. He proceeds to explain how anyone who had gone to “explore” it did not come out alive.

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A Christian Witness To The Real Israel

By Joe Cortina

The following is an excerpt from a story published in VOL#2 of my book – JOHN-8-44 – EXPOSING THE SONS OF SATAN.

This was an experience I had the first day in the outskirts of Gaza City. I was in a specially built embassy vehicle with several operatives of the CIA from Langley VA who were here to investigate jew brutality in Palestine. The experience below was only a small part of the overall depraved sadistic filth I witnessed committed by these dirty filthy jews.

Brutality against children

I will share one more incident (one I will not forget) which classically characterized the Israeli attitude to people which they OPENLY refer to as “animals.”

While in another area of Gaza, we were following our IDF Para escort. It was an open jeep with heavily armed Paratroops. Suddenly it screeched to a halt not 10 yards in front of us and out jumped one of the IDF thugs who jogged up to the spot where the child was and immediately dropped to one knee and took careful aim at his victim with his sub-machine gun.

The ‘enemy,’ some 10-15 feet away, hands above his little head, brandished his weapon of defense (an egg size pebble) in the face of his tormentors – the 5th largest military in the world.  Hardly sophisticated or dangerous – but there he stood – proud, and defiant — tears running down his dusty face – a very young half-naked child all alone — a moment away from eternity.

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Figuring Out The Big Scam Against Whites

By Phillip Marlowe

Years ago, my father was big into the new desktop computer “revolution.” They had this piece of software called “VisiCalc” — a spreadsheet program that allowed him to do this one complicated math problem for his business quickly. One day he went to a sales conference for “Revelation,” a big time SQL relational database program. Happily, he won a multi-user core copy of the very expensive (at the time) software package as the big door prize for attending.

He was stoked and put it to good use in his business. One of the things the software allowed was writing extensions, sometimes called “applets,” that attached themselves to the main core to let him run specialized reporting for his clients. Now you might not think a lot about this kind of thing these days, but at the time this was really, really big for a small business. It basically brought expensive IT power down to small operations.

I used to help dad out on a few things, but wasn’t any kind of code wizard. Sure, I could write primitive basic programs and help with a few complicated math equations for the cells in his spreadsheets. I could also install hardware and software and figure out “what went wrong.” Over the years, I met a few blacks who did piddly crap like this and they always acted like they were such big African geniuses of technology. I just smiled. All they really did was click on a few buttons on the screen and follow instructions. Like little children, blacks are so full of themselves.

To write applets my dad hired this big nerdsky White guy to write the code. One day, we were just sitting around shooting the breeze and he tells me about writing an applet for the State Police. They (including local police departments) were using the same relational database as my father for keeping track of crimes and criminals. You kind of, sort of, have to have race description fields so the “thin blue line” knows who to look for. Liberal “PC” nonsense just doesn’t cut the mustard when the rubber meets the road.

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Exactly Who Are The Hasbara and Sayanim?


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Let me just take a moment to define two important terms I use here a lot, so the newly awakened will understand what kind of creeps we’re dealing with in our lands.

“Hasbara,” or “HasbaRATS” as I like to call them, are Jews who insidiously work to screw up White people in the head, most often for Israel’s “survival,” but you could easily make a strong case for all the other PC “diversity” and “multicultural” crap lefty Jewry in general inflicts on us, too. Some belong to organized Internet groups who actually call themselves “Hasbara” even today; these are traitorous Zionists working to keep the mass population of Israel’s Numero Uno MacDaddy — the USA — under their spell.

“I’hasbir” is an ancient Hebrew word meaning “to explain.” Most often used as a term for secret Israelite spies and agents sent into walled cities belonging to other people in the Levant — the major crossroads area between continents now called Israel (the “Promised Land of milk and honey” BS). The murderous Hebrew cutthroats would gain access through a hidden door or over an unguarded wall — thanks to a paid-off traitor or idiot who had no idea of what terrible horrors were in store for his own people.

Hmmm, parallels with the way these devious Jews operate today are amazing.

Once inside the walled city, the Hebrew desert thugs brutally attacked the sleeping and wine-besotted inhabitants, hacking everyone in sight with stone-sharpened bronze age swords — men, women and children — right along with any slaves and domesticated animals, simply because they all didn’t worship the same YAHWEH as the sacred Jews did. They cared nothing about “converting” anyone since they only wanted the land and property; anyone living there should just die or flee — pretty much like what the modern day Israelis are doing to the Palestinians right the flock now.

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Apes Rape and Murder Super Cute White SA Girl

By Phillip Marlowe

Last Friday night in South Africa, Cheslin Marsh and Hannah Cornelius were sitting in a car when 4 black males carjacked and beat them with bricks. They threw him into the car trunk and her into the backseat. After getting beaten to a pulp, suffering a broken arm and concussion, he managed to escape. The beautiful young girl was found dead the next morning several miles away — gang-raped, strangled and stabbed to death. Hannah (above) was 21 years-old and a student at the University of Stellenbosch.

Just last Tuesday, an ugly ape female worker was caught on surveillance video at a Baltimore daycare “torturing” to death, Reese Bowman, a beautiful 8 month-old White baby girl.

These blacks truly are animals. Hannah’s uncle even said: “It’s inexplicable; flippin’ animals…”

This kind of thing doesn’t just happen in SA, but everywhere these two-legged animals live near us Whites — including the USA. I don’t always write about the kinds of things that happen to Whites in foreign lands (which happens a lot). It’s not that I don’t care, just that it’s impossible when it also happens in the US on a constant basis — like the evil black crime on the right. But this SA murder really struck me because of the girl’s beauty.

This reminded me of big time blond Hollywood actress, Charleze Theron, who is also from South Africa and a major league multicult liberal (photo montage of her below). The chef at a restaurant in SA she once made a big deal about being her favorite, was brutally murdered by a black crime gang. Did she say anything? Like, hell no. None of these two-faced hypocrites dare say anything about real black behavior. What’s worse is that they try to say us Whites do this all the time. My ass. Whites are the most fair-minded and law-abiding people on the planet. That’s probably our biggest weakness.

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State Quietly OKs Massive Increase in Rapefugees

This is good for the economy.

By Andrew Anglin @DAILY STORMER

It’s almost like Donald Trump wasn’t even elected at all.

New York Times:

Despite repeated efforts by President Trump to curtail refugee resettlements, the State Department this week quietly lifted the department’s restriction on the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States.

The result could be a near doubling of refugees entering the country, from about 830 people a week in the first three weeks of this month to well over 1,500 people per week by next month, according to refugee advocates. Tens of thousands of refugees are waiting to come to the United States.

Despite the fact that the US is the most racist country in all of human history, wherein live the baddest of all goyim, millions of third world brown people are dying to come live here.

Why are they willing to deal with this oppression, you ask?

Because they love the Constitution.

Also, maybe they need white people to pay for their fertility treatment.

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Veterans: Think About This On Memorial Day

This is what the NWO globalist rats are doing to America, Veterans!

Don’t you think it’s now time to fight for the America of your Forefathers and not some stupid BS going on in a Foreign Land?

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Multicult Insanity Is Why We Have Terror BS

Commentary by Phillip Marlowe

This is supposedly the bomber, Salman Abedi. Note how the lefty media will call him “British” simply because he was born in Manchester. My White little tushie.

You certainly have already heard about the horrible Manchester, England, bombing of a concert attended by little girls that killed 22 and wounded 59 — done by another Mudslime freak suicide bomber. The concert was by Ariana Grande — a mixed race something “pop diva” promoted to educate our young girls how to be cheap sluts and mudsharks in our brave new world.

But you got to understand a few other things “they” never talk about in the mainstream media that has put us White people into this nightmare.

While it’s probably untrue Einstein once said: “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result,” but he could have. Now Albert Einstein was a Jew, as you probably know (he’s like a God to Jewry). Yet what they always conveniently forget to mention is that Einstein did say Zionism is pretty much the same as Nazism. Einstein realized they were plenty of hard core Zionist Jews ready to bollix up our Mr. Nice Guy brains to support the Jews invading the Levant (what they used to call Israel); to recreate a supposedly ancient homeland they’ve obsessed over for thousands of years. Jews know the deal.

The Father of our country, George Washington, said in his farewell address that getting in bed with foreign interests invites retribution and serious dangers to our republic. He was alluding to the Brits versus the French, since this was the big brouhaha of the time, but the same logic applies to the business with the Jew Zionist psychos versus the dirty terrorist A-rabs. George Washington had no idea about what subversive idiocies were to eventually infect this nation. Of course, there were hardly any Jews in America then.

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Evil Blacks Kill White People All The Time Just Driving

By Phillip Marlowe

Someone handed me a copy of the local paper yesterday (I don’t subscribe) and on the front page was the story of two stunningly beautiful high school seniors, Kaitlyn Duffy and Sabrina Mundorff, where one died in a car wreck and the other was critically injured. After skimming past the usual fluff about the saddened White family and candlelight crying fest where nice guy Whites still don’t get it, I reached the part in the back of the paper where the reporter finally listed the name of the bastard who ran into them head-on with a box truck. The reporter also says nothing about him trying to drive away after smashing into the girls, or that he was drinking on the job.

Yep, I could tell immediately just by the name it was another sorry-ass Negro (they didn’t show his easily obtainable mug shot, natch). He already had a rap sheet a mile long. He was charged with involuntary manslaughter, maiming as a result of DUI, felony hit and run resulting in a death, DUI and driving on a suspended operator’s license.

You should know that I have several pages of photos dedicated to blacks murdering us — be it mudsharks or just regular random Whites (including idiot multicults) targeted by these criminals for robbery, home invasions and/or murder. But blacks don’t just kill us with guns, knives and occasionally a handy two-by-four piece of lumber. Oh no. They are also most often the ones behind the wheel of a two ton car when a White is run over or turned to hamburger in a horrible car accident. Basically, blacks are just like walking wrecking balls to society.

Sure, you’ve got your crazy illegal wetbacks, drunk as hell on Coronas from Walmart and listening to blaring mariachi circus music (they actually dig that nutty crap), who kill us all the time on the road. But keeping track of illegals committing crime and also the stinking black race is just too much for one White guy. Yet you can see the “real deal” on a regular basis by going to the site NEW NATION NEWS where they list out such crimes from compadres all across the “NEW NATION” of our now racially screwed America. You will simply not believe just how bad things are getting.

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Backstabbing Jews Happy Seeing Whites a Minority

A couple of smiling, beady-eyed Israeli Jews at a big 2013 international conference hosted in Israel and specifically aimed at increasing Third Worlder immigration rates into EUROPE, but not sacred Israel, where they do everything they can to keep non-Jew peeps of color out. Can you believe the utter gall of these hypocrite Jew creeps? Just who do these sorry SOBs think they are? [INCOG]


Houston, Texas is a city that has been struggling to forge some kind of unique identity for the longest time.

Negro shows how to mix up “purple drank” using cough syrup with grape soda to catch a lazy buzz. Trayvon Martin was going to make it before Zimmerman justifiably plugged him in the gut.

There’s not really a whole lot to this town when it comes to culture. The only people really proud of the city are sportsball fans and the blacks because it’s the birthplace of a certain style of ooga booga music that mimics the effects of getting high on cough syrup and also the home of their queen negress, whose GIFs they use on Twitter in lieu of having a high enough IQ to form an actual argument.

Everything here revolves around working.

There’s a stable and at times booming economy, the oil and gas industry and the world’s largest medical center. There’s an exponential growth rate in regards to its population, which is set to overtake Chicago to become the third largest city in the US. These details basically serve to highlight the fact that the only thing that unites Houstonians is the fact that there’s an economy here. But now Houston has something new it can brag about: it has become the most “diverse” city in the US.

This is not a particularly shocking revelation to anyone who’s spent time in Houston. It’s similar to New York City in some regards, except the cost of living is much lower and it’s a lot closer to the southern border, which, along with its reputation as a sanctuary city, makes the city a prime destination for the world’s “wretched refuse.”

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Assassinated DNC Staffer Linked To Wikileaks

Private Investigator Says Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was Talking With WikiLeaks


It has long been speculated that the source of the damaging DNC leaks was the murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich. His family recently hired a private investigator and that investigator is saying that Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks before he was shot dead.

From NY Daily News:

Nearly a year after the unexplained slaying of a Democratic National Committee staffer, a private investigator hired by the victim’s family says he has some key information.

Staffer Seth Rich’s violent death prompted several conspiracy theories considering his political ties and according to Rod Wheeler, there’s at least some certainty on if Rich was communicating with WikiLeaks.

“Absolutely. Yeah. That’s confirmed,” the former D.C. detective and Fox News contributor told FOX 5 according to information he supposedly has from unnamed sources.

Rich was shot twice in the back at approximately 4:20 a.m. on July 10, 2016, just a block from his home.

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What I’m Trying To Do With My Attacked Site

By Phillip Marlowe

You probably have noticed I have not been here too much lately. That’s because last week I was hit by massive DDOS or hack attacks that forced a certain unsung hero to take my site down temporarily. This just happened to coincide with an upgrade that I did, that had me bollixed up on my end. I only recently got things somewhat sorted out.

Let me state unequivocally: There is a huge war going on for your brain. It’s a propaganda war (for right now). You have little guys like me, who have figured out the scam and are desperate to awaken fellow Whites in whatever fashion possible.

I can march around on a street corner in my town with a sign. I can talk to friends and neighbors. But there isn’t a whole lot I really can do, short of illegal actions that I probably shouldn’t even talk about for fear of “them” using it against me. I certainly can’t go on any TV; if you notice, all that’s specifically reserved for agents in the destruction of our race — including greedy little well-off bastards of our own. Think about it!

You see this multicult brainwashing of us Whites everywhere in the media. Once you “glom on to it” you will notice it, too. It’s in the movies — even old.* It’s in the news. It’s in the TV shows and documentaries. It’s in the commercials (ad agencies have been ordered to increase it). Hell, even a big beauty pageant last night (I didn’t see it but someone told me about it this morning) had half the contestants black and the winner a black, natch (a tranny could also been used to fit the “agenda”). As I said often here on my site, “they” are totally “niggerizing” and perverting America and the White race before our eyes.

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Dirtbags Make Affordable Health Insurance Impossible

By Phillip Marlowe

I wanted to weigh in on the Health Care bill, but like most normal people out here in the real world, I got a little tied up with personal day-to-day BS to write much. But let me tell you a few things anyone can see without the media drivel. First off, “pre-existing conditions” includes dirty freaks who do sick crap you would not believe — sometimes even with total strangers. This immorality, coupled with the importation of Third Worlders and their myriad jungle diseases has turned healthcare insurance into an unaffordable proposition for most of us decent, working White people.

They had this story all over the news — and tied it into the Health Care debate. You think this guy has to worry about money like the rest of us?

Second, the stinking liberals in the media are HUGE hypocrites. Here’s the democrats in government voting across the board against the latest reiteration simply for political gamesmanship. Sure, the retardicans did it to Obama, but didn’t your mother tell you two wrongs don’t make a right? The American people now get screwed over on a constant basis by big government.

How about them trying to make a big deal about TV host Jimmy Kimmel crying on national TV about his little boy having heart problems at birth, and how Mr. Kimmel thinks everyone should never have to worry about that happening to them? Damn, did the media play up this story BIG TIME. It was everywhere. They even showed the little baby’s photo so we would all go “oh, how cute. I really feel for poor Jimmy. Yeah, we need to cover everyone so such terrible things don’t happen!”

The brainwashing media creeps know exactly what buttons to push among us hoi polloi. They’ve been up to this for decades and have highly paid social and behavioral scientists working for them. Hell, you can turn on the TV and easily see cultural Marxism, or multicult “PC” jammed down our throats. You can even see it in commercials.

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