Jussie Smollet Beating Story Now Falling Apart

By Phillip Marlowe

You probably already heard about this one black “actor” homo, Jussie Smollet, on some idiot black TV show called “Empire,” who recently claimed masked men attacked him in Chimpchago, yelling “homophobic” slurs and saying “this is MAGA country” (as in evil racist WHITE Trump land), while supposedly putting a hangman’s noose around his neck (always a favorite symbol of us evil White haters). Smollet is actually half Jewish on his father’s side, not surprisingly.

Without so much as a second thought, FAKE NEWS media played it up like it was all so terribly real and but another glaring example of us evil White racists constantly doing racism on poor black people — always so oppressed. ABC “Weekly World News with David Muir” (known as gay in NY) had the story on dinner time news many times. Lefty politicians and Hollywood types immediately jumped aboard the band wagon, tweeting outrage like they did over that ridiculous Covington High school student brouhaha. Person-of-color-who-bravely-survived-cancer, Robin Roberts, interviewed the “victimized” Smollet for “Good Morning America” and a snippet was replayed on “Weekly World News,” in another lame attempt to reinforce the now rapidly falling apart story.

Well, just like so much these days in the FAKE NEWS, it looks like it’s a complete and utter lie. Watch the matter soon disappear down the rabbit hole.

The guy went out to a Subway at 2 in the morning. According to police insiders, he’s seen on surveillance video coming back to his apartment with his submarine sandwich (I bet he wished it was some other kind of footlong). How many beating victims do you know who can still manage to keep hold of their late night snack after getting attacked? Plus, no video existed of the supposed “hate” crime. One dark and grainy shot showed two impossible to recognize figures walking on the sidewalk in subzero temperature, who could have been any old drunks out for a pleasant late night stroll.

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Deranged Democrats Now Going FULL RETARD

By Phillip Marlowe

Can you believe all the BS these days out of the democrats?

All last week the news media went on and on about an old 1980’s yearbook of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was “suddenly” discovered (people already knew of it) of having a photo of a guy in blackface alongside a hooded KKK character on the same page. Oh lordy, PC idiots went haywire. He denies being either one in the photo, but that’s not enough for the race baiters. The real underlying motive behind this kind of thing is keeping us Whites continuously intimidated when it comes to the poor little homies or anything else non-PC. Hell, in Britain they are now locking up Whites for saying non-PC things on social media.

If the “blackface scandal” was not bad enough for Virginia democrats, a couple of chicks came out saying the black guy Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax, METOOED them way back when. One he orally raped. I’d like to know how you do that without risking getting your wanger bitten off? Not that I’m planning anything, ladies.

They even got mad at Northam for accidently saying “indentured servants” were brought to Jamestown from Africa, instead of the word “slaves” like in poor widdle oppressed blacks. Uh, many of the first colonists were indeed poor White indentured servants who had to work for years to pay off the cost of the voyage, many till they died from disease or injuns scalped them. But like the holodomor (where 7 million Gentiles were purposefully starved to death in commie Russia) versus the Jew’s precious damn holocaust, White slavery is never a thing. Not part of the anti-White “narrative.”

In fact, the first black slave legally owned was by a free black farmer, Anthony Johnson, on Virginia’s Eastern shore in 1653! Funny how they never say a word about that, or that most (if not all) of your slave traders were actually Jewish.

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Meet Nathan Kirsh: The George Soros of Africa


SOME MIGHT call Nathan Kirsh the ‘George Soros of Africa,’ yet another international, state-less billionaire Jew who funds radical, anti-White “socialist” causes, such as South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) lead by Julius Malema, while his family also exerts enormous control over Primedia, the largest media conglomerate in South Africa:

Two opposition parties EFF and the Democratic Alliance (DA) together with the DA’s MP Advocate Glynnis Breytenbach, are being funded by Nathan Kirsh, the director and owner of Israel’s Magal Security Systems which is complicit in the construction of Israel’s illegal apartheid wall. Lord Renwick of Clifton who is a friend of Kirsh met the EFF in London in 2015.

It should be noted that the Breytenbach case was funded through the FW de Klerk Foundation — a foundation of Mr de Klerk, South Africa’s last apartheid President. Kirsh thought such an ingenious funding of Breytenbach will not be detected. Moreover, cases against the government are funded through endowment funds from Kirsh and Lord Renwick. It should be clear now why the EFF is ganging up with the DA in hung metros of JHB and Tshwane.

Nathan Kirsh left South Africa in 1986 to settle in Swaziland in the mid-1980s. At the time of his departure he had benefitted greatly from apartheid. He is now a resident of New York and London where he is teamimg up with Lord Renwick a blesser of the EFF who is hell-bent on pushing regime change in Southern Africa.

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Donate Before I Blow My Cork!

Look, I fully realize you folks out there are just like me — making it however you can. But trust me, it cost dineros to operate this site.

I hardly ever get donations. If I broke it down somehow, I probably would be getting about 0.000000009¢ for every single word I write. That’s like really small. I’d be rich right now if did a lefty, White-hating site or a porn site, showing all kinds of sick crap.

What’s worse is that there’s people who get almost NOTHING just keeping my site up on the net. This really SUCKS, big time. I can’t tell you how pissed off I am right now.

I’m literally doing all this just to awaken my fellow White brethren. I’ve studied the matter for most of my life and when I realized just how bad things really were, launched INCOG MAN in a dumb little free blog that was soon blocked and then completely censored. Actually, I knew of this BS for at least 10 years previously.

Send twenty, ten, five — whatever is easiest on your wallet. Contribute here:

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Brutally Beaten White Nurse Left to Freeze to Death

Her Name is Carlie Beaudin: White Female Nurse (Found Trapped Under a Car and Frozen to Ground) Murdered by Black Man

Actual temp that night was 4 degrees. Imagine that.


She was a wife.

She was a daughter.

She was a friend.

She was a beloved nurse.

She was a gifted singer.

She was a white woman, murdered by a black man.  [Nurse killed at Froedtert was an accomplished singer who ‘would come to Bel Canto to have her soul fed’, Fox 6 Now ,1-28-19]:

Carlie Beaudin, the 33-year-old Greendale nurse practitioner who died at Froedtert Hospital Friday, Jan. 25 after she was found trapped under a vehicle in a parking structure at the hospital was a gifted singer with the Bel Canto Chorus. The director spoke out about the loss on Monday, Jan. 28.

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HoloHOAX: A Strange Long-ago College Encounter

by Phillip Marlowe

I’m going to tell you a weird story. You may not believe me, but it’s true.

When I went away to a big city university (yep, even graduated), my father and mother drove me up to school. I was assigned a dorm room at this big Victorian style mansion that was converted to housing for men. My room used to be a bathroom, but was now turned into a single. My mother was horrified at the small and dusty room assigned to her boy, but I was excited with the possibilities (yeah, girls).

Over the next couple of weeks, while attending classes and trying to hit on the ladies, I roamed the city for new construction sites. I “borrowed” a couple of nice fat 6″x 6″ wood posts and some 2″x 4″s. When I went home for the weekend, I returned with dad’s Black and Decker circular saw and built a pretty nice loft in the room for my bed since the ceiling was so high. Several other kids saw what I had done and copied me. One three man dorm room had a loft spanning the entire room!

Across the hall, there was a room occupied by crazy Metal Heads. They loved smoking weed from big plexiglass bongs. Even though they played music extremely loud all the time, I still made friends (I’m so inclusive). One of their hippy friends, who lived elsewhere, was this guy with long stringy hair and horn-rimmed glasses. Over the years, I’ve wracked my brains trying to remember this guy’s name.

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America: Now in Cognitive Dissonance Hell

Yep, Wolf Blitzer is a big fat Jew. What’s more is that he once wrote Israeli Zionist propaganda for AIPAC — the giant Israel lobby in DC long involved in meddling with US elections far, far more than any made-up Russian/Putin/Trump collusion BS promoted by idiotic Hillary-loving liberals. It’s a huge rotten joke on America — everyone in DC knows it — they just won’t say anything because they are too chickensh*t!

by Phillip Marlowe

Think about it for a minute: I’m telling people “Charlottesville was a lie. We were totally set-up to push a political narrative.” Yeah, I might look a little nutsy, waving my arms around and crap, but that’s got ZILCH to do with it. The point being: What happened, not my sorry ass.

Listen: There’s complete morons out there who would call you a “Neo-Nazi liberal.” Meaning you love the Hitler man, but still push lefty crap like multiculturalism and diversity BS. Does that make one lick of sense? Of course not. It’s just people grasping at straws inside their little pea brains to explain away something that’s goes against how they’ve been programmed.

Oh, I’ve seen this “cognitive dissonance” many times before. I’ve talked to people who blink their glazed eyes like confused insane asylum inmates when the channel is changed up on the TV. I’ve had adults bawl like little babies in front of me for stating the least politically incorrect fact. I once had a perfectly grown man get angry simply because I expressed a little doubt about his precious damn FOX news.

Did you hear where a Purdue Pharma VP and member of the family owing it, said in a court filing that White people were expressly targeted for addiction with the opiod, Oxycontin? At a launch party in the 1990’s, they gleefully predicted a “prescription blizzard” would be “deep, dense and White.” The Jewish Sackler family owning Purdue Pharma are now obscenely rich with 14 billion earned off the desperate backs of White drug addicts. Just think: If it was blacks targeted for drug addiction the story would be all over the networks. They would be screaming bloody murder 24/7.

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Commiefornia Now Teaching Kids Totally Sick Crap

Besides AIDS Infected Feces Everywhere, What is “Progressiveness?” 


Let’s start with what “Progressiveness” means for America’s children…  

Sex education – I kid you not – California is going to teach ALL seven and eight year olds how to masturbate with a cucumber, a carrot, or a banana. It will show second and third grade boys how, and why, to apply anal lubricant.  See below.

It was California Republican stronghold Orange County which recently found out, the hard way, just what this “Progressiveness” means. The Orange County Board of Education explained it to them in no uncertain terms. The Board’s General  Counsel made it very clear that parents, in the “Progressive” California society, had no authority to exempt their children from the State’s FORMAL sex-education classes.

The authoritative Family Research Council writes:

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: someone exposes your kids to something harmful — and you can’t stop them. That’s exactly the situation in Orange County, California, where the school district has decided that LGBT lessons are too important to let families opt out.

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The Marxist Architects of White Destruction


This is absolutely one of the best videos available [BELOW] that explains in detail exactly what Cultural Marxism is, its Frankfurt School origins and how it has been implemented through a pernicious strategy known as critical theory.

If you want to play your part in the fight against Cultural Marxism and what is being done to the West then watch and share this video.

This video is crucial viewing for people wanting to better understand what it is that has poisoned Western Civilisation to the point we are at today.

What we are witnessing in the West today is the advance of Marxism under a different banner and using a different strategy. The people of the West have been chipped away at for decades and each new generation is more susceptible to the poison as it permeates everywhere in society.

The target has been Western Civilisation and all of its cultural institutions. Western traditions and morality have been debased, our cultural norms mocked and undermined, our identity targeted through forced multiculturalism and non-whites empowered to rise up against us in our own homelands. Our entire way of life has been altered and our history has been largely falsified and weaponised against us. Our character structure has been targeted by breaking down the influence of institutions such as the Family, school and religion on children. If the working class would not embrace Communist revolution then it was because their character structure had been moulded a certain way by the cultural institutions in Western society.

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Negro Bashes White Woman Dead For Not Putting Out

Her Name is Marla Belin: White Woman Murdered by Black Man in 60% Black New Orleans Because She Refused His Sexual Advances


Hard to imagine too many people in New Orleans heard about the murder of Marla Belin.

The New Orleans Times Picayune reports Belin refused his sexual advances… [Report: New Orleans talent agency owner dies after purse snatching, beating, The Advocate, 12-30-18]:

A 55-year-old woman was taken off life support Friday following injuries she received in a violent robbery several days earlier, according to the New Orleans Police Department.

The death raised New Orleans’ homicide count for the year to 145. 

Police said the woman was the victim of a 7th Ward robbery about noon Dec. 17, when a man tried to grab her purse and a struggle ensued.

According to police, the victim chased the robber across the street in the 1700 block of North Dorgenois Street, at which point the robber body-slammed her to the ground, hit her head on the concrete several times and struck her in the face before fleeing with the purse.

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Could it Really be The Aliens?

Photos taken off the Trinidade islands by a science exploration ship in 1958. The photographer was later accused of hoaxing but several scientists onboard and the ship’s crew are said to have witnessed this event. It is clearly a craft of some kind.

By Phillip Marlowe

Let me start off by saying I think planet Earth has indeed been visited by alien intelligences in the past. There’s way too much evidence to say otherwise. That doesn’t mean I believe all the crap passed off as real.

I don’t know if there’s any secret alien bases in Dulce, New Mexico or Area 51, or if the government has any “reverse-engineering” programs. Maybe. But I think most (if not all) people saying they were abducted or claimed to be insiders (like Col. Philip J. Corso) are just plain nutcases. People love getting attention and come up with all kinds of BS.

Also, the existence of Aliens does not rule out the “divine.” Goodness versus Evil is very real. Everyone knows that deep inside. God and Jesus are totally different things from UFOs. Crucifixion was an astoundingly horrible way to kill a person. Surely, God or whatever non-binary superior entity he/she/or it is, wanted this insane evil stopped.

What worries me is the real power nexus will soon use the Alien business to justify their destructive and insidious NWO agenda. This “ace card” can easily explain why they’ve covered up what they’ve long known. Once enough Whites become “awakened” as to what is being done to our race and our lands, they may spring the “unveiling” of Aliens to further confuse and distract us. From the uptick of recent media on the topic (like the Jewish-owned “History” channel), that stage may be near.

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White-haters and FAKE News Begged for a White Perp

By Phillip Marlowe

Did you see this? Police ID driver of the car that did the drive-by, killing poor little black child, Jazmine Barnes, and wounded mother in the arm. Turns out to be black(s). ABC ran continuous stories about it on national dinner time news showing the mother and prominently displayed the evil Whitey police sketch (above). Crowds of angry blacks waving placards screamed bloody murder about racist Whitey. Totally ridiculous.

Supposedly, the shooter or accomplice in the car was black, too.

This is so typical. They are looking for absolutely anything to make us Whites the evil baddies all the time. Haven’t I been telling you about the traitorous anti-White media from the very beginning?

On my home page they had a report on the apprehension but somehow forgot to run the black perp’s mug shot. Now watch the story disappear down the rabbit hole. This happens all the time, actually. But this particular case is so blatant, they might even do a “JEW-jitsu” reversal and show the perps on national TV.*

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Anti-Tranny Speech Now Illegal in Sweden

by Roy Batty

What would the new year be without a “Sweden YES!” story to set the mood?

Fria Tider:

Now, the red-green government is introducing a so-called “extended criminal law protection for transgender people”, which means that the basis “cross-border identity or expression” is added to the crime hotspot against the people group. The amendment to the law will apply from 1 January 2019. It was already at the end of last year that the government submitted a bill to the Riksdag with proposals that “strengthen the protection of transgender people in criminal law”. …

“The legislative changes proposed by the government mean that transgender people are fully protected by the hate crime legislation. Today, the regulations include, for example, skin color, creed and sexual orientation,” the government wrote then. The bill proposes that the basis for cross-border identity or expression be added to the provisions on incitement to ethnic groups. …

“Anyone who, in a statement or in another message spreading threatens or expresses a misconception for a ethnic group or other such group of people alluding to race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, sexual orientation or transcendental identity or expression, is convicted for a period of no more than two years or, if the crime is small, a fine.

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Dumb Ass White Chicks Beheaded by Muzzies

Outrage After Swedish TV Downplays Gruesome ISIS Beheadings, Threatens Prison For Sharing Video


Swedish state broadcaster SVT has outraged viewers after they ran an article claiming that the gruesome ISIS-inspired murder of two Scandinavian girls in Morocco “had nothing to do with Islam,” before warning Swedes that sharing a graphic beheading video of the incident could result in up to four years of imprisonment.

Maren Ueland, 28, of Norway and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, of Denmark were murdered while backpacking in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco. Both girls were stabbed multiple times, while one of them was beheaded on video. The culprits can then be seen pledging allegiance to the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. The ISIS fanatics gloated about the killing – while images of the killing were posted to the Facebook page of Ueland’s mother, and the video was sent via Private Message to Ms. Jesperson’s friends, according to the Daily Mail.

The clip, in which a suspected ISIS terrorist shouts ‘it’s Allah’s will’, was also sent to friends of Ms Jespersen via ‘private messenger’, it has been claimed. It has since been revealed that horrific images of the slain tourists have been posted on the Facebook page of Ms Ueland’s mother Irene. Some Moroccans bizarrely posted the images in a misguided bid to express sympathy along with calls for the killers to be executed. Earlier, it was claimed that footage itself had been sent to friends of Ms Jespersen. While it is not clear exactly who sent them the footage, there will be strong suspicions it would have been from warped ISIS sympathisers. -Daily Mail

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Merry Christmas INCOG Readers!

To All My Readers and Supporters on the Internet:


MY CHRISTMAS GIFT TO YOU: Download COLOR POSTER-SIZED HIRES ART OF THE ABOVE, FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL BUNKER OR BEER HALL. Crop off from the top to fit your own color printer’s maximum horizontal image width. Avoid displaying in office environments or synagogues.

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Evil Apeman Blows Away Super Nice White Woman

Her Name is Amber Clark: White Librarian Murdered by Black Male – Who was Banned from the Library – in Targeted Execution


Imagine getting ready to leave work at night to head home to your family.

You walk to your car, unlock the door and get in the front seat. But before you can even start the ignition, a black male points a gun at your head and pulls the trigger.

[Library supervisor, 41, gunned down in parking lot months after altercation with suspect, police say, Fox News, 12-14-18]:

A disturbance at a Northern California library in October may have led to this week’s shooting death of a 41-year-old library supervisor as she sat in her car outside the building Tuesday evening, police say. Amber Clark was shot several times in the face and head outside the North Natomas Public Library, FOX 40 Sacramento reported.

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Treacherous Jewry Is Destroying Our Race

By Phillip Marlowe

It should now be totally obvious that our White race is under attack. Our lands are purposefully being inundated by non-White races and our people are being brainwashed to accept it. Not only that, but they are busy brainwashing our race to mate ourselves away. You see this everywhere today.

This is now so obvious that it’s amazing they have the nerve to declare it “conspiracy theory.” Yep, they sure do. The “conspiracy theory” bit is their little way they use to make it sound like you’re crazy for talking about it — if the usual PC intimidation slanders don’t fit.

For decades now they’ve used the good graces and common decency of us White people to make us feel race guilt for just about everything. This whole scheme against the White race is now reaching fevered pitch as more of us become fatigued with PC enforcement and real life Negro criminal behavior — where they kill White people all the time.

Notice how they have ramped up all the anti-Nazi and Hitler things on TV, lately. They have been using the media for years to keep us from going Nazi and Fascist. They fully realize once we make the Jew connection all bets are off. Even sacred Israel is at risk. I predicted all this years ago. But I’m not the only one, believe me. Many other Whites over the years have figured out the whole Jew “schtick” and have tried desparately to warn us.

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South Africa: Date Set To Steal White Property

By Octavia Rivera @DAILY STORMER

Niggers have been genetically damaged by what happened centuries ago. They want to heal themselves by killing white people and taking their stuff. Healing gibs.

Daily Mail:

White South Africans could be forced to give up their own homes from next year as the nation’s government steamrolls through plans for land expropriation over claims ‘Africa’s original sin‘ must be reversed.

The National Assembly agreed to the establishment of a committee that will draft an amendment to section 25 of the Constitution – a law which will allow the government to take homes from the people – and refuse to pay them compensation.

As many in the nation see the move as retribution for the ‘original sin’ when decades ago black people were driven off their land, it is believed white farmers will be driven from their homes immediately. Does anyone really believe white people will be “driven from their homes” and not get horribly murdered? Read this if you haven’t yet, especially the end.

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Bush 41 Screws Us Over Again On Way Out

By Phillip Marlowe

Have you noticed how our so-called “free media” always acts like so-and-so was so great when they croak when you know damn well they could care less? The filthy hypocrites didn’t like blue blood WASPY Bush one bit back then, and they really don’t now. You see this phony BS all the time. It’s them trying to look all “fair and balanced” simply because it makes no difference now. My ass.

That’s because the media really is a State operation — the State being the Globalist Zionist Jew octopus. George H. W. Bush was obviously a giant tool for them. He’s the one who even termed it “the New World Order” in a speech. Here’s the deal: America is Israel’s big Macdaddy — that’s the whole NWO’s “raison d’ê tre.” Always has been. Bush Sr. realized this and hitched his little wagon to the whole thing way back when. In fact, I believe all the presidents knew of this in some fashion or other. JFK was probably wacked because of it. Especially when the Jews knew he didn’t want Israel to have the Bomb. They could not let that become public knowledge.

Now we got all this non-stop BS in the News over HW Bush dying. When Bush died, I said to myself “the sooner we put the Bushs and the Clintons in our rear view mirror, the better for America.” That was me being nice. Actually, it would be infinitely better if we exposed how these traitor bastards screwed us White Americans over. We’ll be lucky as a race if that were to happen.

Forget the business with Trump getting money out of a lame duck Congress to build the Wall on the Southern border. It’s not going to happen before the Demonrats take over the House in January. Bush’s now on-going funeral media extravaganza effectively ruins the possibility. Then it will be back the same BS over the last 2 years — we’ll get more of this idiotic Trump and Russian collusion crap. Everyone I know is sick and tired of it. Hillary and Obama’s DOJ minions will go unscathed. The whole thing reeks to high heaven of hypocrisy. I pray to God to smite these backstabbing traitors.

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The Real Agenda Behind Mass Immigration

From: Smash Cultural Marxism

This is an excellent read and an article we have posted before. It explains the crucial differences in immigration types and by extension exposes the ‘diversity’ deception.

If it was absolutely necessary to have immigration for whatever reason – which I don’t believe we do – then it should only ever be on a guest-worker basis for a set period of time. What we have all across the West is actually citizenship immigration, or the permanent residence of foreigners. This citizenship immigration which allows non-Europeans to build a demographic base within European nations is what will lead to our eventual minority status, and as it says in the article the real term should be racial replacement immigration. Multiculturalism is a euphemism for Multiracialism which means replacing the indigenous population with other races who have a higher birth rate and who are STILL flooding into our nations. The goal of citizenship immigration, as David Cameron himself said, is to “build” a multiracial nation, ie purposefully create a multiracial society for a specific purpose.

Please share this as I believe this kind of article is crucial to waking people up.

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Short Note From INCOG MAN

Sorry, I haven’t been around lately. Had some serious personal issues pressing me. Looks like that’s finally over, now. Thank God. Plus, my site has been attacked several times in major ways. Us Whites cannot be allowed to say a damn thing anymore!

It just kills me how they can freely attack us Whites after all the things we’ve done for the world. Crying shame, actually. Billions are alive because of the inventiveness of our race. Modern civilization is chiefly due to the WHITE Western World.

White people out there are coming to life and waking up to the total BS being done to our race. I can feel it. I’m hoping I had a little something to do with it.

Remember that each of us needs to spread the message in any possible way.

Thanks for your support.

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Jew Lawyer Trains Rapefugees How To Act Christian

Ariel Ricker, Wrecker of Nations

Jewish lawyer teaches Muslims how to invade Europe by pretending to be Christian “refugees”


This Lauren Southern video [below] shows Jewish lawyer Ariel Ricker admitting that her organisation instructs fake refugees on how to pretend to be real refugees so they invade Europe successfully. Part of the instruction involves showing them how to pray like Christians and telling them to say that their favourite holiday is “Christmas, the day our Lord and Saviour was born.”

Ariel Ricker is also the author of an academic essay called “The Transience of the Jewish Homo Viator”, full of hilariously pseudo-intellectual gobbledygook, choice excerpts of which appear below.

The terrorist tactics of the Secret State Police, the Geheime
Staatspolizei, (“Gestapo”) included impromptu invasions and unannounced searches of the home. As stated in Feldman’s analysis of symbolic and literal state condoned brutality, “Violence of a certain magnitude and directed at specific sites of symbolic anchorage is privileged vehicle for opening a symbolic order to the exigencies of decentering diachronic process.” These tactics introduced into previously designated locus of domesticity a vehement assault which, as intended, was not forgotten once ostensible aims were achieved.

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UN Demands Suppression of Awakening Whites


More and more white people are becoming aware of the fact that if present political trends continue, the destiny of their descendants will be to live as a persecuted minority dominated by people who see them as racial adversaries.

Resistance to this is mobilising, largely via the internet.

The United Nations, in the form of its Special Rapporteur Tendayi Achiume (pictured, yes that really is her), is concerned about the growing resistance among whites to their own genocide.

A “dramatic” rise in the number of websites and social media platforms hosting racist content is enabling neo-Nazi and other ultra-right groups to disseminate hate speech and incite violence, a United Nations (UN) expert has warned.

Tendayi Achiume, the organisation’s special rapporteur for racism, said there had been a 600 per cent increase in the number of white supremacists espousing their views on Twitter since 2012.

This, coupled with the proliferation of thousands of websites dedicated to far-right movements, contributed to a “growing climate of intolerance”, she added.

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Jews Have Been Hated All Thru-out History

By Phillip Marlowe

Well, I guess you already heard about that nutcase who shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh by now. This kind of thing plays right into the hands of the brainwashers hard at work keeping Whites mixed the hell up. Whites are definitely way too good for our own sake — ever think that’s the case?

Look, virtually all Whites out there are so brainwashed about Jews it’s not funny. Hell, they run anti-Hitler and Nazi stuff on TV all the time on TV. Now we get to hear about this Pittsburgh shooting for another 70 plus years.

Apparently, the guy was pissed about HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) promoting the invasion of our lands by Turd Worlders. And that’s going on, too. No conspiracy theory at all. I’ve read what the creeps have to say. Jews indeed have been promoting non-Whites to come into our lands — turning us Whites into a minority. Say one damn thing and they call you a White Nationalist, racist, anti-Semite, Xenophobe, or a multitude of other names they came up with to intimidate us Whites into silence.

Jews have been a major issue to our race for centuries. This immigration angle is their globalist tactic to first destroy our demographics before we all get it about them. They’ve already turned us into blithering PC idiots — you see it all the time. Call it brainwashing for “just-in-time” racial engineering. Very diabolical plan in effect since the last century. Certainly part of the Marxist Jew agenda dating back to the 19th century, but in reality just subversive lefty Jewry in general. They don’t need secret messaging.

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Censoring Jews Get Gab Censored


Gab now banned from Medium. They deleted their post saying they would work with law enforcement in the shooter investigation.

This is all too familiar.

The Jewish media did not want my narrative getting out and competing with theirs. The same was true of Alex Jones’ narrative (even though a lot of that narrative is made up, they still don’t want to compete with it). So the Jewish media organized to shut us down.

Torba is offering a competing social media product. And obviously, Silicon Valley isn’t into that. And the Jews just don’t want anyone to be allowed to say anything at all, ever.

We are going into something where the internet will no longer be interactive, and will not allow independent publishing. At least that is what they are trying to force. They are trying to transform this futuristic communications platform into “TV 2.”

Original article follows. 

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Israeli SPYWARE is a Blight Unto Nations


The great anti-Semitic fantasy is that Jews, operating from some secret base somewhere, are involved in almost every form of nefariousness across the world. A recent article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz shows that this fantasy is, to significant degree, true.

It documents how Israel firms are shipping surveillance technology to dodgy regimes across the world. The technology offers almost total penetration of mobile phone systems, allowing dissidents to be tracked and monitored. Their calls can be listened to; their messages and emails can be read (or sent); the phones can be turned into microphones allowing real-world conversations to be heard.

Israel has established a leading role for itself in this dubious technological sector.

Privacy International has been publishing research studies about international trade in surveillance technology since 1995. A PI report issued two years ago noted the tremendous growth of the industry. Whereas in 2012 it encompassed 246 companies globally, by 2016 the number of firms had more than doubled, to 528. There are 27 Israeli firms on the list, making Israel the country with the highest per capita ratio of surveillance companies. Local and international data indicate that Israel accounts for between 10 and 20 percent of the global cyber market. In 2016, investments in Israeli startups in the industry accounted for 20 percent of the world total.

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Poor Jewess Mourns Losing Her “White Privilege”

Poor little Mia. The New York City Jewess is a big time radical feminist man hater, Trotsky Marxist and lezbo. Loves Hillary and hates Trump. Her low brow Jew noggin was twisted to hell by Trump’s election in 2016. She loves her little dog, who she cutely calls “Tchotchke” and her “Yiddish trinket.” It’s smug Jew creeps like this who are hard at work destroying America from the inside out. [INCOG]


Jew Woman Mourns That She May Not Have Enough White Privilege to Survive Trump’s America

Jews are desperate for a lot of things, these days.

Mia Brett, a PhD candidate in American Legal History and a co-founder of the All Women’s Progress Think Tank, is a Jewess who is openly voicing the fact that she is desperate to be white enough to have “white privilege,” and also desperate to remain a member of an oppressed minority class.

Those two things seem to conflict with one another because they do conflict with one another. But that is the status that Jews formerly had: they could pretend to be “white” members of mainstream America, and then automatically switch at any moment to being “oppressed” members of a victim class.

And by playing up both at once, they have put themselves in a position where they are going to lose both: white people rallying around white identity no longer see them as white, while nonwhites rallying around victim identity no longer accept their shared victimhood narrative.

She writes for The Forward:

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Jew FAKE NEWS Prodded America into WWII

From: Diversity Macht Frei

It’s well-known that Britain engaged in a major influencing operation to persuade the United States to enter World War Two on its side. Britain has acknowledged this and even published an official history of the campaign run by William Stephenson, “A Man Called Intrepid.” Jews ran a similar operation but have been more reticent about it.

Throughout the period leading up to Pearl Harbour, America Firsters and even Hitler himself claimed Jews were prodding America into war with Germany.

These claims were dismissed as the paranoid ravings of conspiracy theorists. But we now know the conspiracy theorists were right.

A new book called “Bureau of Spies: The Secret Connections between Espionage and Journalism” provides insight into the propaganda journalism that created a drumbeat for war.

Alongside the British, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency naturally wanted to do its bit for “the cause.” Its name was an obvious problem, tending to impair its credibility, and its traditional focus on Jewish topics was also not helpful. Since the Jews now wanted to extend the range of their propaganda, in 1940 they founded a new agency called the ONA [Overseas News Agency], which often worked in tandem with British intelligence. It was soon churning out anti-Hitler propaganda, much or most of it completely made up: the original Fake News.

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Subversive Soros Behind Psycho Lefty Feminists

By Phillip Marlowe

Remember that video of the two crazy bitches screaming at spineless Senator Jeff Flake on the elevator before he called for more investigations of Brett Kavanaugh? Turns out they work for George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation” or whatever lefty organization financially funded by them. This evil Jew “Color Revolution” Globalist has been busy screwing up America and other White countries for decades. Soros is the point man and money bags in the lefty destruction of White lands for the NWO agenda.

Recently, I was chatting with a woman about South Africa’s White Boer farmer murders. She proudly proclaimed herself a “super fact checker” and said she would get back to me on the matter, like she was the big brainiac. Well, her “super fact checking” turned out to be nothing but an article put out by lefty Salon.com (she didn’t say where it came from as she droned on). When done spouting, I told her I knew it was from an article by lefty Salon.com and had already been thoroughly debunked. It took her by complete surprise that I knew right where she got her super-duper “fact checker” crap.

I pointedly asked the blubbering libtard: “You really believe White farmers are not targeted by black gangs, crime and violence is up, but they only had 50 murders in one year of all races? That really did it. She screamed at me like a mad banshee out of hell. I merely laughed, which only made it worse. Many women nowadays have gone so totally insane with Jewish BS it’s not funny. Or maybe it is. I did laugh.

You have to understand Jews have been targeting our women for brainwashing for decades. All this lefty bullcrap and diversity nonsense about criminal, rapist blacks has been fed to them on a daily basis. In addition to which, they’ve been jacked up with feminism and anti-White male hate. You can see how they are now carefully distinguishing Whites in the male hate. Specifically older White men, since they want the younger ones to toe the PC BS line. Unfortunately too many will, usually to get in the pants of chicks. Didn’t the devil say “get the women and the men will follow?”

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