Ashley Judd Says Trump Fantasizes About Ivanka

Washed-Up Skag Ashley Judd Claims That President Trump Sexually Fantasizes About Ivanka


Does anybody even know what Ashley Judd did for a living before she took the time today to place herself squarely in the camp of our enemies?

Was she a singer?

An actress?

A philanthropist of some sort?

I personally thought that she was a low-level prostitute or something; a gutter slut who made her shekels by catering to the lowest forms of subhuman kind – mainly dark-skinned Blacks and Moslems.

Whatever she did to gain fame in our Jewed culture, it doesn’t matter, for her true soul managed to worm itself into the sunlight earlier today.

Thanks to some heavenly whim, we were afforded a look into the twisted black heart of Judd, who apparently spends her days contemplating filthy fantasies between our President and his oldest daughter.

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Congratulations, President Donald J. Trump!

Sure will be great having a WHITE guy and his classy WHITE wife in the WHITE House!

Hopefully, professional Servpro and Hazmat teams will now have the place completely steam-cleaned, deodorized and maybe even gamma ray blasted by the time you leave the inauguration ceremony — especially the bathrooms in the West Wing. No telling what nasty Negro/Jew homo crap went on in there during the last 8 years. And please, will someone tell that total jackass “congressman” John Lewis — who the lousy media tells us every second is a “Civil Rights ICON” — he had better retire ASAP and move his fat, worthless black hiney back to Africa? Same thing goes for that corrupt sheboon “poverty pimp,” Maxine Waters, and all the other backstabbing DC libtard rats who stupidly dissed you by not going to the inauguration.

Us decent White Americans have had quite enough of these spoiled, criminal black brats and their never-ending race whining. We’re sick of the BS!

This post is automatically scheduled to run at exactly 12:01pm Friday, January 20, 2017.

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Disrespectful Anti-Whites Dissing The Donald

Look at this butt ugly ape-faced bastard! I am so sick and tired of this civil rights bull crap.* Just because this John Lewis “marched” in Selma on “Bloody Sunday” (what an overblown name) or alongside that plagiarizing, whore-mongering Martin Luther COON, means we got to respect his black ass after he publicly dissed our lawfully-elected president? A president who obviously wishes to do his best for America?

By Phillip Marlowe

Now we got Rep. John Lewis, a so-called “Civil Rights Icon,” insulting Trump by calling him an illegitimate president and not going to the inauguration. Stinking GD blacks and liberals act like this is such a brave act. I say: What an ASS. Sorry for being rude, but I’m sick and tired of these spoiled brat bastards and their hypocrite White liberal enablers.

Then we have “Senator” Cory Booker, a light-skinned, fast-talking mulatto who testified against the nomination of Jeff BEAUREGARD Sessions. I capitalize “Beauregard” since that ugly black bitch, Joy Ann Reid on MSNBC’s “AM JOY” on TV emphasized that today trying to make him sound like a confederate general at the battle of Manassas. That’s so rich since blacks and libtards had big hissy fits when people said “HUSSEIN” about Obongo boy (his middle name).

Here’s the problem with Jeff Sessions: He’s a non-Jewish White dude. That’s really all there is to it. The guy has a spotless record as being fair, not “racist,” etc., etc. Hell, just because the guy is from Alabama is enough for the creeps to portray him as an evil racist. This anti-White crap is getting totally ridiculous!

They make up a bunch of crap to camouflage their own anti-White racism, like stuff about Sessions supposedly behind “voter right’s suppression.” This is total hokum since the mere act of wanting legitimate identification (easy to get) at the voting booth has these nutcases raving. It’s simply because they want easy ways of scamming the democratic system to put their Commie elements in office.

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MOSSAD and CIA Backstabbers Collude Against Trump

Mossad and CIA Holding Secret Meetings, Plotting to Undermine Trump Administration

From Eric Striker @DAILY STORMER

For all their glad handing of Trump as the best pal of Israel in public, in private Israelis are sweating like a Kardashian on the day of the rope. Superficial differences aside, there is no question that Netanyahu and the Zionist entity strongly preferred bribed and compromised Goy-Borg Hillary Clinton, and behind the scenes, a number of developments and conspiracies against Trump are being planned by the traitorous and anti-American US intelligence services and the Mossad.

Such discussions are being kept out of newspapers aimed at Gentile audiences, but information branded ‘For Beady Eyes Only’ is spilling out from the Sanhadren’s still as the conspiracies begin to brew.


Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration as the next president of the United States is causing Israeli intelligence officials to lose sleep as well. Discussions held in closed forums recently raised fears of a leakage of Israeli intelligence top-classified information, clandestine modus oprandi and sources, which have been exposed to the American intelligence community over the past 15 years, to Russia – and from there to Iran.

The cause of concern are the suspicions of unreported ties between the president-elect or his associates and the Kremlin, whose agents are also associated with intelligence officials in Tehran.

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Proud Black Mamas Save America’s Space Program!

The True Story Of How Nubian Queenz Invented Rockets And Took America Into The Cosmos

From Marcus Cicero @INFO STORMER

We should thank the Jews for bringing a carefully-hidden secret of American history back into the forefront of cultural discourse, namely the fact that our Space Program was entirely the work of brave Black women who were robbed of their glory by evil and unrepentant White Nazis.

Without these enlightened bright-skinned geniuses, the United States stood no chance of catching up to the Soviet Union in the Space Race, but instead of bowing down to the pure brilliance of the Colored folks, racists stole the discoveries and inventions for themselves.

This dastardly act followed the same process that saw Whites take credit for Black accomplishments such as the Egyptian Pyramids, the creation of writing, oceanic exploration, the Library of Alexandria, and classical music.

So the next time you go to get your drivers license renewed or something, please look the biggest Black woman in the eye, and apologize for the wrongs of your ancestors.

It’s the least you could do.

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Scientific Analysis of Hillary’s “Popular Vote”

The Popular Vote: Sure, there’s lots of freaks in those states!

Haven’t you had enough of the traitorous media going on and on about Hillary winning the popular vote? And how the lefty media is going completely off the rails trying to brainwash America to think Putin manipulated the election by hacking — even though Wikileaks and Julian Assange insist the files came from a whistleblower in the US and not from Russia? You can see NWO Jew hacks everywhere on TV frantically pushing evil Putin BS, like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Rep. Adam Schiff, a multitude of Jew writers and even that skinny little creep on FOX news, Geraldo Rivera (yep, he’s a Jew, too).


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PC Sell-Out “Alt-Rights” are Total CUCK-JOOS

“Every time new and promising opportunities for meddling have arisen, the Jew has been immediately involved. He has demonstrated an uncanny ability to sniff out like a bloodhound anything which was dangerous to him. Having found it, he uses all his cunning to get at it, to divert it, to change its nature, or, at least, to deflect its point from its goal. Schopenhauer called the Jew ‘the dregs of mankind,’ ‘a beast,’ ‘the great master of the lie.’ How does the Jew respond? He establishes a Schopenhauer Society.”

— Dietrich Eckart

By Phillip Marlowe

I’m quite certain you’ve noticed by now is that if you’re a White who dares to speak out in defense of our race, they’ll call you a “White supremacist” or even a “Nazi” all over the media. May as well get used to that. But some brainiacs who call themselves “Alt-Right” can’t seem to get that basic fact straight in their pea brains. They still stupidly tip-toe around the real deal because of “PC.” This makes them look like gibbering PC idiots.

The morons still toe the company line when it comes to “diversity” and Jewish Israel. God, and it’s so obvious, too. We call such spineless morons “CUCKS” as in cuckolded — like seeing our beautiful babes sleep with blacks. Or have no problemo letting Third Worlders like criminal Somalis and terrorist Mudslimes into our countries, or say anything even when homos and bizarre trannys engage in sick public sex acts with each other in broad daylight during “Gay Pride” parades.

Supporting the “Jewish state” of Israel is another big, big sign of them being idiot PC cuckolds. There’s simply no other place of concentrated back-stabbing evil on the planet like Israel. Most of these cucks won’t touch the subject because they are too frightened of getting called “anti-Semite-Nazi-who-wants-to-kill-six-million-joos.” Jews have got these people programmed up the HOLO ying-yang. This, too, is ridiculously obvious.

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The Dirty Rats Have Indeed Conspired Against Us

Ted Kennedy was used by the Jews to lend a “Goyim” face to the 1965 Immigration Act that quietly destroyed White racial demographics in America. God knows what kind of dirt the Jews had on the guy. A few years later, the punk drunkenly drove a car off a bridge at Chappaquiddick, leaving a good Catholic girl, Mary Jo Kopechene, to drown trapped inside — desperately trying to claw her way out. (INCOG)

Planting America: State-Sponsored Demographic Change and the Precedent of Ulster

By Lawrence Murray @Atlantic Centurion

Author’s note: 90% of this was written before the election. Yes, I know you all think President Trump is going to make everything bad go away. I have something on how he can start to do that here. If he does permanently move the United States towards White nationalism, this article describes 1965-2016. If he doesn’t, we shall have to struggle through the ongoing consequences of that period all the more.

You think you live in a free country. The United States is some unique and historically transcendent place, where out of nothing arose a great and powerful country without precedent or parallel. Your rights and liberties are more precious to you than any other people on earth and no government is more respectful of those innate possessions than your own. In terms of politics, the United States of America has never experienced the dark episodes of wicked and oppressive governance that have plagued other nations. It can’t, because it is exceptional. Your government is elected, so it would be impossible for it to do anything so terrible and destructive to its own constituents as, say, forcibly and permanently displacing them in the name of utopian goals. We have nothing to learn from the past except that we are better than it. We are a proposition nation of ideas, not one of heritage and history.

This is the whig mindset that leads many otherwise smart people to reject concepts like occupation government or the White genocide meme at face value. Detractors frame these as conspiracy theories, which mentally associates them with all sorts of crankery. Admittedly, the Alt-Right takes a bit of poetic license in describing these phenomena at times, but rhetoric aside, they express important truths.

The first of these truths is that of hostile governance—most Americans do disapprove of Congress, but does that indicate its malevolence? This is a relative question of course, for if one believes the government acts against his interests, then that government is seen as adversarial at best and a mortal enemy at worst. And if this government is so egregiously against the majority of the population, despite its claims to be an instrument and representation of the people, then it follows that some anti-majoritarian clique must be occupying it rather than rightfully possessing it. Occupation government is quite simply rule by a hostile elite pursuing interests contrary to those governed. And hostile elites pursuing interests contrary to those of their charges have been around for a long time.

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Have a Happy WHITE New Year


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Wilding Black Teens “Mall Brawl” Across America

By Phillip Marlowe, THE INCOG MAN

On Monday, black “teens” went ape all across the US in malls, egged on by other blacks on social media. Apparently, these primitive apes have somehow mastered keyboards and cellphones to the point they regularly organize giant criminal mobs that ruin civilizations. Let me tell you, it doesn’t take much for this ugly race to lose it. And it’s not just America, mind you, but everywhere this animal race lives on the planet.

Notice how the media says nothing about race. It’s funny listening to these talking heads tip-toe around the obvious fact blacks were responsible. One so-called FOX expert asks “what’s the common denominator?” At this point I scream at the TV “it’s niggers!” since you can easily see it in the videos running on screen. Yet the commentator only goes on to blame “social media.” Yeah, sure. These TV people know well to keep quiet when it comes to black behavior. But you can see it in their eyes they know the real score.

Look, we all know blacks are pretty much animals. Call me “racist” or whatever the flock you’ve been brainwashed by Jewish media to say, but it’s readily apparent blacks are totally worthless, totally criminal, totally SUCK-ASS.

But INCOG, that’s so terrible of you to say such a thing! Yep, I’m angry as hell about seeing the beautiful America of my Forefathers turned into a stinking Third World piss-pot and having to watch these filthy ape-like primates going haywire at the drop of a chicken bone. Call me whatever for simply stating facts!

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State Farm Shocks Whites with Totally Disgusting Ad

Not only does State Farm show a White female, they used a cute blond model who looks exactly like a young teen girl. I would not at all be surprised a Jewish-led team art directed the disgusting piece of filth. This kind of thing is but one more example of the continuous, ever-increasing assaults on our race by Jewish-brainwashed liberals. I also hope you have cancelled State Farm by now if you used them for insurance and vow to never do one dime’s worth of business with them ever again. [INCOG]

By Andrew Anglin @DAILY STORMER

These days, you can’t even promote interracial sex on Twitter without a bunch of virulent Nazis protesting your company!

These evil race-haters say that they don’t want their blonde girls sold off to Mandingo monkeys by Jew-run insurance companies and advertisers.

Daily Mail:

A State Farm commercial showing a black man proposing to a white woman has been targeted by racists.

The insurance giant tweeted out the seemingly innocuous advertisement on Wednesday, showing the young couple getting engaged.

‘Who said yes? Cheers to the newly engaged this holiday season! Be sure to #ProtectTheBling!’ a caption with the picture read.

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Merry Christmas White People!

Merry Christmas to all my readers in the far-flung reaches of the Internet (except the Jew HasbaRATS, of course)!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

INCOG DISCLAIMER: The above tasteless photo illustration is not meant to promote giving kick-ass modern weaponry as christmas presents to young White children, unless said White children wish to survive the multicult hell-hole the Globalist Jews have been turning America into. You had better arm up now, because the Jews are obviously out to disarm our race before we finally all “get it” about them. Also, our children may have to protect themselves from the criminal trepidations of illegal alien Mestizos, cruel Central and South American drug gangs and, of course, the completely spoiled, violent and mostly worthless Negro race. Just make sure you give them plenty of safety training and please, whatever you do, don’t let some pinhead, subversive Jew psychiatrist jack him up with any mind-twisting Big Pharma SSRI drugs, beforehand. You have been warned.

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Joo Faggots Insult Ivanka Aboard Plane

Man, I can’t stand these filthy, trouble-making Jew sodomites. And they call themselves “husband and wife.” What a bunch of sick crap! (INCOG)


Just a few days from Christmas, and I have to admit that this is now officially the weirdest story that I’ve covered in the year 2016.

And in case anybody is thinking that the title of this article is pure clickbait, know that you are not being deceived.

The First Daughter of Glorious Leader was in fact assaulted by Jewish faggots with a hatred of blond White women on a plane ride, and these particular Kikes are rather deeply-embedded inside the control structure of this nation for what it’s worth.

From Daily Mail:

Ivanka Trump made it very clear on Thursday that she has no problem staying cool and calm under pressure.

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A Muslim Merry Christmas To White Germans

By Phillip Marlowe THE INCOG MAN

Looks like another Muslim terrorist attack on Germany, this time killing at least 12 and wounding up to 50. It appears that a non-refugee Paki immigrant killed a Pole and then plowed his tractor-trailer into crowds at a busy Christmas market in Berlin, Germany.

Just think of all the dirty ragheads allowed into the country by Angela Merkel, who it’s virtually certain is a bloody crypto-Jewess pig woman put into a position of power by the globalists out to destroy our White race. They tell us that this is “conspiracy theory” when it’s now completely observable by anyone with half a brain.

White people: Haven’t you had enough? I mean just think of it, we got a power structure bound and determined to undermine our racial demographics in our own lands. Hitler must be rolling in his grave — if he had a grave, but of course he doesn’t since the dirty backstabbing Jews sucked in the USA into war against him — helping Stalin and his Jews to rape and murder Germany.

The same BS is going on in the US, as the Jews in power have been brainwashing us for decades to go along with the gradual destruction of our race with all this stinking “diversity” crap, right along with insane faggotry and tranny perversions. Hell, you can’t turn on the TV for a lousy five minutes before you see blacks treated like the big heroes or us Whites treated like dogs, even though we died by the hundreds of thousands in the Civil War and WWII. The punks don’t care.

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Why You Should Forgive Blacks Who Raped Your Mom

By Phillip Marlowe

Dana DeMarco, 39, was another McFadden crime victim. Her badly decomposed body was found on the side of the road in New Jersey. The black bastard raped and murdered at least 2 other Whites — including a 78 year-old grandmother.

Please watch the Colin Flaherty video below. These filthy blacks rape, rob and murder Whites all the time — including our elderly mothers. You just can’t believe all the evils our race has experienced at the hands of evil, criminal blacks.

Idiot liberals literally want you to forgive such animals. Listen to the daughter of a rape victim in the video below. Clearly, these liberals suffer from some kind of mass media-induced “Stockholm Syndrome” when it comes to the black race. Us Whites have been way, way too nice for our own sakes.

How much more BULL CACA are we going to take, White people?

It’s time we round up these animals at the point of the bayonet. It’s now absolutely certain this “diversity” experiment has failed completely. Blacks cannot and do not belong in a civilized White society. Never have. Hell, we got prisons full of these violent animals simply because of the race’s true criminal nature — even the women are crazy. You think it’s “White privilege” responsible for the disparity of races incarcerated?

Then you must be a total brainwashed JACKASS.

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Wikileaks Say Russia Did NOT Hack Emails

Wikileaks Envoy Says Clinton E-Mails Were Hand Delivered To Him By Whistleblowers


This narrative about the Clinton campaign e-mails coming from Russian hackers is becoming more and more ridiculous by the day.

Here we have a representative from Wikileaks named Craig Murray stating that the Clinton e-mails were hand delivered to him by whistleblowers.
From Daily Mail:

A Wikileaks envoy today claims he personally received Clinton campaign emails in Washington D.C. after they were leaked by ‘disgusted’ whisteblowers – and not hacked by Russia.

Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, told that he flew to Washington, D.C. for a clandestine hand-off with one of the email sources in September.

‘Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians,’ said Murray in an interview with on Tuesday. ‘The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.’

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Yes, Virginia: There’s Plenty of Sick Pervs Out There

Social Commentary by Phillip Marlowe

When freaky Jew US ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, was discovered engaging in pedophilia with under-aged prostitutes, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton quietly covered up the story. The MSM also reported nothing to help her upcoming bid for president.

Sometimes I just have to scratch my head in total amazement on how stupid White people can be. I know that sounds hard to believe me saying that, considering what an evil White supremacist I supposedly am, but it’s a fact of life that far too many Whites have been turned into gibbering fools who blindly go along with the latest moral degradations and never-ending social change because we’re told “diversity is good.”

Morally confused America is turning into a field day for all kinds of sick pervs — Jewish or not. And it’s only going to get worse — Dirtbags lick their filthy chops in anticipation!

Upwards of 5,000 children under the age of 18 now go missing each year — with around 115 to 150 suspected of falling victim to random abduction by pervert serial killers at large. These are not children from broken homes where one parent runs off with the child because of some judge’s decision, or the mother is a drug-addled mudshark living in an abandoned house in Detroit — soon to be burned alive along with her cute little White daughter by the mother’s totally evil black buck (this horrible crime actually happened).

The fate of these yearly 115 plus missing children are out-and-out mysteries; either the kids stepped through a inter-dimensional portal, were abducted by aliens from another star system, or were snatched up by a murderous pervert pedophile who just happened to be cruising by. See, that’s the thing: No one really knows what happened, except the guilty, of course. And since most of us don’t believe the first two explanations are plausible, it’s reasonable to assume the latter.

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CNN Joos: Trump’s Win a “National Emergency”

This guy is definitely Jewish. He’s said to be CNN news boss Jeff Zucker’s big butt buddy around the office and is married to a Jewess. The guy is also moronic like Wolf Blitzer — the only reason he’s on TV must be because he’s a fellow Jew. (INCOG)

By Marcus Cicero @INFO STORMER

Another day and another instance of neurotic Kikes (joined by Filipina slut Liz Wahl) losing their cool over Donald Trump’s victory more than thirty days ago.

While not much different than what we’ve already seen dozens of times, I do detect a slight change in rhetoric that now equates our victory with a threat to national sovereignty.

Are these vermin trying to imply that a coup against The Leader would be justified in the grand scheme of things?

Will President Trump have to launch extensive treason trials in the near future?

The answer is, “likely yes,” to both questions.

From Lifezette:

Those who expected the mainstream media to pause and reflect on its own biases following President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory are surely disappointed.

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PizzaGate Deniers Scream “That’s Not WACK-OFF Art!”

By Phillip Marlowe

There’s lots of idiot nonsense the media and government does want you to believe!

So, I’ve got this stinking lousy Joo homosexual who keeps trying to leave his snarky bull crap comments here (arrested by my Gestapo moderation que software). The little homo recently swore Tony Podesta’s Modern “Art” is NOT “wack-off” porn, but simply “poor little children victimized by such a terrible world, blah, blah, blah.” It never fails to amaze me all the mental contortions of Jews to explain away all the pervert crap they’ve unleashed upon America — a country that stupidly let the dirty creeps immigrate here back in the 19th century once the Czar had enough of their nation-wrecking BS.*

Nobody talks about “pizzas,” “hotdogs,” “dominos” and “cheese” constantly like this in emails. There’s definitely coded lingo going on. Plenty of people think “PizzaGate” pedophiles are real in some kind of way, scaring the hell out of the elitist media power structure who can’t figure out how to stop it from spreading, resorting to a brand new made-up term called “FAKE NEWS,” while also trying to conflate with the idea of diabolical Rooskie hackers working for Trump’s secret little buddy, Vladimir Putin — “the real reason why Hillary was defeated.” Or so they want us to believe.

This Tony Podesta guy is indeed a giant DC lobbyist for the libtard dems. A true swamp critter. And don’t you think “victim artwork” could be a big turn-on for victimizers? Let’s say I have on my walls big blow-up shots of slightly chubby ’50’s gals all gagged and tied up — rough hemp cordage buried deep in flabby pink flesh and faces smeared with cheap make-up — would you not logically suspect I was a big bondage and discipline freak? C’mon man, of course you would!

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Super Smart Science Guy Explains The Situation

How The Holocaust™ Is Used To Prevent Whites From Organizing & Expressing Their Group Interests As White People

By James Miller, PHD

SYNOPSIS: In each Western nation, non-Whites are encouraged to organize around their racial identity. But Whites are, for all intents and purposes, not ‘allowed’ to do the same because the Jewish establishment claims, “that would lead to Nazism and another Holocaust.” This is absurd… of course.

Every non-White racial group throughout the Western World is free to create organizations based on their racial identity with absolutely no social repercussions. In the United States we have black organizations, hispanic organizations, & Asian organizations… all socially acceptable. But try to create a White-based organization and watch the gates of Hell swing open! Any attempt at creating such a group brings about the following labels: “racist,” “bigot,” “hater,” and “Nazi.”

Beginning at the conclusion of World War II (1945), the White gentile world (i.e., the Western world) began undergoing a process of radical transformation due to a Jewish ‘Sphere-of-influence’ being imposed on the West. This was a consequence of International Jewry winning  World War II (the Allied nations’ leaders were puppets of International  Jewry: FDR, Churchill, et al). In short, the West was usurped by International/organized Jewry (more on this here). More specifically, in the aftermath of WWII, Jews gradually took full control of all Western media, all major political parties, banking & finance, the bulk of foreign policy (especially Middle East policy), social agenda, & culture (through Jewish  domination of Hollywood).

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Pearl Harbor: Another Big Day of Joo Infamy

david-sarnoff-rca-headI suspect the rich Jew owner of RCA communications at the time, David Sarnoff, had embedded peeps purposefully delay the teletype message warning of a Jap attack on Pearl until long after the big air assault was over. For some reason, Sarnoff was soon made a general and got himself a real nice fancy uniform to wear, didn’t he?

By Phillip Marlowe

All kinds of secret Globalist Jews were hard at work screwing America at the time, like Harry Dexter White, who's real Jew name was Weiss.

Just like today, all kinds of secret Globalist Jews were hard at work screwing America at the time, like Harry Dexter White, who’s real Jew name was Weit (clever, huh?). The punk was also a big spy for the commies.

I told my brother once it was obvious that FDR wanted the Nips to attack Pearl Harbor, so as to backdoor the USA into war with Hitler — arch enemy of Jewry to this day. The evidence is all over the frickin’ damn place. That’s exactly what FDR did, right out of the gate.

The International (globalist) Jews wanted to get at Der Fuehrer man something bad, once Hitler turned Germany into an economic powerhouse and threatened the banking Jew’s cut in the action. They couldn’t let that go on for long.

Folks, what we got here is a bunch of backstabbing bastards jacking this country left and right. They don’t care one bit if any of us “Goyims” get killed — never do when it comes to NWO Globalist Jew designs upon America. They only thing they ever really care about is when other Jews get waxed and sometimes not even then.

So, I’m watching the Hitlery Channel the other night, and all the media rats are still claiming such talk about Pearl Harbor is nothing but “conspiracy theory” when the evidence is now obvious. They’ve been using this line of bull for decades. Now they are introducing a big, brand new term to snooker us with: FAKE NEWS. This is nothing but another kind of head games to keep White Americans in the dark — while they continue destroying our race from within.

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Rascals, Rogues and Patriotards

die-jew-hatersThe State of the BS

by Phillip Marlowe

I remember that day when I met Oliver North. At the time, I was a much younger man working for this big organization that will go unnamed. North was running for Senator of Virginia and going around the state glad-handing away (he lost mostly because of the lefty media and a backstabbing republican third candidacy).

At the time, I was in our big storage area retrieving something or maybe working on the technical systems we kept back there out of the way; when in walks the top honcho for the entire organization alongside the department heads. With them was Ollie North, himself. They introduced me and I shook his hand. He stopped and talked to me for quite awhile, probably because I looked him straight in the eye and didn’t fawn over his celebrity status like others did on my department floor.

This was after all the brouhaha over the “Iran-Contra affair.” I was smart enough not to bring all that up, of course. I’m also fairly sure I knew more about the matter than most of my coworkers. That doesn’t mean I was “against” North. Not at all. I knew North was in fact a big American patriot, but by then I already had some inkling of the dichotomies (big word for bull crap) ensnaring America. I did vote for him, naturally.

Here’s the problem: How could one be a tough guy patriot for America and still be against Israel — our bestest little buddies in the Mideast? Does that mean you got to love stinking Goat Herders and Muzzy terrorist bastards?

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Of Course ILLEGALS Voted in The Elections Gringos!


By Phillip Marlowe

"Der Fuerher" Trump may not be a big Mr. Nice Guy, but that's exactly who we need as president. (INCOG)

“Der Fuerher” Trump was absolutely right about illegals voting.

Have you noticed that every minute since Hillary’s disastrous defeat, the media has been pounding it over and over that “Hillary won the popular vote” and Trump must be crazy saying illegals voted? These brainwashers use this constant drip, drip, drip, to make sure dumbasses out here believe their BS, even when they all know they are doing number on our heads.

These leftists go on about this “popular vote” because they so wanted Hillary as the first woman president. Disappointed, they are trying to make us believe “the will of the people” was stolen by electoral college trickery put in place by “racist, slave-owning Old Dead White Dudes” (the Founding Fathers). This is just the usual Jewish anti-White brainwashing.

These rats have been calling them “undocumented workers” for the last 8 years, after Obongo was put in office. Even FOX News does, too. And it sounds stupid hearing these reporters say it. They are here illegally! Hell, the media has been claiming 11 million illegals since the last century when we know that’s got to be wrong. It’s at least 20 million, maybe upwards of 30 million illegal Mestizos running free — drunkenly wrecking us on the highway, collecting taxpayer freebies, drug-dealing, raping, robbing and murdering American citizens — including Spanish descended Whites (Caucasians).

Of course illegals voted! Studies conducted by Virginia universities, George Mason and Old Dominion, concluded up to 2.8 million illegal aliens voted in the 2008 elections. Plus, they most likely voted democrap, since these traitors are trying to destroy White voter demographics. And there’s perfectly logical reasons to suspect this number would be even higher in the 2016 election, since Trump was portrayed as so evil to illegals by the traitorous leftist media; plus we have even more illegals now than back in 2008.

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Enjoying Your “Diversity Enriched” America Fools?


By Phillip Marlowe

Earlier today a radical muzzie* Somali named Abdul Razak Ali Artan (above), plowed his car into a crowd of young college students at Ohio State University. After hitting several, his car came to rest and “Mr. Nice Guy” students (probably White) ran up to his car to see if he was all right — thinking it was merely an accident. He suddenly jumped out, slashing away at the screaming kids with a big butcher knife, slicing up a half dozen or so.

Minneopulis college student gutted out by a Somali on a "The First 48" show.

On the A&E show “The First 48” this young Minneapolis college student was gutted out like a fish by a vicious Somali right as he was getting on his moped to go home after partying with pals at a bar.

Only the brave actions of a White Slavic policeman quickly running to the scene and shooting his stinking black ass dead saved more people from getting cut up and probably dying a bloody death on the street.

These criminal Somalis would stick you in the gut in a heartbeat. You got to ask yourself something real simple here: Why the hell are we allowing these violent Somalis move to our lands — hasn’t anyone ever seen the movie “Black Hawk Down” for chrissakes?

You know, these blithering idiot White liberals completely disgust me. Somehow, they just can’t seem to face reality in America today — and that reality is blacks are sadistic killers and completely off the rails crime-wise. They are an evil race brutally killing not only themselves, but us decent White people, too.

And we can be sure these liberals are indeed blithering idiots after how they acted over Trump getting elected. Man, talk about some totally brainwashed fools!

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The Filthy Rich Joo Brat and The Lost Hankey


By Phillip Marlowe

When I saw this small but curious detail in the PizzaGate pedophile story, I immediately checked into how this very rich, slightly cross-eyed Jewess, Susan Sandler (above right) was involved, since I already knew about her parent’s huge subprime mortgage rip-off of Wachovia Bank and borrowers back in 2006. Going to the Wikileaks site, I verified the email chain between her and Hillary’s chief political strategist, John Podesta. I could now proceed with my “extremist” hateful spewing.

It appears that a real estate agent had found a handkerchief with some kind of map on it and handed it over to Sandler. It must have been a summer rental property Podesta visited, maybe for a party right before everyone split after the season was over. Even rich Jews can’t own beautiful vacation homes everywhere. Sandler emails Podesta, concerned the map seems “pizza-related.”

Podesta admits “it’s mine, but not worth worrying about.” Unless your email gets hacked, of course. Now why would any little handkerchief spur such an exchange, unless it involved something so potentially embarrassing that Sandler has to email him about it? Just think it out.

It reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes novel where the bad guy gets exposed at the end simply because of one little bitty thing left at the scene of the crime. God really must work in mysterious ways, when it comes to the activities of Satan and his Earthly Jews. As they say, stranger things have happened before. See video below for more coded exchanges, showing that something most definitely is going on.
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Could a Big Satanic Pedo Ring be Operating in DC?


By Phillip Marlowe

You got to stop and think a minute on just how nasty and foul this pedo stuff really is. Think back when you were a cute little kid, be it boy or girl. Imagine some bug-eyed, ugly old guy, all twittered up and drooling over himself as he tries to get his dirty paws on you in a dark room at some strange city mansion “they” took you to — forcing you to go along with doing sick crap with him or else. What “else” you don’t know. You’re only a stupid little kid and naturally scared as hell.john-podesta-silo

Right before the elections, I briefly touched on this satanic pedo possibility when a Wikileaks email surfaced from Hillary’s chief political strategist, John Podesta (right) from his rich DC swamp critter brother Tony, showing the two were big fans of this performance artist named Marina Abramovic. Her “art” is chock-full of satanic and perverted imagery — just go to the link above to see some totally bizarre crap. The Podesta’s are über NY/DC lefty elitists and snobby socialites, with Tony recently having a nasty public divorce from his big lobbyist Jew wife, Heather. Complete creep city.

And the possibility of a secret pedo ring is not as crazy as you might think. A big pedo operation in the UK is right now getting exposed, involving many powerful politicians and establishment people (watch the heartbreaking video below before they censor it). Seems the Globalists have been systematically corrupting our politicians for their subversive NWO Agenda — long at work brainwashing and turning us decent White people into perverted mud idiots in our own lands. To protect the main (((instigators))), they’ve cleverly installed “PC” to keep us from speaking out openly among ourselves.

It’s time we ID these sick bastards and hang them from the nearest GD lamp posts!

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Remember This On Thanksgiving Day



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Rest In Peace Jack

jfk-with-his-boyToday is the 53rd anniversary of the President’s assassination.


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Lezbo TV Joo Aims to Perv Up Little White Girl

sally-kohn-seeks-to-perv-up-daughterJewish Lesbian Sexualizes Her 6-Year-Old Daughter, Wishes She was ‘Gay’

By Eric Striker @DAILY STORMER

Everyone intuitively knows that the only family environment where children can grow up to be emotionally, psychologically and physically as healthy as possible is in a two parent, normal (mother and father – I refuse to use “heterosexual”) household. With that said, the science of the West has been replaced with activist “science” by Jews and members of the LGBTP(edo) “community,” whether it’s to rationalize homosexual behavior, transsexualism or same-sex couple adoption [disturbing pedophile adoption video below].

To see a sample of the phony science behind homosexual households being just as healthy as normal ones, one can point to Loren Marks’ 2012 paper delving into 59 different separate studies on gay and lesbian adoption. Her conclusion was that all of them suffered from flagrant bias. In 29 cases, the LGBTP parents were not compared with a heterosexual sample, while the rest were dishonest, by using single mothers as the “heterosexual” variant, using statistically insignificant small and cherry picked samples, not controlling for race (my addition), or literally just making most of their conclusions up.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the most rigorous and methodologically intricate study following children raised in same-sex families found a whole slew of social negatives, including a shocking 10 times greater chance of being sexually abused by a parent! Homosexual adoption and child rearing is a scandal, a crisis, to say the least. This child-molestation phenomenon explains why, as a rule, homosexual men adopt boys, while Lesbian women adopt girls.

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Immigration Poll Suppressed BEFORE ELECTIONS

JEWS EFFORTS TO RACIALLY DESTROY WHITE NATIONSDeliberately-Hidden Poll: Majority Of Americans Support Total Freeze On All Types Of Immigration


These polling Kikes and Cucks have shown themselves to be utterly obsolete, proving unable to accurately predict the election due to widespread fraud, outdated surveying methods, and professional bias bordering on sedition.

Their foolishness and incompetence has been showcased throughout the nation since the Glory Day of November 8th, and I would be quite surprised to see them rise from the ashes in unchanged form after their humiliation.

Still, while this sort of specific polling has been discredited, the same cannot be said for more detailed investigations, which rely on in-depth answers and detailed labeling of participants.

So take a look at this latest release, courtesy of Ipsos (usually affiliated with Reuters), and ask yourself why the (((powers that be))) decided that its contents were too dangerous to discuss before all Presidential campaigning was set and done.

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