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A letter that I wrote to my two brothers in May of 2007. I post it here for all the rest of my white brothers and sisters to read and understand just what made me start to speak up and out. Make note that I do not have all the answers and may have altered some of my thinking slightly since then (such as over Iran), but I put this letter up without changing anything.

Also, please download and read Professor Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” HERE. It’s well worth your time to understand this subject. Go to the preface and see what it’s about.

An Open Letter to my Brothers:

Look, just give me just a few minutes here of your time. If I can’t convince you two of the importance of what I’m saying, than I’ll won’t bother you about it. Bear with me for a bit and don’t jump to conclusions right away and simply disregard what I’m about to say.

You’ve known, deep down inside, all the questions about what’s going on in this country today. You see it all the time, and lately it has quickened in it’s pace and intensity. You’ve surely noticed. There are many reasons for this which I will shortly get to.

I did not suddenly wake up one morning and decide to become a “Nazi” (I’m actually not). I have been interested in WWII a long time as you well know. As a child, when we lived in ______, Dad had read a book titled “The Painted Bird” by Jerzey Kozinski. It is a fictional account of a child in eastern Europe during the Holocaust. I read it and, I guess, Dad found my interest cute. He gave me another book called “Babi Yar” by Anatoli Kosnetsov. Both Dad and I had an intense interest in the Holocaust. We rarely discussed it, however. Just traded books back and forth over the years.

No, I’m not going to tell you the Holocaust was fake. But it’s been greatly expanded, with embellishments and constant revisions, many of which I have discovered on my own. Believe it or not, such talk could get me imprisoned in Canada and Europe–seriously.

The big question I always had was why? Why would an entire Nation suddenly hate the Jew to this extreme? Surely, there is something else to the story or is, altogether too simply, described as a complete delusion by an entire Nation. I studied, from about the middle of the ‘90’s, anti-Semitism and Jewish History. Mostly in a casual fashion. I found some interesting bits of history that I couldn’t understand why they did not make it into the mainstream history books. I’ve also looked into these matters in Jewish history books too, at least to see what they had to say about it.

One of the things that struck me about the Jews is that they are not the Jews of the Bible. Only one strain of the Biblical Jews exists– they are called the Sepharadi –- or Spanish Jews. The Jews of the Ashkenaz –- or western Germany — are really of a tribe of people called the Khazers who converted, in mass, in the 8th century AD. The names are confusing because the Khazars are from the east, around the Black Sea, while the Sephardi are from the west in Spain.

They had migrated out of the east into Europe over the centuries and, to this day, many Jews agree about this origin [The 13th Tribe, by Arthur Koestler and The Sacred Chain, History of the Jews, by Norman Cantor] but the radical Zionists (Ashkenazim and very much in power now) dispute it all since it logically calls into question their supposed “ownership” of the Holy Land or Palestine.

Some members of the Sepharadic Jews hate the Ashkenazim because they feel that they give all Jews a bad name and are at the root of anti-Semitism. Ever hear anything about Gypsies (Roma) and how they go about making money? Well, the Ashkenazim Jew makes the Gypsies look like Donnie and Marie Osmond. These Ashkenazim had the power of Banking (with long division), engaged in white slavery with the Muslim world and generally did whatever they could to sucker the Goyim (they consider us as “cattle,” but try to say it really means “nation”). That’s why, often times, the whites went haywire on ‘em with pogroms.

To this day, the history books always blame the Crucifixion and the Blood Libel for this anti-Semitism and never, I repeat, never touch on these other reasons. Uncle Adolf just lumped ‘em all together — didn’t matter since most of the Jews in Germany were Ashkenazim, anyways.

It’s not just another religion, either. The Talmud, written in the Middle ages (except for the Babylonian parts picked up from Sephardic Jewry), has many devious, anti-Goyim statements. And it has enjoyed a resurgence with the Jew starting in the 1970’s. Although some things seem to have been changed such as the replacement of word Goyim with the Hebrew word (cuthanite) for Canaanite (which is curious because I do not know of too many Canaanite’s in the Middle Ages or in Babylon).

The Talmud states that Jesus was a False Prophet and who learned magic in Egypt and that Christians are Idol worshipers. According to them, Jesus is now boiling in a vat of excrement in Hell (Baleem). Jews cannot deny these things but they sure can accuse other religious writings to be anti-Judaic, such as in attacks against Catholic writings.

And these Ashkenazim Jews vigorously protect themselves from inter-marriage with outsiders, something they surely don’t care about in the Goyim, with all the promotion of interracial sex in the media. This, over the centuries, has made the Jew a separate, distinct and arrogant Race. They even admit as much.

Enough History. I could go on and on about it. It’s just amazing the degree of self-censorship and even out-right censorship that has occurred. This stuff can be found, however. Another thing–I have had a few Sepharadic Jews also tell me of some of this. These people are really the lone voices in the wilderness.

Anyways, my interest suddenly intensified in the first 6 months after 9/11. I had heard on the News that some Middle Eastern types were seen celebrating and “high-fiving” each other while video- taping the twin towers attack. Then this story somehow just disappeared down the rabbit hole. Turns out that these men were Israeli people sent expressly to record the event. This is true. It struck me, and should strike you too, that why would such a thing occur if the Israelis really are our friends at all. They were sent back to Israel and the whole story was classified by the Government. The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) then went into high-gear hushing this up. There are many other disturbing things about this story. I’ll spare you.

Then I concentrated my studies on how the Jews (Ashkenazim) actually think and operate. Did you know that the Jew does not have to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and other civic acts of loyalty? There is an actual US law that free’s them from it. Did you know that Michael Chertoff, the Homeland Security Czar has dual-citizenship with Israel? The Jew is first and foremost loyal only to other Jews and, of course the state of Israel. They have actually bragged about this in a book about how they have agents called “Sayanim” in the western countries that they can count on for help. Help that often times goes against the country they live in. I also know more about this too.

Also, they act in concert with each other, in ways that would shock us regular people. Dr. Kevin Macdonald, in a landmark social study, has shown us this incredible “group-think” mentality followed by the Ashkenazim Jew. He is now under fierce attack by the Jewish SPLC, seeking to discredit his legitimate scientific work, by calling him a anti-Semite– the usual course of action of the Jew when it’s time to squelch those that dare to question.

But let’s try, just for a minute, to imagine if all those named Smith in the world did things only to advance the Smith’s cause–no matter what–and all Smiths knew it was best to keep mum when it came to anyone else. These Smiths owned much of the news and had organizations ready to step in and silence any talk about the Smiths. And these Smiths even have a country, armed with nuclear weapons. You would really think twice now about Mr. Smith.

Have you ever even heard of AIPAC, the enormous American Israeli Public Affairs Committee? There is a spy case, involving them, that dwarfs that Scooter Libby trial plastered all over the News a few months ago. I bet you haven’t read or heard one thing about it. The News Media, ironically, is trying to squash the evidence behind the scenes!

And there is ample evidence of the Jew’s criminal efforts coming out of Israel. Ever hear of the Ecstasy drug rings run from Israel? Did you know the Russian economy was raped by the Jewish Mob shortly after Yeltsin? How about the underworld weapons traders who live nicely, by the sea, in Israel?

These are stories you will never hear about on the regular news.

These Jews are also behind this Illegal Immigration problem we are having– both in Business and in Liberal efforts. They are allowing this “Brown Horde” to advance the voting power of the Democratic ticket. They are allowing it to keep wages down. Many of the Corporate Insiders and Raiders in our country are Jewish and, unfortunately, many white Gentiles follow the lead of these Jews in destroying the economy of this country simply to make a buck. It’s a private joke to the global, Jewish Monied Elite.

And this Illegal “Brown Horde” will dilute the white person’s numbers in this country. Take a look at the state of Britain currently. Immigration has turned British whites into a seething but mostly silenced people. Do you ever hear anything about what is truly going on over there besides what the Queen did on holiday?

They’ve been behind the Black movement since the ‘60s. Did you know that Rosa Parks was a ACLU plant? They’re at the forefront, still, of this race-baiting and strife. They call it “tolerance” efforts and say the Jew is simply an altruistic person. I call it “Nation Wrecking.” That’s really what these people truly are: “Nation Wreckers.”

Take a close look at the leadership of the organizations that spear head the “secular-progressive” movement in this country like the ACLU, SPLC, ADL, Gay and Lesbian Alliance, etc. etc. Here’s a listing of those that helped to organize, for whatever reasons, the Latino Marches this last May Day:

Teaching Tolerance – Division of SPLC [Jew-run anti-White organization]

University of Denver Center for Judaic Studies

GLSEN-Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado

Gay and Lesbian Alliance

Jewish Mosiac: Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

These organizations are rapidly transforming us, indoctrinating the children in schools and colleges. You know this. You know of these outrageous “politically-correct” things that people such as Bill O’Reilly and Russ Limbaugh talk about time and again. But these “right-wing” talk show hosts will never touch the Jew because to do so would be career suicide to any of them. Still, these people will eventually be cast away like Imus.

Ever wonder about the how TV and the Movie industry constantly pushes the Liberal Agenda? You know, gay acceptance, interracial sex and that the religious white person is a “backwoods yahoo.” How about the increased levels of sex to begin with? Who dominates the Pornography industry? Notice, too, the none-too-subtle messages about the white man and how the minorities are the good guys. This is Liberal thinking promulgated by the Jew. And remember, historically, before the Wiemar Republic died in Germany, that homosexuality was openly celebrated in some of the Berlin nightclubs.

No, the Jew does not have full control of this country, but does control most of the mainstream media. He is not omniscient. Often times, the left hand does not know what the right is doing, such as in these blatant social engineering projects you see going on today. Many Jews have no concept of the big picture either. They just stick together, never criticize another Jew and go with the flow. Like you are doing right now.

But the Jew is very prone to bragging and things do come out. Sometimes you’ll read or see something and then later it’s “unavailable.” Also, the Illegal Immigration flood and homosexual rights movements have stirred people into thinking about these things.

Now, I’ll tell you what’s going on that has increased the tempo to the program. I did not want to give you this envelope. I debated for about a year to say anything at all to you. I thought that things would be pretty much be obvious after the next election and I would not have to spend much time on proving it to you. Think how difficult it is to convince you to wake up and then think how difficult it is to convince strangers. You’ll be called a NAZI. That’s the self-censorship implanted in all of us that has been so beneficial to their efforts.

However, since the Iranians have stepped up efforts to get a Nuke and are more advanced than what you have read, and because of all this 9/11 conspiracy stuff, the program has now become a matter of urgency in those quarters. The assaults on the First Amendment are far along. The “Hate” Crime Bill is clearly the slippery slope intended to one day silence the so-called “Hate” sites and even any Church that dares to protest homosexuality. It is only a matter of time before they shut down all avenues of Internet dissent. Already, they own the mainstream media. Besides this “Hate” crime bill, there’s a secret law (FISA) in the works to eavesdrop on your phone and email and within this country. This is far, far beyond any Patriot Bill. Your Constitution will be toast, my brothers.

Also, some of our Churches have bought into this support of Israel, and corrupted–possibly with money and support–to push the “Dispensationalist” or Armageddon theory. It truly insults me because of what I know on how the Jew really thinks of Christians in general. That and what they really think of Blacks brings new meaning to the word “Hypocrisy.” Wake up Christians!

Mel Gibson was right. Connect the dots. When I arrived at this conclusion I was in a daze, could not sleep or eat. I felt that I had woken up from the Matrix and wished to go back. But there was no going back. I had to face up to the awesome reality that the dam Neo-Nazi were right after all! That was the worse part. Figuring out what to say or do about it wasn’t real fun either.

There’s going to be another war within a couple of years, or so. In many ways we do not have much choice in the matter. The Israelis have the Bomb and the Iranian insists, too, on having it. I’m not much on them having one. I’m actually in agreement with the Israeli about that. So, why do I write these things about our so-called allies?

Because it’s more than just another war. It’s actually a war going on here, now. The fate of the US is being set for us and I will not go with the program. As for you, you can either ignore this, for now, and let whatever happens, happens or you can start talking about it openly. Maybe with enough people on to this we can do something.

I had thought the story of the Black torture murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom would make you angry –angry enough to see beyond the News Media’s lies of omission and then on to the underlying truths behind it. It seems, I was wrong that it would.

Now, if you have read up to this point, I do thank you. If you have not than I guess my words are not important enough for you to listen. What questions you may have I’ll try to point you in the right directions if I cannot answer them outright. Remember that this thing covers a lot of ground, both in history and in current events, and I only know some parts of it.

Shalom, My Brothers!
(INCOG MAN, May 2007)

Go to my series about why and how I think they are doing this: The “You Need To Seriously Consider…”

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  1. Paul Petersen says:

    I remember in my virtualy all Jewish gradecschool every day we recited the Pledge of allegiance. Sang the star spangled banner & My country tis of thee too.

  2. incogman says:

    Many Jew kids go to Israel during the summer for Military training and other Zionist activities. Among them: Singing the Israeli pledge of allegiance. I can hardly think of any other national racial group that does the same. And yes, the Jew is indeed free of any US oaths. Of course that also pertains to the Amish, but the Jew follows it, too. Plus you have the Kol Nidre where you throw away any agreements or your word or oaths once a year.

    In short: You can’t trust the JEW!

  3. Lord_Sidious says:

    So Paul, if the day comes where you have to support America or your so called israeli state, which way will you jump?

  4. Clara says:

    I am a Sephardic Jew, and what INCOGMAN says is correct: most of us cannot stand the Ashkenazim. They are foul, rude, arrogant, often lacking in personal hygiene, and give Jews and Judaism a very poor name.

    And if you go into an Ashkenazi synagogue, they run through the prsayers so quickly, as if they don’t really mean them. Its like utter chaos, everyone praying their own thing, walking in and out.

    But in Sephardi synagogues, everything is serene, respectful to G-d, and the prayers are chanted very clearly. We Sephardi believe that something worth doing (prayer) is worth doing right.

    In Eretz Yisrael, the Ashkenazim rule the show, and they treat us like garbage, even though we are also Jews (and are, in fact, the true Jews, not Khazars like they are!)

  5. Marin says:

    Where do the Ashkenazi’s come from? What are the Khazars?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. incogman says:

    In a book on Jewish History (I can’t remember the name off-hand), I read that Ashkhanazim meant Western Jews, while they actually lived in the east. But I’ve also heard other Jews who reject that and say the German and European Jews came up with the Romans. Like many things in history, it’s probably both. However, the Russian Jews may be a different story.
    You can start here: http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/facts2.htm#10

    Also, remember that it’s also Zionisim and blind adherance to the Talmud that’s the problem. See the remarks from the poster Clara. This will get you started on the people you need to show respect to or at least not consider them as an issue and support them: http://www.jewsagainstzionism.com/index.cfm

  7. onthehush says:

    Yea, I followed a similar path myself. Well, the truth is the truth. And a hella lot more people who live OUTSIDE the US know it, too!

    Small note about Iran: The nuke excuse is just like the WMD excuse.

    The real reason we just cut their undersea internet cables to the EU and want to invade them is to stop their impending IOB. Right now (thanks to the FRB), we are $10 trillion in debt and our fiat currency is beyond worthless…

    The only thing propping it up is OPEC and other ME countries selling their oil in USD – thereby creating a de facto oil standard for our currency.

    Well, as we keep pissing them off more and the EU keeps rising in power – they naturally want to start selling their oil in Euros instead of USD.

    But if they do that, then we will have no backing at all for our currency anymore. Which could be the tipping point for our house of cards to collapse.

    Of course, if that happens, Plan B is to form the North American Union and convert to a devalued common currency – the Amero.

    Anyhow, the rabbit holes run deep, and they go even much deeper than these Jews…although they are basically at the top of the human elitist hierarchy (along with some others).

  8. I salute you Brother! What a letter. Well thought-out, researched and written. I must say, you do sound as an expert. Here’s tipping my hat to you. 🙂

    Everything you stated here is 100% accurate – my opinion. Nothing you mentioned here has not been already proven. I do differ with your opinion on the Iranian owning the bomb. He wants it, he can have it. If Israel can ignore the IAEA, why should anyone else listen?

    And as far as the AIPAC espionage (it should be tried as such) trial is concerned, I also just finished reading an update about this. Amazing how the neocons can get away with murder when they prostitute themselves to the Israelis. Baffling. See Feds to Appeal Ruling in AIPAC Case

    Now interestingly, you discuss the word Goyim (us.. 🙂 ) and I had to laugh. I do remember that when I once looked up the definition of Gentile in a dictionary, it actually stated the word “kafir” as a definition! I don’t know about you but many people if not all, go around laughing when a Jewish comedian says to your face that you are a Gentile. In essence, he is mocking us! Calling us Kafirs? Puh-leeez!

    The arrogance…

    But I fight this with their own quotes, news and anything I can find that is written by Jews themselves. You are 100% correct in the discrimination (not your word exactly) between Western and Eastern Jews. When I lived in Israel, the “Eastern” Jews also included those from Iraq, Yemen and even Morocco. They told of stories about how the Israelis “encouraged” them to move to Israel. They were well-to-do in the Arab countries but the Israelis – well, NaZionists – had to try their best in convincing these poor people that they would have a better life in Palestine. Of course they called it Israel! Now these people regret the day they moved to Israel and are dying to return to their homes in the Arabic countries! Imagine that! The Israelis, the only democracy in the Middle East, will not allow such an exit!

    You shouldn’t have invited me to read the letter… now I can’t shut up. Do visit my site and skim through the articles proving how Palestine was stolen from the Palestinians, or how the Palestinians are really more likely to be the descendants of the Kingdom of Judah.

    Shalom! Salam! Peace!


  9. Sorry about the duplicate comment. Please delete one.

  10. incogman says:

    Yeah, WordPress blocks 2 links or more. I can reset this but it works good keeping spam down. You would not believe all the vitamin junk. I quickly moderated your comments back in. I also deleted the extras you copied to get around it all.

    I guess you are a Cuthanite or Agent of the Amalek forces like me, huh? I remember first finding this out a few years ago. Crazy.

    No, I’m less paranoid about Iran than I am about Israel, anymore. The mention of the bomb was a concern when I wrote that letter and in the interest of historical accuracy of my exact words, I’ve left it precisely the same. I know that the diff between the Sephardic and Askhanazim exists, since I had a friend in college that was Sephardic, but I had real little understanding back then. I’ve read about Sephardic Zionists, though.

    I’m not a real expert in race and genetics but I have read both sides to the issue of Ashkhanazim. It seems like a big part of Jewry is real proud of it but another is leery because of the Palestinian thing.

    I remember reading someplace the idea about the Palestinians being more genetically descended from Judah than the Jews there now. Pretty dam ironic. This world is so f—ked up by the international zionists as to be beyond belief, anymore.

    I’ll spend some time at your blog tomorrow.

  11. incogman says:

    I had 3. Oh well. Hope I didn’t lose anything.

    No, I’m no expert at all. Just some guy who likes history, fishing and drinking. Kinda pissed off about all the crap these days. It’s getting deep anymore. Know what I mean?

  12. brian says:

    Good synopsis Incogman, just a quick note. According to my reading, the Misrahi jews, or middle eastern jews, are most closely descended from the original jews. From what I have read none of the modern jews are absolute descendants of the biblical jews, but the Misrahi are the closest existing currently followed then by the Seplhardi. Your thoughts?

  13. incogman says:

    That’s a contentious subject to be sure. The Mizrakhim, I believe, are considered as the “desert Jews” of North Africa, related to the Sephardic of Spain and other middle-east Jews. The Ashkhenazim came out of the east but are said to have some genetic markers of earlier Hebrew populations, possibly from the Edomites from the Diaspora, Turks and Kurds, possibly from interactions with Sephardi later on. It’s the amount of what they call “Israelite” genetics that’s the big question.

    A couple of interesting things: The black Ethiopean Jews have little or no Israelite genetics. The Arab Palestinians are indeed partly Israelite, more so than Ashkhenazim “Jews” from eastern europe! Total irony there.

    The historical view from ancient writings may be the clue to all this. Read the post on “The Jews who are Not the Israelites of the Bible.” http://incogman.wordpress.com/2008/04/24/the-jews-who-are-not-the-ancient-israelites/#more-594

    I know that many Jews have remarked on their Khazar origins, and there is prideful element that wishes to keep themselves genetically Khazar (Ashkhenazim) but understands that Christians need to think of them as Hebrews of yore, so they keep this issue to themselves, if possible, and seem to pump up the “Israelite” genetics for outside consumption.

  14. themadjewess says:

    God WILL PUNISH YOU and bring HOLOCAUST ON YOU for denying this ATROCIOUS ACT AGAINST MAN, you are DOOMED incogman.

    Jesus predicted that some would claim His name but deny Him by their actions. He said they would “call Me ‘Lord, Lord,'” but “not do the things which I say” (Luke 6:46). Christ and His apostles spoke of false prophets, false apostles and false brethren

  15. Octocock says:

    The Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and Falashmura Jew, as well as the phenotypically Han Chinese enclave in Shanghai, have genotypically more in common with each other than they do with the respective host population they appear to represent. Sadly, Benjamin Freedman devoted his life to a specious cause. If the ash-can-nazis were not genetic Jews, the DNA testing industry would have gone bankrupt long ago: it is driven by ash cans desperate to prove they are Cohenim — the priest caste of Judaism. The Cohen distinction is paternal, whereas Jewish status proper is passed maternally. Not many gentiles know about the caste system within Judaism. It’s kept in house, like everything else Judaic. The fact that these Europid appearing Jews have the same genetic markers as the “legitimate” Jewish subsets disproves the Khazar theory.

  16. Octocock says:

    You have a point that Jewish sponsored DNA tests conducted by Jewish geneticists somehow always objectively conclude that Ash-can-nazis have a legitimate “historical” claim to Palestine. But this doesn’t strengthen their claim to sensible people, only to Christian Zionists and Chrétien Malgré Lui people, whites and non-whites, who allow Jews to do their thinking for them.

    I don’t think you’re strengthening your position on the Khazar theory by citing Michael Hoffman. He may be well intentioned, but he’s still just a fanatical adherent of a subversive, alien religion.

    If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
    If you adopt your enemy’s religion, you are enslaved.
    If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.

    You can be good Christian or you can be a good White man, but you can’t be both. That’s why the Jews contrived Xtianity in the first place. It creates a schism in the White psyche, individually and collectively; it replaces strength with weakness, disarms you before every predator.

    “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

    – Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

    M. Hoffman, Joe Cortina, and you, to a degree, need to kick the Jebooze: to follow Xtianity to its logical conclusion, you must surrender all your property and rights to the scum of the earth, like the delusional St. Francis, a model Xtian. Gurdjieff said man will give up anything, except his suffering. We need to give up this schizoid creed of worshiping a real or imaginary kike on a stick.

  17. Marshall says:

    Gurdjieff…wasn’t he one of those black magicians of the Crowley variety? Not my first choice of people to seek life advice from Octo.


  18. Octocock says:

    When A. Crowley paid an unsolicited visit to Gurdjieff, the latter said, “Get out, you’re dirty inside.”

    Other than that, you make some fine points, Marshall.

  19. Octocock says:

    — I’m assuming you’re addressing me —

    I think Jews are a profound menace, or I wouldn’t be here. Satanism is a reaction to Xtianity, and obviously couldn’t exist without the latter. You can’t have rebellion without something to rebel against; neither can you have “God” without the “Devil.” It’s a psychological necessity for religion itself.

    The Skunk’s excellent exposés on organized pedophilia — murder rings among the Jewish and white elites only treat Satanism anecdotally, and that pretty much says it all. The Skunk, John DeCamp, and the obviously Jewish Dr. Judith Reisman have uncovered considerable evidence that not only is procurement of minors for sex used to blackmail politicians, but that the ranks of our judicial, legislative, executive and media elite are CULLED from the ranks of the pedophiles, so that they are compromised right out of the box.







    The most credible reports of Satanism come from John DeCamp’s Franklin Cover-Up, but there are other assertions he makes.

    “…Travel to Dresden in communist East Germany, where weapons were inspected. There and in the Federal Republic of Germany, the “Monarch” personnel were frequently neo-Nazis. This milieu is a special project of Lt. Col. Aquino, who was a West European adviser to the U.S. Chiefs of Staff. Paul Bonacci has extensive experience in the Aryan Nation and other White Supremacist cults.”

    The “Aryan Nation and other White Supremacist cults” DO NOT EXIST, except as an imaginary Devil to contrast against the purity of intention and victimhood of Jews. It is Jews who underwrite and script “Nazi” organizations and their costume parties, no one has proved that better than the Skunk. If DeCamp is alleging what I KNOW to be false, it discredits his other allegations.

    In the same way, I think you compromise an otherwise fine site with accusations of “Satanism.”

  20. Marshall says:

    Judicial-Inc. is a good site isn’t it? He takes a little artistic license making Jews’ eyes squinty, which is pretty funny, but overall I like to check him out at least once a day.

    Looks like Polanski had a “pedophile paradise” going on over in France…guess his Jewish ego got the best of him and he just HAD to show up for that award!!! What a great sting operation that was, classic!!! I haven’t read DeCamp’s book yet but I’m aware of it. I heard him on the radio once many years ago, but I never followed up on it. It’s not too difficult to imagine politicians being pedophiles, neither is it hard to imagine them getting blackmailed by Jews because of it. After all, Nixon said the Bohemian Grove was “the faggotiest thing he’d ever seen” LOL!!!

    As far as Satanic Ritual Abuse goes, have you ever heard of “Svali?” Not her real name of course, but she grew up in an Illuminati family and tells of the generational ritual abuse from an insider perspective. Here’s a quick video from none other than the Oprah Winfrey show of another victim…Vicki Polin. This girl runs a ritual abuse victims’ shelter now

    I disagree with your logic about Christ and Satan however. I take the recorded words of Christ in the Bible as truth, simply because I can’t disprove any of them. I don’t, however, take the entire Bible completely literally, because there are quite a few contradictions in it. Nevertheless, If you can show me an instance where you believe Christ lied about something, I’d like to see it. That said, if you can’t disprove Christ, then you would have to agree He told us all the truth. Logic doesn’t get any simpler than that.

    From there, denying the existence of the devil is simply calling Christ a liar, because He quite clearly identifies the devil several times.

    As far as your assertion that Jesus Christ may have been “imaginary,” you need to look no further than the Talmud to dispel that notion, wherein the Sanhedrin actually BRAG about killing Him. In fact, their ravings about killing Christ are far worse than the versions of the Crucifixion we get from the Synoptic Gospels. Of course, no gentile is supposed to pry into the Talmud. In fact, Jews are commanded to kill any who do. Guess I’m on borrowed time! Pardon me for a moment whilst I cower in fear…Ok…I’m over it.

    That’s how I got into this whole field of study. When I began to notice Jews on EVERY channel of my TV 24/7, all throughout the newspapers, magazines, books, movies, radio, every news source there is, I had an ‘AHA” moment and naturally I sought out alternative sources that contradicted what was being force-fed to me. If they have to beat me up around the head daily from all sides with their agenda…then something’s clearly rotten in Denmark.

    The more I looked behind the scenes, the more Jew faces appeared. What really got me going was finding out the six major media conglomerates, GE, News Corporation, Disney, Viacom, CBS, Time Warner were ALL controlled by Jews from top to bottom. EVERYBODY who reports, produces, publishes, advertises, writes or otherwise functions at any of these companies is on a Jew’s payroll. The holdings of these big six comprise pretty much EVERYTHING you are likely to see or hear…right on down to children’s school textbooks.

    It’s not too hard to see the incestuous relationship between politics and media control at that point. The media can “make or break” any politician at will. I heard one major media “expert” say not too long ago, “In politics today, perception is reality.” Well, unfortunately for major media, my opinion currently is that “perception is DECEPTION.” 😀

  21. Marshall says:


    I am well aware of Michael Aquino, Monarch, and the MK-Ultra program. I’m also aware of Crowley, the O.T.O, Jack Parsons, and L. Ron Hubbard. I know quite a bit about Scottish and York Rite Freemasonry, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Rosicrucians, Priory of Sion, Druidism, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Templars, P2, MI-5, Order of the Trapezoid, Quator Coronati Masonry, Order of the Garter, Theosophy, Neo Platonism, Santeria, Sabbatean Frankism, Lubavitch Chassidism, Talmud Bavli, Zohar, Lurianic Kabbalah, Gematria, Merkaba, Enochian calls…I could go on and on.

    I’ve been studying this stuff for 15 years now. It’s a hobby of mine, uncovering real truth in history, what motivates powerful people, and why things happen the way they do. I blew a 32nd Degree Mason’s mind one time when I told him there were 96 degrees in the Memphis-Mizraim Rite, right after I asked him what JAHBULON meant, told him what would happen at the ritual if they raised him to the 33rd degree and gave him the grip of the Lion’s Paw.

    I don’t get into Hinduism, Taoism, Reiki, Zen, Confucianism or any other Asian kinds of stuff, although I have examined some of the Nazis’ behavior with regards to the “Great White Brotherhood” Madame Blavatsky wrote about. It was interesting to discover that the swastika appears on ancient temples in Korea LOL!!!

  22. JamesTheJust says:

    That’s why the Jews contrived Xtianity in the first place.

    ROFLOL! Another one…

  23. Marshall says:

    I’ve never understood why people say this James. Why would the Sanhedrin “concoct” some “mythical figure” whose very existence condemns them to hell? It’s completely backwards psychology to me.
    If I was a top Pharisee like Caiphas, and was going to “concoct” a deity, I believe I would be making one up that was at least advocating for me in some way.

    Not quite what Jesus’s message was, was it? LOL!!!

    After rejecting Christ, Jews have been reviled, hated, and booted out of nearly every country they’ve ever been in for two millenia!!! They’ve been the scoundrels of the Earth, involved in every lowest vile form of sin that can be described or imagined. Will they ever finally figure out that it might possibly their own fault?

    So what possible sense could it make for them to have “created” Jesus? It confounds me that people would even entertain such an idea.

  24. JamesTheJust says:


    It has been my considerable experience when debating pagans that they are as illiterate about the history of the Aryan race as any dim-witted bongo supporter. (Probably even more so)

    Pagans have this idea in their heads of noble pagan warriors, dressed in the latest pagan fashion, victorious and unbeatable! They think anything concerning Christianity must be a jew creation (when in fact jews, by various tribal names, have traditionally been pagans.)

    They, like most people, are also ignorant of scripture and therefore haven’t got a clue what true Christianity is. In fact, most Whites are so illiterate that it is a shameful reflection on our entire race. Whites have the capacity to excel at ANY intellectual endeavor but the desire is not there for most anymore. I hate to keep using the word “lazy”, but that is exactly what our people have become.

    These people lack logic skills and have never addressed the historical context of certain White myths and legends. They are intellectually lazy, but then so are most of our people now days, who’d rather sponge up the Jew-tube than read a good book from a true Anglo-Saxon perspective.

    I know more about Odin/Woden than the average pagan, but that does not stop them from their foolishness. They are the ones, in fact, playing right into the jews’ filthy hands and they are too blind to see it.

    But among THE MOST silliest statements I have ever heard from pagans and so-called White Nationalists, is that Christianity is a jew invention. How ANYONE could be so damned stupid, based on all the facts available, is beyond me. If such a statement were true, then the jews would not have bothered to murder Christians by the hundreds of millions, but would have done so to the pagans.

    Logic eludes them and their intellectual laziness is profound!

  25. anti-zionist says:

    We still need the white national pagans for the big win.

  26. JamesTheJust says:

    I disagree anti-zionist, and for reasons too numerous to detail right now. But we each have our own opinion on this matter.

  27. Marshall says:

    I suppose Molech, Remphan, Chiun, Belial, The Golden Calf, (Hathor) aren’t pagan?

    James check this out…scroll down to where the Talmud starts talking about Noah’s son Ham molesting him while he was passed out, so Noah puts a curse on him to turn him into a Negro LMAO!!!

    Man, this just gets crazier and crazier. Jews have been whack-jobs for millenia.


  28. Octocock says:

    “I disagree anti-zionist, and for reasons too numerous to detail right now. But we each have our own opinion on this.”

    James, tell us all about it. Don’t spare my feelings. Tell us the truth.

  29. JamesTheJust says:

    I have had many debates with Pagans. MANY (not a few) have stated to me that once the US is rid of the Jew and non-Whites, they intend to deal with Christians; violently, if necessary.

    The way I see things, they’d be just as bad as any Jew. So why should I go through all the trouble of helping rid the country of one murderous Bolshevik menace in order to replace it with another with different window dressing? Better to do nothing; or fight with like-minded brethren.

    Finally, I KNOW that we cannot win this battle without YHWH. The history of scripture proves that YHWH is NOT interested in the quantity of HIS people to fight righteous battles, but rather the QUALITY of HIS warriors.

    I realize that in order for you to believe that; it takes faith, and since you are not a believer in the first place, it would be senseless to debate along those lines. Nevertheless, I KNOW it is true.

    I want you to understand, that unlike many pagans I have talk to, I actually love my kinspeople (not just those who agree with me). I would NEVER dream of murdering my pagan kin or forcing them to convert; as if that were even possible. In all my years in CI, I have never once heard even one of my kin speak of murdering or harming other Aryans.

    AR-YAN = AR = Mountain YAN = YAH = GOD

    Mountain = government. YHWH’s Government THE ARYAN RACE!

    And Odin? He was a Hebrew; a WHITE man; an ARYAN. He was an Israelite of Judah (NOT JEW) Zarah (The low line) He is listed in the Chronicles of the Saxons.

    SAXONS = Isaac’s Sons (In Isaac shall thy seed be called)

    There is more to our history than you are apparently aware of…

    I have no intention of throwing out or abandoning the bible. It is the history book of our people; the oldest one of our records. Without it we have nothing older from which to understand our ancestors.

    The Jews are not now; nor have they ever been, the people of the Good Book.

  30. JamesTheJust says:

    James check this out…scroll down to where the Talmud starts talking about Noah’s son Ham molesting him while he was passed out, so Noah puts a curse on him to turn him into a Negro LMAO!!!


    The Jews have spent so much of their time obfuscating and perverting scripture that they don’t have a clue, and yet these are the idiots that the JEW-deo “Christians” turn to as experts in the field. LOL!

    When scripture states that Ham uncovered the nakedness of his father, it does not mean what the jews say it means.

    Leviticus 18:8 (King James Version)

    8 The nakedness of thy father’s wife shalt thou not uncover: it is thy father’s nakedness.

    Ham uncovered the nakedness of Noah’s wife; not Noah!

    Ham had sex with his (step) mother and from than she bore Canaan. Noah cursed Canaan; the result of the event.

    Noah turned Ham black…ROFLOL! (Jews are ignorant as well as evil)

  31. kerdasi amaq says:

    “ard” in gaelic means: a high place.

  32. JamesTheJust says:

    Thanks kerdarsi. And Ar in Hebrew means the same.

  33. Octocock says:

    “Nixon said the Bohemian Grove was “the faggotiest thing he’d ever seen””

    To paraphrase Jew Ben Stein said, Nixon could elicit great sympathy from one at times. That is really funny. I’d never heard that one before.

    Skunk makes me chuckle with his photoshopped enhancement of “Askenazim Oriental eyelids” and schnozzes, but I think it does diminish his credibility a bit.

    Though his job on Jim Carrey half way down the page cracked me up.

    The identity and background of the Skunk is one of the true mysteries in this hall of mirrors known as WN. Where he gets his intel has had many conjecturing, including me. At least once, he broke a story before ANYONE else did. He’s not some nobody, and I’ll leave it at that. May he live a thousand years in freedom, like Drasius Kedys.

    That story truly has the elites shitting their pants. AT LAST, consequences to fit their actions! I’ve been in this awhile, and I have NEVER seen media blackout like the Drasius Kedys incident. E.g., that’s a deliberate misspelling of his name, which, BTW, is the normally the case whenever there’s a Jew accused of ped predation, or a Jew angle on a particularly sick crime: designed to stop the lazy.




    First of all I’ve noticed that there is no info in the Western media (at least in English) about the matter. And I wonder why..

    “This Austrian site (quoted at the begining) was the only and the first one, but with the major mistakes made (artificially or accidentally?). The major surname of DRASIUS KEDYS was spelled incorrect. The same was made with the Andrius Usas (the one of the alleged and targeted by D. Kedys) surname.”

    — Notanga, Stormfront

    DR?SIUS means BRAVE in Lithuanian language.

    Another related case…


    “Gary, why?,” The nigger prosecutor asks.

    WHY?, indeed.

    “So don’t be shocked when our grandkids bury much of this generation as traitors to the nation, … , leaving the country vulnerable to unchecked, unchallenged parasites.”

    — Kevin Tillman

  34. Octocock says:


    “I have had many debates with Pagans. MANY (not a few) have stated to me that once the US is rid of the Jew and non-Whites, they intend to deal with Christians; violently, if necessary.”

    Jacques Ellul’s Propaganda: “The propagandist will not accuse the enemy of just any misdeed; he will accuse him of the very intention that he himself has and of trying to commit the very crime that he himself is about to commit.”

    Talk about guilt projection. I have NEVER read or even heard of ANY ONE talking about harming CI. However, I have read CI talking among themselves about the “possible need to exterminate” the heathens, pagans, unbelievers, whatever you nutjobs call us. I’m an atheist, you fanatical freak, not a “pagan.”

    One of the sharpest people I ever knew commented on your ilk rolling through a prominent racialist board once, “Every time the CI show up, they bring this place to its knees.” Anyone who thinks whites should supplant Jews as the Jewish tribal gawd’s chosen people is by any reasonable definition, insane. Your “tribesmen” have the same capacity for totalitarianism and mental illness as the tribe you seek to replace.

    Quoting Esau’s fables and Ham on Rye: that shit is pathetic.

  35. JamesTheJust says:

    You are a liar. One need go no further than Stormfront’s Religious section to see exactly what I have seen and experienced. And that is only one site.

    YOU ARE A LIAR! And a poor one at that and you CANNOT find any CI person who has EVER advocated the murder of ANY Kinsman, EVER!

    YOU ARE A LIAR, but I have come to expect that from illiterate pagans, who like to imagine themselves as bold “Conan the Barbarian” warriors; having absolutely no knowledge of our people; utter disgraces to the noble heritage of our people.

  36. JamesTheJust says:

    PS: vULKAN, another one of your miserable little-minded brethren has advocated that VERY THING against Christians ON THIS SITE!

    And don’t bother asking me to to find it for you. It’s HERE. I’m not doing the leg work for a LIAR!

  37. Octocock says:

    James, no one I know of wants to hurt you wanna be jews. We just wish you’d stop trying to impose your will on us, like the real Jews.

    You fanatics are an embarrassment to White Racialism.

    CI’s are nuttier than squirrel shit, and you are a perfect example.

  38. incogman says:

    Anyone who attacks Jew-wise Christians is a part of the problem by creating dissent in the White ranks.

    Octocock, I’ve welcomed Pagans and Odinists but you Satanists definintely need to STFU when it comes to Christians.

  39. Octocock says:

    Fair enough. I said what I had to say to James the Just, and I appreciate your tolerance. This is your house and really shouldn’t be antagonizing James. But WTF are you talking about re: “satanism?” Did you see my 10/11 post? Do you think atheists are “satanists?”

  40. JamesTheJust says:

    We just wish you’d stop trying to impose your will on us, like the real Jews.

    Neither I nor ANY CI adherent has EVER tried to impose our will on anyone; as if that were even possible.

    The problem with pagans and atheists is that you take it upon yourself to write the rules as you go along, so that detestable things, like lying about a brother, becomes perfectly acceptable. You are a case in point.

    And should anyone challenge you or call you on your lies, then they are BLAH, BLAH, BLAH because character assassination is also in your “rule book” should you deem it acceptable at the time.

    (And then you insinuate that I am following the Jews. Hell, your rule book appears to follow the Talmud to the letter!)

  41. Tim says:

    Who cares what Christian Identity is preaching these days?

    At earlier times, a meeting announcement would attract people from far and wide. Dan Gayman was considered to be a shining light of the Christian Identity in America and around the world. During the 1990’s Dan and Deloris Gayman, I travelled to South Africa where meetings attracted scores of Christian Israelites who met for 7 days and nights running.

    It was reported that the meetings in Dallas recently were attended by about 6 people!

    Six people! What has happened to Gayman’s ministry, since earlier days? What has happened to this silver tongued preacher’s life and ministry? What has changed from earlier times during the 1990’s, when Dan Gayman could come to town and dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people would drive long distances to attend and hear him speak?

    Whatever the causes, gone are those days when Dan Gayman was able to attract large audiences, as a shining light to Christian Israel. Gone are the days when people are interested in hearing the persuasive words of Dan Gayman. His seemingly sincere and heart felt words no longer draw the attention of large audiences as in former days.

    Have people become wiser, more circumspect, these days? What is the cause of such lack of interest in hearing the Christina Identity message? There may be more than one factor, that shed light on the deceptive nature of Dan Gayman. People now can read the truth about Dan Gayman long before they are drawn into his deceptive pale. it becomes obvious that people hearing about Dan Gayman are using the internet to check out the facts before they drive to hear him speak.

    Consider this man’s willingness to sacrifice and cover up 5 sexually abused grandchildren that he might preserve his “ministry” and keep you from knowing the truth about his dark side. Consider other serious abuses of his office of ministry whereby he flatters new people, seduces them into getting involved in his church, then manipulates them for his own selfish purposes. It would please us immensely to learn that Dan Gayman had repented and obeyed the gospel. We would rejoice if we learned that Dan Gayman had “come clean” to all whom he has used and abused. We have received no such verified report. Dan Gayman’s silence about his multitude of lies, deceptions, character assasinations, abuses, flatteries, seductions, manipulations, etc., toward his perceived enemies is proof that he continues to use whatever truth the God of Abraham gave him to advance his own selfish purposes.

    . Church of Israel is one of the oldest and most influential institutions in the Christian Identity movement Is the Church of Israel a cult?
    Tim Gayman: Yes, in that my father uses manipulation to control the people in his church. He uses the Bible to fit his current agenda.
    Sarah Gayman: I think it’s definitely a cult. According to cult exiting counselors like Rick Ross, the fact that Dan Gayman is the central controlling figure of this group and controls his family with guilt, the promise of spiritual blessings and the threat of damnation makes the COI very cult-like in its psychological makeup. Dan also has a keen way of controlling the “rumor mill” and effectively “spins” the story the way he wants it perceived, and is usually very successful at it. The man is completely void of conscience, or he could not tell the falsehoods he tells on a regular basis.
    Tim Gayman: My Dad does engage in spiritual abuse. If you don’t agree with him, he will try to destroy you. I don’t really know about physical abuse. I was harshly disciplined as a child, but obviously survived.
    Q. Dan Gayman protests that the Church of Israel has taken a bad rap from the media on its associations with the violent fringe. Does the COI court potentially violent members of the far right?
    Tim Gayman: During the 1970s and 1980s, my Dad was more closely associated with what you call the “violent fringe.” I know there was some sort of link to “The Order” back then. He was at least sympathetic toward them and talked to some of them on the phone. During the late 1980s he changed and decided it wasn’t worth the risk. He began to teach obedience to civil authorities, although he still harbors a deep distrust of the federal government. And, the Church of Israel is a racist church. Their beliefs are based on two things: Jews are the “Seed of Satan,” and blacks are an inferior race, have no spirit and cannot be “saved.”
    Q. Are the rumors about armed guards and a stockpile of firearms true? Does the church complex deserve the label “compound”?
    Tim Gayman: Like most rural communities, there are firearms out there. I know there are no armed guards.
    Sarah Gayman: I feel it is a compound, in that it is a closed community. A mixed couple would never be allowed to settle down out there (Not that they would want to.) Dan owns several hundreds of acres and most of the parishioners live on that land within a 3- to 5-mile radius of the church.
    Q. Sarah, how are women treated at the COI?
    Sarah Gayman: Women are not regarded very highly. In my experience, I was expected to shut up and be barefoot and pregnant all the time. If you are a woman with a strong personality who disagrees with Dan, you are in the worst possible position. The only women who have any power out there are Dan Gayman’s wife and two eldest daughters, who work tirelessly to please their father by having as many children (at home) as they can and being an example of a “proper Christian-Israelite woman of God.”
    Q. Anything you’d like to add?
    Tim Gayman: We just want to say again that we don’t hate anyone out there; hate is not a family value, and that is the main reason we’ve stayed away from there.
    Tim Gayman, the 36-year-old estranged son of Dan Gayman, says his father is motivated by greed and power. The Church of Israel, he says, is a cult-like organization that practices spiritual abuse which destroys most families it comes into contact with.

  42. Louis from Montreal says:

    I was first awakened to the truth by an American adherent to the CI church, many years ago. He and I are still good friends, even though I could never accept the concept of a God, and chose, instead, to raise my family, and live my life, without any church regardless of their racial structure. For me, the choice of living a religious life, or not, should be a personal one. I wouldn’t attack anyone for choosing either way. This is how I raised my sons and this is how I live my life. I sincerely hope that all involved in this little debate understand this and that we can all work together for the good of our people. “Our Race Is Our Nation.”

  43. Marshall says:

    Sounds like Mormons to me…



  44. JamesTheJust says:


    That’s the problem with most people in any so-called “organization”; they form cults of personalities rather than the message. Most people don’t become Christians, they become Gaymonites or Farwellites or any other cult leader one can name.

    The same problem was already occurring in the first century AD.

    No one bothers to ask: Does the teaching of a particular person match up to scripture, history and archeological truths? Is the MESSAGE sound? Rather they want to form clubs and judge the success of the club by its numbers.

    I have many kinsmen in CI that I love and have for whom I have great respect, but I do not follow them. I follow Yahshua and HIM alone. I never have to worry about loosing my faith, based on the personal lives of anyone, since they are not the foundation of my faith.

    The faith is not for everyone. I understand this. In fact, only a tiny remnant will follow, just as prophesied. My hope is that when the shit hits the fan, my kinsmen will recall HIS name and call on HIM; then they will find strength and see wonderful things begin to happen. I know this is true.

    Unfortunately, we are a stiff-necked people as it will have to get much, much worse before it gets better.

  45. JamesTheJust says:

    BTW: Gayman was a grandstanding, lying idiot! He TWISTED scripture with his TWISTED mind in order to RULE. His basic message about the Aryan people being Israelites was sound. HE WAS A ROYAL DICK HOWEVER.

  46. vULKAN2009 says:

    JamestheJust is just another of those Blah Blah Keyboard wankers CI assholes, he claims he will KILL every one who say FUCK YHWA or any other JEW he meets.
    Haven’t seen or heard of anybody dead ………… as he just keeps on wanking.

    BTW Some groups believe that they are descended of the Scumbag Israelites
    The Lemba tribe from Southern Africa
    • The House of Israel in Ghana
    • Pashtun people from Afghanistan and Pakistan
    • Chiang Min people from northwestern China
    • Kaifeng from China.
    • The Makuya Japan
    • The Nasranis India

    • JamestheJust and his filth Christian Identity are among those who compete to be the descended of those Scumbag JEWS

  47. anti-zionist says:

    This is why Hitler was such a good leader. He gave all the different sects of Christianity as well as the non believers unity under the National socialist belt. JTJ has excellent points, why should we believe these so called jews are the true Isrealites,fuck em. We are the chosen. I also believe we should embrace and study our pagan past because it is important in our history.
    The bottom line is the white nation will have unity based on racial unity but as far as religion is concerned believe what you want.
    There is no strength in diversity only thru unity. This is why everybody argues weather the national socialist were pagans or christians. They pandered to all faiths from atheists to CI.

  48. Marshall says:

    Flesh doesn’t inheret anything.

    Spirit does. Of all the people in the world…where is your heart and soul?

    I saw something very interesting the other day.


    If you take those characters in Hebrew, and read them from right-to-left, as Hebrew is, you notice something.

    Stack them on top of each other. All of these “Chassids” with the black hats, purveyors of the law they created unto themselves, have nowhere to go.


    It doesn’t get anymore Jewish than that.


  49. Tim says:

    “Dan Gayman” regarded as the leader in the Christian Identity movement
    Cover Up Exposed

    by Colonel Bo Gritz

    The Prophet Jeremiah (Jer 48:10) curses those who “doeth the work of the Lord deceitfully.”

    “I know why Gayman disinvited you from the Feasts! He realized how much you detest child abuse. He knew it was only a matter of time before someone from the Church of Israel came to you with information about the Gayman ‘syndrom.’ His only recourse was to keep you away from Schell City.”

    As already recorded in previous editions, I had sought a host-church for God’s seven Appointed Times. Meeting Judy opened the door to Bishop Dan Gayman’s COI. We attended the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread. I was asked to be the close-out keynote speaker; met privately with Gayman and there was led to believe we would have a long and congenial relationship. Many members were dismayed when Judy and I were dis-invited. It was only a short time till Pastor Stinson broke from Gayman’s organization. Scott’s departure was followed by defections of affiliate pastors and resident COI members.

    GAYMAN CHURCH HISTORY: As the worm turns, Dan Gayman’s “church” may end up as it, and others like it began. Dan wrested control of the church from his brother, Duane, by force in 1976. According to the Joplin newspaper: accounts in journals at the Vernon County Courthouse show much of the struggle was over Dan’s growing anti-government and white-separatist rhetoric. The struggle came to a head on the night of June 2, 1976, when supporters led by Dan Gayman staged a takeover of the church building, locked the doors and unfurled banners proclaiming a movement to “preserve our white seed.” The takeover ended in a scuffle with police, and 11 people were arrested. More recently, the COI had about 160 resident members, but some have left because of on-going scandals added to a past checkered with cult accusations, fiscal accountability, and festering pedophile issues.

    Dan Gayman is regarded as a leader in the Christian Identity movement because of his “two seedline theory,” which speculates on the consequences of the seduction of Eve by Satan in the Garden of Eden. In general, “Christian Identity” holds that white Europeans are the Abrahamic Covenant people of the Bible, and that a cataclysmic war between the forces of good and evil will occur as recorded in the Bible’s New Testament Book of Revelation. Former members of the Aryan Nations credit Gayman with converting their leadership to the Identity message.

    PAST KNOTS: Bishop Dan Gayman confirmed in a personal letter to me his past ties to the now mainly defunct white supremacist group, “The Order,” also know as “The Silent Brotherhood.” Robert Matthews started the underground terrorist group which declared war on the U.S. Government and engaged in a series of violent crimes in 1983-84. Many of the members are still serving lengthy prison sentences.

    Following a series of murders, bank and armored car robberies by The Order, the FBI launched “Operation Clean-Sweep.” On December 8th, 1984, after a 36-hour siege by 100+ police agents, Mathews, 31, was incinerated at his home on Whidbey Island (Puget Sound), Washington. The FBI subsequently arrested 23 known members, along with seven men of The Covenant, The Sword and The Arm of the Lord (CSA) on 22 April 1985. In December the FBI arrested another 10 Order members — all were found guilty of racketeering on 6 February 1986. During the trial Bruce Pierce (32), David Lane (48), and Richard Scutari (39) were accused of the 18 June 1984 machine gun murder of a Denver Jewish talk show host, Alan Berg — a 1988 Hollywood production, Betrayed, staring Debra Winger and Tom Berenger.

  50. JamesTheJust says:

    JamestheJust is just another of those Blah Blah Keyboard wankers CI assholes, he claims he will KILL every one who say FUCK YHWA or any other JEW he meets.

    Why am I not surprised that in inbred, illiterate pagan would lie? I mean you lie with every post you make. Why don’t you show everyone here where I said I would kill EVERYONE who has said that?

    Come on Conan. Show us all please.

    Of course you can’t because I never said such a thing…

  51. Octocock says:

    Everyone’s a liar except you. Just stop flaming, Jimmy, OK? The boss told me to STFU and I respected that. How about you man up and do the same?

    The last word is yours, sir. You’ve won. How about contributing something of value?

  52. Octocock says:

    This man was brighter than everyone here put together; a peerless scholar. Read what he has to say on The Origins of Christianity, and all semitic religions.

    One of the finest things you will ever read.


  53. JamesTheJust says:

    We are the chosen. I also believe we should embrace and study our pagan past because it is important in our history.

    Very true anti-Zionist, however, the problem with most pagans is that they have no desire to study. They have reduced Odin, an Israelite of Judah Zarah, to a mythological creature that they worship as a god. They scratch the surface. They are lazy.

    vULCAN’s laziness is very apparent when he keeps referring to Israelites as Jews. How lazy is that? And this is the typical type of laziness that I find in all the pagans with whom I have debated.

    Finally, when they have run out of their very limited ammunition, they accuse me of giving into Jewish fables. (when they start doing that, you know they run out of ammunition. It’s their last retort as if that settles the matter – just ’cause they said so.)

    Excuse me, but aren’t the Jews the ones claiming to be YHWH’s chosen people? And aren’t the pagans the ones who are buying that claim by repeating it; never bothering to deny it? And aren’t the CI followers the ones who are rejecting that claim out right and exposing the jew as the literal demons that they are?

    But the lazy will be lazy, because to actually study or learn the fascinating history of our people requires…work…and they shun work. They’d rather dress up and play warrior. Child’s play. Not the sort of thing for noble white men and women; serious about their heritage.

    It is something to watch the pagan pretzels contort themselves; almost as much fun as watching the JEW-deo “Christians” as they try to explain why it was so important for Yahshua to be born of pure blood, but that blood is no longer important today.

    What’s really amazing is that when one studies the “jews” and their ancestry, one cannot help but be struck by the amount of unbridled paganism that they practiced.

    Even when Edom and Canaan took over Jerusalem and the temple, there were statues to other gods and even tables where they read the future from animal entrails. These are common practices among most pagans groups even today. And they can thank the “jews” for their “religion”. That is why “jews”, when they infiltrated and took over the Catholic church; never sought to kill the pagans, but rather incorporated pagan practices and welcomed the pagans with open arms. True Israelite Christians; however, were murdered by the hundreds of millions.

    If these oh-so-proud white pagans actually studied they’d know all of this and they (if they truly love their heritage) would be repulsed by their pagan (a.k.a. JEWISH) practices.

    Finally, we cannot discount the fact that jews have infiltrated and even started some of the pagan groups. Its a distraction and a wedge they can drive between kinspeople. Ditto for JEWdeo-“Christianity” or the KKK or the WN movement in general.

    Jews can EASILY infiltrate these organizations because there aren’t any “rules”. There’s no “standard” and they have no standard bearers. Anyone who looks white can join as long as they say all the right things, and the “right things” are anything that can move the group along a desired path.

    Not so with Christian Identity. The tares, such a Gayman, are eventually exposed, because we have a final authority called The Word. It is our guide book and it cannot be ignored! A Jew wold literally have to change his spots in order to survive there, and even a jew, as good a liar as he may be, cannot stand the heat of CI for long.

  54. JamesTheJust says:

    Everyone’s a liar except you. Just stop flaming, Jimmy, OK?

    In Octos mind, I am flaming when I refute lies that are spoken against me.

    Nice try. No dice!

  55. Louis from Montreal says:

    Where does all this get us? Nowhere. This is why I shed the religious baggage….nobody agrees, and it lends credence to the theory that it’s all a Jewish trap. Why can’t we just believe what we want and leave the spirituality at the door. In battle I care not what the man beside me thinks about the hereafter, or who and what awaits him.

  56. ultraR says:

    “….leave the spirituality at the door.”

    may I rephrase, Louis?
    Leave spirituality to each ones heart.

    whatever the belief, we all bleed red.

    give no mercy, ask for no mercy!

  57. Louis from Montreal says:

    Well put, ultraR…

  58. JamesTheJust says:

    Where does all this get us? Nowhere. This is why I shed the religious baggage….nobody agrees, and it lends credence to the theory that it’s all a Jewish trap. Why can’t we just believe what we want and leave the spirituality at the door.


    I am what I believe. My spirituality is me. Now, I can understand your thoughts on brotherhood regardless of beliefs, however, I can only accept that argument to a point. What if one believes that lying is OK? What if someone is a weasel? We could go into a whole litany of beliefs that would be detrimental to our Aryan family.

    I accept you as a kinsman because you have all the fruits of a kinsman, but there are those who look like us but are not of us. We know them by their fruits. You don’t have to be spiritual to see that.

  59. Louis from Montreal says:

    All Im saying is, let’s stick to what we all agree on, and James, “We know them by their fruits.” Exactly; we will know them! I’ve spotted a few myself; the lyers, posers, and character impersonators, and I did it without devine intervention. James, isn’t it possible that you and I could reach the same conclusion, but from a different direction?

  60. kerdasi amaq says:

    There is a spiritual dimension to the struggle being waged. Fail to recognise that; is to lose. Athiests are automatic losers.

    Anyway, the athiesm is pointless. What’s the point of not believing in God?

    The biggest lie in Catholicism; is their doctrine on the soul!

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