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TNB: Typical Negro Behavior.

Ridiculously stupid, militant anti-White sheboons win top “debating” award. It was the Cross Examination Debate Association’s national championship held at Indiana University in 2014. The second runners up were black, too. Liberal “educators” at the university constantly try to get this video removed, because of the clever way the Youtuber cut from a local Maryland TV report and snippets from the actual debate.

The video is so astounding, you won’t believe it, and it’s not some “Onion” fake story, either, but real! Folks: This is our America now on JEWS!

Spring break Bikini Chimpout at the BK

Watch as bikini-wearing “Kimesa” goes ape and jumps up on the Burger King counter top and trashes the place like a crazy, angry primate. Her chimp friends get a big kick over it, laughing away. People looking into her background found out this particular sheboon has 2 chillerns and goes to college paid for by government funding (you tax payers).

Negro teen girls dressed for Halloween have a major league chimp-out at a Denny’s restuarant. They trash the place. Check out what the negro behind the camera is saying during all this. These “people” are indeed animals!

Crazy Kenyan thinks he’s an aeronautical engineer, builds the stupidest looking airplane ever seen and then actually tries to fly it. Don’t laugh — I saw a video of this dumbass black in the US who built a UFO and was serious about it working. I guess negroes in the US are a bit more advanced. LOL

Unbelievably stupid Negro congressman from Georgia, literally worries the island of Guam will tip over from too many people. He is being quite serious (but tried to say he wasn’t later on). This is the kind of elected politicians we have in DC voting on things affecting America? Think about it!

Why You Need A Gun.

I’M PRESSIN CHARGES. Crazy Negress goes bonkers. Ebonics are subtitled for your convenience.

What have we done?

Negro cops looting a Walmart during Katrina. Criminal blacks stayed behind to take part in the looting and some died for it.

Coming to your neighborhood soon, if not already.

Negroes doing the Funky Chicken in one truly bizarre Haitian music video. Don’t watch if you care about chickens.

Oprah Winfrey likes having Whiteys under her thumb. She would never be where she’s at, if it wasn’t for White women viewers.

Negro calls for the Extermination of White people.

Khallid Muhammad’s Speech – Kill The White Man



NOTE: Youtube freely allows Negroes to title their videos “Nigger,” but the minute any White even says nigger, they give you an infraction. And they can freely call you a cracker, redneck, racist honky, etc., etc., anytime they damn well want, freely saying whatever the want to about us Whites.

This is all part of the Jew ADL Thought Police now at work over at Youtube and Big Jewry’s PC blanket they’ve pulled over America’s head to protect the “oppressed” blacks.

As long as you keep going along with this Jew-enforced status quo — without speaking up — they’ll continue to get away with more and more. Every single day, life will get worse for Whites in America until the time comes when anyone with White skin is openly spat-upon in the streets and in the media. Hell, it’s getting that way now.

Face the facts, White America: Big-mouthed, subversive Jews and spoiled, militant Negroes have been nothing but never-ending trouble for this country since day-one!

Some videos may get deleted by embedded ADL Jewish Censors at Youtube (for real), or elsewhere due to Political Correctness by more Jews and spineless White liberals.

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13 Responses to »TNB Vids

  1. Fleur says:

    Incog, you might consider this video for the TNB video section. This is beyond belief!! Of course we know that negroids are promoted by jews so as to destroy our way of life. This Rep. Hank ‘the Crank’ Johnson is obviously a coked up ‘homo’ erectus. lol!

  2. Biker says:

    where the HELL did you find this nonsense GTRman? ROTFLMAO!

    this jigger needs to lay off of the crackpipe.. wow

  3. Biker says:

    you know about kimbo? my favorite is ‘tank’ abbot! check out that fat white guy whippin ass LOL! i saw the vid on the leg break, OUCH!

    just like Rome, the country is going to hell, the WEST is going to hell, how about some blood-sport and gladiator action to keep the sheeple occupied?

  4. Steve in Iowa says:

    Another great story about how diversity is working for us all.


  5. MauMauBoogaBooga says:

    And they always say how “racist” Dennys is. With TNB like this, all restaurants should ban them from entry.

  6. t bone says:

    just watched the negro politician who said that ‘he was concerned that Guam will capsize’….I’m crying! I’m laughing so hard!…ouch!
    whew!….and the jew looking dude in the background of the white guy…what? Is he texting ?

  7. Roaring Angel says:

    Blacks are so freakishly ugly and wierd. Their appearance alone pales in comparison to their disgusting behavior and low mentality. It’s really sad what has happened to this country.

  8. BubbaBob says:

    The victim wanted to say “negros” but was smart enough not to on tv

  9. American says:



    Typical negro behavior (TNB) is the symptom, but jews are the disease.


  10. Sabine Centurion says:

    I’ve got to compliment that Admiral that felt he had to endure the brain dead ramblings of that laughable loaded-on-something shaved monkey. What he should have said is “Are you serious or is this Tyler Perry’s resurrection of Candid Camera?”.
    The bitter fact that a yapping Affirmative Action Hire Gubbamint A-fishul, Homo Erectus loser figurehead like that is an “elected representative of the people” actually PROVES Oblahblah and his doggies Panetta, Clinton, Holder etc. RIGHT in their Congress-is-ornamental-and-ceremonial, NWO Buttsmooch, don’t-care-who-knows-it blabbed out observations regarding “international” (read AIPAC, UN and international jewry) permissions and law determining when and how Amerikwan military might may be deployed.
    Anybody that doesn’t now realize that Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory and that our Constitutional Republic was killed by jews after it was bought, is living in Dreamy Dream Land.
    Soon The Cleansing.

  11. Gayluk says:

    Oh, My Lord! “…tip over and capsize” – HAHAHAHA.

    The admiral almost let out a laugh, almost. If he had laughed, it would have been a “media blasted scandal.”

  12. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted already.


    Of course, we do know who is actually being put on trial by raising the dead.

  13. Israhell on Earth says:


    Qawmane Wilson, a Chicago Rapper Young QC, hired his friends to kill Yolanda Holmes, his mother, for financial gain. Law enforcement arrested Wilson, 24, and friends Eugene Spencer and Loriana Johnson, the driver in the murder of Holmes, an owner of an upscale salon.

    Prosecutors said Wilson wanted Holmes, 45, out of the picture to access her bank accounts and life insurance policies. Wilson ordered Spencer, 22, and Johnson, 23, to carry out the September 2012 hit while his mother lay asleep in her apartment with her boyfriend. Holmes died from a gunshot to the head and stab wounds, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Soon after arranging the hit, Wilson took advantage of over $90,000 in bank accounts and two life insurance policies to begin living a life of luxury.

    Splattered over his Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts are pictures of the rapper with stacks of cash. In one video, the rapper and his “entourage” visit a Chase bank to take out $1,000 which turns into $20,000 – after which he visits a local park to throw money in a crowd. Young QC turns up in many of the images with blunt in head, flashy jewelry, guns, cars and often saying that other rappers “aren’t on his level.” A quick look at his accounts show that his former fans are now showering his page with shock instead of the usual adoration.

    Investigators caught on to Wilson’s lifestyle and pieced together clues that resulted in charges of murder and home invasion to be filed this week.


    There will be Hell to pay for this Nigger, i remember watching a Documentary about the Cook County Jail in Chicago.
    The gloomily oppressing Atmosphere resembled the Psych Ward in the Movie “12 Monkeys”, but instead of old sedated Whites, there were ultra aggressive Nigger Sociopaths hollering around 24/7…

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