9/11 Truthers: They’ll Call You A Terrorist!

The Traitor Jewess Jane Harman, obviously a tool for the Israel Lobby, introduces another Jew, Mark Weitzman of the Simon Weisenthal Center; who then proceeds to slander David Duke as well as equating any 9/11 Skeptics with Islamic Terrorists. All of these Zionist traitors to America understand where the questions about 9/11 lead to. To prevent that, these bastards seek to shut you up.

If anyone questions the Jewish version of the Holocaust™ in Europe and Canada, they run the real risk of going to prison. But will these same tactics soon be used against 9/11 Skeptics or “Truthers*?” Yes, it is indeed a possibility with a new bill now in the senate, S-1959 (HR-1955), that could very well allow such a thing. Watch the video above (strong language) and read on.

There are many people — at this minute — who have been physically attacked, jailed, careers ruined and fines levied for questioning any part of the Holocaust™. The German-born, Canadian citizen Ernst Zündel is sitting in prison for his research work into the subject and his brave work in defending the German people from the never-ending slanders of Germans being evil Nazis all the time. Do you ever wonder why this keeps going on and on — without the Germans getting seriously pissed? Well, I have news for you — they have been!

“Zündel is in prison not because his views are unpopular, or because he’s a “security risk.” He’s in prison because Jewish groups want him there. He’s a prisoner because he promotes views that the Jewish-Zionist lobby considers harmful to its interests.” Read more here

The Bavarian Attorney, Sylvia Stolz, who has defended Revisionist historians in numerous show trials, was just convicted and sentenced to 3 1/2 years in jail. She has fought back against the global forces of Zionism, that seek to stifle free speech in Germany, and has earned her the sobriquet “The German Joan of Arc.” Sylvia Stolz Trial (2 days) A website, that covered her trial, was purposefully blocked by Zionists in Australia.

This example from a leading German newspaper is clear evidence of how the “Holocausters” are attempting to revoke the Enlightenment concept of free expression. Voltaire’s maxim “I do not agree with what you say, but I defend your right to say it” has become “I cannot disprove what you say, but I forbid you to say it.” She observes that the judges on this court are even now demonstrating their willingness to obey mandates of the anti Enlightenment.

She was also slandered and lied about in the press: Read here. How would you like to be cast as some kind of evil Gestapo lover all the time in the media for fighting back against lies that you know about? Will, one day soon, saying anything about the government’s 9/11 plots, earn you the label “Neonazi” or “Hater?”

The Holocaust™ has been used and is still being used by the Zionists to advance themselves in the world, without a doubt. They’ve used it to steal an entire country for themselves (Palestine), they’ve used it to lower the guard of people in this country by making us psychologically sympathetic to them and they’ve used it as a race bludgeon against any whites who dare to speak up.

They have a slogan “Never again!” that they ceaselessly shout in our faces and they call us “Nazi” whenever we don’t go along with their view of history or even political issues that concern us in America like illegal immigration. And it makes absolutely not a whit of difference to them what side we fought on during WWII before they call us Nazi.

And they want to do the exact same thing here by making any questioning about the Holocaust™ illegal — right here in the good old USA! And not only will the Zionists slander you publicly as an evil racist for questioning the Holocaust™ (as usual) but they’re now working to call any of us terrorists for –get this– not believing the government’s lies about 9/11! That’s right, read on.

The big-time Zionazi, Mark Weitzman, from the Simon Wiesenthal centers (a massive, well-funded international Zionist organization), recently gave a Powerpoint demonstration to our so-called leaders in Washington DC, in support of the anti-Free Speech law S-1959 (HR-1055), that will equate any Internet talk about Jews or Israel, any pro-white groups, a real American Hero — the vilified David Duke and now even the 9/11 Truth sites, are all to be in the same boat as radical Jihadi Muslims. The all-mighty Jews want to cast you in league with Islamic Terrorists! See this speech that went along with his Powerpoint demo:

The presentation begins with a look at how 9/11 is viewed in some eyes online, including those who applauded it as well as some conspiracies sites. The presence of the conspiracy site is significant, since so much of what passes as fact online is actually based on some form of conspiracy.These are often built around the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which allege Jewish control of the world, or around presenting the United States government as being engaged in various conspiracies or cover-ups, or ultimately having the entire Western world engaged in a vast, multi-layered conspiracy against the Islamic world. Here’s the traitorous Zionist’s government spiel.

They actually have the dam nerve in expecting people to unquestioningly believe that any talk, whatsoever, of Jew involvement could only be “Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Talk” since the Jews could only be innocent, no matter what. Even any talk of that real-life evil CHAOS organization, the Mossad, or Zionistic Israel itself is tantamount to racism. These people are the “Gatekeepers” that will now use the label “Conspiricist” as a weapon to shut you up. With this bill, they’re working to establish legal organizations to give them some teeth, as well.

Look at how cleverly Weitzman uses his words above. See how he acts like it’s all about some impossibly huge conspiracy or even that it’s some hateful attack against all the poor Muslims that he just loves so? They will use any angle, even angles that appear contradictory to Zionist’s true behavior, since they know well that it’s only talk right now to get the bill passed — with the real implementation fully controlled later behind the scenes. Look at how these people have lied about such things like the Palestinian issue over the decades, for crying out loud.

They want to join up any 9/11 Truthers with any whites (not just the Skinheads) who fight back against ZioNAZIS, since they fully see the extent of involvement of the Mossad on 9/11. They, better than most of us Gentiles, can readily see the fingerprints of their own dam-selves all over 9/11 and understand just how far their own ZioNAZI will go for Israel. Me-thinks-they-doth-protest-too-much!

Look how they try to paint it all as “Conspiracy Talk” along the lines of the “Protocols of Zion” which they’ve always claimed to be fiction (well, of course they do now) when a report by US government investigators once claimed it’s validity back in the 1920’s. Plus, after what we’ve seen of the Zionist’s actions in the world anymore, then it really may not be that far from reality, after all. In fact, the way it’s shaping up — those dam “Protocols” appear right on the money. That’s right, you heard me.

There are jihad discussion groups and some Islamist sites aimed at Latin America (a new target), as well as some links to extremist right-wing groups like Neo-Nazi, etc. It is worth pointing out that some observers have noted the attempts online to bring Islamist and right-wing extremist groups together, which are often visible in cyberspace.

See how they couch all these things in paranoia about Islamic terrorists and Jihadi radicals? They have zero problem with painting all of those people with their own CIA-created conspiracies (Al-Qaeda has been proven to be CIA created) and what-not, but the first dam minute you start talking about their sacred butts — then we’re the ones who are now the “Conspiracy Theorists.” These Jewish Zionists have turned into some kind of two-faced monster in America — far more dangerous to us — than some people wearing turbans living in caves half a world away.

Wake the hell up to this utter BS, America!

They’re trying to align terrorism with any truth-loving, patriotic Americans by calling them all “Neonazi,” that which they’ve so inoculated the public to blindly accept and they feel that it’s they that can decide just who fits the criteria for this. Make clear note of that: If you ever dare to disagree about anything with these people, they’ll just call you a “Neonazi” in their efforts to shut you up. These people have elected themselves as THE “thought police” for the frigging entire United States!

Many Jews are secretly and mortally afraid of all these 9/11 truths coming out and exposing them to the harsh light of an angry America. They well know that the Zionist Mossad is more than capable and willing to engage in such perfidious acts in the furtherance of the Globalist Zionist strangle-hold on America.

People, all of this is absolutely astounding. The Zionazis now seek to do to you as they do to Holocaust researchers or maybe even worse. You’d better think about this kind of thing going on. These people don’t want the American public to finally figure out the real deal. And the lies of 9/11 are now falling apart like a house of cards and they know full well where it all leads back to.

As you think about these things I write here, make clear note of all the race manipulations America has undergone for the last 40 years or so. These are not being done for any altruistic reasons except by those of us who want to be fair and straight-up. Americans have always had a weakness for the underdog through-out and don’t like anyone who trashes people for what they are born with. But the Jewish Supremacists and Globalist Zionists have callously exploited those very sentiments to advance their own racial agendas.

They’ve extended these tactics to cover real truths in the world: Let’s say you’re a big liberal and just want to see all people get a fair shake. And let’s say you’ve uncovered some horrible fact about Israel committing Human Rights abuses against Palestinians (which they often have). It disgusts you to no end and you try to get the media to cover it and they ignore you. You take your message to the Internet or anyway you can. Suddenly, these powers will not only be able to brand you as a “hater” when you know full well that you’re not, but may well classify you as a “terrorist” for just saying anything. Guess what? You won’t be able do a dam thing about it.

This is not something to sit idly by and think it won’t effect you. You may think that they’ll never do any such thing but by the time that they do it — it’ll be too late to stop. Once they shut-up the avenues of free speech available to you now, once they have the laws and the logistics in place, then even further restrictions on your freedom’s become mere announcements from headquarters. That’s been the plan, all along man. Always has been. You’d better wake up to all this now and start talking openly to all you know.

Time is growing shorter and shorter, people, whether you know it or not.

— Phillip Marlowe

*I hate the term “Truthers” and prefer “Skeptics.”

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Ronald Geogh says:

    A skyscraper collapsing wholely or partly because of fire is as rare as a flying giraffe, and one collapsing at near free fall rate is as rare as a supersonic flying giraffe, because such behaviour requires that the structural integrity of an entire building be severely compromised either before or immediately coincident with its collapse. The towers didn’t simply collapse as whole structures onto the ground, they disintegrated in mid air and their concrete floors were pulverized into nanograde dust. Photographs and films taken at the time depict an aircraft flying through WTC2’s outer wall without any perceptible change of speed or direction and without disintegrating. The official narrative is as likely as three supersonic flying giraffes being spotted one sunny morning, a stone’s throw apart in New York. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, these building’s collapses were engineered and although half a dozen TV film crews already present at the scene had their equipment up and running, all of the films of the airplane crash are crude forgeries. So what’s all this talk about hijackers?

    • Arctic Circle says:

      I hope it is a good old hunger strike.

      Parasites listen up: Such admirable unity is what we need here, on the front line of defense. Not there.

      Anyway there was a plausible lack of the “Call for Action” over the years.

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