What You Don’t Know WILL Make You Retch

Part IV of a five part series on Black Crime: Black Child Molesters and Insanely Sick Perverts. Continued from “What You Don’t Know Could Make You a Number”


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Another thing that braindead liberals and activist blacks try to tell you, is that whites are usually the perverts and child-molesters. What another BIG FAT LIE. Blacks have quite the handle on this one too, as you will soon see below. Crime figures show it’s 1.5 to two times the rate of White perps for the charge of molestation — once again confounding all the anti-White racist propaganda!

You’ll never believe the shocking nature of who or even what they’ll do to get off — see below for some stomach-churning crimes — it’s amazingly disgusting just how depraved blacks can be — so that’s why I made every effort to include news links so you can go see for yourself.

However, when all is said and done, it has to be fully admitted that White people have done and will do similar things in today’s age, but it must be taken into context with just how sick our society has truly become, anymore. Blacks and Whites are both being sucked down a vortex of filth right along side of one another and, as we will see, both of our races have the same people to blame — and it’s not either one of us!

Although this sickness in our society is readily apparent, the “Politically Correct” Zeitgeist has given blacks a free pass in the media, more or less, while casting Whites as being the morally depraved, in compensation to black’s real propensity to violent crime. Any White sexual crime is now shamelessly inflated by the media and liberals, to somehow make up for this disparity. Also, when depicting perverts in movies and print media, White actors are now always used for this purpose. Whites have become the prime pervs in criminal pervert propaganda!

Let’s say your local TV viewing area has 100 crimes, of all types, the past week and 75 are black or hispanic, with the rest White. Say 20 of the White crimes are run of the mill, like check-kiting or drug busts. But let say 1 of the Whites is a sicko. There might be 10 sicko stories and 15 murders committed by blacks or hispanics. They might do one of the black murders, completely ignore the black and hispanic pervs and pump-up that one single White perv story just to balance things out. Well, folks, the White sicko is now the headline news at 6 and 11. You know that’s exactly how it works!

If some sicko White pervert abducts some kid and commits foul deeds, this quickly becomes national media fodder for weeks on end; it’s almost always ignored if the perp is black or even a brown mestizo, now that illegal immigration is part of the “Politically Correct” snow-job on this country’s head.

Remember when that illegal immigration bill was up for vote in the Senate back in May? Well, a cone of media silence descended on any Brown/Hispanic crime stories for about a month. During that time, this illegal immigrant was convicted in Georgia for raping a 8 month-old baby, paralyzing the child for life (how sick is that?) and the crime ignored by national news. At the same time, there was a horrendous multiple murder of an entire family in Delvin, Wisconsin by a legal Meztiso, but the entire crime was blacked out by the national media.

If some White guy had committed these crimes, we’d still be hearing about the case to this day!

Or just think about the story of the totally sick Negro, Ollie Thompson (#6 in photo below) of Kansas City, who raped a 3 year-old baby girl — infecting her with multiple STD’s. Imagine all the fuss if a White pervert had did something like this — it would be in the national news spotlight for weeks on end. Don’t tell me otherwise.


Think the NFL star, Michael Vick, was a sick puppy? Do NOT watch this video if you like dogs. Or this video, either.


Video was about a dog used for sex by a bunch of two-legged animals in a black neighborhood. It was just a little too embarrassing for the PC police to let it stay on Youtube, even though it was once broadcast on local TV.

If one of the protected classes, blacks, hispanics or illegal mestizos, commits a particularly heinous crime, they’ll have the story briefly on your local news (they really have to), but all those remote-feed TV trucks for the national cable networks will not show up. Only if something about it can’t be ignored because of some juicy, but still Politically Correct detail which may possibly get them “scooped.”

Otherwise, it’s business as usual and national coverage will only be on any White molester or sex criminal, if at all possible.

But it’s impossible to believe that with all the rapes blacks commit, that they don’t engage in any other perversions. Hell, they’re the absolute most disgusting in this department. Blacks have something they call the “down-low,” where they keep quiet about any homosexual acts they happily engage in, if there’s an absence of willing members of the opposite sex nearby. These blacks will freely resort to homo sex to get their rocks off — no qualms about it! Prisons are well-known for such vile Negro homo actitvity and violent rape; so it’s little wonder they don’t care about doing time — if you catch my drift.

And you can readily see the results of all this perversion with the HIV rates and other STD’s like Gonorrhea and Syphilis in the black population of America, alone (Africa is insane). AIDS is the leading cause of death for blacks 18 to 44 years old, next to murder, of course. 1 in 16 black males in the US will be diagnosed with AIDS and 50% have one or more STD’s. 56% of black women have Herpes III (see page 21 of PDF HERE). Having any kind of sex with a black is literally playing Russian roulette with your health and maybe even life, for crying out loud.

So we see, blacks will readily engage in homo sex and that’s only a degree removed from pedophilia with boys, anyways. But heterosexual-leaning blacks will readily go after under-age females, too, constantly we see stories about black children getting knocked-up by their mother’s boyfriends. What’s really frightening, is that they’ll sometimes kill any young girl after raping them. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s a selected list of black sex crimes:

Contrary to what the liberal media leads you to believe, Whites are NOT the poster boys for foul sex crimes, but Negroes. But of course, you know that deep-down already, when you’re really honest with yourself.

Black Sickos In Action

(Bold-faced numbers correspond to above photo)
2/29/08: Terrence Beard is arrested for raping 4 month-old baby girl at a daycare. Talk about a sick SOB! Read more here
2/13/08: Ronnie York is captured after being a fugitive for raping a 32 year-old retarded woman and a 5 year-old girl in 2006. Read more here 
(1) 2/08: Black pervert in England, Pierre Williams, kills entire family of three with hammer so he can copulate with the bloody corpses. If it was some White guy, we’d be hearing all about it in the US. Read more here.
2/5/08: Douglas Wayne Parsons of North Carolina is charged with raping a 3 year-old toddler. Read more here
1/08: Veteran Atlanta Policeman, Wilson Cartaffin, charged with molesting 12 year-old girl. Read more here
(2) 1/08: Derrick Williams of St. Louis arrested for trying to kidnap 13 year-old boy off the street. Read more here
(3) 12/07: Cary NC police charge 17 year old Alecya Tabb with raping a 7 year-old boy she was baby-sitting. Read more here
12/07: Moonie Moses is convicted for raping 2 girls, one of which was 13 years-old and the mother, afflicted with cerebral palsy, in 2002 Boston, MA. Read more here
12/07: Negro Father and son team in Tennessee, Winford and Akeem Scott, indicted for repeatedly raping 5 year-old girl over a 5 year period. Read more here
(4) 12/07: Nurse’s aid, Lamin Darboe, sentenced to 8 1/2 years for raping a stroke victim in a hospital bed who could not talk or fight back! Read more here
(5) 12/07: Perverted black lawyer, Larry Charles, gets 25 to 50 for molesting and raping little girls over 6 year period. Read more here
(6)11/07: Ollie Thompson, charged with rape of 3 year-old girl. The baby was infected with 2 STD’s from it. How sick is that? Read more here
11/07: Eric Jerome Williams busted for making 100’s of obscene phone calls to Detroit area 911 operators. Read more here
(7) 11/07: 26 year old, Tara Shenell Ivory of St. Louis, accused of rape and sodomy of 2 young boys. Read more here
(8) 8/07: Boy Scout leader, Johnny Ray Barmore, is arrested for molestation and showing X-rated videos to 13 year-old Boy Scout. Read more here
1/06: Bones are finally found from missing 5 year old girl, Emily Rimel, raped and murdered by a black the year previously. Read more here
3/06: Connecticut Sex Offender, Robert S. Mitchell, charged with killing Jacksonville girl in 1996. Read more here
12/06: Christopher Summers, a hospital worker in Philadelphia, raped a patient in bed. He ripped the nurse alarm out of the wall before doing it. Read more here
12/06: Fredrick Gregg of Indianapolis, Indiana is indicted for the 2005 molestation of a 9 year-old girl. Read more here

Black Family Values:

2/28/08: Incestous gay twin brothers, who actually engaged in sex with each other in hard-core porn movies, get popped for burglery. Read more here
2/26/08: Shatara Jones 18, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, puts bleach in baby’s bottle to get back at Daddy. Read more here
2/22/08: Abbeville, SC mother, Beverly Peterson, arrested for pimping out daughter to lesbian. Read more here
2/22/08: Louisana police are looking for David Austin, wanted for incest. Read more here
2/19/08: National Guardsmen, volunteers for Iraq to escape charges for violating under-age sister of fiance. Read more here
2/08: Mom arrested for giving beer and weed as birthday present to 11 year-old daughter. Hey, that’s good! Read more here
2/7/08: St. Petersburg FL grandmother duct-tapes up grandchild and flogs him for hours. Read more here
1/30/08: Mom arrested for leaving children to starve while she flys to Africa to meet Internet lover. Read more here
12/07: South Carolina Negress stabs her 21 year-old son “Poohbear” after he pees on her in bed. Read more here
11/07: Christopher Richardson, of Detroit, rapes 8 day-old baby daughter anally and kills her. Sick now? Video Link

10/07: Crackhead Negress Charlene Green (right), while shoplifting in a Family Dollar store, goes outside and gives birth to dead baby on sidewalk. Read more here 

Did you vomit yet?


Read more on African American Family Values!

Note: The links to local news sites often get archived away. As for now, they are working.


These are just a few of the things I have copied because they caught my eye recently. Now, I could sit here all day and copy and paste links from around the country, but I happened to bookmark these when reading them over the last few months. And most of the time I don’t even bother anymore, since it can be quite overwhelming and I just don’t have the time. Plus, it makes me sick to my stomach (and you too, probably).

Did you notice that these crimes occurred in only the last couple of years? What’s that tell you? That this kind of thing happens all the time with Blacks. But White crime, of a sick nature or otherwise, will always be brought up endlessly, no matter how long ago it occurred. Watch the crime history documentaries they always have on cable TV, like on A&E or TruTV. Almost always, it’s some White sicko they choose to play-up, even stories from 40 years ago or longer get rehashed. Only if it’s a real-time shows like “The First 48” will you get any sense of actual reality; because they can’t hide the real behavior and all the Negro perps from the viewing public!

One thing you’ll notice when reading about black crime is this: Many times when a black murders someone, it’s after a rape or sexual assault of some sort. Basically, if they target you for sex — you truly do run the risk of being violently killed afterwards to shut you up. Check out many of the horrible black murder stories, the rape part is often treated as some kind of minor prelude these days. Like this incredibly sad story about a 13 year-old white girl.

If you want to read more sick crimes going on out there, you can simply go here: New Nation News Forum, Ethnic Crime.com or go to this giant thread on Stormfront’s Ethnic Crime Report, where well over 700 pages have been accumulated. Just don’t eat before you do!

People all over comb the local news and submit the info up to these sites. You would never know about such things and just how prevalent it is unless we had the Internet to keep track of it all. Just a few minutes of scrolling through the page upon page of totally disgusting murders, rapes, child molestation and absolutely astounding acts of moral depravity will convince you that blacks can truly be one sick and twisted bunch.

Hell, it doesn’t take only American stories to prove that one. Where do sex diseases usually originate? Africa. The place is a virus and microbe-infected jungle paradise, with a primate population barely out of that jungle to begin with. These nasty pervert blacks are the disease “vectors” for the rest of humanity and the world. Quite literally.

Young boys in African herding tribes still perform cunnilingus on cows to get them ready to mate with a bull. They also bath in cow urine and roll around in dried cow feces to ward off flies and bugs, but still suffer from all sorts of disgusting diseases. How sick is all that?

Although the “Politically Correct” establishment frowns on discussing just how AIDS made it’s toe-hold in humans — it’s too easy to draw a non-PC line about blacks  —  it arose out of Africa, jumped over to the cesspools of Haiti before making it to the Western world via a Negro Haitian immigrant. Some have traced AIDS back to African truck drivers on the Kenshasha highway, who would frequent black prostitutes and engage in unprotected anal sodomy with them. They got their rocks off this way because they literally believed that such sex acts would not violate their marital vows!

Whatever path AIDS used to get here, we do indeed have seriously sick African sexual behavior to thank for it.

And the Senate has now voted for you, the American Tax Payers, to spend forty-one billion for HIV medications around the world, but mostly in Africa! That’s YOUR MONEY for them to engage in these kinds of acts. Can you imagine all this? First, we’re giving away over 10 plus billion a year to Israel, 10-18 billion a month in Iraq and now the traitors in Washington are paying out this kind of change to Africa to expensively medicate perverted Jungle Negroes (remember there is no cure).

Just think about the health care insurance and highway maintenance we could have in the US with that money. We’re the ones being screwed!

Some African men with AIDS, or what they call the “slim” disease, actually believe having sex with young, virginal girls will rid themselves of HIV. That’s why we have increasingly young girls (many barely out of being toddlers) coming down with AIDS — girls even less than 9 years old. Occasionaly, these girls are just raped along whatever jungle pathway they are found. Rape in the Congo, from AIDS sufferers, or rebel soldiers just too long in the jungle, is now at epidemic levels.

But that’s not all folks. Oh no. African men are now engaging in Bestiality in an effort to avoid getting the slim disease. That’s right. One tribesmen was caught having sex with a goat and the Village Elders actually forced him to marry the goat by paying a dowry to the goat’s owner! The man went along with it and lived as “husband and goat” until the poor goat died last year.

As a nation, us Whites are funding these nasty jungle practices — all because of the bleeding-heart liberals, government traitors, Jewish-owned Western Media and diversity mavens who want us to feel sorry for them, no matter what they do.

And here in this country, we are literally being forced to put up with all of this crap, by those people behind the curtain who are doing everything possible to divide us politically and distract the white “Silent Majority,” as they turn the US of A into a land not far removed from what you have just read about Africa. The media never reports on such matters because it would cast doubt on the whole farce called “Diversity” and anger white America when they put two and two together about it all. Even the white liberals might reevaluate things (or maybe not, knowing those braindead).

Blacks and Whites both, are being played for suckers in this whole thing. Black’s behavior and society would’ve been more civilized in this country had they not been so exposed to the level of media perversions (think about it!) slowly being introduced over the last 40 years; that can be directly traced to Zionist, Jewish extremists and their inner, atavistic hatred of the “Goyim.” These Zionists are THE major race in charge of Hollywood and even the smut business. Which they fully admit to, often even brag about. They really could care less about the morals of any “Goyim” as they arrogantly call all blacks, Whites and every other race but themselves.

In addition to the inner satisfaction and money-making of the whole business, this pushing of violence and immorality corresponds well with some major elements of the Jewish Orthodoxy over-all plans (one example you’ve never heard about are the Chabad-Lubavitchers). One wonders just how far it goes with these people, most likely even as far as the ultra-rich, powerful Jews in Banking and Finance, like in the Federal Reserve, who believe in these very things:

This explains how a devout Orthodox Jew and head of the Anti-Defamation League, Abe Foxman, can rationalize being a man of prayer and piety and yet energetically promote homosexuality and immorality among the “goyim.” According to the Zohar’s reasoning, causing “travail” among the Gentiles such as Communism, wars, financial panic, media corruption of society, breakup of families, abortion, pornography, and homosexuality is necessary to bring about a great good. The Talmud and Zohar teach that this period of “birth pangs” among the Gentiles will eventually recede as humanity is ushered into a new age of Judaic enlightenment—in which belief in one true God and observance of His laws will prevail over the “confusion” of Christian “polytheism.” Read more here!

These Jewish extremists have an instinctual urge for corrupting us Goyim — all the while making huge profits by following the overall Orthodox (Ashkhenazi Talmudic) and the Global Zionist Agenda. Only by coming together and putting a stop to these totally evil people, can we ever hope to climb out of the sickness hole that these Zionists have been digging for us, Black and White.

People may ask, if you think this way, then why do you give the blacks so much hell? Good question. But as the INCOG MAN, I must tell it like it is, holding nothing back and letting the chips fall where they may. Yeah, I’m disgusted by black perversions, just as much as I’m disgusted by the White perverts. Go ask my little buddies (NOT!), those sicko White Homos. I’ve exposed the nasty ways of those Pillow-Biters often here on my blog. Check out my “Homos and Sickos” topics — they don’t get any break from me just because they’re white, at all!

I have to lay it all out, just so you’ll know how the US media and liberals are playing the Zionist’s head games about the Evil Whitey. If I’m sometimes a little crude, well, I get a bit torqued about it all. Call me a SOB — I’m just telling it like it is.

— Phillip Marlowe

NEXT, the conclusion to the series: What You Don’t Know or Will Not Talk About!

US Department of Health and Human Resources Administration for Children and Families Figure 2-5 shows that the rate for sexual maltreatment of children in a black family during the year 1996 was 1.9 times that of whites (math breakdown).

The Jewish Quarterly on Pornography and the Jews

NOTE! All the Jew extremists and Zionists spoken about here are mostly from the Khazar tribe originating from southern Russia (called the Ashkhenazi), who converted in the mid-8th century, AD. Not the true Israelites of the Bible nor the Torah Jews (Neturei Karta). These interlopers have donned the cloak of Judaism, yet have retained ancient criminal and parasitic functions among the Gentile nations. Over the centuries, their behavior has caused the Gentile host populations to rise up and throw them bodily out. This has happened about 79 times. Now, wealthy, Zionistic elements of them have control of important and powerful parts of America and other White Nations, as well as having their own stolen country in the Mideast that we’re now completely beholden to — no matter what they do to us or what they make us do to the world for them. According to their Talmud, we are nothing but “Goyim” or cattle to them.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  9. Black History Month SAD Reality


    (Nearly half of ALL reported syphilis and chlamydia cases, and more than 70% of all reported gonorrhea cases and about half of all new HIV infections are among Black Americans and yet they are only 12% of the U.S. Population.)


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    The Mossad jew I once knew told me in a nutshell-“what the jews want is to lower all the standards.”

    What God wants us to do is make and live by higher standards-to become more like him-less like the jews.

    That proves to me that the jews are the antichrist.

    The blacks started to really go down hill when they started to believe the jews(who hate blacks) were their allies-theirf friends and would benefit them.
    they trusted the antichrist-they are finished.

    so it will be for anyone who aligns themselves with the jews-they will fall into the abyss-into everlasting darkness-hell.

    Cops made a grisly discovery in a (negro) mom’s kitchen Wednesday, finding the woman’s burned 3-year-old son dead in the oven.

    Terrie Robinson, 24, was arrested and charged with murdering her son, Tristan, in Greenville, Miss.

    Washington County coroner Methel Johnson said Tristan suffered head trauma, but he was still trying to determine whether the child was dead before being placed in the oven.

    “This is a really sad moment for me. I’ve seen a lot of things, but this is one that will stick in my memory for a long, long time,” Johnson told The Associated Press.

    The coroner said a young girl was found in the home and placed in protective care.

    Robinson’s sister, Sherrie, told local TV station WXVT her family is in shock.

    “She was a great parent, a good person. We don’t know what’s wrong. We don’t know what happened,” Sherrie Robinson said through tears.

    “All we can do is cry and pray.”


    How could anyone leave their child with a jew? jews are pure destructive evil. jews should be kept from any children-not even allowed to have their own.
    do not ever trust the antichrist.

    A family trip to SeaWorld turned into a nightmare for two parents after a (jew) man allegedly raped their 2-year-old daughter and saved pictures of the horrific crime on his cell phone, authorities said Friday.

    Michael Grzybowicz, of Cocoa Beach Fla., has been held without bail in the Brevard County Jail since Saturday.

    The 26-year-old allegedly molested the child Feb. 17 while her parents were on a ride. He had gone to the Orlando amusement park with the family, and the little girl’s mother had asked him to watch the child, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

    Police told WKMG that Grzybowicz was a co-worker of the girl’s mother.

    The crime was discovered after photographs of the alleged rape were found on the suspect’s phone. He had e-mailed the photos to his personal Yahoo account.

    The four photographs found on the phone clearly show the violation of the little girl, who was wearing diaper and a yellow sun dress while riding in a stroller, according to records.

    Grzybowicz, a cook at a restaurant in Melbourne, told investigators he didn’t know how the photos got onto his cell phone, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

    The girl’s mother told authorities she had left her daughter alone with Grzybowicz for about 10 minutes while she and her boyfriend went on an amusement ride.

    “Nothing is more important than the safety and welfare of our guests, and our team members are trained to report any kind of suspicious behavior,” Sea World said in a statement. “Illegal behavior of any type is not tolerated at our parks. Our thoughts are with the family at this very difficult time.”

    Grzybowicz has been jailed since Saturday on charges of possessing child pornography.

    Cops are looking into the possibility that Grzybowciz had molested another child under the age of 12 in case unrelated the latest incident at SeaWorld.


  39. KatE says:

    To all the ones who thinks the jews and black americans are to blame.

  40. KatE says:

    The evil in a human is not determined by the color of their skin, any physical appearance, heritage, background or religion. there is people with evil in their soul in every race and religion. stop finding a scapegoat since the hate is fueling the problems with us. we dont know how to laugh or when to take action when needed. people resort to any form of racism just to find a scapegoat for their problems or their own kind. i trust my doctor who is african american, i have friends of all religions catholic, christian, atheist and jewish. religion suppose to promote peace and instead causes genocides and holy wars not needed. with all the postings of white people getting killed its honestly the racist fault. all religions and races have racist beliefs of all kinds and it needs to stop so we can finally live without fear.

  41. t bone says:

    go back to watching your sienfeld re-runs.
    If you come here, either learn a thing or 2 before you post or just shut the fuck up.

  42. Greg says:

    KatE probably prefers MTV and ABC Family shows t bone. Her IQ is at the teeny bopper level.

  43. AB says:

    Dump Israel, and then what, keep ISIS?

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