Everything to Live For: Nothing For Them To Kill


Eve Carson, Lauren Burk, Jennifer Vincek, Kate Beagley, Imette St. Giullen, Emily Willegal: Six beautiful, young White women, six brutal and virtually random killings.

You think that this couldn’t happen to you? These girls probably felt the same way. They may even have felt that being wary is all “racist” and that blacks are just like all of us. If they did, they couldn’t have been more mistaken. Now they rot under the earth, simply because some random Negro just hated Whitey, just wanted something or other fast, and that was enough to steal their precious lives from them.

Make clear note: Quite a few of them really and truly do hate you enough to end your life in the twinkling of an eye. They could care less about your political beliefs. That would just give them a laugh.

Just think about this for a minute: Two of the crimes (stories below) only happened within the last 48 hours. They caught my eye simply because of the girls being in college and beautiful. I started to write this post within hours of the actual killings, before any news of the perp’s race was even out yet. I posted this at 12:01 PM [3/8], but had it ready the night before. Hell, I even went ahead and did all the photoshop work in advance (above).

But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or CSI to figure this one out, anymore, people. Nine times out of ten, it’ll be a black guy or sometimes an illegal alien non-White. I’ll add updates to this post (below) as more details emerge.

Also, it’s because this kind of thing happens all too frequently these days and the hypocrisy surrounding the subject reeks. Yeah, I know I sound like a broken record here, but these kinds of crimes would forever be replayed (often years into the future) if it was some white guy who did this. But no, since it’s a black, we’ll hear about it only briefly and then it’ll just go away. Just like the lives of these girls.

The national news is now covering the Carson and Burk case, as I write this [3/7/08]. They don’t know who really did the crimes (which is why they are reporting it) nor have many clues come forward, but the victims are tragic enough to warrant media mention. But let’s see how they handle it when the perp’s race is discovered. As an experiment in real-time media observations. Let’s just see what happens with the coverage, shall we?

They’ll never call these hate crimes — oh no. That’s always reserved for us evil White people, you know. No, these will be described as “garden-variety” crimes, as usual. Some big-time newspaper editor once told me that. These girls, at the time of their deaths, could have cared less about any fine distinctions. They just wanted to live. I mean, what difference does it really make at the time? The “hate crime” nomenclature is nothing but a political tool designed to placate blacks and for use by the White-Anti-White liberals and Jew Extremists to further cow angry white people into toeing the PC line.

And make no mistake, these crimes are more evil then all the “oppression” whining that we have to listen to 24/7. The difference is that these beautiful girls happen to be white, hence no real outrage from the anti-Racist crowd. The big-mouth liberals in America will only pay scant lip-service to black-on-white crimes; usually only decrying violence in general but really could care less about it when the perps happen to turn up black. And they’d just assume that you’ll never say anything about that fact. Because if you dare bring it up, then it’s you they’ll call evil and racist.

And don’t think that gun control is the answer. Three of these crimes occurred without firearms. Nor poverty or the tired, worn-out excuse: “They’re always so oppressed by evil Whitey.” No, this was the work of violent and spoiled Negroes, who both want something fast and hate white people to begin with. You can spout all the liberal mumbo-jumbo you want to about it, but in the end, black SOB’s like this would “put a cap” into any one of you liberals or smash your face in with a baseball bat, should they get the chance.

Just face the facts, people: Blacks are like this, whether you want to fantasize about some kind of “Multicult Utopia” where all the races are all happily dancing together in some green meadow, with clouds drifting by in the bright blue sky. It’s not going to happen. Many of them will ruthlessly take advantage of you being some white liberal chump, just so they can steal anything you have — often even your life.

EVEOBAMAFLAGEve Carson at some kind of pro-Cuban or Castro rally showing her “Diversity” spirit: “It’s that magic word that seems to be included in every discussion about trends in higher education – diversity.”–From a UNC article on the candidates for student body president. Read here

UNC Chancellor: “Eve was just the most wonderful young woman you would ever want to know.”

March 7, 2008: Eve Carson was the University of North Carolina Student body president. Popular, smart, good-looking, active with her fellow students and helpful to minorities, of course. Here’s what she had to say about the “Diversity” BS that ended up killing her:

“Extend “Diversity Week” by having numerous activities like “Mix it Up” days in which students and faculty members are encouraged to sit with members of a different ethnicity.”  — From Eve Carson’s Platform for Student Body President website. Read website here

Student President KilledAnd all that wonderful diversity talk didn’t help her one iota when two black guys wanted her wheels and ATM card. At some point, they may have been in her car and then just decided to take it — sans young, white, “rich-bitch” owner. Yet they still took a moment to put a few rounds into her, one in her right temple, and then left her to die in the street like a dog.

A 911 caller said they heard 3 shots and a women screaming, so she must have known her fate or was crying out in pain as the feral blacks gunned her down. They may have even tried to rape her, shot her when she screamed, then administered the “coup de grace” bullet to her head silencing her forever.

Notice how the newspaper reports kept bringing up the fact that it occurred in a “up-scale” neighborhood, like all the yellow journalists were silently hoping and wishing it wasn’t, once again, another “oppressed minority” who committed such a foul act — just so they could run non-stop about the crime and write politically correct stories about the evil white man killer. What a sorry joke on us white Americans, anymore. Read more here

CARSON SUSPECTS 2It was these two feral blacks, Lawrence Lovette and Demario Atwater, Jr., who shot Eve Carson to death like a dog in the street. Some “diversity spirit,” huh?

SEE MY SEPARATE UPDATE POST: Carson’s Feral Negro Killers Busted!


Young and Beautiful, but now quite dead:courtney_lockhart 2

“She was just one of the biggest sweethearts. Friendly to everyone, outstanding and she loved to laugh” a friend said.

March 6, 2008: 24 year-old Auburn University Freshman Lauren Burk was found splayed out on the side of the highway, shot once in the head. The beautiful young girl died shortly after. Her car was later found torched on a campus parking lot — another hallmark of black criminality. Read more here

And it appears that Lauren, too, was equally fooled by all the liberal, pro-black nonsense — helping causes in Africa, for crying out loud. Why can’t any of these liberals help out their own race for a change? The media would make her out as a racist if she supported any white causes, that’s why. Note, how her liberal parents go along with all this stupid crap, even when their very own flesh and blood was viciously slain by one of these misplaced Africans:

“The Burks also directed financial donations to the Lauren Burk Memorial Fund. The money will go toward finding Burk’s murderer. Any leftover funds will be given to the Invisible Child, an organization Lauren Burk was involved with that supports starving children in Africa.”

This is the mindset of the deluded “diversity” liberals, people. No matter what is done to them, they still cling to their beliefs and could care less about other White people suffering these kinds of crime. They think this is just the rare occurance that happened to them! Read on for more.

The Negro Courtney Lockhart (pictured on right) was arrested after brutally pistol-whipping a 72 year-old white woman (can you imagine that?), whom he attempted to kidnap and probably kill as well. The only reason she survived is that a witness was nearby, prompting the Negro to take to his heels! After being nabbed, evidence was found in his car implicating him to Burk’s murder.


Both White lives didn’t matter one whit:RAMSUER, ANDREW

December 2007: 28 year-old hometown girl, Jennifer Vincek, had two young babies at home and a job as a convenience store clerk in Statesville, NC. One night, the 19 year-old black, Andrew Ramseur, from a middle-class family — not at all poor and “oppressed” — walked in and demanded the money from her. After handing it over, the evil little punk shot her in the arm, turned and shot dead a 52 year-old White customer in the chest, who just happened to be in the store at the time getting his morning coffee. She tried crawling away to safety, but he shot her once again in the back for no reason, killing the young mother. Read more here


White Girl “Stabs Herself” 31 Times on First Date:Taylor, Karl

May, 2007: Well-loved and respected British girl, Kate Beagley, had a date for drinks with a man that our society now tells everyone is just A-OK. Not just OK, but to be commended even! How non-racist of you ladies to consider black men to be worthy of your socializing and maybe even more, so goes the Multicult Mavens who completely slink away when real-life stories like this come out.

When 32 year-old Ms. Beagley met personal fitness trainer Karl Taylor for a drink, little did she realize her black date was packing a sharp knife up his sleeve. For real. Taking her to a park bench, Mr. Taylor asked her for the keys to her car and she refused. In a fury, he lashed out at her with the knife, jabbing her in the face, neck and upper torso 31 times simply for denying him her wheels. Later, the lying Negro tries to tell the court that Kate was despondent and “had committed suicide in front of him by prodding her head forward onto the knife after tearfully telling him of her problems.”

He actually said that and expected everyone to believe him.

Taylor said: “I realised she passed away. I was crying profusely. I lay on the grass and looked at the sky.” Later, Mr. Taylor takes her bloodied body in that car he wanted, disrobes the body and dumps her naked out in the cold woods. He gives her cell phone to a friend (they love cell phones so much). Read more here


Terms of his Release: LITTLEJOHN, DARYL

Febuary 2006: The body of graduate student, Imette St. Guillen, is found by the roadside in Brooklyn, NY. She was raped and had died due to suffocation from a sock stuffed deep in her mouth, her head tightly wrapped in packing tape and her hands and feet tightly bound with heavy-duty plastic ties (can you imagine?). A totally evil Negro bar bouncer, Daryl Littlejohn, out on parole with the Federal Government, had followed her after she left a SoHo bar. He was finally ID’d after attempting to abduct some other women off the street.

The ridiculous Negro tried to claim later at his trial that he was framed by an unnamed “Godfather” and ex-NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The victim’s mother just last month initiated suit papers for the government’s failure to monitor this animal. “Under his terms of release, he was not supposed to be working at a bar,” said Christopher Lang, one of St. Guillen’s attorneys. “If he hadn’t been put in that position, Imette wouldn’t have been murdered.” Read more here


At the wrong place, at the wrong time — outside:WARD

January 2003: Beautiful, 24 year-old Emily Willegal was walking from her car to her apartment, in Milwaukee WI, when a random Negro came up to her and smashed her across the head with a tire iron, knocking her out cold. Kimani Ward just happened to need a little money to buy gas. Dragging her back to his truck, he then raped the bloody girl but couldn’t finish the act. So instead, he smashed her head in. Later, he dumped the bloody, half-naked girl in an alleyway, still barely alive. She was found clinging to life the next day by some kids, only to die shortly thereafter. He stole $11 for gas and her life. Read more here


These kind of people can’t even live with their own kind without committing violence. Look at Africa, for crying out loud. Killing and rape is now virtually rampant in places like Zimbabwe and South Africa, countries that just a few years ago were peaceful and prosperous with Whites at the helm.

Same thing is happening in many cities in America. Once blacks take over cities, crime goes off the charts, buildings fall apart, streets fill with trash. Oh, some of the cars may have nice rims and liquor sales are strong, alright. Look at Detroit, Philadelphia and even our nation’s capital, Washington DC. When the blacks take over city government, neighborhoods become war zones and blacks spend their time shooting each other and getting high.

Should you accidentally drive through parts of these cities, you could literally pay with your life. But it’s not just in places like this. Many areas outside of these cities can be equally dangerous at any time. Even college campuses that have black students or black areas nearby. I’ve personally witnessed two shootings and had a pistol displayed to me in a menacing manner — and that’s just from when I was in college!

You think I make this up? You just go to the wrong place in the nearest city and sooner or later you’ll have a similar experience (but may not survive) that will tell you I’m straight-up and all the liberal high and mighty words are nothing but BS after all. Always have been.

Blacks are a deadly danger and the sooner we face up to the fact, the better. Some Whites happen to be lucky enough to live in places where blacks are few and far between; they think it’s all nothing to worry about while they preach down to us, making themselves the biggest hypocrites on the planet, next to the socially corrosive Jews, of course — who are really the ones who brought on all this BS to this country in the first dam place.

That’s right, it was lefty and Marxist Jews earlier in the last century, who callously directed their efforts at black empowerment and invented the “civil rights” movement (NAACP was a total creation of Commie Jews); all to purposefully to weaken the white Anglo-Saxon political hold in America. They never did it out of any real sense of altruism for blacks. It’s these exact same Jew racial reasons that are fueling immigration of non-Whites today. Check out all the ADL and SPLC anti-White and anti-Patriot “Xenophobe” and “Nazi” slander they sling at Americans against illegal immigration.

Do the math on these people!

Now, I do know that regular Jews, even like poor Lauren Burk who was half-Jewish, are just as much victims of all this, as the rest of us. But it’s really the big-mouthed Jew Supremacists, self-hating White Liberals and all the “Tikkun Olam” Jew freaks who have supported all this “Diversity” mess to begin with — out of inner racial paranoia over white people — even us white Americans who once fought Hitler.

Blacks and crime are a symptom — not the real disease behind it all.

Now, all of us whites have to live with this mess and now risk being killed or having a loved one killed, just like the girls above, by some random black monster, and all due to Jewish meddling and paranoia about whites being the majority in their own countries. Simply put, we’ll never be able to deal with the black problem until we break the back of Jewish media power in this country. If not, then this country is through.

And the Negro has totally failed at his opportunity to live in a civilized world and deserves to be shown the door.

— Phillip Marlowe

NOTE! I purposefully did these 4 other stories in conjunction with the breaking news about Carson and Burk, as a way to show you that this kind of thing happens more often than you know. Plus, these particular crimes had disgusting details and occurred relatively recently. But make no mistake, you do not have to be young and beautiful to be a target. Blacks will rape and kill the most elderly of White women. See my post on “Hush” crimes against Whites of 2007 here. Also, just imagine if the races were reversed for all 6 stories here. Then it would be on the news 24/7 and entire cities would now be going up in flames. Think about that one!



The Race War of Blacks Against Whites

Read here about the Jew’s philosophy of “Tikkun Olam” where they have been arrogantly destroying the white, Western nations with all their social engineering gambits: Tikkun Olam: Just the Ticket to Trash America

The first post in my series on black crime in the US: What You Don’t Know Could Get You Killed which goes into the numbers of crimes against white people. I suggest you read it, to get a big picture of the problem facing whites in this country today. My other posts in this series:

What You Don’t Know Could Get You Raped

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What You Don’t Know WILL Make You Retch

What You Don’t Know or Will Not Talk About!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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88 Responses to Everything to Live For: Nothing For Them To Kill

  1. psyn says:

    Yeah, more taunting from you. Like I have said before(and you did not respond to), it does not take alot of ‘guts’ to make threats from behind your keyboard….

    Whites have been killing blacks for decades, the bombings in Montgomery, the death of Emmett Till (for the ‘crime’ of whistling at a white woman), the lynchings that occured in the south with no convictions ever sought or obtained, the Tuskegee experiments where blacks were not treated for syphillis…..and on and on….

    By the way the killlings I cite were motivated explicitly by race….something that you cannot prove in the cases you indiscrimantly cite.

    All of your rage is pretty odd considering that we brought blacks here by force….maybe you should direct your anger at the whites and their descendents who purchased blacks in the first place, but then that would force you to burn that confederate flag you have in your basement right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    psyn, do you ever hold the Jews accountable?

  3. psyn says:

    For what?
    If you are talking about the slave trade then consider this, without a demand by white europeans there would have been nothing to trade right? Whites wanted black slaves and got them? Why was that?
    It is something incogman and the other racists on this board never address….

    In regard to my use of the term ‘whites’, you make the mistake of assuming that I condemn ALL whites for what happened, I do not. I condemn the racist attitudes that prevailed at the time. I do not believe that only whites can be racist. Which by the way,is unlike you and incogman…..You posit that jews are acting as a group in some grand conspirancy and use that belief to codemn all jews.

    You also posit, that blacks are inferior, bestial and sub human…you condemn them all…..

    Get it?

  4. Anonymous says:

    There you have it incogman, psyn refuses to hold the Jews accountable for anything. That’s all you need to know.

  5. don Robison says:

    Truth is we are not all equal. Blacks are underrepresented in the schools and overrepresented in the prisons. Its just a fact.

    “that blacks are inferior, bestial and sub human”

    If you truly believe all races are equal, go move to africa. Atleast you won’t have to deal with us horrible racists, anymore. Here is another glimpse of reality for you. No one moves to africa, immigration is only an issue in white socities. why? Incog is trying to explain this to you.

  6. Voir Dire says:

    Whites wanted black slaves and got them? Why was that? –psyn

    At the HEIGHT of slavery with the U.S. population a tiny minutae of its current 300 million, a mere 8% of Southerners owned slaves, and Jews were also disproportionate (relative to their numbers) in their ownership of slaves.

    What you call “racism,” we call racial realism and IQ research and statistics bear out everything that incogman writes about. What you call “racism” is really ethnocentrism which is merely a preference for one’s own – a universal, immutable trait for survival. Only Whites are forced to suppress it, and are demonized and criminalized by laws if they dare to exercise what is taken for granted by ALL others who are lauded, applauded and have our tax dollars extracted to reward this instinctive behavior.

    Does it mean absolutely anything to you at all that only the Western/White world mounted principled arguments against slavery which led to its eventual abolition though the institution had existed since time immemorial and is still practised by other cultures to this day?

    Indeed slavery is still being practised, but you are too brainwashed to see who your masters are that steal the value of your labor through their control of our monetary policy, ownership of the Federal Reserve, and runaway inflation by creating monopoly money out of thin air. It would be too much to think you could see the bigger issues here instead of belabouring the slavery of old. I will take the liberty yet again of posting my favorite, chilling essay whose brilliant author may have unwittingly written the perfect, succinct piece for waking our people up:

    This remains the most clever, bone-chilling, spine-tingling, unsparing, unflinching post and analysis of an article entitled “The Untold Story of White Slavery” I ever came across for the year or so I spent blogging on American Renaissance. It raised the hair on the back of my neck while reading it:

    “I am gratified that FINALLY amren has focused on the one subject that is relevant to EVERY topic that is posted here: white slavery — and its been a long time coming! By that I mean the topic of white slavery is analogous to the elusive ” theory of everything ” – the unified field theory which physicists and scientists have long struggled to attain. Those of you with a mathematical bent will know what I mean in terms of implicit and explicit deductions following from postulates and theorems. Here goes : Theorem ( backed by empirical fact ): White slavery is ongoing, flourishing as never before in our modern times; and it has actually never ended ( they only want you to believe that black slavery has ended ). P: 90% of whites know nothing about it. Therefore: D1: There must be a media / educational blackout about the topic for at least several generations; ergo, whites have not been in control of their media since at least the end of WWII, perhaps earlier. D2: The educated 5% who ARE aware of it are powerless to disseminate this knowledge to the general public; either economically unable, or facing deadly sanctions if they do so. D3: The elite group who do NOT want this known to the public are much more powerful, unified, and focused than those who do, and their interests are antagonistic to that of whites in general. D4 : The 5% who become accidentally privy to this and intelligent enough to grasp the horrifying implications, are frozen into inaction, and resort to denial and wishful thinking. They realize that they have been lied to and manipulated into acting AGAINST their self – interest for several generations, and that they can’t explain their OWN willful ignorance in facilitating it. D5 : This 5% also realizes that the same powerful enemy has brainwashed their own children into false guilt, making them pliable politically to act against their own interest. D6 : That this sophisticated criminal element has infiltrated and corrupted the highest levels of government, and that they would not hesitate to target his own children into slavery if they thought they could get away with it without significant consequence ( Mass immigration, outsourcing of jobs, taxation of the productive for the benefit of the uncompetitive being merely parallel forms of dispossession ). D7 : That it is only a matter of time before this overt white slavery threat will lap into the average white man’s sphere of concern ( that of his own family )— i.e. first the millions of weak, defenseless, helpless women/children victims of eastern Europe, then on to the progressively weakening western Europeans( perhaps 10 – 20 years from now ) , and then finally to the poor whites of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. If this sounds like wild fantasy, its only because your mind cannot handle the ominous implications of the raw truth; indeed it touches on your deepest, worst fears and nightmares; the idea that whites are NOT in control in the way they think they are; that the Rubicon of failure and defeat may have been crossed a long time ago, and that all you are witnessing now are the flames of disaster flickering in the REAR VIEW MIRROR. It explains why the most enthusiastic posters on this site will not touch this topic ( white slavery ) with a ten foot pole.”
    Posted by WS at 11:09 PM on September 9

  7. Chet says:

    Well, I just found out the the little sh*tass who killed a close friend of mine is now off death row and is a lifer. What a shame. The deceased was a remarkable, easygoing, kind guy who worked his way through college waiting tables. He was eventually hired on into the L&N/Morrison’s Manager Training and sent to Mobile, AL where one night:
    Waitress: “We’re being robbed.”
    Manager (chuckling): “Is this a joke?”
    16 year old killer: “This ain’t no f**king joke!”
    BAM. Kneejerk shot. Bullet enters the cheek and goes right through the back of his head.

    The kid runs, gets caught, and when the judge tells him he’s going to die, he runs screaming like a bitch from the courtroom. It was 1989-1990. Now, the libs want you to think he’s oh, so sweet. Bullsh*t. Ultracrap.

  8. Barney says:

    Just a quick one, Incogman.

    Why not do that article you mentioned above, showing old or otherwise “unattractive” victims of black crime? I’m sure there’s no lack of material, and it would show it’s not only the good-looking ones who need to be careful – or that we care about.

  9. Barney says:

    Thanks for that Incogman. I’ll go and read it now.

    I still haven’t finished exploring your site since discovering it a few weeks ago. You’re doing an excellent job in exposing the disparity in reporting – and in identifying the source of our problems. There aren’t enough people with the guts to do that.

  10. Donna says:

    HEY anonymous, sounds like you have a real f—g problem with everything in life, not just white people, you need a taste of your own crap wish I knew who u were, I would give it to, WHERE IT REALLY HURTS, u need to stay off the dam computer, u are talking out of your stupid , ugly, idiot ass.YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!!for a nigger animal like RAMSEUR and what he did , he DOES AND will get the DEATH PENALTY. HE shot a Mother of 3 while she was CRAWLING on the florr to get away from this anmial and she lost, he has no remorse or feelings. He has ripped 2 familes lives apart . onlly to get 100.00 to buy some dam drugs. Wish he had somthing else up his CRACK

  11. Vivnek Family says:

    The person who SHOT and KILLED our Jennifer is/was a dam nigger animal and not a human being and deserves to get what he gave her and mr. Peck

  12. McDaniel Family Friends says:

    Vincek Family, u got that that right, RAMSEUR IS A COCK ROACH

  13. McDaniel Family Friends says:

    Vincek Family, u got that that right, RAMSEUR IS A COCK ROACH and Jennifer was BEAUTIFUL

  14. Vincek Family Friends says:

    VOIR DOIR, You sure have alot of usless crap to say, spend your long pages writing about INNOCENT , CARING Mothers getting blown away like animals by animals for no reason.

    The ass that killed Jennifer VINCEK , well his trial will be a media circus and he WILL GET DEATH< HIS LIFE IS OVER

  15. Anonymous says:

    You racist prick, i hope you burn in the tenth dimension of hell. Many white people have had their fair share in killing people. Just because white girls were killed by black men doesn’t mean anything…death/murder happens everyday…and personally i don’t give a fuck. And before you try going all you’re a “negro” on me i’m white. Many white people fucked the world over too. Example: Hitler-killed millions…you probably don’t care from what i gathered you’re predjudiced against jewish people too. Summing this all up…fuck you, you biases’ prick, fuck off and get a life instead of being a racist bastard. Have fun with your no-friends not getting laid life. ASSHOLE!!!

  16. Black MALES are BORN violent. They just are. The statistics from LA to NY to Detroit to Philly to Atlanta to Dallas to Oakland to Milwaukee to St Louis to Minneapolis to Baltimore and every where in between are CONSITENTLY dominated in violence by ONE group. BLACK MALES.

    What pizzes me off more than that is the fact that the MEDIA gives the spotlight to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for weeks when a white guy Don Imus makes a VERBAL JOKE. And when a black WHORE stripper accuses a whole Duke lacrosse team (except the one black player) of rape. Days after day they gave the camera and microphone to the black accusors who made racist claims left and right against white society and the judicial system.

    But what happened when the accusor was proven a liar and recanted her story?

    Why was race NEVER EVER mentioned in the media when these white girls were slaughtered by the BLACK MALE PRIMATES?

    What about the Wichita Massacre? What about the Knoxville black on white rape and murders???????

    The media is MUCH to blame here, as they were for making Obama into a fake star.

  17. Nemesys says:

    Hey Anon Nigger – Hitler never killed anyone. And EVERY White girl that has ever lived (excluding the Mud Sharks) is worth more than all the Nigs that have ever disgraced Planet Earth.

  18. Nemesys says:

    Any you ARE a Nigger, Anon. You are.

  19. American says:

    Anon better start making some very important decisions, b/c we won’t take any dead weight.

    I’d rather not care for him.

  20. Adolfhitle says:

    there are good, and the bad ones. Mets not all the world in the same bag, its sad… but i agree this fokin africain need to DIE ! but… but…

    do you know what one should do of people like you? i speak about racism …

    one should put to you in acid, you to make cook in ebullient oil

    all people like you, of largest with smallest, really you do not deserve to exist.
    I am African and I am shocked by what you known as

    at the same time your place I have will be similar….

    bandage of son of bitch 🙂

    I will not return to read this message, to be to you too idiotic, and weak. I do not speak with corpse, then did not hesitate has to speak has to insult me. bandage of white rots Toubab ! TOUBAB

  21. truthseeker says:

    frankly, I don’t give a shit about these white females – and I’m a white male. Do you guys realize what these white c**** do to men each and every day? The false rape accusations, the efforts to destroy lives, the desire to demonize their own men and the unborn? Who, really and truly, gives a fuck about white females? They are absolutely horrible human beings – so I just shrug when the negro targets them.

  22. bk says:

    besides, these vaginas probably thought it would be “progressive” to fuck a darkie – and, boy, they sure did get fucked, didn’t they?

    ha ha ha


    • incogman says:

      Fine, BK, say what you want. But how about keeping 1 name here? Jews are always trying to do a change up here, so they can spout their drivel.

      And besides, it’s the Jews who have brought all this on. Get with the program.

  23. White Master says:

    Jews, White liberals, and niggers!

    Boy is that a f*****g all-star team or what?? LOL!!!

    Unfortuantely girls like these that get raped and or murdered reap the nightmares of what they support. They are programmed like a computer to spout off meaningless diversity bullshit, with not an original thought in their heads.

    It is frustrating to see Whites walking blindfolded down this path. If they had true wisdom and understanding, they would want niggers and other non-whites the hell out of White nations.

    It is hilarious I must say to listen to liberal idiots. They think they are so damn sophisticated and intelligent… damn idiots can’t even tell the difference between a White man and a dark gorilla man.

    Perfect scenario for braindead White liberal superfreaks: All racially aware White people separate from the dead heads and let them live with just niggers and mexicans without any contact with us.

    It would not be long before you libtards come running to us, crying apologies for your stupidity.

    Damn Jews!!!

  24. I did not know that a site like this exited. Wish we could get all of you together and put you over seas where you belong (iraq). To use the “n” word is wrong. and even tho some of the people you talked about are dead and killed by black men it was wrong. How can you talk about black people that way. Why dont you just go where we are not at and live happy? Better yet, just kill yourselfs and not worry about it anymore!

  25. kerdasi amaq says:

    We’ll just have to draw a line on map. Whites on one side of the line, everybody else, niggers, and nigger loving jews in particular on the other side. Pee Cee nigger-hugging liberal shitheads do not count as white, anymore.

    Segregation is the way to go.(Hi Gnasher)

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