Reality Check: The Real Reverend Wright Business


Both of these Democratic contenders have claimed undying loyalty to the State of Israel before the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). So has John McCain. They get nowhere unless they do. But who does the real Zionist Power Structure really trust the most?

p_feature_wright.jpgHey! All you Uppity Blacks and delirious White Obama Zombies listen up: You think all this Reverend Jeremiah Wright BS is the work of Evil Whitey man? You know, that secret “Massa” out there, who’s always “oppressing” you so? Think again. The real “powers that be” have had all this stuff for quite some time now and are just bringing it out as cover in the attempt to put Hillary back in front. Call it “The Obama Bomb” that they’ve had in their back pocket. You think it’s all coincidence that it’s just coming out now? What a joke.

Face it: We’re all being screwed — us regular Whiteys too. Look, you know well that I’m not some kind of bud to black people, at all. Hell, you folks all probably call me a racist (I’m a pro-white Racialist). But get this homies: Both Blacks and Whites are being manipulated quite openly right now. Yeah, I’m no Barack Obama fan, whatsoever. But neither do I like Hillary Clinton (I can’t stand the White Bitch) and I don’t give a dam that she’s white or what’s between her legs — she’s a Demo-Commie first and a white race traitor. And she lies right to our faces about bringing the troops home from Iraq.

However, she’s been tapped by the Globalists, her real owners (our Massas, too), for the Presidency — way back before Obama was even a blip on their radar screen. There’s an old adage that fits the thinking at this stage: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Which is funny if you think about it.

And I’d also hate to see Insane McCain win, for that matter. All of them are equally repugnant shrills for the State of Israel. Obama has pretty much toed the Zionist line — so far — since he knows full-well who not to mess with in US politics. He’s given speeches to the Israeli Lobby promising love forever and has even gone over to Zion World to kiss ass to those Jews in the Un-Holy Land. Read on.

If he didn’t, he would’ve never even have gotten this far and maybe even this whole Reverend Wright bruhaha would have come out months ago — before his climb in popularity. That’s what I’ve always said: The real powers that be, can’t always act in real time, since that would be unnecessarily risky. They sometimes wait things out, see what happens, before using what they have. Then they make some calls. My guess is that a Plan “B” is also in the works (see below).

obama_01.jpgBut all that Israel Lobby kissing-up is still not enough for the Zionists. They are clearly worried that they do not own him thoroughly enough. People like Reverend Wright scares Jews more than he scares regular white people.

Think about it for a second. Here’s some loud-mouthed black pastor making a lot of noise about 9/11, war-mongering with the Muslims, even Palestinians — all along with the usual “Hate-The-Evil-Whitey” talk. You think for one Jew York minute they really give a dam about the “Evil Whitey” part of it? Have they like EVER? Yeah, big joke there. So, it’s the US-Zionist war-mongering part of the Reverend speeches that are so important and why you have both right-winger and left-winger, manipulative Zionists coming out against Obama like Jews Against Obama.

Who knows how much of the Reverend’s anti-war-mongering with the Muslims and 9/11 rants found a home in Obama’s brain? The brakes need to come down and now!

Regular Jews have a sixth-sense about what’s dangerous to Jewdom in the end. Oh, don’t worry, I know full-well that some top secret Jew memo is NOT being passed around. Nevertheless, the Jew big-mouths are coming out against Obama and are behind all the hyping-up of all the anti-White preaching from the good Reverend’s past. Sure is nice that they now care so much about us whites, huh?

To blacks, they’ll speak about being minorities just like them, but to the whites, they’ll act all whitey and highly offended by the Reverend’s anti-White preaching! It’s simply amazing the “chutzpah” of these Jews, these days!

On top of all this, many Jews find the whole Obama mania behavior kinda creepy in a Hitleresque way. Nothing scares them more than seeing Whitey getting all mesmerized by a much better orator then they can dig out of the bin, like Hillary and Bush. But even a black one that these people don’t fully own can be bad joodoo-voodoo; no telling how something like this could end up for them in the long run.

That’s the thing: They can’t take a chance with him going up against John McCain, who’s their back-up to Hillary (either will do fine by them). But if they have just the slightest doubt of Obama’s loyalty to Zion, better try to nip it in the bud right now, then wait till later when it may be more noticeable to us gullible Goyim electorate. But already, they may be too late.


This kind of white behavior reminds Jews of a few things and spooks them.

But most importantly in all of this, the Clintons have been in bed with THE REAL power structure since before Bill even became president. They are close, personal friends to the ultra-Zionist, ultra-rich Rothschilds (rich isn’t the word for it). But you would be too with the dirt they have on them. These kind of people can readily finish them off with a snap of their fingers and a phone call. Hell, when the younger Evelyn de Rothschild (a man) became married to Lynn Forester, the Clinton’s offered up the Lincoln bedroom for them to use on their honeymoon night in 2000 (they also party together). The Globalist Jew Henry Kissinger (part of the Rothschild-Rockefeller triumvirate) was the guy who introduced those two in 1998.

The Clinton Clique and “The New Democrats” are part of the United Nations-World Wilderness Foundation faction (1001 Club) in the Globalist Elitist camps. I know, I know what you’re saying: World Wilderness, WTF is that? But it’s really been a cover to corral global resources and is the callous source for the big media push — suddenly now important — for fear-mongering on Global Warming (scientifically important for well over 10 years but just now being used politically to distract potential anti-Globalist and 9/11 Skeptical Activists). This inner Globalist group is also very pro-Zionist (the UN public face can’t be because of all the little countries and tinpot big-mouths).

The Zionist Evelyn de Rothschild also covertly set-up the Policy Network, a super think-tank to coordinate between America’s Democratic Leadership Council and Britain’s Labour Party for God knows what. And Lynn de Rothschild is now a big, behind-the-scenes, Democrat organizer and money source for Jew political shenanigans. You think these kind of people give a good rat’s ass about who you want to be prez? If these were white Catholics or Mormons (remember Mitt Romney?), it would be non-stop on the news and the entire country would be up in arms. Think about it!

This Globalist group also includes Vernon Jordan (black permanent Bilderberger), John “Jay” Rockefeller IV, Dianne Feinstein (corrupted by the China biz), Richard Strauss, Frank Biondi (big Media guy) and other Globalist elites in the Democratic camp. These people have been responsible in exporting your jobs overseas to China. Kissinger and the main Rothschild bankers (Lord Jacob de Rothschild, Warburgs, Schiffs, etc.) are a part of a slightly different camp (The Pilgrim’s Society) but are equally to blame for pink slips all across the land.

Hillary coming out against NAFTA? What a laugh. Just like bringing home the troops — she can lie all she wants for votes and talk about anything to the American public except about Globalist Zionists and AIPAC. These kind of people know when to keep their mouths shut or you would not have even heard of them to begin with. And they know what side of the bread is buttered on, too. The State of Israel and International Jewry is always first priority. Not America, not ever. That’s the game now, people!

“The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.

–Ann Lewis, speaking for Hillary Clinton, at the meeting for Jewish Leadership sponsored by the United Jewish Communities on March 18th (The Washington Post: Audacity of Chutzpah, Dana Milbank, March 18, 2008).

On March 18, in Washington, D.C. three official representatives of the Obama, Clinton and McCain campaigns came before Jewish leaders and promised their candidate’s complete subservience to Israel. The three representatives that spoke were Lawrence Eagleburger for McCain, Ann Lewis for Clinton, and Daniel Kurtzer, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, for Obama. Could there be any more obsequious disloyal behavior from “our” politicians?

Just read that quote above, once again, and think about what it really means. Is Israel a US state or are we a sovereign nation anymore? Arrogant Jews brag they hold the Super Delegate key to the Democratic Nomination.

All of the Globalists in Hillary’s camp are the opposite side of the same coin to the Neoconservative, pro-Zionist faction that the Bushies pal around with. What’s the common denominator for both sides here? The Zionists, of course. Always has been. That’s why these Zionist SOB’s play both ends of the stick. They have the moolah, so they always come out ahead — no matter what side of the coin lands on top. That’s how the Jew does it. Slick, huh?

Yet they really planned on getting Hillary in power so they can bring about the dramatic social changes that they want. So, they’re using all of this Reverend Wright business as cover for the Super-Delegates and the final primary states to try to put Hillary back in front for the nomination at the last minute (and being very careful how they sell it). Even so, the Obama campaign leads her enough so that this may be just too hard to pull off without all hell breaking loose. And it would too.

My guess is for another bomb shell in the near future; especially if this Reverend Wright business fails to dislodge enough whites from Obama mania. If they do succeed in shutting down Obama, media pundits can then act all smarty-pants on how some big-mouthed reverse-racist Reverend sunk poor Obama’s hopes and most people will suck down the tripe, as usual. Hell, the media just may congratulate themselves on doing something for Whitey for a change!

If they do manage to pull it off (without too much collateral damage), they may try to offer the VP slot to Obama with some consoling promises of making him prez down the road (which they can readily renege on later). It’ll be a take it or leave it offer. Obama may take it just to stop blacks from going haywire over the whole deal. Then, they’ll have the so-called “dream ticket” which will give them the cover for putting Hillary’s commie, Zionist boot-licking, white ass onto the throne.

and-with-the-constitution-g3.jpgYou watch. I hereby make the prediction that Hillary will be the Dem’s eventual nominee. I’m not sure about the VP part, though. Depends on the next media move on Obama. But I’ve always believed it will be Shillery for Prez, eventually. Sure, things are looking impossible for Hillary now, but something does seem up behind the scenes.

Of course, John McCain will do fine for the Zionist, as well, since he’s a Bush Neo-Clone (smarter, but not by much). McCain may, in fact, be the man they really want to begin with. I’ll really sit up and take notice if McCain selects Joe Lieberman as his VP running mate, like Gore did. The Globalist Zionist always tries to stack the deck like this in advance; but they also may have another plan up their sleeves — which makes me shudder to even think about the scenarios.

Such as letting things play out, with Obama getting the nomination, but then having him knocked off down the road by some wacko patsey that they can tie-in with a pro-white group. Then they’ll have all the excuse they need to fully target any white patriot movement, anywhere. This course of action may kill two birds with one stone (they love to do that when possible); thereby putting Hillary in and having reasons for her future commie crack-downs. This will mean Hillary running as VP in an effort to “heal the party” and again to have the “dream ticket.” This might be “Plan B.”

Look, you think all of this is impossible? Just think about how coordinated across the board the media was in the last two weeks, coming up to the final primaries. Sure, the liberal talking heads appear neutral or even liking Obama (they can’t stop all of those liberal sentiments openly) — yet note all the hype about Wright and Pennsylvania going overwhelmingly for Hillary. I’m telling you, something is up.

Who’s got the juice for this kind of thing? And remember how blatantly the media (like FOX) marginalized Ron Paul away? Your much beloved White Nazi Boys have been warning about this Zionist control of the media for years. You’re getting your own dose of Jew media medicine, now.

And the Zionist Jews have poorly hid the fact that they’ve always wanted a Commie One-World government and have been working towards that goal since day-one. It’s all coming out now. And don’t think it’ll be a good thing for you blacks, either. Make note of them promoting Mestizo immigration into America and always trying to manipulate you into hating whitey. This should all be readily apparent to both you blacks and liberal whites by now. Well, maybe some of you.

It’s all been a continual snow job on America– just like I’ve been telling you all along in my blog postings here at INCOG-Ville. The sooner you people wake up to it, the better. Oh, I know you hate my guts for saying it like it is and all, but don’t worry, I can’t stand pretty much everybody else (probably you too, so watch your step). That doesn’t mean what I have to say is wrong — just tough to stomach. But let’s all grow up and figure what the hell we can do together to get rid of these SOB Zionists playing games with our asses here in America.

–Phillip Marlowe

The entire Reverend Wright’s “Chicken’s Come Home To Roost” sermon. 


2 US State Department people (contractors supposedly) were caught and canned, while a third was “disciplined” for accessing Obama’s Passport information: Washington Post Article. Make clear note that the State Department has always been major Zionist territory for quite some time now (they know it, I know it). The Jews have been digging for dirt! The State Department even has an entire whole section devoted to fighting “anti-Semitism” world-wide. How’s that for some ZOG BS, people?


You’re paying for all this through the nose and don’t even know it! Read here on the big money really at stake behind all of this: America: Enslaved To Zionist Bloodsuckers

NOTE! All the Jewish Supremacists and Zionists spoken about here are mostly from the Khazari tribe from southern Russia (Ashkhenazim), who converted in the mid-8th century, AD. Not the true Israelites of the Bible. They’ve donned the cloak of Judaism yet retained ancient criminal and parasitic functions among the Gentiles. Over the centuries, their behavior has caused their host populations to rise up and throw them bodily out. This has happened about 79 times. Now, elements of them have control of important and powerful parts of America and other white Nations, as well as having their own stolen country in the Mideast that we’re now completely beholden to — no matter what they do to us or what they make us do to the world for them. We are nothing but “Goyim” or cattle to them.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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14 Responses to Reality Check: The Real Reverend Wright Business

  1. incogman says:

    Look, I know this post is getting a lot of hits and I’m quite certain a fair number are pro-Obama people. Here I am giving you the straight skinny, the real behind the scenes reasons and all regardless of being a pro-white guy whom you undoubtedly mistrust or even hate.

    Surely, you can say what you think about all this. Let’s hear it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you for this article. no I don’t hate or mistrust yts, I was just waitin’ for y’all to wake up and realize how all of us are getting played. I finally realized that some of y’all do know what’s really going on when i read “The Redneck Manifesto” by Jim Goad. the upper class elite will do anything to keep us sheep fighting one another.

  3. KimbaFan100 says:

    I really hope they don’t try to assassinate Obama. I’ve been listening to Don Black and David Duke’s programs and how they’ve been talking about what horrible effects it would have for white people in America if such a thing were to happen.

    It’s really frightening!

    I really don’t want any of those three morons as president. Why couldn’t people have voted for Hunter, Tancredo, or Paul?

  4. Ali says:

    I hope you got the picture! I am going to link your blog if you don’t mind?!

  5. LW37 says:

    Well, I really thought Hillary was the annointed one until I found out who backs Obama. Now I’m not so sure. If Obama wins his jew masters will probably get their war with Iran as I know he hasnever left his Muslim self behind. He just hides it, but that was how he was raised.

    Look Who’s Backing Obama 2-20-8
    The names of the top 5 US corporations backing Obama speak volumes…

    Goldman Sachs – $421,763
    UBS – $296,670
    Lehman Brothers – $250,630
    National Amusements – $245,843
    JPMorgan Chase – $240,788

    I once heard Muslims say that they would “Destroy us from the inside” too, and I wouldn’t believe anythig Obama says as he will say anythig to get elected, but the system will put in who will serve them best. We are in for a world of hell if he becomes President. Actually, we are in for a world of hell with any of the chosen top 3.

    I do know the jew bankers will finance both sides of a war as they have done so many times, so maybe the are funding both Hillary and Obama and playing a little game to entertain themselves because when you have all the money in the world, the only fun you can have is playing chess with people’s lives.

  6. incogman says:

    I still think that the real powers that be, want Shillery if at all possible. I believe there is an element of doubt about Obama. I may be reading too much from the right winger Jew thinking, they always try to be so whitey and hawkish, along with Jews being secretly hateful of “schwartzes.”

    And another thing, I also think they have McCain firmly in their pocket. So this Rev. Wright BS may be just the opening salvo in the attacks on Obama in advance of the campaign for McCain. They may have abandoned Hillary and are starting the non-stop propaganda against Obama.

    So I may be very wrong here about Hillary making it. They may have abandon her as a lost cause and are scratching their heads about the white support of Obama. I think that may have surprised them. They’ll not make that mistake twice, so that’s why we’ll have white paranoia inducing reports like this business.

    I pretty much base what I think on the close relationship the Clintons have had with the Rothschilds and the evident go-ahead at the last Bilderberger convention.

    But I’ve also heard some curious talk that I can’t go into because it’s really word-of-mouth rumors. It could be BS, however. It just the volume and from where, that makes me wonder. I believe we’ll see something between now and Pennsylvania. Pay attention but do NOT believe everything in the mainstream media. This goes for always, of course. The worse thing is that this whole charade may mean nothing in the bigger picture. In other words, they have done nothing about Obama because it’ll all be a moot point soon enough. That’s what worries me.

    Muslims can’t do jack from the inside. No matter what the Jews want America to worry about. Plus, it’s obvious the Jew is much more devious than any Muslim, by far. They make an art over it and slap themselves on the back when succeeding to put something over on the Goyim — black or white.

  7. Mythy says:

    Wow, another excellent article! One of your best Incog! 🙂

  8. roguejew says:

    Happy Easter my goyish friend! I’m surprised you didn’t stop by my page to unleash a rant about how the Jews killed Jesus.

  9. incogman says:

    Oh, donchoo worry my flabby, matted-hair, nasty Jewish antagonist. I was busy worshipping my bloody idols in supplication; whilst daming your ancient Sanhedrin for your execution of the Egyptian Magician, as you so describe and us Goyim are so wont to idolize. lol

    You can go back to your bloody Purim feasts, and salivate over rolled up imitations of Persian flesh; as behind you, your Talmudic wise-ones gyrate wildly to some wacked-out Eastern European Shetl beat. lol

    Mazel Tov!

    (I should just be thankful that your fellow Neocons did not unleash a Purim re-creation on Tehran, causing WW III (or is it up to WW IV, now?) — just like you had us do at the Highway of Death in ’91 Iraq. Or do we still have a few days left to live?)

  10. whitewraithe says:

    I predicted years ago, although never wrote about, that Shillary would be the next U.S. Prez and Obama would be V.P. In that respect, they kill several birds with one final stone; Hillary as the first woman Prez of the U.S. and Obama as the first black V.P. Both are bought and paid for by Israel and both will put the final nail in America’s rotting coffin.

    We are in deep shit, people!!!! And if something isn’t done to pull us out of this nightmare it will be worse for the American people than history has ever seen or known.

    The American people are literally standing on a precipice trying to decide if they should jump or stay behind and continue being sheep, well, the ones that are awake. Most Americans still have no clue what has happened to the country or what is even wrong with it.

    And anyone who attempts to make a difference or protect us is systemically canceled (assassinated). So, if powerful people like J.F.K. are taken out, what in the hell can our little voices do? I’m not necessarily a pessimist, but rather, a realist.

    To partially paraphrase the enemy’s message: it is going to take the whole goddamn nation waking up with the mindset “enough is enough”. The only way to conquer these criminals is to deny them what they must have from US – and that is our earnings and tax dollars. We cannot be arrested for withdrawing every single cent from their banks, there are not enough prisons to lock up everyone for refusing to pay taxes and furthermore, refusing to buy their products.


    As long as every American remains complacent in their neat little way of life, then the criminal Zionist cabal owns them. Americans just do not understand that they are already in a war for their souls and what little wealth they have left. This is the most unconventional war Americans have ever faced. But they can’t see the enemy because there are no lines of demarcation and the weapons being used against them are invisible. Of course, the criminal Zionist cabal hopes that Americans never see them because if they ever do it will all be over.

    Screw Hillary and Obama!!!!!!!!!!!! and all their ilk. They will be the next leaders of this sinking ship; so what else is new?

    While we still have the power to shape our own lives we had better get our heads out of our asses and take action.

    excuse the rant……

  11. Emily says:

    Just found this and thought you might be interested.

    I don’t think they’re too fond of Michelle Obama over there… they have other articles as well.

  12. A8L says:

    Ive listened to days and weeks of David Dukes broadcasts, read one of his books, and many articles.

    And ive never, never heard or read anything from him that can be considered hateful in comparisson to this reverends blatantly hateful and cursed expressions about americans and whites. Yet he gets a pass, and people like Dr. Duke gets called racists.

    It goes to show you the control of the media and that they’l do what they need to do to proceed with their agenda.

  13. incogman says:


    All you blacks coming here: The Jews are NOW out in full-force! The good Reverend had articles about HAMAS and Palestinians talking about the Apartheid of Israel in his newsletters.

    Now the media has another run of talking head JEW pundits yapping away about it. Oh, sure, they are also camoflaging it with the talk about the Italians and the “garlic noses” comment but they could care less about all that.

    These Jews are indeed worried about Obama, just like I said. Note, that Obama had Mayor Bloomberg introduce him at his last speech. The talk is now about Bloomberg being his running mate.

    These Jews have become a God-Awful pain in the a– to America and the World. Make clear note of how they expect America to be subservient to them and the evils they inflict on the Palestinians.

    INCOG tells it like it is!

  14. incogman says:

    These Globalist Zionists (Rothschilds, Rockefellar, Kissinger) may know they own McCain and are just letting the Democratic party go all to hell-in-a-handbasket about Hillary and Obama!

    Meanwhile, the regular Jews are against Obama because, well, these Jews are really more racist than any white — EVER! They have a name for you Negroes: Schwartzes. I’ve heard Jews say things about blacks like you would not believe. Even the ones who act like all high-and-mighty liberals.

    The Jews are the world’s biggest hypocrites!

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