UPDATE: Carson’s Feral Negro Killers Busted!


Lawrence Lovette, probable trigger Negro in Eve Carson’s slaying. This low-life had a MySpace page full of Negro Gangsta imagery: See here. Word from court is that he even smiled as he was arraigned for murder.

UPDATE: 3/15: Lovette will not face the death penalty! Since he’s 17, of course. The SOB can now have a chance of one day continuing on with his life, while fondly remembering his foul murders: Read more here

UPDATE 3/13 7 PM: Looks like Lovey Lovette has been charged with another killing. What a little monster. An Indian guy, Abhijit Mahato, was found shot point-blank in the forehead inside his apartment a few blocks south of Duke’s campus in January. See? These types will break into your pad and have zero problem in offing you, right on the spot. The Indian was probably on his knees looking up at the above face right before his world went black. Negroes, like this worthless example, could care less about anyone’s lifeRead more here

The 17 year-old Lovette also happens to be on a 24 month probation for Breaking & Entering, with the dumb-ass Judge letting him go without serving any time! Supposedly, he was due in court March 3 for a probation violation on this and the court screwed up the paper work for going out and picking him up. He also had a conviction for felonious possession of a gun and his buddy and partner in crime, Demario Atwater (below) had many convictions too, in the past.

Eve Carson and Abhijit would both be still be alive should that damn Judge had done his job and put the SOB away where he belonged. Now, taxpayers will have to fork over dough for the rest of his sorry life and Eve’s parents will have to live with the memory of their daughter’s death at his hands.

new-suspect-shot.jpgLovette, in the soon-to-be-classic Negro ATM shot (right), is seen eagerly waiting his blood moolah at the ATM, literally minutes before he callously executed young Eve. While on the lamb, SWAT teams hunted him down and closed schools in the vicinity of where he was hiding out as the cops had warned us that this Negro was armed and dangerous. But that’s pretty much par for the course, since many Negroes already are.

The one Negro already in custody, 21 year-old “Demario” James Atwater, is the horse-faced one, (see below, on the right). Don’t you just love those names they give themselves? And note those African colored lapels. He was the second perp in backseat of Eve’s car — doing God-knows-what back there. Also, it appears that he’s the one in the surveillance shots taken in the convenience store (below). They both tried using Eve’s ATM card 4 times. Read more here

And get this: Bleeding-heart white liberals, now posting comments on Internet newsites, have asked what happened to “poor” Atwater’s face — seen with a red bruise on his right cheek (I’ve spotted search strings here too). They think he just may have been roughed-up some by the police, when apprehended early this morning. Can you believe the BS from these liberals and blacks, anymore? They now expect these murderous Negroes to be handled with kid gloves! Read more here

The murderous North Carolina “Gangsta” punks responsible for the slaying of UNC student body president, Eve Carson. Lawrence Lovette is on the left and Demario Atwater, Jr. on the right. These are the last faces that Eve saw on this Earth. And make no mistake, these same kinds of people would “put a cap in you,” too, for being a “Rich White Bitch” and steal whatever you have, maybe even rape you on the spot — regardless of your liberal beliefs!demariojamesatwater2.jpg

Scrawny Atwater (right), looking like a cockroach, going before the Magistrate on his charge for 1st degree murder. Hopefully, maybe, this Negro will fry.

Hey everybody! Pay close attention to the media and see how quickly this whole thing just disappears.

Remember the Duke/Lacrosse case where the national media pretty much lynched two white guys publicly? That happened nearby. They had an entire issue of Newsweek devoted to that case. And why? Because it was evil whitey, again. Politically Correct fodder for the media to trash as they see fit. You think they’ll do a cover story on this crime? Yeah, sure.

Face it: The media spits in the face of every white person these days.

Just to give you an idea just how topsy-turvey this country has become with the cult of minority “victimhood,” I’ve prepared two contrasting images of the stripper, Crystal Gail Mangum and Eve Carson:


This white girl had loads to offer: Smart, hard-working and a double-major. OK, sure, she may have been brainwashed by the media and our educational system (both have been hijacked) into liberal thinking about “Diversity.” But see what all that liberal BS rhetoric got her? A damn bullet in the head!

The woman on the right, stupidly tried to get some payback on all us evil whiteys for some perceived slight (probably being born black) and her life has been spent looking for easy money and hand-outs. Combine that with the Jew-controlled national media of self-hating white liberals — a local white prosecutor looking for black votes — along with big-mouth race baiters like Al Sharpton — the rest of the BS just snowballed on from there. For well over a damn year!

The Eve Carson story will be gone in days, maybe even already, but at least by when they finally nab Lovette. The Carson story will soon disappear. [Update 3/13: Now busted and the Spitzer thing is filling all the channels].

Now, do you know why I think whites are being screwed over big-time and that blacks are a violent, spoiled race in America today? My blog tells it like it is. You just think about all this now, since it’s only going to get worse and worse with the influx of illegal immigrants. The two are at each other’s throats right now in LA, but the national media is keeping mum.

— Phillip Marlowe



Kept here as a chronicle of my posts on this sad and sorry case. Make note that I first posted this on Saturday, March 8th at 12:01 PM (in the post “Everything To Live For: Nothing To Kill,” less than an half hour after the police finally mentioned a black male from the Carson ATM shots from the previous day and 1 hour before Burk’s killer was ID’d.

UPDATE 2/8: Police at 11:30 AM news conference say a suspect driving her car and using her ATM card is a black male in his late teens or early 20’s, wearing a ball cap and are releasing surveillance camera shots (picture above added 3 PM).  Picture of Negro Suspect at ATM

UPDATE 2/9 3 PM: Still no word on who the feral Negro is, in above photo. Everybody in the UNC area had better do a 360° when going out to your cars. Lock all doors and windows and pack some heat.

Attention all you Homies! Don’t forget that “The Man” is offering $25 grand for info on this brother. That’d buy a lot of crack or new rims for your ride — keep that in mind!

UPDATE: 3/10 7:15 PM EST: New shots of suspect attempting to use Eve’s ATM card (maybe Eve gave her the wrong PIN or he’s trying to go past the daily limit of $200).

UPDATE 3/12 2:15 PM EST: Arrest made on suspect in slaying: http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/03/12/unc.arrest/ No info on suspect yet. How much you want to bet the story will be gone after a day or so?

UPDATE 3/12 5 PM: Negro Lawrence Lovette (above), the driver in the infamous ATM shot, is now surrounded by SWAT teams, or may be elsewhere. But he’ll soon be captured or, let’s hope, shot down to save on taxpayer’s money for legal fees and incarceration. Yeah, you heard me right. Read on.

UPDATE 3/13: Word is that Lovette surrendered. And why not? Now he’ll get taxpayer-paid free meals and be able to watch TV for 15 years or so and then get out on parole. Maybe some slick Jew lawyer will shorten even that time. Some person down the road may well pay for this in the normal course of things, but if society falls apart and these kinds of prisoners get free — then that person just might be you.


UPDATE 2/8 12:30 PM: They may have someone in custody who robbed a woman in a nearby town. Please note that my blog post “Everything to Live For: Nothing for them to Kill” was posted at 12:01 PM 2/8 after writing it the day before.

UPDATE 2/8 1:00 PM: Courtney Lockhart charged with murder of Lauren Burk. No description of race, though. Note, I posted this at 12:01, after finishing most of it yesterday.

UPDATE 1:44 PM: Fast facts on the Negro killer HERE

UPDATE 5:30 PM: Last picture of the feral Negro added above.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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10 Responses to UPDATE: Carson’s Feral Negro Killers Busted!

  1. Craig Cobb says:

    VIDEO – Demario James Atwater, Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster-

  2. Rob Chapman says:

    Excellent update/article, INCOG.

    Poor Eve. The last two faces she saw was these two. Beyond tragic.

    Nothing a Negro or Mexican does anymore surprises me. But it’s impossible not to get a little depressed when I see stories like these.

    I have a 13-year old daughter, and it’s impossible not to take these things personal.

    But as your article relates to the MSM coverage of both stories, of particular interest was your side-by-side compare and contrast between a promising beautiful White girl and that Darky criminal.

    One was bright and full of promise and hope- She had something to positive and constructive to offer the world. The other had nothing to give and left nothing except lies, degeneracy, and destruction in her wake.

    Then there was all the Liberal Jews and, sadly, Whites, swooping in to her defense and blaspheming and defaming those poor innocent White chaps.

    Once again, it was a fraud; a made up story seized upon and fueled by the MSM when they thought they had an opportunity to demonize a White.

    And your right, watch the Jew MSM make this story disappear quicker than one can say oy vey.

  3. Mythy says:

    Wow, another interesting article Incog…….as you know (maybe) I was banned by Senior Mod Klaliff so I won’t be seeing you around Storm Front. Any other sites I might like to join??? Oh, BTW it was Klaliff’s view on abortion and mine that clashed, nothing serious just she’s a mod and I’m not. Let me know if you know another site like SF so I can go there. Thanks buddy, **Rebecca**

  4. incogman says:

    Man, go back to SF. Your thread has a lot of comments. Everybody wants you back. Forget the Klaliff. Never heard of him or her.

    I don’t really know of much beyond SF. If you go somewhere, let me know and I will too.

  5. Mythy says:

    Thanks friend, your the best……..ban ends on the 16th @ 1 am……I’ll be back Thanks! Phillip, you know, I will listen to you, I have always respected your views because they follow mine so close. You’re one hell of a guy, your wife/gf is a lucky gal. **Rebecca**

  6. incogman says:

    Great! Also, Rob Chapman wanted me to pass on the same. See my links for his blog. Your a big person and an asset to SF. Everybody knows it. Screw the rest.

  7. Jillian says:

    Hi Incogman! Didn’t know how else to reach you–just wanted to know if you’re gonna do anything on the Jeremiah Wright story. I’ve been blown away by the craziness of his being. You’re such a good researcher–you can probably come up with more. This has to be going on in a lot of black churches?? Should anyone wonder why so many blacks hate whites? The latest I read was that Dr. Wright was incensed that the White House in D.C. is white. Read on! Nuts! I say! Nuts! Can’t wait to hear your take on this.
    Jillian Uniter, not divider!

    Reverend Wright: “White House” Racist Epithet
    muddle’s picture

    Chicago–The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, known for his incendiary remarks from the pulpit, suggested in this morning’s daily devotional that the American presidency itself is a hopelessly racist institution.

    “Why they be callin’ the president’s home the “White House” if they didn’t intend for Whitey always livin’ there?” he asked. “It be time we done deconstructed all the language of the White Man and see that it was all created just to keep the Black Man down,” he added.

    When a reporter suggested to Reverend Wright that it is called the “White House” because the building is actually painted white, he became enraged. “That’s just my point! Why they be painting it white? Is that the only color they had in them paint cans? Why couldn’t it be the Black House or the Brown House? Shee-it, it could be the Green House, for all I care. But white? Im tellin’ you, honkeys painted it and honkeys named it, and if they has their way, it ain’t gonna be nothin’ but honkeys livin’ in it.”

    Wright observed that he had already suggested to Obama that, should he happen to win this election, his first order of “bidness” should be to repaint the “shack.” “I says to him, ‘You ought to get right out there yourself with a brush and paint that shack black. People’s used to seein’ colored folks with paint brushes in they hand, you know. Heck, we’ll change the name. From den on, it be the “Black Shack.'”

  8. incogman says:

    Yeah, and get a load of the white liberals going for Obama. Blacks can be as racist as they come, some 92% of them voted for Obama over Hillary simply because he’s black. What’s that tell you after all the pro-black stuff the Clintons did? And you see how she threw Geraldine Ferraro under the bus after she just stated the truth of the matter?

    Whites can’t say shee-it about blacks before they go off. Even the littlest things like “you people” and “militant” sends them into hyperspace. Just telling one he’s “eloquent” is enough to make them have a hissy-fit.

    And look at people like this Reverend Wright wacko. There’s plenty more of that type, believe you me. Obama trying to downplay his relationship with this man is a joke. The liberal whites for Obama won’t give a dam, either. And note how the media is now playing it all up — manipulating the public once again. Appears that the real powers are trying to position Hillary to take the nomination — just like I’ve said.

    Join Stormfront, Jillian (link at the left). You can reach me there and learn more about this BS going on in America. I suggest every white person reading this to do the same. We need to come together to present a united face to these lying hypocrites!


  9. Jillian says:

    Oh, glad you brought up Geraldine Ferraro. Even though she’s a liberal Democrat, I was so happy that she didn’t back down. So often when someone makes a controversial statement and is then admonished, they sheepishly apologize. That could still come, but so far so good. She’s stuck to her guns. Whatever happened to polite discourse?
    I may have to join the ranks of Michelle Obama soon, as someone who doesn’t like America, but for a very different reason. It’s because of all the kool aid drinkers–poisoning themselves while forever wallowing in their shameless victim cesspool. Thank you Al, Jesse, Louis, Jeremiah, Barack, Hillary, and all the rest of the suffocaters. Yes, they are suffocating society slowly, but oh so surely.

  10. Lord_Sidious says:

    Jillian, you don’t like the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That and America are very different creatures.
    The first is an artificial construct, made to suit aliens. The latter is something that many Whites died and struggled to build.
    I personally despise the first and love the last.
    Make no mistake, America is a blessing on the world, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a curse.
    Take incogmans advice and get yourself over to Stormfront.

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