Too Bad They Didn’t Have PhotoShop Back Then!

Another hard day at the office for the Evil Nazi Man! Do people really believe all the photos pawned-off as proof? People just don’t hang with their legs like this (finally admitted in 1996 to be a East German communist fraud created in 1958). Some photos are just too unbelievable or show signs of obvious fakery, since altering photos back then was such a crude process. See more below.

Recently, the photo above was portrayed as a real example of Nazi atrocities, in a National Geographic documentary on crucifixions shown to American goyim during the 2014 Easter holidays.

1) You can see the background behind the “victim” being blended-in crudely with a real-life airbrush — not the tool in modern-day PhotoShop. Look around his head. 2) He didn’t do a good job with the boot, as you can see the cut-line. 3) Check out the smiling, totally evil Nazi — you go, Fritzie!

Fun with dead bodies. Let’s take photo A and merge it with photo B — viola! Holocaust Propaganda with a capital “P”! Or is it “H”? And the skinny, emaciated Jews, alive or dead? There is much to blame on the insane allied bombing campaigns that totally destroyed Germany. In fact, after the war 5 million Germans starved to death (only recently admitted to) — far more than any Jews in concentration camps (but the Germans had it coming, right?).

Now that’s some big, damned Jews! These hung Jews would have had to have been 8 foot tall (hung apparently without rope). And they called Jews “Untermenschen”? Maybe they were the “Golem” for a local Rabbi? You little midget Nazis were something else!

German soldiers, who just happen to be sporting WW I era helmets, round up some well-dressed Jews. On the right, civilians can be seen having a big guffaw with a German paratrooper — maybe he landed in their garden dung-heap!

1) The big, bad Nazi on the right is obviously pasted in, the lighting is from two directions and the focal point is off. 2) If you knew anything about rifle ballistics would you be this close to a wall? 3) This has to be a still from a Soviet propaganda film later pawned off as holocaust proof. The building in the background has a big star on it — probably the red Soviet star. Also, the big, clean Stars of David on the Jew work crew is obvious overkill. Since all the holocaust business occurred in the soon-to-be Soviet territory, what we are really seeing is the continous recycling of faked Soviet propaganda by Western Zionist Jews.

Here’s a shot where they used to say was taken of Jews on the way to death in the gas chamber, but was later proven to be German refugees in 1946!

The genocide crazy Jews have been doing this kind of thing long before WWII!

The top Jewish artwork shows flame and smoke belching from the crematoria as victims line up for their turn to die — it just so happens this a giant lie since crematorias are never, ever designed for flames to go up the chimney. The overly-imaginative Jews (liars) always describe these flames in lurid, satanic detail like Steven Spielberg did in “Schindler’s List.” Bottom photo shows the smoke-less crematoria in the background (all existing photos are like this). Note the “doomed” Jews smiling and waving for the camera.

They didn’t just do this kind of thing for war-time propaganda or for the Nuremberg War Trials, either. The photo on the right was found up on the Simon Weisenthal Center website in 1999. To get American sympathies stoked-up (which is the point), they’ve explained that the smoke in the background is coming from the crematoria at Auschwitz — presumably, all the parents and family of the Jews in the foreground going up. But someone located the original photo on the left, clearly showing a later-day air-brushing job (poorly done, too). So busted!

It’s really all about the money (and Israel)…

The Simon Weisenthal Center is a Holocaust/Zionist mega-business across White countries, with a 30 million a year budget, that openly advocated for war in Iraq to our government and media. Plus, they get at least 5 million of taxpayer’s dollars yearly out of the state of California alone. These people continually use the holocaust for their own selfish, financial gain (Jews working there have huge salaries) and Israel-Firster political purposes — all of which costs this country dearly. And I mean very dearly.

Take a close look here. This example of later-day alterations happened in 1978-79. The aerial shot (blown-up on the left) is thought to have been secretly altered while still in the US government achieves, just before a CIA special report on the holocaust referring to it. It now shows, as purported by the Holocaust Industry, formations of Jew prisoners standing at attention in ranks (the dark rectangles). But whomever altered the photo made a little error, though: The building was longer than they thought — which would’ve made the poor Jews balance on top of an angled roof. Oy vey!

This fence was discovered to have been drawn-in on the aerial photo on the left to match the so-called survivor descriptions (see Ball’s work below). Later-day ground searchs have failed to locate a single post hole or any other evidence of this fence so important to “surviver” accounts (the Poles had actively worked farmlands right behind). Also, make clear note of the utter absence of any mountains of coal or wood surely required to cremate the many thousands per day the Jews say happened (computed to be a gargantuan 40 TONS per day for each crematoria). Aerial shots of other Auschwitz slave factories plainly show huge mountains of coal nearby to fuel factory slave operations of the Reich.

The ridiculous bashed-in holes where Zyklon-B is said to have been poured in on the poor victim Jews below. The aerial shot on the left shows the supposed location of the so-called entry ports on the altered aerial shots (see Ball’s work below). The photo on the right is from where the locations are today. Up close, they look like they were purposefully bashed with a sledgehammer into the destroyed remnants of the crematoria (the last one was conveniently blown-up by the Soviets soon after the war). Note the concrete’s steel rebar curled back inwards and the sloppy shape to the supposed “entry port.”

You think the efficient Germans would have allowed such construction crudity?

Faked Auschwitz photo
This was supposedly a secret shot, taken with a “smuggled camera”  and is said to show body burning at Auschwitz, because the numbers they claimed of gassing dead were so outrageously impossible for the crematoria (actually used for the day-to-day dead of a 100,000 camp) math to possibly work.

It’s really a combination print of at least three photos: One, the window where a supposed Jew Kapo (a Jew who traitorously helped the Nazis kill fellow Jews) snapped the shot and two, a newspaper negative stolen from a 1912 train wreck in Dresden, Ohio, showing rescue people, along with a few real dead victims of the old accident. Three, added figures and bodies were spliced in for effect (with obvious retouching — see the crude “spaghetti woman”). The final montage continuous tone print itself was then re-shot on a copy stand to aid in the fakery.

So where’s the naked Jew guy? Famous holocaust shot was accidentally published in New York Times without starving naked Jew. So how did that happen? Close examination of the accepted version shows subtle light flashing from darkroom double printing, where someone dropped in the naked Jew to aid in the “shock value.”

To this day, the Jewish psyops program continues.


Now do you see why the Jews, internationally, work so hard to prevent any forensic and historical research into the Holocaust? The Holocaust is the absolute one single historical event which has laws prohibiting research, or even discussion publicly in many countries today.

Do I believe the Nazi committed atrocities during the war? Sure, but most were never as impossibly evil as the Jews make it all out to be. Also, they were many genocides on other people in the past, all over the world, some that make the Jewish Holocaust pale in comparison. But the real truth of the matter? Far more white Gentiles fell victim to the Jew Bolsheviks earlier in the century and you hear ZILCH about it — ever. Read more here

And certainly some photos must be real or so it would seem. I’ve seen some actual continuous tone prints first-hand, but even they could have been faked. As such, photos cannot always be trusted — even back in the days before PhotoShop. These photos are used to blatantly manipulate your emotions and propagandize you about a war fought over 60 years ago. And that war is still going on — believe it or not — with the target of the campaign being us White people in general and our racial solidarity, without a doubt.

It appears that the gassing part, at the very least, was really German delousing efforts blown way, way out of proportion for Zionist propaganda to aid the State of Israel and to blackmail the world — not just Germany (64 billion dollars so far, just from them alone). This Holocaust thing has been compounded by Germans hoping to escape prosecution or torture, imaginative Jews looking for attention or a slice of that blackmail pie and false-memory syndrome.

The Holocaust™ has been very, very good for the Jews and they know it. That’s why they seek to protect the whole gig — truth be damned.

Go here for more info on some of these photos: Air-Photo English version SITE HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN!


Can you spare a measly 30 minutes to advance truth in the world?

Then go to the following site (below) and watch the first introduction episode, the 11th episode and the last episode (conclusion).

Or just watch the whole thing. The series is 4 hours and 15 minutes, but well worth your time. You can watch 2 or so per night till you finish (from 6 minutes to 15 for each episode). I know that watching the last video is not usually the way to do it, but it has an important message that will make you want to give this whole issue some serious thought, should you not wish to spend all this time on the matter.

The videos were made by some guy named “Denierbud,” who appears to be a lefty, laid-back, California guy, possibly a Berkeley professor of some kind but who wants to remain anonymous (the Jews have made efforts to find out who he is). And I would want to be unknown too, since even a post like mine here could land me in prison in some countries today (and here in the future should they get their way). And good old Denierbud wants to keep whatever job he has. Obviously.

You’ll see what I’m talking about when you watch his videos.

These videos are so strong — logical and persuasive — that the Jews made every effort to get them censored off Youtube and have mostly succeeded. Yet Youtube allowed the Jews to leave up rebuttal videos (search “Denierbud”). You should go watch them too. They are poorly made, with some Jew kid acting as narrator (I guess they found that endearing) and basically bring few contrary facts to the table other than calling Denierbud a liar, once again their favorite form of rebuttal.

Watch here (bookmark it!): One Third of the Holocaust Movie



Go to My Series on the Holocaust

Canadian photo analyst and cartographer John Ball demonstrates via a slide show numerous forgeries and lies surrounding “Jewish survivor stories” such as the The Auschwitz Album Photos. Apparently, “marks” shown above were drawn on aerial photographs by Jews working in the US Military and/or State Department showing things that never existed. Ball makes the point that there were only chain-link fences around the entire camp and Auschwitz was surrounded by actively-worked farms.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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    As muslim .. I’m happy to see this post
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    Sadly now they have the edit skills and power
    To pull off somthing like 9/11 (there was no planes)

    I don’t mean to bring this post back to 2015
    Just wanted to thank whoever made it
    And the ones smart/brave enough to stand up

    Never knew it was a lie,
    Hopefully we can help make their imagination real

    Again thanks

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