Sickos Celebrate Homo Marriage in Commiefornia!

HOMOS CELEBRATE WINSodomites going totally gay over the California State Supreme Court decision — dancing around and gyrating their vile crotches wildly on San Francisco’s disease-ridden Castro Street — the scene to so much Sicko history down the last few decades. Who knows what kind of filthy acts soon transpired after this photo was taken?

In one of the most egregious slaps in the face to decent America and California voters, California’s Supreme Court, this past Thursday, totally overturned the wishes of most everyone when they struck down two legal, lawful statutes passed in 2000 that formalized Marriage being defined as between a man and a woman.

Proposition 22, passed only 8 years ago in 2000, when voters across the state decided to strengthen the existing laws to clearly stipulate “only a marriage between one man and one woman is recognized in the State of California” and this was passed officially by 61.4 percent of the voters who bothered.

And this was not some ancient law that had no basis in modern times but was passed by a majority not so long ago. Since we know that the homos would have been out full-force that day to stop it, it’s quite obvious that the majority percentage would’ve been much higher, should normal people have turned out in droves the same way.

But it appears that the disaffected, normal people may be on to something, since the California Supreme Court, decided quite on their own, that THE PEOPLE have no say in the matter and struck down the votes of those that did show up at the poles to say NO! This court has obviously been subverted by the big-mouthed Homo activists, Jews and liberals along with sorry-ass politicians and lawyers, all of whom need to see the real will of the people — up close and personal!

A conservative group in California is now trying to have the court postpone this decision till after the fall elections, but if they fail, homos will be tying the knot in as little as 30 days, very possibly by the end of June! The Terminator, Governor “Ahnold” Schwarzenegger, who has vetoed Gay marriage twice before, has said he will respect the decision and will not support an amendment in the state’s constitution forever banning Homo marriage. What a big fat traitor he turned out to be.

Word on the street is that California’s entire Democratic party is now under the full control of Homosexuals in various guises and is in the process of turning California into some kind of Commie Hell, perfect for the final death throes of normalcy, brought about by the flood of illegal aliens up from the south.

All this comes conveniently (and curiously) just in time for the big gay, week-long celebrations at the end of June called “Pride Week” where all the Homos flounce about the streets and in parks wearing their most disgusting outfits, spitting out their foul, militant mantra to the world: “We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Used To It!”

We may be just around the corner from the biggest, sickest outdoor event in US History!

The Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, has been at the forefront of getting all this perpetrated on our country. The Mayor, immoral himself, was caught red-handed having an affair with some woman. Liberal woman and Gay boys love his good looks, his low morals and his liberal pandering:

“It’s about human dignity. It’s about human rights. It’s about time in California,” San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told a roaring crowd at City Hall after the ruling was issued. “As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation. It’s inevitable. This door’s wide open now. It’s going to happen, whether you like it or not.”

Read that bold-faced copy back, people. As much as it pains me to say, the Sodomite-loving Mayor is quite correct about this festering sore spreading and not only about the all homo crap, but much, much more — unless we fight back. And get that last line “whether you like it or not,” it’s like the Gay slogan “Get Used To It.” In other words, they could frigging care less about what we have to say about anything — they’ll do whatever the hell they want and in your face, should they desire.

It’s estimated only 108,000 households in California are deemed “Gay,” so this kind of travesty basically trumps the will of the millions who voted to keep marriage sacred. And the State has also passed numerous “Domestic Partnership” laws, over the years, guaranteeing that these Gays can visit each other in the hospital (oh, it was just so sad they couldn’t spend the last AIDS-infected moments with their best Butt Buds) and they get all the civil and economic advantages of a married, real couple (which is way too much to begin with, in my opinion).

But that’s not enough for the Homosexual community. They dearly want some kind of lovey-dovey ceremony so they can break out the champagne, amyl nitrate poppers and give the happy couple prettily-wrapped gifts of “fisting” dildoes and sex toys, as they send them off for a night of Homo bliss, undoubtedly leaving a foul mess to be cleaned up the next day by the illegal immigrant maid staff at a hotel somewhere.

Just last Sunday night, the ABC TV show “Brothers and Sisters” foisted a Gay “commitment ceremony” in our faces on national TV, splaying the sensitive emotions of liberals everywhere when the big-mouthed Flying Nun, Sally Field, gushs to one of the betrothed Gay boys in the show “Oh, Lance, you deserve all this so!” Tears flooded homo’s and liberal’s eyes all over the country, I’m sure.

But, as you can clearly see by the real homos out there, few look so nice and normal as depicted on the Jew-tube. Most are odd, flabby losers sporting funky hairdos and even more bizarre outfits. All they really want is to say to America (especially, if at all possible, straights): “Look at me everybody! Am I like the biggest queer on the planet or what? You should see the things I do to get off!”

It’s totally true that one of the biggest turn-ons for these types is for them to rub their vileness in straight’s faces. You might think that they would be happy not to simply have their self-abused butts thrown into some prison cell (they might like that, too) and just stay reasonably low-profile. But, oh no, what they secretly want is to be watched while doing each other. It’s a form of pride, alright: A sickening combination of perversion and narcissism that has no bounds and will grow to become pervasive through-out society.ZIO SATAN SYMBOL

Call it the work of Satan, if you’re into religion; call it our society going down the tubes; call it the work of the Jews in destroying the Goyim nations; call it what you will, but of this I do know for certain: Our country will become some kind of futuristic Hell, much like the fevered future visions of the infamous underground cartoonist S. Clay Wilson, where true morality and decent people will increasingly be made victims to these vile sickos.

I know all this sounds extreme, but let’s examine the facts objectively here: We have more and more totally sick crimes being perpetrated on innocent children and vulnerable adults in our society these days and we never really see what happened to the victims, since they are now quite dead and unable to tell us what obscenities were done to them.

But just look at whatever details of sex crimes that do make it out and you’ll see direct, unarguable correlations with the sick fantasies openly celebrated in the real Homo world: Hairless young men substituted for little boys; Motel room “rape” parties, where young volunteers submit themselves to multiple acts of anal sodomy in return for drugs like Crystal Meth; S & M Fetishists, acting out all manner of torture and pain on the pretend innocent and helpless; something called Auto-erotica, where the sex games come dangerously close to real-life strangulation, by themselves or with the helping hand of a possibly murderous faggy friend or fiend.

In fact, the majority of Serial Murderers in the US have always been homosexual men. Look it up!

These mentally diseased (often physically, too) people and their foul acts will necessarily become more prevalent across the board since many of them are psycho-driven to be just a little sicker, a little more outrageous than the next Gay out there or whatever society has tolerated so far. It’s all part of their inner sickness; think about it: Once they left the closet in the late ’60’s, it’s been nothing but more and more in-your-face vileness everywhere and they will continue on this course, bringing society’s morals ever lower and lower — and all just to get their sick, perverted rocks off.

Add this vile, sometimes murderous, Homo behavior to illegal immigrants flooding our lands, along with Black and Hispanic violence against each other and sometimes even to Whites and you’ll see that S. Clay Wilson’s horrible visions of the future may not be such a stretch, after-all — especially if the police lose control for one minute.

Even if you don’t think our society will go as far as some kind of S. Clay Wilson world; get the following, because you will very soon as all these Gay activists wish to jam another thing in your face: Something called “Transgender rights,” which will legally force you keep your big mouth shut even if some totally disgusting co-worker wishes to dress up as a little girl and prance around where you work. If you laugh or say one thing about it, you could literally be arrested for it.* No lie.

Right along with all that in-your-face sickness — expect to pay ever more higher insurance premiums as companies will be legally required to foot the bill for expensive drugs and sex-change operations to soothe the confused and troubled psyches of these real-life psychos.

Now, I sometimes joke a bit about these types — it’s hard not to — but I want again to emphasis the fact that these people’s acts also open up our society to all kinds of diseases — some are probably now evolving in some dank place after a sordid act celebrating this marriage win. These are things that are definitely jacking up our health insurances premiums and, quite probably, exposing all of us — even the most innocent among us — to dangers to our health and even life itself, as virulent microbes and viruses are brewed-up by Mother Nature taking full advantage of this unnatural behavior.

And before all you Homos out there read this and leave some foul comment about me being some “latent” homo in your vain efforts to silence me or anyone else who dares to speak out, get this you Pillow-Biters: We can say whatever the hell we want and know full-well our own sexuality, so any of your sputtering sputum will mean JACK to us!

These Homos call us “breeders,” derogatorily, because they know full-well they can’t reproduce naturally — that’s why they seek to corrupt our children in schools or even in their very own homes should they get their filthy paws on those up for adoption. But Gays are generally met with utter disgust by the public at large, even most of the school kids will exclaim “that’s so gay!” when they see any signs of effeminacy among themselves.

And I strongly suggest everyone else take this exact same tact about these Homos and laugh about it to everyone around you. Let them say whatever about being a latent fag, it means nothing at all except in their disgusting fantasy world. Reverse the direction and tell them it’s them who really wishes you were a fag. Joke about it all openly: this is the Gay’s Achilles heel — everyone will agree with you on how disgusting and vile these people truly are!

— Phillip Marlowe

*Transgender, as in the abbreviation “LGBT,” that these groups often title themselves. LGBT stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. This is for those sickos who wish to be the other sex, temporarily or permanently; modern drug therapies seek not to make them think straight, but to help them convert as painlessly as possible to the other gender. Such social destructions have been lauded by Jew supremacists such as Barbara Wawa, who also shamelessly promotes miscengenation in the races, except for the Jews, of course.


37% of Homosexual men admit to molesting children: Read it here!

Several studies suggest that Gays commit about 33 to 40 percent of all the child molestation in America. Some notable celebrities crossed paths with Gay child molesters. Radio personality and Ronald Reagan’s adopted son, Michael Reagan, was molested at a summer camp. The ordeal caused him considerable trauma which took years to overcome. Another victim was Art Bell’s son, who was seduced by a homosexual teacher, who used drugs to help confuse his victim. Art Bell’s son was also infected with HIV.

FOLSOMPOSTERSMALLThe yearly Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco: This poster amply illustrates the connections within the Homo community and S & M Fetishists: They’re like one big happy, but very sick, family. Note the Last Supper symbology — they love to stick it to Christianity, or straights for that matter. Also, make note of the black “Jesus” and the red “fisting” dildo, where the cup of the last supper would sit. Unbelievable!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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15 Responses to Sickos Celebrate Homo Marriage in Commiefornia!

  1. I live very close to SF , thank gawd I am in a mostly White, straight area. I usually do not think of this type population unless I go into SF, or have to see it. Nothing to make your stomach lurch more than a couple dudes holding hands and gazing longingly into each others eyes. If they didn’t have to flaunt it in public and have parades and children’s books practically advocating their umm ‘lifestyle’ or ‘preference’, I believe people like myself wouldn’t think about it. I don’t even like it when I see straight people making out in public, it’s just gross. Sure , there’s always the BS ‘exceptions’ like the two old women who no one notices, but they aren’t the ones prancing around at the Folsom Street Fair .

    I recognize the pic from something I posted some time ago from a forum we both frequent- and yes it is very representative of the ‘culture’ that is celebrated and even advertised in the local rags around here like Bay Guardian and SF weekly- making a mockery of normal life and subjecting the rest of us to it. Normal people don’t want to have to deal with that, don’t want their children subjected to the cruising, hustling, parading etc. ‘lifestyle’. You know who is happy about the gays getting marriage for themselves? Lawyers. Now they have a new pool from which to get rich off.
    I was born in SF. It used to be a pretty nice place, now it is simply a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah , a haven for illegals,and a playground for rich, liberal yuppies to gather over lattes in hipster restaurants and talk about ‘inequity’ and ‘social justice’ while charging it all to their credit card, funded by some non-results yielding Do-Gooder Foundation Do-Nothing Job.

  2. bionicFAG says:

    This blog is SO so so SO gay! I love it! Keep up the “tongue in cheek” work, you’re doing just fine down there…

  3. incogman says:

    Oh yeah, you’d like that one wouldn’t you, Gayboy? Hell, your tongue probably now has all manner of fungal growths on it from last night’s foreplay with Lance and crew.

    Get this Pillow-biter: I hope it’s me who will end up shutting up your big fat nasty mouth permanently!

  4. bionicFAG says:


    you are now merely boring.

  5. incogman says:

    Like I’m here to thrill your jaded faggyness. Why don’t you go out on the street, in some bad part of town, and flounce around some instead of bothering us here? Note, people, it’s just like I said about these homos being continually in need of sick thrills to satisfy their inner pervert.

    And oh, by the way, it should be “Moronic FAG.”

  6. LW37 says:

    This just confirms the plan that the Globalists are doing. Maybe this is an eugenics ploy. Maybe California will have that earthquake that people have been talking about lately and all the fags and all the illegals will drop into the earth and sea and never be seen again. Have hope, Incog. Naw, there is no hope. We are sitting by watching this happen and no one is giving a dam. The world is just SO bad right now that I can’t believe it. Children don’t have a chance unless strong men and women get off their arse and start getting involved into activism at the least. Murder of the traitors at the most. I think we are going to roll over and take it and lose this country. I’m looking at Iceland as an escape.

    Great rant article, Incog! I was ranting right there too. It WILL spread and they want to teach kindergartners about queers and what child needs to kow anything about sex? It is a brainwashing plan, like the diversity plan has been.

    That sacriligious picture with the sex toy, freaks and nigger makes me want to hunt down whomever took it and beat the holy living crap out of them. I can’t help but feel violent! They will pay when they have to stand before God. At least that gives me solace.

    Be sure you carry hand sanitizer with you everywhere and wipe down all surfaces you go to. I look like an OCD patient when go to the grocery, even, because I wipe any spot I might touch on the basket with a disinfectant wipe, but my area is more because the groids and snot-nosed nigglets are touching the baskets instead of fags, but do it just in case. 😉

  7. bionicFAG says:

    Oh, my, I was wrong — this isn’t a sarcasm site — you people are serious! That’s hilarious! I’m terribly amused! (So “you are, Blanche, you are” (here to amuse, that is))

    If you ever *really* thought about it, you didn’t _choose_ to be straight, it was more like something that _happened_ to you, without any conscious choice on your part. And if you _did_ choose, I hate to tell you, but you’re really bisexual, and that’s the real reason for your homosexual-obsessed nature. Flip the “choice” around and you find that non-straight people didn’t choose their orientations either. Would *you* choose to be celibate if the situation were reversed? Would *you* foster governments that deny you basic rights based on your gender?

    Oh wait, I forgot where I was for a moment. It’s not like any real dialog will occur here. You’ll make sure of that.

    So you’re either ignorant (well, that’s blatantly obvious on a number of levels) and/or a person with repressed homosexual feelings (sorry, dude, also really obvious.)

    Both are okay — neither inherently good or bad — but both take work from within yourself, so given that you’re prone to spiritual sloth and animalistic vile, I’m afraid the prognosis is for continuing heaps and heaps of what you’ve sown.

    Carry on, haters, hate away. See how much love you get back.


    yeah, right

  8. incogman says:

    Oh, looks like we have some “intellectuallizing” something fierce going on here!

    You’ve had your chance. I resist saying anything at all to a fag like you, since you turn it around like some kind of foul joke. Everything is a double-entendre to you types with your pickled brains in some trash-heaped gutter.

    So, you like to perform anal sex on small boys and/or animals and if me or anyone else talks about it, makes us want to do it, right? You’d like that wouldn’t you? Turns you on, huh?

    You want any straight who dares to say JACK, have to fear others thinking that about us?

    It ain’t going to work with me, homo boy, since I know your little head games. That’s right — this is the gay’s way of shutting people up. They tell you not to think about what they happen to get off on yet they would love it dearly to do it in front of your face. They are that sick in the head.

    You have plenty of choices: One, shut your fat, foul mouth. Two, go back under the slimey rock you crawled out from or that dark closet you stumbled out of into the light of day.

    America is sick and tired of your vile acts and all your new diseases and jacked up health insurance. We will soon we doing something about it all. You and your fellow sodomites will be whispering in dank corners and sweating bullets all about it and crying the blues.

    We’re sick of you!

    Enjoy your vile freedoms while you can, MoronicFAG.

  9. bionicFAG says:

    You are so full of sh-t all you can see is sh-t. Do you really believe the words you say? Really?

    I’m done with you as you have nothing new to teach me and there is nothing new you will bother to learn.

    F–k right off.

  10. incogman says:

    Believe what I say? I know what I say is the truth. Just your nasty little comments (I adjusted the dirt) is plenty of proof just what kind of sickos you are.

    Nothing “new” for me to learn? Like you’re some kind of holier-than-thou personage when the facts of the matter are that you’re really some twisted little pervert who undoubtedly gets his jollies engaged in the foulest of acts.

    Chances are — you’re the one who likes “getting it” and the reason your mouth is so big is because you’ve bitten deeply into so many motel room pillows in your nasty, pathetic life. A life that will soon end up as a lesion-covered and bed-ridden pus bucket after you soon contract some foul homo disease.

  11. Lord Rufus says:

    Why is it that it is okay for queers to openly display thier sexuality with leud acts while if it were anyone else, they’d be arrested for these acts in public?

  12. Incipiat says:

    A thought just occurred to me that if the fag population really believes their propaganda that those who “hate” fags are actually latent homos then isn’t their anger at “homophobes” really anti-homosexual?

    So why is it they can hate people they consider homosexual and we can’t?

    Is it because they know that being called a fag is an insult even to the sodomites?

    And why is it only the homos can call their detractors “latent” homos? Shouldn’t it be that if I don’t like the jews,blacks, etc. I’m a latent jew, black etc.

  13. incogman says:

    Exactly. I think that someone, someplace figured out that by calling into question someone’s sexuality, you can really shut them up fast.

    That’s the point — shutting people up that don’t toe the party line. Same thing with race talk, just bringing up the topic makes people question YOU, not the subject.

    It’s a natural weakness in White society that the change agents are mining to the detriment of this country.

  14. TOR88 says:

    “”sory for I not spek god english”
    I find some of your artikel Very importent.
    thank you
    -Pleas can I have your email adr.

  15. Brown Royal says:

    As a non-White man, I salute your candor and honesty on this vile culture of homosexuality.

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