The United States of Israel — Like It or Not

This is how the rest of the world sees us, as we turn a blind eye to the Zionist’s on-going genocide of the Palestinian and pay-off or fight his other enemies in the Mideast. Not only that, but the Jews are now doing whatever they can to prevent America from coming to her senses about it.

Oh, it’s so very obvious now, what’s going on today. Been going on for decades now, if not much longer. One only has to look at the last 40 years, or so, to see the fingerprints of the Jewish supremacist and his actions in this country. Simply put, the Jew has done everything he can to advance the cause of Zion and his race at the expense of ours.

We’re being marginalized, our middle-class is now being destroyed and we’re being lowered on the totem pole to the same status as Third-Worlders. Along with this, our morals are being debased and our will is being sapped away. Hopefully, for them, without us ever coming to any understanding and getting together against it. But that’s not the only thing. This problem may be even worse, not just to us white Gentiles, but to the world at large.

We allowed the Jew to emigrate into this country in the 1880’s. Big mistake. Somehow, some idiot allowed them to be classified as white Europeans (note to self — find out who those jerk-offs were). Almost immediately, we started having problems in labor relations and anarchy. The Jew became the foremost labor agitators and Marxist assholes.

They’ve been trying since the 1920’s to allow other races into this country. They were continually defeated in this until 1965. In this year the Jews Senator Jacob Javits and Emmanuel Celler along with that major league Gentile traitor, Ted Kennedy, had the Immigration Reform act passed. One that reversed the 180,000 mostly white and European Immigrants to over 800,000 mostly non-white immigrants from anywhere. That’s just the legal ones.

In 1913, they managed to get the Federal Reserve created, the Central banking in private hands that our Founding Fathers so often fought against. President Woodrow Wilson said it was the biggest mistake of his life when he gave away this country to unknown people, by giving in and signing the legislation for this. Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson must have rolled over in their graves when this occurred.

The Jews now appear to control our money and international banking. But to this day we do not know for certain the names of these people. At least not publicly. Certainly, the Rothschild’s are a big part. If you watch the History Channel, ask yourself why they’ve never done a piece on the origins of the Federal Reserve for the show “Modern Marvels.” Oh, they’ve done ones on the Mint and Fort Knox, but the facts of the matter are that 12 Banks are in private hands, stock-holders carefully nested within other international corporations and it is they who call the real shots behind the scenes.

Everybody knows that money talks and bullshit walks. And every dollar that you pay in taxes goes to these unnamed and unelected people; in the form of interest our government owes when these people create money — out of thin air — by trading debt among each other and the countries under their sway. None of it is based on real assets, like gold or silver. They hold electronic purse strings, manipulating matters behind the scenes to get what they want down the road and anyone who wants to leave the gaming table, does so at a very real risk.

And it’s glaringly apparent that the State of Israel has been and is the foremost concern of these parties. They could simply care less about your sons and daughters being killed in an IED explosion nor you getting a pink slip because your job was exported to China or Mexico. Look at the big picture here, not just the bits and pieces. They bank on you thinking solely about your own personal experiences and existence. Literally.

These same people tried and almost succeeded in getting their own country in Russia. American Jews actually financed the Bolshevik revolution and they even brag openly about it now (in Jewish books). This revolution killed millions of white gentiles, and is rarely mentioned and was far, far more genocidal than the Holocaust. The Jew’s role is never, ever discussed in the mainstream media. Eventually, it appears, that Stalin outfoxed them, kicked out the Trotskyites and used the rest of the Jews left behind. Or so we think.

And I know that power also resides in the hands of some Gentiles, supposedly, and that these Gentiles care more for power than fellow whites or even the concept of America as a sovereign nation. But you know something? These people may be equally in the dark, know just as little as anyone else when it comes to their fellow Jewish cohorts. In other words, they’ve never understood the real purpose, the underlying impetus of the Jew in all of this, either.

And that goal has always been the New World Order, or a One-world Government. It fits the Jew’s multi-national, Diaspora mind-set to a tee. Plus, the Jewish Orthodoxy calls for the destruction of the Gentile Nations through such travails.

I don’t want to make this some treatise on all of the facts that point me to this inescapable conclusion. That kind of information is easily found. Get David Duke’s book “Jewish Supremacism.” You don’t have to become an expert in history or anything. You do have to look into it and decide for yourself — like yesterday. It may well be the most important research you’ve ever done.

Now, whether or not you come to the same conclusion about Jews is moot. Why? Well, because of what these people are up to, regardless of what you believe, can readily be discerned in current events leading us into war with Iran (more below). But it’s still critical that you rapidly figure out what the real deal is, anymore. You don’t even have to agree with me on it being a total Jew thing, even. And I have news for you, Sportsfans, they want you not to see it, for obvious reasons. They probably wonder how they can get away with it all and get a good laugh about the dumb Goyim.

I wanted to think about why this thing seems to be so impossible for others to even consider. It sometimes amazes me and at the same time, is understandable that it does. I mean it took me years and I’m a fairly well-read individual. But I purposefully stayed away from such “Nazi” topics, too. It’s just so insane that such a small group has managed to gain the power necessary to divide whites and subject them to their will. I know that some people here have an understanding of this and, yeah, some are here only because of race or political issues and will not face this part because of the complexity or because it seems so impossible. But the evidence is there and they don’t care one bit about what you have to say on it.

But when you total up the tote board, of the last 40 years or longer, you can readily see the direction of history and what it means to white Gentiles. And, my friends, it’s not good. It has been a slow, gradual thing, like the squeezing of a boa constrictor. Sometimes people likening it to a frog in a pot of water, slowly coming to a boil. Whatever, the analogy you use, it is real and on-going. Lately, the heat has been turned up, the boa giving a firm and decisive squeeze, maybe realizing the intended victim is awakening from his slumber and might reach for the head.

When you know of these things and watch the news, you can readily read between the lines, you can see the things that they will not touch, subjects that are verboten. Like the giant Israel Lobby, part of which is AIPAC and who acts as a Foreign Agent for Israel here in America. Bet you haven’t heard of the spy case involving them, have you? These people direct massive Jewish money (possibly even your very own tax dollars) to our politician’s campaigns, those that support Israel or Jews in general, anywhere. About the most you will hear is campaign finance reform, which many people know means AIPAC and which has gone nowhere thanks to AIPAC efforts in stopping it.

I also think that several things have put a monkey wrench in the plans. Iran going nuclear, the evident lies about 9/11, the Iraq war. These people are not perfect and omniscient, by any stretch of the imagination. Of course they have no real overarching control over individual, day-to-day Jews, obviously. Most Jews are just left-wingers, activists for one radical cause or other, usually ones that attack and divide Gentiles, their values and institutions. But that’s all the role needed for them, really. And they use the fact of them being such left-wingers to somehow prove, cleverly, that this whole Jewish supremacy thing nothing but “Nazis talk” and that Jews are just being concerned, altruistic citizens, caring so for the oppressed. Bullshit.

These Jewish apologists are not the real insiders either, but they do sense that their actions are corrosive to nations like the US and that more powerful Jews may actually be up to something. They worry that Gentiles will come to the same conclusions. One Jew, I forget who right now, was asked if the Holocaust could happen in the US. His answer was “tomorrow morning.” Most people considered this, on the face of it, as saying that Americans have such a violent, racist side that they could do such a thing. But you could also read that this person felt that if Americans ever came to their senses about the Jew then he might very well lash-out, perhaps understandably.

These people want to get us into a war that will prove disastrous to this country and, possibly, to the world and even humanity itself. I say this knowing full well that it sounds like hyperbole and doom-mongering but I must because I am convinced that I am right.

Iran presents a clear and present danger (if I may use the phrase) to Israel’s conventional force hegemony, not just by the potential of nuclear weapons, but more by the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) tank shells and bunker-busting bombs. This was the real secret behind our land force’s superiority in both wars with Iraq — the ability to completely devastate Saddam Hussein’s tank forces and communication’s facilities from afar.

This is not a threat to US strategic nuclear doctrine. We could simply tell Iran that if they use nuclear weapons we will retaliate, even if against Israel. But if the Iranians were to manufacture enough DU weaponry to give to Syria, then Israel’s ground forces could be in jeopardy in any war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, should Syria launch a counter-attack equipped with DU — possibly resulting in defeat for the prideful Israelis. That was the main reason for the sneak attack on Syria last September — to elimanate another reactor running on Iranian uranium fuel that could be turned into DU. Number of reactors equals more DU.

So it’s not enough for Israel to be mollified about Iran not building a nuke. Oh, the media will never touch the DU part of it. Too dangerous PR about our secret advantages and about Israel having this kind of nuclear technology, since it highlights Jew hypocrisy so. But the risk to Israel’s ground superiority is the foremost problem, regardless of American lives or that it may spark WW III. And the possibilities of this war becoming more than a regional conflict is very evident but being ignored by jingoist Jew Neocon propaganda.

The corrupt Sunnis Royal House of Saud is a player in all of this, too. They could really care less about Palestinians nor Jordan, their historic enemies. But a S’hiite state with a Bomb, one that can radicalize the S’hiite population of the Gulf is a fearsome prospect to these pampered princes. And we know that the Bushes are in tight with this bunch. So you have another major league influence on Bush, all to attack Iran; at home, with the big-mouthed Jews, and in Saudi Arabia with the Bush’s longtime Big-Oil Buddies.

What to do about it? Learn what you can, first off. Second, we have to talk openly and loudly. You cannot sit on the sidelines any longer. Stand up and speak out about this. It might, if enough voices are added to the crescendo that is growing everywhere, as you read this. Many places, on the Internet, there is talk about this. Oh, much of it is rude comments and ruder rejoinders, but people are talking about it, at least where it’s not censored. Everybody should. If enough people raise their voices then maybe we can prevent another world war. Just maybe.

This war to come in Iran is supposedly to be called World War IV (we’re in III, now) according to right-winger, Orthodox Jews and the Zionist super Neocon Norman Podhertz, who won the “prestigious Guardian of Zion” award last year and has the ear of President Bush. He espouses that Bush should attack Iran before he leaves office and believes he will. This cannot be discounted anymore. The media has been ramping up the hysteria over Iran to new heights and it’s only a matter of time before a new false-flag event, such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident or even something like 9/11 to start the ball rolling.

All of this, Wars and Rumors of Wars, is but another part of the Jew’s real modus operandi. If one was to look into all of the issues facing our country today, if you scratch the surface only a bit, you’ll find the Jew is a major player. Oh sure, most of the time he is in it for his own left-leaning reasons, but this plays well for those of his people who truly hate the white Goyim and have serious designs upon the world and believe that the Jew is the only real manifestation of God on earth. The following describes this “Zohar” mind-set and the goals they hold:

The Nations Must Suffer First

Higger provides extensive references from the Babylonian Talmud, describing enlightened monotheism under messiah. But the Talmud teaches such tranquility will be dearly bought; a time of Gentile anguish is necessary to displace Gentiles from their control of the nations and dominion of Jews. Such suffering will be so great, says the Talmud, that even “the Almighty Himself will bewail it.”

The Zohar, or Kabbalah, rivals the authority of the Talmud for most deeply religious Jews. It teaches that, as the divine yet visible, practical manifestation of God’s will in this world, it is Israel’s job to “wage war” against Gentile control by any means possible. “Proper order” can only be restored by breaking down Gentile and Christian influence. Read more here

They have a description of this, a short-hand they call “Tikkun Olam” which means “Repairing the World for the Chosen Ones.” Oftentimes they’ll leave out the part about the Chosen Ones but that’s what they really mean. This concept is similar to what they do to you in boot camp; they break you down to nothing, destroy any thought patterns from before and reduce you to a blubbering idiot. Then they remold you into what they want you to be, in the case of the military, a killing machine.

In the case of “Tikkun Olam” they want to reduce the white race to nothing at all, to blend him into the other races that will be subservient to the Jewish Master Race and his religion. We will only be there to serve him. For him, we are nothing but cattle (Goyim).

Oh, they’ll be people that will say such a goal is way too impossible to be true. And they’re probably right. And they’ll also say: I have a nice Jew neighbor or my little brother is gay. But none of this has anything to do with the big picture, of course. It’s the intent and course of action to arrive at that final goal, that are the real reasons for the issues we are dealing with today and the pain and suffering brought on by these things will only get worse. So, whether or not the final Jewish end goal is possible, is really moot since the efforts to finally get there will be quite real. Painfully real.

Many times people have wondered at what or whom is behind everything. They look at dollar bills and see Freemason plots. They watch movies about the evil Catholic Vatican’s designs on Humanity. Hell, some guy named David Ikkes even came up with some bizarre thing about shape-shifting lizards from another dimension. But people think something is up but just don’t know what it is, or maybe even don’t want to know. They can’t make sense of things anymore, such as what they see on television and feel things are snowballing downhill and that society is going to the dogs, for some reason.

The evidence for the real reasons can readily be found and does not take some kind of super-sleuthing. Most people, when it comes to the Jewish Question, will see nothing but swastikas and terrible images from the past. And that’s exactly what they want, in case you’ve noticed. In fact, the Holocaust was once only a part of WW II history, but now it’s grown to a relentless political and social force; far larger than WW II ever was and is being used, shamelessly, to advance the Jew’s overall agenda.

They want people to see it this way and to turn a blind eye to anything to do with them, so they can continue on with what they want. They have artfully constructed a cone of silence about themselves and have made concerted, obvious, efforts to cloak their actions. Witness the Jew’s monopoly on the media and the immediate Jewish attacks on any criticism directed toward them. They cannot allow even the slightest success, for any of this, because it may cause even more talk about other things. That’s why even political criticism of the actions of the State of Israel are branded as anti-Semitic. They’ve even had the dictionary (Webster’s 2002) changed to say this, for crying out loud.

Lately, the Jew has successfully installed laws in Canada and in England to prosecute “thought crimes” or, as they want you to call them, “Hate crimes.” Ostensibly for the protection of Homosexuals, this is also being used to silence any talk about Jews as well. In the US, they have made the passage of similar legislation a priority, even though we have plenty of laws on the books to prosecute violent crime of any sort. This effort is another blatant signature of the Jew’s efforts to continue with his overall schemes and to find ways of silencing people about it.

No, all of the evidence points directly to the Jewish supremacist. He has been a corrosive force in various Nations world-wide for centuries and is now, clearly, the major player in the Globalist agenda so evident today. Much of the organizations involved in Globalist designs, such as the Council of Foreign Relations, are heavily Jewish. If you look deeply into pro-Immigration groups, you’ll find Jews at the helm and Jewish Philanthropic money behind them. Much of the social upheavals in US history for the last 40 years is readily traceable to Jewish efforts. He has the motive, the means and his fingerprints are all over the scene. You cannot ignore his culpability any longer.

Now our country is being overrun by non-white Illegal Immigrations from the south. The white nations of Europe are undergoing the same thing from Muslim and African populations. This is all meant to dilute and destroy the white homogeneity of these countries, so that the Globalist Jew can rework them to his ends.

Some will say how can this be since these Immigrants are not Jewish? Such is not important, only that the whites, who are the first and foremost danger to them, are nullified. Once this is done, then any threat by lessor races can be dealt with; possibly in relatively simple, yet harsher methods when full control is established. But the first target must be the whites who can put a stop to all this and must be accomplished without them waking up to it. Should they come to their senses, before it’s too late, then all bets are off.

In the end, I fear that the greater masses of people of all sort may be targeted. They may believe that the population of the planet cannot go on like this forever and must be dealt with sooner or later. And they may be right about that. But, far be it for them to allow the Jewish Race to be exposed to such a culling. Better to be on top for this operation than anywhere else. In fact, the argument of population versus the earth’s resources may be the one that they’ve use to manipulate their elite Gentiles allies; without them even knowing they are in league with Jewish supremacist, only that they belong to an elite that is to be protected, when the time comes.

Now, I don’t know this future of course, but I’m certain of what is going on today compared to the past. It’s easy to see the Jew’s involvement in things like immigration, racial tensions and his manipulations of the media and social change. It’s not difficult to put two and two together about such things. No, there’s no Freemasonry or shape-shifting lizards thing to explain it. It’s been the arrogant Jewish supremacist, all along. Right in front of our faces.

We’ve been brainwashed to reject such thinking, on purpose, and the Jew has been fairly successful in this endeavor. But once a white person does connect the dots, then he or she can clearly see the whole picture laid out before them.

And it’s not pretty. Sorry to say.

— Phillip Marlowe 


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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12 Responses to The United States of Israel — Like It or Not

  1. Louis from Montreal says:

    The chosen certainly have their work cut out for them, our numbers will grow. They always make the same mistake, the brazen bragging, and the lack of restraint in how far they go, or should I say, how low. Once again, a great article, Incogman, thank you.

  2. Dick says:


    Have you read ‘The Controversy of Zion’ by Douglas Reed? If not, then this book is really interesting.

    And, by the way, the next few years will be really interesting. More and more white people are waking up (I woke up myself during the last year), and the Jews cannot allow this to continue much longer. They have worked for One World Goverment for hundreds of years, and they will certainly not give up now without a good fight.

    The next big test will be war with Iran, which the Jews want badly.

  3. incogman says:

    No, I have not. I’ve read a review and was planning on running it here next.

    Yes, I think more and more whites are indeed waking up to the whole mess. My “awakening” is described above in “A Letter.” Yeah, the Jews know that it’s a matter of time before the jig is up. That’s why you have all the BS going on about legislation to “protect us” by stealing our rights.

    Chertoff just got thru saying we have to pass new laws to combat terrorism but Americans can’t second guess the government when they put those new laws to use. Wonder what that skeleton head’s got up his sleeve?

    Of course, most Americans don’t really know he’s a dual citizen of Israel and a major player in the 9/11 travesty.

    I think they’ll close down America before Iran is attacked but I could be wrong. Major media BS about the evil Iran is ramping up now.

    Yeah, the next year or two will be when people have to confront the whole mess for real. I’ve always said that 2008 will be the last year of relative normalcy for the US. Mark my words.

  4. LW37 says:

    We are just screwed. We have to remember that there are a LOT of non-jews who are walking hand in hand with them to destroy our country and they come from all parts of the world. These people should all be hung until dead for destroying this country! They will get their One World Government and we will be under highly controlled circumstances with dictators running our lives. We have to wake up as many people as fast as we can because if we don’t we can never hold them off and make it harder for them. We have to fight these things until the death for the future of white children who will come after we are all long gone. God help us.

  5. incogman says:

    Don’t lose heart, LW37. Many whites are waking up to it. They may not have connected all the dots but they know something just ain’t right. It’s a race now and we do have some advantages that these people are clearly afraid of (such as numbers, our intellect and fortitude when we are aroused). Put your energy into waking up others quickly. Use illegal immigration, the war in Iraq and the economy. Avoid confusing people. Show them how we’re being screwed!

  6. m says:

    Posted by a jewish vice president of google

    Why am I not surprised? Otoh, I’ve been having fun informing the liberals of some pertinent facts gleaned from that awesome video series.

  7. Rob Chapman says:

    An unhappy and unwanted situation we find ourselves in to say the very least.

    The Jewish Lobby has bullied and wormed their way into power in every branch within the American power structure: The White House, Congress, the MSM, Academia, psychiatry, immigration, Banking.

    We are now reaping the harvest they have sown amongst the peoples of the world.

    But there is great hope: They and their scheming and deceit are being exposed for what they are: Lying, cheating, stealing, cunning, manipulative and murderous Bastards that care nothing about anybody but themselves. They have been allowed to push things too far, and this asinine War in Iraq that the Jewish Lobby in Washington relentlessly pursued just may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    I just finished reading “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy” by Mearsheimer and Walt. I recommend it highly as well as the books INCOG has recommended as well.

    In “The Israel Lobby”, the extraordinary power that the Jewish Lobby has managed to seize within our government will take your breath away; and more importantly, what they are doing with it, IN OUR NAMES, will enrage you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Outstanding column. A couple more like this and we’ll stop calling you Phillip Marlowe, and start calling you Dr. Marlowe.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What we will eventually need is some kind of quick and highly reliable DNA signature test to weed out our enemies in the Diaspora. Too many traitorous historical (and existing) figures have passed themselves off as Gentiles only to have had their Jewishness “outed” after their dirty deeds were done. Their cloaks along with our unique altruism have led us to this precarious point in history. We must steel ourselves and be hard for the upcoming “Apocalyptic” clash.

  10. incogman says:

    Yes, you are right. We need to take advantage of current technologies to prevent more of this “fifth-columist” crypto-Jew infiltration. The Jew has proven quite capable of insinuating himself into Gentile populations to advance themselves racially and sow mischief in Goyim societies.

    In addition to your suggestion may I add another? We need to create a time-capsule-like history project or some form of untouchable message that warns later generations to all this. Too often has the white race forgotten the lessons learned.

  11. Dick says:

    I have noted that many people here are very pessimistic about the future. I don’t think this is necessary, at least not if you are white. The white people are waking up now, and the Jews should be very scared. I cannot possibly see how the Jews could win this.

    But I would first like to debunk a very common myth, namely the myth of the superintelligent Jew. I will here quote the eminent Ms. Nesta Webster:


    The fact is that the whole educational as well as the whole political and social world is permeated with Jewish influence. Every man in public life, every modern politician, to whatever party he belongs, seems to find it de rigueur to have his confidential Jewish adviser at his elbow, just as in the Middle Ages a prince had his Jewish doctor always at hand to mix his potions and ensure him long life. This appears to be owing not only to the utility of the Jew in financing projects, but to the almost universal belief in the superior intelligence of the Jewish race which the Jew has succeeded in implanting in the Gentile mind.

    But the time has come to ask: Is the Jew really the super-man we have been taught to consider him? On examination we shall find that in the present as in the past his talents are displayed principally along two lines–financial and occult. Usurers in the Middle Ages, financiers to-day, the Jews have always excelled in the making and manipulating of wealth. And just as at the former period they were the great masters of magic, so at the present time they are the masters of the almost magical art of gaining control over the mind both of the individual and of the public.

    Yet in the realms of literature, philosophy, painting, sculpture, politics, and even science, Jews will be found frequently occupying the second or third ranks, and only very seldom the first. Heine may be cited as a poet of the first order, Spinoza as a philosopher, Disraeli as a statesman, but it would be difficult to prolong the list. On the stage and in music alone can the Jews be said to have proved absolutely the equals of their Gentile competitors. The fact is that the Jew is not usually a man of vast conceptions, nor is he endowed with great originality of mind; his skill consists rather in elaborating or in adapting other men’s ideas and rendering them more effectual. Thus the most important inventions of modern times have not been made by Jews, but have been frequently improved by them. Neither James Watt, Stephenson, Marconi, Edison, Pasteur, nor Madame Curie were of the Jewish race, and the same might be said of nearly all the greatest men who have lived since the dawn of our civilization. Napoleon was not a Jew, nor was Shakespeare, nor Bacon, nor Sir Isaac Newton, nor Michael Angelo, nor Leonardo da Vinci, nor Galileo, nor Dante, nor Descartes, nor Molière, nor Emerson, nor Abraham Lincoln, nor Goethe, nor Kant, nor even Machiavelli. Thrown on their own resources, what civilization were the Jews able to create? Whilst Egypt, Greece, and Rome have left immortal monuments, what monuments has Palestine bequeathed to the world?

    (Nesta Webster: Secret Societies).

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