Let’s All Mate With The Negroes! (II)

1) Typical Caucasian female. 2) Albino Negroid female — false future race admixture sometimes used to frighten people. 3) Mulatto female, Black and Asian. 4) Mix of Negroid and Mestizo, along with some Caucasian. Notice the further diminishing of White features due to the higher percentage of non-White DNA. Compare and contrast with the first photo (#1). This is a more accurate vision of the destined hybrid race, who will not only look like a mish-mash, but will also be purposefully dumbed-down — at first because of our educational and cultural environment, but possibly genetically later on (see below).

Continued from: Let’s All Mate With The Negroes!

Now, I know that my fellow pro-whites get a bit bollixed up about all this race mixing stuff — for very good reasons too, but they sometimes can get carried away with trying to spook people about the spooks. They’ll show photos of albino Negroes (like #2 above), to suggest what a mongrel race will look like, if all this keeps up. Although these albino Negroes are extremely frightening looking — the real mixture will be less so, but still quite ugly, nevertheless.

On a side note, these albinos (1 in 20,000 live births) are not only scary to look at for us Whites, but Negroes find them bad voodoo, too. In Africa, to be born albino is a terrible prospect indeed, since the often superstitious neighbors might kill you and eat your liver! No lie.

And it’s doubtful that all the efforts at getting the Whites to breed themselves to extinction will ever work totally. Most Whites will eventually get it about all this (they should have by now). But that’s not to say that we will still have enough demographics to determine our own future by peaceful means. It should be readily apparent, just what these people are in the process of now doing, not only to America, but to all the White western nations such as in Canada and Great Britain (Africans are now being flooded into Ireland by the Globalists — can you believe that?).

Having the White breed with the Negroes and other races will definitely not be pretty (no matter what the Diversity idiots say), since certain haploid features will naturally predominate, like in the hair, nose and lips, etc, once you take into account the much fewer Whites in the mix as time goes on and non-White immigration continues. The influx will cause the White, Aryan look to eventually disappear. It’s a numbers thing, genetically.

When looking at Diversity propaganda for race-mixing, note how often young children are used. This plays on your maternal emotions, since children of any sort will look “cute” — just like puppies. That’s a function of behavioral evolution that creates bonds with off-spring, since diminutive adult features of any young elucidate such feelings. Also, the mixed race shots usually shown are almost always good looking, first generation Mulattoes and don’t show the further disappearence of White DNA. And they use propaganda tactics to try to make it look like White people will all just have a perpetual tan (see below)! 

So, we won’t look quite as scary as albinos, at least not at first. More like a bland, yellowish hum-drum and crude mish-mash. Ironically, the Diversity mavens pushing this kind of thing are actually working to eliminate diversity entirely. That’s right — talk about a mind flock there! By celebrating race-mixing and making it “fashionable” in the media and culture, they are also engineering the elimination of their very own race (that is, if they are truly White and not Jewish).

Simply because of the sheer numbers of non-Whites in the world, White racial features will eventually be lost in the sauce — sadly, forever.

What the Jews don’t want you to think: Race IS real

The purposeful mongrelization of Whites: 1) Jew-owned, Time Magazine’s 1993 “Special Issue” promoting immigration and race-mixing. This was blatant propaganda, since the cover image of what we’ll look like in the future was nothing more than a Caucasian Model with the skin tones photo-shopped (they called it “computer-generated” at the time). 2) Most interracial propaganda plays on your emotions for children* — most kids look “cute,” except for Super Model Heidi Klum and Seal’s kids, obviously (3). 4) Atypical female race hybrid. 5) Atypical male race hybrid. 6) The Mexican revolutionary, Emil Zapata, showing the mix of Mexican Black and Mestizo. Black DNA in Mexico has now been completely subsumed by the more abundent Mestizo genetics. This very thing could happen to Whites in what was once our own countries!

*This photo (#2) of the little mulatto girl was titled “Future Beauty Queen.” Right. We have to pretend such mixes are beautiful or else you’re a mean, racist bastard. I’m here to tell you: The little girl looks retarded to me. Of course, I wouldn’t say that to the little girl in person, now that would make me a real SOB — but I still wouldn’t vote for her in the Little Miss Sunshine Beauty pageant, either!

You can see just how a race can be lost with a small example that happened in Mexico. Once, that country once had a fairly substantial Black population, but after just a few generations, through breeding with the more numerous local Mestizos (Amerindian with some Spanish White), native Black features are almost non-existent south of the border. Look at the picture above of revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, who was half-Black, half-Mestizo. This look may be gone now in Mexico, but will soon return in the US as more Mestizos and Blacks mix; that is, of course, if they don’t end up killing each other off first.

White genetics may eventually suffer the same fate as the Blacks of Mexico. This can happen in just a few generations with the overwhelming DNA of other non-Whites, if our country continues on this path with race-mixing and constant non-White immigration. Oh, I’m reasonably certain other political and social events will occur first to prevent the total loss of White genetics. But that’s not a given.

The White population numbers in this country are indeed spiraling down and fast. White numbers on the planet are now in the single digits (about 7%), while in this country we are fast approaching being a minority. Globally, all the other races are exploding population-wise and the biggest reason for that is because of White technology in the first dam place. That’s right: Think about our production techniques, medical advances, agriculture, plant genetics (corn and rice strains from Whites really saved their asses), have allowed non-White populations to increase dramatically world-wide.

What we’ve done for non-Whites globally, may end-up killing our race off in the future!

In essence, Whites have created a situation where the planet will either swallow us up or a massive overpopulation of the Third-world races creates a food and fresh water catastrophe that will kill billions. It’s envitable one way or another and they are people who know this to be a fact. It can’t go on forever.

But it doesn’t mean that us Whites need to go along with the deal. That is, of course, if we don’t let some of the stupider, “lovey-dovey” Whites (or this other devious, embedded race) lead us down the path to racial oblivion!

Not only do we risk ending up looking like some kind of hodge-podge race, but we are also losing our intelligence edge. With our educational system and cultural scene now catering to the lowest common denominator of our population, younger people are plain getting more and more stupid. In fact, it’s now fashionable for them to be out of it and not give a damn (thanks to Hollywood).

Our nation has finished below 21 other countries in Math and Science, students from 12 other countries can read better than ours. We used to be the best or close to it. Far too many kids can’t even tell us who won the Civil War, or find important countries on the map, for chrissakes.

To cut to the heart of the matter, ask yourself this: Why do rich White liberals send their kids to private schools? They know what’s up. Just won’t say so out loud.

We may be seeing the beginnings of the human race start down the road to devolving into two separate species: A gracile, attractive human versus a squat, dumb and beast-like version. You may think this is ridiculous, but one evolutionary theorist has postulated something along these lines starting in a thousand years or so. But he does not take into account any purposeful social engineering efforts that can speed all this up (like what’s going on now). Read more here 

But Whites are not so much in danger genetically now, as in politically and demographically. Once our power is gone for our own self-determination, then we will definitely be in mortal danger as a race as time goes on. We have come up on the brink of a cliff where all this should now be seen clearly — should you have enough of a brain left from watching the Jew tube.

Fortunately, it appears that most Whites are not attracted to Blacks in the first place. Sure, a lot of Black males will try to take advantage of brainwashed, multicult White females to make sex partners, if possible, but they’ll still mostly socialize with other Blacks — shunting off White women as “white hos and sluts.” That’s a big reason black males like White females in the first place (besides better looking); because they are often liberal and easy to intimadate with alpha Negro behavior — far more compliant than Negro women and much easier to stay being a “playa.”

Eventually, White women will sicken of all this. Signs of that occurring are already becoming apparent, as more and more White women see just what it all means to them as a woman involved in normal Black culture. White women (or any women, for that matter) are often victimized and treated like dogs by Black men, even if they don’t want to admit it, due to their personal decisions about “diversity” and general liberal mentality.

Regardless of all the effort to mix the races, people usually want to be with others just like them, since races naturally congregate together. This is readily seen in school cafeterias, even today. Just think about your own reaction whenever you find yourself with strangers, who do you feel more comfortable with or even safe with, right off the bat?

This kind of street reality does not bode well for those who push race mixing on whites. Whites are tiring of the non-stop anti-White racial bull. Perhaps that’s why the heat is now being turned up on Negro Mating in the media (surely you’ve noticed it by now). The Diversity mavens are finally getting all this and are now going to Plan B. Mix the races genetically before everyone gets sick and tired of all their continual meddling. Some younger White females, unfortunately, are still falling for the interracial propaganda crap.

Much of this race mixing has it’s roots in the exact same place as the immigration issue in this country: The internalized fear and loathing of the Jews towards White, European people. That’s why you see so much of it in Hollywood, on TV and magazines since they are so totally prevalent in the media. Celebrity mixed marriages are constantly being shown to us as “being cool,” like the super model Heidi Klum with the really dark Black one-hit wonder “Seal.” Their offspring are always being touted as “beautiful” in the media, when it’s clear to anyone with common sense, they are far from it.

Now, I know that people often shout out “you always accuse the Jews of being behind everything! Impossible!” Well, it’s because they are, sorry to say. You have your Karl Marxs, Sigmund Freuds, Gloria Steinems, Paula Rothenbergs, etc. ETC. All kinds of Jew smarty pants egalitarians like anthropologist Franz Boas, have dominated our intellectual landscape and espouse all these things for us Goyim. Jew politicians, Jew organizations (like the American Jewish Congress and ADL) along with lefty Jew agitators all over, have been at the forefront of overturning our immigration laws to support non-White immigration literally since the 1920’s.

These Jews bank on most of America thinking they’re White when nothing could be further from the truth!

The Jewish supremacists love to play match-maker for the White race (but not for themselves, if at all possible) and are subconsciously acting on their wish to marginalize the White race away. They have some serious inner fears and are trying to protect themselves from any back-lash to their behavior, sometimes very bad behavior even they see (in the US, more so than even the victims!). Their very own efforts to prevent a White reaction to them may be the very reason it ends up happening!

They try to paint such efforts as “altruistic” and say they just want to see the US as a “Multicultural Nation,” which they often will call “The World’s First Universal Country.” But did they ask us how we felt about it? Like, hell no, they didn’t! They’ve been behind all of this from the get-go, across the board (go to my page on “The Real Immigration Deal” and download Professor MacDonald’s PDF or my post “The Secret Evils Behind Political Correctness” and watch the videos. But please take a moment to watch this video:

Jewish supremacist touting race-mixing for Whites on TV, using phony genetic reasons for turning us all into mutts. The idiot White Talking Heads spew nonsense right along with the Jew’s “spiel.”


This whole thing is so incredibly vile and devious when you give it some thought. A long term effort targeting your own race by blinding and shutting you up with “Political Correctness” right along with intellectual mumbo-jumbo to justify the whole thing. All as nicely as possible, smugly even, so that most of you will turn a blind eye to it, or confusedly ascribe the reasons for it as “the times we now live in.” The race blinders are now installed on us Whites and our fears of being labelled “Politically Incorrect” so deeply embedded in our brains, that you dare not even talk about it openly, let alone fight back. No one wants to be labeled a “racist.” That’s how everything is being done to us. Think about it!

All kinds of subtle efforts have been made over the last 40 years to silently attack the White race from the flanks and from within — all basically have the same end result: impediment of future White reproduction. Various assaults can readily be seen on the family unit such as Homosexuality, Radical Feminism, Immorality of all sorts and Abortion, just to name a few.

Think that’s so crazy? Then ask yourself why the rapidly decreasing number of Whites in this country is rarely, if ever discussed in the mainstream news? They don’t want you to get concerned! I’ve even caught purposeful obfuscations in all this. Why do they tell us the birthrate in this country is going up, when it’s really the birthrate of Mestizos going up and that Whites are actually going down? Why is it that they stick to the party line that illegal immigrants only number 12 million when the General Accounting Office of the government pegs it at 20 million plus? Also, many in the immigration field now believe it to be 38 million and counting!

When will you put two and two together? When it’s too late? We’re under attack as a race and you had better figure this one out.

Some have likened these efforts to a frog in a pot of water. If the water is slowly brought up to a boil, he’ll be less apt to know what’s up and jump out before it’s too late. The Zionist Jews in Israel have gotten this down to an art form with the Palestinians over the last 60 years. At the moment, the water is starting to boil as Zionist Israel is now in the process of annexing up to 40% more of their land and are, as we speak, forcing Palestinian Muslims and even Christians from their own part of Jerusalem.

They’ll do the rest — evict all Palestinians, Muslim or Christian, from the West Bank and Gaza, once they kick off another war with Iran involving us. Mark my words, people.

The lefty and deluded Whites who espouse this race-mixing are truly foolish and pusillanimous, by foisting their own race fantasies on the rest of us, they are leading us down the road to race suicide. These people are the unwitting dupes, the foot soldiers for the Jewish supremacists, who have been the real force behind all of this from the very beginning. Whites who subscribe to this, need to be confronted angrily whenever they mouth-off these Diversity lies and total bull!

This is not a “slow” genocide of our race — not at all — since it will only take a couple of generations at this rate. If it becomes more prevalent, due to social and economic pressures such as tax breaks (I’ve seen this suggested), even less time would be needed. Just imagine if all the Whites you now see around you were to mostly reproduce with other races from here on out; then Whites would disappear virtually immediately on the historical time scale. We are allowing these people to kill us off!

Your people (clockwise): A young British girl denied a job because she was White. An American astronaut in space. A world-renowned cellist. An actor on the stage. Being pro-White does not mean you’re a Nazi or a member of the KKK or a “hater” — this is what they want you to think. It means taking pride in being White and standing up for White people, no matter how difficult many try to make it. Even talking about these kinds of things will make people call you a racist. Don’t believe me? Read some of the comments around here!

Whites have forged nations and continents. We’ve created unbelievable civilizations, technologies and inventions. We’ve sent men into space and landed them on the moon. Our exceptional cultural heritage spans literally nations and time periods, with astoundingly beautiful works of art, architecture and the written word. Not only all that — if that was not enough — we are also a noble and physically handsome looking race.

To throw all that away because others try to tell us it’s the “fashionable” thing to do, is downright evil and about as stupid as it gets. All of it — the Politically Correct crap, the race-mixing and the continous subtle and not so subtle attacks of Whites in the media — reveals the real truth of the matter: Other races fear us and are extraordinarily envious of who and what we represent.

Simply put: They’re jealous and it shows.

Those of us, and of the other races, who call us evil and denigrate everything and anything about the White race, are at the very same time trying to mate us off with all those races that they tell to hate us. No, they all love the Whitey. They love how we look, make all kinds of effort to look like us and love using the inventions we make. OK, so maybe we like watching the other races slapping their happy shanks and gyrating with abandon at the movies, but does that mean we have to sleep with them after the show? I think not!

Be proud of being White. Let everyone and anyone know that. Screw ’em if they have a problem with it.

— Phillip Marlowe

Next: What It Means To Be White…

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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183 Responses to Let’s All Mate With The Negroes! (II)

  1. Marshall says:

    Ask Yahoo Answers LOL!!! Jewish genetics professor unaware of Khazars or just covering up?


    MATTHEW E asks:

    What heritage is the unibrow from?
    Is it from the Jewish heritage?? Cause I am Jewish or partly. If it is not then it might be traced back to some other race.

    YIM TOHAAN, PhD answers:

    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

    the other answers are entirely false. As a professor of hereditary genetics at SUNY-Rochester, a great deal of my research is spent on phenotypical inheritance. It has been established that persons of turkish descent are the originators of the unibrow. In all likelihood, your family has at least one turk hiding in it.

    SUNY-Rochester school of anthropology.
    UMass-Evolutionary Biology Dept.

    Asker’s Rating:
    5 out of 5

    Asker’s Comment:

    It is strange. I just saw a red haired kid today that had it and both of his parents are white with red hair so its weird. I guess I must be part turkish then.

  2. GDL says:

    These petty comments are coming from Jew-rats. Jew-rats will never tell their young Jew-rats that race mixing brings more strenght to the human family nor would they destroy Israel like they have the United States.





  3. Curious says:


    You cant change the fact that we are all the same race of human. You are basically talking about preserving the different “breeds” of human.

    And yes the history and developed features of each breed of human is beautiful in its own way; however, no one should ever go around discriminating against someone’s choice of mate as if it were an abomination. No breed will ever disappear into “gray paint”. Mixes are beautiful in their own way by joining two cultures and features. Why do you think so many animal breeders now work to find mixes that are even better than the original purebreds (ex labradoodles). Mixes offer a renewal of the gene pool and surface the best features of both. They are healthier and just as interesting as a pure labrador or a pure poodle.

    Even if a certain type of human were to completely blend with another and impossibly vanish somehow the culture of those groups of people would still be preserved and celebrated in their offspring not shoved away and forgotten. What would take the place of a “pure breed” human wouldn’t be a boring void of nothing but a mixture of the best o both

  4. GDL says:


    There’s just one problem. I am waiting on Jews to mix their genes with black Africans. I can’t mix my genes until I see Israel basking in multi-cultural glory. When Israel’s Jewish women move to the congo and black African men move to Israel to begin an orgy of interracial love mixing then I will follow suit and mix my genes with a non-White.

    When the Jewish heritage is living on only in little half-negro Jews then and only then will I race mix.

    We’re waiting on you Jews! tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.



  5. Curious says:


    You have issues

  6. GDL says:




  7. kerdasi amaq says:

    Hey, ‘Curious’, you’re a level six shithead. The motto for you is“WorkLiberates”! Remember that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    GLD, Your problem is that you actually refuse to listen to real facts about things. It baffles me how you ignore, and refuse to even consider actual proof. I suggested you look look up certain things that prove my point, but you just mindlessly yelled at me and called me Jew, and I don’t even follow organized religion. Why wont you consider anything? You just sound really angry, and i’m being perfectly calm, which makes your points seem invalid. Would you even consider listening? Is it THAT bad? It seems as though you don’t even read what other people say, and just go straight to your conclusions. And i’m sure, positive even, that you or someone else are going to either insult me, call me a jew, race traitor, or anything else that’s going to be an attempt to make me feel bad because of what i said just now, or like previously, take quotes of what i said and twist my words around.

  9. GDL says:

    Anonymous, that’s GDL, and that mushy “your a meany” bullshit don’t work with me, so give it up…that goes for Jewish buzzwords also!

    White people don’t show up together, Jew-rats horde together.

    Since I got you Jews worked up in a frenzy, I will repeat:

    There’s just one problem. I am waiting on Jews to mix their genes with black Africans. I can’t mix my genes until I see Israel basking in multi-cultural glory. When Israel’s Jewish women move to the congo and black African men move to Israel to begin an orgy of interracial love mixing then I will follow suit and mix my genes with a non-White.

    When the Jewish heritage is living on only in little half-negro Jews then and only then will I race mix.

    We’re waiting on you Jews! tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

    And for any braindead Whites who want to spread interracial-mixing propaganda you were told by some idiot who gets paid to indoctrinate, and take away people’s ability to think for themselves: You need to get to work spreading your race-mixing propaganda to Jews far and wide.




  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I never said you can’t think for yourself, it’s the fact that you are unbelievably stubborn and you still as far as i’m concerned, didn’t read a word of what i said, and you did nearly everything i predicted. And i wasn’t calling you a meany, i was calling you stubborn. I’m starting to wonder whether your one of those neo nazi people, because you seem to some some irrational hatred for jews.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Who taught you to hate everyone?

  12. GDL says:


    They always crack.




  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh, you poor brainwashed soul. I tried to perhaps sway your point of view, but you’re too stubborn and angry at everyone to be helped. Your type of thinking is what killed millions of people during the Holocaust, and you’d have to be a psychopath to be ok with that in any way.

  14. Julian Lee says:

    Curious: “You cant change the fact that we are all the same race of human. You are basically talking about preserving the different “breeds” of human.”

    No, you can’t change the fact that there are indeed races and different ethnict groups (sub groups) of the races.

    No, there is a Black race, and a White race, and an Asian race, etc. If you can’t see that with your own eyes, you are blind. The differences in human types — aeons in the making — are quite obvious even to to all eyes, even to the eyes of babies and children who prefer their own type of face.

    “Breeds” — that’s a word better used for animals. We are not mere animals.

    Whole organizations exist to preserve subtle breeds of dogs and horses, such as the “Puggle” and the man who devoted his life to saving the Appaloosa. But you Taldud-vision fools get freaked out when you hear of humans wanting to see preservation of human types.

    Fact is, if a beautiful Nordic woman mates with a Black — it does not produce children looking anything like her. They also don’t get her nature. Her genes — which were eons in the making and represented centuries of ancestral wisdom, choice, and values — are totally destroyed in that pairing.

    For me, this world would not be worth living in without the White ethnic groups and the White race, and their beautiful looks (to my eyes), aesthetic sense, and high-minded qualities.

    To find it strange that Whites think they should live on is completely bizarre, and could only come from watching too much Talmud-Vision. Get rid of your sad brain-washing.

  15. Julian Lee says:

    You can’t live in Israel unless you are of Jewish ethnicity and Jews consider themselves more than an “ethnicity” but — a Race. And here we let them dominate our universities, media, government, economy, and take billions from us annually. So we must think they’re smart or something? Thing is, they save that worldview for themselves, then tell all the gullible “goyim” in University and Talmudvision: “There is no such thing as race. It’s a construct.”

    Yes, a construct of the Ages, a construct of Nature, a construct of God, and a construct of ancestral virtue and choice. But then, you know, Jews want to DECONSTRUCT everything to do with what we are. That is, destroy it. So they can be on top, and the “sole remaining collective.”

    Don’t you get it?

  16. Anonymous says:

    She’s saying that race means species. Yes, there is a distinction between black people, and Asians, and whites. That’s obvious. But they aren’t separate species. They’re ethnicities. The word race is improperly used to describe a person’s ethnicity. So no one is saying that there isn’t a distinction between different ethnicities.

  17. Anonymous says:

    And we are indeed animals, because i sure as hell don’t feel like a plant, or a fungus.

  18. Julian Lee says:

    “She’s saying that race means species. Yes, there is a distinction between black people, and Asians, and whites.”

    “Species” is not the sole meaning of “race” and never was.

    Everybody knows what it means. If what was meant was “species,” we would have been using the word “species” instead of race.

    It’s your Jewish programming that keeps making every word turn meaningless for you. Also, applying the lexicon of the animal kingdom to human affairs and ideas is not the smartest approach to take to human life.

  19. Julian Lee says:

    You can be an animal. I’ll be human, thank you.
    If you can’t perceive any difference between yourself and an animal (show me an animal who posts on IncogMan) — your perceptions are so clouded I can’t help you out.

    Again, “human” and “animal” mean something, and words will actually mean something to you again if you ever get some deprogramming done.

  20. Flanders says:

    GDL: “Jew-rats will never tell their young Jew-rats that race mixing brings more strenght to the human family nor would they destroy Israel like they have the United States.”

    Exactly right, GDL, but that is what the jew pushes on all Whites in the US and in every other country occupied by Whites. Teaching the young (and through the use of their media – others) wrong views about America is one of the devious tricks used by the jews.

    “America is not a nation of immigrants. It is a nation of refugees. They came here to seek refuge from their oppressors. It was religious, economic, and political tyranny of aristocratic Europe that drove them to board those ships traveling across the Atlantic Ocean.

    The problem the American people now have is that the Tyrant, as he always does, followed the Refugees, especially since there was merchandise to be traded and profits to be made. The ages-old stories of Cain killing Abel and Esau trying to kill Jacob…of the Serpent’s children following on the heels of Eve’s Adamic children: These Biblical Stories will find their climax here in America, because the White Man has no more Wilderness left into which he can escape from liberalism, socialism, communism, globalism and other forms of Jewish Oppression. The fascinating part of the current anti-Christian Oppression that is plaguing Christendom today is that it is being promoted from the pulpits of the Judeo-Christian churches. They are taught that by “blessing the Jews” they will also be blessed. Rarely does it cross the mind of the pew occupant that the priest just might be his mind controller, but that is the reality of Christianity today. In the West, Christianity has become a cheerleader for all sorts of Jewish agendas, such as Zionism, Cabala, and Pre-Emptive Imperialism…er, excuse me, “democracy.”

    The tragedy is that those who are oppressed don’t even know the names of their oppressors. Zionists, with unlimited funds and unchallenged influence through acronym agencies such as the ADL, AIPAC, WJC, AJC, SPLC, ACLU, ad nauseum, influence legislation at all levels in all Christian nations from behind the scenes; and they revel in it. The favorite sport of Zionist Jews is buying politicians and using them to promote no-win wars, while pretending to be oh-so-righteous in public, ever plotting the treacherous overthrow of those guileless yet deceived Christians, who unquestioningly believe their pulpitmasters who tell them, over and over, the Satanic lie: “The Jews are God’s chosen people.”


  21. Julian Lee says:

    “Sorry, that bone marrow won’t work for you or save you. Race mismatch!”

    Not a ‘Social Construct’ After All


    Babies, dogs, and the body know that race is real:

    “Transplanted organs require the same blood and tissue type in order to prevent rejection by the body’s immune system.”

    “Without genetic similarity between the donor and the patient, the new white blood cells will attack the host body.

    Interesting here too, in this article, it’s the White people who are big donors and express social responsibility for such projects as organ donation.

    Love Your People. Protect the White Nations and Races. Long live the Germans, British, Norwegians, Lithuanians…

    Jews to Israel!

  22. Marshall says:

    I have elected NOT to be an organ donor, lest some greedy rabbi shows up. I would donate my foreskin to them but that’s it 😀

  23. GDL says:

    And Flanders, Julian, Marshall, and everyone else:

    Isn’t it interesting how when Jews push race mixing on Whites it is supposed to be, “healthy, creative, to be admired, an asset to humanity, free-thinking, free-choice, etc. etc. etc.

    But when race mixing is applied to Jews and their heritage, suddenly, shouts of “neo-nazi, psychopath, and holocaust” ensue.

    Something stinks, something definitely stinks my friends.



  24. Marshall says:

    GDL I’d really like to see some REAL statistics on what percentage of Jews ever marry people of color. I’m guessing maybe 2% or so at BEST. Like I say, anytime a Jew tells you to do something, just ask if that’s what they do in Israel LOL

    Ahh yes, the sweet sound of Jew silence ensues 😀

  25. Julian Lee says:

    Nobody perceives reality more accurately than babies.


    God bless the White race and God bless mothers and babies.

    Om. Amen.

  26. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Does anybody have that speech given by the honorable Rabbi, that called for having White people marry Blacks so they can destroy the White race? That would be appropriate for this occasion. I forget the rats name. I’ve seen the speech a number of times. This is the way to deal with these people.

  27. Just some white guy says:

    What’s this ADL?

  28. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Anti Defamation League. That is just one of many jewish groups.

  29. GDL says:

    ADL is Anti-Defamation League,

    It is a Jewish organization headed by an ugly Jew named Abraham Foxman. The organization pretends to be concerned about human rights, but they are really just protecting corrupt Jewry.

    The Jew seeks to break down the morale and beliefs of the dominant race/culture of a nation so they can bring it to its knees, then reconstruct the nation to fit their communist agenda. That is why the Jew plays the race card with White people so much. The Jew seeks to dumb down White people with the “tolerance” BS so they can do whatever the hell they want without anyone condemning their behavior….because that would be racist and intolerant.

    White people who are not Jew-aware spend their time immersed in American Idol and negro ball, while Jews run our nation into the ground. And should anyone say something about it that is when the ADL will step in screaming “ANTI-SEMITISM!” Those not Jew-aware cringe at Jewish buzzwords like “racist.” Its time for White America to take our nation back!

    Here ya go,





  30. GDL says:

    “Does anybody have that speech given by the honorable Rabbi, that called for having White people marry Blacks so they can destroy the White race? That would be appropriate for this occasion. I forget the rats name. I’ve seen the speech a number of times. This is the way to deal with these people.” Here, Frank,

    And then to put frosting on their Kosher cake, Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich, in a speech before the Emergency Council of European Rabbis said in 1952:

    “We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commission will, in the interests of peace and wiping out interracial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white woman must cohabit with members of the dark races, and the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will only become a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over the world of dark peoples.”




  31. Lisa mayor says:

    You racist idiots are retarded you should kill yourself!!!

  32. Marshall says:

    Shouldn’t that be “yourselves” Lisa? She’s obviously not Jewish, or her name would be Lease-A-Mayor (Congressmen cost more) 🙂

  33. GTRman says:

    Very poor hit’n’run.
    No debate , erroneous accusations of sub-standard cognitive faculties ,
    cliched name-calling , and the tired, “kill yourselves” sign -off.

    Wet toilet paper on the screen door. You pesky kids!

  34. Lisa mayor says:

    That last bit was for the author si it remains “kill yourself”.
    And the rest of you aren’t deserving enough for me comment further.

  35. GTRman says:

    I’m a care worker for “retarded” people , several of whom are black , homosexual and jewish.
    Your disdain for the mentally handicapped is disturbing and offensive.
    You are Hitler , and seventeen of my grandparents died on the “Amistad” , during a screening of “Schindler’s List” .

  36. INCOG MAN says:

    Hey, Lisa, I’m the author here. Welcome to INCOG LAND. I will admit I am a SOB a lot, but not enough to off myself. Sorry.

  37. Greg says:

    Lisa is the offspring of a commie Jew orgy.


  38. Flanders says:

    GDL could tell that Lisa was on her way. Sensitive nose, GDL!:

    “Isn’t it interesting how when Jews push race mixing on Whites it is supposed to be, “healthy, creative, to be admired, an asset to humanity, free-thinking, free-choice, etc. etc. etc.

    But when race mixing is applied to Jews and their heritage, suddenly, shouts of “neo-nazi, psychopath, and holocaust” ensue.

    Something stinks, something definitely stinks my friends.”

  39. GTRman says:

    Lisa : Just for you to chew : Pay attention to No. 4 :

    ” Psychologist Irving Janis determined eight symptoms that are indicative of group think: (1) illusions of invulnerability, (2) rationalising warnings that challenge group assumptions, (3) unquestioned belief in the morality of the group, (4) stereotyping those who are opposed to the group as weak, evil, disfigured, impotent, or stupid, (5) direct pressure to conform, (6) self censorship, (7) illusions of unanimity, (8) mindguards, self-appointed members who shield the group from dissenting information.”

    Detonating Hive Mentality

  40. I do not know how I ended up here says:

    There is only one race: The human race
    There is only one religion: Love
    There is only one world, or no world at all

    Now, if you’re going to try to start an argument with a 15-year old…. I pity you.

    Adios suckas 😀

  41. Michael says:

    Well say goodbye blonde hair, red hair, etc. Say goodbye blue eyes, grey eyes, green eyes, etc. We’ll just have Negro hair and Negro eyes.

  42. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Hi Michael. Thanks for the comment. Please continue to make comments.

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