Let’s All Mate With The Negroes!

ATTENTION! All you big-mouthed White Liberals, Jews and Militant Negro types had better not read this, without someone being nearby, or you just might choke to death on your own BIG FAT tongue! Sickos, too.


Surely, you’ve noticed it lately. The celebrated “biracial” people on TV and the media today: Barack Obama, Mariah Carey, Tiger Woods, any off-spring of biracial jetsetting couples — no matter how ugly they really look. These are the “cool” people now, the new “in thing” to be and, if you happen not to be biracial, then you can still be cool just by sleeping with another race — the always so “oppressed,” but happy-go-lucky Negroes, preferably!

And I, of course, prefer the term “Mulatto” instead of biracial. Nothing pisses off the Diversity freaks more when you use that word — could there be a better reason not to use it? So, from here on out, be prepared Diversity freaks to get really pissed off at me!

So, anyway, now that the Diversity people have had civil rights, affirmative action jobs, dumbing-down of all tests and public education, special housing, money and food stamps, even extra money for behaving in public and taking care of their off-spring, etc. ETC., for the Negro successfully rammed down the throat of this country (yaaaaay!), it’s time for even more activism of some sort or other. It’s a full time job, right?

The secret anti-Racist leaders, at the double-top secret Jew Cabal Headquarters hidden deep within the Catskill Mountains (just kidding now), might put out the following new marching orders:

“OK, some of you go south and guide those poor, downtrodden Mestizos across our borders. Don’t forget to point them out the local government aid offices and hospitals so they can pop-out some anchor bambinos, now! And some of you ARA militant meanies had better be keeping a wary eye out for any resurgence of goose-stepping Nazi types like INCOG MAN and his pals; you can spend your free time smoking ganja and going to grunge concerts. But you creative types come along with me for some fun! We have some movies and TV shows to make (so we can sneak in some stuff while we’re at it, eh?).”

Now, it’s all so patently obvious, even to the braindead anymore, that all of these people are pushing for us Whites to drop our drawers and climb into the sack with one of the “oppressed races,” to really prove how liberated and non-Racist we’re supposed to be. “What? Negroes don’t do it for you? Then you, my sir or dear, must be a closet racist! There can be no other explanation for your reticence. You must leave our ranks immediately!”

Besides, didn’t you ever hear that they are better sexually in the first place? “Don’t you just wanna have fun? I thought all whitey girls wanna have sum fuuuun? And — psssst — they have bigger genitalia than everyone! Everyone likes giant genitalia. What’s wrong with you?” Yep, even though it’s been well-proven not to be the case, they still allude to it every chance they get. They say it’s because of slave trading and all, so that’s at least one good thing about “de ebil whiteys doing dat back den.” Besides, of course, getting them out of living in Africa in the first damn place.

Back in the mid-nineties, after the Jews bought out the Music TV channel, MTV, they immediately changed it’s format to show nothing but Negro “Rap” music, along with panning shots of enthralled young White girls getting jiggie with the homies. I mean, it was so sickening that many Whites just tuned-out from MTV forever, but you never heard a peep about it all, except from the evil ones among us — the so-called White “supremacists,” but who ever listens to them?* But they were completely right then, as well as right now.

Every since then, the spigot has been steadily turned on up to gushing rates with pushing Negro Mating on us White people. Nowadays, it’s getting extremely blatant and obvious anymore. You can’t turn on the TV without seeing some social, media propaganda selling it hard like it was the greatest thing since sliced white bread. If you don’t see any of it, you’re either a blind fool or a bald-faced liar. Maybe both.


INCOG MAN’s quicky synopsis of the Movie “Hairspray.” You needn’t watch it unless you are bulimic and need to purge often. Look at those hands on Mama!

There’s this movie now out on HBO called “Hairspray,” based on the Broadway show, and it’s big claim to fame is that they somehow talked cool John Travolta into playing some fat Jewess woman (John Waters loves the Drag Queen stuff — see below). And dam, does he ruin the movie totally. Or maybe I should say thankfully. He’s so bad as a woman as to be a stupid joke. No wonder the movie bombed at the box office.

I could only watch maybe 5 minutes of the whole thing in total. Not five minutes straight through — are you kidding me? No, I was only able to handle small bits of it before having to run off to the porcelain throne to puke my guts out. After watching 30 seconds here, 45 seconds there, I think I got a pretty good idea of the movie’s plot line; it’s really not all that difficult to do since it’s the same as everything else in the media today. But I did lose a good 10 pounds.

Oh, I’m sure I’ll be corrected for my quicky synopsis here (below), but it was just too much for me to watch in it’s entirety and still refrain from some kind of serious legal trouble — like in federal race crime trouble. The dancing was good, but I guess that’s not enough anymore for entertainment these days. We have to have the usual “mate with the negroes” social message — implied and explicit — or it’s not responsible enough of a creative work.

The movie features an ambiguously Jewish family, living in Baltimore during the fifties, named Greenblatt or Turnblad or Blad something or other. Mother and daughter Blads are both fat, while the intellectually funky, skinny father (Christopher Walken) is, of course, wise and understanding. The fat Jew daughter wants to win a spot on a local TV dance show that features the chirpiest of young White kids. Daughter busts a move and gets her big break, along with somehow making the show’s cute young male star get the hots for her spunky, bowling ball bod. Then all the cool people want the Negroes to freely dance on the show regardless of all the evil racism still prevalent in those dark and hateful times.

But the bony, evil, racist, White producer women has other ideas and does everything she can to put a stop to it all, including cancelling “Negro Day.” How mean is that? Young beautiful White girlfriend of fat Jew girl falls in love with one of the shucking and jiving Negroes; a clean-cut but dangerously stimulating Negro, since he packs a switchblade (today, it’d be a Glock 9mm). Together, they escape uncool, bi-focal wearing Gentile Mother, who just happens to be another evil white woman and Christian nutcase to boot!

They all put a stop to the evil white woman producer, who gets her comeuppance in the end. Everyone breaks out dancing all over — the two fat Jews, all the Negroes, including a fat dyed blond one (Queen Latifa) — all are now slapping their happy shanks, gyrating away wildly with the dorky Whites — who just love this brave new interracial world! Everyday is now NEGRO DAY, just like the young fat Jewess wanted from the very first!


Celebrated Sicko Director John Waters and his dog crap-eating, Drag Queen monstrosity, Divine.

This whole ridiculous race propaganda movie was directed by Jew (natch) Adam Shankman, after the story by noted White deviant (proudly) and Movie Director, John Waters, Jr., (who puts himself in “cute” cameo role as a flasher); this movie and Broadway play is but a remake of his still-sucks 1988 version. In that one, instead of Negro mating, Waters had mating with bad boy criminals (Johnny Depp) and freaks for it’s social message. The once infamously underaged, X-rated porn star Traci Lords, has a nice part. Of course in that version, all of us regular, normal White people were still evil and uncool.

Waters got his big start long ago during the 1970’s, when he made the art-house “cult-classic” movie “Pink Flamingos” featuring the totally bizarre Drag Queen, Divine and some other freakazoids who do whatever disgusting thing they can to make everyone sick to their stomachs. Nowadays, we’re told to call such freaks “transgender.” Not me. They’ll always be freaks in my book and I think most people would agree with me a hundred percent.

Anyways, at the end of Water’s movie Pink Flamingos, Divine supposedly eats dog crap on screen for real, in one take from the poodle dumping it to “it” eating it. Sure looked like it and to this day people familiar with the production insist it was. This was the movie’s final cut and the brouhaha actually catapulted the Arch-Sicko Waters to fame and fortune. Only in America!

Waters, with the help of his Jew Hollywood chums, is still putting out crap on screen, but this time they have all America eating it!

It’s just so hard to keep track of who we should be shacking up with, anymore; some weaker-minded Whites are going to get a mite discombobulated sexually. Fat Negro “She-Males,” who belong to the Kabbalah Centre, might just be the ticket for all you Politically Correct social climbers out there — especially if you want to cover all bases. Oh, I know it’ll be totally gross, but you’ll get used to it eventually. Just think, with all the vomiting you’re going to do, you’ll be looking good in no time, maybe a little pale, but sleek and slim. Those White guys you’re better off without politically, will just have to stare, but they deserve it so much since their ancestors were slave drivers 143 years ago, right?

Another thing too, the brainwashing for Negro loving has worked amazingly well on young, impressionable white girls in this country. What was it that C. S. Lewis had Satan’s minions say in “The Screwtape Letters?” Get the women and the men will follow? I can’t remember where I read that.

But all the interracial brainwashing has been terribly unsuccessful for young white guys out there. Seems like no one wants to sleep with the poor Negro women. Think about it, would you?

White guys who dig Negroes seem to have a screw loose someplace or other, since so few out there look like Nubian princesses — when most of them really look like fat gorillas. If not now, they will soon enough. Few black women ever come close in the looks department of White women of any age and Black women are reminded of this salient fact daily on TV. Hell, if you see any Black women who looks half-way decent — they’ll have a big-time movie career!

And God help any decent, self-respecting White man who gets off on this kind of thing. Those kind of guys must look a lot like John Waters above — bony perverts with pencil-thin mustaches. I don’t want to even think about what those skinny White guys and fat Negresses do in the sack — I’ve already lost enough weight just watching five minutes worth of Hairspray.

And lately, there’s been a big media push lately to fix-up the Black girls with White guys. The angle is: White guys are not the “playas” like the brothers, so you black mamas can trust ’em — so you should make some moves on them! Funny, they expect White girls not to hear the message about black men being playas, but they don’t seem to care one bit. And it works! White girls never put two and two together on the deal and before they know it, they have a gaggle of Mulattoes trailing them down at the Dollar Store — while Deshawn is now out and about with some new, younger Whitey girl.

Everyone wants those blue-eyed, blond White girls for “trophy” wives: Black Pimping fools, Latin Drug lords, Chinese businessmen, Arab Oil Sheiks, Russian Jew Mobsters, Eskimo Ivory Traders, Alpha Centurion Aliens. You White girls either have it made or its the world’s biggest pain in the ass. All you need to do is check out the arrest priors, bank account and blood tests (just kidding). Hell, the smartest thing any White chick can do is get authorized by the state to do criminal background checks.

Black women hate all the White chicks not just for the looks part, but really because it hurts their “African pride” and they have to pretend it doesn’t. To compensate, they’ll call Whitey girls all sluts for stealing their men. Maybe they have something there. Black guys think Whitey girls are all sluts, too; thinking they must be sluts to sleep with them, right? But if they don’t want to sleep with them, then they would have to be racists, after-all. Sluts or racists, one or the other for you Whitey girls.

Because of all that, Black chicks could care less if one of the brothers offed some White girl who stole one of their men. They had it coming right? That’s exactly why OJ got off. Prosecuting attorney Marcia Clark screwed the pooch big-time when she went along with having the trial moved to a predominately black area just as long as she was allowed to pick the mostly female, but unfortunately black jury. This didn’t register one iota in her braindead liberal mind that the other races could possibly be reverse racist. She thought they’d care only about a fellow female who suffered at the hands of some violent husband. They didn’t care one whit about all that, so they let OJ walk — she was just another man-stealing White Ho he knifed along with some White lover-boy (really a Jew). Who cares?

Same kind of thing happened last spring when many people in a town in Ohio turned out to look for the missing White wife of Black cop Bobby Cutts, Jr. (who rolled up the dead White woman in a rug in front of her Mulatto child). If you carefully watched the news coverage of the crowd who gathered to be dispatched on searches, you couldn’t see a single Black face in the bunch. Male or female. They must had the case pretty much figured out by then: The White bitch was just dead someplace — no use looking for her — it was only the braindead White Liberals so out of it. Cutts’ Negro girlfriend, Myisha Ferrel (left, in above photo illustration), kept mum and even helped him clean up the murder scene. After-all, it was just another man-stealing White Ho, right?

White girls, often-times just don’t have a clue about who or even what they’re dealing with these days. Thanks to the Jew/PC media brainwashing this country has been under!

This has all now gone beyond mere fairness and equality issues. It has now entered into the realm of cultural and social fashion via advertising tactics and sometimes outright propaganda, by the owned-media on the White populations of all Western countries. Think about it.

The elite Globalist Jews are now seeking to ramp-up the Politically Correct Multicultural brainwashing. They fear all their past efforts will be for naught, since the White “Silent Majority” is now growing tired and angry of non-White immigration, the anti-White aspects to Affirmative Action, Government thievery, Homosexual rights issues and the incessant street crime of Blacks. By trying to wed Whites with the genetics of the other races, they look to head-off at the pass any resurgence of dangerous White solidarity and erase any final vestiges of White racial loyalty.

What this means for our race in the future will be explored in the next installment. Stay tuned.

— Phillip Marlowe

Continues with: Let’s All Mate With The Negroes! (II)

*Any White who is pro-White and openly says so, is automatically labeled “supremacist” regardless of anything else. It’s the law laid down by the mainstream News Jews.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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85 Responses to Let’s All Mate With The Negroes!

  1. Steven10 says:

    Because you are stupid yid halfbreed nitwit.

  2. GDL/White Master says:

    The focus should not be on Tiger Woods, it should be on his fake “JEW” bank account and his fake “JEW” image…that is what those girls were screwing anyways.

  3. Marshall says:

    HEH!!! He pulled the video off his site already…not to worry, it’s been snagged here:


    What a LOWLIFE. Speaking of “image control”…this Heeb should have been content to just write articles and kept his face out of the public eye. Talk about FUGLY!!! Most Chosenoids are, aren’t they?


  4. sill el mot says:

    some to you same to you. getting angry for having no arguments!?

  5. Steven10 says:

    Not worth the time to teach a retard

  6. GDL/White Master says:

    Marshall that is one ugly Heeb, thats for damn sure!

  7. GDL/White Master says:

    Not angry mot, but you are proving to be a wittle Jew BOY! A braindead White doesn’t want to keep arguing, they comment and run.

  8. GDL/White Master says:


    What do you think about Israel slaughtering innocent Palestenian women and children?

  9. Marshall says:

    SLEAZY WHORE SHIKSA talking about “doin it” with Tiger…women like this are a stain on gentiles everywhere, and there seem to be more of them around every day, have you noticed? :-O


    There are few Jews I have seen in the past month or so that I would more like see take a serious beat-down than this GEEKY kike Jon Friedman. Behold it America!!! Here’s one of your mass-media “image makers” in action!!! Check his video above. He ranks +8 on my “grab ’em by the ears and introduce them to your knee” scale.

    “GOLFERS GONE WILD!!!” Below…


  10. sill el mot says:

    i hate to see what happen down there but i also know that not all jews agree to that. i don`t think that the other party is any better or always agree to the way some of their actions. but what you need to understand ist that human beeings hate and kill but not the religion or the ” race”.

  11. Steven10 says:

    bs… Jews have been killing themselves and others since biblical times. Maccabees, Bolsheviks, Zionist, communist. All jews.

  12. Anonymous says:

    At silly “german” mot: Do yo know how many jews died during world war ONE?

    Six million jews. Here is a book online in full text, eng and german.

    Der Erste Holocaust


    Just loop at the photo copies from the jewish press and notice the years it was written by jews and how many times Six million are mentioned.


    Go to the library and look up the entry: Holocaust, in Encyclopedia Judaica from 1971 and tell me what page “gas chambers” and “six million” is on. l have copy of every page and not once can l find those key words.


  13. Hoff says:

    Hoff above.

    @ March: That would be great if Felton came here.

  14. Rock says:

    sill el mot- “SCHATT APP”!!!

  15. Hoff says:

    ls that John Travoltas momma?

  16. sill el mot says:

    if you would read all comments then you would see that in never said there wasen`t a holocoust. and i never said i was proud of the thing that went on in WWII. i know the history so don`t attack me. still it`s the human beeing that kills not the religion. the jews were killed because OF their religion and that was my point ists stupid. why hate or kill because of these things. i have been in buchenwald and i know the history of my country so. Please don`t jump to conclusions.
    but still i don`t approve any killing. nor do i accept discrimination based on prejeduces no matter who it is.

  17. Rock says:

    OMG Hoff- I thought that was Travolta with a wig. It scared the poo poo out of me.

  18. Steven10 says:

    They’re not killed because of their religion, they’re kindly put out of their misery because they’re assholes, they stupidly overreach and are riddled with filth and genetic disease.

    Go away you fly before you are sent to Spamblinka. It does no good to have a discussion with a enslaved Heeb. They have no capacity for reason or the ability to think for themselves. They are all locked within the deathcamp of their minds.

  19. anti-zionist says:

    I think the problem with the jew mindset is it doesnt appear to believe in an afterlife. This really puts alot of pressure on a jew to make a swine of himself when he is here. Maybe the jew is upset because they know they wont get in.

  20. Jeeves says:

    I could care less about Jews, but this whole “interracial romance” theme that the media inflicts on us every day is almost always about the eroticism of black males and insulting/shaming of white males and females.

    This can only be explained by unregulated advertising. If they really care about multiculturalism then they would focus on building up EVERYONE’S self-esteem instead of building animosity. Obviously interracial sex has a lot of cultural connotations and should be treated sensitively, but it seems like they’re no limits to what they show nowadays.

    If you go anywhere in China you’ll still see a lot of respect for “wholesome” American and European culture, but a lot of that has to do with nationally regulated media. Their populations are also more homogeneous so it’s less profitable for them to polarize people.

    All of this racially agitating propaganda is lobotomizing America.

  21. GDL says:

    Jews are the reason for this whole interracial mess fed out through the media. JEWS control American media. Most black males erode anything they come in contact with. This whole interracial propaganda is to serve Jewish communism by the degradation and dumbing down of the White race so the Jew can take over America and the world….which they practically have already done. The funny thing is that Jews strive to preserve their Jewish race, but make up lies that no racial differences exist when it comes to non-Jews. The amazing thing about it all is the fact that White people actually believe that BS.

    You better damn well care about the Jew because otherwise you are doing nothing but supporting their evil plans or just spinning wheels.


  22. Rotten Jews will they ever stop always promoting negroes being with white women ,negroes having special rights .A world without touble making Jews would be beautiful.

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