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“True” Holocaust™ stories (below) brought to you by Yehuda Abraham of Stormfront. Go to supplied links to read for yourself these miraculous tales of survival from the Evil Nazis!

Look, before you start yelling like crazy, I know that many Jews did die during WW II, likewise, I also know many other people were killed in this horrible war, as well as in genocides before and even since then. Whether you know it or not, least 15 to 25 million White Gentiles were admitted to being killed and starved to death by the Soviets in 1957, with most of the deaths directly attributable to Jewish communists who — unlike the non-stop Nazi stuff — we never hear one damn thing about.

With good sources, Alexander Solzhenitsyn said it was 66 million White Christians who died at the hands of the communists, from the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 on to the 1980’s. He said this in his last book, “Two Hundred Years Together,” two years before he died. This book has yet to be published in the English language because it’s too hot for American audiences because he names the Jew outright. That’s right, the Jews were the majority of the Bolsheviks and secret police like the NKVD and CHEKA, directly responsible for the killing of White people by bullet, starvation and even using mobile gassing vans.

Don’t bother with Wikipedia about this — the embedded Jew Thought Police there have done everything they can to obfuscate and blur the issue with their usual “anti-Semitism” claptrap about David Duke and his “minions” using such information.

But it wasn’t just the Russians who did this kind of thing. American General Eisenhower (who hated Germans) put hundreds of thousands (the number is between 1 million and 1.7 million) of German POW’s in open-air camps and just let them die from starvation and exposure. 500,000 civilians were forcibly transported by the Commies to slave labor camps Siberia, where almost all died. Some 5 million regular German folks died in the years after the War, just as terribly by real-life starvation, yet we somehow never hear a word — the Evil Germans, of course, deserved all this.

The following stories illustrate what history is now being held hostage to, since we’re forced by PC politics into believing just about everything that comes out of these people’s mouths — no matter how ridiculous it sounds. The entire Holocaust™ is so rife with incongruities, inconsistencies and outright impossibilities as to be downright laughable, anymore.

Add to all this the enormous money-making being done over the whole thing and you’ll see just what kind of travesty is being forced down the entire world’s throat. And it’s not just as “payback” the Jews are getting from Western countries (really extortion of Whites), but also as pure profit from movies, books and any kind of media you see. You’ve surely noticed just how prevalent it’s getting to be. It’s like a new religion!

Any kind of in-depth research into this topic is often attacked as anti-Semitic as well as being illegal in many other countries. In these countries, even talking about it or using certain words from it can wind you up to prison. For example, a German priest had legal action taking against him for using the word “holocaust”  in describing abortion (the Jews have their own special word “Shoah”). Even in America itself, people have literally been taking off the streets and deported to face prison time over it (Ernst Zündel).

The following stories are from those who claim to be “survivors.” Technically, Jews require everybody on the planet to consider any Jew, who was from anywhere in Europe, to be a “survivor” even if that person moved or immigrated even before the War. And true, a few of these people (below) may well have experienced terrible things at the hands of the Nazis.

But it’s so difficult to know what’s real and what’s not, anymore. It appears that much of it is “false-memory syndrome,” run-away imagination (often sexual), need for attention and money-seeking (the money is there, alright) — as well as inner racial hatred of Germans, or even us White Americans (415,000 of us died in WWII).

All this has now combined with a recognizable Zionist campaign (using Soviet war-time propaganda) and mercilessly milked since the 1970’s by the western world’s Jewish supremacists — spinning history’s most tangled web of lies and truths the planet has ever seen!



This sad tale, from Philip Muller, one of the few eyewitnesses to the gas chamber, courtesy of Nizkor:

The extermination plant contained a hair-drying loft run by fifteen Orthodox Jews. Spread over the floor, noticed Muller from the extermination staff, was women’s hair of every color:

Washing lines were strung across the room. Pegged on these lines like wet washing were further batches of hair which had first been washed in a solution of ammonium chloride.

The evil Nazi’s also experimented with the burning of Jew’s bodies. They discovered that once you wrapped together the body of a well-fed woman, emaciated man, and a child, you could simply burn the bodies into nothingness by holding a match to the kid’s toes.

An orchestra of attractive women played gay tunes, ranging from operas to light marches for the Jews as they were gassed. The Jews were pink with green spots after they were gassed.

The Nazi’s burned 24,000 bodies per day in their crematoria, but this still was not enough. So the Nazi’s dug special gutters and a pit to collect the fat. Orthodox Jews with special stoking poles scooped up the fat collected in the gutters, and poured it over the burning Jews. Read more here 

Martin Lowenburg:

Little Martin was only 15 when the evil Nazi’s gathered up Martin and his family and put them in a box car. The box car went to Auschwitz. Martin and his fellow Jews would use the dead Jews in the box cars as benches. The Jews would poop on the dead Jews. When the train arrived at Auschwitz, 1/3 of the people had suffocated.

The Nazi’s gave priority to the trains full of Jews. Trains full of food going to the troops would have to wait, because the Nazi’s priority was to kill all the Jews.

Dr. Mengele [Dr. Evil on right] greeted the transports. Mengele had a whip and a white coat. Little Martin was only 15, but he told Mengele that he was 18. This spared his life, because the Nazi’s gassed all the Jews who couldn’t work. Martin had to work by moving rocks from one place to the other, then back again.

The Jews got only 200 calories a day for food. In the morning, they had no breakfast for breakfast –only tea. For lunch, 4 people had to eat a single bowl of soup. The Jews got a slice of bread for dinner. If you didn’t eat your bread right away, the rats would steal it from you.

The camp commander had a motorcycle that he would drive down the main street. He would shoot at anything that moved from his motorcycle. If he saw you, he would use you for target practise.

There was typhus at Auschwitz. A friend, the magician told Martin not to drink the water. the friend put a pebble in Martin’s mouth to make saliva. So Martin didn’t have to drink any water for 3 years, but was never thirsty. Martin would clean himself by rolling in the snow.

Martin saw his own mother and sister go into the gas chamber. The Nazi’s had crews of Jews who would work in the gas chambers. Every 90 days, the Nazi’s shot the Jews who worked in the gas chamber, because they didn’t want anyone alive to testify about what the Nazi’s were doing.

At Auschwitz, there was a team of Jews that had wheelbarrows. Every morning the Jews would walk around the fence with their wheelbarrows, and pick up the dead Jews who had died on the electric fence.

Evil Dr. Mengele would perform experiments on the Jews. He castrated the big Jews. He injected animal semen into some other Jews.

One day a wheelbarrow ran over Martin, and he couldn’t work. So his friend, the magician, hid Martin in the rafters. The magician would have been killed in the first transport, but the Nazi’s needed a magician.

Then Martin and the magician volunteered for a transport that said “Destination Unknown.” The Nazi’s killed all the Jews at Auschwitz, so Martin is lucky the Nazi’s let him and the magician volunteer for this transport. The transport went to the Warsaw ghetto. Martin worked on the dynamite team. The Nazi’s made the Jews dynamite the buildings.

Then Martin built an underground factory. The Jews would pile rocks up 100 feet high and very long. The Nazi’s poured 4-5 feet of concrete over this mountain of rocks, and then took a firehouse and blew out the rocks underneath. So the Nazi’s then had an underground tunnel that they built the V2 rockets in.

The Germans made Martin salvage electrical transformers from the ruins of Warsaw. Martin and his friends saw diamonds, gold and money lying in the ruins. But they didn’t take any, because you couldn’t eat diamonds.

One Jew traded another Jew, a greenhorn, the diamonds for his bread for 3 days. The Jew who took the diamonds died of starvation. After 3 days.

The Holocaust™ was the biggest money maker ever for the Germans. The Nazi’s had whole teams of people working in the gas chamber to take the gold from the dead Jews. If you had gold fillings, you were gassed immediately. Then the Nazi’s sold all the shoes and clothing from the dead Jews to South America. The Nazi’s financed the war for 2 years by selling the Jew’s gold fillings, and shoes, and clothing.

Then the Nazi’s were going to kill all the Jews in Warsaw, but the resistance leader warned the Germans not to. So the Germans death marched the Jews instead. They made the Jews death march all week. Then the Jews wanted to drink at the river. So the Nazi’s machine gunned them. They used dogs to get the Jews back into line for the machine guns. The river turned into blood, all red.

Then the Nazi’s put the Jews on a train to Dachau. Then they told the Jews they were going to march to Switzerland, but the Nazi’s fooled them, and death marched them again. Martin was certain to die on this death march, but the Americans came. Then an American soldier gave Martin a cigarette. Martin took 1 puff and fainted for a week.

Then Martin and his friends robbed the nearby German houses and killed the SS men. Then Martin went to Holland, but the Nazi’s had stolen all the cows. Read more here

Manya and Major Kornblit:

Manya and Major were teenage sweethearts when the Germans invaded. They were almost captured by the Nazi’s, but they hid in a haystack that was 3 stories high. Good thing, because the Nazi’s machine gunned everyone else. But then they got hungry, so they went to work for the Germans who had just finished machine gunning everyone in their town.

The Nazi’s took Manya to the Auschwitz death camp. Manya heard people scream in the gas chambers. She can still hear them screaming.

Then the Nazi’s needed laborers in Czechoslovakia, so Manya volunteered. Lucky for her, because the Nazi’s killed all the Jews who saw the gas chambers, so they would remain a secret. Miraculously, Major also survived the death camps. Manya and Major found one another in Poland. They had survived a combined 13 death camps. Miraculously, Manya’s brother also survived the death camps. Read more here

Franz Suchomel:

Franz was an aging Nazi when he was interviewed by Claude Lansmann for his movie “Shoah.” Franz would make thousands of Jews wait for 2 days for their turn in the gas chamber at a railway platform guarded by 2 Germans and 10 Ukrainians. The Jews waited patiently for their turn in the gas chamber.

Franz witnessed the Ukrainians driving Jews every day into the gas chamber. The Germans gassed the Jews 2,000 at a time with a diesel engine. The ground undulated in waves from the gasses of the dead, who were buried 20 feet deep.

The Germans killed 13-15,000 Jews in two-two 1/2 hours. But they had help from the Ukrainians. A camouflage squad of 20 Jews also helped, by placing pine boughs over the “Funnel of Death.”

Everyone was naked. The women all pooped when the Nazis started the diesel engine. Suchomel wanted to tell the Jews to hurry, but he had false teeth, and couldn’t pronounce the words. Read more here


Vassily Grossman:

Vassily Grossman was a writer for Pravda [“Truth,” the Soviet’s propaganda paper]. As it turns out, Vassily wrote an article in 1943 about Treblinka, featuring giant machines that dug up massive graves, (300 meters by 25 by 6 meters), took out the millions of moldy Jew and Jew pieces, roasted them on outdoor Hibachi’s, and made the ashes vanish by spreading them on the side of the road. Vassily even has Barry, the gooley-gnashing dog, in his version. And the hair sent to Germany to make submariner booties.

But, most remarkably, Vassily has a naked, nameless Jewess battling a dozen Ukrainians and killing 2 of them, wounding a third. And, equally, Vassily claims that the Treblinka “Diesel of Death” released 2-3% carbon monoxide.

In these same cattle cars, it turns out that the evil Nazi’s killed many of the Jews on the way to the camp, by filling the cattle cars with quicklime. The diabolical Nazi’s knew the Jews would have to pee some time, and therefore would activate the deadly quicklime. Death by urination.

Even better, it turns out that the “Diesel of Death” was not the main method of killing at Treblinka. Instead, most of the Jews were killed by vacuuming the air out of the room!

It’s not as though anyone doubted why this fable was created, but it’s interesting to note that Grossman’s Wiki entry points out that Grossman was considered a war hero for his writings. Wikipedia entry

French Memoirs  CODOH Forum Discussion

Elsie V.:

Elsie V. is, however, just a pseudonym, because she is still afraid of Nazis.

In 1941, Elsie’s family had a feeling that the SS would be coming to kill the Jews. Because of that, they tried to hide some paintings. Then the SS men came. They took her to a Gestapo house in Prague. Then she was death marched outside and put into cattle cars with other Jews. The evil Nazis tried to starve the Jews by making them wait 4 hours without food or drink.

Then the train arrived at Theresienstadt, a castle. “The Nazis did everything possible to keep their camps, and what took place in the camps, very secret.” Of course, this implies letting the Red Cross inspect the camp, and having footage of it filmed. Video Link

After they got out of the cattle cars, they were death marched into a basement. Elsie was forced to watch a Professor being beat to death, during which the evil Nazis laughed. In the basement, the Nazis took all the Jews’ belongings.

While waiting for their names to be called out, in the basement, the Jews could see “open areas” in the wall, through which they were being watched, and, occasionally the Nazis would put their guns through, to shoot at random people in the room. Around the room there was blood on the walls and floor.

The next morning, they were death marched to the castle. Both the many Jews who fell on the way, and the Jews who tried to help them, would get beat by the SS. Inside they were taken to a stone room, where they had to sleep on cold stone floors, without heat or fresh water, and with only a bucket to use as a toilet.

After 2 days they were given “Surprise Soap” to wash themselves. This Surprise Soap “had a poison in it that gave many diarrhea, making them sick. Many died from this.” Elsie tells us that they would get death marched outside, where it was very cold for no reason other than to make Jews pass out.

Once during Christmas, Himmler showed up at the camp. On that special occasion, they were death marched outside and ordered to turn around in order to look at the trees. When Elsie turned, she saw many people hanging. Himmler was amused and wished the Jews “Merry Christmas!”

The evil Nazis inflicted a hysterectomy and breast reduction on her. Without anesthesia. Which caused her to pass out afterwards, and was left with an infected incision area. When the SS men would beat her, they targeted that area specifically.

Elsie heroically told an SS man that he will go to hell because he has the devil on his forehead. The officer laughed, but afterwards raised the butt of his rifle and shattered part of her skull with it. Which is why she has a metal plate in her today.

After waking up from the blow in the head, Elsie found herself in a small locked box, where she couldn’t move. Which was full of blood. The Nazis would make her stay like that for 24 hours, with no water. Later an SS man took her out of the box, dragged her by the back of her neck, and threw her in a corner to die.

In the large stone room where the Jews lived, many would die every day. To survive, the Jews would steal the clothes of the corpses of other Jews, which were left there for many days because the Nazis wanted to kill the Jews with the corpse’s stench.

As food, Jews were served green bread. Read more here

Nina Lisitsina:

Nina was only 5 years old when she was taken by the evil Nazi’s and made to undress. The Nazi’s wanted to shoot Nina, and all the other Jews, so they could steal their clothes.

The Nazi’s shot the Jews, but many Jews lived, because the Nazi’s were only permitted one bullet. Because bullets were expensive in war time Germany. (It was, after all, cheaper to round up all the Jews, train them halfway across Europe, give them a haircut, and a tattoo, build enormous gas chambers for them, and make them all vanish by the millions in crematoria that it was to shoot them in the head. Because the Nazi’s were only permitted one bullet)

Then the Nazi’s filled the pits with lime, which is actually a preservative. The Nazi’s didn’t understand that putting lime in a pit with bodies would preserve the evidence, rather than make it vanish. Well, someone didn’t understand this, anyway.

The Nazi’s missed Nina, so she crawled out of the pit. Then the Nazi’s forgot all about killing Nina. Read more here

Philip Bialowitz:

Phillip was only 14 years old when he was captured by the Germans, and lined up against a wall with a dozen other Jews to be shot. But as soon as Philip heard the bullets, he fell down. Philip fooled the Nazi’s into thinking he was dead by hiding under all the other dead bodies. The Germans decided to rob the corpses in the morning, so Philip escaped.

Then Philip was taken to Sobibor to be put into a vacuum chamber.But a miracle happened. Just before Philip arrived, the Nazi’s killed all the Jews, including the Jewish helpers. So Philip’s brother told the Nazi’s he was a pharmacist, and the Nazi’s decided they needed pharmacists to help burn bodies. Philip’s life was spared!

Then Philip would help carry the luggage of the Jews who arrived to the death camp. The Jews would tip Phillip when he stole their luggage. Phillip and his brother then heroically led the Jews to their deaths in the vacuum chamber. Then burned the Jews.

So Philip and his brother decided to escape. They tricked the Nazi’s, one at a time, by telling them there was a valuable coat they had found. When the Nazi came to steal the coat, the unarmed Jews killed him.

Then the Jews all charged out of the north and south gates. The Nazi’s were machine gunning at them, but they missed! Jews in front of Philip were exploding as they stepped on land mines, so Philip had to step on their dead bodies!

Then the Nazi’s planted trees on the site, so no one would ever be able to tell where the Nazi’s operated their evil vacuum chambers and Jew hibachi’s.

Philip now tells his sad tale to anyone who will listen. Read more here NY SUN article


Simone Jacobsen:

Simon was only 12 when her parents gave her to the French police to save her from the Nazi’s. The French police kept Simone in a cellar under the library for 3 years, where it was perpetually dark. And filled with rats. So Simone read books.

The police told Simone that the Nazi’s would turn her into a bar of soap, so Simone never left the cellar for 3 years. The French police would daily rape this attractive young girl.

Simon believes the rats adopted her as one of their own.

When Simone was finally freed, she went back to the library, and her father opened the door. He was there all the time, but didn’t know poor Simone was in the cellar with the rats!

— Yehuda Abraham


And these are just a few so far — many, many more to come — stay tuned!

Today’s Sad Holocaust Stories (II)

Read up on Ernst Zundel

Go here and watch some of the videos about the sheer illogics of the Holocaust.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Josh Maxwell says:

    You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, I?ve spent most of my time here just lurking and reading, but today for some reason I just felt compelled to say this.

  2. incogman says:

    Thanks, Josh. Nice to hear that.

    Besides a few picked-up pieces, all of this is done by myself (singular). And that’s because I feel strongly enough about what’s going on to put this kind of effort into it.

    I hope that those who come here make at least the effort of thinking about it all and talking to those around them. It’s that important!

  3. dogbreath says:

    Judaism is a disease of the mind. Think of it. A parasitic people who inflict their parasitic energies onto their hosts. Now they’re panicking. The Talmud’s a bunch of Holy Crock. Words words words words words, all bullsh*t words…

    But their real holocaust is coming…

    This world will be a better place without Judaism.

  4. rundown says:

    First , Id like to thank you incogman for all the time and effort you’ve put into bring this pack of lies to my attention !! Without the noble work of people like yourself, this distortion of history will all but replace facts and truth …
    I would like to remind everyone who reads this blog to tell a friend about “” and to encourage them to read for themselves how the past is being stolen to influence the present and corrupt the future !!
    I know I will !


  5. Here is another doozy, Jewish boy was gassed six times in German extermination camps, but didn’t die! “Maybe children resist better, I don’t know,” says Moshe Peer:

    Jewish kid was gassed six times in German extermination camps

  6. I found lots of intresting things here. Thanks!

  7. Adolfo2 says:

    My fruends! I haff returned! Togezzer ve vill take over dis vorld und make it safe for alles our kind!

    Bitte, send 2 dollars US to
    “Ve Vill OverKomme”
    123 noodles strasse
    Heidelberg, Germany

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  9. rocketman 66 says:

    why do all volkswagens smell the same?
    because the seats are stuffed with jew hair!

    very interesting pc mr.incog,i never knew about the vaccum chambers.

  10. anti zionist says:

    i wanna puke.

  11. gncarlo says:

    Inspirational 🙂

  12. lobro says:

    wow, these were some sad ass stories, got more?

    after reading them, i am convinced that
    a) holocaust is all true, and
    b) jews are super intelligent.

    one more thing, from the picture it is clear that simone jabobsen is really attractive, i can see why the french police raped her every day while she read books among the rats.
    who is the fat guy on the right holding the book?

  13. Anonymous says:

    oh my gosh that is a very evil rat.

  14. jason says:

    man ive got to get some more hankys they had me crying with laughter them jew escape tales 🙂 bravo and to think people in my own bloodline have took that shit as real man oh man i fucking hate them old gypsy jews
    ..incog xmass on the way please post some more of them tales of escape and dareing by 5 year old jews 🙂

  15. Dave says:

    How about holohoax survivors raised by wolves?

  16. anti-zionist says:

    Hey my Son has to watch the boy in the stripped pjs in school tomorrow. We are gonna have a good laugh when he gets home from school. He really likes the typical negro behavior vids.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ernst Zundel was deported from the US for overstaying his visa.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Yeah, and he filed all the paperwork on time for being married to a US citizen, too. Somehow, it was conveniently lost or ignored, even though his lawyer made extra efforts to see they got it.

      Funny, how liberals didn’t care about his immigration situation, huh?

  18. Marshall says:

    Poppy Schmueley escaped Auschwitz disguised as a German Shepherd guard dog by making a body suit out of hair clippings he stole from the delousing chambers. He escaped gassing three times because he was always the last in line. He got enough hair from three trips by swallowing it and later refining it from his own excrement. The SS men thought he was a particularly smelly guard dog and opened the gate to let him go roll in the snow. OY VEY such stupid Germans!!!


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