America Will Turn Non-White During our Lifetime

by James Buchanan

An AFP article reports “Whites in the United States will no longer be a majority of the population by 2042, nearly a decade earlier than previous projections, according to US Census Bureau figures released Thursday. While 65 percent of the US population is projected to be white in 2010, those numbers will start to decline around the 2030s as white deaths outpace births, according to the figures. The figures show that in 2042, whites will be outnumbered by Americans who call themselves Hispanic, black, Asian, American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander. Previous projections said this would happen by 2050.”

Given the complete failure by the two-party system to take border control seriously or to deport millions of illegal immigrants, there’s an excellent chance America will have a non-White majority twenty years earlier than that estimate, which would be in the year 2022, a mere 14 years into the future.

 As recently as the 1930s, American politicians would have been outraged at the thought of the White race becoming a minority in the US. In fact, under pressure from the American public, a complete ban on Asian immigration was put into law in the form of the Alien Exclusion Act, which was repeatedly renewed under pressure from the American public decade after decade. Only after FDR maneuvered the US into World War Two, were the restrictions on immigration erased. In the middle of the war, almost no one noticed when FDR proclaimed that Chinese could immigrate to the US since they were our “gallant allies” in that war. World War Two was entirely avoidable for the US. The Japanese only attacked Pearl Harbor after repeated provocations by FDR, including an oil embargo in late 1941 and an ultimatum from the FDR regime to the Japanese Empire telling them to end their war with China “or else.”

Every time the US has gotten involved in a war after the year 1850, the White race has lost. The Civil War erased the 10th Amendment and made citizens out of Black slaves. The First World War set an extremely bad precedent that entangled us in a European war which was none of our business and slaughtered American soldiers for the sake of banks and war profiteers. World War Two was the worst, most evil war in US history in terms of selling out the interests of White people and paving the way for a multi-racial America. FDR arbitrarily erased the hard-fought Alien Exclusion Act, which kept out Asians.

Even modern day wars are extremely detrimental to the US, because they distract attention from issues like illegal immigration. Because of the “war on terror,” the issue of illegal immigration was almost totally ignored in the 2008 primaries. In the end, we were stuck with two pro-Amnesty candidates in the form of John McCain and Barack Obama. The “war on terror” was either a direct result of our slavish support of Isra-hell or an arranged incident by the Mossad and CIA. Only weeks after the 911 attack, the Israelis were caught trying to set up a Mossad-created “al Qaeda” cell in Palestine. Could the Israeli Mossad have recruited disgruntled Saudis and Egyptians for the 911 attack to try to ruin US relations with those countries? Those two nations had previously been the friendliest of the Muslim nations. Israel obviously wants us to have no friends in the Muslim world and to view all of those nations as enemies.

Crowd of Third World people is sworn in as US citizens.

Curiously, our politicians don’t seem to take the “war on terror” seriously. If they did, they would block all immigration from the Muslim world and deport many of the Muslims who are here today. The fact that they keep the immigration door open to the Saudis and other Muslims suggests that they really don’t believe the 911 attack took place as advertised.

In 1965, Senator Ted Kennedy acting on behalf of the CFR, Trilateralists and Jewish lobby introduced and helped pass an immigration “reform” bill that completely betrayed the White race, opening our borders to Hindus, Muslims and every Third World nation. The current multi-racial “Babylon the Great” which the US has become, is a direct result of that betrayal and the increasing deliberate sabotage of the Border Patrol by the likes of George Bush and other race-traitors in our government.

Initial estimates of the US turning into a majority non-White nation were many decades into the future. As recently as 2004, the year for the non-White majority was 2050. Average White Americans apparently never plan ahead and they care absolutely nothing about the future of their children or grandchildren. If they did, they would have been fighting to change immigration law to stop the flood of Third World invaders.

Hopefully with the much more imminent date of 2042, ordinary White Americans will finally wake up and realize that the transition to a non-White nation will foul up THEIR lives and not just the lives of their children and grandchildren, whom they don’t care about. Their precious Social Security will be stolen away by an enormous parasite population of Latinos, Indians and Pakis. Their precious Medicare benefits will also amount to nothing as the children of Mexicans will be maxing out the resources of every hospital in the nation. If you get cancer, you’ll be lucky to get enough morphine to keep the pain down until you die. Forget about getting treatment, the hospitals will be too busy helping Latino women give birth to the future majority population of America.

I hate to be this blunt about things, but apparently it is necessary. The mongrelization of America will affect YOU. Only the elderly will die off before it happens. Every young or middle-aged White reading this will become a victim of this enormous transfer of White taxpayer money to a giant swarm of needy Third World people.

And don’t believe the completely insane LIE that Mexicans will somehow “support” elderly Whites. Mexicans DRAIN tax revenue; they never add to it. Just look at the increasingly debt-ridden state of California. That is the future of America and it isn’t a bright and happy future.

We can turn things around and we MUST turn things around if we care about our own future (and the future of our White children). We need to demand that every politician will do his best to stop all Third World immigration and to start deporting the Third Worlders, who came here over the last forty years. We need to start voting for Third Party politicians if the two-party candidates won’t oppose the Third World invasion. The Jewish media and Jews in general will attack us for wanting to restore White America. The Jews are the enemy of the White race, and they are largely responsible for the “browning” of America. The Jews want to rule over a multi-racial brown America, that is too ignorant to ever rebel against them. Source Document


Please take just a few minutes with my blog page on The Real Immigration Deal. This contains a PDF link that outlines the vigorous historical efforts in changing our immigration laws from one that supported mostly White Europeans, into one that purposely supported mostly non-Whites and greatly expanded the numbers of these non-Whites. The White race is literally giving up the United States of America and this country is now becoming a Third World nation.

Welcome to the Third-World, Whitey. News report on this video

…one of the biggest stories of the turn of the century is the coming white minority in America.  Yet the major media will not do the blazingly obvious:  ask whites what they think about becoming minorities.  It will not do so because it is made up of white liberals who have been trained to dislike their own kind, minorities who openly dislike whites, and Jews who see whites as a dangerous threat to their very existence.  To the extent that there are “conservatives” in the major media, they are de-fanged and de-clawed on racial issues. 

Whether they would admit it or not, to run a story in which whites are asked what they think of becoming a minority would get whites thinking.  And not in ways helpful to the white liberal, minority or Jewish causes.  Because it’s so obvious that being in the minority is not likely to be a good thing, encouraging whites to think about it by asking the question can only lead to negative consequences.   

In other words, the less whites think about this topic, the better.  “Don’t rile up the white idiots,” the Jewish journalist thinks. The Less Whites Think about their Minority status the better

Jew Involvement in Immigration

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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29 Responses to America Will Turn Non-White During our Lifetime

  1. African Man says:

    ONE BIG PROBLEM. America’s economy cannot hold up by 2042. America will collapse by the time they attack Iran. The biggest threat to human race now is world war 3………which the Jews are trying to start.

    How does this fit in North American Union? It will come to life in 2010 as signed by G Bush.

    The White race is pathetic. Look at how Japanese refuse to have immigration. And how White leaders have been selling out to Jews since Julius Caesar. (Jews controlled Rome too)

    What is even more pathetic than White race is HUMAN SPECIES. I cannot believe not many people have noticed crime syndicate of Judaism for the past 5,000 years. (when they do, they get amnesia and allow them back)

    Point I am trying to make is Jewish problem has existed for 5,000 years and can only be fixed on way. There must be Role reversal. The Gentiles must become Jews and Jews must become Gentiles. We must treat jews as they treat Amalaks.

  2. incogman says:

    That’s right. America’s economy will not be intact for much longer (weeks not years). After that, the flooding of non-Whites into America will be greatly speeded up and White Americans will be faced with day-to-day problems and a Police State ready to enforce this new America — should anyone suddenly realize they were fooled all along.

    The question I have for those who come here: When will you make the connection about all of this? When it’s too late?

  3. ted says:

    I’m convinced ZOG could pass a law that says White People cannot breed with other White people … and a large percentage of White people would agree with it! White Women are gone. They are totally brainwashed by Feminism, Materialism, Celebrities, etc. They are utterly clueless and trying to explain anything to them is next to useless. They’ve been taught to NOT listen to White Men and to hate White Men. In fact, they’ll listen to anyone but a White Man. Honestly, I don’t know what it takes to wake White people up.

  4. incogman says:

    Or give mixed-race couples a tax break for “ending the race tyranny.”

    And I know how you feel about the sleeping white people. They really don’t won’t to think about what’s in front of their faces and just bury themselves into professional sports and stupid shows like “dancing with the stars.”

    But I see people sitting up and taking notice. Each of us has to do his and her part in getting Whites to just TALK ABOUT IT.

    That’ll be a start, at least!

  5. ted says:

    Looks like it’s time for me to move. A white girl and her black boyfriend just moved across the street from me. Of course, they have Obama stickers all over their car. Another clueless liberal white woman. The owner of the house is a Jew that seems to always be driving a new Mercedes. I’m sure he took some delight in renting to a mixed-race couple in this all white neighborhood.

  6. incogman says:

    The Jews love to see the White race mix away. This inner fear and loathing of Whites manifests itself in the media with blatant celebrations of such couples, which in turn creates more.

    The Jews themselves do everything they can to prevent race-mixing within their own race so you rarely will see Negroes with Jews.

    The Jews ARE our misfortune. It has always been the Jew that is the source of such things. But they are being exposed more and more these days to an awakening and now angry America.

    That liberal White girl may one day have a gaggle of Mulattoes to deal with while she works, while Deshawn is out looking for some new White liberal action.

  7. Rob Chapman says:

    INCOG SEZ: And don’t believe the completely insane LIE that Mexicans will somehow “support” elderly Whites. Mexicans DRAIN tax revenue; they never add to it. Just look at the increasingly debt-ridden state of California. That is the future of America and it isn’t a bright and happy future.

    Indeed. I live in California, and Mexicans are costing us BILLIONS in tax dollars. Education, healthcare, police, courts and incarcerations, increased housing costs (due to their occupation of a scare resource: housing), interpreters, bilingual services, etc.

    As you stated, they are a DRAIN on America and not the lie being pushed that they will somehow save us. It’s a simple matter of mathematics. And it doesn’t add up.

  8. white man says:

    Hey ted, maybe that “white” girl with the black boyfriend is a jewish girl after all. We can only hope.

    As for white women, it is indeed a sad state of affairs. The jewish powers-that-be have specifically targetted white women (with feminism, race-mixing propaganda, materialism, etc) in order to destroy white society. Women are more susceptible than men to lies, deceptions, and propaganda (eg, Eve was decieved first, not Adam).

    The Jewish Establishment has indoctrinated whites to hate themselves and to hate white/European society…ie, to shun all-white societies (which are “evil” and “racist) and to “celebrate” and accept multi-culturalism and “diversity.” And a large percentage of white women buy it hook line and sinker….I guess, because they’ve been so indoctrinated by Jewish and feminist propaganda to hate white men that they think it is a “good” thing to destroy white society.

    As a white man, it makes me SO angry to see white women shacking up with blacks and non-whites at such high rates. It boggles the mind how incredibly stupid or brainwashed these women must be to degrade themselves to the point of laying down and shacking up with ape-men. 95% of them will end up a single-mom, poor, and a social outcast. And these white women know this before going down that path, but apparantly don’t care. It’s as if they want to do the most disgusting, vile, and self-destructive thing they can possibly do. All to stick it to the “evil” white man.

    White women have betrayed white men.

  9. African Man says:

    “White women have betrayed white men.”

    Wrong! The White leaders have betrayed their own race. They have refused to sound the warning bells. (religious leaders also) The last good White leaders were Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler.

    Why do you think the Jews want gun control? Why do you think there has been so many school shootings. F**king jews know about the coming Economic collapse.(because they are responsible for it) That is why they’re creating Police State. They need protection from angry White males.

  10. ted says:

    I was thinking about this today. There could not be a clearer indication of the FAILURE OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT than this:

    “Whites in the United States will no longer be a majority of the population …”

    Simply ludicrous.

  11. incogman says:

    It is the Jew behind the wheel in all this, ted.

    Once we let them unto our shores in the 19th century, they’ve been steadily working towards this very goal. They’ve stabbed us in the back sure as hell.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Get a Life you moron !!!!!!!!!! all these things are happening because of you!!!! We don’t need racism in this world… and all of you ignorant idiots are dumb!!! im sure u will delete this post but i hope this site shuts down ur stupid pig AND IM WHITE BTW… C–k sucker

  13. incogman says:

    What? You had to copy and paste your stupid comment all over? You can’t even come up with something original in one comment, to begin with.

    Idiot. You’re probably all bunged-up about the homo articles, right? Ah, did they hurt your homo feelings?

    I love the way you have to say you’re white. I thought skin color is a figment of the imagination to you types. But I guess I was wrong!

  14. Louis from Montreal says:

    incogman; It’s true, every time you post an article on the disgusting lifestyle of the homo, it’s like you’ve stirred up the witches pot of vipers, and the ignorant comments appear. It’s simply uncanny! I think you’ve weeded out another one.

  15. African Man says:

    “Anonymous Coward” I see you have learned well from Talmudvision(television). Instead of debating you resort to name-calling.
    You have learned well from your Jewish slave masters.

    So what if your White? I am a Black African. The truth is color-blind. Truth can also be offensive. Either way, your an idiot for not noticing the parasite called jew.

  16. Anonymous says:

    incogman idiot im a married woman how is that homo to you? “African Man” your just simply ignorant and retarded! I have nooo idea what the heck is Talmudvision is never seen it in my life… I am a proud canadian please dont ever visit us you morrons! And my name is Jessica Lawson soo you just know I couldnt be bothered giving ignorant people my info … rasist morons… i think African Man is still anonymous

  17. Anonymous says:

    Louis from Montreal , Im from montreal-Nord myslef please move the fuck out!!!

  18. ted says:

    “I have nooo idea what the heck is Talmudvision is never seen it in my life…”

    What a great quote. That’s truly the difference between someone who understands the problem and who doesn’t.

    Both hilarious and sad at the same time.

    ‘Jessica Lawson’ sounds like a mouthy, disrespectful Feminist as well.

  19. Louis from Montreal says:

    “Jessica Lawson,” I somehow doubt that a resident of Montreal-Nord would have a Anglo-sounding name like that, but it could be possible. Whatever your name is, doesn’t matter, you have some nerve to come here and accuse anyone of being ignorant when you don’t have any idea what the term Talmudvision means. By the way, do you kiss your children with that mouth?
    How in hell could you live in a slum like Montreal-Nord, especially with the street gangs, drugs, and the riots, like the ones we saw a short while back, and call yourself a proud Canadian? You come here and throw around terms like, “moron”, “ignorant”, and “retarded”, when you can’t even spell or put together a sentence.

  20. ted says:

    Fucking Mexicans are outside repaving the street. They are spitting in my driveway, stealing apples from the neighbor’s apple tree, eating them and then throwing the cores into any yard they choose. Who do they think they are? These people do not belong in this country or culture! These mexicans are fucking foul.

    The are purposely showing nothing but disrespect for every house in the vacinity. Spitting, litering, you name it. I can’t take this shit anymore.

  21. ted says:

    Apologies for the spelling errors … I’m furious!

  22. incogman says:

    Ted: You’re more than welcome to come here and bitch all you want. Let everyone know because maybe, just maybe some liberal living in Whitey World might start thinking for a change.

  23. Louis from Montreal says:

    Ted; I too share your sentiments on these Mexicans. You Americans would be surprised at how many of them there are here in Canada. Not only Mexicans, but every kind of spotted-ass ape from South and Central America. For the most part, these people are real peons. I’ve seen many of them urinating in public, littering and using other forms of behavior that is just not accepted, or shouldn’t be, in western society. Also, if you work in the public sector, as I do, you will suffer all kinds of abuse from these people, and while they might be as ignorant and uneducated as can be, they sure do know their, “human” rights.

    As I have written here before, Montreal used to be a beautiful city, with one of the most modern transit systems in the world. We prided ourselves for having classy night clubs and restauants, shops and other venues which attracted tourists from everywhere. I moved back here about 14 months ago after living in other parts of Canada, only to find the city I once cherished to be completely void of it’s once former beauty. It’s a crying shame that we have allowed our government to sacrifice everything we hold dear in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. The Mexican, El Salvadoran, Haitian, Jamaican, and every other immigrant clamoring to enter our lands is now our equal, but the Jew is our superior. What a joke!

  24. African Man says:

    (Anonymous) Jessica Lawson!

    You just proved your ignorance by not knowing the Talmud. Yet you defend the jews. Who is the ignorant person now?

    God I hate self-righteous people! And I see your proud of being Canadian? You must take great pride in being the model goyim slave country.

    And I recommend you be charged with HATE CRIME since you insulted a Black African. I am already traumatized by your bigoted words. (joking about hate crime)

  25. Louis from Montreal says:

    African Man, it is obvious that Jessica Lawson, if that is her real name, does not realize how easily she could be charged in Canada under one of our draconian laws and even sent to prison.

    If she simply slapped you across the face. she would be charged with assault, and would probably be placed on probation, but if she slapped you across the face and then called you a nigger, the sentence would be considerably more severe. She could get upto five years in prison.

    So, “Jessica,” if you’re reading this, pay attention.

  26. Anonymous says:

    incogman, even though it’s a bit dated, here’s a document I think serves as a decent choice to wake up White People who are brainwashed by political correctness, etc.

    I was surprised to find this site ( hasn’t been mentioned on SF. At least I couldn’t find it …

  27. incogman says:

    People, you HAVE to read the above link!

    The Euro-white race, with its unparalleled achievements of mind and innovation throughout history, still contains the unmatched capability to preserve its race and culture—if the will for it can be revived. But, by pathological apathy and altruism, whites are fast abandoning that essential will. And, as all history proves, that is the ultimate determinant for survival—in war or peace.

    If Euro-whites judge their ultimate extinction an evil outcome, as surely they should, then Edmund Burke’s insight into the ultimate consequences of apathy is gravely apt: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

  28. Anonymous says:

    This makes my blood boil!

    Obama victory took root in Kennedy-inspired Immigration Act

  29. Entwhistle says:


    Great link with a lot of good info.

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