Schoolgirl Gang-Raped and Doused With Drano

Read this story, you White liberals, should you have any guts left to think about what you really want for this country’s future. Remember, no “good deed” goes unpunished [INCOG].

The Blessings of Immigration and Diversity

The following opinion piece appeared in Britain’s Telegraph. It talks about a gruesome gang rape and mutilation of a school girl by “five black youths.” Gang rapes were simply unheard of in the 1950s and 60s before massive immigration. In fact, I can’t think of such a gruesome group attack, punctuated with the use of caustic Drano, on any poor girl, by Whites in that period. Yet, this kind of evil and brutality has become quite common not just in London, but in Stockholm, Sweden, Frankfurt, Germany and is in no way out of the ordinary in hundreds of American cities. Yet, somehow, those of us who have warned of the dangers of immigration for years have been characterized as the evil ones. Yet, if we had our way, the evil that occurred to this school girl would not have been done. In 1976 I traveled to the UK and appeared on the largest watched show in Britain, The Tonight Show and told the audience that I was like a Paul Revere in reverse and that there was still time for Britain to avoid the horrible racial violence that plagued America. Enoch Powell did the same thing for years. The people listened, for the British people have overwhelmingly opposed Third World immigration. However, the politicians didn’t. If they would have listened, that 16 year old schoolgirl would not be in agonizing pain fighting for her life. Ironic isn’t it, how we are the ones to media loves to characterize as evil! Well, I know who the evil ones really are, the ones who caused this and thousands of other atrocities to plague our European nations!

–- David Duke

Is it any wonder people are fleeing London?

By Jan Moir

In a north London suburb last week, a schoolgirl was beaten, gang-raped and then had drain-cleaning fluid poured on her body apparently to destroy DNA evidence. In the eternal cesspit of senseless urban crime, I feel that a dreadful nadir of sorts has been reached, a benchmark of slaked lust and casual, sadistic cruelty.

Police sources say the 16-year-old will never fully recover from the injuries caused by the caustic soda and, at the time of writing, she remains under heavy sedation in a burns unit, fighting for her life.

One could weep an ocean for this young woman, her life ruined by these savages, who hunted in a pack like animals and dragged her to an empty house, caring nothing for her wellbeing or future.

Drain cleaner? The callous premeditation is shocking, and underlines the fact that some of the rootless delinquents who roam the London streets are now scraping the bottom of the barrel of humanity.

I’m almost embarrassed to say that the attackers have been described as “five black youths,” in case you think I’m being racist in highlighting this crime.

Read more here at the Telegraph

When will you confront the reality of our country being turned into a Third World hell-hole? Will it take having this kind of thing happen to you or maybe a loved one? Or will you just roll over and take it like they expect you to? This is the face of our future and you had better figure this out — before it’s too late to do JACK!


When I read the above story I could hardly contain my anger; it became worse and worse when I decided to run it here on my blog. You see, I try to illustrate these things to get your attention and often go on the web to look for powerful imagery, if not of the actual crime (nothing I could find), then close enough to get the idea across.

But what I found only proved, once again, just how much Whites are now being spat upon by the mainstream media, braindead White liberals and Jewish supremacists, blinding White nations to what is being done to them in the name of “Multiculturism.”

Yeah, there was plenty of angry diatribes going on about gang-rapes in foreign countries like Saudi-Arabia, the Congo and the Sudan. Or acid attacks on women in India and Pakistan. White Liberals had loads to say about all those places, going completely off the richter scale on the subject of violence against women. But never will they utter a word about other races doing this kind of thing to White women in their own country; ironically, it’s this kind of violence that they themselves are at most risk of — right in their own dam neighborhoods!

In the US during 2005, over 37,400 White women were raped by Black men, with virtually zero instance of White men raping Black women. That’s over 100 traumatized White women per day having to deal with this and that doesn’t even include the unreported cases! And I’m quite certain that every year we have similar numbers as 2005. Also, age means nothing to these people — they’ll rape the elderly as well. Think about what your golden years may be like, should you even get to have any!

Illegal immigrants are the same way as street Blacks in looking for easy white victims to prey on and the liberal media turns a blind eye to all this, as well. Read here about a 92 year-old women who was raped as she pretended to be dead to keep the illegal (right) from killing her!

The liberals don’t want you to think about this, let alone talk openly, whatsover. These people are living in some kind of bizarre Twilight Zone of denial; either that or they hate the color of their own skin. They’ll call anyone a racist just for even broaching the subject out loud or in print.

They like to show-off just how concerned and sensitive they are, but not if it conflicts with the main liberal priority: Diversity. They’ll give Blacks a pass because of all that, along with being scared of themselves getting called “racist” by their comrades. Even when a young girl, a member of their own race, is brutally victimized like in the above story, these fools remain infuriatingly silent about the whole thing.

As such, they are unbelievable hypocrites and race traitors. My ire knows no bounds with these liberal Whites.

Oh, you won’t see anything in the US media about it. They’ll use the Atlantic ocean to keep quiet. Hell, they don’t even need that, anymore. Make clear note that if these races were reversed — anywhere on this globe — we would see this whole sick affair plastered everywhere. White liberals would be coming out of the woodwork about it: Cable News reports, Opinion pieces, TV documentaries and the Blogosphere would be bursting with vitriol about another crime committed by the evil White man.

This story also well illustrates the real deal going on across the pond. The once great White countries of the British Isles (Ireland, too) have been turned into living hell-holes with Third-World races: Sub-Saharan Africans, Muslims from Turkey and immigrants from virtually any non-White lands. The Whites are now suffering from violent criminal attacks as well as being politically marginalized by the Jew/Liberal establishment. White citizenry groups who organize to combat immigration politically, like the BNP, are slandered by the Jewish/liberal press as racist and evil.

They would all just assume you stay asleep and ignorant. The government and Jewish/Liberal media does not want White people to fully comprehend all this, because if we do, then we would justifiably get pissed and organized; that’s exactly what they wish to avoid and they make serious efforts to shut-up those of us who have had quite enough.

Gun rights have long been removed from the British citizens. But that has not stopped the Black criminals. Oh no. Whites often get slashed and stuck in the gut by knife-wielding Negroes on city streets, subways, trains and alleys. Sometimes, Whites get overwhelmed by sheer numbers and beaten into a bloody pulp right on the sidewalk.

Some of these Black gangs have a new game they’ve been playing on the streets of Britain: Slapping senseless lone, defenseless Whites they happen to find on buses, subways and on the street, while they video tape the attack and then run off laughing uproariously at their violent prank.

The younger members are often the absolute worse since they know full well how they can escape serious punishment by the simple virtue of their age. In fact, the older members will goad the younger into committing acts of violence, in effect using them as human weapons.

Outdoor public events are routinely marred by roving gangs of Blacks looking for some fast excitement. City officials spend serious money and time policing and cleaning up the trash from any public activity, except for the few that only attracts White people, like classical music concerts in the park.

We are not told any of these things by the US Media since they are mostly under the control of deluded White liberals and the Jewish supremacist and Zionists. They even report sweetly on national TV news now (ABC and CBS both did a extraordinary propaganda pieces last night), telling us how we’re now becoming minorities in Western countries like the US and how wonderful the Multicultural landscape will be when we inevitably reach minority status (they always lie too, saying it will be 2050). These reports go on to happily remark on all the local city governments being turned over to the other races, because of the power of race majority voting blocks in those areas. Those other races openly vote and support their own kind freely — which the Media has no problems with at all!

Doesn’t that completely negate the whole concept of “anti-Racism” that these people jam down our throats daily? Apparently, these liberal news people have ZERO problem when other races express solidarity for themselves, but go off non-stop when White people do. Oh no, Whites looking out for themselves would be racist to these utter fools and traitors.

Remember, what happens in Britain soon makes it’s way here to the US. But, hell, it’s already here. Sure as I am sitting here, our countries will not be some “Diversity Paradise” for you Whites out there. We’ll be the victims of violent rape, robbery and murder on a constant basis. You won’t know just how bad it really is all over the country. You don’t know now.

The other races will not be so kind and liberal like you’ve been getting us all here. Our political position will be ignored, we’ll be spat upon in the streets for being so stupid about giving away this county and our children will hate us for the world we passed on to them.

I don’t know exactly what to say to those of you who blow it all off like it was nothing. I lack the wordsmithing skills, I guess, to get you to think, really think about all this. Do you have any spine left in your body? Are you so brainwashed by the Politically Correct media that you can’t even do the math about all this and where we are going as a race and country? Just what is the deal with you braindead liberals, anyways?

OK, INCOG rant off (for now).

— Phillip Marlowe


Our cities have devolved into looking just like Third-World nations. Watch this video and see what a little old White woman now has to live with. Thanks, you sorry-ass liberals! Go to Detroit is crap! to see more.

Illegal Aliens Linked to Gang-Rapes in the US

Somali Immigrant Rape Wave in Sweden

The Sun report on this crime

My report on how the government and media deceives you on the real rape numbers by Blacks in the US.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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16 Responses to Schoolgirl Gang-Raped and Doused With Drano

  1. Mythy says:

    Great rant INCOG, I wish more people thought the way you do! Hope your having a great birthday!! 🙂

  2. African Man says:

    To me this is a MINOR news story. I consider ZOG USA/NATO/ISRAEL more evil than All non-whites combined.

    DOWN WITH ZOG and its followers!

  3. Maggie says:

    You might like to check out this story to see the losing battle Europe is fighting.

  4. African Man says:

    Do you guys know US economy is about to collapse? Do you know we are on the verge of World War 3?

    And you guys are worried about Whites becoming minority in 2050? If the jews run the world in 2050, we will all be slaves!

    The jews planned to rule the world by the year 1999-2000 but failed. They’re now trying to conquer world by 2012-2015.

    So stop being selfish and see we are either going to be slaves by 2050, exterminated or free from jewish tyranny.

  5. incogman says:

    Yeah, I’m kinda trying to awaken my brethren there, African Man, in case you didn’t notice.

    Seems like all most care about is high def big TV’s and watching sports and stupid reality shows.

    The Jews have revealed themselves and people still have their heads in the sand!

  6. Louis from Montreal says:

    The Blessings of Immigration and Diversity:

    Breaking news from Montreal. Blacks in Montreal North started rioting yesterday after an impromptu march to seek, “justice,” for an incident that occured Saturday night when police officers attempted to arrest a 22 year old in a park. The mans friends tried to intervene in the arrest and attacked the officers. The female officer was being choked and her partner shot two or three of these Blacks, killing one of them. Why police agencies still insist on sending female officers to arrest violent individuals is really beyond me, but so is many other things these days. Anyway, the rioting was crazy…20 or more houses in the area were vandalized, including break-ins, shops and other businesses as well. Cars and other property set on fire, including the cars of eight firefighters, two first-aid workers injured, (one by a ‘molotov cocktail’), and another police-woman shot in the leg. The scenes I saw on Newsworld reminded me of videos I saw of Haiti back in the seventies. They mentioned footage being reported showing up on Youtube, so I will check it out and see if I can provide some decent links.

  7. Louis from Montreal says:

    The only thing I could find on Youtube was provided by a French news channel and was shot from a helicopter. Not very good and most of the comments are written in French with some unintelligible Creole.

    Newsworld has some coverage here:

    The comments deserve some warning: May Cause Nausea
    Real Canadian do-gooder liberal crap…

  8. incogman says:

    This kind of story should alert the newly awakened Whites, looking for answers, to how the Jews and Globalists are turning our countries into HELL-HOLES.

    Thanks for getting us the info, Louis.

  9. Louis from Montreal says:

    You’re quite welcome, incogman; My pleasure. When I wrote that little piece I was not fully aware of the extent of everything that transpired and there are some misperceptions that I may have lead some here to believe. First of all, the “youths” who the police were trying to arrest in the park Saturday night were not Black, but hispanic. I assumed they were Black because of the heavy Black presence in this area and the video footage I saw of the rioting was being done by them. Go figure…hispanics get shot for assaulting police and Blacks riot. There is more. The damage done during the rioting was quite a bit more than I had previously mentioned. One television reporter was badly assaulted and $7,000 damage or theft of his equipment. He is still in hospital, and recovery might take some time. One must wonder if this will affect his future reporting. Many others suffered injuries and the Mayor of Montreal is now calling for an investigation into the shooting of the, “youth,” and whether or not the police used too much force protecting themselves. Once again, why do they send female cops to make arrests in an area that is widely known for gang activity? Shootings and stabbings always occur in this area. It accounts for 2/3 of all the murders in Montreal annually. What insanity?

  10. African Man says:

    OK, you guys are right about blacks being violent. Patrick Grimm of Zionistwatch said Jewish media is hiding Black on White crime. He is not White Supremacist so he is telling the truth.

    I guess you guys are right about Black on White crime. I admit, even i feel uncomfortable around Black Americans. The way they murder each other without remorse even shocks me. But I cannot criticize them since Africans are not much better.

    That is another good reason not invade Iran. The PatrioIDIOTS will find out the consequences via angry Mexicans/blacks after economy collapses.

  11. Louis from Montreal says:

    Just watching local news, and surprise, surprise, the problems in the community of Montreal North, where the rioting occured, is all being blamed on racism, poverty and unemployment. All this time I thought it was the ethnic gangs and the drugs and violence they are involved in. I guess police will just have to undergo more sensitivity training and while I am not a big fan of the police, I certainly don’t envy those cops working these Haitian neighborhoods.

    Anyway, local news has reported that tensions are still quite high, and police have stepped up patrols, but “youths” are still setting fires here and there, and other forms of property damage are still being committed.

    In another once beautiful Montreal neighborhood a man was found murdered in his car last night. The man is a suspected gang member.

  12. LW37 says:

    They crime against us an the cover-ups need to be dealt with, but until we get rid of the jews, we can’t put everything else back into line. If we can’t do it soon, we might as well hang up our hats.

    I find myself feeling so angry I could take out a few of them myself and I am female. The men really need to get it together and start taking care of these problems. The jew are evil, plain and simple. They are embolden by our apathy towards them. They have over-welcomed their stay.

    For anyone who hasn’t heard the story about the USS Liberty ( our ship that the jew bombed on purpose) from the survivors, please go to the archives of and find that show. It was either in June or July and it will break your heart. The jew did these things and no one really said a darn thing. The memories of the survivors are vivid and they live with what the jew did, wondering why our country did not make them pay, but of course our own gov was in on it too.

    After the jew is dealt with, we can be better apt to handle all the horrendous crime that the violent blacks and mexicans do. Until then, the jew coddles them and holds their hands while covering up their crimes in the media and nothing will ever get done. So many people do not even have a computer yet!

    I feel horrible for this girl. I blame the jew indirectly.

  13. LW37 says:

    How do we stop this? I don’t know. So sad.

    I tried to post earlier, but it went away. I just want to know what you alll think about a 2007 Pontiac Solstice Convertible. I care what you all think because believe it or not you all have become internet friends to me through this site! I may speak a lot of hell, but I am really a good person and only want my race to flourish, like any of you would of yours.

    I only ask because who else would I ask??? Do ya’ll think this car is cute? Thanks for your help….. I normaly would not ask, but this is a BIG decisision!!!

  14. sanity. says:

    you sound like nazis.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey (in)sanity you sound like a braindead libtard idiot.

    Get a brain, or by the time you become a Nazi; it’ll be too late!

  16. shaun the brummie says:

    why are we waiting,they’re of no use to man nor beast.send them back to africa/asia/non white countries.where gods actions of disease,drought,starvation,natural disasters will destroy them.stop giving money to aid agencies,do not vote for any liberal leaning politicians.we can sit back and watch the show unfold.all immigrants with criminal records should be kicked out of the country,along with any family members,regardless of age.i’ve more ideas to save the west.

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