The ObamaNation Show Must Go On!

In a “Made-for-TV” moment (literally), Hillary Clinton calls for a stop in the roll call to nominate Barack Obama as the Democratic party’s nominee. The newly “great” blind Negro NY governor David Paterson is on the right, while behind Clinton, pro-immigration and gun-control Senator Charles Schumer gets all worked-up like some squirrelly Jew kid on Bar Mitzvah day (watch the vid).

With all the troubling news going on in the world lately, all the really serious foreign events that should have everyone sitting up and taking big-time notice, our so-called free US news has been busy over the last week blanketing us with the most ridiculous liberal bias and politicking as we’ve ever witnessed (it’s as bad as scripted propaganda, because it is scripted propaganda).

And this article is not some blind attack on Obama just because of his skin color. All of us are “Niggers” to certain parties (more below) and being pro-White does not mean you have to hate non-Whites, no matter what you’ve been programmed to think. We may actually have to put all that aside if the real Unspoken problem we have in this country gets us into something really bad and attempts derailing the Democratic process because of it!

The obvious discord between the global, “realpolitik” storm brewing and the blissfully ignorant, fantasy world of American politics has now reached astounding levels during this week’s Democratic convention in Denver, as the US media turns a blind eye to some scary words, apparently because they think it’s nothing but rhetoric. They’ve spent all their time lately with the liberal Obama Lovefest at the Democratic Convention and are staying mum about this really bad stuff. For example:

Moscow has issued an extraordinary warning to the West that military assistance to Georgia for use against South Ossetia or Abkhazia would be viewed as a “declaration of war” by Russia. The extreme rhetoric from the Kremlin’s envoy to NATO came as President Dmitry Medvedev stressed he will make a military response to US missile defence installations in eastern Europe, sending new shudders across countries whose people were once blighted by the Iron Curtain. Free Republic

Do you believe the bull about the Polish missile defense shield is really to intercept any Iranian threats against Europe?

Do you really believe the bull about the Polish missile defense shield is only to intercept any Iranian threats against Europe?

Then we have that idiot Republican, Dubya — once again on vacation on his Crawford ranch — taking a break from fishing with his dog to raise Cain about Russia recognizing South Ossetia and Abkhazia as legitimate governments, separate from Georgia. Funny, Bush did the exact same thing for the Serbian break-away province of Kosovo less than a year ago. What a total hypocrite.

And then he goes ahead and milks Poland’s national paranoia so as to sign a Missile defense deal there, further pissing off the Rooskies. Wasn’t Poland the reason 55 million ended up dead some sixty years ago? Didn’t we once raise holy hell when the Commies wanted to put in missiles in Cuba, right next door to us? Oh yeah, these are nothing but “defensive” missiles supposedly to counter the so-called Iranian threat. Right.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, another thing the media is keeping from you is that US military assets are now being deployed for an anticipated naval blockade and air attack on Iran. With the Russians now angrily accusing us of rearming the Georgians under the pretext of humanitarian aid, we are resorting to using the US Coast Guard to deliver whatever it is to them, for crying out loud. The Black Sea may soon become a flash point to war, right along with the Straights of Hormuz.

This obviously is not just some minor, temporary “conflict” as they are trying to paint it. Oh no. And it now looks like China may be coming in on Russia’s side in all of this:

RUSSIA today won support from China and Central Asian states in its standoff with the West over the Georgia conflict as the European Union said it was weighing sanctions against Moscow.
Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev said he hoped the “united position” of a summit of Central Asian nations would “serve as a serious signal to those who try to turn black into white.” Read more here

But all that kind of news had to take a back seat to the really Big Show: The Dem’s Deally in Denver. Of course, all the real behind the scenes business about the convention was ignored (why was Jimmy Carter really shunted to the sidelines?) and that interrupted floor vote/roll-call was all nothing but a staged act: The official final votes for Obama were cast that morning back in the hotel rooms so they could have an orchestrated show later on. But then again, our whole political system is an orchestrated show!

Some Negro going totally apoplectic over Obama — White liberals can also go completely bonkers about him. Blacks are voting for Obama’s perceived race, we all know that, why fool ourselves? The real question nowadays is: Why can’t you?

They did all this to prevent any embarrassing Dem moments that the Republicans could use as media fodder. Obviously, they were in cahoots with the liberal mainstream press, coinciding the whole thing with the nightly propaganda half-hour; ABC World News Tonight even repeated the whole schtick as a stupidly transparent “Special Report,” just in case you missed it live 2.5 seconds before. 

Some crazed White liberal.

Hallelujah! Some crazed White liberal.

Here we are, very possibly sitting on the verge of real bad trouble in the world and all these TV bozos are waxing philosophic about nominating a smooth-talking mulatto — because it’s so “historic.”

Maudlin speeches were made, slickly-produced videos shown and, as the cameras panned the hall, reddened White liberal’s eyes welled with tears. Speeches touted “real change,” how much they care about the little person and promised chicken McNuggets for every poor person’s pot. More liberal eyes glistened.

God, White liberals are the gullible saps. It’s little wonder the lefty and globalist Jews have had such success in brainwashing the Goyim masses over the decades!

Here’s the deal: Politicians can spout “real change” all they want — about jobs for the globalist-deprived Joe Sixpack or green energy and climate change or maybe even bringing back home the troops from Iraq (like that will ever happen). Both parties can promise everything in the world and we should know that’s the real score by now, people.

The Globalist Elite* have been playing this game on our heads forever, actually. This is all about selecting a Public Relations department head, to placate our democratic fantasies and illusions. Until you figure that one out, you’ll be nothing but some background extra for a “Made-for-TV” cable news event.

The Talking Heads then talked ad nauseum about whether or not the speeches by the Clintons did what they had to do, i.e. getting everyone behind Obama. This went on and on and on, during all the cable and national news feeds, talking about how some speech “hit it out of the park” and all the other BS metaphors they have for saying it did a great job addressing points that needed to be addressed.

And this is not some “racist” thing, at all: John McCain is every bit a danger to us Whites as Obama, maybe even more so, since he’s White on the outside and can fool the ignorant (which is most Whites, these days — liberal and conservative). And his foreign policy is pretty much the same as Obama’s; he’s pledged this country to the truly Racist, Apartheid State of Israel, now milking us to the tune of 10 billion plus a year and the source of all the real trouble to begin with.

McCain has also been a major part of the amnesty efforts that seek to legalize the horde of 20 plus millions of Mestizos now here and probably spur on even more anchor baby-bearing non-Whites (over 300,000 per year).

But Barack Hussein Obama scares a lot of paranoid Jews (is there any other?), mostly because of his Muslim background (liberals go haywire when you say his middle name), but the overarching Jewish Criminal Network is playing both sides of the deck — just to make sure, as always. Obama’s largest contributors are Goldman, Sachs (Banker Jews who gave a warning to their employees before 9/11) and the über-subversive George Soros (International lefty Jew and CIA/NGO operative). He’s also kissed serious fat Jew butt many times before AIPAC and recently spent quality time with the racist power structure in Israel.

This is why we have so many problems and are now hated through-out the world. We are a decieved nation. We have a subversive racial group playing both ends of the stick for their own benefit. We cannot be allowed a presidential candidate who’s against Zionist behavior since that will expose all of them and their multitude of games to the American populace.

Our population makes political decisions based on image, not substance. But now the Diversity fantasies are openly milked by a liberal, manipulative media in the service of the globalist elite and real change candidates like Ron Paul, get marginalized away. They knew Ron Paul was a threat to the true status quo, not someone like Obama, who has gone overboard toeing the pro-Zionist line, attempting to placate the war-mongering and racist Jews.

Think about it all for a minute: If it wasn’t for his race (actually, he’s a mulatto), Barack Obama would not even be anywhere. At all. This is only because he’s a “person of color,” combined with skillful teleprompting of the White liberals, who quietly consider his “half-Whiteness” enough for them to “feel good” and comfortable about the whole deal. By silent agreement all this is not mentioned, since they don’t want his obvious White genetic intelligence to be noted — they’ll sacrifice that just for the “brothers and sisters” to take racial pride about his “blackness.”

Funny, how we can’t be allowed any White racial pride, eh? Race does matter and you’re a brainwashed fool if you think otherwise.

Hell, none of these people care not a whit what kind of experience he really has (very little), all this business is just because he’s “Black.” You know it, too. And Blacks have a inner secret they need to keep silent about as well — they hope to get more preferential treatment should one of their own (race again) becomes head honcho (as if they don’t already).

Oh, Obama’s one smart dude, alright. Professional presentation, skillfully going from one teleprompter to the next with little or no difficulty. His slick acceptance speech, peppered with strong attacks on McCain, was just the ticket to pump the Republican-hating crowd into a frenzy and was finally topped by fireworks and another loveable family appearance. All perfectly choreographed.

Yet, it’s not the delivery of a sales presentation that’s so critical for this country, no matter how the media mavens get off on it. They’re sucking it all up, just like those the crowd — completely caught-up in the mass psychosis of the moment. Remember the effect Hitler supposedly once had or doesn’t that count when it’s the liberal left acting in this way? The media is cheating you and this country with their failure to stay unbiased and uninvolved.

Truth of the matter? We really don’t have a lot to go on about Obama, but the little we do points to extreme left-wing bias, probably socialistic programs in the vein of Hillary, the usual promotion of non-Whites and immigration, all coupled with the exact same pro-Zionist foreign policy as the Republicans. Chances are they’ll be a lot more entitlement programs for Negroes and Hispanics, higher taxes across the board (don’t believe the lies, you saps — the rich never allow themselves to foot the bill) and even further erosions of the Constitution, most especially in the Second amendment — the right to bear arms — probably even the outlawing of ALL semi-automatic firearms.

And all the bull about Muslim fears is pretty much bull (he’s probably not really that religious). The US mainstream media is hiding details (they do that, you know) like his 5th grade school registration (right) that lists his religion as Islam under a different name: Barry Soetoro. But his close association with William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn of the mostly Jewish Weather Underground is an excellent indicator of just where this guy is really coming from, politically.

And Obama knows exactly how to work that race Twilight Zone, an invisible seam in American politics that he’s deftly taken advantage of. This is where the liberal press and their love affair for “Diversity” gives him serious leverage as well as cover for his inexperience and any possible Jew shenanigans against him from the installed media Sayan.† He knows well that the real powers that be can’t be caught secretly manipulating things from behind the scenes.

This would create some dangerous conflicts with the prevalent liberal mentality of the press and might turn these people suspicious and hostile. So Obama went riding along this protective seam right past Hillary and Bill’s wet dreams of a Clinton redux (oh, boohoo). The Dems then had to have the Clintons bite their tongues, smile and play happy over the whole thing or else the Republicans would’ve endlessly talked about all “dissension” in the ranks.

Politics has always been a entertainment industry in this country. They can pretty much say anything, promise anything during the campaign, as long as they don’t talk about the Jews and Israel. That’s the really big no-no and the reason the rest of the world laughs about us. We all once thought that this country’s “free media” could tell us everything, only having our best wishes in mind. What a sorry laugh.

Now we have a media directly wedded to the whole scam. A globalist, corporate media that are the same people who will do whatever to protect the status quo and befuddle the American populace. They want the “Diversity” nonsense to continue since it acts as the cloaking blanket for the Jewish supremacists pulling the wool over our eyes as they gradually destroy the White European’s political and racial future.

We may well be facing a real global war right now, not a “cold war” and one that could quickly spiral out of control (you might never even know it) as our corporate media whores have the umpteenth discussion about the significance of Obama’s “performance” being on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech (actually written by his Marxist Jew handler) or even stupid details like the Doric columns in the stadium Obama gave his acceptance speech.

Yeah, people might come out and say “you don’t like anyone, do you,” but folks, this is not some kind of popularity contest or a “Big Brother” episode. The world outside of the US has had quite enough of US/Zionist meddling and you’re a Jew dupe if you think that being a Democrat or a Republican, Liberal or Conservative will cure any of the true ills of this country.

That’s all been a big game, people. I got off that merry-go-round after my last trip to the fair!

For the real sickness that’s afflicting America is not even talked about by any of these people because of race politics. It’s like the “C” word, too troubling to mention in polite company and that word, my friends, is the “J” word — the Jews. And these Jews may very well end up being the death of us all: Whites, Blacks, Browns and Yellows — us Whites in the long term or, just possibly, all of us in the short term — short as in the twinkling of an eye.

And the election process being derailed? We may actually see it preempted by a real shooting war, giving the current Zionist Neocon Bushites infesting Washington an excuse to shut-down the whole thing. Even the economy could snap at any moment. They want to proceed to the next step in the NWO — the North American Union — and, by God, bringing us to our knees first may be the way they do it.

That’s right. We may all have to somehow come together to throw out the Jewish Criminal Network in the end. It’s really us or them when it comes to this country and it’s future. Figure it out!

— Phillip Marlowe

Maybe it was this?


Jews gleeful on getting Jimmy Carter dissed

“What more could we do to diss Jimmy Carter?” said a Democratic official who was involved in deliberations on how to handle the former president’s presence at the convention. The treatment Carter received, the official added, “reflects the bare minimum that could be done for a former president.”

“I think it’s hard to ask a political party to take a former president and say, ‘We’re not going to hear you at all,’” said Ira Forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council. “The party is very sensitive to the American Jewish community, and it’s very sensitive to ever conveying that this is anything but a pro-Israel party.”

Record number of Rabbis at the 2008 Democratic convention

* The Globalist networks do exist (1 major, two smaller groups), but it’s off-limits to talk about by the mainstream news, just like the Jews. Hell, you start talking about them, you’ll arrive very soon at the real Jewish Criminal Network. This is all protected using the same ridicule tactics they slime the 9/11 Patriots or “Truthers” with.

† Sayan, or Sayanim (plural), are American Jews or Jews anywhere, for that matter, who volunteer to do everything and anything to support the Jewish Criminal Network based in Israel. Our media apparatus is well staffed with these traitorous “fifth-column” elements. Why do you think we never have any mainstream investigative journalism when it comes to seriously Jew topics like AIPAC, the HolyHoax or 9/11 being an Inside Job?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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68 Responses to The ObamaNation Show Must Go On!

  1. incogman says:

    I’m going to start the comments on this by stating clearly: All of this politicking and news blather, will be taking advantage of elsewhere in the World by the Zionist war-mongerers in DC and Tel Aviv.

    These bastards might well start WWIII, while you dam white liberals are busy crying about how cute Obama’s little girls are. You are some stupid people who WANT to be lied to because you’re too spineless to handle the truth!

    Got that?

  2. incipiat says:

    Remember that the so-called electoral process in the U.S.A is a rigged system. And, despite some bloggers belief that McCain’s choice for veep was the right thing to do, I see it as death blow for McCain’s supposed aspirations for the white house.

    In my belief that this is just a ploy to convince the lemmings that there is a real election occurring and BO could actually loose his bid for the white house.

    A black Zionist kid like BO is just too good a potential puppet to loose.

    And beside who better to start WWIII then a black pseudo Christian. First you get the war you want, then you get all the anti-Christian forces blaming all those Christian’s for the war, while the blacks and other minorities blame YT for setting up the “brutha” to take the fall.

    An open race war, and a World War. Talk about your opportunity for the final implementation of the Total Police State.

  3. AA_ThunderLady says:

    Incogman, this is a splendid article about the truth that nobody wants to hear. It is true that ignorance is bliss.

    It is pathetic that so many Americans seem are so mesmerized by B.Hussein Obama that they are clueless about the dire global situation. All one has to do is look beyond the main stream media in the U.S. and do some research. The ignorant masses are too occupied watching MTV and patting themselves on the back for being tolerant to see what’s really going on. They have no idea that they’re “drinking the koolaid”. ~ It’s probably disguised in the high fructose corn syrup. (insert sarcasm here)

  4. AA_ThunderLady says:

    please excuse my typo… oops… I first wrote “seem to be” mesmerized, but I decided that they ARE mesmerized. The cat jumped on my keyboard and landed on the Enter button while I was editing.

  5. AA_ThunderLady says:

    Please excuse my typo… oops… I first wrote “seem to be” mesmerized, but I decided that they “ARE” mesmerized. My kitty jumped on the desk and stepped on the Enter button of the keyboard while I was editing.

  6. African Man says:

    And these Jews may very well end up being the death of us all: Whites, Blacks, Browns and Yellows – us Whites in the long term or, just possibly, all of us in the short term — short as in the twinkling of an eye.

    These ABOVE words summed up everything. Incogman, can u answer these questions?

    1. Are the non-ashkenazi kikes just as evil? (remember old testament)
    2. Is jewsagaintzionism just another hoax..since they ignore root of zionism aka talmud/judaism
    3. Who runs the show? Zionists or International bankers?

    If Rothschilds were the main problem. I am sure someone could have easily killed them by now.

  7. incogman says:

    No, but some Sephardi have gone along with the whole schmeil, hence have submitted themselves to real evil. Which is sad, since the Ashkenazi spit on them, too.

    No, Jews are not all on the same page. Most are desparate to avoid talking about specifics. Zionism is just the manifestation of Talmud superiority.

    The International Bankers. They’ve been corrupted by private Jew big mouths and feel their own power, having gotten away with enslaving whole nations without anyone saying JACK! It could have another name. They bankroll the Zionists or, more accurately, allow us to bankroll them.

    The Rothschilds are a many headed snake. Some heads are hidden deeply. These are the “crypto-Jews” and have been employed by the Rothschilds for several centuries at least.

  8. carolina60 says:


    Aren’t the Rothschilds fronts for other Jew money men ?

    From: The Great Red Dragon by Woolfolk:

    “The rise of the house of Rothschild is memorable as the first grand combination of the Jews in a syndicate, for the transaction of a vast business in which all their capital might be combined. The Rothschilds became the head of the Jew Money Kings, and have ever since been the head of the Jews, acting as a syndicate. That house is probably at the head of the Jew Money Power of the world. The wealth of the Money Power is simply beyond calculation. It cannot amount to less than $160,000,000,000. It is probably nearer two hundred billions…. The Money Power has so much money, now, that it can not find investment for it. In one more double it will about have all the property of the earth. In the beginning of its career, a double of its capital meant $100,000,000. Now a double of its capital means $400,000,000,000. And all the property of the world is less that $600,000,000,000.”

  9. Tiffany Epiphany says:

    Yeah, Missiles in Poland equates with missiles in Cuba???


    Poland is fiercely anti-communist. Cuba is communist. As you might remember, communism murdered over 100 million innocent people last century alone. The Yalta conference gave control of Poland to Stalin. It’s about time Poland got some much deserved payback for that Yalta crime.

  10. incogman says:

    Tiffany Epiphany: I guess you forgot that Russia is no longer communist.

    And the point being is not Poland, it’s us! As in us encircling Russia, like in NATO. But I guess that may be too tough for you to absorb, being on the other side of the equation.

    And the murdering Commies? 80% of the Commie NKVD were Jews who were out to kill and starve Gentiles who didn’t toe the Jew line. Solzenytzin’s last book went unpublished by the West because he named the Jew!

    Read up on your history past the high school text level. Commies in Russia and in the US were mostly Jews. You can start reading more of my blog here and follow the supplied links in each article. It’s your deal to figure it out. I can’t do it for you.

    The BS goes far back and once you understand it, you’ll see just how we arrived at this point. You’ve been propagandized!

    And it’s not some protective measure for Poland at all. Unless they think we’ll come in to protect those assets. The missile shield is to protect the Jew controlled countries of the West, most notably Britain — part of the Rothschild empire that includes your out-of-it butt.

    You had better lose the Epiphany name because you haven’t had one yet.

  11. incogman says:

    carolina60: I don’t know.

    They may be more beneath what we can possibly discern. It seems likely that some kind of Jew organization exists to tie it all together. But of what, I am not sure. I have heard rumors of a group called “The Joint” but this may be a Jew Mafiya type thing. But then again, the entire Khazari, Ashkenazi Jew clan may be a mafia!

    That’s why I’m using Michael Delaney’s description “Jewish Criminal Network.” That’s what it is! He hit the nail on the head.

    It should be obvious, by now, that the Jews do indeed have an “Agenda” and our ENTIRE White race is in mortal danger.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: 2008 is the last year of normalcy. I actually think that September 2008 (next month), is when things start happening at an ever increasing rate.

  12. incogman says:

    Look at the above comment from one Tiffany.

    White people are still sucking down the utter bull from the Ziocohn propagandists in Washington and NY.

    She, at least, knew that millions died in the Soviet Union (it may have been a 100 mill, but 15 to 25 million were admitted to by the Soviets in 1957). But you might think that she would wonder why all that’s not common knowledge, but the 6 million Jews is practically a religion today.

    Why is that? Why did the so-called “gas-chambers” not be mentioned ONCE in all the memoirs of Winston Churchill, Eisenhower and DeGaulle (about 7500 pages)? Because it’s bulls–t that’s why.

    We are being DECIEVED!

  13. James Cox says:

    I just discovered this site. Very interesting.

    Do you or any of your bloggers know anything about the Black Pope?

    I have read “Rulers of Evil: Useful knowledge about governing bodies” by F. Tupper Saussy. I recall reading that The Rothschilds (german for Red Shield) are in control of the Vatican’s money. They bear the title of “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury”.

    Are we looking at yet another scapegoat (the jew tool) and overlooking the obvious source of world power, the Jesuits?

  14. incogman says:

    No, I don’t believe so.

    The Jews have often mixed their own dealings with conspiracies of others, real or not, repackaging them in a new form that throws the scent off them. They are masters at this. Look at 9/11 stuff.

    One thing to bear in mind with all of this, is that virtually all Jews are not a part of anything really, maybe hardcore Zionism and liberal-lefty style degradation of the White countries, because of their inner fear and loathing of the Goyim. They are mostly a bunch of jerks and self-centered pains in the asses. But not secret agents of the agenda! (except for Israel stuff)

    This is why it has stayed invisible, more or less. It’s probably just a couple of hundred exceptionally rich SOB Jews or secret Jews. They may belong to a bygone relic of Khazari royalty, a clan called the Sabbateans.

    They may be a Masonic component to the inner “cabal” of Jewry, what is commonly called the “illuminati.” The reason for my suspicions are because of media mixing lately of “masonic conspiricy” aligning it with the Holy Grail stuff (good Anti-Christian action too). Plus, masonic lodges are all over Israel and in the US, many are extremely rich lodges dedicated only to Jews in the NE, NY and Mass.

    Plus, I know that as of the 1980’s the Mossad had not bugged the Vatican yet but were trying to. I would think they’d have more success by then if they were guardians.

    Some Vatican money did get burned by the Masonic lodge P2. P2 belongs to the globalist group Le Cercle. Are they Jews? I don’t know.

    I doubt if Jews would work under the banner of Christ in any regard. Yeah, I’ve read about the biz on the black pope. Possibly more disinfo — attacks christianity and throws the scent (Jews love 2 fers).

  15. ross says:

    Remember, Jewish Supremacism …

    Whenever I find myself considering all of those other possibilities (Black Pope, Masons, etc.), I remind myself to come back to the source. And by that I mean, remember what the Jew is. Every Jew is, whether they openly acknowledge it or not, a Jewish Supremacist. This is what they’re taught from birth and I’d say it’s even genetic. This means, that they believe all non-Jews should be serving them. Throw away all the smoke and mirrors and return to what the baseline Jew is and what this is all about. Total Control of the World by Jewish Supremacists with non-Jews serving them. That’s it. I’d say forget all of that other stuff, unless of course you can find a clear link that points to the Jew.

    The only other thing I haven’t studied/considered is what about the Asians and the House of Saud. Are these controlled by Jews or independent entities?

  16. ross says:

    One more thing I’d like to add considering Jewish Supremacism.

    Feminism is Female Supremacism rooted in Jewish Supremacism.

    The only difference is that ALL FEMALES (even non-Jews) are allowed to participate. Actually, encouraged to participate is more accurate.

    This makes it an order of magnitude more destructive to White People.

    Why? Because WHITE WOMEN pledge allegiance to Feminism above all else. To White Women, Feminism takes precedence and is more important to them than the survival of their race.

    There could be one White Man and one White Woman remaining on earth, and she’d say her career is more important than the survival of her race.

    It really is amazing. You can make it as clear as possible to White Women about the damage Feminism has done and continues to do to White People … and White Women still defend & support it!

    Game Over for White People.

    White Women will listen to anybody and anything, but they won’t listen to White Men. And out of all the people in this world, we’re the ones that love them and care about them the most. Their response? A big FU to the White Man. This is precisely what Feminism teaches them! Don’t listen to Men!

    As a side note …

    I’d say that the modern thinking of White Women has been Jewified and now represents the thinking of modern Jewish Women. Modern Men have had their thinking Jewified as well (extremely vulgar, materialistic, etc.)

    I’d like to compare the writing of White Women say from around 1900-1950s with the writing of Modern Jewish Women. I’d then like to compare those writings against the writing of modern White Women. I bet the writing of Modern White Women & Modern Jewish Women are similar and very different from the writing of White Women from the 1900-1950s. By different I’d say modern writing will simply be lacking manners, more crass, rude, vulgar, obnoxious, materialistic, sexual, etc. The transformation of the thinking of traditional White Women into the thinking of Jewish Women would be clearly evident.

  17. James Cox says:

    Thank you for your reply.

    Now, another question. Does anyone know the name of the statue atop our nation’s capitol (roman word) dome?

  18. incogman says:

    Yes, it is Jewish supremacism.

    It is the only common denominator that we can readily pinpoint. In fact, most, maybe all, of the rest of “conspiricy theories” is a purposeful effort to mislead the Goyims as well as attack their religion.

    We know that Christianity is hated and ridiculed by them. We know they hate the Muslims, too.

    The Jewish Talmud is truly a supremacist document. Why do we not hear anything about it publically? They work to call anyone who does anti-Semitic, even those Jews who profess to be atheists (most of them).

    The religious Jews actually do believe the Goyim should serve them, that this will bring back those atheist Jews into the fold. To them, it’s a religious JIHAD to bring this about in any way they can.

    That being the case, I think there is an element to the Globalist Jews that have been slowly working towards that goal. We can see their fingerprints all over the underlaying structures in our society.

    We were once warned of all this by those who thought it to be COMMUNISTS. They were right, but it really was JEWS.

    The Jews have bridgeheads in China (they’ve been there for awhile, but not to the extent of Western white countries where they have race camoflage), but none in Saudi Arabia.

  19. James Cox says:

    another question.

    Is the woman on the dome Jewish?

  20. incogman says:

    You mean the Capital Dome? I don’t know. But I did see a picture of Golda Meir modeling the Statue of Liberty as a young babe. lol

  21. incogman says:

    Oh yeah, I wanted to tell people (or remind the few), that the Jews have gotten us to officially declare this country (USA) to have been FOUNDED on the 7 Laws of Noah (Gephardt did it in 1991).

    So, technically, the US and us Goyim are Noahides. The enforcement part is what they are working towards.

    Few people know this. How’s that for separation of “church” and state?

  22. African Man says:

    “Three Models of the Jewish Problem”

    For short let me call them

    1. “Conspiracy to Enslave”,
    2. “Survival of the Fittest” and
    3. “Mental Illness”.

  23. African Man says:

    Incogman, I really hate people like Epiphany who do not know anything about Jews but defend them. She might as well defend Nazi Germany since she does not know anything about it………..other than Jewish propaganda ie Holohoax.

    These people make me sick. Even worse are people who know the Jewish problem but say Islam/Jesuits are bigger problems and that we must ally with the Jews to stop Islam/Jesuits.

  24. incogman says:

    It’s hard for me to be nice when it’s so obvious anymore.

    Whites do not like confrontations so they believe what is easiest to believe. They don’t call them sheeple for nothing.

  25. African Man says:

    Yep, the White man has lost his fire. The pope fears jews more than he fears jesus. (and so do many christians) This is why I think jesuit conspiracy theorists are crazy.

    Any ways, hear how the Jewtube is scaring everyone over Hurricane Gustav? (while Hannah is warming up) The only thing more scary than a Hurricane is a jewish sabotage ie blowing up the levees (as has happened in Katrina)

  26. James Cox says:

    The name of the statue is Persophone, Goddess of the U.S. Capitol Dome.

    She was renamed “Freedom” for American consumption. Abducted by Hades, son of saturn, she ruled the dead and all else that is within the earth, namely metals and precious stones.

    In August,1861, Abraham Lincoln said to Charles Chiniquy, “I conceal what I know, for if the people knew the whole truth, this war would turn into a religious war, and at once, take a tenfold more savage and bloody character”. At her dedication ceremony on December 2, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln was absent.

    On Good Friday, April 14, 1865 he was assasinated.

    At daybreak of May 9, 1993, helicopters lowered the Queen of the dead to ground level for her first cleaning in more than a century.

    Significantlly, May 9, 1993 was Mother’s Day.

    It isn’t the Jews!

    In the words of incogman (incognito perhaps?), “Got That?”.

  27. incogman says:

    Nice one, Mr. Cox. Yeah, sure, I got it.

    Hell, I don’t really know if you’re right or not. All I have to go on is what I see on a daily basis, in our government, media and culture. Not whether Abe Lincoln failed to show up at some pagan Goddess statue dedication or the pattern of streets laid out by some Frenchman for Washington, DC.

    I can turn on the TV and get vindication for what I say in 5 minutes. Can you?

    In the words of a lot of people: It is the Jews, Stupid!

  28. James Cox says:

    Well, INCOGNITO (with one’s identity concealed), It didn’t take long for you to take the bait!

    The Thirteen Articles Concerning Military Art is a must reading in your future. Then you will realize how you have bitten into a hook which was designed from the first time I read into your diatribe.

    The one I used on you, oh great pontificator, is “blown cover for cover” (favorite tool of CIA).

    By the way, oh ignorant one, I am not Jewish. I only think that way!

    There is truth and there is untruth. Yours is the latter.

    A bit more reading on subjects other than conspiracy and hate will make you a much better person.

    Bless you, oh tortured soul.

  29. incogman says:

    No, you are indeed some Jew disinfo clown.

    Your little dead Mandarin sayings only confirms it. You live in a condo uptown and amuse yourself by reading fashionable iconoclastic books, so you can pretend to be some kind of bon vivant down at the local coffee bistro — trying to get in the pants of some foolish shiksa.

    Plus, your statement out of the blue “I am not Jewish” and that made-up goyim name are other indicators of another self-elected Ziocohn agitprop on the loose.

    You’re really some hollow-chested, little Woody Allen type, who thinks he’s the Internet KGB Jew of the day. You only think you trapped me by your sterling logic or have “blown my cover” like I’m some sort of secret agent of the Amalek forces out to get your paranoid race.

    Unfortunately for you Jew, one day soon, the Goyim will indeed be coming for you bearing torches and .223 rifles; as you cower in the closet of your obscenely kitchey shiksa trap with a cheap menorah or an overpriced steak knife in your pasty, uncalloused little hands for a weapon.

  30. James Cox says:

    NAME CALLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CRY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HIDING BACKSTABBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. incogman says:

    Brilliant commentary, Jew.

    I guess the exclamation point adds force to your electronic screams. Perhaps it’s time to wipe your monitor down from all the Jew spittle and phlegm?

  32. James Cox says:

    Are those good reasons for a lynching?

    Maybe you should bring your mob together, you incognito in hiding schmuck!

  33. incogman says:

    Yeah, I guess I was right about the Jew part.

    Hey! Guess what? My blog is going off the charts hit-wise. This article is getting a lot of traffic across the wires.

    I love it when I get more Whites to see what a wacked-out bunch you Jews really are. So keep yapping away, Jew.

  34. James Cox says:

    We use our schmucks to encase goyim in our toilets.

    I’m really a mohel and I wish I could get your smegma encased penis on my knife.

  35. incogman says:

    I thought you Jew Mohels used your mouths for that? Didn’t Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC health dept. ask you not to do that anymore?

  36. James Cox says:

    Hey man, you’re clutching at straws and digging for gold in the wrong place. Try your teeth. You know the tartar caked ones you replaced with your red-neck welfare check given to you by us world dominating rich Israelis.

    Why do any of your incognito brethren not comment? Are they busy googling to see if anything I said makes sense?

    How about this: google these words.

    Military crowd control technology new

    Maybe then you’ll realize how close you are to your permanent enslavement.

    Finally, for your mouthpiece who denigrates women, you’ll know when he has a new girl (or boy) friend when he has one clean finger.

  37. James Cox says:

    oops, I owe you 8 exclamation points


    There! Get’em?

  38. James Cox says:

    bloomberg? health dept?

    Are you from NYC?, he asked genuinely.

  39. James Cox says:

    please pray for my little dead mandarin. Orange?

    No, NATO blue. Scarey, huh?

  40. incogman says:

    Why do you persist on using a Goyim name, there Schlomo Brillostein?

    And for you fair readers out there besides Schlomo here, make note on how he pretended to be a White Goyim in his comments as he put forth his nonsense. All his and my comments are intact. Go back and read them.

    He’s made the effort to lie and BS his way all over the place before I called him out on his Jewry. That, my friends, is exactly how the Jew really is.

    Basically, all of them.

    Read his comment above. This is how these arrogant people think. He’s so sure that his race will soon enslave YOU, that he’s raving all about it now. These fools always screw up right before they get anywhere and give themselves away to all.

    It’s happened about 79 times in history. Their big mouths are their undoing.

  41. James Cox says:


    Why do (mostly ad-persons) people say JEW LER REE?

    Shouldn’t it be JEWELRY?

    Any way, in Amsterdam and in every step in the diamond industry, it is common to cheat on the weight.

    Just a thought (compliments of DeBeers)

  42. James Cox says:

    Did you mention schlomo?

    Care to comment, infastmocognito

  43. incogman says:

    I’m tiring of your lame little rejoinders, Jew. Especially since I pwned you long ago.

    One more insipid comment, or using a phony Goyim name and you are out of here.

  44. James Cox says:

    I think I can do a better job than you, typically typing.

  45. incogman says:

    Schlomo Brillostein, AKA James Cox, our little Jew pest of the day is now on moderation until he uses a Jew name and debates what I say in the above article, instead of wasting bandwidth on mere trolling tactics.

    I had fun for awhile, but he’s bored me with his inanities.

  46. incogman says:

    Brainiac is still trying to post here. Nobody sees his comments but him, yet he’s too stupid to understand the words next to his post “Awaiting Moderation” or he’s being his Jew disingenious self.

    Go away, Jew. I’m just going to delete them until you follow my guidelines above.

    Man, Jews are pretty dense for being such arrogant little twerps.

  47. ross says:

    incogman, nice work!

    Jews don’t like having the LIGHT OF TRUTH shined upon them. They like to hide and do their evil in the shadows.

    I just went to dinner and at the next table over was some guy wearing an Israel Defense Forces shirt. The entire restaurant was filled with nice, polite, well-mannered white families. So what does Jew boy do? He proceeds to swear out loud and act obnoxiously in front of children and their families.

    Your time is coming Jew. We’ve had enough.

  48. incogman says:

    Thanks, ross. It’s good to see the message spreading.

    One thing that the readers here should do, is to go back and read the comments from a Jew who was masquerading as a Gentile as he was postulating conspiracy theories with me.

    When he saw that I no longer believed him, he dropped all pretenses and reverted to his arrogant Jew self.

    This should give you a window on what real Jews think and act. They believe, often literally, that they are God’s gift to the world. Plus, this Jew amply illustrated his lust for eventual Jew domination.

    Unfortunately, many of them in high places think in the same way. This one was probably not some powerful one, but he thought himself to be.

    Think about what is going on, Whites!

  49. Sergey says:

    It to like, guys

  50. Sergey says:

    To like me this post…

  51. Louis from Montreal says:

    incogman; I think I enjoyed that little back n’ forth between you and Shlomo more than the article itself, lol. It’s absolutely brilliant how you expose these hebes and homos who try to attack your blog. Keep up the good work.

    One more thing; Now, you already know that I live in the once beautiful city of Montreal, but you might not be aware of how many of these Yids live here. Man, they even have their own neighborhood, and even had an article up about them not too long ago. I’ve seen many, to say the least, and I just can’t blame them for hitting on the Shikstas. Seriously, would you want to date a porcine, smelly Jewess with those thick lips and Hittite nose? I am just mentioning this because I thought you were a little hard on Shlomo for trying to get down the pants of the New York shiksta.

  52. incogman says:


    Thanks, the little Jew got tiresome and wierd after a while. People, note the part about the Jews having their own neighborhood. They actually have a small city now in NY for themselves. Do you think Whites could get away with this?


    I was just thinking. This guy from your comment (below) might have actually gone over to Israel and served in the IDF. They can do that, you know, as part of their dual loyalties. It would have been like a 2 year hunting trip for Palestinians.

    The Jew traitor is probably all stuck up on himself for doing this and accounts for his big mouthed display in public.

    This is EXACTLY the same, people, if a White man went to South Africa during the days of Apartheid to serve in their army to fight the revolting Negroes. Imagine all the non-stop bull out of our media over something like that?

    I just went to dinner and at the next table over was some guy wearing an Israel Defense Forces shirt. The entire restaurant was filled with nice, polite, well-mannered white families. So what does Jew boy do? He proceeds to swear out loud and act obnoxiously in front of children and their families.

  53. African Man says:

    Notice how when the jew was exposed, how he quickly changed his attittude from peaceful to hateful? Thats what jews do when they’re exposed.

    They’re so used to crying anti-semitism, racist, and nazi but in this case that would have not worked. So they use “we’re going to enslave you goyim tactic.” Or the “we will hunt you down tactic.”

    Blacks use the “call me a n-word to my face tactic”
    Whites use the “im not racist, i have black friends tactic”

    Notice how hateful the jews are compared to blacks and whites.
    Notice how each group has different psychological responses thanks to Jew-media. Whites have to defend themselves while blacks and jew get to threaten you.

  54. incogman says:

    Notice how when the jew was exposed, how he quickly changed his attittude from peaceful to hateful? Thats what jews do when they’re exposed.

    That’s exactly right, African Man.

    The Jew knows inside that the message expressed here on my blog represents real truths in the world, so he came here with the express purpose of spreading obfuscations.

    Like the business with some ancient statue will prove to me of the existence of a conspiracy not of the Jews and how the readers here should think that the Jew are really innocent.

    When he realized that his bull was being ignored, he reverted to his true self: A spiteful side that all most all Whites are clueless about.

    This should well illustrate the mind-set of these people. Even the Jew next door. They know what I say is the truth, but don’t want any ignorant Goyim to see it!

  55. African Man says:

    For people who believe jews are pawns for the Illuminati/Jesuits/European Royal Families!

    Answer me this, which group controls or dominates the media, banks, judicial system, education, medicine profession, and corporations?

    Which group has a law you can’t discuss certain historical event? (holohoax)
    Which group do people fear discussing out in the open?
    Which country does every presidential nominee have to suck up to?

    ANYONE who denies jews are powerful is living under a rock. In fact, the jews have never been ever so more powerful! Thanks to multiculturalism, they have insured Whites will never be a threat to them.

  56. African Man says:

    The White race reminds me of the great Aztec empire who thought Whites were gods. That’s just another proof religion and prophecies can doom you.

    Don’t the Aztecs remind you of modern day Whites who worships Jews and Israel?

    Here are similarities between the two:
    1. Cortes was after gold, Jews are after gold
    2. Aztecs thought Cortes was god, Whites think jews are god’s chosen
    3. Aztecs oppressed surrounding Indians, Whites colonized non-whites
    4. Surrounding Indians hated Aztecs, Non-Whites hate Whites
    5. Cortes used God, Gold and Glory, Jews use God, Gold, and Glory (enslaving goyim)
    6. Aztecs did not kill Cortes as soon as he trespassed, Whites allowed Jews to come into their countries
    7. Cortes used disease to thin out indians, Jews use wars, birth control and immigration (also diseases)
    7. Surrounding Indians helped Cortes defeat Aztecs, Surrounding non-Whites are helping Jews defeat Whites

    Time is running out Whites! Take notice of History or you are doomed to repeat it!t!

  57. Huerta says:

    Hey Jewish Man, whoops I mean “African Man”…having fun f–king with the goyim yet?

  58. African Man says:


    Are you racist or a just a kike? You either think I’m too smart for an African or some kike who is trying to play head-games. I know you kikes are behind Marxism which has influenced many African dictators like Mugabe. I also know your behind slavery, most ships were Jewish owned. Most rich plantation owners were also jewish!

    Either way kike, the fact you take the word goyim lightly proves something! I’m awake to your parasitism, and there is nothing you can do kike boy. Unless you want to come to an-all black neighborhood and get mistaken for a White boy.

    Your crimes against humanity will not go unpunished kike boy. You have burned your bridge in the Arab world thanks to Zionism. Once the Asians wake up to Communism, you will have no where to run!

  59. incogman says:

    Actually, I have met a few Blacks who knew the real score. Some of them were Muslim and had a bit of a chip on their shoulder vis-a-vis Whites, but realized the extent of Jewish meddling.

    But one wasn’t religious in any real way. I used to have some interesting conversations about the whole thing with him — to say the least!

    That’s why I don’t really hate blacks, per se. Sure, I get all bollixed up about their criminal behavior against my race, but overall it’s not the same as what the Jew is doing. Not by a long shot, my friends.

    And yeah, I do sometimes use Negro crime stories to inflame my readers a bit. Whites need to get angry, they need to wake the hell up, they need to grow a dam spine.

    Whites and Blacks, if we really had any brains left, would be banding together to throw out the Jews. America had better do it and soon, I’m telling you.

    Once America, in total, starts waking up to the Jew, that’s when he’ll try to spark a race war to give him cover and an excuse to bring down his commie police state on all our heads. This may really be his end game.

    Read this clearly: If Obama gets hit, do NOT believe everything you see in the media on the perp and who he really is or who he is associated with.

    I’m serious as a heart attack.

  60. ross says:

    incogman, it was recently brought to my attention that an Israeli company is responsible for guarding our Nukes. I believe the name of the company is Magal? Am I foolish to think that is their end game? In other words, we will be doing what the Jews want and there’s nothing we can do about it. They have us by the balls? Please tell me I’m wrong.

    Also, the Jew in the IDF shirt was at a multi-cultural table of three blacks, two mexicans, and a white. Very bizarre for the all white area where I live. Also, while eating dinner, a drunk black man stumbled across the street with that arrogant ‘I drag my leg because my dick is so big’ walk. He looked like he was straight off the street corner in Oakland. Again, this is an all white area. There was definitely some sort of strategy behind placing all of these different races in this area. Very, very strange.

  61. African Man says:

    Incogman, I am also an African muslim. I know many black muslims who are awake to the jews. But the Christians…..not so much.

    I would not be awake were it not for how the jews treat palestinians. I have nothing against you and would love to see the white race join the muslims against our common enemy, the jew.

    As for the jews End Game? This time, they know a REAL holocaust will come if the goyim wake up. Thus, they’re end game is to kill us all.

    Why do you think Israel has 200-500 nukes? They plan to use Sampson Option, in which they will nuke Russia, and China. Who in turn would nuke America and Europe. Who would return fire and the human species is extinct.

    Keep your eyes on the jews. They know something bad will happen. I heard this famous jew, Stephen hawkins say human species will be extinct unless we colonize the moon.

  62. incogman says:


    I remember reading something about an Israelis company in charge of security of our nukes. I can’t remember the precise details because I discounted it at the time. It just seemed too impossible to believe. I do know that civilian outfits work at the Newport News nuke center in charge of US naval vessal armaments. Security is tight, but we know what happened at the Minot AFB.

    There is a big Israelis security company at work in the US, I’ll look back into the subject.

    If these Jews have been given that kind of power in the US, then we really have some problems, people. Unfortunately, such a thing would not surprise me anymore.

  63. African Man says:

    In another nail biter election between the 2 foreign born candidates, John (Panama Jack) McCain and Barack (Kenya) Obama, the newsrooms weren’t reporting any winners until late in the morning the day after the election. Then they announced McCain is to be the 44th president of the United States.

    This is the scenario that the Rothschilds have scripted for you, the American sheeple. The Diebold voting machines are being programmed for these results, it matters not who you vote for. McCain’s daddy, Admiral McCain is the one that covered up the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 American sailors. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Except for Cheney, Norman Podhoretz, and Bill Kristol, McCain is America’s greatest warmonger.

  64. ted says:

    “If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness – and hopelessness!”

  65. IrishWench says:

    Well Ross, since the jewboy isn’t here to tear into anymore, (and I would) I must say that your post about White Women was so obnoxious and insulting that you must be young with no father figure and a mother you love but yet despise, or a passive man who comes to boards to take out his aggression on women because he can’t do it at home.

    I would pick the survival of my race over a career. I do believe we should vote and have the right to say what we feel without getting beat into submission by neanderthals like you could posssibly be.

    Most women I know have to do all the trappings of a 40’s housewife, keeping everything perfect and still work 40+ hours a week, also taking care of kids while Mr. Manly Man sits his butt on the couch and doesn’t do squat. She does the whole house and then works, only to be forgotten on her birthday or other special occasions. One I know has only asked for a flipping card for 10 years as SOMETHING and he has bought her one on the day of her birthday as a stop to the grocery store when she finally said, as night drew near, “You didn’t even get me a card? 364 days you have had and not even a card?”

    If all these watered down men did their jobs, (maybe it is all the chemicals in the water itself) so many women wouldn’t have to be everything to everyone. Maybe happy marriages would last, but I tell you now that it doesn’t matter if you are in the 1930’s or now, no one likes to be controlled. We as humans aren’t made that way. Women just put up with it until they can’t take it anymore.

    Good luck to you finding that one who will. Henry Lee Lucus did until she expressed her opinion, and she was killed at about 14.

    You really have to understand reality today. White women are not to be treated as a lower class citizen.

    The failure of men to be MEN have made women be more feministic. Men are not protectors anymore, or loving. A women will do just about anything for a man who is that way. Understanding this will take you so far.

  66. incogman says:

    Not only did the Jew work at race frictions back in the 1960’s but he also worked assidiously at dividing the generations and genders in White people.

    I realize well that many White men are either angry or spend all their time playing on the X-box today, apathetic to what is being done to them and their world.

    Get this and get this good! The White has been systematically targeted for all of these social frictions and pressures. Do you like having a secretive group silently pushing things that are evil and manipulative?

    If you just think “it’s the times we live in” then you are seriously deluded. It’s all connected people. The Jew personally thrives on division in the host population.

    And get this: The Jew is the most racist and sexist of any race on the planet (well, the Muslims are pretty sexist). But Whites are allowing themselves to be screwed up by the Jew here in White, European countries and this is why things are this way!

    Figure it all out and now!

    And any White woman who is pro-White and race conscious is a leader and fighter for us all, no matter what.

  67. ted says:

    incogman, you’re correct. The purpose of Feminism is to drive a wedge between the sexes, to divide & conquer them, so as to weaken the strongest aspect of White People: the Traditional Family. Once the family is dismantled, it makes it easier for other Jewish cultural weapons of mass destruction to accomplish their goals.

    I’d like to commend the Jewish Intellectuals & Social Engineers behind Feminism. White Women have obviously chosen to side with the Jews & Feminism. It’s quite an accomplishment when White Women hate & refuse to listen to White Men; their protectors. Precisely the goal of Feminism.

    They are so brainwashed that they think a world without Feminism is a world where men endlessly beat white women and they have no say or influence in how society works. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    You can take away feminism, society, government and any form of law and order and I still wouldn’t beat a white woman. Any woman, for that matter. If a white woman is my wife & the mother of my children, that ensures her privileged status & protection from me BY DEFAULT. Do you understand that? You are privileged and protected BY DEFAULT. There is absolutely no need for Feminism. It is a ruse, a scam, a lie.

    They’ve been terribly lied to by Feminists and their perception of White Men as wife beaters and abusers shows how deeply they’ve been propagandized by Feminist bullshit.

    Feminists are Black Widows, not Mother Hens.


    “Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism.” – Catharine A. MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (First Harvard University Press, 1989), p.10

    “Feminism is exhibited by a spirit of unrest among a comparatively small number of dissatisfied women. They preach the gospel of unholy discontent. They are born agitators, and “dearly love a fight.” They prefer war to peace; turmoil to tranquility; contention to concord; pride to humility; sophistry to truth; agnosticism to belief, and prefer to assert their own wills, “live their own lives” as against the precepts of all conventional morality, being moral anarchists.”
    — Benjamin V. Hubbard

    “Contemporary (or second wave) feminism has aptly been described as “Marxism without economics,” since feminists replace class with gender as the key social construct. Of course, what society constructs can be deconstructed. This is the feminist project: to abolish gender difference by transforming its institutional source — the patriarchal family. Certain streams of the Gay Rights movement have taken this analysis one step farther. The problem is not just sexism but heterosexism, and the solution is to dismantle not just the patriarchal family but the heterosexual family as such.”
    — F.L. Morton & Rainer Knopff

    “I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of ‘Women’s Rights,’ with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to ‘unsex’ themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings and would surely perish without male protection.”
    — Queen Victoria, March, 1870

    “The Women’s Caucus [endorses] Marxist-Leninist thought.” — Robin Morgan, Sisterhood is Powerful, p. 597

  68. African Man says:

    TED! White men are no better. Look at all the “Christian Zionist!” Who fights the jewish wars? Who sends them to war?


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