Negroes All A-Twitter About Obama!

And so are some distinctly Un-liberal Whites you’d never expect!

The Rev. Jesse Jackson recently made some comments that Obama will put the kabosh on the Jew Zionist’s fat arms around Washington’s head, once he gets in office as president. Jackson actually had the cojoñes to mention the Zionist plague on the US government:

He promised “fundamental changes” in US foreign policy – saying America must “heal wounds” it has caused to other nations, revive its alliances and apologize for the “arrogance of the Bush administration.”

The most important change would occur in the Middle East, where “decades of putting Israel’s interests first” would end.

Jackson believes that, although “Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades” remain strong, they’ll lose a great deal of their clout when Barack Obama enters the White House. Read more here

Of course, the Negro “Reverend” appears to have no real connection to Barack Obama’s campaign, especially since this past July he was caught on tape threatening to “cut Obama’s nuts out” if he didn’t put out for the Negro race when he got in office. This is all just typical big Negro talk about things they know nothing about to begin with. Combine this with the Negro propensity to lie when it suits them and you get this kind of bull.

Another Reverend in love with Obama.

Another Bigmouth for the Black candidate.

The Rev. Jackson — and virtually every single Negro out there — are now all a-twitter about Obama getting this close to being elected (they are already measuring the drapes). Even that bow tie freak show Louis Farakhan has “lauded Obama’s fresh approach” to politics and called him the hope of the entire world. God help us all.

All the Negroes are now going nutso over the possibility this skinny Negro will get in office and get them more freebies and special entitlements just for being Negro (but won’t say as much for fear of alerting evil whitey).

The regular, Israel-Firster Jews were not too happy about Rev. Jackson’s comments, as you can imagine. But they’ll wait for now, bide their time patiently till after the elections and WHAMMO! Some kind of dirt will come to the fore showing Reverend Jackson knocking-up another Negro girl, maybe even going on the “down-low” with a boy-band member or something equally vile. That’s the Jew modus operandi — it works well on all these slime balls and traitors. Funny how Jews like Barney Frank (D-MA) get special exemptions and go on to slime this country’s economy, huh?

Oh, the Arab community will eat up Jackson’s stupid prophesies about kicking out the Zionists — like that’ll ever happen. Yeah, I’d love to see it, too — I’d even vote for him myself, if I believed it. But Obama is a child of the Globalist big money Zionists like, for example, Goldman Sachs (always in the news these days for some reason), NGO Jew George Soros and the Wall Street Jew’s slush fund manager, Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois), who directs the dineros Obama way.

The Jews have both decks stacked, as usual. Yet I believe Obama is who the real deep-pocket Jews would like, considering how much damage he can do to the White race and the Middle Class, under his socialist Culture of Personality, by using the White liberal race traitors and Militant Negroes to the fullest extent. This’ll be worse than Hillary Clinton pandering in black face, since he’ll be able to use both for real. And they say “race doesn’t matter?” Yeah, for us White Americans, once again.

Violent and spoiled Negroes have threatened to riot if Obama loses. They’ll say the election was stolen and will get in some serious looting to make up for it — by stealing themselves, of course. But they really do this kind of thing whenever the chance comes, like during natural disasters (Katrina above) or even electricity black-outs. This is the usual Negro form of “redistributing the wealth.” 

Hell, even some “White Nationalists” seem to be all for Obama getting in. Yep, if you can believe it, some of these Whites secretly want the rest of the White race to get pissed by seeing this Magic Negro, his White-hating wife Michelle and braindead White liberals yukking it up in the West Wing, while they give away what’s left of the country to the “oppressed” Black race. They want to bring on Civil War II, from an angry White America — finally shocked wide-awake out of their long slumber.

Oh, they say they are voting for a Third Party out of good conscious; which I sympathize with totally (McCain is a Zionist tool). But a few of them actually appear to want to see Obama win, so it might hurry-up the long hoped-for race war in which they finally get to use all those cool toys they’ve been buying all these years.

And it’s also quite possible that if Obama loses, the Negroes may well have “The Big Chimp-out,” going haywire and burning down entire cities over it. Even if he wins, the Negroes could go crazy just out celebrating in their “special fashion.” So, load up White people — you might have to hunker down to weather the outcome of this election.

But let me make this point perfectly clear, one more time for my White droogies: I agree that John McCain is every bit as Zionist-corrupted as Barry Obamanation. But I think Obama will be much worse for Whites in the long run with his socialist philosophies, taxes and general lying. Plus, I can’t stomach the idea of a daily parade of Oprah Winfreys, Spike Lees and Reverend Negroes traipsing past the portico of the White House. Imagine the stench of oily hair pomade and fried chit-lens filling the place!

I just don’t believe that voting for a Third Party can or will do JACK, other than help put Obamanation in office. It’s the math, people. Plain and simple. It’s all because of the state of the media in this country and the sorry fact that most Whites have little idea of the real deal — for the time being.

Let’s all concentrate on awakening Whites about the Jew’s real behavior at the grass roots level — politics or outright revolution will come sooner or later, even with McCain.

Barack Hussein Obama (I love using that middle name) has been a big FAT liar about where he was born, along with lying about everything else, too. This guy will freely lie to your fat White face about what he’s going to do in office and then laugh about it later. He loves getting in front of a crowd of dumb-ass whites and fast talk away like some demonic preacher from hell itself.

Not only has kept his real birth certificate and the facts of his birth hidden, but he also said his mom and dad met during that big civil rights march in Selma, Alabama (right alongside Charleton Heston, I bet). Just what we need in another president — a big fat liar in a skinny Negro body. This country is getting just what it deserves for allowing the Jews to socially engineer the White race into oblivion.

And Barack Hussein Obama does everything he can to get Jew/Zionist support from Florida to Jew York City to Tel Aviv. He wants the Israel-Firster Jews to think he’s every bit an Israeli Butt Kisser as John McInsane has proved to be and he’s more than willing to kiss fat Jew butt whenever, wherever.

He even once tried telling the world his uncle helped liberate the Nazi “Death Camp” of Auschwitz. The stupid Negro had no idea that it was the Soviet Army that did so in late January of 1945 in Poland — with the US Army hundreds of miles away at the time!

Then his campaign staff tried to fenaigle out of it, by saying it was his great uncle and the camp was Buchenwald, after all. Trouble is, they will not give out his name now and research into his family tree shows none of his White side to have been in the army at all. He possibly had an uncle in the Navy but that proved impossible to look up. Read more here

If all that wasn’t bad enough, the Magic Negro is at the forefront of giving away your money to Africa:

Obama’s bill S2433 would require the U.S. to initially direct .7 percent of our GNP into the United Nations coffers for distribution as they see fit, for “food” to third world nations. Under earlier agreements this would evolve into a national tax on the U.S. with the UN attempting to levy this on all first world nations.

The U.N. would have the power to increase this rate of taxation.

In addition to seeking to eradicate poverty, that (U.N.) declaration commits nations to banning ‘small arms and light weapons’ and ratifying a series of treaties, including the International Criminal Court Treaty, the Kyoto Protocol (global warming treaty), the Convention of Biological Diversity, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and the Convention of the Rights of the Child,” he said. Read more here

That .7% of the GNP amounts to over 850 billion dollars of this country’s money (think about the 750 billion stolen with the bailout). Of course, it’ll go to feeding Africans who stole White property (killing many Whites in the process); who now can’t feed themselves, or adding more to the Swiss bank accounts of the tinpot African dictators over there. People, Negroes all over the world will celebrate Obama getting in office.

Also, Obama’s record on Gun Control is troubling as well:

HELENA, Mont. – The National Rifle Association said Wednesday that Barack Obama’s campaign is trying to mislead voters about his past support of gun control, calling the Democratic candidate “a poster child of the extremist, elitist gun control movement.” NRA ON OBAMA

Ban semi-automatics, and more possession restrictions

Principles that Obama supports on gun issues:
• Ban the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons.
• Increase state restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms.
• Require manufacturers to provide child-safety locks with firearms.

Source: 1998 IL State Legislative National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1998
On the Issues: Barack Obama on Gun Control

Oh boy, those Militia-types are going to love having Obama as president with a liberal, Democrat-controlled Capital Hill (not to mention a totally obsequious liberal press). Semi-automatic rifles of any sort would be deemed “assault rifles” by these lefty liberals and if you’re a hunter, then you had better hope the race war breaks out ASAP or get used to nothing but “black powder” from now on (pun intended).

And Obama tells all the Whites concerned about losing their jobs to Globalists, that he’ll redo NAFTA. Only thing: His chief economic adviser then turns around and tells the Canadians quietly that it’s all nothing but campaign rhetoric! What a liar.

This guy will be the Jew’s perfect tool to administer the final coup de grass to the White Middle class in America. It’s just what they’ve wanted for a long time now: Some ambitious, fast-talking and lying Negro, smooth enough to suck-in the stupid White liberals (not hard when you’re “a person of color” and can speak non-jive), while at the same time having enough dirt to control him, should he let it all get to his knobby, nappy little head.

That’s right: If Obama chooses to act independently of his Zionist money masters, then all the things about Obama you read about here at INCOG land will be resurrected in the press non-stop; not many in the US will remember any of it so it’ll suddenly be “news.” They’ll probably even have that ancient Jew Mike Wallace do a 60 Minutes interview with that Homo drug dealer, Larry Sinclair, detailing every filthy thing about that BJ in the backseat of some limo — all right after your Sunday dinner.

Or they might end up doing something even more drastic to shut him up for good and then blame it on Evil Whitey once again. It’ll be a two-fer deal for the Jews (which they are really suckers for). Do NOT believe everything that the media will try to tell you if something were to happen.

Yep, this Obama Negro is some piece of work alright. Combine him with the usual braindead White Liberals, crazy White militia-types and the non-stop Jew bullshit on this country’s head and guess what America? You’ve got a real brown shit storm coming down the pike next year besides all the Wall Street meltdowns, Banking thievery, the beginnings of the North American Union and the purposeful ending of America as you once knew it!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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15 Responses to Negroes All A-Twitter About Obama!

  1. Joy says:

    “Oh, the Arab community will eat up Jackson’s stupid prophesies about kicking out the Zionists — like that’ll ever happen. Yeah, I’d love to see it, too — I’d even vote for him myself, if I believed it.”

    That is probably why Jackson was coerced into saying that. To garner the support of Whites who are on the fringe, who hate negroes, but who hate jews even more. The very thought of ousting the jew would supercede any negative feelings regarding the negro.

    Make no mistake about it, Jackson knows which side his bread is buttered on. He is obeying his master, the jew.

    A very calculated move by the jew. But as usual, they always play two sides.
    Hegelian dialectic in action.

  2. anarchore says:

    No Joy, the Zionist Jewish vote is more important than the fringe white vote…Sarah Silverman’s great Shlep to Florida, for example… unless so many more whites are waking up to Zionism, but I doubt that. Look who Barack, Palin and McCain pander to, “we must not allow a 2nd holocaust”.

    They are both boring as hell, same old, same old… vote Nader!

  3. anarchore says:

    How do they justify not having Nader in the debates, when he has proven that he is viable and can get votes? Nader would have exposed McObama as two peas in a pod.

  4. incogman says:

    Ralph Nader is always treated by the media as an impossibilty and why should people throw away their “precious” vote on a loser. You do want to be able to tell people you voted for a winner, right? You want to be a winner, not some loser, now.

    They’ve turned the whole election process into a sport or reality TV show like “Survivor,” note how they immediately ask “who won the debate.”

    This is how the real “man” plays us all like suckers. Hell, I might well be played myself in all of this, when I think about it. Yet this Obama truly worries me with his lies, the whole culture of personality surrounding him and the obvious bias towards him by the owned, but still lefty media.

  5. anarchore says:

    Remember that song, “funky demagogue”, LOL. Someone needs to do a Youtube video of Obama with that playing… and did you read the piece by the British writer satirizing the ‘anointed one’ in his trip to Europe? Hold on a sec… here it is, the funniest piece of political satire I’ve ever read:


  6. psyn says:

    “This is how the real “man” plays us all like suckers. Hell, I might well be played myself in all of this, when I think about it. Yet this Obama truly worries me with his lies, the whole culture of personality surrounding him and the obvious bias towards him by the owned, but still lefty media.”

    Obama worries you because he is as you describe him ‘a nigger’. For us civilized, sane people, Obama worries this fascist because Obama is black and has the termnity to actually aspire to be the presdient of the US. The shock the horror.

  7. incogman says:

    What you’d really like to see is a Fascist Left, where all us evil white heteros are shut up permanently.

    I make no bones about being pro-white and will continue so. It’s Jew Dykes like you who hate us with a passion and who’s only possible hope in the long run is censorship under the guise of “hate speech” legislation.

    You instinctively know that you can only take things so far, so you must find ways to silence your opposition and prevent the rapidly awakening White silent majority.

    This prospect scares you and it should, for once America has finally had enough of slime like yourself, then you’ll have to slink back into the closets and shut the hell up!

    Besides, the guy is a bald-faced liar (along with being no way qualified to be president) and it shows what a fat hypocrite Dyke you really are. But thanks for stopping by.

  8. JoePublic says:

    “Obama worries you because he is as you describe him ‘a nigger’. For us civilized, sane people, Obama worries this fascist because Obama is black and has the termnity to actually aspire to be the presdient of the US. The shock the horror.”

    Hello Incog.. Long time no see…

    My response to the above quote is this…Yes psyn whites should have a healthy fear of a black racist “pres “I” dent” lol as blacks want to “kill” whites plain and simple. He will redistribute “our” hard earned “monopoly” money and give it to the most worthless and nonproductive race of humans on the planet to squander, while our country and children go hungry.

    As far as his “termnity” lol Nice huh ? do you really think he had anything to do with his rise to the ticket, please the Jew has put him in his place to complete the destruction of this nation and what’s left of the white (Christian) power base.

    Oh and you may want to learn the definition of “fascism”… and as for your civility and sanity, you are either black, gay or an indoctrinated white race traitor who would love nothing more that to see us wiped out, but be warned we have “more than any other race” endured, created, planned & built much in our time on this planet…even with other parasitic races eating away at out productivity.

    We have fought many wars and won, don’t let your media fed vision of the “brown” people lead you to believe that we are weak or somehow the genetics that made us the “power base of the world” are somehow gone (even with the disgusting race mixing that’s going on)…rest assured they are not…we will bounce back, can’t say when or how, but,,, WE WILL… AND THEN LOOK OUT! . Sad indeed.

    As all ways Incog, a beacon to the end…Gratz on another great article.

  9. JoePublic says:

    Oh, and with your permission Incog I would like to present to you and your readers this view into the Frightening Stupidity Of ‘Informed’ Obama Voters, this is an audio file, short just 2 mins of the jew stern show, but is most interesting..just hit play on the player, promises to amuse…

    Incog, hope this is not prohibited, if so please accept my apology and delete.

  10. incogman says:

    No, please feel free to contribute to my public ranting.

  11. Craig Storm says:

    INCOGMAN, sorry for the off topic post… what happened to Patrick Grimm’s blog?????


  12. incogman says:

    Wait, looks like my link was to a blog that was shut down by word press. (probably recently)
    (go here to see censorship in action)

    Go here now:

    Maynard gets his blogs censored like this all the time, but he keeps popping up.

    I’ll fix my links.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wow. What a crock of racist bull. Why don’t you all move to another demented country where you uneducated WASPs can rule and kill each other. Leave America for those of us who believe in democratic values and support the ideals of a free country that is blind to color, race, and religion, per our founding fathers who framed of the constitution! Have you forgotten that our country was created by men who fled religious persecution? And here you are, purporting a vicious cycle of religious persecution and hate. Let me guess: Your highest level of education is high school, maybe. Have you ever read the constitution? Have you ever tried educating yourself in U.S. history? Your article and the 12 idiotic comments that applaud it does more than I can ever do to prove the value of a well-rounded education.

  14. incogman says:

    Why don’t you get your head out of your ass and/or shut the flock up?

    That business about “high school education” is the same old tired “ignorant racist” crap you people are always resorting to in trying to shut up any Whites who’ve finally figured out the real deal, when you know JACK about my background to begin with.


  15. incipiat says:

    This goes out to anonymous,

    You sir have no idea what you are speaking about with regards to religious persecution. In point of fact Catholics were put upon by Protestants to the point that convents and churches were burned to the ground as well as Catholic children being forced to read from their heretic bible (Mass.) or attend their “public” schools (Oregon – which was originally settled by catholics).

    But somehow, despite the overt attempts to shutdown (persecute) Catholics in America we thrived, and even got our very own state for awhile, Mary’s Land or Maryland.

    So just because you say our country was founded by men who fled religious persecution doesn’t me they would have accepted a Negro in charge of things or that they we tolerant of all religions.

    And it is also clear that you are using WASP as a pejorative which makes you a religious persecutor (A HATER).

    The complete stupidity of your statement suggest you indeed do have a public school “education” that you haven’t moved past.

    You petulant little child.

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