Jieuxs, Kneegrows, Homows — I Take It All Back!

Actual, unretouched snapshot of me taking center stage at a recently opened FEMA reeducation camp — where I declared my new-found liberal persona while surrounded by a loving, richly-paid staff of US government employees and rabbis. Can you feel the love?

OK, I’ve decided to throw in the towel, people.

Look, we all know how oppressed and downtrodden all the minorities arethanks to the efforts of Evil Whitey people like me, us stealth racists who spend all our time plotting the eventual enslavement of the Jieuxs, Kneegrows and Homows! It’s just too much work anymore, trying to be a Fourth Reich kind of guy.

So, for now on, all the Jieuxs, Kneegrows and Homows are like the greatest peopleEVER! Yep, we all know how wonderful it is having them here in the good old USA. What would we EVER do without them?

I mean look at the Jeiuxs. They’re so smart and clever. Thanks to them we have a vibrant economy, plenty of monopoly money to play with, the yearly brain-teaser of filling out tax forms and, of course, the always exciting daily news from Wall Street. Jieuxs are so concerned about civic duty, that they’ve taking on themselves the whole job of printing and dispensing of our money. What would we do without them?

Thanks to how nicely the Jeiuxs treat others in their “returned homeland,” all the rest of the world now sends us their love and kisses. Because of that, we now even have a bunch of people working in our airports to frisk our Grandmas, looking for any “special presents” the rest of the world might send our way.

And all positions of government influence needno, demandthose smart Jeiuxs showing us how to run things and make friends and influence people across the globe. Thanks to them, our troops now get to play with some kick-ass toys in all those far-off foreign lands while making the natives free and happy from any evil non-Jieux approved Dictators!

And speaking of Evil Dictators: Where would we be without those non-stop WWII movies about the Nazis goosestepping all across Europe, chasing down and shooting up the poor, street-urchin Jieuxs, left and right? Think about the huge money in book publishing, too; every Christmas we get the same old tired history books with the same old tired black and white photos of Hitler a-screaming, the Panzars a-rolling, the Luftwaffe a-bombing and the Gestapo a-knockingall just to kill you Jieuxs while taking over the entire planet!

You Jieuxs are so queer for Der Fuehrer man — without him, where would you even be? Admit it, you love him!

Those across-the-board evil and ever-so-methodical Germansevery dam one of themin their ever German logic, decided to use some barely lethal bug spray or diesal exhaust to kill your buttsinstead of all those tons of Sarin nerve gas they had collecting dust in storage; right along with using mountains of critical coal reserves (yet never seen) for the cremation of so many thousands per dayjust so gullible American and British would never know. You were just that special!

The imagination of Jieuxs knows no bounds; all of you somehow manage to have relatives lost and the number of miraculous survivors just so happens to increase every year. This kind of “chutzpah” richly deserves all our billions of dollars and marksand forever, of course!

And no other race has ever suffered such horrorsanywhere. Armenia, Rwanda, Cambodia pale in comparison to the Jeiux’s eternal sufferink. It goes without saying that we need to forget all about the millions of White Gentiles shot in the back of the head or starved to death by all the Commie Jieuxs in Russia. We don’t want to hear itnever could it be as tragic as any dead Jieux!

Even all us American and British Whites, who had to go over there and die ourselves to free you, now need to be reminded every minute of every daysince we also happen to be White SOBs, just like the Nazis. And we had better believe every bit of the whole storyno questions askedor our White ass might go to jail.

Thanks, Jieuxs!

Man, check out the urban hotties: It’s Jieuxs gone wild!

And Jieuxs are indeed so exciting to look at; they know very well what a handsome and sexy people they all think they are. Smart, hot-looking, nepotistic and conniving when it comes to the rest of us. Can and will kick Arab ass any time they feel like it (but much prefer having us take care of the dirty work whenever possible). Brainwasher of White nations and arch financial vampires of the West!

If all that wasn’t enough, we also get Hollywood visionaries, insightful funny men, concerned social activists and all kinds of worldly-wise press commentatorsall working their little Jieux butts off 24/7 on their very own mainstream TV news, papers and magazinesjust to keep us country-bumpkins always completely and honestly informed, right along with making us want to be cool by sleeping with the Kneegrows!

And where would all those Kneegrows and Homows be without the Jieux’s vigorous efforts in making them our worshipped heroes, sex objects and symbols of our justified White guilt? Nowhere! You Kneegrows and Homows should bow down before the Jieux and assure them of your eternal subservience while promising to keep an eye on us pesky straight Whites.

I think that the Jieuxs are like the best people ever! They tell us that God said as much, so it must be true.

But then, of course, we have the happy-go-lucky Kneegrows: Slapping those shanks to some far-out Jungle beat, a rythym always kindly shared by having the volume turned up full blast! And don’t forget to smile at them whenever you look their way; if you’re having a bad day you don’t want them to mistake you being a racist, now.

Just like the victimized Jieuxs they took a page from, all of us evil Whiteys had better never forget about slavery 150 dam years ago. It’s still the only thing in history Kneegrows care to learn; yet, even then, it somehow escapes them that it was their very own kind who sold them in the first place and it was the Jieux who took care of all the postage and handling! 

And it’s just great that the Kneegrows are always trying to get words taking out of the dictionary, since they don’t like them; words like “niggardly,” “boy,” “militant,” “socialist,” “them,” “nappy,” “hoes,” etc. etc. This kind of thing helps cut down on the size of books and makes room for more imaginative street slang. And every few years they up and decide what we’re allowed to call them, which always makes things interesting and fun trying to keep track of.

And just think of all the laughs we get from them in the movies! All kinds of wild and crazy Kneegrow hijinks, right along with all those incredible bust-a-move dance routines. And dam, you have such brave leading men and smart computer hackers that always save the day in our movies now. It’s all just too cool for school — whoops — Whitey talk! Us White people are always so blasé and humdrum, right? Pass de splif, MOFOs!

Boy, I wish I was a Kneegrow!

Another cool thing is how you keep life on the streets exciting and on edge. It keeps us all on our toes — no matter what the age. Who says we have to join the military to get in a little close-quarter combat? Or that the old Wild West is dead and gone? There’s always a place nearby that’s just like the OK Corral, every weekend. Good thing we have this too, so as to keep our police, forensic investigators, ambulance drivers, EMT techs, medical examiners, judges, court-appointed attorneys, prosecutors, bail-bondsman, ER doctors and nurses, prison guards, court stenographers, legal clerks, etc. etc. all working hard for our personal property tax dollars.

Thanks, Kneegrows!

Kneegrows are so smart and talented; along with natural rhythm, the ability to out-jump any White man and such snazzy taste in clothes — thank goodness we’ll have them around to lead us into a brighter future!

Now we got ourselves a kinda, sorta Kneegrow prez for the first time. A skinny one, with some murky origins and a smooth, Whitey way of talking. With him, we’re sure to have great things in our futurejust because he’s a Kneegrow and he’ll be honest like Kneegrows always are. And he’ll have lots of Jieuxs around to tell him what to do, but only in case he needs them, of course.

We won’t have to worry about a thing, now. Didn’t politicians used to promise a chicken in every pot? If a Kneegrow guy can’t deliver on that one, I don’t know who can!

Yep, we sure are lucky having all you Kneegrows around as bossmen of all the cities in the US. Or what’s left of them. Us Whitey liberals might be allowed to move downtown and clean up distressed property, but we sure as hell can forget about becoming a true political force in that city again. The Kneegrows will now take care of all those complicated management matters for us!

Because the Kneegrows, next to the Jieuxs of course, are so smart and clever!

Then we have the dandy and always so fashionable Homows prancing about. Next to the Kneegrows, you people really have some serious flair. Homows are always on the cutting edge and know taste like no tomorrow. Good thing, too. Where would we be without all you Über-creative types telling us how to look?

Pink chiffon frills, red velvet trousers, Queen Anne Lace, black Leather halter straps, camouflage tutus, rubberized sports, military and police uniforms, Boy Scout ensembles, Chinchilla (whatever that is) jackets, feathered Boas, too tight IZOD sports shirts and whity-tighty underwear, spank-me spandex anything.

Homows really know how to mix and match!

Yep, it’s always a joy to see all those celebratory parades on our city streets, in front of our children and visiting rubes from the countryside; showing off such wonderful, expressive forms of clothingright along with clever signs, raucous behavior and drunken sidewalk sex between flabby strangers. And let’s not forget all the entertainment to be had by guessing which of you is what and likes doing whom. Or what.

You have your males who look like males and like doing males, your males who like looking like females but like doing males, your females who look like males but like females who look like females, your something or other doing God knows what …oh, never mind!

You Homows are just too much! I love you silly guys, gals and something or others, really.

And then we are always treated to Federal court-step crying spectacles and sublime hissy-fits over wanting to be just like all us normal, boring breeders. Gawd, we all know you don’t want that. Can someone please remind them? Like now?

Maybe once we can marry our German Shepherds and Labrador retrievers in a Church ceremony, then all of us can finally feel free to love, right?

Another thing, that we’re so blessed with, is having Jieuxs who are Homows at the very same time. What could be sweeter, right? The Jieux Kneegrow Homow? No, we can’t be so lucky since it’s been ruled genetically impossible (they are a race, not a religion). Unless, of course, the father was Kneegrow, the mother was Jieux and the son was a Homowthat would make him the ultimate in social/political trifectas. Too bad we don’t have them, since such a creature would surely be our prez by now. Hmmmm.

And what would our health insurance rates be like without Homows? In the gutter I tell you. All the billions that the Insurance Industry has to figure into the rates for everyone, including us well-off straights, just so they can make enough to afford those expensive specialty medicines that you Homows will need eventuallywhen another disgusting new disease starts radiating out from Castro street.

And think about all the daily drama we get treated to; the emotional upheavals over that ten minutes of lost love down at the bus station restroom, all the sorrow over mismatched outfits and misplaced bottles of anal lube. All the pain and suffering when trying to sit down to brunch after last night’s meth party with those fun boys from Cleveland.

Waaah, just leave the INCOG MAN alone!

I was wrong about the Jieuxs and Kneegrows. The Homows are the real-life Heroes of America! No, wait, all of you are just greatI was like so wrong about all you people. You are truly the greatest and most heroic Americans ever!

Will all you Jieuxs, Kneegrows and Homows ever forgive me? I am so in your debt nowafter returning from reeducation campthat I’ll continue my lovely blog here, just so I can regain your love and trust. Please, please, puh-weeeeeze come back and bless us all with your pithy words, your parroted liberal slogans and inspiring pearls of wisdom in my comment sections.

Us evil, stupid, boring, tasteless, ignorant, inbred, backwoods, white trash, bigoted, racist, trailer-park living and insipid Whites, Nazis, Klansman, Supremacists, Rednecks, Meanies, Hillbillies, Crackers, Nativists and Xenophobes will ever be so thankful!

Yep, it’s high time INCOG MAN turns over a new leaf since January 20th is coming up fast and I had better get on the stick with my newly reformed, White old self. You hear me FBI agents, ADL and SPLC operatives? Do come back. Tootles!



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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23 Responses to Jieuxs, Kneegrows, Homows — I Take It All Back!

  1. Whitehaint says:

    This had to be the funniest/saddest commentary I’ve read here. Keep up the good work and good writing!

  2. incogman says:

    Well, I hope it wasn’t too sad. Hell, I’ve got a lotta stuff sadder than this here. I just wanted it somewhat entertaining. Maybe those who stumble here may get something out of it, or be intrigued enough to check into some of it.

    And thanks for the compliments.

  3. joe bittern says:

    incogman has been seen around town with his gay lover michael deleany from prothink.
    whats sad is that he will denie it till the day he dies but he cant deny it to certain people who has seen him and michael together. a word of advice to incogman. come out of the closet already!!!

  4. incogman says:

    Yeah, and we know you’re some wisenheimie Jew since you dropped in the Michael Delaney from Prothink bit. You Jews know when a guy like that represents a danger to Jews — The Homo’s best buds!

    Everybody! Check out the Prothink site (link on the left). He’s nailed the Jew Criminal Network like no tomorrow.

    Little bitter bittern boy is just some squirrelly JUDENRAT, undoubtedly a Homo Jew Jack-off too, and who’s locked in Cartoon Land. I let out one of his Jew Spews just so you could read it and get a laugh.

  5. Anonymous says:

    incogman, is that the nasty Jew Dyke “psyn” behind your left shoulder?

    Look at that pussy sniffin’ snout!

  6. incogman says:

    Yep! She’s the one, alright. She headed up a workgroup sensitivity session I had to attend, called “Lesbian Love is Forever, too.”

    Fortunately, I can cry on command. When she showed us this Rosie O’Donnell Homo Cruise ship documentary, I shed a tear during a “wedding” scene that had some cute little Negro ring bearer. She passed me for that one display of emotion.

    But what I was really crying about was missing out on such a target rich environment. 🙂

  7. Matt in NC says:

    And to think we now have a chimp in chief who embodies our love for all three groups!….a homosexual Jewish Negro. Think about it.

  8. PURGIN john der baptist MUDS sum mo' says:

    yezz, Incogman, Duing the Johnson administration, before the rotary phone, THE VERY FAVORITE TELEPHONE NUMBER IN WASHINGTON D.C. WUZ JENKINS U812 ! JOHNSON WUZ A “BAPTIST”/HOMBRE’ !!!!!! SO IZ BARNEY FRANK ! CO-INCIDENCE—NOT !!!

  9. incogman says:

    Hey, PURGIN, what’s JENKINS U812?

  10. PURGIN john der baptist MUDS sum mo' says:

    ole jenkins wuz a big fag BUREAURAT wid da’ JOHNSON administration that was caught in the BOYZ ROOM at a Commercial Bus station doiin’ WEIRD BOYS STUFF WID HIS STUFF…. IT WUZ COVERED UP–FOR A WHILE, THEN TSHTF ! ALL WASHINGTON ELITES EYEBALLS LIT UP LIKE AN ELECTROCUTED COON !!! JENKINS U812 means his mouth is O shaped and waz for rent !!

  11. PURGIN john der baptist MUDS sum mo' says:

    HIS NAME WAS WALTER JENKINS and his butt bandit frootloop liasion was the YMCA…….. YEZZZ, he wuz a CHRISTIAN , what ever that means !

  12. incogman says:

    I’ll check into it. Too bad my dad is not still alive — he would heard about the whole deal. I’ll check into some other sources, unless you have any links.

    (OK got the first name)

    I know that feds went around taking up all the papers in DC that exposed a call boy thing and the WH in 1989.

    It’s no wonder we got so much PC support for the homos going on in DC.

  13. PURGIN john der baptist MUDS sum mo' says:

    I HATE FAGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. PURGIN john der baptist MUDS sum mo' says:


  15. incogman says:

    I’m with you PURGIN. My dad would’ve known the full behind-the-scenes details on that Jenkins queer — I can’t go into details.

    And Jews love Homos since they screw up the White race, along with a lot of them being sick sodomites as well.

    Jews and Homos are 2 birds of a feather, just like Jews and Commies. Now we got a Mulatto, Jew-loving, Commie and quite possibly occasional Homo, in the WH. On top of that, he’s not even constitutionally qualified as POTUS. POS, maybe.

  16. psyn says:

    “I’m with you PURGIN. My dad would’ve known the full behind-the-scenes details on that Jenkins queer — I can’t go into details.”

    Oh really, do tell. Does the apple not fall far from the tree?
    That would explain alot about you.

    “Jews and Homos are 2 birds of a feather, just like Jews and Commies. Now we got a Mulatto, Jew-loving, Commie and quite possibly occasional Homo, in the WH. On top of that, he’s not even constitutionally qualified as POTUS. POS, maybe.”

    Yeah, “jews”, “commies” and “homos” are part of a vast conspiracy to make you life hell. This is so old. As you your accusation about Obama, do you seriously think your photoshopped images of his birth certificate constitutes evidence?

  17. incogman says:

    Yeah, I knew that sentence would draw flies like you. I was just waiting for it, even before I finished typing it. The sentence is quite factual, but for far differant reasons than your gutter brain attempts to imply.

    And I don’t need to go into details to satisfy ANYONE.

    My photoshopped images of his birth certificate? I copied mine directly from Daily KOS and Obama’s “fight the smears” website. The ones examined are the same way. Hell, in fact someone found the original semi-blank doc image on photobucket that whomever went and hoaxed.

    I’ve personally spoken with a Photoshop guy who ran some kind of filter and you can readily see the computer-generated type that was overlayed.

    Ask yourself this brainiac: Why hasn’t Obama authorized a copy made of the long hospital form?

    Your’re idiot and/or a Jew. I say “or” since most Jews (not all) always work for their own interests no matter how evil or dishonest the real deal is.

  18. psyn says:

    Have you wiped the spittle off your computer screen. How do you think anyone can take you seriously when you have posted 2 disticnt version of obama’s birth certificate, one with seals and one without and claimed in case on that the seals were facted and in case 2 that lack of the same seasl proves that the certificate is faked.

    Does Obama have to authorize a copy of his hosptial form? For what reason?

  19. incogman says:

    Gawd, that last comment was totally unreadable. Your logic defies logic.

    Everyone can go back and read and see every dam image I put up.

    He has to GD authorize the copy of his long form to prove he’s a GD American, twit for brains.

    And, oh yeah, you stole the “spittle on the screen” bit from me.

  20. Fleur de lis says:

    Here is a big time perp of the sub-prime mortgage crisis. A self styled Bank terrorist as he calls himsel. A jew, nonetheless!!


    A nation wrecker for all to see

  21. incogman says:


    Congress’ banking committee chiefs, Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank, are also demanding banks stop foreclosures. And guess who they’ve invited to testify about that? That’s right: Marks, who has proposed stopping all resets on subprime adjustable mortgages and allowing late payments for up to 90 days.

    Dodd’s daddy was in charge of the Jew kangaroo courts of the Germans after WWII. Homo Jew Barney Frank is now acting like he’s some kind of American hero in the talks about the bailout, so as to get his fellow Jews more money.

    Jews love being subversive asses like this Marks guy, while at the same time getting paid for it. This is exactly why Jews are always given the big boot out of every country they’ve ever lived!


  22. rocketman66 says:

    bravo,very well written incog man,i love the way you obscured the “sensitve” words so as not to “offend” anyone.i’m new to your site but i am very impressed by the content,i will enjoy it daily or as long as the ADL will allow me to.i just want you to know that i am “awake” and very “aware” of or grim future.
    as far as the perfect “trifecta” you describe in this article,i’d like to add that we came close,,we do have LENNY KRAVITZ..
    he’s atleast a closet homow,on the down low,although daddy is the media jieux and momma is the negress.”MOVIN ON UP”,tv manipulation from when i was pre-pube!
    now in my mid 40’s i can forget about keepin up with the jones’,,i’m tryin to keep up with the jeffersons,,”before they moved on up”
    over the last few years i have learned a very important lesson,first and foremost is that i should not express my views or beliefs in my workplace,this is BAD.i work for the wanna be globalist elite types and have realized that my”gibberish”will do nothing for me except show me to the unemployment line.
    second is i have no discussion about our demize in a place of drink.
    it scares the shit out of me that “white” people have no desire to discuss the issues that plague OUR NATION while they pretend to be enjoying life on a night out,watching the electonic jewish propaganda machine.STAY THE FUCK HOME AND WATCH TV.it now comes in high definition!
    americans need to loose this”life is good”,”i got mine” attitude before it’s too late,swimming in debt to the jieux,up to your eyeballs is not the american dream,it is a big fat lie to keep you enslaved and you dont even know it.
    as far as MULTICULTURALISM goes i can tell you first hand,my hometown of middle class white americans is turning into a cesspool of spics and negroes degrading the very town i was born and raised,lets thank all the nafta and other anti american trade policies for this,not to mention the enviromentalists and tree hugging faggots.
    simply put,loss of industry and manufacturing means loss of mid-class jobs,enter white flight.now a little town like mine has an abundance of empty dwellings,lost revenue do to plant closings.
    ohh,how do we make up for this??
    section 8,thats how,as surrounding cities try to clean up their image to attract corporate giants to invest in and grow together,the welfare population is forced out,into small mid-class white communities such as the one i’m from.
    with all revenue lost as industry has deminished and our generations of families have split to the”sticks” the good”local government”has no choice but to fall into the subsidies provided to them by accepting the uprooted slackers into their community through section 8.
    as local school systems erode,local tax payers take the heat.
    the once beautiful park i played in is now a multicultural piece of shit i wouldn’t even bring my dogs to.graffitti and litter,vandalism and open drug use has become the norm.my dogs are small,they need me to protect them,not the via-versa.

  23. American says:

    LMAO! I love the image “super-nigs”…where do you find this stuff?

    Since it was earlier in your project, you still had to be PC! 🙂

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