The Election of Obama Makes Perfect Sense

The election Tuesday of Barack Hussein Obama — now being touted as “historic” by the liberal media — really is historic, since it’s such a clear sign of the true end game for White, European citizens in the formerly White nations of North America and the West (Europe, Canada, Great Britain, Australia). We are rapidly being disinherited from our very own countries and experiencing the birthpangs of the true New World Order (NWO). This election is merely another big step in these people’s long-term plans for one-world governance.

These people have understood from day-one that a cohesive, unified and patriotic White race might possibly figure out the real deal and put a stop to their plans. Only by gradually (so we don’t notice too much) neutralizing this potential threat in advance would allow for their long-running agenda to work in the end.

Obama’s very first act was to make uber-Zionist, Rahm Israel Emanuel, his WH Chief of Staff. Big surprise.

Obama’s campaign and victory comes at this particular point in time, not because of the US being so “non-racist” or color-blind, as the liberal media pundits now sickeningly gloat about, but because later it will simply become too difficult to fool so many White people; especially after all the changes they have in store for us in the near future, most Whites will finally make the connection. Big time.

Consequently, the Barack Obama election should be seen for what it really was: A window of opportunity exploited by those forces behind the curtain, those who have considered all of us as “Niggers” anyways — The arrogant, across-the-board racists of all history. Whether or not you believe it, the US has been under their program for quite some time now (below). A program that will one day soon turn us all into real-life slaves and niggers to these people, instead of mere tax slaves and pretend free Americans.

With an over-populated, non-White World at the Gates, we as a race can only do one of two things: Submerge into that global morass of non-White humanity or stand strong, becoming a unified force ready to protect ourselves and our own racial interests. Since this course of action threatens a certain embedded race in our formerly mostly White countries, they’ve worked quietly to turn us into confused weaklings — costing us the country of America and eventually turning us into a spat-upon minority.

People just do not want to think about these things, or even risk verbal conflict discussing it; preferring to watch NFL football and Dancing With The Stars on their brand new 54″ High Def TV, even when they have a sneaking suspicion that something just isn’t right anymore with America.

At some point in the future they will all have to consider all this, from 9/11 to immigration to Obama, since it now points to this frightening conclusion. But will it be too late by the time they finally realize what they’ve already lost?

The fabulously wealthy Jew Nation Wrecker, George Soros, has been directly involved in manipulating sovereign nations, such as South Africa, the Balkans and Georgia, as part of liberal non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), tied to the Zionist wing of the CIA and tasked with NWO population manipulation. Soros and Goldman Sachs have been a major contributors to Obama since day-one. Soros is also closely allied with Ted Kennedy and finances numerous US left-wing groups, such as the Soros Foundation and the Tides Foundation/Apollo Alliance (major conduits for a variety of “progressive” or lefty organizations). This is all connected, people.


Many will call this view “hogwash,” or the paranoid delusions from some raving mad man on the Internet. And you may have looked this blog over and seen a few things (OK, a lot of things) that tell you that I’m so racist and evil. But you just can’t accept that your conditioning has gradually led you to a state in which you angrily reject “White solidarity” or sometimes even White racial identification. This is why these plans have been so successful, at least to this point.

Americans want to think of themselves as so smart and independent, believing all people deserve “fairness and equality” and the “American Way,” right? Yet, they don’t want anyone to tell them what to do, think or say and especially not to “secretly brainwash” them. But what if people have been using those very same sentiments to transform them into agents of their own demise?

Let’s briefly look at a few things that have gone down in the recent decades that points to the inescapable conclusion that White people have been purposefully targeted for minority status. It may be a hard thing to contemplate, but if you can’t or won’t face this issue now, you and your children will soon enough.

The economic crisis which started with subprime mortgages, continued on with stock market losses, joblessness and retirement account devaluation; affected the average Joe votes and contributed mightily to elect Obama. Most people thought it was all the fault of Bush and company — even though Democrats like the homo Jew Barney Frank and Obama himself, have been neck-deep in the whole lying mess.

When you think about it, the absolutely biggest part the economy escapes almost everyone’s notice, the one crucial fact that’s never, ever, discussed in detail in the media. And that question is: “Where does money come from to begin with?” It’s a simple question really, when you think about it. We all know it doesn’t grow on trees, right? Normally, one would think that this might be explored on the History Channel or something, besides the umpteenth documentary about the Nazi or the history of tattoo parlors.

Another thing that people can’t quite understand: Why do we have a Government that allows, even promotes businesses to vacate our country for a foreign one? And why do we continue to have immigration that’s virtually all non-White since 1965?

The real truth of immigration can only be understood in the context of being purposeful from the beginning. These are African immigrants protesting something or other in Italy. Note how much immigration was carefully avoided in the media coverage of the campaigns of both McCain and Obama. It’s because both want to give amnesty to the illegals since both go along with the Globalist’s desires over the US voter. Obama will one day join with the secret plans of the EU to open up the US to millions more African and Haitian immigrants. Hell, Africans are coming in now, as we speak.


And why are we purposefully lied to about the real numbers of illegal immigrants by the media? They tell us that it’s 12 million, no matter what, when we know it’s much more. For example, during all this subprime mortgage mess, HUD revealed that 5 million of these mortgages went to illegal aliens (can you believe that?). Now we know that these 5 million illegals did not live alone in that big old Gringo home, so we can safely say we have a whole hellava lot more illegals than 12 million. Many involved in immigration reform peg it at 38 million and even the General Accounting Office (GAO) of the US government has said it’s 20 million plus.

They also try to tell us that we are due to become a minority in this country in the year 2040, but we know that it will be much sooner than that. Why hasn’t the media done a report on what Whites think about all this? A “man in the street” style interview or a in-depth report on a TV magazine type show. They just don’t want Whites to get upset about the subject!

And why all the non-stop promotion of interracial sex between Whites and Blacks in the media? This has now become virtually de rigeur, when only a few years ago it was considered off-limits, at least for TV. The floodgates to blatant propagandizing of Whites to mate with Blacks has been opened somewhere, by someone. Only an idiot or a totally lying Multicult liberal can pretend it’s not been purposeful.

Now, you may congratulate yourself for being so “conservative,” because you watch FOX News and vote Republican, but if you seriously pay attention, then you’ll note little substantial difference between channels and parties. All these people know very well what kind of subjects to avoid and how any mention could spell the end of their mainstream days, fat paychecks or political future. Not to mention being turned into total social pariahs and even censored out of the picture entirely. The exact same forces that keep them in check, also keep you in check. But how is that possible?

White people do not like face to face conflict whatsoever, plus they want to show how “non-racist” and “progressive” they think they are. They think they want a “Diverse” world, even when they have little real experience with diversity nor actual experience being in the minority. Along with all that, they believe people have a right to sleep with whom they want (but don’t want to think about exactly what they do), or do whatever they want with their own bodies like in abortion. This kind of “free-thinker” self-image is celebrated by the media and education, but only if they stay within the approved lines of the coloring book.

How they’ve gradually changed America:

They’ve gradually shifted America leftward over the last 50 years in a process that does not require any secret memos or any secretly-led, large-scale organization, whatsoever. You can accomplish all this easily enough if you have the power to print money, have majority control of mainstream media and millions of loyal, albeit unknowing servantswho are atavistically fearful of and loath White solidarity. This is similar to, but not exactly, the concept of Hegelian Dialectics.


The key to our general destruction has been to get the center to move to the left ever so gradually, by using the media to propagandize the masses, funding liberal education and social engineering projects such as the Ford Foundation (all well documented). Also, most people will readily go this way — naturally inclined to adult fun and games — so it takes far less overt intervention to “nudge” things along this general direction. Especially if your minions are usually liberal, too. The far right is off-limits for public discussion and for those so labeled, must be turned into the real-life heretics — not the left-wing ’60’s re-ennactors and phony commies who imagine themselves as “revolutionaries.”

People sometimes spout the phrase “Question Authority.” But what is “Authority” when you really think about it? You think the local police and FBI are the only “authorities?” What about normal, every day social constraints? You know very well that to even talk about certain things openly, what it will get you.

What better form of “Authority” could be created to control us? One embedded within us all! Is it not within the realm of possibility that outside forces are so good at what they do, that they’ve actually used the PC business from the very beginning to shield themselves and their designs?

People may recognize these things, but almost always fail in the end because of the race factor. They will not hurdle that one last barrier because to do so means they might be thought of as a “hater” or evil Nazi. It’s a shame, since that’s the biggest fence erected in the whole deal!

Now, getting back to the election of Barack Hussein Obama. A lot of talk has been made about him being a Socialist, etc. etc. Obama supporters think that this is a form “hate” speech, making the word “socialist” a round-about racist epithet. But why is that really?

This real reason for this word being anathema to any descriptions of Obama, lie in the usual Black political forces of Africa, like the African National Congress (ANC). In African countries, Black leaders are basically powerful tribal leaders and the overall politics has always been socialistic or even Marxist. Mega-corporations are partners to the corrupt tinpots, with Globalists like George Soros using Blacks as front men to exploit their fellow blacks.

South African, Lulu Lulu Xingwana, is the chief bureaucrat in charge of “transferring” White property to Black ownership.

The White population leftover in South African and Zimbabwe have now been effectively marginalized and are often criminally victimized by Blacks. Top-down corruption is rampant, well-connected tribal Blacks are given top management jobs even when they little experience, native intelligence or schooling. Electricity black-outs are constant, along with increasing food scarcities due to White farms being turned over to Blacks who then allow equipment to go to rust, sell off copper wiring and run them straight into the ground.

South Africa was once a First World country on a Third World continent. The real powers that be just don’t want the White race to make any connections to South Africa and what’s really going there over past 10 years — hell, they don’t want you to to think about what it really means to our race’s future.

We already know that the economy of the US is on life-support. Our manufacturing base has pulled up stakes and moved to places with cheap labor, non-existent environmental and safety concerns. We have but a few steel plants in operation anymore. The US and Europe are now being inundated with immigration from non-White countries. Whites are being dispossessed of jobs that pay enough to raise families. Even the concept of families to begin with is under attack by these people.

What they really want is to turn America into a Third-world nation. At some point, Whites will finally get it. It’s inevitable. The only real question is when we do and what we can do about it.

This is why Barack Obama has been made our new fearless leader now, rather than later. His way has been paved from the start. We also know that Obama has more than enough skeletons in his closet that the real powers can control or threaten him with exposure down the road, by unleashing their owned-media and bought politicians, if not worse.

McCain and Palin ended up as the designated foil, his miraculous resurrection in New Hampshire has always been a bit suspect (Ron Paul was clearly the favorite). McCain had little real chance against the liberal and media-led juggernaut for Obama, and his chance was finally crushed by a real or manufactered economic crisis. Funny, this crisis had as much to do with Obama and Democrats, as it did with George Bush, maybe even more so. FOX news Carl Cameron made a brief mention during his reporting on election eve, that McCain insiders had intimated to him that McCain had always knew the election of Obama was a foregone conclusion.

The man probably knew the fix was in. For him to breath a word would have meant political suicide or even worse.

Commie flags were seen waving in the crowd the night of Obama’s victory speech in Grant Park.

Obama has promised so much during the campaign to a concerned White America — worried about the economy and their jobs — that too many believed every word. But he’s been caught in many lies, like when he promised screwed-over Whites to renegotiate NAFTA, he then dispatched his chief economic adviser to quietly tell worried Canadian bureacrats that it was all nothing but “campaign rhetoric” (lying to us fools).

Obama is a political fashion statement for liberal, urban Whites, much like Tiger Woods was to professional golf, Barack is to politics. A “person of color” or biracial, has been deemed a sign of status by the media for some time now. Yet, Blacks consider him black, just as Whites ignore the incredibly blatant racism of Blacks voting 95 to 1 for him over a White candidate. They all turn a blind eye to this racial loyalty in local and legislative elections as well, but the media would raise holy-hell if Whites did the same kind of thing.

Callous politicians like Barack Obama and George W. Bush, are really nothing but ambitious, mediocre* men, mostly bankrupt of true patriotism to this country, who found support (or they found them) with the Globalist Jewish/Zionist elite. These are a kind of teleprompter people, for whom paid talent really writes the words they deliver. We’re told that these created puppets make real decisions, but it’s now quite apparent that this is only true when it makes little difference to the overall agenda set for them.

Both of these men will freely use double-talk to allay those in their own parties who supported them during political campaigns, but now see incongruities from what they expected (like Bush’s campaign promise to close off the borders to illegals). Obama’s foreign policy will be generally a repeat of Bush — mark my words. His domestic policy will only take us much further along the path of the NWO, open borders and socialism. For the Globalist elite, Obama was the perfect candidate to push on America and may well have been a long-running project (read up on his past), hurried forward one election cycle.

Obama has now exposed another sign of the real deal, by giving the job of White House Chief of Staff to Zionist Jew left-winger partisan, Rahm Emanuel. This may not have even been his decision to make in the first place (the media appears to have mistakenly released this news too soon). Emanuel is a dual citizen of Israel who’s father was a member of an Israeli Terrorist group, the Irgun. Rahm even once served in the Israeli military while Americans fought in the first Gulf war (traitorous in my book). He’s also closely connected to the Jew Globalists and Wall Streeters, such as the noted Jewophile, Jeffrey Bewkes, Gentile CEO of Time-Warner.

Obama is but a symbol of White racial suicide. Blacks never did present a over-arching threat to the White race as a whole, since the real enemy of the Whites has always been right under our very noses — often even thought of as being one of us. This race has quietly promoted the weaker members of ourselves, those real-life race traitors who seek power, social and financial advancement at the cost of their own kind, or those who evidently hate being White to begin with, possibly due to some early childhood trauma.

— Phillip Marlowe

*Obama is a bit smarter than that idiot Bush — I will admit that — Obama has to be, as Whites would never believe in a dim-witted Negro on the level of Bush (but Obama without teleprompters is quite revealing). And Obama’s political history has readily revealed his callous ambition and willingness to do whatever to advance himself. He’s the perfect fit at the moment for the real powers and their on-going designs on the White race.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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45 Responses to The Election of Obama Makes Perfect Sense

  1. apollonian says:

    Whites, Hence Christians Only Need Honesty, Thence Heeding To Proper Christian Anti-Semitism
    (Apollonian, 7 Nov 08)

    Well, the writer, Phil Marlowe, seems to be quite right, the Obama object being (a) subservient to Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) and (b) hostile to whites. But it doesn’t stop the inexorable process of Jews continuing to ISOLATE themselves, as Marlowe admitted in case of Rahm Emanuel. For Jew isn’t Jew unless he’s narcissist, never forget or doubt.

    Thus in all truth then, historic CYCLE simply continues for “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, as we approach the inevitable historic CULMINATION whence Jews now become widely understood as decisively OVER-populated, hence expendable.

    So can we help along this process of anti-semitism?–YES, if we preach TRUTH regarding Christianity–the real Christianity which is absolutely, necessarily, obligatorily anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

    For that’s the task for white folks–not in preaching to whites they should be more for whites–for they already know; they’re just looking for the HOW by which to so do this. And that way to being for white then, again, is by/in PROMOTING Christianity–the real thing, which MUST be anti-semitic, again.

    For real key to this political dilemma is THEOLOGIC, I submit. And white patriots must begin to getting serious, hence starting with proper theologic concepts–like simple fact Christ WAS NOT Jew (Talmudist).

    Thus for whites to be most effectively for whites they must be more forthrightly for Christ–who was most fierce and explicit anti-semite for outstanding and prominent reasons.

    Christ hated Jew lies and lying, for one thing (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44). And what is the very monument to Jew lying, hence FRAUD, and conspiracy but the Fed COUNTERFEIT conspiracy?–see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud.

    So to sum-up: how can whites be more effectively for whites?–by being more Christian, hence anti-semitic, hence anti-lying and anti-fraud. And what’s very monument to Jew lies, again?–the Fed. And the Fed is very crux of all practical power for the Jew.

    So necessary task for white folk then isn’t to waste time going out to make Christians out of non-Christians, but rather to make PROPER, hence anti-semitic Christians, out of people who ALREADY are Christians, who identify therewith and who admit Christianity is important to them.

    CONCLUSION: These Christian then only need to be HONEST and true, heeding to that real Christianity, hence anti-semitism. For the gross, horrible disaster which needs to be un-done is the great number and masses of “Christians” who aren’t and who fail so miserably to being properly anti-semitic. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. Fleur de lis says:

    Incog, this is a great interesting analysis. Very great points you have made. We must be on the same wavelength since I left a short myspace comment last night that dealt with the overarching themes of this article before reading this just now. It’s crazy.

    here is what I said in response to Immortal Technique’s article about Obama presidency:

    “This Immortal Technique is deluded in all ways. Too much for this comment box. May I enlighten all of you that your country is becoming more and more like present day South Africa, with 10’s of millions of non-stop illegal hispanic aliens added to the mix; All promoted from the very top by jewish supremacists. These people all have one thing in common; the hatred and marginalization of white european christian culture. In time the Banksters will have a fractured, tractable, multi-cultural, multi-racial global plantation culture for their NWO. You’ll start to see it now that someone finally told you. This is not your self-reliant Founding Father’s land anymore. And some of the previous posters of this exact article have commenters which think Immortal Techiniques words are so cool, intelligent and right on. They may not bemoan the changes right now, but it will accelerate under Obama to the point where you will be adversely affected in the next decade. Keep watching BS mind-controlling TV and forget who you are intrinsically, and risk your life, your land and livelihood.”

  3. incogman says:

    Thanks, great minds think alike. Nah, I think people will soon get the deal soon enough with this guy. 2009 will wipe the stupid grins off the faces of all those yuppie fools. It’s people like Chris Matthews on MSNBC who really suck the big one.

    Yep, our country is now being terraformed into a NWO mud plantation alright. Note, that I filled this under the NWO tag above.

    I don’t know anything about Immortal Techniques.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Incog, have you read this yet?

    Barack H. Obama – The Unauthorized Biography by Webster G. Tarpley

  5. incogman says:

    No, that looks interesting. But I don’t have torrents. Do you know of a PDF link?

  6. Joy says:

    I have to agree with you Incog, not because I really genuinely like you, but because you are absolutely correct.

  7. Great North says:


    This is a superb essay.

    The great question of our age – now forced upon us – is; what will be the fate of Western European man? This question will neccessarily be answered in our life time. Either Western European men will recover their inherent worth and destiny – or within a generation will simply be defeated and destroyed completely. The answer to this question will come when a critical mass of European men realize that ‘the jig is up’ and that their very existence, and that of their offspring, is under mortal threat. No one really knows what the response will be. Even traditional ‘white nationalists’ may be surprised. What is known however is that the time for the answer is soon at hand.

  8. Yes, white people are waking up. Its amazing. The Obama victory and reactions from emboldened anti-whites are lessons a McCain victory never would have taught.

  9. incogman says:

    Here, I’ll simplify it all for you: I’m White and you’re a Jew. You see fit to tell us what we can and can’t do, while you do whatever the hell you want and then act like it never happened.

    Often, you even have the gall to blame your crimes on Whites and then smugly sit there and look to see if any of us Whites picked up on it!

    It’s chutzpah gone wild!

    It’s little wonder that every country you have lived in has tired of your behavior and thrown you bodily out. You’re like the SOB nephew who comes to visit and stays forever, since he enjoys making your life miserable yet gets everything he needs from you at the very same time.

  10. psyn says:

    ” A program that will one day soon turn us all into real-life slaves and niggers to these people, instead of mere tax slaves and pretend free Americans.

    With an over-populated non-White World at the Gates, we as a race can only do one of two things: Submerge into that global morass of non-White humanity or stand strong, becoming a unified force ready to protect ourselves and our own racial interests. Since this course of action threatens a particular embedded race, they’ve worked quietly to turn us into confused weaklings, costing us the country of America and eventually turning us into a spat-upon minority.”

    So let me understand this. North America, at one time had as it’s majority population native americans. Europeans of white extraction came to North America(ie they were the immigrants you rant about). They displaced the majority by various means ane imported blacks to be slaves.

    You talk about the world at the gates. It seems to me they are just doing what whites did 400 years ago, migrating to another land. Yet there is one difference. Whites did it with the express purpose of colonization and despite your frenzied illusions, the ‘hordes’ you talk about do it out of econimic need generated by the first world whites you glorify so much.
    How do you justify the white minority at the time displacing the native american majority? It seems to me that using your logic, to apply that term loosely, that whites were wrong to colonize North America .
    And following your reasoning to it’s final conclusion, since you advocate that blacks should return to Africa, then you should return to the European neo nazi slime pit from which you sprung. If you disagree then I ask you this:
    What makes whites so special, that in your mind they can ‘enslave’ others with impunity?

    In regards to slavery, whites did that to blacks and I am amazed that you fail to see the irony in your whinny about whites becoming ‘slaves’.

  11. apollonian says:

    Necessary Cultural Thematic Conflict: Western, Christian OBJECTIVITY Vs. Jew Subjectivism And Lies
    (Apollonian, 8 Nov 08)

    InCog, I rather sympathize w. u against the kike, “psyn,” above, but do u miss his pt.? Kike says muds are now doing no less (INVASION) than what whites did–WHICH IS SURELY TRUE. Of course scummy kike pretends whites didn’t also do it (invasion) out of “economics.”

    So the question/issue, vs. kike, “psyn,” is how will we successfully defend against Jew sponsorship of present mud invaders?–and for that I refer back to my original post here, above, at very top. Whites need to CONSOLIDATE, achieving greatest possible cohesion, this by means of that sublime anti-semitism of Christianity, the only real Christianity.

    Whole, entire pt. to Christianity is ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13). If u’re not anti-semitic, u’re NOT Christian–period. To be properly Christian, one MUST BE anti-semitic, and the more anti-semitic one is, the better, the more virtuous Christian. Preceding is NOT exaggeration, but literal truth.

    For note at fundamental root, Christianity has to do with truth vs. Jew lies (as esp. Gosp. JOHN), NOT child’s “good vs. evil,” as there’s no criterion in reason (for “good-evil”).

    Surely greatest mis-conception is that Christianity is anti-reason–which it is NOT. On the contrary, Christianity defends the traditional Western, Greek OBJECTIVITY, necessary foundation of truth and reason–AGAINST JEW SUBJECTIVISM of Talmud–see,, and for best Talmudic expo.

    For what are Jew lies founded upon but their thematic subjectivism?–a subjectivism which always favors Jews, which always defines “good” as that which serves Jews. And that’s what has befuddled gentiles since Rousseau and Immanuel Kant, this fascination/obsession for “good,” “good” above even TRUTH itself. And this neo-Pelagian heresy then is very foundation to CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, again.

    Jews have taken control specifically by means of Fed COUNTERFEIT fraud and lies, founded on “good-evil” lies and arguments–which “good-evil” heresy (Pelagianism) took the West by storm fm time of Rousseau and esp. Immanuel Kant.

    So rather than sticking with this fool’s “good-evil” delusion/heresy (neo-Pelagianism), Christians must revert and resort to their original paramount virtue of HONESTY, hence basic anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, again).

    Don’t forget one of Jews’ greatest weapons is the stupid morons of “Judeo-Christianity” (JC–see and for expo/ref.), these also known as “evangelicals” (also “Christian Zionists”) who imagine and preach “Jesus was Jew” (hence Talmudist).

    CONCLUSION: Thus the task is clear: CONSOLIDATION of Christians, confirmation of absolute ANTI-SEMITISM among Christian volk–not merely whites. Thus within this great Christian revolution whites will do best, not only surviving intact with all racial and cultural integrity, but positively thriving. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  12. Anonymous says:

    Incog, all you have to do is install utorrent and then click on ‘Download this torrent’ link:

    Once finished, either delete the torrent from utorrent, right click and delete, or continue to share it if you wish. Sales Rank: #2,041 in Books

  13. incogman says:

    OK, figured it out and now reading it. Amazing. Guess I was right on about where this SOB is coming from:

    …Obama is exposed as a foundation operative and agent of Wall Street finance capital, controlled by Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros, and Goldman Sachs.

    Obama’s mother was an official of the Ford Foundation, the World Bank, and US AID. By all indications, Obama was identified for future political use by Brzezinski at Columbia in 1981-1983, during Obama’s secret lost years.

    Obama has worked for the Gamaliel Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the Woods Fund, and the Annenberg Foundation as a community organizer – a poverty pimp, a cynical opportunist who uses suffering people as a political commodity.

    The foundation strategy is divide and conquer, pitting blacks against whites against Hispanics against Asians, to prevent any challenge to Wall Street. Racist provocateurs like Wright and Pfleger, along with Weatherman terrorist bombers Ayers and Dohrn, Obama’s best friends, are cast in this mold. Rezko, Auchi, and Al-Sammarae represent the cesspool of Chicago graft and corruption in which Obama cavorts.

    Schooled in Nietzsche and Fanon, Obama qualifies as a postmodern fascist. An Obama administration would strive for brutal economic sacrifice and austerity to finance Wall Street bailouts, and for imperialist confrontation with Russia and China.

  14. Benito says:

    Apollonian Augustus, Son of a GOD…….Thou art My battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms.

  15. psyn says:

    “InCog, I rather sympathize w. u against the kike, “psyn,” above, but do u miss his pt.? Kike says muds are now doing no less (INVASION) than what whites did–WHICH IS SURELY TRUE. Of course scummy kike pretends whites didn’t also do it (invasion) out of “economics.””

    What economics compelled Europeans to invade other countries across oceans and oppress and eliminate the majority populations of those countries?

    Your comparison to to today is false. Immigration to North America is driven by the economic conditons of these other countries which are a direct result of the policies of first world nations, but then again I know I won’t get to far with logic here.

    “For what are Jew lies founded upon but their thematic subjectivism?–a subjectivism which always favors Jews, which always defines “good” as that which serves Jews. And that’s what has befuddled gentiles since Rousseau and Immanuel Kant, this fascination/obsession for “good,” “good” above even TRUTH itself. And this neo-Pelagian heresy then is very foundation to CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, again.”

    Well not this is interesting. You talk about subjectivism and fail to even notice it here on this site. That being, what whites do is good and when others do it is evil and wrong and must be fought by ‘good’ whites.
    Witness the justifications for black slavery(ie Jews were middle men) and how you claim that whites did it for economic reasons, but you never explain why what is wrong for others to do is okay for whites to do. A better example of the subjectivism you talk about cannot be found.

    What examples to you have of ‘jewish objectivsm’ one wonders. What is really amusing is your attempt to dress up you gutter racism with some rather vapid intellecualism

  16. jedberten says:

    FAUX news report:
    Obama’s supporters have organized, to recind their votes.

    They found out he’s going to create jobs for them.

  17. psyn says:

    “Here, I’ll simplify it all for you: I’m White and you’re a Jew. You see fit to tell us what we can and can’t do, while you do whatever the hell you want and then act like it never happened.

    Often, you even have the gall to blame your crimes on Whites and then smugly sit there and look to see if any of us Whites picked up on it!

    It’s chutzpah gone wild!

    It’s little wonder that every country you have lived in has tired of your behavior and thrown you bodily out. You’re like the SOB nephew who comes to visit and stays forever, since he enjoys making your life miserable yet gets everything he needs from you at the very same time.”

    More logic from you. BTW smart boy, I’m not jewish, not that it would matter to you anyway, but then again I wonder if you think you can spot one by how they post. Certainly, I would not be ashamed if I was jewish, but I can only imagine the difficutlies they have dealing with scum like you all of the time.

    I am not sure what ‘jewish’ crimes I have blamed on whites, if you are referring to slavery and the alleged jewish involvement in same, then really if there was no ‘white demand’, then jews would have had nothing be a middle man for right? Is that simple enough for ya?

  18. Mike J. says:

    Another brilliant article, INCOG. I very much respect your opinion and look forward to each new article with great enthusiasm.

    As for psyn, he/she in incorrect when he/she mentions Jews and slavery. It is a documented FACT that the leaders of the Negro slave trade were his/her fellow tribesmen, the JEWS, who bought them from fellow NEGROES. An uncomfortable documented FACT that conveniently gets left out of virtually every argument put forward by Jews when discussing Negro slavery (not to mention White slavery as well…the leaders of the trade? Jews).

    Psyn not a Jew? Please. Either a Jew or a complete fool.

  19. incogman says:

    Thanks, Mike.

    I’m fairly certain that “psyn” is a Jew lesbian from earlier posts. Since she’s evidently got a hard-on for me (a strap-on, of course) and keeps coming back, I also suspect she’s into masochism as well.

    Certainly, a White liberal may talk like this, after having their brains pickled in so much TV Jew-Spew over the years.

  20. Michael Dean Miller says:

    PSYN……. slavery is a bad thing, twice as sucky if YOU are the slave. If you won’t fight to prevent your own enslavement, stay out of the way of those who will.

  21. Mythy says:

    Another great piece Incog. I watched Emanuel on the Sunday morning news shows today. What a arrogant a-hole he is!…if thats Obamas idea of change I hate to see what else is coming. 🙁

  22. Matt in NC says:

    “People just do not want to think about these things, preferring to watch NFL football”


    Excellent article Incogman.

    I’ve hardly even watched any niggaball for the last 3-4 weeks. The times are getting serious, and I’m now motivated not to cower in fear or escape reality, but to hunker down and fight back with all I have — eg, spending free time blogging, etc.

  23. apollonian says:

    “BTW smart boy, I’m not jewish, not that it would matter to you anyway, but then again I wonder if you think you can spot one by how they post. Certainly, I would not be ashamed if I was jewish, but I can only imagine the difficutlies they have dealing with scum like you all of the time.” -“psyn,” November 8, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    * * * * *

    “Psyn” Effectively Admits Jew Psychopathologic Motivation
    (Apollonian, 9 Nov 08)

    “Psyn,” the pt. is there’s STRONG inductive logic and evidence u’re Jew, Jews being characteristically, notorious, and thematically obsessive disinfo agents and liars.

    For if u were Jew–u’d make it pt. to lie about it, thinking it will enhance ur believability for random readers of this blog. And why would gentile argue for Jews as u do, unless they’re paid or extorted in some manner? Who else, among gentiles, would argue for Jews–but those who are demented and programmatically guilt-ridden?

    (a) Thus u make Jew-friendly arguments, the only pt. to which is to enhance position of Jews–isn’t this just what Jew would do?–this is inductive evidence, comrade.

    (b) And again, ur advocacy is so repetitive and obsessive, by its nature–more characteristic of Jew psychopathology. What gentile would act in such gross obsessive-type manner?

    (c) Typical of Jew psychosis is to pretend if Jew-by-race is not “religious” then it’s okay for that Jew-by-race to deny Jew-ness.

    Thus (again) the logical, plausible INDUCTIVE conclusion is u’re Jew, which proposition u’d have to disprove in all reasonable logic.

    And again, even if u weren’t Jew, it’s even further evidence of ur psychopathology regardless, as if u’re gentile, why do u favor Jews so desperately, so obsessively?

    So u can see it’s extremely useful and productive to so accuse some interlocutor of Jew-ness–just to see how they respond. U should have just ignored such accusation–but u typically and characteristically cannot do it. We like to make u Jews–or Jew-defenders–squirm w. ur lies and typically psychotic justifications/rationalizations, so rife with internal and endless convolutions.

    And “psyn”–u admit we’re racists–so why do u bother arguing? Don’t u know racism is no less than 5th of original Ten Commandments, “Honor thy race (parentage)”?

    CONCLUSION: “Psyn”–don’t u understand the fundamental anti-human, murderous nature and attitude of Jew Talmud against gentiles, whom Jews are required to kill and enslave?–ck,, and for best Talmudic expo/ref. And if u pretend not to understand anything about such satanic Talmud–then aren’t u really too ignorant and un-informed to be attempting discourse with honest gentiles, u attempting to defend Jews? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  24. Nemesys says:

    Slavery is a NIGHTMARE. A great moral and spiritual crime. The blowback is always a disaster.

    Hey Psyn – got Talmud?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Incog, please end this nightmare!

    Barack a hot name for new babies

  26. Woodsy says:

    Egads! The Arabic word “barack (q)” means “blessed” or “good”. I hope it’s only liberal black fools (redundant) naming their kids after a word that sounds to my ears like a painful genital condition.

    I’ve never heard of an Arab named Barack, however.

    Hussein Obama used to be called Barry by those who knew him, but at some point he decided he preferred to be called Barack. And so it was as he commanded.

    Let’s hope he never quite makes it to office.

  27. Woodsy says:

    Jews did the transatlantic slave trade of African men and women.

    Jews are still doing slavery – but now it’s the human trafficking of Eastern European women which is based in Israel and dominated by Jewish gangsters (redundant).

    Jews also did 9-11, among numerous other things those gangsters hiding behind a hateful religion have done.

  28. Joy says:
    You might want to check this out.


    Bishop Ron McRae, who signed an affidavit stating that he witnessed
    Sarah Obama, Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother, say that she was
    present at Obama’s birth in Kenya, has issued a statement. Bishop McRae
    speaks of the law of God and the law of man as it relates to our current
    situation in this country and the 2008 election. Bishop McRae echoes
    my position in the following statement:

    “Take my lands, my liberty and my life for my refusal to neither serve nor obey this god-man Obama. But you will never have for your lies the surrender of my conscience before God, my family and this Republic. God Almighty helping this old man for Christ sake!”

    Here is Bishop McRae’s statement:(Rather lengthy)

  29. Anonymous says:

    Emanuel = Mossad Spy To Run The White House

  30. Barney says:

    Name changers. Who are they? Why would Barry Dunham/Soetoro change his name to something so like Osama, the mythical enemy of the “freedom” we never had?

    I’d bet anything you like that he’s circumcised, not that I’d want to see for myself. Christian? No. Muslim? No. I think we know what he is, by his nature of not by birth.

    Btw, some good stuff here from you, Apollonian. I don’t trust you, but I respect truth when I see it, and I see it here. Bring back REAL Christianity and the Jew-worshipping poison would cease to exist.

  31. klunk says:

    i would love to wretch all over you after i’ve kicked the shit out you racist pieces of shit… and do note that these words are coming from a non-jew, non-latino, non-black and completely white as the driven snow caucasian… you assholes are nothing more than a disease on this earth who’ve chosen to succumb to fear and bitterness out of cowardice in taking responsibility for the misery in your lives…

    be very aware that i do not tolerate your ilk irl… and if ANY of you ever encounter me irl and you open your mouths to spew this sort of shit, i will drop you where you fucking stand…

    have a nice day, assholes… 😉

  32. incogman says:

    No, you’re a Jew and don’t even know it. You’ve been effectively propagandized to hate your very own kind. As such, you’re a brainless idiot.

    You’ve just gone along with the PC mantra because you’re a true coward.

    And I love you trying to talk tough. The minute spineless weaklings, like yourself, meet up with Whites who’ve figured out the real deal, you clam up like the spittle you truly are.

    I’d drop your worthless ass in a Jew York Minute.

  33. incogman says:

    Yeah, what a couple of stuck-up Juden in love with themselves. I sure hope 1938 is a self-fulfilling prophecy!

    I think I saw these 2 going off about a Goyim funeral once. Total pigs.

  34. Stug says:

    Superb analysis ! The Jew Soros used the internet to flood the Magic Mullato’s coffers with “small donations”. The System started breaking down White solidarity back in the 50’s and it is a process continuing to this day with all of its associated degradation. The National Socialist had it together – Jews are and always be the enemy of the Aryan – in fact the Romans identified the Jews as the enemies of mankind. I think history demonstrates that a people will generally not band together unless they personally feel threatened and deprived – the coming depression may be the final straw in both the jUS and Europe for a reawakening – the coloreds are already an obnoxious irritant to the English, French, Italians and Germans – being reduced to starvation and homelessness will provide the basis for a new Fascist/NS revolution for the White world.

  35. NH says:

    Thank you for this. I could have written it, but when I do, people keep saying I’m the only one, it’s a fantasy and I’m making it all up.

    • incogman says:

      They are plenty of others around, NH, that would agree with you. More and more people are waking up to the non-stop bull going down. Stick around and read more here. Feel free to comment too.

  36. ultraR says:

    probably just a test to see how sheeple react…

    maybe that’ll be a common sight in every country…

  37. gtrman says:

    Canadian Soldiers to Get Uniforms Designed for Fighting in Canadian Cities

    ‘Future Canadian soldiers could be wearing new uniforms designed to provide camouflage on the streets of our largest cities. The Defence Department will know by March what designs might work for what is being called a Canadian Urban Environment Pattern. Those designs are to be based on the “unique requirements” of the urban settings of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, according to an outline of the project being co-ordinated by scientists at Defence Research and Development Canada in Suffield, Alta.

    “It makes zero sense for the Canadian military to produce an urban pattern based on their own cities unless they plan on fighting there,” Graves noted. “If that’s the case, then it is the perfect choice”.’

    Didnt Swarzennegger just visit Iraq and claim to be interested in bringing Falluja tactics home to California to combat ‘gang violence’?

  38. Hoff says:

    Published Saturday, June 15, 2013

    For Samantha Power, Support for Israel Is Deeply Personal — and ProvenU.N. Envoy Wins Over Jewish Community With Track Record

    By Nathan Guttman

  39. Hoff says:

    Got one in Spamblinka.

  40. Hoff says:

    no one stopping them and no one is stopping them now but all the seriously demented niggers from africa are being escorted here again by the jews like in olden slave days upon the nigger slave ships the jews owned and crewed the niggers they bring are 10x more wrthless than the a-holes the jews brought here couple hundred years back .. –sog–


    Good comment sog, didn’t think of that. First the jew slave traders brought the niggers to America south to north to work as the jews slaves.

    Well, then the jews realised that the nigger is worthless as slave. Then the jews said: -Okay, that don’t work but what if we racemix the nigger with white people, then what?

    EU today import niggers by the every year. What is that but an extension of the jews trans Atlantic nigger trade.

    The jews could’t import niggers to Europe in the 17 and 1800s, simply because the white kings of Europe wouldn’t allow it.

    After jew world war two, ww2, there are no white kings left in Europe, but jew elected “presidents” as the white peoples “king”.

    The jew ruled France was the first country in Europe that let niggers and moooslems in en mass immigration. Today that “french” massimmigration, in essence the jews nigger slave trade have expanded to all Europe countries.

    Did you go to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo or Stockholm in the 8os? I did and there was no niggers.

    Where I live there are no niggers. Except a few. Just like in the 80s. But the niggers are getting more by the years.

    If you told me about mooooslems in the 80s I would asked: – Mooooslem? What mooooslem?

    I don’t like niggers and I don’t like arabs. I don’t like the way they look, I don’t like the way they talk and walk. To me they are all repulsive.

    Go to any small village in any European country and what do you see 24/7? Niggers and mooooslems.

    The timeline is a mere three decades. Only some 30 years ago there was no niggers and arabs in Europe. Now they are everywhere.

    Do you want to see what I saw? Go to Detroit. What did the jews do in the 60s? Move their nigger slave trade north.

    How many niggers was in Detroit in in the 50s?

    And a half century later, how many white people are there in Detroit the year 2014?

    Europe 2014 is Detroit in the 90s.

  41. Ragnar says:

    Hello Again. Thank you so much for your fine article. I have just recently discovered your website and as sad as it is in your fine information I enjoy it very much and I find myself continually learning things that I was unaware of. Yes, the perpetrators of this global conspiracy have certainly positioned their insidious plans of domination in such a way that the average person is completely oblivious of their sinister evil intentions. Adding to this, the present generations are getting weaker and weaker as I see it anyway. They will be busy Facebooking and Skype-ing, and Texting while their whole future is collapsing around them. It’s time for some serious Solidarity. Take Care…….

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