What’s the Real ‘Scoop’ on the Anne Pressly Case?

For going on three weeks now, the Little Rock, Arkansas police have been on the lookout for a suspect — with absolutely no description other than male — in the gruesome beating death of Anne Pressly, the beautiful and popular local TV anchorwoman. But according to WhiteRevolution, a Pro-White blog from the Arkansas area, a source close to the medical examiner has said there is physical evidence of two Blacks involved.

If she was raped, it would be virtually certain they would have evidence pointing to the race of the perps. This would be in the form of semen samples, pubic and head hair — readily telling forensic investigators within days, if not hours, about the race of the culprit, even the number of culprits. Also, we know that local media has their own little police buds on the inside and will have heard the real “scoop” on the attacker’s race, believe you me.

Yet the local and national news media has remained infuriatingly silent about any race descriptions of the suspect, even though two surveillance video tapes exist (one from a gas station). Described as too blurry for identification, they have yet to release one single still — maybe because he was wearing a Gangsta-style hood over his head which by itself screams “Negro.”

As usual, I’m not in the least bit surprised by the possibility of a Negro involved in this, but the real story here has been the rather obvious tactics of the media to hide the race of the perp and the reasons why this has been going on. Along with hiding the race, the mainstream media is now only specifying the “random robbery” nature of the crime, saying nothing about her getting raped.

John Walsh let the cat out of the bag about the rape part.

But the host of America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh, did say she was brutally raped (from his inside sources), lending further credence to forensic evidence proving Black perps. America’s Most Wanted then decided, for whatever reasons, not to air any physical descriptions for two weeks in a row now, even leaving out the rape part.

If Anne Pressly was a Black female and/or the perps were known to be White, then you can bet that the story would’ve been non-stop nationally to this very minute. Here she is with some “bigtime” Network Negro reporter who’s name escapes me at the moment and which I could care less.

It is now my firm belief that a cone of media silence was purposefully descended on this dangerous story because of the incredibly vile nature of the crime (rundown below), combined with Obama and the elections. That’s right.

The media minions of the Globalist criminal class heard through their police sources early on, that a pair of Negroes committed a unbelievably horrific crime to a well-loved and beautiful local celebrity who just happens to be White and two weeks out from the election. If this kind of story were to spin-out of control, it might be just enough to make some of the White voting public get a little pissed about Negroes. Possibly even enough to cast doubt on the outcome of a close election.

You think that these kind of people will ignore something like this, with all the moolah they’ve spent, due to another all-too-typical Negro crime? Right.

A fast, but awkward black-out was thrown into place, maybe even having powerful people in the state make a few phone calls. And it wasn’t necessarily democrats: Why do you think the Clintons and Huckabee came from Arkansas? Arkansas is well-known as a Rockefeller owned and operated midwest outpost, since Winthrop Rockefeller was sent back there in the 50’s to set-up shop for future political shenanigans on the rest of America. The family patriarch, David Rockefeller (probable crypto), is one of the three top dogs in the Jew Criminal Network (Rothschild and Kissinger are the other two), part of those often called “Bilderbergers” — really the Globalist/Zionist International Oligarchy, who have now succeeded in foisting the skinny, fast-talking Mulatto, Obama on America.

And remember this event: When the primaries were over this past June, Obama and Hillary were quietly summoned to the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia — more than likely to get their marching orders for the summer and the Democratic convention (as in Hillary, you had better go along with all this). The owned media then took great pains with disinfo tactics on where the two buried the hatchet (the Sen. Feinstein meeting non-sense).

Pressly had a bit part in Oliver Stone’s movie “W,” playing Ann Coulter. This had ZERO to do with the crime.

So they found out about this crime and quickly surmised a potential risk to them, coming as close as it was to the 2008 election. They went and verbally tasked the Little Rock police commissioner and any local news editors to keep a tight lid on what they heard about the race of the perp.

Now, with the elections over, they are merely continuing with the routine Black, black-out until the police nab one of the Negroes and they are forced to report something about it — only briefly, as usual. Then, it will all go down the memory hole just like any other criminal travesty against Whites in this country, anymore. Move along you White fools, nothing to see here!

White America is being totally snowed in this country. Has been for quite some time. Figure it out!

Think this is all so crazy? Imagine for one damn minute if the gas station video showed a possible White perp, even if blurry, they would have run that video non-stop, am I right? Since they already had DNA/hair evidence, almost certainly pinpointing a likely race, they would’ve known if the story was “PC” fair game or not.

If the cops where looking for a White perp, we would have seen this as a major “mystery story” all over the cable news shows, even without a perp coming close to being identified by name. This has now become prima facie evidence of Negro involvement for the White public. Look at all the non-stop hub-hub on that Caylee Anthony case: Fair game since it’s another evil Whitey story!

But they thoughtlessly over-reacted for it not to be noticeable. In a mistaken rush to prevent any impact on the election with a White voter backlash, they’ve failed to take into account modern forensics (they should have suppressed only specific crime details). Remember all this when the perp(s) turn out to be Negro(possibly plural) and rape is one of the charges. You may have to dig out most of the details later, because the MSNBC Obama Love Train sure won’t have time for it!


A brief rundown on the story:

On the morning of October 20th, Anne Pressly’s mother was called to go to her daughter’s home, since she was not answering her routine wake-up call from the TV station she worked for and was due in for the morning TV show.

At 4:30 am, the poor woman (visiting from Florida) discovered her daughter — her own flesh and blood — brutally beaten about the head and face, bleeding beside her bed.

The media made sure to mention she lived in a “quiet” upscale neighborhood, close to a country club — now media code words for “we hope it’s not another Negro, so let’s not jump to conclusions since she doesn’t live in some ghetto.”

They undoubtedly caught her by surprise in some fashion after she left a party at 10:30 the night before, perhaps even catching her when she walked her two dogs upon arriving home. She was raped multiple times, they may even have cut her face to force her to accept being raped. Afterwards, they went and beat her horribly. Make no mistake, this woman suffered painfully and was totally scared out of her wits.

She had blunt force trauma that cracked her skull in several places, her left hand was broken (a probable defensive wound — the brave girl had fought back) and, get this, the vicious perps broke every bone in her face — maybe from kicking or punching her face as hard as they could. This was red-hot White hate, ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake. Initial reports also said she was mutilated about the face and genital region by a sharp knife, later these facts were dropped from public reporting, right along with the rape part.


Negroes raise holy hell whenever a black criminal gets beat by a cop, but stay very silent when they do this kind of thing to truly innocent White peopleeven when mobs of them take part. Imagine if Whites did this kind of thing to them, these people and the liberal news would be going off the Richter scale!

Barely clinging to life, she spent her final days in the hospital comatose with her head looking like a gigantic purplish basketball from her face bashed in and all the swelling. They would have had to run oxygen tubes down her trachea just so she could get oxygen to live. But it was too much for her and she expired the Saturday before last, never regaining consciousness to say goodbye to a world that allows these kinds of animals to roam free and gives that entire race the credit they don’t deserve!

Police fairly soon ruled out a stalker (code for crazy White guy), calling the crime a random robbery, supposedly because her purse was stolen and her credit card was used at a local gas station but, more probably, because they knew other evidence indicated at least one Negro.

All this is too typical of Negro criminals now loose around this country. Like I say here so often, these people are worse than animals. I know I sound like a broken record, but the facts are the facts: You have less than 6% of the population committing 40 to 50% (or more) of the crime in this country and there you have it.

You know it, I know it, so why do you foolish, White liberals keep up all the non-stop bull?

Trust me on this: Any of us can now become a victim — just like this girl — in the snap of a finger, in any area of the country that’s unlucky enough to be infested with these Third worlders among us. Just driving down the wrong street puts you at risk. Those Whites who read this and live in an area fortunately Negro-free, should shut the hell up! You don’t know JACK since the national media keeps a lid on things. It’s downright horrible nowadays, with Negroes in major population areas having 400 plus murders a year, besides all the rapes, robberies, beatings, etc. etc.

FACT: The real reason the death rate is not any higher is only due to hospital ER’s now operating on a war footing and more and more Negro shooting victims surviving to end up as wards of Social Security and the taxpayer for life! No lie. Whites are paying for it in pain, sorrow of family and friends, along with all the tax dollars we shell out!


Local TV will cover it (they have to naturally), but make note how fast the national news organizations drop the whole thing like a hot potato (which they have already).

Pay close attention to how the media reports on all this. They’ll report something on the perp being caught, but don’t expect a whole lot beyond that. They’ll cover it as sparsely as they can on a national level, knowing full well the limited memory capacity of the American people for this kind of thing.

This was blatantly apparent during the Channon Christian/Christopher Newsom double murder and torture, a crime so vile that it would’ve been all over the place if the perps had been White. Even the trial elucidated not a mention nationally, when absolutely horrific details emerged in court on what happened to that young White couple in Knoxville, Tennessee.

White people are now being spat in the face by a media doing everything it can to keep us in the dark about the true nature of Blacks in America. They know full-well that if we understood the totality of the problem, then we would angrily reject their non-stop multi-cult brainwashing.

This kind of thing will happen more and more in the future, as our country is turned into another Negro-run South Africa. The people in the media are NOT our friends, and neither is what’s left of “our” so-called government. If the White race doesn’t come to terms with the traitors in our midst and regain a sense of racial solidarity, then all of us will be increasingly made victims to these Third worlders.

Hell, we were ALL made victims to Third worlders and their Jewish Criminal Network masters, just this past November 4th.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. GDL/White Master says:

    Dumb negroes will not realize they aren’t shit without White people until it is TOO LATE for them. Let the negroes think what they want to think…there just Jew bait anyways.

  2. spade says:

    ugh, racists lurking on the internet. I think you hate on others because you really hate yourself inside. You’re too much of a coward to admit that. Your momma must not have showed you enough love as a child. You probably never had a women ever. Why are you still stuck on this sole case. Do you have a life? I’m black and very proud to be it. Nothing you can do or say, will make me hate an entire race. That’s real power right there. The wise are those you say what’s necessary; a fool just wants to say something. It’s terrible you’ve wasted your mind!

  3. GDL/White Master says:

    stuff it spade,

    It is White people who are hated upon fool or haven’t you noticed…didn’t you read the article above? Whats the matter, its ok for non-Whites to bash Whites and committ crimes against Whites but the second we speak out about it we’re all racist and shit.

    STFU moron! “Sole case” my WHITE ass, Jews and negroes ARE CRIME!

  4. GDL/White Master says:

    While we’re at it spade, let’s talk about Israel’s inhumane treatment of Palestenians. Torturing Palestenians and murdering women and children. Let’s talk about that punk!

  5. incogman says:

    “Still stuck on this sole case,” my White ass.

    You stupid Negro, this post was dated November 10, 2008 over a year ago and 7 days before they busted and revealed it was a Negro, just like my post predicted.

    What’s more, is that this kind of thing happens all the damn time, you filthy jungle animal.

    And you don’t have a mind in the first place, Negro.

  6. Flanders says:

    Spade should listen:

    “The wise are those you say what’s necessary; a fool just wants to say something.”

    To paraphrase an old jewish inspired commercial, “A mind is a turruble thing to waste” – on a negro.

    That well-known Rothschildian President, Jigobamo Mofuk, should be sufficient proof of that.

  7. American says:


    This dumb nigger has no care whatsoever about the Israeli army’s murder of innocent women and children. In fact, I bet this dumb nigger is a JEW-rat.

  8. GDL/White Master says:

    Yeah American,

    Jews are really stupid as hell, little tests here and there and the Jew is uncovered for the Jew rat he really is!

    Negroes on the other hand will scream “muh dick” and “yooz beez racist” no matter what you tell them.

  9. American says:

    Most Negroes haven’t even gotten out of bed yet, and even if they had, visiting Incog wouldn’t be the first thing they’d “be wantin'”. LOL

    The JEW-rats were just drawing eyes away from all the crimes being exposed on other threads.

  10. UltraR says:

    …no matter what you tell them”. And remain as clueless of the fact that they are still slaves in the jew game just as were their forefathers when they came in by jew owned ships…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Haha. Rock also doesn’t know when to use the word ‘you’re’ instead or ‘your’. Too funny. Talk about being ignorant. That made my night! LOL

  12. Spade says:

    Comment was made by Spade(Anonymous), by the way.

  13. Nash says:

    I cant believe how absolutely ignorant you all are!!! I am a child of a new generation, and I am disgusted with the way people segregate as if race or religion make people different from one another. You make your self different, and I have news for you your all a bunch of animals!!! myself included. Theres not much difference between you and a gosh darn ant!!! realize your insignificance, and accept the fact that you are no better than anyone or anything!!

  14. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    You, just with that one post, have shown yourself as unfit to live, in any generation, new or old.
    Take your own life, and save somebody the trouble, and jail time!

    “Theres not much difference between you and a gosh darn ant!!”


    Where’s the bug spray!










  17. Aaron says:

    Whites outnumber blacks in the general population 7 to 1. That means if ALL blacks were armed robbers, it would still be a smaller total number than if only 1 in 10 whites were. It’s all about criminals per 100,000 of their particular race`s population. NOT the total number of crimes. That way, you know what your odds are when you see one coming at you. Blacks make up only 13% of the population yet they committed over half of the murders last year. That means that if you were in a town made up of 1000 whites & 1000 blacks, you would be over 5 times more likely to meet a murderer when approached by a random member of the black group as opposed to the white. 8 times more likely to be met by an armed robber. And over 3 times more likely to be met by a rapist. So you are far, far safer around whites statistically than you are around blacks, since more blacks are violent criminals, per 100,000 of their population . It’s not that hard to understand, really. But you have to want to.

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