Favorite Field Techniques for the “Stealth Racist”

Even though few Whites have heard a thing about it, Negroes — of all ages and sexes — like to secretly perform a boisterous ritual called “Cheshi Tumbili” (Funny Monkey) in the privacy of their subPRIMATE mortgage homes and away from any prying White eyes. During this activity, they need to drink the intoxicating malt beverage “Colt-45” and smoke copious amounts of narcotic substances, like crack cocaine or cheap Mexican skunkweed. The rare photograph above, published here for the first time, shows us two Negroes (possibly on the “down-low”) doing the Funny Monkey — now thought to be vestigial behavior from the days of darkest Africa!


After revealing to the world my on-going anthropological work on the Africanus-American species in North America with my “Black is Beautiful” Field Work Progress…” report, my email and phone has been going off the hook from wannabee researchers, all wishing to contribute to my studies. So I’ve decided to take you, the budding Primate Researcher, under my wing and pass along some stealthy tips to help you on your way!

The most important tool that I always take with me into the field, is a small white box about 2.5″ x 2″ with holes on one side a simple, but highly effective sound device that fits nicely in the palm of your hand and requires no batteries. You can easily find them in any large pet store by looking for the furry tug toys — some look like ducks, some like kitty cats. Look for the monkey one and give it a squeeze; you’ll be able to feel a box buried inside the stuffing. The toy will cost about $6 or $7 dollars.*

Please note: The tug toys do not always look like the one shown here, but the noise boxes all make the exact same sound of chimpanzees screeching away, or an excellent representation of upset juvenile Negroes — what us researchers technically refer to as Niglets. One squeeze on this noise-maker will emit the chimp-in-distress call for about 4 seconds (sounds below).†

What would have totally grossed you out while shopping in the past, is but another exciting research opportunity for the properly equipped Primate Field Researcher!

Everyone has had it happen before: You’re going down some aisle in a grocery store in a rush to get cold beer — when you suddenly find your way blocked by some giant, food-stamping Sheboon! Wearing way too tight stretch pants, the bent-over Boon will take up the entire aisle while stupidly spending an eternity deciding on what brand of beans to buy, or something equally inane. All you want to do is just get past that massive set of Negress-buttocks before you get an eyeful of nasty, soiled Negro underwear, or possibly getting exposed to her breaking foul wind in your general direction.

Now, as a suitably equipped Negrologist, you can look at such disgusting situations as a valuable research opportunity!

Holding your nose as you carefully circumnavigate that humongous Negro rear-end, you simply give your handy Negro Noise-maker a tap in your pocket. That’s right! You don’t even need to remove it to make it work. With practice, you can even control the volume with your hand over your pocket. Walk straight ahead and don’t look back until just far enough down the aisle to dodge any thrown cans of beans. Observe the reaction of your primate subject. Often, at this point, I’ll give it another quick tap as the Sheboon looks around in ape-like confusion, helplessly trying to triangulate on the sound. I call this technique “The Drive-By.”

You do have to be careful, however. Other nearby Negroes hearing the chimp-in-distress signal will often try to climb the nearest tree they can find; should no trees exist in your store, any product display will suffice. They may jump on a pile of on-sale bananas or watermelons and start emitting wild chimp-like noises of their own. When that happens, I suggest departing the scene immediately. More and more Negroes will soon join in the primate screeching, creating a cacophony of jungle sounds that will quickly alert store security or any animal rights activists (liberals) who happen to be shopping at the time.

Walk away swiftly. You should probably dispose of your Negro Noise-making device by casually dropping it down beside your leg, like Al Pacino did with his pistol in The Godfather Italian restaurant scene where he wacked the corrupt cop and mobster while eating linguini.

In another all-too-typical experience just the other day while getting gas at a Costco, was when this seriously butt-ugly Negress failed to take notice (more likely could care less) of the car at the far pump leaving. Instead of pulling on up as she could have easily done, she simply took the closest pump. A White guy in a car right behind the Negress, angrily had to drive around her and do a complicated back-up to get at the pump just ahead of her. I was next in line behind the bratty Sheboon — wearing the usual way-too-tight pink top with matching pink daisy earrings — negroishly ignoring everyone else as she went about her precious day. I figured the stinking Boon more than deserved the treatment.

Taking out my handy Negro Noise-maker, I held it up next to the driver’s side-view mirror and gave it a squeeze, emitting the appropriate chimp screeching. I carefully modulated the sound direction by moving it from side to side, just behind the door mirror, so as to confuse my Negress subject. Another White guy, not more than a few feet away on the other side of the fuel pump, took no notice whatsoever — that’s usually the case; nearby White humans just don’t pick up on jungle noises in urban, temperate environments.

I squeezed the box only twice before my Negress subject looked around with that curiously blank, Gorilla-like stare they all haveyou know, the vacant eyes and pursed-lip expressionas she vainly searched for Niglets in distress. She even gave the nostril flare. That’s always nice. Nostril flares are more common that you’d expect, but still nice.

Most of the time, you’ll find that you use your Negro Noise-maker well outside the range of Negro hearing. In fact, I probably use mine more this way and highly suggest all you beginner researchers do the same. Let’s say you’re in a parking lot with your friends and you see a troupe of wilding Negroes across the way. You might make the sound just to alert your fellow Negrologists to a primate group movement. They’ll appreciate the heads-up and have a happy chuckle, too!

But on the occasion, I’ve used my Negro noise-maker quite openly. Some crack-head black was arguing about pocket-change with a check-out clerk, while the line was piling up behind the fool. Summing up the situation, I checked for exits and made note of the other customers nearby — then I gave the side of my pocket a quick tap. The crack-head Negro spun around, frantically looking for another crack monkey in trouble, perhaps from animal control (police).

Somehow, I managed — just barely — to keep from bursting out laughing right in his confused, simian face. As usual, the drug-addled Negro brain could not put two and two together about where the sound was coming from and ran out of the store in a huff, muttering the usual “rasis muthafuggahs…” He even left behind his ritual Colt 45 malt beverage — believe it or not!

Stay tuned to this blog for more stories from the field. Add your own experiences in the comment section below. Be careful, too. Negroes are unpredictable and violent animals, as I’m certain you well know. Use your device with the utmost discretion. But simply having one in your car, even out of earshot of Negroes, can take away the stress of those normal, day-to-day urban encounters!

That’s right, Billy Dee! As you gain experience, you’ll notice that certain grocery items will aid you in finding research subjects. Another sure-fire attractant area, the watermelon section (where I stalked and bagged the fat trophy buck seen below), is always a smart bet to reconnoiter on your “hunt!”

This is the typical, confused ape-like expression you’ll most often see, as they look around in vain for the source of chimps in distress. Almost always, when alone, they’ll avoid eye contact with any nearby Whites — however, I highly recommend that any beginning researcher stay away from the violence-prone males of the species. Also, have your exit and lines of escape well-plotted out in advance. Regardless of anything else, keeping a straight face will be the biggest challenge facing you!

This a much better set-up for a beginner researcher. The little Niglet is obviously attempting to shoplift something, while his Aunt Jemima grandmother checks how many food stamps she has with her today. If anyone tries to make a stink about your scientific research, you can just indignantly say “that little African American youth — always so oppressed — was trying to stick some frozen corndogs down his pants!” It’s not like anyone won’t believe you.

Often-times, there is little likelihood that your subjects will hear one damn thing whatsoever. You’ll just have to take inner satisfaction for a job well-done as you, the seasoned Negrologist, smile pleasantly and stand there with your hands on your hips while smoking a pipe.

One bad side affect in using the noise device is that it sub-sonically attracts the most odoriferous and fecund (i.e. they smell like shit) Crack Hos from a 3 block radius; so I’d strongly suggest using it sparingly in places where you’d prefer not having a serious Crack Hoage infestation.

In certain urban situations, it may behoove you to refrain from using your Negro Noise-maker, even if sorely tempted. Unless, of course, you have a properly equipped fellow White research assistant to back you up (below).

Although not exactly concealable, the electric-powered Gatling gun is perfect for Negro crowd-control and can do double-duty mounted on your vehicle, for the ultimate in road-rage accessories!

A brave fellow researcher captured the facinating piece of footage above, while doing a documentary for the Animal Planet. He actually had the cojoñes to visit a tribal gathering to give us a up-close view. Various chimp-like twitters, screeching and howling may be heard in the backgroundjust watch, if you don’t believe me!


* I always keep several of these Negro Noise-makers handy. If you have a friend or loved one with a dog, you can give them the tug toy and then casually ask for the noise maker back later, after the pet is through tearing the toy up (just pretend it wasn’t the point of the gift to begin with). Or just remove it beforehand. This adds to your stock of noise devices fairly cheaply!

† You can go to this link to hear “The Funny Monkey Tapes,” — secret recordings made of the Negro private ritual “Cheshi Tumbili” in Newark, NJ around 1992. Warning: Sounds will drive any nearby pets crazy!

(Cheshi Tumbili is all made up, people. I think)

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. incogman says:

    Look, you’re the one jumping around with posting under differing names and going on and on about how sorry your penis is and absolutely nothing else, so shut the hell up, Jewboi.

  2. don Robison says:

    “You should be ashamed to open that fetid piehole of yours to spew out such stupidity and ignorance.” -some jew/black

    Played out! Fo real, nigga, you is played out!

  3. Orion14 says:

    It’s got me. I simply can’t compete against such a highly educated debater as /mah dik/anon/me/ect. It’s arguments simply can’t be answered, so I won’t even try. We should all just give it up and admit our devastating defeat against such an intellectual powerhouse!

  4. incogman says:

    Little Jewboi, from last night at his home computer, got hisself put into my special Jew room.

    Anyways, today at where he works, he went on-line and posted some more silly dick comments. He even went on another computer (probably within the same intranet, some co-worker on their way home for the holidays) and posted a comment like he was some White girl who did Negroes and then the Jewboi launched into a latent, detailed homo fantasy of his, pretending he was some White coal burner. He probably got his little old self quite worked-up thinking it all up.

    I can imagine this guy: He’s probably in his 20’s, looks like the ultimate in greasy little Jew dorks, acts all nice and friendly to the Whites and Negroes in his office, but spits Jew hate in his head about them all.

    When you are on the other side of the fence with a blog like mine, you see the secret, inner hate for the Goyim that these people really have. He knows he cannot possibly counter any of my blog postings with real facts and convincing arguments, so he does not even bother. Just types out his immature Jew Spew all over the place.

    Whites? What don’t you get about this scumbag bunch?

  5. incogman says:

    Little Jewboi evidently has himself a whole office of unattended computers, what with the Goyim away on holiday, and is busy putting up his Jew Spew. Forgive me if you see some of it before I send it off into the ether.

    Jewboi! Your days in the US are numbered: Why not spend your time checking out real estate pricing in Tel Aviv instead of jerking yourself off?

  6. Ready man says:

    So, can we all agree that the revolution is at hand?

  7. At least your funnier than this guy: http://chimpout.wordpress.com/

    But seriously, I don’t really get mad when I see stuff like this anymore. Your kind is a dying breed(though you guys will NEVER admit it, rotf).

    Racism is dying- now it’s a slow death, but it’s dying. A black prez is just the beginning. Did you know that in about 20 years, whites are projected to be the minority in the United States? Basically, what I’m saying is, you won’t be the majority and therefore you won’t be able to hide behind the system because the system will no longer favor you above others. Sucks to be you, I guess. . . lmao

  8. incogman says:

    Look at the name you give yourself, Negro. “Prodigy Maestro” — what a laugh.

    You’re just another typical stupid Negro who is completely and totally oblivious to everything going on that’s not Negro or “Muh Dik” related. America is waking up to the core problem and that’s the JEW.

    Your days are numbered, Negro. Once White America totally wakes up to the JEW problem, they’ll all be furious as hell. 10 White people can easily take care of 1000 Negroes, anytime, anywhere. You won’t last 6 months, if that.

    Enjoy the KFCs while you can Jiggly.

  9. See what I mean, your funnier than Intolerant- that’s all I was trying to say. You can’t even take a joke, gosh. And I’m not Jewish. . . so that doesn’t really offend me. . .lol.

    Try again, kiddo. . .

  10. Intolerant says:

    Prodigy Maestro…what a laugh. Racism is only dying for you chimps to see. As you continue to become more aggressive and spew your entitlements to the human race, racism silently grows. And grow it will as your species develops more arrogance and angers more humans. The more feces you throw, the less tolerance there is for your disruptive behavior. You simply have no idea how to function appropriately in a human civilized society without strict guidance and hand outs from whitey. Your species will ultimately prove the Planet of the Apes movies to be prophecy rather than science fiction if it continues to be enabled by misguided human beings. And by then, I will be long gone and unconcerned with what you animals do to the world.

  11. incogman says:

    You can’t even take a joke, gosh. And I’m not Jewish. . . so that doesn’t really offend me. . .lol.

    “Prodigy Maestro” (that name still cracks me up):

    You dumb ass. Anyone with half a brain could see I didn’t mean you were a JEW. See? Just like I said, Neegras are so self-obsessed they always think Whites are coming down on them alone, nor can they look at current events and extrapolate out on what it means for them.

    What’s next, Kneegrow? Going to give us a dissertation on your penis?

    Oh, gosh, look, I can’t take a joke!

  12. American says:

    “10 White people can easily take care of 1000 Negroes, anytime, anywhere. You won’t last 6 months, if that.”

    Ohhhh, you got that right!!!

    The most hilarious thing is that Negroes act as if they ACHIEVED equality. The nigger didn’t even do anything to help himself in his “plight”. Like everything else they have, it was a gift from others. Now that they can claim Detroit, look what they’ve done with it, a Utopia. There was a reason they were slaves, and that is called natural selection. If the white man’s law didn’t set them free, they’d be in shackles at my house.

    And YOU Negro (prodigy ha ha), know EXACTLY what this white man is “sayin”. Readers know I spend lots of energy avoiding Negroes in every situation. On the few rare occasions I see them “in the field”, like yesterday on my way to relatives, it’s always fun. The Negro has difficulty behaving himself, but he can tell (animal instinct?) when a white boy is prepared to lay him out. As I sit at a stoplight, pistol always packed in my big pocket of the cargoes, a “rolla” pulls up in a beat-out benz. You know, the type that couldn’t even afford to change the oil. Low and behold, in his passenger seat I see one of these white girls they be always bragging about banging. Sho as shit, no teef in da front!!! Of course, he tried the usual “angry nigger stare down”. I thought of my EuroAmerican friends and must have had the BIGGEST smile on my face, cuz this brotha just piped down immediately. I don’t know what it is, other than that they are not very brave unless in a group, or on anonymous boards, but HE sensed the score. All bark, no substance.

    Although I’m always prepared to defend myself, with force, I am able to avoid these savages using the common sense they lack. When the riots start this time around (2009), Negroes are going to learn real quick who’s running things again.

  13. sara says:

    the white idiots are at it again…… barking from their computer screens.. like the rabid dogs they are.

    They huff and puff like and nothing but air comes out.
    Can’t you understant it??? you are passe you are not relevant, you are dickless pink mutants….. nobody cares about the rubbish that comes out of your piehole…. please please do us a favour and go far away!


  14. sara says:

    whats your obsession with the penis…….. good grief! talk about projection……… as i said earlier, there always the penile implant…. try it !

  15. sara says:

    dickless pink hairy apes…. only brave behind the computer screen!

    your time is up! get ready to become extinct!

  16. Internet courage is a curious thing. . .




  17. incogman says:


    dickless pink hairy apes…. only brave behind the computer screen!

    your time is up! get ready to become extinct!

    Gawd, go away from the computer for 5 minutes and some militant negro woman gets on with her bull. You’re just ticked yo mama gave you a Jew name and not something like “Shanapukua.”

  18. sara says:

    what’s your real name incoherent? Billy Bob?

    It’s unfortunate that you rabid smelly dogs cannot see yourselves for what you are….. insecure, unhappy, dickless .pink/grey hairy apes.

    Everyone is laughing at you…. can’t you see? Bit off more than you can chew eh?? Bloody fool!

  19. incogman says:

    Whatever you say, SassafoolJew. And if my name was Billy Bob, I’d have ZERO problems with it.

    There’s no one laughing at me: All my neighbors, family and friends are talking quite openly now about the Negro, ever since the usurper Barry boy came on the scene.

    It’s flooding everywhere, regardless of JEW-TV. The dam is broken and White people are now realizing other Whites think the very same things they do and can freely compare notes with each other.

    The Jig is up for the Jig!

  20. sara says:

    You must come from a family of fools and nincompoops.

    one thing you are right about is that the dam is indeed broken,to flood out the dregs of society , grey hairy apes!

    the white/grey apes are now realizing that the fraud party is over….. no more false delusions of grandeur…. they have been exposed for the white trailer trash they are.

    sorry, but I hear they are offering rehab for white redneck trailer trash like you who cannot come to terms with the end of the fraud era….. perhaps you can take advantage of that.
    wretched idiot!

  21. incogman says:


    I tell you, you Negroes are hard-hitting with the names. I’m like so destroyed by that one.
    Keep commenting Negro, you illustrate everything I say and then some!

  22. Orion14 says:

    That beeotch is one nincomfuckingpoops! WTF is “the fraud era”? The “Civil Rights” Era? I agree with you on that one, sareeka.

  23. don Robison says:

    I don’t even get it. Racism is present all over the world in all countries. Truth is you can’t even immigrate to most Asian counties. Somewhere in Africa there is likely to be some genocide happening, but Whites can’t even open their mouths. The cries of racism/ignorant/bigot are so frequent and so unfounded it isn’t even worth mentioning. If you are a white and are owned by these losers, wake up. No great mind has ever espoused multi-culturalism.

    Calling all racists idiots is saying you don’t know squat about anything and are condescending to everyone in the world, except a few white Marxist zombies.

  24. sara says:

    And dumb and ignorant too, these redneck apes.

    Read and travel a little more, it might enlighten you and also improve your word power.

    Hopeless fools!

  25. incogman says:

    Word power? This coming from some Negress who uses the word “nincompoop?” The same tired cliches “Ignorant,” “Redneck” etc. etc.

    You’re a joke. You need to quit using the White man’s invention here, if you want to help out your own race.

    But, hell, you probably are the pinnacle of Negrofied education.

    And I’ve been to 46 states and places elsewhere that you don’t even know exists.

  26. sara says:

    You are either drunk or plain stupid…… nigger/negress is not a tired cliche???? Improve your word power dear, it will help you.

    You consider the 46 states travel……hehehehehehe.

    Language is the white mans invention ???? I rest my case.
    Dumb redneck trash!

  27. don Robison says:

    “enlighten”, “word power”, “Dumb redneck trash!” -sara

    Are you kidding? I don’t consider you smart nor would anyone else. Not even the most fasciast liberal marxist would consider what you are comment here as non-idiotic. It takes no intelligence whatsoever to launch an ad hominem attack. You can begin the debate anytime you like, by forming a coherent argument.

  28. sara says:

    what debate….. you moron!
    How can I debate with the likes of you? You guys are deluded and you don’t even know it.
    It would be like debating with the wall.

    I also don’t consider you smart, as a matter of fact, I think you are exceedingly stupid and uninformed and frankly boring.

    I come here for comic relief.

    Dumb rednecks!

  29. Don Robison says:

    If I am dumb, how am I maintaining a 3.7 GPA in an electrical engineering program at the University of California?

    “I come here for comic relief.

    Dumb rednecks!” -sara

    I encourage you to do some research, then come back with something to say.

  30. rebeccaamerocco says:

    Hey Incog, it’s Rebecca from stormfront. I wanted to comment but I’m laughing too hard. Sara, you’re a dillweed, by the way. But I must comment on the fact that Sara who thinks GPA averages equate to intelligence. I have worked with people I KNOW had college degrees with great GPA’s and I still wonder how they found their way to work every morning. Some people can memorize and test well. It doesn’t mean you’re smart. I myself did not graduate college, had a terrible GPA, but, have an IQ of 165 and became a boss to those other graduates. Intelligence, inherited, that’s how. Also sara what’s with YOUR dick or should I saw “dickless” fetish. Little tough lesbo mama? You don’t want to debate (as you said) But you do want to do the exact same thing you encourage US of doing, only you do it to whites, so I guess that’s okay. Freedom of thought BABEE. That’s one thing we BARELY have left over here, but, it DOES exist. Of course I would never degrade myself by screwing a nigger (or any other form of beastiality) but word on the skreet, yo’, niggers ain’t no biggers than anybody’s elseses. The biggest dick I ever saw was on a SWEDE. I’m not sure I even ever saw a bigger one in a porno! A big ole’ WHITE haired blue eyed swedish guy. I almost thought about moving to sweden. (not for him, just for the guys in general.) And he DIDN’T have aids or live in a fucking “dung hut” – Oh, those great ole’ pre-nigger/queer ZERO Aides days THANKS AFRICA FOR THE SPREAD OF HIV ACROSS THE WORLD. Right? Patient X got HIV from fucking a fucking African nigger.

  31. rebeccaamerocco says:


    Wow such eloquence you must have graduated top of your kindergarten class….. is the barrel of a gun the only way you can intimidate me? Point of correction, it is when I catch a glimpse of your ugly, pasty, pointed , long beak, lipless rat face that I will cry out of pity for you. Keep up the good work you clever clever white boys. The depth of your discourse is simply amazing!! Fools! (Sara, considering the inherently racist, antagonistic, and belittling things you say, you just show yourself to be what you allege to hate. A racist. And that’s what you are.)
    the white idiots are at it again…… barking from their computer screens.. like the rabid dogs they are. They huff and puff like and nothing but air comes out. Can’t you understant it??? you are passe you are not relevant, you are dickless pink mutants….. nobody cares about the rubbish that comes out of your piehole…. please please do us a favour and go far away! Fools!” (ooh, we’d like to sara, but, the niggers keep telling us to stay out of africa, and the ones here just won’t leave !!)

    Wow! Sara, such “clever discourse” from a “real” ape is actually more amazing. I love the way we’re ugly pasty long beaked lipless rats, rabid dogs, dickless pink mutants (oh, yes,, and please see my previous comment about how the dickless part for whites, that’s just a nigger lie) You sound like a TRUE humanitarian.

  32. rebeccaamerocco says:

    QUOTE: December 15, 2008 at 2:32 pm
    I though I told you crackers to commit suicide. You cracker do it on a dailybasis and you can’t even breed right being the weaker race and all. Now keep giving your self affirmation. You’ll need all the valadtion you can get. Hitch went to catch a duck why don’t you follow his lead licedick.””””””””

    Well Tiffany, if by “white’s can’t breed right” you mean, we don’t fuck 30 men a week indiscriminately, go on Maury and test all 30 and find out NONE are the father (are any black “fathers” the “biological dads” of any of the kids they take care of? Oh, wait….they DON’T take care of any of their kids so I guess it DON’T MATTER. DO IT? Dogs have more puppies than humans, and so do blacks (have more babies than humans). Oh yeah, right, I forgot…..most of the people I know try not to fuck, shit out babies every 9 months, and live like leaches off society. They have fewer children in order that they may CARE for their children. Being black, I guess you’ll have to look up what that means, actually “TAKING care” of your children I mean. Of which I’m sure you have many, and of which I’m sure each has a different father.

  33. rebeccaamerocco says:

    Oh, and look everybody. I used my real picture, and even my real name is in here somewhere. Screw all you!!!

    I have the right to my opinions and beliefs. I don’t go around to “black” rally’s and call them “hate groups” even though they ARE, While I am being told that any group that is specifically for whites is a hate group, but, black, latino, asian, jews (and btw, they ain’t white and if you want to talk about INBRED, a city up north has a law that allows uncles to marry nieces, and it was created just for the jews. Why do you think they have so many inbred genetic diseases that ONLY jews get, like bloom syndrome) blah blah, they all got their groups and it’s just fine and dandy, but da white man he cain’t be doin’ dat sheet an’ she-eit, ya know. Dat don bees allowud.

    And I LOVE INCOG MAN !! He not only has the balls to tell the truth, he’s smart and funny.



  34. American says:

    This illustrates what the Negro does to real estate, not only as a result of decay and lack of upkeep, but the fact society has to lend money to incompetents (sub-prime) so they can brag how successful they are.

    New data on Detroit real estate….


  35. incogman says:


    Thanks Rebecca!

    You show that they are plenty of racially aware, smart White women ready to stick it to the man. The real man.

    I dig it!

  36. Fleur de lis says:

    Pastor Manning goes ballistic on his people! This is a must see.


  37. incogman says:

    Looks like Pastor Manning has been reading too much of my blog!

    “They haven’t built one seaworthy boat… not one! There’s not one monument in all of Africa and I’m not talking about Egypt, Egypt is NOT Africa…There’s no great cities built, even before the first colonization of White people… No buildings higher than one story… all built with grass and wood!”

    Yeah — the crazy Negro tells it like it is, alright. “And Obama is not Black — he’s a beach boy from Hawaii!” Great stuff. Negroes should listen to this guy before they listen to Rev. Jackson.

  38. Fleur de lis says:

    I just saw that house listed at $8995.00. Wow, now that would be a $550,000+ house, near where I live. That address is not a good selling point either. 1666 Chicago Blvd, Detroit, MI? That should bring it down another several hundred dollars;)

  39. bob fairlane says:


    You will be so impressed by this chimp research. The animals are surviving in captivity and making their customary ghetto alcohol diet from sparse materials.

  40. sara says:

    the wretched small dicks are still at it i see.

    Inbred pink hairy apes, won’t you take a break and do something productive…….as you whine and moan like the bloody faggots you are, the world is moving on.
    oops, I foirgot you guys live in your trailers and caves in the back woods of America…. keep on pipedreaming. hehehehehehehehehehehe.

  41. American says:

    Silly Negro, just doesn’t get it.

  42. incogman says:

    Notice how the stupid Negroes only comment about Negro topics — their whole world revolves around just being Negro. We could have a asteroid hurtling towards earth and self-absorbed Negroes would be blathering on how it was a White man racist plot.

    How about that Illinois Negro, whats-his-name, the old one supporting Burris and calling it all a racist plot? That old Negro sounds like some Wino. That’s the kind of political leaders they have!

  43. American says:

    LOL…like Grady on the old Sanford and Sons! The Negroes should know what I’m referring to.

    Amazing, we’ve seen thousands of comments here ranging from the economy to Gaza, and the Negro comes in with monkeybabble name-calling. Not one word about ALL the many events unfolding daily. It’s really pathetic; thinking they’ve actually accomplished something all these years.

  44. JamesTheJust says:

    First Sara sayzzzzzz:

    you are passe you are not relevant, you are dickless pink mutants….. nobody cares about the rubbish that comes out of your piehole…

    The VERY NEXT post sara sayzzzzzzzz:

    whats your obsession with the penis…


    Hey sara, what’s YOUR obsession?

    poor, poor sarah. Projecting again. Is she a jooooo; a negro or both?

  45. incogman says:


    What, too chickenshit to comment here?

    Oh yeah: Say hello to Bob Sugar and tell him I think he’s a little punk. And I’m not anyone you might think I am, either.

  46. incogman says:

    Bob Sugar:

    That’s funny.

    Looks like he’s trying to bait more hits – so here’s the text of the message so you don’t risk losing IQ points by visiting the actual site:

    To the ever witty Bob Sugar:

    Like I give a rat’s ass about hits? I probably get more hits daily than that stupid forum you’re on. And you don’t have to worry about losing any IQ points, since it appears that you lost whatever you had long ago.

    And it’s still obvious to all concerned that you’re nothing but a spineless little twit, far too chicken to comment here. Probably because you know that you’re a walking, talking idiot and don’t want your bros back at HOOSIERLAND to see it. Deep inside, you realize that anything you come up with, will sound just like another pathetic Multicult asswipe after I or anyone of my friends deign to reply.

  47. copperhead says:

    Incog, I am catching up on your older articles. This one by and far made me laugh so hard I almost pissed myself. Funny, but a sad truth. Sheeboon= look for another route around the nig blockade!

    Excellent work my friend!

  48. whitewrath says:

    ha! fuckin niggers! LOL

  49. May the great spirit have mercy on all of you, I pray that you find peace.

  50. greg says:

    There’s no point in my trying to communicate logically and rationally with you since you’ve obviously decided neither has any weight or value in your fantasy world.

    That being said, your website has provided me with an awesome resource for my research on racism as a mental health issue that needs to be taken seriously so more research can be done for a cure. So thanks for that anyway.


  51. INCOG MAN says:

    STFU multicult YIDiot.

    I’m sure your Jew professors just love reading your BS “research.” They probably laugh their yellow Jew asses off at how successful their brainwashing has been.


  52. Greg says:

    I mean any White person who is against:

    The genocide of their race

    Turning White nations into darkened 3rd world jungles



    Demoralizing children

    Terrorizing foreign lands who have done nothing to us with war

    Being debt slaves to private jewish banks

    Worshipping black rappers who glorify murder, rape, materialism, drugs…etc

    Endless crime




    False Guilt

    Depression, anxiety, and suicide

    Turning young girls into sex slaves and whores

    Being spineless cowards

    Submitting to a corrupt government

    Kissing ass

    Giving away freedom for kool aid and a cell phone


    Must have a mental health issue..right?

    You’ve got some studying to do YIDiot….now get busy!

  53. GTRman says:

    Comment of the week no contest

  54. GTRman says:



    Demoralizing children”

    Greg I kid you not , I visited my family over Christmas ,
    saw a female cousin of mine , her 13 year old daughter had
    returned from school some weeks back and told her mum
    that they’d learned about anal sex that day .
    No consultation , nothing .

    And no protests from the tranquilised , neutralised parents .

    Queering the Schools
    Marjorie King

    ‘At a high school in prosperous Newton, Massachusetts, it’s “To B GLAD Day”or, less delicately, Transgender, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian Awareness Day. An advocacy session for students and teachers features three self-styled transgendered individuals—a member of the senior class and two recent graduates. One of the transgenders, born female, announces that “he” had been taking hormones for 16 months. “Right now I am a 14-year-old boy going through puberty and a 55-year-old woman going through menopause,” she complains. “I am probably the moodiest person in the world.” A second panelist declares herself an “androgyne in between both genders of society.” She adds, “Gender is just a bunch of stereotypes from society, but I am completely personal, and my gender is fluid.”

    Only in liberal Massachusetts could a public school endorse such an event for teens, you might think. But you would be wrong. For the last decade or so, largely working beneath public or parental notice, a well-organized movement has sought to revolutionize the curricula and culture of the nation’s public schools. Its aim: to stamp out “hegemonic heterosexuality”—the traditional view that heterosexuality is the norm—in favor of a new ethos that does not just tolerate homosexuality but instead actively endorses experimenting with it, as well as with a polymorphous range of bisexuality, transgenderism, and transsexuality. The educational establishment has enthusiastically signed on. What this portends for the future of the public schools and the psychic health of the nation’s children is deeply worrisome.


    Gay Liberation Front: Manifesto
    London, 1971, revised 1978

    Throughout recorded history, oppressed groups have organised to claim their rights and obtain their needs. Homosexuals, who have been oppressed by physical violence and by ideological and psychological attacks at every level of social interaction, are at last becoming angry.

    To you, our gay sisters and brothers, we say that you are oppressed; we intend to show you examples of the hatred and fear with which straight society relegates us to the position and treatment of sub-humans, and to explain their basis. We will show you how we can use our righteous anger to uproot the present oppressive system with its decaying and constricting ideology, and how we, together with other oppressed groups, can start to form a new order, and a liberated lifestyle, from the alternatives which we offer.
    HOW We Are Oppressed


    The oppression of gay people starts in the most basic unit of society, the family. consisting of the man in charge, a slave as his wife, and their children on whom they force themselves as the ideal models. The very form of the family works against homosexuality.
    At some point nearly all gay people have found it difficult to cope with having the restricting images of man or woman pushed on them by their parents. It may have been from very early on, when the pressures to play with the ‘right’ toys, and thus prove boyishness or girlishness, drove against the child’s inclinations. But for all of us this is certainly a problem by the time of adolescence, when we are expected to prove ourselves socially to our parents as members of the right sex (to bring home a boy/girl friend) and to start being a ‘real’ (oppressive) young man or a ‘real’ (oppressed) young woman. The tensions can be very destructive.
    The fact that gay people notice they are different from other men and women in the family situation, causes them to feel ashamed, guilty and failures. How many of us have really dared by honest with our parents? How many of us have been thrown out of home? How many of us have been pressured into marriage, sent to psychiatrists, frightened into sexual inertia, ostracised, banned, emotionally destroyed-all by our parents?


  55. Greg says:

    Oh yeah,

    Forgot the queering of children…thanks GTRman.

    Destroy the family, kill spirituality, turn men into sissies so they won’t fight back against commie jew control.

    Its got jew written all over it.

    Only a person with mental health issues would be against it right?

    I wonder if YIDiot may stumble across the word “goyim” in his studies? Then he’d recognize his own mental health issue.

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