"Happy" New Year and Bye Bye America?


Today was the last day of 2008, but what about tomorrow, White American Patriots? We all know something is up — it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out anymore. Will 2009 be the year all of us get turned into characters from some real-life, Great Depression movie? Will we all be rendered destitute, too concerned about getting something to eat, even beans or chitlens, then raising Cain with those Jew-corrupted SOB’s in Washington?

Washington has apparently been on some kind of script for the last two decades or longer, forcing NAFTA on us in the ’90’s and then allowing our manufactering to pull up stakes and move on to third world countries. Various financial bubbles have been given the legislative cultures to grow out of control and are now collasping in the same general time frame, right about when people warned us it all would happen. Gold prices have been artificially sat on, just so no one gets panicky — yet.

They may have planned it all for 2009, but once it was settled on Obama over Hillary, they then decided to set it off a little early to give their pocket Negro an election day boost. Goldman Sachs’ Jew dupe, Hank Paulson, was told to make the call to Nancy Pelosi out of the blue and created a Wall Street furor that made 2008 the worst Stock Market decline since the Great Depression years, in 1931 (it actually took 2 1/2 years from 1929 to drop 89%).

Smaller Jew and Gentile copy-cat scum have been in a kind of rip-off mode for some time now, hearing rumors from “on high,” just what the real big boys have been planning all along. They’ve gone on a feeding frenzy, just like during the last days of the Soviet Union — stealing what they can and salting it away in off-shore banks, Switzerland and over in that all-time den of thieves: Israel.

Go to the end for a quick poll on what YOU think.

Here’s the basic supposition: America is purposefully being brought to it’s economic and social knees, to roll out a socialistic North American Union (NAU) and bring in the Amero as the dollar replacement in 2010. I’ve been saying all this since around 2005, when I saw the handwriting on the wall with Bush and the SPP line of bull and so far, to me, it’s been obvious that’s where we’ve been headed for with that traitorous idiot, George W. Bush. He’s done the advance police state work for the Magic Negro.

Imagine all this for a minute: If they came right out in, say 1990, and told the American people that they wanted to turn America into a mere lobe of a Jew-controlled Global Government, install some skinny, lefty Mulatto as our president, redo the entire Constitution to destroy what’s left of our rights and admit millions of non-Whites into the country, what do you think would have happened? White America would have gone totally ballistic!

But that’s exactly the direction we are headed, sorry to say. It can’t be denied any longer. These bastards could never have been public about it all and made it to work, because we would have formed armies in the streets back then (and should do so now).


Gun sales are now through the roof, as White Americans are getting the big picture and are preparing for the day we throw the bums out.

The evidence is clear-cut: A giant highway is now being built in Texas, up from the Mexican border, which the US Media has virtually kept us in the dark about the details (think about that one for a minute). They are now seriously discussing the possibility of hosting Constitutional Conventions (Con Cons), to redo our crippled Constitution. We now have a Mulatto’s family moving to DC this very weekend in advance of the phoney “Inauguration” of the illegal immigrant usurper as we speak.

The legalization of the illegal non-White Mestizos is planned to go back on the traitor’s Capital Hill table in 2009, after being angrily and overwhelmingly protested against by the American public last year (May 07). The Jews of the ADL, SPLC and Jew media are now vigorously planning a big propaganda push for ramming this down America’s throat early in 2009. Even the border fence work has been stopped and some of this country’s traitors are now talking about demolishing what they’ve finished. The entire cabinet selections of Obama are supposedly pro-immigration.

Along with the legalization of those already here, expect talk about allowing more Africans to immigrate into the US and Western countries. Also, Section 8 Housing Act Negroes from the inner city are now in the process of moving into the suburbs and wreaking the typical kinds of Negro havoc. The government is actually paying two thirds of the rent money with your tax dollars (can you believe that crap?), for these crime-prone Negro families to essentially take over foreclosed properties. These Negroes are one truly spoiled rotten race.

Will some large, loud and nasty Negro family move in next door to you soon? If you’re a liberal, wait till this happens and, in about a week or so, you’ll no longer be so liberal and for “diversity.” Trust me.

New waves of non-White Mestizos, up from Mexico, will soon be making their way here, once the legalization of the 30 million plus ones, already here, finally take place — thanks to the new Lefty Democrat majority and Jew-corrupted Congress and Senate. Obama will whip that pen out faster than you can say “Speedy Gonzales.”

Oh, I’m not the only person who thinks that all this is going down. Plenty of people and not just Alex Jones or Jerome Corsi. Sure, most of the sleeping sheep in FOX News land would rather watch some inanity on TV tonight — you know, all the dancing crap and ball dropping bull. Hell, this country needs to drop it’s balls and drop some dimes on the bastards out there. Know what I’m saying?

Before I lose my cool about this topic, let me kindly suggest a few things. Get food and weapons. You should already have done so. You can buy common, easily stored stuff, like beans and rice, just remember to mark the purchase date on them with a black magic marker, so you can rotate them back in on a oldest date first basis. It’s not hard, but go to survivalist blogs/forums and read up on some things (put in some good links in the comment section below for people).

Buy a good handgun and maybe a riot shotgun and plenty of ammo. Learn how to use them safely and effectively. You want those things anyway, since Obama and his lefty cohorts will undoubtedly try to put a stop to buying them soon enough and the Negro crime rate is always horrible and now rising fast. Like the food business, check into the Gun blogs/forums from people who are into this kind of thing (and they’re are plenty, believe me).

Prepare yourself a “bug-out” bag. Stuff you gotta have to live and extra clothes. You may need to vacate your area at a moment’s notice. I’ll be doing some specific blog postings here on all of this kind of thing shortly.

I’m not joking here. We are going in the direction of some serious stuff, quite probably Civil War stuff, whether you believe me or not. It’s inevitable. Just the business with Iran and the Mideast will soon throw us all under the bus in a major way. Whatever you can get and do in advance will be helpful. Remember the Boy Scout maxim to be prepared and that having it, even when you don’t need it, is a whole hellava lot better than not having it when you do.

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

— Jew Banker James Warburg, Feb. 17, 1950, (as he testified before the U.S. Senate). His father Paul Warburg founded the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) in 1913 (same year as the Fed Reserve Act).

The Jews, once again, have destroyed a perfectly good country and brought us to the brink of global war. You can go give those bastards hell instead of me, the messenger.

I think that once White America gets it about Obama and who his masters really are, it’ll spread like wildfire and White Americans will start moving in the direction we should have done about 20 years ago. Don’t worry about the logistics and whereafores for now, just equip yourself and work extra hard alerting your friends and family to the Jew part, while the Internet is still relatively free (Youtube is now being monitored and censored by the Jew ADL).

It’s time we take back this country and throw the bums out!

Please take a second with my poll here about the North American Union (NAU) and leave your prognostications or just give me your usual hell, if you want. I’m a big boy and can take it.

Put in your 2 dollars worth (adjusted up from 2 cents, thanks to Jewflation) below, your predictions and any good links to Gun & Survivalist blogs/forums!

— Phillip Marlowe

Bankrupted States = Con Con & Newstates Constitution

“The current economic “crisis” is the tool, the highly planned and patient tool, to set up the global governing bureaucracy for real and for certain with the second convening of the Constitutional Convention in the wings. The big wigs tried it before in 1976, and they are trying again, but this time having manufactured national bankruptcy as public fear-based appeasement.” — Nancy Levant

Top Ten Reasons the North American Union will happen


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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59 Responses to "Happy" New Year and Bye Bye America?

  1. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    Looks like we’ll all be carving possum soon. Also invest in prescious metals if you can, gold, silver and the most valuable….lead! The higher velocity the better. If bluegum_bama and his govt goons try to get you to surrender your weapons…..do it………one round at a time! 🙂

  2. American says:

    It seems we agree that it’s all gonna bust, and probably sooner than later. What pisses me off the most, even more than Negroes living in $2,500/month section 8 foreclosures for $500, is that the whole world hates us. They want us hanged, and for issues that you, me, and them all agree. It just feels really hot in here!

    I must say that never has there been such a perfect storm. Every economy in the world is shot, Jews finally have some “turf” to justify their existence, nuclear weapons in many hands, fiat currencies out of control, not to mention the plain statistical fact we’re “due” for a major conflict (WWIII perhaps?).

    Combine this with an oppressed, but very competent white race (we’re NOT going down without a fight), and there is bound to be some serious pain for everybody. Even if it’s avoided for 2 years, via the massive “stimulus”, these things are not going away until dealt with. People of all races (except Negroes, they still think everything is fine, and even getting better…LOL) are waking up to what belies them. Even if they don’t see Jews as responsible for the mess, it must be very unsettling to see whites starting to kick back. After all, we have proven quite capable in the past. Even an idiot can see something is gonna give.

    Regarding weapons, that is just plain good advice. Arm yourselves if you plan to call the shots in your life. Of course we’ll avoid violence, but I’d give serious thought to who you are, what lines you will/won’t cross, and remind yourself frequently.

    Enjoy yourselves tonight and be safe (stay home!).

  3. anti zionist says:

    I think of how my life would be different without paying interest on my house, cars and fucken credit cards. No inflation to tax savings. A dollar would be worth a dollar years later. One could actually stop running on the jewbag banker treadmill. I also forgot no income tax to pay the interest on the government debt. This scam is so big people cant fathom it. These elite kabbalists have gotta go. Happy new year to my honest fellow slaves of the jew matrix. We have been born into bondage and are finally realizing like incogman admits.

    The neonazis were right all along.

  4. Great North says:


    A superb essay, as usual. We, as a people, have arrived at the great crisis of our time. Our survival, as a free people, hangs in the balance. Encouragingly, many are awakening to the peril. Many, however, remain in denial or even confusion. Among our most important tasks is alerting as many of our folk as possible to the situation we face.

    Preparations are essential. Even now, at this late hour, it is still possible to do much in the way of preparing. Food, medicine and weapons acquisitions are all important. Also, we must be able to learn how to co-operate with each other to increase our capabilities to deal with what is to come.

    Thanks again for this direct and insightful commentary on our situation.


  5. Chet says:

    Good article. A copy of the SAS Survival Guide is a nice thing to have. All the survival books will quickly vanish when it all unravels. Let’s imagine that this is going to happen and it goes very badly; what signal would let me know who is patriotic and not looking for buckshot in the arse? And if there is a badge or signal of some kind, how will the good guys be smart enough to see through the pretenders? Something to think about for the worst case.

  6. Nemesys says:


    I know this – but I still don’t want it to be true. I want my Nation – MY Nation back.

    And I know I’m gonna have to fight to get it.

    The moment is upon us. You are a Voice of Prophecy, Incogman. And I wish you were NOT.

    But you are.

    A word of caution to all – don’t “fire the first shot” so to speak. They are waiting to pounce on US. Be careful. We don’t need anymore dead, or imprisoned WN. Being the new Robert Matthews is not gonna help, at this very moment. But be ready…….

  7. Chet says:

    Here’s a nice link regarding how this is has all been set up for us:


    • incogman says:

      I highly suggest everyone read the above link!

      The current economic “crisis” is the tool, the highly planned and patient tool, to set up the global governing bureaucracy for real and for certain with the second convening of the Constitutional Convention in the wings. The big wigs tried it before in 1976, and they are trying again, but this time having manufactured national bankruptcy as public fear-based appeasement.

      Article 1A Sec.8 – “The practice of religion shall be privileged.”

      Article 1B Sec. 8 – “Bearing of arms shall be confined to the police, members of the armed forces, and those licensed under law.”


      Robert E. Lee once warned us:

      “The consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of the ruin of all that has proceeded it.”
      – Robert E. Lee

  8. American says:

    One thing is for sure, and that is the internet is increasingly becoming the focus of their next assault of free speech. I’ve even quoted Israeli “defense” on another thread. People must use this tool NOW. Make no mistake, they are scared to death of how rapidly the real stories get out, via the ‘net.

    Every time (and I mean EVERY single time) I read an article about a judge that stands up to the Jewish groups like ADL, JDL, etc, I always write a letter commending them for standing up for what’s right. The one great thing we have going for us, is that nobody likes Israel or her loyalists in America pushing them around and twisting the system through words and manipulation. Even the people (politicians) that benefit as a puppet, can’t really like or trust these people. Recently, I wrote every single member on the Watertown town council supporting their decision to hold firm under pressure. Likewise, Judge Scolis in Iowa, who is detaining the “Kosher crook” that hired hundreds of illegals, and then committed bank fraud while out on bail. The Chabad are raising funds to release this guy b/c it’s an “attack on Jews”, but the Judge has held his ground. These people need to be aware that they are not acting in vain, it galvanizes us, too. Just a few years ago this task would be very time consuming. Now, a simple search will give you anybody in the news’ e-mail, so take advantage. If you don’t fight now, what do you deserve later?

    Use your computer all you can, while you can. Keep typing friendly, but forceful letters to push back. Let’s not regret that we didn’t do more with this wonderful tool. The other side is surely devising a way to shut this down, but for now it is ours to express our thoughts!

  9. Stug says:

    Hate to be negative, but I don’t think the average White, middle, yuppie, worker, business owner, semi professional or professional would get off their backsides for much of anything (other than PC butt kissing). The only people that came close were the Southerners in the 1960’s(after a great effort in the 1860’s that only failed due to the incompetence of its political leadership) – and they probably would have responded to a Governors call to arms – but now a large percentage are as gelded as those useless Northern fucks. Washington (state), Minnesota, Michigan, the Northeast, Idaho, Oregon, California, Kansas, Iowa – hell – do you think the spineless,braindead, Whites in those states will do anything but figuratively extend their necks and beg for the slaughter ? Make no mistake, Incogman is right, the US IS history and it’s Whites, as a group, are simply too impotent to do anything about it.

  10. Carve_Dat_Possum says:


    The above link is to a WSJ article about a russian anaylist predicting that the US is gonna break up into four parts. I got a laugh about the “texas republic” part he said would be under Mexican control or under their influence. Guess the Russkie didn’t figure in the “Redneck Factor” of this area. Hell, there’s boys down here just chompin at the bit for the shit to hit the fan. As for the soft yuppie types…….yup they’re intoxicated by their things they possess and their so called status but soon they’ll be without all of that. Some will wise up in time and some will fall by the wayside, that’s to be expected. Speaking for us southerners–we’ve been given the shit-end of the stick since reconstruction and from what the gun dealers have been telling me-they’ve been stocking up and getting ready. lucky for me I live in the land where we have fewer metrosexuals.

  11. American says:


    True about most northern whites, but not all are the same. Think how difficult it is for a northerner to express himself with all the liberals and their influence. Still, it does not mean they are incompetent and feel the same as we do (at least some). Many northern whites will want to jump ship, and choose racial awareness in the end. You’ll know the difference between sincere brothers, and those just expecting you to bail them out once chaos reigns. I think it’s counterproductive to draw lines amongst ourselves this early (southern whites vs. northern). To prove my point, I was born in the North, and detest just about every move made by those states (and have been living in the South almost 20 years now). Michigan and NY are two states that have crippled themselves beyond repair.

    We need to focus on the fact that a war is nothing more than a series of battles. You can only fight the battle at hand, and for now, that just happens to be on the internet. Nobody is shooting anybody, and to think or act otherwise is just playing the wrong game. The battle now is for information, we try to spread it, while Zionists try to snuff it. We have some great winds at our back, like the reality of the economic crisis. People know something is wrong, and are searching for answers. I continue to write emails to those that deserve credit so as to encourage. Likewise, I write to politicians to bitch, and I’m doing this a lot. Politicians only have the power we GIVE them. If they knew (and really believed) their careers were going to end, they would dump the Zionists, because they don’t like them either, they just need an excuse. The challenge seems much bigger than it actually is, but better get started!

  12. Woodsy says:

    While there are plenty of idiots in Texas, GWB ain’t one of ’em.

    He’s an oil-money-chasing damn yankee from some mediocre state up north called Connecticut. All hat, no cattle.

    He was even a cheerleader at some Yankee institution of higher learning, last I heard. Rah rah rah, Yale Skull and Bones Frat Boys!

    The rest of your article, is, as usual, spot on.

  13. Voir Dire says:

    As always, another outstanding contribution to the truth movement, “Dr.” Marlowe, and a heartening testament to our courageous patriots who seek to disseminate that knowlege to a wider audience, and I heartily applaud you for it.

    The “takedown” of the formerly free West is underway at breakneck speed, the hard, ugly facts more readily available than at anytime in world history since the inception of the Jew World Order (as revealed by the Protocols) for those smart and curious enough to pull back the veil and partake freely from this fountain of truth, yet most remain oblivious and in denial to our clear freefall into wretched totalitarianism. We are about to understand completely what the poor Russian people have endured and suffered under for having allowed the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution to manifest itself in their midst.

    The Marxist most worthy of study is Antonio Gramsci for he has surely triumphed in the West where Karl Marx failed. It was this deviant intellectual that spawned the Jewish American Revolution through their generals like Marcuse and Foucault.

    I used to hold out hope that we had a chance to wrest our country back through Article V of our Constitution – that little known vehicle given to us by our brilliant founding fathers for completely overthrowing this Zionist-infested, pernicious kleptocracy, but we only had a chance when we still composed 90% of the population. The Jews who engineered this cataclysmic demographic sea change know our Constitution better than the American people ever did.

    This is OUR future planned for us by the perennial nation wreckers and greedy banksters: “Despair in Argentina” http://ferfal.blogspot.com/2008/11/despair-in-once-proud-argentina.html, and ultimately as John Kaminski preciently visualizes the bleak day-to-day sober reality of the pitiful, imprisoned, starved Palestinians.

    I hope everyone read my prior post regarding the scholar who used census data to determine that 7 million Americans’ DIED from famine and thanks to the illustrious “expert” on the Great Depression, fraudster Bernanke, we HAVE a written record of an admission that these thieving robber barons are guilty of another genocide of OUR people, and don’t think for one minute they aren’t gleefully planning it again. With millions of Americans’ losing their jobs in this false bill of goods known as the (the Jews’ news would have you believe) “glorious” service economy and sold to foolish Americans’ as a viable economic alternative to the mass exodus of our manufacturing base, no new jobs being created or forthcoming, the continued importation of poverty through our insane immigration laws, we are SCREWED, the financial parasites are planning to extract another 2 TRILLION dollars in credit card credit (see:www.survivalblog.com/2008/06/two_trillion_dollar_reduction.html) so that the struggling, gasping middle class will not even have their credit cards to fall back upon. It is NO accident that this is unfurling when the typical American has virtually NO safety nets despite the astronomical taxes we pay through confiscation.

    The American/Western people had better awaken to this very real nightmare before the Jew World Order becomes our horrific reality.

  14. Ted says:


    When counting the electoral votes, either Congress finds by 1/8/09 that Obama, not being an Article II “natural born citizen”, fails to qualify as President whereupon Biden becomes the full fledged President under 3 USC 19 (free to pick his own VP such as Hillary) or thereafter defers to the Supreme Court to enjoin Obama’s inauguration with Biden becoming only Acting President under the 20th Amendment until a new President is duly determined.

    The preferable choice, at least for the Democrats, should seem obvious.

  15. apollonian says:

    Patriots Merely Need Keep “Eye” On Proverbial “Ball”
    (Apollonian, 1 Jan 09)

    Great essay, once again, InCog. “Ted,” evidently, u can’t read English: Biden is ineligible for same reason now as Obama–CONSPIRATORIAL fraud (see my earlier entry-post in ref. to u, specifically, last InCog blog, “Are White…?” 28 Dec 08, comments).

    Otherwise, I’d merely add we patriots have most excellent psychologic “momentum,” esp. given very most recent, latest events, Israel slaughtering poor Palestinians in Gaza.

    (1) At this pt., patriots are champions of simplest rule-of-law and US Constitution against THE USURPER, Obama. Judeo-conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) look very bad.

    (2) Note also “conspiracy” is no longer mere “theory”–as evermore people get hip to Obama usurpation/fraud–which could only happen with collusion (hence conspiracy) of politicians and judiciary–along with usual Mass Corporate “Jews-media.”

    Patriots must simply keep to strictest rationalism and Christian HONESTY in accord with that Western objective-reality foundation–AGAINST Judaic subjectivism and Pharisaism-moralism, such Pharisaism founded upon perfectly free human will presumption/hubris.

    CONCLUSION: (3) Finally, for practical purposes, consistent Christian overall goal must be total JEW-EXPULSION, but for immediate exigency we must needs REMOVE US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed–see RealityZone.com for expo/ref.) COUNTERFEIT machine which is Jews’ foremost weapon/instrument. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  16. Joy says:

    Oh yeah, hell is coming full steam. Just got myself a part-time job. I am going to use that money for shooting lessons and more guns and ammo. We are looking for some acreage in the boonies.
    Buy heirloom seeds, grow your own food, and for goodness sakes, get as far away from the cities as you can.
    I have a boatload of survival and related links, I will look for them this weekend and post them.

  17. Fleur de lis says:

    great warning essay Incog!!

    Joy, I’ve been doing mostly the same. The seeds seem quite reasonable at Baker Creek. Have you been there? How many acres, if I might ask? I want to find something soon too, so I can start the gardening routine this spring.

    Edgar Steele has a new 2009 prediction list, well worth reading.


  18. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got access to a few acres for a home farm, however, here are some things that seem troubling:
    1. Recently, a SWAT team raided some amish co-op farm up in Ohio recently. They confiscated lots of things and held the entire family, toddlers and all at gunpoint while playing a good-cop, bad-cop routine and eventually left, citing them for something like selling without a license. I don’t have the link, just search the net for Ohio, farm, swat or something.
    2. Different plants give off different heat trails. That’s how Feds in my state find all the remote, above-ground pot growers.
    Put two-and-two together and if under a martial rule, it might be something they’ll be looking for.

    Conclusion: I think your principal diet out to be deer that you bow-hunt for. Deer are abundant. Arrows can be made easily and reused. Arrows are silent.

    Just my thoughts.

  19. Joy says:

    Fleur ideally 5 acres, but 1 would do. I haven’t tried Baker Creek, thanks, I have bookmarked that for later perusal. We have had a small garden for the past four years, actually knowing nothing about how to do it, so I encourage everyone to start experimenting asap, as always, shit will happen. There is nothing sweeter than homegrown veggies. We also have 6 chickens, no rooster, but fresh eggs everyday! Chickens are cool pets.

  20. Nemesys says:

    To Any and All,

    I just REAMED out an UnWhite male (my term for ignorant/self-loathing Race Traitor Whites) on New Year’s Eve. I am very John Brown-ish, in my beliefs, and in the way I express them. I know many of you try to quietly istruct, and patiently explain – but I do not. I RAIN H#LL down on Race Traitor Whites. This UnWHite Race Traitor voted for ONegro. He rightly detests Bush, and McTraitor – but he voted for the Jew House Negro. I used those exact terms, for Obongo, as well. He cited EVERY Anti-White “It’s all Whitey’s fault” cliche. And I deployed a scorched Earth correction policy on him. I had an answer – the TRUTH = a correction of his diet of lies – at EVERY turn. He said his monister told him that Islam ia a religion of Peace. I told him he was nuts, and his minister is a liar and a fraud. He said the guy is a scholar – I asked him if he got his Divinity Certificate from a box of Kosher crackerjacks (I then explained the Koran, which I’ve read all the way through 4 X). He blamed the USA for starting wars. He sadi “We always start wars”. I told him “It’s not “we” – it’s JEWS. Wilson sold us to the Yids, in 1913 – and it’s been down-hill ever since. Thatthe YIDS start wars – and use our blood and treasure to achieve their goals. They’ve used us for their b!tch for almost 100 years.”. He brought up the wrost cliche about how we won’t go into Africa, because theur don’t have oil. I had maintained a civil tone, at that point – and when he brought up the “poor Africans” – I went OFF. I YELLED at him. I asked him, “How DARE you?!!!!! How DARE you?…” I shoved the Black crimes stats – the attacks, the 30,000 PLUS rapes of Blacks on White women, the Black SLAUGHTER of Whites in Rhodesia, and South Africa -WHITE FOUNDED Nations – down his throat. I told him he’s a totally ignorant TOOL – and how DARE he expend ONE TEAR, or ONE PENNY, against low-IQ murderous prognathic throw back N!gger VERMIN, and the FASTER the brutal Chinese KILL off the N!gs – the better for every-one. That Afreakans deserve each other. That he’d better LEARN FAST to care for WHITES, and Whites ALONE. And that he needs to DROP his CRAP at once.

    He got furious , of course. He was once a White man – so he didn’t hit me. He clammed up. We will NEVER speak again. But he will remember what I said. I’m sick to DEATH of suicidally ignorant UnWhites. THEY are MY worst enemy. THEY have subjected ME to every Jew-Approved Mud degradation and disaster. The worst thing about this fellow – his neighborhood has been wrecked by Sp!cs – but he still spews the Multi CULT-i poison. He was shocked, and outraged by MY words – but one day, when some Mud does one last thing – he will REMEMBER what I said. He’ll either die at the hands of some Mud – or awaken. I don’t care which happens. But I intend to scorch ANY UnWhite that acts against Whites. We cannot be ambiguous, or reticent, any longer. We can NOT tolerate Race Treason ANY longer. The hour is NOW.

  21. Joy says:

    I really like you Nemesys!

  22. don Robison says:

    I’ve spread my share of truth, but never so blatently. The school quarter begins soon; maybe i’ll be more open. I almost got thrown out of my dorm for “not treating everyone the same”.

  23. incogman says:

    Nemesys — you rule!

    Any White woman who has seen right through the bullshit and JEW brainwashing efforts directed EXPRESSLY at them, is a Warrior Queen of the first magnitude in my book.

    I love confronting spineless, worthless White liberals. Usually, once they figure out you won’t back down, change into cry-babies and fall back to calling you a racist or hater.

    Little do they know that it’s brave Whites who are fighting for their race, are the real revolutionaries and warriors against the true racists and Nazi of all time — the Zionist JEW!

    Che Guevara, the darling of many of these idiot Whites who know little to nothing about real history, once said that Negroes were a lazy, indolant race, while White Europeans were the only ones with intelligence, foresight and planning.

    You White liberals reading my words: GO TO HELL! You are too chicken-shit to say anything because you know well that OUR words ring true.

  24. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    Liberals are like drunks………….you can never talk any sense to em, but to give a drunk his due, sooner or later he sobers up.

  25. Stug says:

    American, correct, the exception always proves the rule doesn’t it. Many a Northerner fought for Old Dixie in the WBTS and and many who couldn’t get South did what they could. Lincoln and his minions called them “Copperheads”, a tag to wear with pride. I think many White’s in many of the Northern states really don’t like the JudaoNigger dictatorship and just need an opportunity to join in a movement to do something about it – hell – I found a National Socialist Party HQ’d in Minneapolis on the web, and another in Detroit (God knows they need a movement there, but I don’t know where they will get recruits in Congoland}. Of course, the problem isn’t a regional breakdown, it’s White survival nationwide and worldwide, it’s just that Southerners have a history of fighting the Pigs, which I am proud of – but saddened to see the effects of race mixing creating a mulatto underclass in Southern society, like Brazil.

  26. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    Well, soon when all the riots begin I feel that there will be an assload of now asleep whites who will have (finally) a “come to Jesus” moment. Actually we’re noticing quite a few having that moment now but when the SHTF the sleeping giant will be fully awake and pissed. Sadly for the late-bloomers the prime moment will be past and they won’t have much time to prepare (guns, ammo, food, prescious metals). Guess they wasted too much time oggling Britney’s smackerel shining on the net…….sucks to be them.

    Now for those of you considering a proper first firearm…may I suggest a good ol shotgun. Model 870 remington comes to mind. 12 ga pump, holds 5 shots….doesn’t take much aiming………just point and click. (actually you don’t wanna hear it just go click.but you get the point). Should cost you a bit less than a good quality handgun for those on a budget.

    Do this soon because ammo is already going up in price. After Obongo is in the sky’s the limit.

  27. Fleur de lis says:

    “I suggest a good ol shotgun. Model 870 remington comes to mind. 12 ga pump, holds 5 shots….doesn’t take much aiming”

    I was wondering what king of SG to purchase. Sounds good. thanks.


    here is a pertinent read about simple country living.


    This is what most people should do to simply say “F” the whole system of criminality that is rampant.

  28. Chet says:

    Yes, the Rem 870 12GA is quite awesome; especially the all black one with the synthetic stock. I love mine.

  29. LW37 says:

    I am so proud of your blog. I have been posting under a different name, because I had a metldown one night and posted here and wished I didn’t say what I did as it was off topic, but I was having a terrible decision to make and had no one to talk to, but I’ve never left you. 😉 I blame stress and PMS. That is my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL.

    You seemed to have grown so much since you started this site and have really let it all out, like it should be. Time is short, so why we still have free speech, we all need to tell it the way it is.

    They are arresting people all over for dumb stuff, like the poor guy in Kentucky who wrote a fictional story about Zonbies taking over the school, and they students saved the school. He was charged wih a second degree felony for terrorism. Did they arrest Stephen King for ‘Carrie’? Hell no.

    Then we have the kid who was suspended and tormented for wearing an ‘Investigate 9-11 shirt to school. he fought and fought and won. They are still putting kids in detention for speaking the truth, plus some places ae making them wear I.D.s around their necks like the make prison people do. Cameras everywhere. Why do they need them? ll these scum non-whites and jews who do things like Columbine.

    It isn’t white people causing all of the problems.

    I think we are losing this country fast and we who know will die for the cause. If I were a 20 year-old, I would NEVER bring a child into this slave nation and slave world. Even though I want Whites to keep building the numbers, I can’t handle what the system is doing. We are losing this nation, and uness Lone Wolves start taking out the trash at the top, nothing will ever get better. Talking nicely insn’t working to stop this crap.

    Remember that the jews control the money and now they control the polticians and the world. They hate Whites. They pretend to be good, but they follow the Talmud and they think all who are not jews are not even human and they are doing Eugenics on all of us.

    Incog, if you want a subsciption to Alex Jones’ site where you can watch all the movies, see the show online, and have access to everyhing, I will give you that gift. He said I cold give my name and password to 5 other people. I will give it to you so you can study even more. I have 4 more I can do this for. I don’t know if one online friend will use hers yet, so I may have 5, but if you are not a suscriber, I want you to be. You will not turn the TV on for about 3 months with all you can see and read as a member. Let me know in a PM on SF.

    Thank you for doing what you do. I wish you a Happy New Year and hope it isn’t a black and jew year.

    I agree everyone better stock food like a packrat. These gas prices will not stay low either. We have abut 9 months before it get so bad. 12 months tops. Get ready. Food and water is the most important, along with ammo and guns.

  30. Orion14 says:

    It’s my turn to just bust and say…I LOVES ALL OUR WONDERFUL WHITE WOMENS! BIG GROUP HUGS!!

    Now, to comment on some comments:

    1. Have as many babies as you can. We need warriors to carry on after we are killed in the first phase of the war. Look at the Palestinian women. Living in poverty, surrounded by the jewish enemy in the largest concentration camp in the world and they are popping them out like there is not tomorrow. Why? Because they understand if they don’t, there will be no tomorrow for them. Every child is a soldier, every child is our tomorrow.

    2. It is true that Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a Warrior religion and they will die for what they believe in against all odds. Regardless if you disagree with the other tenets of the faith, any religion that teaches death before dishonor has my undying respect!

    3. If you are in survivalist mode, a shotgun, rifle and handgun are sufficient. 500rds each (okay, you could get by with 200 for the handgun).
    If you are in insurgency mode, an assault rifle calibered in .223 or .308 is needed, along with 2000 to 5000 rounds cached. Handgun should be 9mm or .45. In addition, boom boom, night vision, quiet tools that fit on the end of a barrel, along with the williness to shoot at anyone bearing arms for or determining policy of the illegitimate government is crucial for our success.

  31. Orion14 says:

    Don, don’t get kicked out of school. Spread the word but do it covertly. You are deep in enemy territory and should act accordingly. Don’t get a file on you. We’ll need you to infiltrate. Look to work for the ZOG in some capacity that will be helpful to your fellow insurgents.

    Some people can be loud and proud, others need to be silent and deadly. Teamwork. Intelligence. Stealth. That’s what our enemies do and we need to do it too.

  32. Nemesys says:

    Joy – I like you too!

    Don – listen to Orion!!! Every-one has different circumstances. I have mine. I do not dispense overt White Nation information – TRUE FACTS – at work, as I must support myself, but I do give historical/financial/demographic info to those who ASK. And a lot of people are asking. I have, at work, what would be considered a White Nationalist conversation EVERY SINGLE DAY. And it’s not me; my clients introduce the issues. I adjust my language to suit the person I am speaking to, as some folks are much more politically savvy than others – but I’m telling you – awareness is out there, and growing. The economy is affecting every-one. I speak to wonderful folks – who are losing their jobs, and their “lifestyles” They are scared to death. They don’t know what to do. It’s OUR job to connect, and guide them to ….well…us!

    We need you IN school. WN has an image of being comprised of knuckle-dragging misfits. That element does exits – but it’s the exception, not the rule. We need educated, intelligent youth, to destroy the negative stereotypes Die Juden has created. So make sure you finish your education. Take notes – and names. We will take back this Nation – and every other White Nation – and a LOT of Race Traitor scum need to be placed “up against the wall”.

    As far as my personal “Hell Raining Down” moment – I was with several folks who knew about me already. They know me – and still put up with me. See – I am a flame-thrower. A “trouble-maker”. Worst of all – I TELL THE TRUTH. People hate that. It’s not easy. I’ve gotten myself into trouble my entire life, because of my bizaare proclivity. I can edit myself, for very brief periods – like about 15 minutes. I try to base everything I do on obtaining the most accurate info I can. I’ve made mistakes – and I apologize, when I discover I’m wrong. I think I haven’t been shot dead yet because well – luck – and a few other things. I’m honest, I’m generous, and I’m very funny. People know I don’t lie. Even if they hate what I’m saying, if they know I can really abrasive – they know I don’t fold in the crunch. They know my fundamental assessments are solid.

    That UnWhite, on New Year’s Eve – I just met him. He recited (and he did sound like a parrot) EVERY Anti White cliche that we all have encountered. All at once – in one sitting. I can’t STAND it anymore. I don’t know if there will be blowback, from any-one else – and I don’t care. I’m gonna stand my ground – and counter anything any-one throws my way.

    Cultivate a way in which you can tell the truth, without hurting yourself. We nned a bright young fellow like yourself. You aRE the future. Tell the truth. Make sure the message get out. Make sure you don’t undercut your efforts TO tell the truth. We stand with truth. Truth shall prevail.

    Finally – Incogman – YOU Rule. You have no idea how much you mean to me. Your blog, and your essays, the works, of other writers, that your feature – you are solid platinum. You are an inspiration. Your sincerity and integrity and BRAVERY shines through every single moment. You will never know how much I owe you. You are the Real Deal. A Hero. Simply for telling the truth, and defending us, by keeping this blog up and running. This site is a long drink of cool, clear pure water. I drin form this well every day.

    From the marrow of my being – thank you.

  33. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    Well, starting out, going around showing our fannies ain’t gonna do anyone any good (except those in power). All it’ll do is just paint a great big ol target on our backs and serve as propaganda fodder for the elites.

    What we need to do is to out Jew the Jew. By deception they do war. Well, two can play that game. Well need to gather stregnth and do so without bringing too much attention to ourselves. We need to stay loyal to our own and only our own. Don’t go around with flags, symbols, clothing or anythinng that will give you away……..that’s just what they want……to make an example out of you–to flaunt to all the world and say see? See? No we have a good ways to go before we can make a good showing and it can be done. In time. The swamps by my place are the same swamps Francis Marion (The swamp fox) trodded around in when he gave the british hell during the revolution. (The same guy Mel Gibson’s “The Patriot” was based on). Maybe we can learn a lot from those who have already been there and done that. Come to think of it I believe I’ll order a book on HOW he did it to gain more insight on what to do and how to act.

    • incogman says:

      What we need to do is to out Jew the Jew. By deception they do war. Well, two can play that game. Well need to gather stregnth and do so without bringing too much attention to ourselves. We need to stay loyal to our own and only our own. Don’t go around with flags, symbols, clothing or anythinng that will give you away

      This is exactly right, everybody. We need to “outjew the Jew.” Use everything that you know, but tailor it to the audience you are speaking to. If they are lefty, don’t get into pissing matches about the Negro, just rail against what the Israeli are doing to the Palestinians in Gaza. If they are White conservative, talk to them about how much these people pushed for Obama and how they are for the NAU and world government (being against the US) and illegal immigration. If they are worried about the economy, talk to them about the Wall Street rip-offs and Bernie Madoff. If they are Christian, talk about Jew hate of Christmas, the evils of Hollywood and how they push Homo rights.

      Use “sales techniques” to awaken other Whites. Look for specific people that will listen to the message and have “pull” with those around them or are the “leaders” in groups. Blow off those braindead who are not worth your time. Usually, those kind will only go along with prevaling opinion.

      There is enough out there so you don’t need to lie (but all is fair in war and we are in a war), but you can freely add emotion and emphasis to what you know. Ask people gently: “I have some serious things I’ve been thinking about, can you take a minute to hear me out?” Get them involved — use the Jew technique of speaking softly to make them your friend.

      Look to create grass roots efforts and “fashion” with people. Tell them that “everyone is going on about something that I’ve known about for some time.” Tell them it’s big and spreading. People have a need to be on top of things and that will get their curiousity up.

  34. don Robison says:

    The Jews infiltration of politics and finance has a lot to do with college. Anyone can get through college. They know this, so they all go to the Ivy League schools, and then, with the pretense education affords, force whites to yield power to them. To take the country back over, we need whites with fancy degrees going around telling regular whites what the score is. Your average liberal white can call racist whites dumb, because the educated Jew has made multi-culturalism the pinnacle of academia.

  35. 'Uncle' Al says:

    Shotgun: Remington 870 is an excellent choice. The Mossburg Mdl 500 is also quite serviceable, and sometimes a bit less expensive. Whichever you decide upon make sure you get, in addition to any other barrels, a 20″ cylinder bore barrel and a magazine extension. The Extension will increase your magazine capacity up to 8 rounds, with one additional in the chamber. The cylinder bore barrel is basically a piece of pipe, with no constrictions. The normal sporting shotgun uses a choked barrel (Diameter restriction, to tighten the shot pattern at distance). By using a cylinder bore you gain maximum pattern spread and have the additional advantage of being able to use 1 – 1 1/4 Oz slugs, which are, to say the least, devastating. One of the most dangerous myths about the shotgun is that all you need to do is point in the direction of the target and pull the trigger. You can miss, particularly of your target is up close and personal. The shot spread from a CB barrel is about 1″ per yard of range. In practical terms that means at generally accepted combat ranges (3 – 7 yards) your pattern will be between 3 and 7 inches in diameter, with the bulk of the shot in the central 60% or so of the pattern. That gives you somewhere around 1 3/4 of maximum contact. The stopping power of the shotgun is based upon the impact of many small pellets into a concentrated area. If you miss center-of-mass, and only a few pellets hit, you’ll probably just piss them off. It’s like the less than useless .25 ACP that is often sold as a ‘ladys’ gun. Unless you can sick it into his ear and pull the trigger, you’ll just make him mad.
    On the other hand, I once heard it said that there is nothing in the world more frightening than a scared woman behind a double barrel shotgun. A retired cop once told me that more crimes were halted in their tracks by the sound of a 12 gauge racking a round into the chamber than anything else.
    As a streetsweeper the 12 gauge beats the Uzi hands down. The normal magazine capacity for an Uzi is, I believe, 32 rounds of 9mm. The optimum Anti-Personnel round for the 12 gauge is ’00’ buckshot. Each lead pellet is .33″ in diameter (only marginally smaller than a 9mm bullet – .355″). Each round carries 12 pellets and a trained shooter can put 96 of these pellets into the air in the same time as it takes the Uzi to empty 32. THAT IS firepower.
    To other matters:
    Some of you may have heard of Kurt Saxon – He was the original ‘Father’ of the survivalist movement, back in the ’70s. Back in the late ’70s he moved from the west coast (Eureka) back to what he considered the safest area in the country to live. That would be the Arkansas Ozarks.
    His Website:

    For Those of you considering rural land, you could do worse than North Central Arkansas. A lot (many, I venture) of the locals think like most of us do – They have just been brainwashed by the Socialist Schools System into being afraid of expressing what they believe. I’ve seen acreage in the Hwy 65 corridor (Branson down to about Clinton – Much further south and you are within a tank of gas from Little Rock) for as little as $2,500 per acre. You can be in ‘town’ (Harrison, the major population center has around 12,000 people) or as far out as you want. We are in a more or less temperate area. It does snow, but it typically lasts for a week or so, not 4 months, like Montana or Minnesota. It’s hot and humid in the summer, and it’s really nice in the Spring and Fall. Property values have always been lower back in the midwest. The main issue is employment. If you can work from home, like many of us computer professionals, you have it made. If not, it might be a bit more difficult.
    Arkansas is a shall issue state, although it’s only one of 6 states that prohibit open carry. Still, it’s only illegal if they catch you. We have several ‘hotbeds’ of illegal occupation, mostly in the areas of the Tyson plants, but the rest of the area is fairly free of ‘groid and latrino infestation.

    Earlier in this thread there was a mention of Heirloom seeds. There are several companies that specialize in those:
    Here is one in the Ozarks:

    One More:

    And, the grandaddy of them all:

    A quick Dogpile search will find dozens, many of which will buy back seeds from their customers to add to their salable stock.

    One final note: One of niggerbama’s first priorities will be gun control.
    Remember: Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

    Be afraid, be VERY afraid. If they can’t get your guns, they’ll get your ammo.


  36. apollonian says:

    Don’t Doubt It’s IMPOSSIBLE To Beat (Or Even Equal) Jews At Lying–Their Strong Suit
    (Apollonian, 3 Jan 09)

    I submit most excellent model to observe is Roman empire of 3rd and 4th cent.s for first, original, Christian revolution. Christians were fairly overt then, 4th cent. Such is purpose of history, don’t forget, by which we have models to draw lessons.

    Problem is if one emulates Jew, what’s difference?–why should people favor Christians if they’re merely same as Jew? Patriots and Chrisians should never hesitate to be different fm Jews–after all, it’s HARD to be uglier than Jews w. their trade-mark hook-noses, don’t forget.

    Of course, note that’s the pt., as evermore people realize what Jew really is all about–as we see presently going on in Palestine, specifically Gaza.

    Overall, people in general usually merely react fm fear–hence Jew terror, since that’s all they’re about anyway. But meantime Christians can still work to acquire a core of loyalist mainstays.

    The other main approach, of course, is REASON vs. Jew mysticism and irrationalism, cleverly styled as it is. But far too few people appreciate this overt rationalist approach as it’s so easily confused–that’s why the Christian alternative is ultimately so attractive.

    Thus Christianity then is best understood as a “feel,” sense, or styling put to reason which, remember, is actually a METHOD of thought.

    So what then is Christianity for substance?–it’s HONESTY in honor of TRUTH (as in Gosp. JOHN 8:32, 14:6, and 18:37), this versus Jew lies and deception.

    So how is one then to understand “truth”?–and the answer is it must be by means of that OBJECTIVE reality which gives criterion for truth, Jews holding to subjectivism–“anything goes,” so long as it benefits the topmost Jew masterminds.

    For what is lying anyway, but “excessive” subjectivism, then mis-represented?–offered as substitute for objective reality. Ck RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo/ref.

    Again, note problem to “out-Jewing” Jews is essence of Jews, which is lies–and it’s pretty tough to out-lie Jews, masters of lies (as Gosp. JOHN 8:44). I suspect it only falls for Jew strategy if gentiles attempt to play Jew game, which is lying, and which such Jew lying cannot be out-done.

    And remember good patriot comrades, we have to weather this storm: Jew disease is going to take its victims, and there’s nothing we can really do. Gentiles are over-populated and HUBRISTIC.

    For we’re still in midst of CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler. Jew parasite disease must and will destroy its gentile host (the part which feeds them)–and then Jews must, necessarily, begin to turn upon itself–as we see, again, by Walt-Mearsheimer, CFR-Bilderberg conspiratorial (see TheNewAmercan.com for expo/ref.) agents, pointing “finger” at “The Israel Lobby.”

    Don’t doubt patriots are actually gaining steadily, as by means of MIGHTY INTERNET, blog-art, and dialectic technique. Consider just the ever-greater number of people who know Obama is gross, crass USURPER–see TheObamaFile.com for expo/ref.–they’re not going to get out of terrible trap they’re in, don’t doubt.

    Greatest overall question then is what will u do when pigs remove the internet, God forbid?–THEN U’RE GOING TO HAVE TO PREACH “gospel” on ur own (hence u need to understand it in first place). But in such case, note circumstances will be surely quite different, people not needing that much more to understand “it’s Jews, stupid.”

    So I conclude once again, MAIN PROBLEM for us to solve presently is dealing with FALSE “CHRISTIANS.” And against those false Christians one must simply stick to honesty and truth, again: (a) Christianity is NOT against reason, and (b) IS AGAINST JEWS (as anti-Talmudic Gosp. MARK 7:1-13). Finally, remember Christianity is NOT ONLY merely about “love”–but always about truth and HONESTY. “Think not I came to bring peace; rather I come to bring a sword” (Gosp. MATT 10:34).

    CONCLUSION: Thus the greatest delusion working still (again), is that of a perfect, God-like, “FREE” human will which then pretends to “good-evil” Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy. There’s no too “easy” way, remember–excess gentile population which pretends to such “good-evil” must duly “fall” by proverbial wayside, and patriots must (1) be patient, and (2) maintain strong stomachs as poor FOOLS DIE. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  37. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    i always talk about the Menorahs sprouting up in our public squares like got-damned crabgrass. They’re everywhere and nary a cross nor manger scene to be found. This will hit a nerve with most christians around these parts except I won’t put the point across so forcefully at first. Ya gotta go with what the traffic will allow. Like ” Why can’t we put our cross up in the square, they have menorahs up there, don’t they?”. Then if they pipe in rather forcefully in your favor..THEN…..you can take it from DEFCON 4 to DEFCON 3 and then so on………

    On the survival front I have run into a little snag. Water. I have bought the food…….non perishables……..live in the country so I can plant a crop. On the water front though…I have an outdoor well that goes down around 250 feet. SHTF and the electricity goes tits up. OK, I have about a dozen (so far) 2.5 gallon jugs of storebought drinking water. It is sealed so the shelf life is decent. Now what about when that runs out. I was told that the well is too deep for a manual primed pump to work properly and I have no creeks, ponds or other water sources other than rain. I guess so far my only option is to get a couple of rain barrels and a way to filter the water. Looked into the water filtration systems (gravity fed) that costs around 250.00. Now, me thinking that i could better use that money to buy ammo and food; I’ve been searching for alternative ways on the net. One is getting 2 baked clay flower pots (red clay kind) and having the water to seep and filter through those. Any ideas folks? ( of course you have to boil it afterwards I suppose)

  38. Fleur de lis says:

    With the financial system and economy going haywire, and now the Israeli’s brazenly cracking skulls in Gaza, and a new jew dupe President coming online, I am seeing that a major nuke false flag could possibly be on the horizon for a medium sized mid-west town.

    Remember the warnings of Joe Biden and Colin Powell concerning the immediate time frame of BO’s inaug.?

    This FF will be the sacrifice hit to score the points:
    military operations against Iran, martial law in the US, NAU of three nations, major death for the goyim, distraction from Gaza and negative world opinion of jews(Just like pre-911), distraction from Wall street banking jews

    It will be the ointment for all that ails the banking jews.

    pray that this is averted. Remember last year how the Air Force discovered nuke bombs were “inadvertently” loaded onto bombers and flown to Louisiana. This was a hugh scandal, that no one even remembers now.


  39. Nemesys says:

    The intelligence, and info, on this site, is simply bracing!

    FYI – we don’t need to lie about anything. I wholly agree with all advice offered here-in, re: recruiting, and getting the word out. The thing is – we MUST be scrupulously honest. We are dealing with Whites. If we help them to see what types of genetic Deceivers Die Juden are, and have always been – and then if we tell a …errr…Little White Lie, in order to gain advantage – and we are discovered – then we invalidate EVERYTHING we do and say. We are dealing with Whites.

    Now – regarding deceiving and tricking our enemies – go to it!!!!! We owe them NOTHING except total victory over them.

  40. anti zionist says:

    A good way to get people to understand is by telling people that a nation has a credit rating like a regular person. They have to go to the bank to get loans to finance the country. Then ask them what is more powerful then the nation or the bank? They will say the bank. Tell them to find out who owns the bank and you will find out who runs the world. Everything always leads to Rothschild.

    Incog, you must remember alot of Blacks know damn well jews ran the slave trade and run BET ,naacp. They also know jews run the whites.

    The jew is a cancer and we need to cut them out or we are going down. I see this going two ways, god sends us a strong leader and they are upsurped from the inside like JFK tried or its up to each of us to start fighting back or we will be hiding out in the hills fighting them using guerrilla warfare.

    • incogman says:

      Yes, the Jew is the cancer. The militant Negro, race frictions, radical feminism and homosexuality, economic theft and blatant immorality are symptoms of the Jew VIRUS infecting America! The more Whites out there who start thinking about it, the better it will be when we do have to go on the offensive. Right now, we need to take full advantage of whatever FREE SPEECH tools left, since these will soon be on the chopping block. Once they put a stop to our voices, then every White out there should take heed (but should have long ago).

      Yes! Use the bank and Federal Reserve info. We all know money does not grow on trees, right? Ask people this, why do we not ever see anything on how money is created and by whom? Why do we see a media hamstrung about such questions and things like the North American Union? If they can do it on those kinds of things what else do they keep silent on?

      The JEW has used this country for his sole benefit and works to destroy it in the end. He is the enemy of the very concept of America and even of all mankind no matter what the race!

      The JEW wants to turn the US into a Commie Jew Land, just like he tried to do in Russia. Tell your audience to look at what is going down right at this very moment!

  41. American says:

    It’s best not to waste to much energy trying to educate the Negroes about what they should already know, IMO. They are totally useless, even to themselves, and will crumble the minute Jews don’t need them to deflect any longer. Look anywhere in the world where the Jew isn’t using them, and they have nothing. In a strange way, I don’t even think the Negro is upset he’s being poisoned, as long as he’s “getting paid”. They have no capacity to plan or see ahead.

    For now, the best thing to do is keep sharing information with everybody. I’m ashamed to admit, but I didn’t even know the Jews were treated VERY well in the concentration camps. I saw a video that did a thorough job of disproving many lies, including the fact that gas chambers were NOT used for genocide, but rather for lice control, etc. (I found the video at zionofacism’s site). I had always known the numbers of “murdered” were embellished (what Jew doesn’t lie and exaggerate to help himself), but I really had no idea how civil the Germans actually were. I’d recommend watching fi you haven’t already.

    Update: I just found the link. Here it is:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8424408632716421689

    Think of the Jews imprisoning people who dare to question the Hoax! Remember that you will never be more free to say what you think than right now!

  42. American says:

    The best results I’ve had in sharing opinion is through a game of “who said this?”, then quoting the Jews themselves (Incog has some great ones, as well as many other sites). Even some of my relatives that I do not see eye to eye with, found some of the quotes enough to make their skin crawl.

    We don’t have to convince others we’re “right”, just let them come to the conclusion on their own. Nobody likes being manipulated as part of some diabolical plan. Throw in the fact that everybody knows somebody whose life is about to get flushed financially, and the conditions could not be better to spread the word. I’m not preaching hate, but rather sharing some of the same things that have shocked me recently.

  43. Rob Chapman says:

    INCOG Sez:

    Yes, the Jew is the cancer. The militant Negro, race frictions, radical feminism and homosexuality, economic theft and blatant immorality are symptoms of the Jew VIRUS infecting America! The more Whites out there who start thinking about it, the better it will be when we do have to go on the offensive. Right now, we need to take full advantage of whatever FREE SPEECH tools left, since these will soon be on the chopping block. Once they put a stop to our voices, then every White out there should take heed (but should have long ago).

    Indeed, Incog.

    IMO, the perverse Jewish influence on White society is by far the primary source of our societies’ degradation and decline. The Magic-Negro-as-President is but one more example of the Jewish Media Machine at work in an effort to pollute, confuse and bring about the eventual dissolution of the White race.

    But fear not. White America is waking up at last.

    It is up to all of us to fight on and continue spreading the word as far and wide as possible about the machinations of the Jews.

    Wake Up White People!!!

  44. anti zionist says:

    All a negro needs to know is that jews controlled the slave trade. Thats all they need to know. The jew will try to incite a race war between whites and blacks. As long as the blacks know why they are really here then we have a common enemy. I have listened to malcolm x and Farrakhan and they blame the jew for slavery not white gentiles. But I am also guilty of ignorance because I live in a white town in Canada so we dont experience first hand black behaviour.

  45. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    Also we only took in about 7% of the world slave trade but we still catch 100% of the grief. Another distortion of the Jew meda. You never hear of the rest of the worlds participation in the slave trade. If they really wanted to ban flags that flew over slave nations almost no one would be exempt and the world would be flagless. Course you’ll never hear that because white america are TARGETS. So thankfully sites like this are the first step in outjewing the jew. The truth is a heavy boot to twist off into ZOGS ass!

  46. psyn says:

    “All a negro needs to know is that jews controlled the slave trade. Thats all they need to know. The jew will try to incite a race war between whites and blacks. As long as the blacks know why they are really here then we have a common enemy. I have listened to malcolm x and Farrakhan and they blame the jew for slavery not white gentiles. But I am also guilty of ignorance because I live in a white town in Canada so we dont experience first hand black behaviour.”

    Oh please..Malcolm X blamed all of black America’s oppression on whites and placed the blame directly on them for importing slaves….to pretend that the nation of islam blamed all of slavery on Jews is absurd….If there was no demand there would have been no middle man….it is that simple

    “Also we only took in about 7% of the world slave trade but we still catch 100% of the grief. Another distortion of the Jew meda. You never hear of the rest of the worlds participation in the slave trade. If they really wanted to ban flags that flew over slave nations almost no one would be exempt and the world would be flagless. Course you’ll never hear that because white america are TARGETS. So thankfully sites like this are the first step in outjewing the jew. The truth is a heavy boot to twist off into ZOGS ass!”

    Just how ‘we’ catching 100% of the grief. What grief? What grief has white america endured for the slave trade, beyond the self inflicted grief of bring people here against their will, buying, selling and killing them. Slavery by other cultures has been extensively documented and condemed.

    How is white america a ‘target’?…Exactly how is white america suffering in relation to the rest of the world. If you want to see real suffering, travel to other parts of the world and see what real suffering is…

  47. don Robison says:

    How is white america a ‘target’?… -psyn

    I guess you’ve never been to college.

  48. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    “”How is white america a ‘target’?…

    That’s what the topic of discussion is…..white america. We have enough whiners talking about everyone else……here we discuss us. Yup, us blue eyed debbils thankyouverymuch.

  49. don Robison says:

    “Malcolm X blamed all of black America’s oppression on whites

    Just how ‘we’ catching 100% of the grief.

    How is white america a ‘target’?…

    whites bring black people here against their will, buying, selling and killing them
    ” -psyn

    I don’t get it; How can you attack whites, while saying they aren’t under attack?

  50. anti zionist says:

    to pretend that the nation of islam blamed all of slavery on Jews is absurd…
    Look I just heard these black leaders specifically say that the jews are the reason for the slave trade.
    My Roman Catholic friends believe the christians and muslims will unite to strike down the jew. They believe this is why the jew media brainwashes us over here so this never happens.

  51. American says:

    psyn says “Just how ‘we’ catching 100% of the grief. What grief? What grief has white america endured for the slave trade, beyond the self inflicted grief of bring people here against their will, buying, selling and killing them. Slavery by other cultures has been extensively documented and condemed.”

    I say, the very concept of Ebonics was pretty painful. Also, I’d own a couple Negroes today if I could get away with it, so I’m not sure what kinda “self-inflicted” grief you’re talking about. It’s the intolerable Negro that needs to understand better.

  52. Nemesys says:

    Hey Psyn! Where have you been? “Tending” to the wounded Palestinian children – in order to enjoy a few furtive, yet delicious, slurps of their tasty young blood? I know it’s not as good as Christian kids’ blood, nor as magikal – but there are fewer and fewer Christians, by the day, and you must get whatever nourshment you can…..

  53. Nemesys says:

    Psyn intructs us to travel ’round the world, and, “Oy! See what REAL sufferink is…” (They have a franchise on sufferink, ya see – they create a lot of it – they don’t want to miss out on ANY residuals).

    Well Psyn – Shucks! Us Po’ White Trash cain’t afford to do any a’ that thar fancy Joo travelling round the world – as Bernie M. and Dov Zakiem took all our Federal Reserve Warburg funny money dollars! All the way to that thar Israel!

    I do hear tell of a great deal o’ that thar “sufferink” – especially in a place called “Gaza”. No food, or water, or ‘lectricity there….what happened to the Gaza-inians food, water, and ‘lectricity, Psyn?

  54. Z says:

    Jew infested economies ALWAYS end up collapsing – Jews have rotted every nation they have ever settled in, and America is of course no exception.

    One phenomenon of the last few decades has been the increasing concentration of wealth and influence (especially mass media control) in the hands of people in ostensibly ‘liberal’ Democratic states/cities in America (where most of America’s Jews live) while the ostensibly ‘conservative’ Republican countryside grows increasingly impoverished and wanes in influence.


    Or do American elites not like people living independently and mostly self sufficiently in the countryside and/or in small or medium sized towns? That is: providing a decent living for themselves w/out much centralized government and corporate interference and control?

    Seems to me that the main plan is to herd most everyone in to cities and suburbs and make them in to wage SLAVES where THEY ARE IN NO WAY IN CONTROL OF THEIR ECONOMIC DESTINY – thus they become helpless SLAVES entirely beholden to the combined plutocracy of the hypercentralized federal/international government working in concert with closely allied megacorporations.

    Sure, you are very “free” to work for (i.e., be entirely dependent upon) wages which Company X pays you and buy your goods at Company Y or Company Z – it’s just that no one ever told you that all of these companies are owned by the same international megacorp or corporate syndicate. Checkmate – your country is now under the thumb of plutocrats (most of who are Jews).

  55. Fleur de lis says:

    I think you nailed it Z. Consolidation of jew banking/gov. control in the tax slave city grid.

    Like you aluded, It’s all owned/distributed by the ‘company store’ that makes you a dependent and mind-controlled wretch- with illusions of freedom.

    We need to break free, simplify and be independent on our own parcels of land like our forbears, to a degree. It would be the real green revolution.

    How many millions are ready to acknowledge this, then proceed to action?

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