The Doom of Nations


By Revilo P. Oliver
Late Professor of Classics at the University of Illinois at Urbana

oliver-revilo-p-professorIn the foregoing pages I have tried only to suggest what seem to me to be the most important phenomena that must be taken into account in forming an objective estimate of the Jews and in considering dispassionately the present plight of our race and the doom that seems to hang over our children and over ourselves, unless we are individuals who have already come prope ad ipsos exactae aetatis terminos.

I do not know what, if anything, can be done to preserve a species that some judicious observers believe to be driven by a largely subconscious, but irresistible, death-wish. In 1914, although we had the Jews on our backs, we were indubitably the dominant race on earth; we are now a despised and degraded species of anthropoids on whom all other species, including the very lowest and most brutish, joyously feed.

When I see that our people are either too doltish to perceive their degradation or too craven to care, I am close to despair. Even a few decades ago, I should not have believed it possible that here in the United States Aryans would willingly see their children hauled to “schools” to be defiled by enforced association with savages and to be robbed, beaten, raped, and mutilated by the animals.

Even today, I am almost incredulous when I hear chiefs of police on the radio urging the white rabbits to minimize the chances that they will be mauled or killed by the savages whom they tax themselves to nourish and whom they subsidize to breed faster: in the jungles that were once our large cities, the cringing white inhabitants are told they should not venture out of doors after dark, should walk only in the middle of sidewalks so that Congoids are less likely to pounce on them from doorways or from automobiles in the street, and must not show themselves in large areas of their own cities.


Are creatures that accept such degradation capable of survival or even fit to live? Is it only that they have been enslaved by foul superstitions, or have their brains been so clotted by centuries of systematic poisoning that they have been rendered permanently and irremediably imbecile?

When the Jews invade a nation, their first concern is, as prudence demands, to acquire control over the minds of their victims. In the middle of the Nineteenth Century, Lord Harrington told Parliament that the Jews already controlled “a large portion” of the British press, and, of course, in other Aryan countries they had been equally or more successful.

stalin2Less than a century later, their control over all the means of communication within every Aryan nation had become virtually absolute, although a few small journals are still permitted to publish some articles that the occupying power has not approved. In this connection, it is well to remember the dictum of Dzhugashvili (alias Stalin) that a periodical with a circulation of 10,000 or less was not worth capturing or suppressing.

It is also true that the Jews need to have a little open opposition to maintain the fiction that they are “persecuted,” and it is possible that they have encouraged on a small scale the more absurd and impractical forms of “anti-Semitism” for precisely that purpose. But they seem now to feel that they may safely exhibit their arrogance and to have resolved that no Aryan cur shall be permitted to bark at his owners or even to whimper audibly.

For all practical purposes, the natural aristocracy of our race, which once gave it some sense of direction, has been totally destroyed, by revolutionary massacres, by contrived wars for hallucinatory ends, by economic looting under the guise of “democracy,” by internal corruption through the fostering of its vices, and by miscegenation.

We are left with what is, on the whole, an Aryan proletariat, differentiated only by income, and, especially if the income is somewhat above average, willing to submit to anything and even to do anything for a few additional dollars, pounds, or rand.

Our entire population, with almost no significant exceptions, is now at the mercy of, and therefore enslaved by, the economic pressures which the Jews exert at the first signs of disaffection. Our race’s traditional suspicion of “tradesmen” was only realistic. The man whose income depends on vending to the masses is always subject to temptations to profit that are likely to be stronger than any moral restraints he may theoretically acknowledge, and today he is no more than a slave at the mercy of his masters.

Even more precarious is the status of those who have no material goods to sell, such as authors, journalists, actors, clergymen and other soothsayers, salesmen, advertising agents, teachers, and the like, whose livelihood depends entirely on the sale of words, mere sounds whether spoken or written, to masses whose tastes have been formed by the formidable machinery that controls their minds.

These facts of economic enslavement lead many acute observers to the conclusion that our race’s only chance of survival lies in the chance that the Jews, blinded by their own arrogant confidence in their absolute superiority, will permit or precipitate a total collapse of organized society into the anarchy in which the strong and resolute will again survive at the expense of the weak and foolish.

Chapter 13 of Oliver’s The Jewish Strategy, Palladian Books, 2002

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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20 Responses to The Doom of Nations

  1. don Robison says:

    Nice quote. I recommend reading Paul Rassinier. He was a “holocaust survivor”, who wrote a history not a sensationalistic novel. Few will find his account, since without proper guard and left on an ordinary book shelf, it gets defaced, stolen, burned ….

  2. apollonian says:

    Christian Essence Of Western Culture Needs Reason–For Purpose Of Necessary Jew-Expulsion
    (Apollonian, 16 Dec 08)

    Yes InCog, this by Oliver is very perceptive view of a race and culture which is horribly deluded–this delusion within what old time folk would very well and quite accurately call HERETICALISM.

    (a) Surely the greatest delusion our dear people suffer is idea that Christianity is suposed to be AGAINST human reason–it isn’t. Christianity is actually the defense and upholding of Western TRUTH–against Jew lies and conspiracy–as in Gosp. JOHN (see 8:32 and 14:6).

    (b) Another horrific delusion is Christianity is ONLY about “Love.” But observe again Christianity affirms truth, hence HONESTY, hence then fair and righteous HATRED. “Think not I came to bring peace; rather I come to bring a sword” (Gosp. MATT 10:34).

    (c) And finally observe perhaps the greatest single delusion/heresy among our people–the idea Christianity isn’t supposed to be “anti-semitic.” For the truth is Christianity’s very purpose is absolutely anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

    And observe then in more practical terms what we’re actually suffering: a gross, horrific CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY–see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy.

    Observe, for example, we’re witnessing the imposition of a literal ILLEGAL ALIEN as Pres. of USA, no less–see,, and for expo/ref.

    What then is it that makes it work so well, so perfectly for conspirators and criminals at the top?–answer is COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud/scam). Imagine the incredible power u’d have if u had exclusive monopoly priviledge to roll out that paper money which people are forced to accept.

    So people have to start thinking–but note most people have such difficulty at this kind of analytic-type thought. Most people have to be led, and this is the original purpose of Christianity. Thus we see we suffer as our very basic Christian foundation is so corrupted.

    Finally, observe then we so desperately need JEW-EXPULSION, as these Jews are the very topmost criminal conspirators, masterminds, and oligarchs. Thus we simply need a Christianity which is far more rational than present mystic, confusionary mess–and far more HATEFUL towards these murdering Jew criminals.

    Solution then is to REGAIN that original Christian reason and rationality, by means of regaining that OBJECTIVITY which is real and even obvious criterion for Christian TRUTH and honesty–which will then enable us for necessary anti-semitic HATRED of Jew criminals, conspirators, and murderers.

    And thus we see we must needs drop and lose that Jew LIE to effect of Jew subjectivism and “good-evil” (Pelagian heresy), it being the base and essence of that Pharisaism-moralism which pretends proper reason and anti-semitism is “bad” or “evil.”

    CONCLUSION: For the HONEST truth is it is most REASONABLE to HATE Jews, criminals, conspirators, and murderers. And as Jew-Expulsion is what we need to save our very lives, we need proper Christianity, rational, honest, hateful, and absolutely anti-semitic. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian.

  3. Fleur de lis says:

    Glad you published this man’s work here. This is new to me. Survival of the fittest after an economic collapse of a jewed down society makes sense.

  4. Hitch says:


    I appreciate your contributions here, and look forward to them.

    The Fed is nearly dead, and Bernanke has lost all control. Today, as I watched subtitles such as “Historic Change in Fed Policy”, and “Fed to use ALL it’s Powers”, I had a moment of peace. As the good author above, Revilo Oliver sums up, “the Jews, blinded by their own arrogant confidence in their absolute superiority, will permit or precipitate a total collapse of organized society into the anarchy in which the strong and resolute will again survive at the expense of the weak and foolish.”

    The jig is definitely up, and now it’s just a waiting game. How it all shakes out is anybody’s guess, but the spotlight is now on.

  5. Stug says:

    Revilo Oliver summarizes it perfectly – how cowardly the Aryan peoples of America have become. When the Jew Eisenhower sent the much vaunted (and overrated) 101st Airborne to suppress the Whites in Little Rock ( I guess that outfit needed its confidence restored after the trouncing the Germans gave them at the Bulge), the Whites should have violently resisted. Faubus could have declared the Arkansas National Guard the Arkansas Militia (with support from the legislature) and probably the other deep South states would have joined in. Now, it seems no degradation by our enemies will provoke any response – and how the White rabbits run when any of the primates or Yitts scream “racist” or “anti semite”.

  6. YUT says:

    The most powerful person on Earth come January 20th 2009 –,29307,1866765_1815174,00.html

  7. Orion14 says:

    Haha yeah, you think? That’s a house negro, not the most powerful person on earth. Why don’t you look at who surrounds him, now and before he got elected. He’s a tool, just like Bush was. Get real.

  8. incogman says:

    These foolish Negroes are wallowing in that half-black, skinny Jew tool Barry Soetoro, are they not?

    They all think he’s going to make them all rich. That’s just like a Negro — expecting something without having to work for it.

  9. Orion14 says:

    Haha did you check out the vid on the Western Voices website? Hilarious! Almost as funny as niggers going around Grant Park on election night slapping white cops because Obongo was president and “they was in charged now!”

  10. anti zionist says:

    Just found this site. Its dead on about these jews being the oppressors of our great nations. I cant even watch TV anymore. I stumbled upon Henry Ford and his dearborne independent. I had to make a choice ,believe one of the greatest christian ever or dismise it as anti semetism. I chose to believe in Mr. Ford. I have spent the last eight weeks searching the internet and have a pretty good handle on the truth. This is a message to all zionist. We know about 911, communism,central banking,the media stangle hold, holohoax, and the pervertion of our culture. We are coming for you and it wont be pretty. Confess your sins and ask for our forgiveness and as good Christians we will forgive you. Keep it up with the economic terrorism and false flag terror and thats it, it will be over. We have allowed you people in and been very polite but personally my patience has run out. Good work incogman!

  11. American says:

    Regarding Bernard Madoff scandal. CNBC is presenting a special program being labeled the “GREATEST Ponzi Scheme” ever.

    Another example of painting the tape, as “WORST” would be an even more accurate description, or possibly “Largest”. On some level, his people are proud of him. What a good Jew.

  12. Fleur de lis says:

    In the MSM news I saw a title to this financial scandal called ‘Madoff with the Money’ lol, It is all a joke to these Hebs. Stealing your money has never been so fun and easy
    I hope you all have your rice bags, gold and guns on hand. That is no joke.

    Anti Zionist, I am glad you made it to this site to tell how you awakened yourself. That makes me very happy. We are all waking up at an exponential rate, just like the national debt is rising.

    I too have refused watching tv, now especially, since the magic mulatto won with jew media complicity. Make sure to read Incog’s output on BO and his citizenship issue.

  13. Fleur de lis says:

    Speaking of Henry Ford. Check out this article from Rense. This has a great ring of truth to it. The implications are dire.

  14. Nemesys says:

    Michael “Savage” Weiner tripped up. on air, last night – he called Rahm Emmanuel an “Israeli”. They are all a-shiver w/ glee – almost orgiastic, because of what they’ve done.

  15. anti zionist says:

    Fleur de lis, alot of people are waking up but they wont touch the jewish question. They will talk about masons ,the vatican and illuminati but wont hit the nail on the head. No wonder the ADL wants to never have scientific debate about the holocaust. Isreal is built on a lie.

  16. Fleur de lis says:

    I agree Anti Z., but I think the tide is turning. I have seen it over the last 5 years. At some tipping point (and I believe that is now), the proles will finally be talking privately amongst themselves about who they see as the cause of all this (non-white immigration,banking scandals, media control, globalism, multiculturalism, subtle anti-white rhetoric). With the help of internet websites, they are given their sight/minds back. 2009 is going to be the great unveiling after the economy is finished. That is our hope; that the masses will be talking before the next false flag terror event distracts them

    Looks like it’s really getting “cold in the D”

  17. Fleur de lis says:

    Today I saw a pimpstar walking along the sidewalk trying to keep his sagging pants from reaching his ankles. He walked like a dumb monkey with cerebral palsy. It was so pathetic, to see the physical manifestation of pure ignorance. I think we have cases of Mad Negro Disease going on.

    Then I saw two negro kids walking and riding a Razor scooter in the narrow concrete gutter of a roadway in 45mph traffic (3 feet from death) instead of safely walking on the sidewalk provided.


  18. Orion14 says:

    The revolution is not going to start out as a race war. It will be over economics and government oppression. From there, it will evolve into racial conflict, and then we can have our jew on a stick, literally.

  19. S. Hardy says:

    One of the best epitome of the situation we’re in I’ve read so far.

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