More Vampires For Swindler's List


Blood-sucking Jews like Marc Dreier are turning up everywhere as America’s economy sinks further into oblivion. The problem we have is that these particular Jews are actually “free agents,” while the rest of them legally suck us dry with 18.4 billion in Wall Street bonuses, paid for by “Bail-out” scams on the American taxpayers.

Lawyer Arrested

Scamster, Marc Dreier, looking a little "ver clempt" after his arrest in December.

The Jew deal is just getting so blatant these days, as more and more “free lancers” belonging to the Order of The Empire of Money Maggots now find themselves exposed to the light of day.

Like the latest indictment just this past Thursday of prominent NY Jew lawyer and “bon vivant” about town, Marc Dreier, for a 400 million dollar investment fraud. For almost two months it was reported to be “only” 100 million, but this indictment shows just how far it really went.

Founding partner to a Park Avenue law firm (250 lawyers), owned a yacht, had himself a “Masters of the Universe” triplex on Jew York’s Upper East Side, another spread in the Hamptons, along with very expensive tastes in modern art. He was arrested in Canada early this past December for the charge of “impersonation,” but this was probably due to his con-man schemes — not what used to come to mind when one thought of impersonators, before today’s gender-bender crap. Or so we think.

Read on for how all this ties in together with the country’s downhill slide.

Dreier ran a scheme selling paper — notes supposedly issued by a New York real estate developer and a Canadian pension plan; along with misappropriation of his client’s money (never let a Jew have access to your moolah). The Judge put his bail at a breathtaking 20 million dollars and required 4 co-signers of the bond, but only his mother and son have stepped up to the plate, so far.

Ever since Bernie Madoff’s “Greatest Ponzi Scheme of History” (besides the Federal Reserve) was uncovered, a whole new crop of money maggots have been exposed to the light. The public is never, ever told of the real common denominator (as usual), but Americans are now getting wind of the Jew thing going on today, even though they may hear only a smidgen of the crime details in the mainstream news.

Another Jew or just acting like one?

The man with the shnoz sure acted like a Jew.

Big Nosed Italian or just another Jew?

Another possible Jew scamster is Nicholas Cosmo (right), who stole 380 million with his “financing firm” Agape World. But the jury is still out on whether he’s a Jew. Some of his supposed chums have come forward on Internet forums and said he is, but Jew bloggers, now clearly embarrassed and getting desperate to smother all the attention turned their way, immediately clamor about so and so not being a Jew — hysterical sounding in their efforts — insisting he’s “Greek orthodox” or something.

But don’t let the name fool you for one minute: Cosmo was once a “crypto-Jew” name in the Italian province of Tuscany and the original source to the word “cosmopolitan” (Stalin once railed against “rootless cosmopolitans”). These secret Jews were called Marranos or the Italian term, “Conversos,” historically associated with the nefarious D’Medici family of the Renaissance.

Whether it’s some distant Jew DNA or he’s just taking advantage of a mere family legend, we don’t know. Often, these Jews let on to one another that they are fellow Jews — or pretend to be — so as to get special treatment and access to financial circles that allow the “inner Jew” to blossom (see below). In any case, the guy certainly deserves honorary Jewship in anyone’s book now.

Maybe he thought he was D. B. Cooper?

Maybe he thought he was D.B. Cooper?

A Jew kind of “bail-out”

Another possible Jew (or half-Jew on his father’s side) is the strange case of dare devil pilot Marcus Schrenker, prideful owner of all kinds of nice toys: Twin-engined plane, luxury Lexus car and blond, trophy wife — who went and dumped his squirrelly butt when he was found out by his clients.

After his “wealth management” cover ops were blown (small change really — just a few million stolen that we know about so far), he takes off in his plane from Indiana and flies south to Alabama, where he radios ground control that his windshield imploded and he’s bleeding profusely. Military planes take off to intercept him (they seem pretty fast before and after 9/11/01, huh?), but they see nothing in the cockpit. He had put his plane on auto-pilot before parachuting out; eventually his plane augers in, barely misses some homes and innocent people.

Investigators discover his plane shows no sign of blood nor was the windshield damaged. Supposedly, he had a plan to get to Israel — if true, a sure sign of a Jew there. Later, they find him with his wrists slit in a campground in Florida, but sadly survives. Read more here

The Golden Years means gold, right?

But there is no doubt that 76 year-old Arthur Nadel, is another Jew. His case (minus the Jew part) was very briefly but carefully mentioned on ABC World News Tonight, only because he disappeared for two weeks — possibly making some lame attempt to escape. His Jew lawyer, Barry Cohen, said “he went away for a while just to be alone.”

Nadel operated a Sarasota Florida hedge fund that turned out to be another 300 million dollar Ponzi scheme. Apparently, he ran the con-job on less than a million dollars in real money in the bank, while diverting what came in to himself, his wife and God knows where he stashed the rest.


Minus the fangs, you might think Arthur Nadel was just some respectable old Coot. Too bad they all don’t have fangs, maybe we would know what kind of “investment” advisers to avoid. Any real wonder why they made Jews wear yellow stars and funny hats in history?

Old Nadel must have found easy pickings in the state of Florida for his sale’s spiel with all the old Jews who have infested the state. About 100 investors are said to have been burned, but all we’ll ever hear about is the usual poor Jew charities, Holocaust museum fundings or Israeli Palestinian land-grab consortiums that got suckered.

Cohen, trying to get the Vampire Jew-Coot out on bail, told the court Nadel is suffering from emotional problems and needed treatment. Oh, boohoo. Of course, the old Jew wants to do everything possible to keep from having to go to jail with the Goyim.

Yesterday, the Judge ruled to deny Nadel bail. Maybe people are finally getting wind of this flight to Israel risk and how difficult and expensive it is to fight Israel for extradition of these criminals? Did you know that if you can prove your Jewish, you don’t even need a passport to board an El Al flight back to Jew Headquarters? No lie.

The Jews actually want to handle the prosecution of any American Jew criminal over in Israel (even though the crime is here!) and put them in a Israeli Jail, if convicted there. Just like a Jew to do whatever they want, no matter what’s considered right and fair by the rest of the planet! After-all, they are the “Chosen Ones,” right?

“The fact that Israel cancelled its extradition treaty with the US is significant. Normally, the US gets very angry when a country does this. But not in this case. Silence reigns. Notice the case of the swindlers from Miami: they turned in their passports but that didn’t prevent them from fleeing to Israel, anyway. The state that is adamant that no Muslim [and non-Jew or Christian Palestinian] can ever, ever return, allows even outright criminals who are Jewish to not only return but not fear much, being sent back to spend time in prison.” Read more here

Jews have such a problem with the idea of being incarcerated along with criminal Negroes, Mestizos and, let’s hope, the White Aryan Brotherhood. Chances are, Nadel will go before some Jew judge at his trial, get a slap on the wrist and spend what’s left of his life at some golf club White collar prison some place. In the meantime, his wife will rendezvous with his hidden dough in Israel and give America the finger.

Hell, they all do that now — while living among us in the free and clear.


Red Sonja: One of Madoff’s crime partners was the hennah-haired Jewess Sonja Kohn, who may now be sleeping with the fishes, or perhaps shopping for baubles in Israel.

A greedy Jewess seriously on the lam


Bernie Madoff, still current record holder in the Free Lance Bloodsucker division.

Bernie Madoff, after thieving 50 Billion smackers, now gets to spend his time in his posh 7 million dollar Manhattan condo while still enjoying a goodly measure of the high life. The judge even let him stay out of jail after it was found that he tried to mail off a million in Jewelry and Rolex’s to his sister to stash away. Hell, that was chump change, since they found 173 million in checks made out to all his Jew relatives and friends (which I reported on a week before the media) — undoubtedly so they would come forth later and act as character witnesses at his sentencing.

One of Madoff’s cohorts in crime (that we know of), is the Jewess Sonja Kohn, who has since gone into hiding because she ripped off some Russian Jew gangsters to the tune of 2 billion plus. She was described as “Austria’s Woman on Wall Street” and ran a Jew front operation called the Medici Bank, just like the old crypto Jew Italian d’Medici family. Funny how Jews love to brag about old crimes in such off-hand ways.

Have you ever noticed that down the road in a few decades, general Jewry becomes proud of these kinds of scam artists? The “chutzpah” of the such-and-such Jew — way back when — to pull off such a deal on the Goyim?

No one knows where Sonja might be, she quite easily may have taken advantage of Israel’s “Right of Return” to find haven at Jew Crime Headquarters. At this very moment she might be enjoying herself a fine Cognac, chilling on some terrace overlooking the azure blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Or, of course, her bloated corpse might now be swaying in the current, held down deep in that sea by a pair of cement overshoes.

One thing that most dullard Americans have no idea of, is that the Russian Mob or “Red Mafiya” is pretty much all Jews and usually ignored by the FBI, who have nicely eliminated the competion for them by going after the Italian Mob all these years. When asked about it, FBI agents (who wish to remain anonymous of course) often reply that it’s politically difficult for them to zero in on the sacred cows of Jewry, them being such victims all these centuries and having so many insider connections.

…[I]n general, state and Federal law enforcement agencies were loath to go after Russian mobsters, instead devoting their energies to bagging Italian wiseguys… And because the Russian mob was mostly Jewish, it was a political hot potato, especially in the New York area. Read more here

Another thing that might make it difficult for the Feds, could be the close relationship the Jew Mob has with the CIA, acting as muscle when the careerists don’t want to get their lily-white hands “wet.” Have you seen all that controversy about waterboarding al-Qaeda suspects to get information? That’s all a laugh right there and is nothing but a media-created concern for the sensitive, self-righteous liberals in the US to blab about.

The real CIA/Mossad just makes a phone call and some poor Arab schmuck gets put in a body harness and hood; then finds himself the only passenger on some dark jet that gets special clearance to Cairo, Egypt for a little foreign “discussions.” That jet might be owned by a Russian expat Jew who runs a restaurant in Brighton Beach or “Little Odessa” New York, lent out to his Jew chums in “the company” and, on the flip side, makes a quick stop-over in Ankara, Turkey to pick up some keys of uncut Afghanistan Poppy powder to pay the real “man” back home.

Thinks that’s all bull? Then check out the following story:

MEXICO: Jet plane that crashed tied to CIA and Russian Mafia

…Mr. Achenbaum says that the jet plane was being managed by Air Rutter International that according to the New York Post is owned by Arik Kislin of Long Island in New York… Arik Kislin is the nephew of Semyon Kislin that the Center for Public Integrity alleges is a powerful Russian Mafia member.

Read more here The link to Center of Public Integrity is now 404rd for some reason. NY Post article on these people

Mexicans investigate the wreckage of a CIA Drugs/Rendition Jet.

Mexicans investigate the wreckage of a CIA Drug smuggling and Rendition Jet.

The plane that crashed had 4 or 5 tons of cocaine aboard and was bought or leased from a NY Russian Mobster to the by now obvious CIA front operation, Donna Blue Aviation.

But these shenanigans are not limited to the Western hemisphere at all. Did you know that in 2000, the Taliban outlawed poppy farming totally and the supply shrank to NADA? That sure changed once the CIA immediately launched and orchestrated the offense of the Northern Alliance, backed-up with the usual bomb-the-living-hell US air support. Since then, US forces have been given express orders not to touch the poppy fields and production is the highest it’s ever been. Funny, huh?

Capturing a new, abundant source for heroin was an integral part of the U.S. “war on terror.” Hamid Karzai is a puppet ruler of the CIA; Afghanistan is a full-fledged narco-state; and the poppies that flourish there have yet to be eradicated, as was proven in 2003 when the Bush administration refused to destroy the crops, despite having the chance to do so. Read more here

Then there’s always the famous (yet still ignored by the mainstream) whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, the translator who went to work for the FBI and was consequently approached by insiders offering her riches to join in a governmental conspiracy involving the State Department, Turkey and a CIA drug pipeline (her story is in my Videos of the Week page above). She’s the only person in US History to ever have her testimony in front of the Congress OUTLAWED by executive order. The woman’s got some goods on some serious crooks.

The dark Neocon, Iran/Contra insider and former deputy Secretary of State for Congolezbo Rice, Richard Armitage, appears to be at the center of this nexus of ZOG and CIA drug-smuggling crime. He was also a signer of infamous PNAC document calling for a “new Pearl Harbor” which inspired the ultimate false flag operation in 9/11, and was a close collaborator of Iraq war architects Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith.

Now, for the reason why all this CIA drug business and the criminal Ponzi Jews and corrupted Goyim are related to each other:

  1. A “Culture of Corruption” has been fostered by the Ashkenazim, Talmudic Jew’s greedy “gestalt,” which infects all races around them — greatly aided by their media and inner hatred of Christianity.
  2. This has created a willingness to use the importation of drugs into our very own country, which destroys the lives of its citizens (can you believe that?), to grease the hidden power structure’s world-wide gambits.
  3. The owned, (but trumpeted as free) news media, purposefully ignores all this kind of thing — so MUST be, HAS TO be part and parcel of the same power structure. 9/11 Truth, anyone?
  4. The CIA and the Israeli Mossad are basically one and the same agents for this Globalist, Zionist power structure.
  5. This power structure is beholden to the Jewish International Banking class, which has it’s own giant Ponzi scheme going on with the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with the City of London’s Bank of England.
  6. This same hidden power structure has gradually and silently targeted White, Gentile people in the Western world for eventual minority status and inter-breeding away with the other races.

All of this kind of thing never gets touched by the corporate, Jew extremist-controlled mainstream media. It’s off-limits because it’s all a Jew thing. That’s why the media looks so much like a two-dimensional version of the real world and why they spend so much time on the most ridiculous of news stories — like this past week when the suspected wife-killer Drew Petterson’s girlfriend left him or the non-stop circus over the Caylee Anthony murder in Florida.

They have to fill the time, so they use total Paris Hilton-style Bullshit or the occasional cases of White crime — always sensationalized way out of porportion. After-all, it’s not the news, but the commercials that really count; as long as they don’t piss off the almighty Jews, while they continue on with the cancerous destruction of the United States of America.parasiteworm

Folks, we see this country now in a fierce head-lock by a criminal, parasitical race of Jews, along with their elevated “kleptocrat” Goyim scum. These people, individually and collectively, are now willing to do anything to the fair citizens of the USA for power and money. Trust me, the above Jews are only the tip of the iceberg, since even the lowest of these human parasites steal from us, as well as each other blind. With this crowd there is truly no honor among thieves.

What can one really say when they run such giant scams as the Holocaust industry and the Federal Reserve on us?

The Bullshit is now so thick one can walk on it!

— Phillip Marlowe

Come back in a week or two and I’ll have another set of Jew mega-swindlers, I’m sure.

The Vampire Race Now Sucking This Country Dry

Jewish Cartoonist says what we cannot…

A 400lb Internet Jew con-artist

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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84 Responses to More Vampires For Swindler's List

  1. gncarlo says:

    donut sez:

    “You always put an odd spin on things GN. The pope was part of the Hitler youth, and now he is opening his arms to holocaust deniers. The Jews in Germany haven’t been this vehement since Hitler’s rise to power.
    Why distort reality?”

    I know you can’t resist the opportunity to take a shot at me but read what I said. The Pope is not “opening his arms to holocaust deniers”.

    The Pope is waffling on supporting Williamson. From the link you post here:

    “A senior Jewish leader from Israel said the Pope’s assurances of his “solidarity” with the Jewish people, delivered during an address on Wednesday, had failed to heal the rift……

    The Pope’s explanation that he had lifted the 1988 excommunication of Williamson, along with three other bishops from the conservative Society of Saint Pius X, out of “paternal mercy” failed to assuage politicians or Jewish leaders. ”

    Maybe that sounds like the Pope is “opening his arms to holocaust deniers” to you. It sounds like waffling to me. And that’s my reality, whether you agree with it or not.

  2. gncarlo says:

    Actually, donut, nothing would please me more than that my instincts be wrong, and that the Pope develop a backbone in matters Jewish. In the meantime, humor me; I am an old skeptic.

    Regardless of the outcome, it is already a victory of sorts. Europeans are discussing that which they were told it is a crime to discuss. Putting the genie back in the bottle is gonna be a bitch. 🙂

  3. gncarlo says:

    “During his weekly public sermon on Wednesday the Pope condemned any denial of the Holocaust and yesterday the Vatican reiterated the message.

    Holocaust denial was “all the more serious if it comes from the mouth of a priest or bishop, whether he is united to the Catholic Church or not,” Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said.

    Analysts said the German-born Pontiff failed to anticipate the furor because he is too isolated. ”

  4. keep your eye on the donut says:

    you can spin the situation anyway you want GN. Explain to me why the jews are so vexed.

  5. Orion14 says:

    Why do the god damned jews have ANYTHING to say about what the Pope does? Who gives a flying fuck what the jews are vexed about?! Because their hoax is coming apart?

    Why don’t you kikes just take him out? Isn’t that the solution to all your miserable problems? After all, the baby jesus said it himself, that you are of your father, who was a LIAR AND A MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING.

    Perhaps you’d be a better fit at Free Republic, where they are cheering on the new nigger RNC Chair while condeming the Pope for not being sufficiently worshipful of the new religion, Holohoaxianty! UHMAREKA, FUCK YEAH!

  6. shark says:

    Good post…but a correction: it’s not Marc Dreirer, it’s Marc Dreier –

  7. incogman says:

    Thanks, I’ll fix it. Funny the reuters link is what I used but it seems to have been changed.

  8. gncarlo says:

    donut: “you can spin the situation anyway you want GN. Explain to me why the jews are so vexed”

    What am I spinning? The Jews are always “vexed”. What is the point you are trying to make?

  9. gncarlo says:

    Orion 14:

    “Why do the god damned jews have ANYTHING to say about what the Pope does? Who gives a flying fuck what the jews are vexed about?! ….”

    You took the words right out of my mouth 🙂

  10. American says:

    “Thanks, I’ll fix it. Funny the reuters link is what I used but it seems to have been changed.”

    I’m sure he’ll change it again in a few months, no worries.

    btw Orion, You are correct, the hoax HAS come apart…at least over here!

  11. American says:

    It’s no wonder Jews keep pushing, after pulling off this scam! (from Rense)

  12. Watcher says:

    I heard the ADL is claiming that it was an anti-semitic groundhog that bit Mayor Bloomberg.

  13. Barney says:

    Just a minor point for Rainbow Warrior. As your investigations take you deeper into the hollow-hoax™ scam, I suspect you’ll eventually come to the same conclusion I have, that there were NO death camps. People died, far too many, and a few of those would have been Jewish, but from what I’ve learned it seems the Jews were looked after, even allowed to victimise the other inmates. After all, it does seem that Hitler himself was at least half Jewish, and he was funded by the Jewish Rothschilds. Why bite the hand…?

    In times of war, potential enemies need to be locked up, and world Jewry had already declared an economic war on Germany in 1933. Lock them up and put them to work. Why have such extensive work camps and then waste resources killing people?

    I’m certain there were atrocities on all sides, but nobody has yet produced evidence to convince me that the Nazis had sufficient surplus resources to establish “extermination camps” when it would be so much easier to just shoot people they didn’t like and leave them to rot. Why buiild a “camp” if that’s the intention?

    I’m not getting at you personally, Rainbow Warrior, just trying to help someone who may be a little less far along this particular road than some of us.

  14. Irritated White Guy says:

    Barney, when you look at stories from other inmates at the camps, you’ll find no shortage of stories about jewish inmates being the worst and most power-mad when they were trustees. You bring up good points and examples of the truth. Good job of pointing newbies and recently awakened people like myself to the truth.

  15. gncarlo says:

    It wasn’t my groundhog, Watcher. He is MIA so far this year. I think he’s holding out for an interview with People Magazine.

  16. African Warrior says:


    When you find out Hitler did not kiill 6 million jews, then you accuse of him of being a crypto-jew. You should be happy Hitler was not a monster.

    The real question is why do the jews really hate Hitler? Hitler, like Abraham Lincoln, did not borrow from jewish bankers through IMF/World Bank , instead he created his own system of money. (with no interest)

    The jews destroyed Hitler because he went out of their “money grid.” The holohoax is to justify destruction of Hitler. Similar to how 9/11 justifies destruction of Arab countries. Both are jewish lies!

  17. Pamyet says:

    Martin Frankel’s fraud occurred in the 80’s, but deserves mention. He plundered numerous small insurance companies and even conned the Vatican into covering for his money laundering. The Vatican. You would think they would, above all others, know you can’t deal with the devil or his children, the Jews !

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