Don’t let The Bastards tell YOU how to think!


Get this one straight — you squirrelly, Judaized Bastards out there, I am neither a “Right” or “Left-winger.” Nor am I a Republican or Democrat, NeoNazi, Klansman, Peace-nik, Homophobe, Negationist, Xenophobe or any of the other stupid little names and descriptions that you and your sorry social and political engineers like to dream up to keep White people screwed up in the head. 

I’m a White American Male and damn proud of it, no matter what labels you have for me or slanders you like to sling. You don’t define me one bit, you don’t have anything legitimate to say about it all in the first damn place, since you’re actually just an Israeli living here under false pretenses, for all intents and purposes. 

Look, I don’t “hate” like some of you people try to say. How does anyone go about loving your own people, without being called a hater? Do you keep your mouth shut if you see injustices and evils being done to your own kind and country, just so people won’t think you “hate” the real culprits to the crime? 

I don’t think so, Schmos! 

But it’s not just Jews who play this tired game of defining or pigeon-holing a person’s politics. The conservative buffoons might yell out “lefty loon!” and the liberals will hiss “right-wing Nazi!” This little gambit, my friends, is exactly what the Globalist Jews want us to do: Fight among ourselves so we don’t see them — the real wizards behind the curtain. 

 Hell, I don’t have all the answers. I’m just some “Regular Joe” off in the Internet ether, pounding out my rants, trying to get some of my fellow Whites to heed the call and to at least look into things themselves. I can’t hold a gun to anyone’s head, nor unscrew some hole and pour in what I know into your cerebellums. 

Everybody reading this knows that they can be described in multiple ways, many things often completely at odds with the other. You could look like some nice little old lady crocheting sweaters at home, but secretly a major league pagan witch-goddess. Or, you might be some big tough old police sergeant, one who likes playing shuffleboard at nudist colonies, or say a nice, quiet-looking kind of guy who takes part in Medieval re-enactments on weekends. Some things you just don’t talk about with everyone. 

Back in high school, the surfers thought I was a jock who surfed and the jocks thought I was a surfer who played football. The dweebs thought I ran a cool BBS for someone who was “cool,” but the “cool” people couldn’t understand why I talked to the dweebs. The straights thought I was a head, who happened to be smart and the heads thought I was, well, a head. 

You could easily have called me a hippie in the past. In fact, some crack-smoking real-life hillbilly in mountains used to call me “Hippie” all the time (I’ll save the bizarre details behind that one for another time). 

Sure, I’ve been around the block before. I’ve partied with the lowest to the highest. I’ve drank moonshine up in the mountain hollers with the original boys in the hood (right), or sipped dirty martinis in swanky New York bars with yuppie ad execs and Wall streeters. I’ve toked spleefs in crazy northern California tree-houses, built by Manson-like hippies (some backpack trip) and even smoked a “blunt” or two with the Black homies. And I inhaled, too. Oh yeah, I did. 

I’m kind of an equal opportunity partier! 

But let’s get this one straight: I’ve avoided, as much as possible, partaking too much in these kinds of things since I knew deep down inside that it was all dangerous business. It’s perfectly true, many times I blithely danced the line between Mr. Goody Two Shoes and going completely Vegas-style Gonzo. So, yeah, I’ve woken up in the morning (or afternoon) lotsa times, with raging hang-overs and Billy Joel’s song “You Had To Be A Big Shot Last Night” ringing in my head. 

So, I’m not exactly some prurient bastard who never had any fun in his life. I’ve had my share. And no, I’m not proud of doing all these kinds of things, but neither am I “guilt-ridden.” I love it when people ask you if you feel guilty about the stupidist crap. One thing I’m proud of: Keeping my white ass from going over the cliff and ending up in the big house. 

Actually, I wasn’t all that bad. You get invited to parties, there’s some girl there you want to hook up with and the rest is history. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, you wake up in some strange apartment in the hip part of town, surrounded by scented candles and New Ager posters, naked and wearing only a pair of gloves (no kidding, now). 

Grasshopper: You sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas. 

Let’s just put it all this way: I’ve been very lucky. Very. With hindsight, I can see a couple of points in my life where I was flirting with the devil in a major way. That SOB Beezlebub must hate my guts by now! And, no, neither do I think that just because I partied a little in the past (OK, maybe a lot), that I think I’m some kind of liberal cool guy, ’cause I know that’s not true, either. 

So maybe what I trying to say is that I’m basically a libertarian or something that sounds like that. A very lucky hippie/regular guy libertarian. I’d definitely advise everyone to avoid drugs and drinking like the plague, especially doing shit like meth and crack cocaine. That shit will snap up your stupid ass faster than you can blink. I’ve seen it happen to a couple of friends who had more money than sense. 

I never used to care about “what people did” in the privacy of their own lives. I still don’t to a great extent. What I mean is, I used to not give a damn who people licked for fun, etc., but I am now quite sick of the Homo and Gender-Bending crap, since they’ve gone way too far in the sick department and it’s obvious they want to go even further, so I’ve decided to raise “holy hell” about it. 

And I’m never, ever going to consider the “Gay lifestyle” as normal and deserving of the same status as a male-female kind, especially not marriage nor any teaching about Gay crap till say, high school or not at all. And I’m not “ignorant” of these people, I’ve even partied with them, too (I’ve dated one too many “fag hags” over the years). 

Hell, I even partied at some super mannish bull dyke’s backwoods house, up in the Northeast just a couple of months ago (I bought the beer). And she never had a clue that I was the INCOG MAN! 

9/11 should be the wake-up call for all of us out here. Look, we’re smart enough to see something ain’t right, something is rotten in Denmark. I totally resent being called a “left-wing loon” for thinking this way. Yep, that’s what people like Bill O’Reilly and the prosecutor for Charles Manson, Vincent Bugliosi, will call you for being a 9/11 “truther” (and I think Bugliosi is usually right-on). 

But many people will also label Bugliosi a “left-wing loon” for saying Bush should be prosecuted for his lies (and he should be). You can’t win in today’s screwed up America! 

Let’s also get this one out there: I voted for George W. Bush, two times! I’m actually much more embarrassed admitting that one than smoking a little reefer in the past! Seriously, can you believe that? 

Yeah, I’ve sucked-down the terrorism bullshit just like everyone else. You know, all those Mideast rag-heads wanting to blow all of us to kingdom-come and then come over here in amphibious landing craft, jumping out on the beach in the Hamptons, waving scimitars around and shouting “Allah o Ackbar!” 

And no, I’m not some kind of “Peace-nik,” either. I’d unleash all kinds of awesome fire power on any real enemies of the USA. Get those operative initials there, brainiacs: USA — not Israel. The way I figure it (and anyone else with half a brain), the rag-heads are pissed about the Jews stealing Palestine, treating fellow A-rabs like dogs and making the brainwashed US help out those perfidious IsraHELL Jews. 

Then you got your Zionized White American Conservatives and Evangelical Christians — who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground — because they can’t see that the Jew Neocons took over the conservative stance, making it all nothing but pro-Israel views. These Jew Neocons are NOT real Americans! It was these people’s compadre’s who tried to sink the US Liberty, for crying out loud — purposefully and not by accident like they always try to make it out to be — which is a act of war in my book. Plain and simple. 

All the candidates in the last US presidential elections were asked to submit Israel position papers to AIPAC; papers that are never released to the American public to comment on. AIPAC, largest Lobbyist group in Washington, also writes summaries on issues for busy legislators and even the actual language used in some bills put before Capital Hill. None of our elected politicians will dare speak up about these people, for if they do, Jews literally everywhere, will band together to do anything possible to get that person out of office. AIPAC is often called the “800lb Gorilla” in Washington and is never talked about in our so-called “free media.” 

One of two AIPAC Jews, Steve Rosen, was caught turning classified documents over to Israel; both are still free as a bird.

And the Mossad has been spying here in the US since forever and getting clean away with it all. They have full-time, dedicated Jews in the US, like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), ADL and the Congress of Presidents (a collection of Jew groups and organizations), doing everything they can to control politically Washington DC (and are doing a “good” damn job, too) plus, they use the corporate, pro-Zionist mainstream media to keep the wool pulled over most of America’s eyes. 

This is NOT idle conspiracy nonsense. Ask yourself this one: Why do you NEVER hear one peep out of the mainstream media about AIPAC? Because they don’t want you to know, that’s why. It’s not who they talk about, but who they don’t talk about, who’s the real power structure! Chew on that, for a minute. 

Let me state for the record here that I totally support American troops anywhere. These guys are put into situations where they should not be in the first dam place. And those Jews who come here and try to tell me I’m not patriotic are just lying sacks of fecal matter. What I really hope is that some brave American general does a 180 and marches the troops westward out of Iraq and puts the kabosh on Jew headquarters once and for all! 

The bad thing is that I knew a lot about the “Jewish Question” for years, but just didn’t want anyone to think I went all Nazi all of sudden. I mean, how do you go about this kind of thing without people thinking that? My brother once said to me “I’m worried you’ve become a hater.” He’s been programmed to come to that conclusion about people (even his own brother) who talk about such things and doesn’t even know it. 

Let’s look at one part of “all this.” The Palestinian issue. I can remember going back to the day’s of the Munich massacre when the Israelis athletes were kidnapped and later killed at the airport. At the time (and now, really), everyone thought that all the Palestinian “Terrorists” were nothing but evil, Jew and “freedom” haters. Americans pretty much didn’t have a clue to all the perfidies of the Israelis. Most still don’t, actually. 

If you had talked about the Palestinian’s plight and all, people would have thought you turned all lefty “Commie” on them, like when the actress Lynn Redgrave said something about it. Ironic, when you learn about the real beginnings of Israel and all the Jew Commie history in Russia and even here in the US. I read a Jew blog recently, where the little Jew twerp was going off about all the connections of Palestinians with the Commies, etc., trying to get the patriotic goyim pissed off about the Jew’s enemies when I knew it was just a bunch of typical Jew double-talk. 

Did you know that Israel’s first major arms supplier was the Soviet Union? In fact, The Commies gave the Israelis beau coup amounts of “Katyusha” rockets — low-tech, ground launched missiles with a relatively small warhead, that the Russians had as surplus since the Great Patriotic War (WWII) with Nazi Germany. During the Iran/Contra affair, the Israelis went and sold these weapons to the Iranians, who later gave them to Hezbollah in Lebanon which they later fired off into Israel. Talk about what goes around comes around! 

The anti-war activist, Cindy Sheehan, speaks out about the Gaza atrocities. The FOX-type “conservatives” try to paint all this as nothing but “lefty loon” talk. Make note how the corporate-owned media virtually ignores this kind of thing, only sometimes showing such activism against people like Bush or Cheney, because they are White — making them fair game! This is the Zionist Power Structure in action and the real source behind all the war-mongering that Cindy is railing against — no matter how many times they state the tiresome caveat “we’re not being anti-Semitic here…” 

History is never, EVER a black and white thing (and I don’t mean race). That’s why I smile inwardly when someone gives me a book that treats WWII like it was, such as Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation. You know, it was the “Good War” fighting the evil Nazi and monkey-men, etc. etc. Real past history was just like current events — it was way bollixed up back then too. It’s just that the winners get to go on and write the history in the end, so they skip over a lot of stuff they deem too “inconvenient” for the way they want things portrayed. 

That’s why everyone should take just a bit to look at things on your own. No, you don’t have to get neck deep in detail, like some scholar or something. Just read a few things and decide if it sounds “so crazy” or not, on your own. 

Real history scholars, like at the Institute of Historical Review, are called “Revisionists” since they talk about things that the mainstream avoids, because it opens up some cans of worms that the real powers that be do not want opened at all. These people seek to revise the “accepted” view of history because they knew of the falsehoods being pushed. 

And right now, those behind the curtain are now dropping the description “Revisionists” in favor of a new slander: “Negationists.” Negationists sounds much more darkly negative and evil than merely revisionist, like in “I negate things,” or “those people are so negative.” Folks, this is clever propaganda tactics being promulgated before your eyes. 

Getting back on topic, I’ve been pretty much a kind of laissez-faire, minimalist involvement kind of Republican, most of my life. Pretty much a live and let live kind of guy socially, but wanting tough, no non-sense patriotic, America-First government. Blah blah, blah. And no, I don’t think that’s all a contradiction in terms, whatsoever. 

I don’t want the US of A to become some secret police state, of any sort, Commie, Nazi, Noahide Judaic Communist, Christian or Islamic Fundamentalism or any “ism.” Are you with me? You “right-wingers” or “lefty liberals” should go all out and agree with me here, at the very least. 

And I know that the Nazis were indeed patriotic Germans who sought to expel the Jew, since the Jews were and still are “Nation Wreckers,” and the Germans had had quite enough, naturally. So I beg your indulgence, White Nazis, in putting them in the above line-up, since most people equate the Nazi in this way, since they don’t know any better — yet. 

I just want you “fence-sitters” to know that I’m not some kind of Nazi guy, that those who wish this kind of talk to be ignored want you to think I am; so you don’t listen to what I got to say and perhaps come to the same conclusions as I eventually did. 

And it should all be increasingly apparent, anymore. If it’s any consolation to you, I, too, fought hard not to come to these conclusions. I’ve watched and silently studied the matter not just for years, but really for decades before “coming out of the closet.” It’s inescapable in view of where the US has found itself! 

Basically, it breaks down to two different, but mutually compatible things: 

One: The Jewish population in the US and every other White country they infiltrate, works as a separate, alien presence — pretty much doing everything for their own benefit — which includes the eventual destruction of the country’s institutions, moralities and creating the atmosphere which keeps the White host population confused, so that we don’t go off on them while they do their thing. 

This is a inner, deep-seated fear and loathing of Whites — both born-out from long-ago Slavic Whites getting some payback in Russia and also because of all the Zionist propagandazing and lies about the Holocaust, used to justify the creation of Israel (stealing the Palestinian’s land) and America’s blind support of Israel. 

Two: There is indeed a Globalist community, carefully guarded and unspoken about in the mainstream media, of which a major component is a Jewish Banking cartel, obviously Zionistic and who have been living like parasites on the unwashed masses (you and me). But that’s not all: They’ve also been steering our White countries in a leftward, Judaic Communist direction in a slow, gradual way, so as to not be noticed by the majority. 

All this is readily searchable and borne-out not only by history, but also by current events. It’s all connected, people. 

Back in the day, this kind of talk would be thought of as “Communist Conspiracy” from, say, a right-wing John Bircher type. The Jew angle to Communism was another thing carefully unspoken about when the mainstream would describe such people. Hell, Commies were pretty much all Jews to begin with, outside of a few radical Whites and militant Negroes. Jews and Communism go together like a horse and carriage! 

These people are steering the lefty masses in this country into White-hating (mostly White males, like me) fervor. It’s actually getting less and less subtle, bordering on the patently obvious. You have to be a complete dumb-ass not to see all this going on. The gleeful disdain the White-haters now have for Whites, past and present, is freely expressed without a care in the world. 

Oh, yeah, Whites can write letters to the editors or congressman, cancel subscriptions, etc. etc. but that will not stop them since you’ll have far too many Whites not wanting to take the least time even doing this and are willing to look the other way — just as long as they can get their fix of “Dancing with the Stars,” pro-football or some kind of inane entertainment that will take their minds off what’s going on at work or what we see and suspect where this country is really headed. 

Chances are, we’ll all know the deal soon enough. The real question is whether we’ll be able to say anything or can do squat without resorting to violence  — or will we just roll over and take it up the keester? 

This point where the real deal should be noticable by Whites, I sometimes call “Point Zero.” I pretty much hit my own “Point Zero” in the 2005-6 time frame, when all the business about the North American Union started to leak out. I knew that Bush purposefully failed to enforce the Border, even though he campaigned on it and had the money allocated to do it. 

At the time, I had a good idea about how overrun the country was from illegal aliens. I was lucky enough to get a chance to visit (and fish) much of the country and the numbers of illegals I ran across was so incredible and a obvious disconnect from how the mainstream media made it out to be. I realized a purposeful obfuscation was going on. Most people living in White land just didn’t have a clue. Still don’t. 

So, I’m not a “Democrat,” “Republican,” “Conservative” nor “Liberal” any damn longer. In all but name, it’s a one-party Jew system now. When you really get down to brass tacks, over-all, it’s been us Whites against Jewry from day-one, only I didn’t have the guts to face it before, even with all my suspicions. 

One way, way cool thing is a feeling of real liberation: You won’t be bamboozled with all the bullshit you see on Talmud TV. You know exactly what the deal is. I know it sucks, a lot of time, but think back on how you couldn’t make any sense on why the government did things or what’s really going on behind the scenes in current events. A lot of confusion and angst departs and you feel much clearer in your thinking. 

Think for yourself! 

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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228 Responses to Don’t let The Bastards tell YOU how to think!

  1. Nemesys says:

    Saul, I was amused my MattJew. I wanted to figure him out. He is probably a Hebe. He may not be. I wanted to get him to post what he does believe in. I think he’s ARA, regardless, cause he started to post, in his very last post, a bunch of inchoate, contradictory, paper-thin veneer political dogma. The kind of delusional, wholly unrealistic idiocy that is the hallmark of the ARA cretins. Those other 2 Judenraus were absolutely incoherent. Foaming at the keyboard. I’m surprised at how really, blatantly stupid those 2 were. I thought the Hebes had the highest IQ’s…..

    I’ve only been made wise to the Kikenvermin in the past 2 years. I had NO idea about ’em before. Let’s just say I was studying the enemy. I’m only starting to directly engage with THEM. I’m forming my….strategems. I must say that I am mazed how FAST they are to become utterly FOUL-MOUTHED – hideously obscene. The flip out, and go mental, as fast as the Groids do. They really are Groids, underneath.

    Anyway – I am over MattJew. I have found other amusements.

  2. Nemesys says:

    m. and Icey Key – THANKS!!! I love my Volk!! Yes. That’s the article. I only half caught it when I glimpsed it on SF. (There are NOT enough hours in the day, anymore.!!! I need at least a 36 hour day) I read through those links. I didn’t realize that it was from what – 1976? I know that Rosenthal was a real person – but I went on the net, an searched his name. There are few sites w/ disclaimers. One of the commentators on the sites said that he heard a tape of the interview. He said it sounded like a bad actor, reading fomr a script. I read the interview, though. It’s horrible. Even if it is a “fake”, just like people say that the Protocols are a hoax – look around!!!! EVERYTHING that’s in the Protocols, is happening. The stuff that Rosenthal spoke of it right in front of our eyes. EVERYTHING can be verified. What do you guys think?

  3. Nemesys says:

    Chaim Witz is purest distilled FILTH. I want to call him a PIG – but it really IS a grievious insult to swine, worldwide. I’ve known all kinds of people in my life. I know that people can be flirty, naughty, playfully erotic, even cheerfully obscene, when it comes to sexual matters. There’s something unspeakably repellent and gross and FOUL with that creature, and with his pornographic Tribe. Something is so reptillian and horrific. He is like a big pile of oozing pus, on legs. He’s what I imagine one would be sentenced to endure, if one wonds up in Hell. Loathesomely obscene creatures like Witz take all the joy, and healthy connection, and the very energy from sex. They make sex something monstrous. I remember seeing him years ago, and being repelled to my marrow. His whole being is something that would put one OFF sex, entirely.

  4. Nemesys says:

    Are you all familiar with Rutger Hauer, the Dutch actor?I’ve always loved him. I usually don’t go for blondes, believe it or not. I prefer that “Galloway” look – very dark hair, vivid blue eyes, White skin – but Hauer is absolutely STUNNING. A perfect specimen. He’s 65 now. Still GORGEOUS. I know he’s been in all types of movies, even Lies about the Reich movies – but he’s terrific. I’ve seen and read interviews with him. He can be very naughty, in that European way. It’s the polar opposite of Witz, and Ilk. Hauer really LOVES women, and he is always so engaged, lively, playful, and CHARMING. He comes across as mentally and emotionally HEALTHY. I know he’s much older, but even now, when my female friends and I discuss attractive men, and when we cite actors, as examples of what we consider to be attractive – I have never seem ONE female fail to get a very genuine, pleased, delighted smile on her face whne Hauer’s name is mentioned. All of ’em – no matter what “type” they are – ALL of ’em – go, Oh YEAH! YES! Rutger Hauer!” and then grin like mad.

    I don’t know why I’m writing about this. When I thought of that THING Witz – I had to think of the antidote.

  5. Icey Key says:

    Yes Nemesys, the interview could be a fake. But it sure is suspicious that Rosenthal ended up quite dead a few months after it was released – and the authorities in Istanbul even said it seemed suspicious. Food for thought. A lot of people felt it was Israelis behind the “hijacking”, including those that would normally be at odds with folks like us.

    I’ve never heard any of the interview or even heard or seen that there were tapes. At worst it’s one of those “Protocols of Zion” situation. Fake? Maybe. But everything in both instances has happened or is happening. I think Rosenthal did open his big mouth. That’s why he wound up dead like other jews who spill the beans.

  6. Nemesys says:

    Icey – I’ve only read the sketchiest details of the death of Rosenthal – but yes – it’s very likely he was murdered by his fellow Self Chosen. Everything he, and the Protocols spoke of has come to pass. So – the proof IS in the pudding.

  7. Big Duke 6 says:

    Rosenthal was a real guy. That interview may or may not be 100% accurate, but it certainly fits the reality we see. I also remember Irv Rubin curiously died in jail right after he shot HIS mouth off the same way. I say Mossad internal hit. 😉

  8. Big Duke 6 says:

    Speaking of mysterious deaths…

    Marylin Monroe was killed with a barbiturate enema administered by her Jew psychiatrist. Jayne Mansfield perished strangely as well, after being hooked in with Anton LaVEY/LEVY. Don’t forget the Black Dahlia, Dorothy Stratten, OJ Simpson’s wife(cheating with a Jew)and lately Lana Clarkson and Anna Nichole Smith. Sharon Tate? Hmm. Roman Polanski as Jew as they get, also a child molester. All Jew-related Hellywierd deaths.

    Nemesys!!! If you want, I can set up a cam-conference call with Chaim Witz, Ron Jeremy, and Pee-Wee Herman on Skype, just let me know LOL!!!:-D

  9. Nemesys says:

    Re: the Rosenthal interview – even if it was pre-written, cause lots the test seemd to “literary”, as opposed to the way a text of spoken words sounds – it doens’t really matter. EVERYTHING is accurate. Do you ever listen to Michael Weiner? “Savage”? Jew “Conservative”? I’ve been listening to his show for years. Shortly after 9/11/01. My local radio station carries the show, and the signal blots out a most of the other signals. I used ot believe him, because, like the Devil, he mixes lots of facts and truth in with his stew of lies. He has commentators/guests on the show, and he conducts “interviews” with them. These segments are designed to sound as though it’s a two-way conversation, via telephone, etc – but it’s patently obvious that the guests are reading their commentary, and Weiner’s verbal reactions and “questions” are cut in to the “commentary”. So an allegation of Rosenthal sounding like a “bad actor, reading from a script” doesn’t disturb me too much. After all – can’t afford to alllow the mouthpiece to go “off script” and let something embarrassing slip. Now- Rosenthal may very well have sounded weird, even if he wasn’t reading. The absolute acidic contempt and mind-boggling hatred he had, for ALL the Goy, is the most striking thing about that interview. He had been waiting ot spew a lifetime of vemon for a VERY long time. So, the elemental, physical THRILL may have completely deranged him, and created weird verbal intonations. I’ve haven’t heard the interview – so who knows….

    Anyway – the list of dead actresses, at the hands of the Hebes – why should Negroes have all the fun, of killing White women? They will have their blood sacrifice, no matter what.

  10. Big Duke 6 says:

    Well, insane ego is what generally drives the Jew to gloat over their pseudo-accomplishments, thus breaking their typical MO of “working behind the scenes.” It’s one of their fatal flaws, they just can’t help it…and it will be a significant part of their self-destruction. Irv Rubin is another great example.

    I used to listen to Savage, because he was pretty much all I could pick up on my portable radio in that time slot before I got “web-based.” I noticed fairly soon that he can’t get through 15 minutes of his show without mentioning Hitler. It got old pretty quick. ALL of his supposed call-ins are pre-screened at the very least…and probably largely “scripted” as well.

    What did this guy do in real life? He was an “ethno-biologist,” whatever the hell that is. Do you know of any universities offering degrees in this science? LOL!!!

    Seems to me that title means he sells BS herb cures as real medicine. In other words, he’s a genuine “snake oil” salesman…and we thought they only ran around in the Old West LOL!!!

    As far as conversations on the radio sounding real, but really not being so, of course they can be completely faked. Have you ever heard of “soundboards?” If you haven’t, you’ve got to check out this link…you will absolutely CRACK UP for hours…this is some of the funniest stuff I’ve run into in a long time.

  11. gncarlo says:

    At Nem’s request, for your viewing enjoyment:

  12. gncarlo says:

    With my wake-up coffee, I saw the Obamanid at a “town meeting” today. The questioners seemed to be lobbing him carefully-scripted softballs. Even so, without a full-time teleprompter, he was clearly struggling. I am not sure if I heard him right; it sounded like he said that those with an income of a million or more a year were taxed at a federal rate of 50%. Maybe he said or meant 15%.

    But, then, he said that a secretary making $30,000 per year was being taxed at a higher rate, which is nonsense. Perhaps he has never heard of a “progressive income tax.” Of course, this class-war nonsense got a lot of applause.

    The next big applause line was when he said: “Of course, we inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit from the previous administration.” No mention of the $2.35 trillion handed out to bankers in the first 30 days since his ‘African-ness’ assumed the throne.

    Further nonsense when he was asked if there was any chance the US would become as bankrupt as Iceland. “Not a chance” was his reply. This less than 24 hours after the US $ had its worst one-day loss against the Euro ever.

    Dubya was pretty articulate when he was Texas governor. I suspect that, while president, he got a little chemical help in bringing out his inner “idiot.”

    This fellow seems to have come from a place where not only do they not know they are stupid, but don’t even suspect it…

  13. Big Duke 6 says:

    Gncarlo LOL!!! You watched Paul Wolfowitz save tax-payer money at the barber shop too!!! But WAIT!!! There was a “useful goy” there to clean up his mistakes…I bet Elie Weisel can give the guy a job. 😀 Wonder if “GUY” and “GOY” have the same origin…hmm…

    Gncarlo…looks like that tax plan squeezes the middleman doesn’t it? Where is “Joe the Plumber? these days? He’s a white small business owner. I think we can kiss it goodbye. The clamps of the global kike are tightening around our throats…

  14. Nemesys says:

    Thanks for that viddy, Gncarlo.

    AAARRGGHHH!!!!! Ewwww!! Yucky Icky Gross!

  15. gncarlo says:

    This is no doubt old news to many of you, but for anyone who hasn’t seen the documentary “Waco: The Rules Of Engagement” , it has been posted in 14 parts at youtube.

    A disturbing look at the mentality of the people who rule you:

    In the link below (part 14), at 4:50, you can get a disturbing look at Joe Biden, the man who is a heartbeat away from the presidency (not that it matters; they all have the same choreographers).

    I think the whole series is must viewing for anyone unclear about what ‘your’ government is capable of.

  16. gncarlo says:

    The Messiah’s teleprompter fails:

  17. Big Duke 6 says:


    Youtube locked up halfway through that Waco footage, but I’ll download the whole series.

    Biden on Shalom TV…here… just downright disgusting.

  18. gncarlo says:

    How do you download stuff from youtube? I though you could just bookmark the links. What browser are you using? I can’t get an undistorted and stale vid at youtube if I use Firefox, but it runs fine with IE.

    Anyway, the documentary was one of the most memorable videos I’ve ever watched. Riveting. I watch it once a year to remind myself “we’re from the government; we’re NOT here to help you.”

  19. RebelFire says:

    gncarlo, download “free download manager” from
    you can grab vids from youtube, googletube, and convert them to whatever type you want.

  20. gncarlo says:

    “stale vid” should be “stable vid”

    Thanks RF. I’ll try it tonight.

  21. RebelFire says:


    Just to let you know, converting them XXXX XXXXX

  22. deathtozog says:

    I use the download helper add on for Firefox. Works really well though some tv station videos, etc. won’t download. Works great for youtube.

  23. Big Duke 6 says:

    Realplayer works really well (no pun intended) downloading Youtube vids. When you start playing somthing in Youtube, the Realplayer download tab pops up in the corner and you can download it while you watch it. Puts everything in the same directory for easy burning. Free!!!

  24. RebelFire says:

    WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!!!!!!! whoever poasted

    “March 20, 2009 at 4:42 pm
    Just to let you know, converting them to MP3 is not legal”

    That is NOT ME! This poaster either )did not see that the username was already used or )deliberately impostered himself.

    And for the record gncarlo, i have no idea if converting the videos to mp3 is illegal or not.

  25. gncarlo says:

    Not to worry…I officially forgot whatever you or the impostor told me 🙂

    Maybe incog can identify the impostor through access to the posters’ I P address….

    I have realplayer on this computer somewhere. I never saw a tab pop up. Maybe it’s not turned on.

    Research continues.

  26. gncarlo says:

    I am still having trouble with Firefox even though I updated it several times. Unstable videos at youtube and some passwords that will work with IE won’t with FF. Maybe I am a little low on RAM for all this multitasking. I note that FF uses a lot more memory than IE on this machine.

  27. gncarlo says:

    Anyway, I do hope y’all will look at the Waco:ROE videos. What they did to these inconvenient people, in what was initially a publicity stunt at appropriations time, but quickly spun out of control, they can and will do to any of us, should we get in their way…

  28. American says:

    Thanks for clearing that up RebelFire. I’m not too computer literate anyway, so am not a big “downloader” from the net, but you illlustrate once again how the Jew operates.

    Always subversive, twisting the law (and constitution), and making threats. I’m glad a Jew popped in to act on the issue, there must be something to it, and they have exposed yet another weakness!

    Keep saving, AND sharing. There is nothing they can do to stop the tide now!

  29. American says:

    This video was just posted on jew-tube (via Anarchore).

    I’m so pleased every time I see a well-spoken Goyim (in this case, White) deftly handle a bumbling Jew.

    I’m not sure what pseudonym this Jew from JDL uses in this video, as he has many.

  30. jewslovescat says:

    American, grab those jewtube vids and post them up on podblanc before Big Jew at jewtube deletes them!

  31. Big Duke 6 says:

    Gncarlo… The little Realplayer tab doesn’t pop up unless you roll the mouse over the top right corner of the video…but my guess is you haven’t installed it yet or you would have noticed it…

    There are tons of video download programs out there…I just like that I don’t have to go “start a program” when I see a vid I want…Realplayer is already there with the tab, and it automatically sticks all the vids in the same folder without having to specify each time where you want them to go. It’s a “one-click operation.”

    I just got “Cube Desktop” this afternoon which is EXTREMELY COOL. My cluttered icons…problem no more!!! Slick!!! Different wallpaper for each side of the cube…all transparent…WOW. :-O

    Firefox is still better than IE, but often asks for plugins. I run into this when watching Hellyweird movies for free at

    Heebes ain’t getting 20 bucks out of ME for Cokes and popcorn LOL!!! 😉

  32. Rachel says:

    Nemesys, awhile back you wrote this excellent response to me on the role of women in this movement – Thank You, it cleared up many questions. Things get away from me from time to time…I copied your note with my response in caps – no other way to distinguish here. (sorry ICM for the massive post)

    Rachel, I avoid Walmart for the same reasons that you do. I used to work for a company called Dun & Bradstreet, as a credit analyst. I know all about ‘em. A co-worker of mine actually put the kibosh on a deal, for a small producer, because she knew – we all knew – what they could d oto his business, if they delayed payments. Please impose your view on others; they need to know the score.

    Re: your question regarding the status of women, on the WN movement – it’s tricky. I’m in my 40’s. I’M IN MY 30’S…RUNNING OUT OF TIME FOR BABY…TICK TOCK. I learned of this scene, in the past few years. I wish I had learned of this 20 years ago… matter. Far better late than never. WN is an “extremist” movement, because ONLY “extremists” dare ot challenge the status quo. The diktats of “diversity” seem so fair, and reasonable on the surface, and the assertion that one Race IS superior to another has been so throughly inculcated, throught the whole of (WHITE) society, that it’s virtually a crime. Educated, upscale Whites are visibly mortified when one mentions Race, as in Reality on the Ground. It’s…just…so..impolite. EXACTLY, IT’S SO RUDE!! You now this. (They do vote with their feet when it comes to their children, thankfully, so implicit self-preservation still exists within “nice” White souls)

    I can only tell you of my own experiences. You are gonna find LOTS AND LOTS of resentment and anger towards women, by the men in this movement. Real fury. I believe that this fury is absolutely justified. Ok – I went of on a tangent again. Back to the point – I believe the men in this Movement are absolutely correct in their blame of women. Look around. It IS the women. White women have sold their men, as well as their civilization, right down the river, in order to gain what they have been taught to believe is “power”, and “success”. It was all a lie.


    Biology has been denied, to our great woe. It takes two to tango, to make babies, of course (and only White people can make White babies) – but Nature has assigned females the role of bearing children, and carry for the very young. I believe that men do a better job of socializing kids, when they start to hit hit the ages of 7-10, and beyond, than women do – because most women ARE more emotional than most men, and not DO live through their “feelings”. Men are, historically, the “Law-Givers”. Women make wholly irrational and destructive “decisions” based on their immediate emotional gratification, all the time. SOME WOMEN, SOMETIMES, BUT NOT ALL WOMEN ALL THE TIME.

    Women ARE the ones far more inclined to Race Mix. ARE YOU SURE? THERE ARE MANY WHITE MEN WITH ASIAN WOMEN…They make excuses for non-Whites all the time, in order to “spare their feelings. You can’t hurt some-one’s feelings! Oh NO!” They beleive that “all people are the same, deep down inside” because that make THEM feel all nice and good and special. Women ARE Eve. Women are the ones murdering our Race, with thier wombs, because they think miscegenation makes them “cool”.

    You are going to have to accept these truths. Face them. I am mortified by women, as a woman, over and over. I see females like that Mary Kay Letourneau, and I think, “OK – there she is – that’s the female that men have been talking about forever. She’s the one that can’t be let out of the house off a leash”. Look what she DID. I GET YOUR POINT HERE AND AGREE THAT IT IS A VALID ONE, BUT SHE IS A BAD EXAMPLE – MENTALLY ILL & A CHILD MOLESTER, NOT CAUGHT UP IN P.C. BS…SHE HAS FAR MORE PROBLEMS.


    White men and women are designed to complement each other, not combat each other. It may take awhile. IT TOOK ME AN ETERNITY, BUT I DID IT – FOUR YEARS PLUS HAPPILY MARRIED. The principles in this Movement are profound, and difficult. So are the people. You’ll be genuinely challenged, in every way you can be. You will hear men sound off, and sound off bitterly. They’ve been betrayed, ya see, by their own women, and it breaks their hearts and souls. Yet they strive on. For thier fundamental belief in their Race. They are HEROES. Let them vent. Be kind. Don’t put up with any abuse, or crap – but let the steam escape. You will NEVER be mitigated, or neglected. If you are intelligent, and you appear to be intelligent, then your good ideas WILL be treated with respect and consideration. You will be valued, and revered, as a woman, just for showing up. Racially Aware women are akin to the Holy Grail. The men KNOW this Movement “doesn’t appeal to many women”. The giys here-in won’t pander to you. (Well – if you are cute they will – cause they ARE healthy men – but only up to a point) That’s cause women infatilize everything – men don’t.

    Finally – fair warning – once you take the Red Pill – you can’t go back. The Blue Pill option vanishes. It’s notthere anymore. I know – I’ve tried. But the challenge of doing a little thing like….SAVING YOUR FREAKING RACE FROM VANISHING FORM THE FACE OF THE EARTH – there’s no other game in town.

    Rachel – I addressed your Women in he Movement question – I must hit the road – I do want to briefy mention your concerns aobut delaing with non-Whites, and homosexuals.

    Yo have to learn to think RACIALLY. I used to be a “Liberal”. Well – not really – I was involved in the Arts, and acted according to the mores of that world. NEM, I WAS AS LIBERAL IN COLLEGE AS THEY COME – I MEAN, THEY TEACH YOU THAT K-ON UP. EXAMPLE: I USED TO THINK THAT VEGETARIANISM AND SAVING THE RAINFOREST WAS ABSOLUTELY THE #1 MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN THE WORLD, YES I AM SERIOUS…Rachel – you do not have to hate other people. I have had all kinds of friends and associates, in the past. Jews, Blacks, and certainly gays. Yo cna’t avoid that at all, in the Arts, and Gays are funny. Most of my old friends are dismayed at the takc I’ve taken. Many won’t even speak ot me anymore. I’m sorry that they can’t get past thier programming. It’s to their detriment. Anyway – the funny thinf is tTHE MOST supportive person, from the old days, IS a White gay man. He’s actually the one that tipped me off to Jews, and how they use Blacks, and others. He thinks my “racism” is terrific! He’s not political, though. So he cheers from the sidelines. When he takes time out from re-doing his house. While they may be helpful, in some ways -their ability to function freely directly conflicts with the ability of Whites to rebuild the West. They are literally a biological dead-end. We have lost so many to the corruption that IS homosexuality. We cannot afford ot pander to a smal minority of sexual oddballs, which is what gays are. We NEED to re-focus Whites on fundamental biological imperatives -HAVING BABIES – not the social cul-de-sac of”gay rights”So……TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK…WISH ME LUCK FOR 09…

    I’ve had one of the most important converstaion I’ve ever had, in my life, with a Jew, at the Amren Confernce last year. YES, I HAVE HAD GREAT JEWISH GIRLFRIENDS – I HAVE A THEORY ON THIS. ITALIAN CATHOLICS AND JEWISH GIRLS HAVE ONE POWERFUL THING IN COMMON AND THAT THING IS GUILT. IT IS NOT LOVE OR MONEY THAT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND, IT IS INDEED GUILT. I HAVE DONE FAR MORE THINGS I DIDN’T WANT TO BECAUSE OF GUILT THAN LOVE OR MONEY COMBINED. JEWISH AND ITALIAN CATHOLIC GIRLS SHARE THIS KNOWLEDGE OF THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE AND CAN HANG FOR DAYS TALKING ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE THEIR MOTHERS ARE…And I’ve had Black friends. ME, NOT MANY…But, if you do become an active part of this – you will realize that they are not your concern. No matter how much you may like and appreciate individuals. You cease to ask questions like “What about Blacks, and Jews”? Despite my taunting posts (which amuse me) to Jews – I wish the best of them well. But they need to go away. Their welfare is NOT our concern. OUR welfare is our concern. Other Races need to care for themselves, by themselves. Expecially Blacks. Booker T. Washington noted this over a century ago. And had been totally ignored. We’ve nearly destroyed ourselves to Be All Things to All People. The Non-Whites aren’t returning the favors we’ve bestowed, Rachel. They are bleeding us dry. Race to Race. You don’t see that yet, Rachel. But you will learn to “Lay that Burden Down” THIS ENTIRE PARAGRAPH MAKES SENSE – THANK YOU FOR LAYING THIS OUT SO WELL.

    Warm Regards, Rachel

  33. Rachel says:

    GNC: A while back, you wrote me a response to women and the vote that I never responded to – life is busy. I copied the post below and I am putting my response in caps.


    “A week or so ago, I was discussing the right to vote for women with gncarlo. (I chose to engage gn because he is 1. Here frequently 2. Seems to be highly intelligent). I think this a very natural question for a woman to ask – since the group seems to generally hold a very low opinion of homosexuals, blacks, etc. – are women another of these “lower” peoples? I see this possibility as one logical end to the views held here and I believe it to be one reason why this movement doesn’t have great appeal to women. The discussion deteriorated into the evils of abortion, how women don’t care about world events, etc. which was not what I was trying to get at.”

    If whites are not able to reproduce at at least replacement value, how can taxpayer-funded abortion promoted by the MSM and the State not be central to the issue? I DID NOT/DON’T SEE ABORTION AS RELEVANT TO THIS MOVEMENT’S OPINION OF WOMEN. YOU DO THOUGH, AND I RESPECT YOUR OPINION.

    I don’t think the conversation “deteriorated.” I think you simply refused to face that issue. Only you know why. I asked you to elaborate. You did not reply. IF YOU RECALL, YOU ASKED IF YOU WERE MY HUCKLEBERRY, WHICH I TOLD YOU THAT I AM NOT SURE WHAT THIS REFERS TO, BUT THE IMPRESSION IS NOT POSITIVE. IF I AM IRRITATING YOU, THEN THE CONVERSATION IS DETERIORATING IN MY OPINION, AS THIS WAS CERTAINLY NOT THE INTENT.

    At some point mathematically, there will be no white people. Just whose “white civil rights” will you be supporting at that point? CAN’T ARGUE WITH MATH.

    You say we refer to women, blacks, and homosexuals as “lower peoples”
    I can’t speak for others but this sounds like PC jargon to me. How are women “peoples.” Are they not of the same species as their men? I AM NOT PC AT ALL; I WAS ASKING THE OPINION OF WOMEN AS A GROUP…

    Regarding homosexuality, there is an ongoing debate about nature vs nurture. I personally tend towards “nature” being predominant, although I suspect there are components of both. I think there is a “queer” gene among the core, although they obviously do, to some extent, behave bisexually. Otherwise, the “queer” gene would not have survived.
    I have never stated anywhere that I support persecuting homosexuals.

    What I have objected to is promoting them as another “victim” group, filled with fear and loathing of the rest of us. I am sorry that some of them feel oppressed by not having everyone else accept their behavior. I felt oppressed by being stalked by some of them as a teenager. I did not feel inspired to start a movement of “victims of homosexual stalkers.” I got over it. Life is full of unpleasant people. Getting used to it is part of being an adult.

    Regarding blacks as a “lower” people. Yes that’s true. Explain to me how their inheriting the infrastructure of Detroit, Johannesburg, Port au Prince, and East St Louis Illinois and reducing them to what they are today can be blamed on white people. Why can they not even maintain, much less build, what they have conquered through demographics? WELL, YOU DO HAVE A VERY FINE POINT HERE. DETROIT IS JUST HELL.


    Your Friend, Rachel

  34. American says:

    You’re not so much a woman, Rachel, as you are a Goyim. That is how I’m seeing things, but I’m glad to see you looking deeper. There is nothing wrong with questions or opinions, unless they pertain to the holoSCAM.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with gender, IMO. Nobody hates you because you’re a lady, that’s just what subversives push.

  35. Rachel says:

    Finally, Big F: “Most European whites have an innate, trusting, altruistic “gene” built in.” This so is true and I have never actually thought about this until you brought it up – thank you. It’s right there – who helps, participates in charity functions etc.

    Also, you bring up an important point about the “emasculation” of the white man. This has done as much damage to the white race as feminism has in my opinion.

  36. DTN8 says:

    I have read many of the articles posted and am in agreement with them. I feel fortunate to have found a site such as this and look forward to commenting.

  37. J DAWG says:

    get your facts right or show some real proof if your calling out Steve Rosen. Steve Rosen is actually a whistle-blower who got fired for reporting what he discovered. Corupt US officials. Listen to the interview or yet read some Sibel Edmonds that is backed by facts and real investigative journalism.

    • incogman says:

      I guess that explains his Jew email slime job on Charles Freeman, huh?

      Get your facts straight — the guy was transfering American docs to Israel. A spy in any right-thinking American’s book. The Zionist Jews always cut-loose their own when it’s expedient and like all rats on a sinking boat, Rosen is now only out for himself.


  38. J DAWG says:

    Scratch that Steven Rosen is a crook

  39. Cialis says:

    cIag10 Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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