Is Elie Wiesel a Lying Weasel or What?

Elie Wiesel whines about being wiped out by Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme to the tune of 37 million. But don’t worry, the flow of donations is now picking up to his personal Holocaust shekel gig. Plus, he’s trying to get the US government to bail him and the other victims of Madoff out — the rest of us Goyim taxpayers can’t let poor Jews suffer unduly, you know! [INCOG]

 Auschwitz Survivor Claims Elie Wiesel is an Impostor

From: New World Order 101

Miklos Gruner, 15, was deported from Hungary to Auschwitz-Birkenau in May 1944, with his mother, father as well as a younger and an elder brother. He says that his mother and his younger brother were immediately killed after their arrival in the camp. Then he, his elder brother and their father had an inmate number tattooed on their arms and were sent to perform hard work in a synthetic fuel factory linked to IG Farben where the father died six months later. After that, the elder brother was sent to Mauthausen and, as the young Miklos was then alone, two elder Jewish inmates who were also Hungarians and friends with his late father took him under their protection. These two protectors of the young Miklos were the Lazar and Abraham Wiesel brothers.

In the following months, Miklos Gruner and Lazar Wiesel became good friends. Lazar Wiesel was 31 years old in 1944. Miklos never forgot the number Lazar was tattooed with by the Nazis: A-7713. In January 1945, as the Russian army was coming, the inmates were transferred to Buchenwald. During the three months this transfer took, partly by foot, partly by train, more than half of the inmates died and amongst them was Abraham, the elder brother of Lazar Wiesel. In April 8, 1945, the US army liberated Buchenwald. Miklos and Lazar were amongst the survivors of the camp. As Miklos had tuberculosis, he was sent in a Swiss clinic and therefore was separated from Lazar. After recovering, Miklos emigrated to Australia while his elder brother, who also survived the war, established himself in Sweden.

Years later, in 1986, Miklos was contacted in Australia by a Swedish journal and was invited to come in Sweden in order to meet “an old friend” named Elie Wiesel… As Miklos answered that he doesn`t know anyone with this name, he was told Elie Wiesel was the same person Miklos knew in the Nazi camps under the name Lazar Wiesel and with the inmate number A-7713… Miklos still remembered that number and he was therefore convinced at that point that he was going to meet his old friend Lazar and happily accepted the invitation to fly to Sweden in December 14, 1986.

Miklos recalls:

“I was very happy at the idea of meeting Lazar but when I got out of the plane, I was stunned to see a man I didn’t recognize at all, who didn’t even speak Hungarian and who was speaking English in a strong French accent… so, our meeting was over in about ten minutes. As a goodbye gift, the man gave me a book titled “Night” of which he claimed to be the author. I accepted the book I didn’t know at that time but told everyone there that this man was not the person he pretended to be!”

Miklos recalls that during this strange meeting, Elie Wiesel refused to show him the tattooed number on his arm, saying he didn’t want to exhibit his body. Miklos adds that Elie Wiesel showed his tattooed number afterward to an Israeli journalist who Miklos met and this journalist told Miklos that he didn`t have time to identify the number but… was certain it wasn’t a tattoo.

Miklos says:

— After that meeting with Elie Wiesel, I did research everywhere I could for twenty years and found out that the man calling himself Elie Wiesel has never been in a Nazi camp since he doesn’t figure on any official list of detainees.

Miklos also found out that the book Elie Wiesel gave him in 1986 as something he has written himself was in fact written in Hungarian in 1955 by Miklos old friend Lazar Wiesel and published in Paris under the title “A Világ Hallgat”, meaning approximately “The Silence of the World.” The book was then shortened and rewritten in French as well as in English in order to be published under the author’s name Elie Wiesel in 1958, under the french title “La Nuit” and the English title “Night.” Ten million copies of the book were sold in the world by Elie Wiesel who even received a Nobel prize for it in 1986 while — says Miklos — the real author Lazar Wiesel was mysteriously missing…

— Elie Wiesel never wanted to meet me again, says Miklos. He became very successful; he takes 25 thousand dollars for a 45 minutes speech on the Holocaust. I have officially reported to the FBI that Elie Wiesel is an impostor but had no answer. I have also complained to the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences with no result. The American and the Swedish media which I tried to contact were indifferent. I have received anonymous calls telling me I could be shot if I don’t shut up but I am not afraid of death any more. I have deposited the whole dossier in four different countries and, if I died suddenly, they would be made public. The world must know that Elie Wiesel is an impostor and I am going to tell it, I am going to publish the truth in a book called “The Story of a Stolen Nobel Prize Identity.”


“Elie Wiesel, so admired by many U. S. Catholic leaders, is in fact a con man who has enriched himself with his tall tales. Although courted by various misguided Church representatives, he is actually an outspoken enemy of traditional Catholicism, and should play no role whatsoever in Catholic life in this country. It is also evident that both Wiesel and the NYT [New York Times] are comfortable using true lies to promote the Jewish holocaust story and, in turn, Israel.”

— David O’Connell

The Buchenwald picture first appeared in the New York Times on May 6, 1945, several weeks after it was taken. The caption read: “Crowded Bunks in the Prison Camp at Buchenwald.” The caption does not date the photo, but it does imply that the picture was taken when the prisoners were being liberated on April 11. The media has always implied this date, but that is the basic lie on which everything else is based [photo taken on April 16th].

Also, the New York Times does not identify any of the men in the picture, which did not so much portray the chaotic reality of Buchenwald on April 11, but rather the Holywoodized version of it that had been carefully crafted by the Signal Corps. The photo appeared in conjunction with an article by correspondent Harold Denny, in which he communicated the official U. S. Government propaganda line. Entitled “The World Must Not Forget: What was done in the German prison camps emphasizes the problem of what to do with a people who are morally sick,” his piece was a distraction from what the Allies were doing to innocent German civilians. As he wrote, Germany was a smoldering ruin as a result of Allied carpet bombardment of civilians, Dresden and Hamburg had been bombed to a pulp, the dams on the Rhine had been destroyed drowning untold numbers of innocents and destroying their homes, countless German civilians whose families had lived in East Prussia and Poland for generations were being forcefully evicted by the advancing Soviets, the five million Volga Germans who had been settled in Russia since the 18th century had been deported to Siberia during the war where most of them would perish, the valiant men of the Red Army were in the process of raping millions of German women as they advanced through Germany, and, most dreadful, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were on the drawing board. For the NYT, however, it was the Germans who were “morally sick.” But the Allies had saved “civilization.”

In 1983, almost 40 years after the picture was taken, the NYT published it with the caption: “On April 11, 1945, American troops liberated the concentration camp’s survivors, including Elie, who later identified himself as the man circled in the photo.” It is important to note here that Wiesel had never claimed to be in this famous picture before 1983. Why had he never told anyone about this before 1983? And why did the NYT suddenly want to associate Wiesel with this picture, especially since the individual circled in it was a young man, and clearly not a boy of 16? Furthermore this man does not resemble in any way what Wiesel actually looked like at this age! Obviously, no checking was done by the paper to see if Wiesel’s claim was true, but the NYT knows that in the matter of the Jewish holocaust story, no one would dare to challenge them.

In retrospect, however, it is clear that this bogus claim was a first step in the NYT campaign to secure a Nobel Prize for Wiesel, either for literature or peace [which he received in 1986]. The picture was published in the high circulation Sunday NYT Magazine, and included the statement, “His name has been frequently mentioned as a possible recipient of a Nobel Prize, for either peace or literature.” Incredibly, after the NYT had manufactured history by declaring erroneously that Wiesel is seen in the picture, they had the nerve a few years later to castigate Buchenwald Museum authorities for not repeating their lie as fact!

…This picture, coupled with the fact that he has stated repeatedly over the years that he was sick on April 16, offers double proof that his claim be to shown in the Buchenwald shot is nothing but a Jewish holocaust scam.

— David O’Connell, “Elie Wiesel and the Catholics” (links below)

Oprah Winfrey tearfully sold the Elie Wiesel book “Night” to the always gullible American Goyim. Recently, another Jew scam book by Herman Rosenblat, touted as “Oprah-approved,” was exposed as bogus by an alert Chinese blogger in Taiwan, even though many Jewish “historians” had known long before that it was pure bunkum and stayed mum [INCOG].


“…A sixth version of events at the liberation of Buchenwald was concocted by Wiesel in 1989 when a black filmmaker and a Jewish producer were trying to create a new myth, namely, that a black unit, the 761st Tank Battalion, had actually liberated the Jews at Buchenwald. Their intention was to increase black and Jewish mutual “understanding” in Brooklyn through a movie to be shown on PBS called Liberators. For the benefit of the NYT, which gave serious coverage to this far-fetched story, Wiesel conjured up a brand new memory that he had never mentioned before: “I will always remember with love a big black soldier. He was crying like a child—tears of all the pain in the world and all the rage. Everyone who was there that day will forever feel a sentiment of gratitude to the American soldiers who liberated us.” He made this statement despite the fact that there were no blacks present at the liberation of Buchenwald on April 11, 1945, and the black unit in question was over 50 miles away on that date. After a gala preview screening of the movie in Harlem, it was gradually revealed that the film’s thesis was a hoax.”

Read the rest: Elie Wiesel and the Catholics from the CODAH forum, or go to original article HERE, from Culture Wars.

Where’s the tattoo, Elie?

No actual photo of Wiesel’s Auschwitz tattoo has ever been verified. Elie Wiesel Cons The World This site totally exposes the guy big time. Must visit.

Elie Wiesel: New Documents By Carlo Mattagno

A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel By Robert Faurisson


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  1. GTRman says:

    You left your caps on. Doesnt make your bullshit any firmer.
    Ive seen that “albino” bullshit on black websites. We all know what black (negroid ) albinos look like .
    Whites / Europeans have white skin but hair , eyelashes, etc that can be deepest black, or brown, red , blonde , etc. Also we could talk about skull shapes , aquiline /roman noses, skeletal differences and so on. The albino thesis is sub-juvenile garbage , its clutching at straws. You are a silly sod.

  2. Octo says:

    When you have something to say…that’s the same thing everyone else says…but you’re too dim to even realize that..

    Unleash the fury of CapsLk!

  3. Anon says:

    Dear whateverthehellyouguyscallyourselves,

    Just wanted to post this here after reading the paragraph about the black and jewish movie and Wiesel’s “supposedly Quote”:

    “On 16 April 1945, Private Harry Miller, member of the 166th Signal Photo company of the U.S. Army, was in Block 56, one of the Little Camp stable barracks. He asked the liberated Dutch Jew Simon Toncman to step forward and lean against a support beam. To this day, the photo of the latter’s emaciated body in front of the seemingly endless rows of boxes still shapes our image of the crimes committed in the concentration camps. At the very back of the box in the centre in which four survivors are lying, we can discern the shorn head of an adolescent. He was a native of Hungary deported to Buchenwald via Auschwitz with his father, who died in Buchenwald. The boy’s name was Elie Wiesel. He later described the scene: “The first American soldiers. Their faces ashen. Their eyes – I shall never forget their eyes, your eyes. They reflected astonishment, bewilderment, endless pain, and anger – yes, anger above all. Rarely have I seen such anger, such rage – contained, mute, yet ready to burst with frustration, humiliation, and utter helplessness.”


    guess the manipulation of information by media isn’t just a one way thing isn’t it? >;p

    -insincerely yours Anon

  4. INCOG MAN says:

    I guess the quote from Wiesel in 1989, during the premiere of the movie where they said it was a black unit that liberated him, must have had to wait a few years for him to remember:

    “I will always remember with love a big black soldier. He was crying like a child—tears of all the pain in the world and all the rage.”

    Funny, how this guy’s story changes with time. Ever think he was lying from the get-go? I guess that’s too much for you to admit, huh?


  5. Count Cherep says:

    Insincerely Anon, you should watch this:

    The Last Days of the Big Lie

  6. anti-zionist says:

    fucken holohoax, what a jew joke!!


    Intellectually Honest Investigation and Debate!!!
    TRUTH DOES NOT REQUIRE media smear campaigns designed to distort facts and serve political objectives!

    Ernst Zündel interviews David Cole Jewish Holocaust Revisionist

    Ernst Zundel and David Cole go to Aushwitz

    Israeli Journalist interviews Ernst Zundel

    Judea Declares War on Germany: A Critical Look at the Holocaust and WWII

    Dirk Zimmerman – German Hero Questions Holocaust Dogma

    SEE: The Forbidden Truth Media Gallery History & Politics

  8. Laydee Liberty says:

    “Not giving heed to Jewish fables,
    and commandments of men,
    that turn from the truth.” Titus 1:14

    BUCHENWALD Illustrated Lessons in Bogus Allied Propaganda

    “ Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands. . .when bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have NO real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe. . .”

    -Polish Ambassador at Washington D.C., Count Jerzy Potocki,in a report to the Polish Foreign Office, dated January 12, 1939

    Quoted in J.F.C. Fuller A Military History of the Western World, vol. 3 pp. 372-374

  9. Elie Wiesel is an imposter. We know this because the real Wiesel was a Hungarian speaking Romanian. Elie Wiesel, however, comes from Serbia in the old Yugoslavia. We know this because he speaks English with a very strong Serbian accent. We know he does not speak Hungarian because there is video of him on the internet which shows him trying to speak Hungarian very badly. There is also on the internet an entry card for him from the Yugoslavian embassy in Paris in 1954. (This proves he entered France in 1954 from his native Yugoslavia). It shows his photo but not his name (presumably this has been cut off because it shows his real name, which no doubt is something Serbian).

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