The “Economic 9/11” The Zionist Media Ignored

Obviously coordinated to occur on the anniversary of 9/11, 550 billion dollars was sucked-out of the US and, before being stopped, almost crashed the planet — how could the US mainstream media ignore a story like this one for almost 6 months?

By Mark Glenn. America Free Press.

In an admission stunning for its frankness (and particularly given the fact it originated with a politician whose country is held prisoner by foreign, criminal interests) Rep. Paul Kanjorski, (D, Penn) Chairman of the House’s Capitol Markets Subcommittee recently admitted on C-SPAN that the current economic problems faced by –- not just the United States, but indeed the entire world–were the result of an “electronic run on the bank” that resulted in the hemorrhaging of $550 billion dollars in just “an hour or 2.”

Speaking the last week of January on the Washington DC-based television program, Rep. Kanjorski was verbally accosted by an irate American caller charging that the economic stimulus package currently up for debate in the Congress (as well as the previous $700 billion bank-bailout) is solely for the benefit of fat cats on Wall Street rather than for Joe Six-pack on Mainstreet. With barely-concealed panic in his voice, the Congressman tried explaining the severity of the current financial problem faced by the US with the following comments -– “Why did we do that? We did that because… Look, I was there when the Secretary of the Treasury and Chairman of the Federal Reserve came and talked with members of Congress about what was going on, it was about September the 15th… Here’s the facts and we don’t even talk about these things…”

“On Thursday at about 11 am the Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous drawdown of money market accounts in the United States to the tune of 550 billion dollars, being drawn out in the matter of about an hour or 2. The Treasury opened up its window to help, pumped 105 billion dollars in the system and quickly realized they could not stem the tide… We were having an electronic run on the banks. They decided to close the operation, close down the money accounts and announce a guarantee of $250,000 per account so there wouldn’t be further panic out there. If they had not done this, their estimation was that by 2 o’clock that afternoon, 5.5 trillion dollars would have been drawn out of the money market system of the United States, would have collapsed the entire economy of the United States, and within 24 hours the world economy would have collapsed…”

“We talked about what would happen–it would have been the end of our economic and political system as we know it, and that’s why we had to act and do things quickly. Why? Because if you don’t have a banking system you don’t have an economy, and although we did that it wasn’t enough. The economy has been falling and we’re really no better off today than we were 3 months ago, as other assets are going sour by the moment… Somebody threw us in the middle of the Atlantic ocean without a life raft and we’re trying to determine which is the closest shore and whether there’s any chance in the world to swim that far. We don’t know…”

Put in less “gentle” terms, the 2-hour/half-a trillion dollar/$4.6 billion-per-minute event Kanjorski described was the equivalent of having a major economic artery “Jack-the-Rippered” in a way that threatened the very existence of not only the US but the entire world whose economies and political stability are intrinsically tied to the monetary good mood of the land of the free and home of the brave. According to some of the economic experts interviewed for this piece (who insisted upon anonymity, due to the “sensitive” nature of the topic) it is one of the largest –- if not THE largest–singular transfer of money in history in such a short time frame. Furthermore, the general consensus of those interviewed is that had the bloodletting been permitted to run its course -– meaning the evaporation of 5.5 trillion dollars –- it would have resulted in the elimination of 90% of America’s liquidity (again the “blood” that keeps the economic body alive) in the span of just 5 hours.

In a word, ‘unprecedented’…

Watch for yourself…  DELETED FROM YOUTUBE

Based upon the unnerving words of the Congressman in this very short television exchange, what is known is as follows –-

First, that the potentially-apocalyptic events leading up to the bailout of America’s banks are not “talked about”, something to remember when President Obama or his monetary magicians are promising “this and that” with regards to curing America’s economic ills. By the very words of Rep. Paul “Vallachi” Kanjorski, a “code of silence” exists amongst the ‘made members’ of the political and financial elite preventing them from telling the truth, the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth, so help them ‘G-d’. The fact that it took close to 5 months for this information concerning a deliberate run on the banks to be made public is proof positive that the Captain and crew of the Titanic have decided to allow the passengers to go about their lives unencumbered while they try and find a way to “deal with” the current situation.

Second, that on September 15, Treasury Secretary Paulson and Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Shalom Bernanke testified before Congress that on the previous Thursday, September 11th, an “electronic run” on the US banking system took place between the hours of 9 and 11 am… That had stop-gaps not been executed, by 2 pm that afternoon (again, on September 11th) the hemorrhaging of “5.5 trillion dollars” would have taken place, resulting in the collapse of not only “the entire economy” of the United States but as well of the world within just “24 hours,” leading to “the end of our economic and political system as we know it”.

And, last but not least, eliminating the possibility that the event was all part of some fluke or “market correction”, the honorable Congressman (who one day will doubtless dearly regret his recent “honesty” with the American people on C-SPAN that morning) ended his comments by saying “someone” was responsible for the slashing of that financial jugular that nearly bled America to death, as well as indicating the worries on the part of the power elite in Washington DC as to whether or not at the end of the day America will survive it, despite the unprecedented transfusions she is currently receiving.

Of the many things in Kanjorski’s comments sticking out like the proverbial whore-in-a-red-dress-at-a-1st-communion-ceremony, obviously the most prominent is the date on which the hemorrhaging is said to have taken place, none other than on September 11th, the same date America’s financial headquarters (and by extension, the financial headquarters of the world) were attacked 7 years earlier and the starting gun as it were for the current “war on terror” benefiting a certain ethno-theocratic state in the Middle East. The other thing equally important (and yet hiding in plain sight) is the time frame this monetary hemorrhaging is said to have taken place –- between 9 and 11 am, which also coincides closely with the time frame of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, with the first tower being struck by an airliner shortly before 9 am and the 2nd tower collapsing at roughly 10:30 am.

Realizing in an instant the immense implications in all of this, some of the “see no evil/hear no evil/speak no evil” variety of today’s “freedom-lovin’ ‘merkins” will doubtless prefer to put their landing gear down on “terra firma” in this case, maintaining that the economic crisis faced both by the US and the world is all the result of “market corrections” no more sinister in their nature than a person sneezing when catching a cold.

However, other persons (and particularly those who note the hundreds of “odd” items dealing with 9/11, including but not limited to the arrest of hundreds of Israeli intelligence operatives, some seen cheering as the Twin Towers were crumbling) will see with good reason that the current financial crisis -– rather than being an “accident”–- may very well be an act of sabotage on the part of certain interested parties who stand to benefit from it all, and that out of all the possible players most likely to pull off an “economic 9/11” such as this –- it is none other than Israel that may have done the dirty deed in order to maneuver the US into fighting those deemed “enemies of the Jewish state”.

The idea that Israel would do such a thing –- whether it be the terror attacks on 9/11/2001 or the financial attacks on 9/11/2008–should be no surprise to those even vaguely familiar with the Jewish state’s well-documented history of false flag attacks in creating certain pre-desired political outcomes. Besides the myriad of bombings, shootings and assassinations throughout the world engineered by Israel and then blamed on “Ahab the Arab” for the last 60+ years, there are events such as her deliberate attack on the USS Liberty June 8, 1967 resulting in the deaths of 34 American servicemen, the Lavon affair and many, many others proving that Israel is more than ready, willing and able to dirty her hands in the dirtiest business imaginable. Anyone still doubting this should sit down and talk with the 5 Mossad agents arrested on 9/11 as they cheered the destruction of the Twin Towers with congratulatory “high-fives”, an event they later said on Israeli TV they were sent “to document” after being released by then-Justice Department Official Michael Chertoff.

It is on the basis of these and many more similar instances of blatant terrorism and acts of war against the people of the United States that sane, rational persons can dismiss then the idea that Israel is “incapable” of doing such things as causing total economic meltdown to her bestest buddy in the whole wide world, America. A leopard does not change its spots, and what a criminal has done once he can (and will) do again.

Besides, what must be remembered is that –- religiously speaking –- doing such a thing can hardly be considered immoral within the Judaism’s “code of ethics” as it is something celebrated annually during the feast of Passover when Jews worldwide recount with great nostalgia how their forefathers looted Egypt of all its gold and silver before high-tailing it to the new “promised land” with Pharaoh and his army in hot pursuit.

When considering the recent remarks of Rep. Kanjorski what must also be kept in mind is the fact that NOTHING has been said in the almost 5 months following this bloodletting as pertains the highly-relevant date and time frame the aforementioned “run on the banks” took place. In a day and age when everything from bad breath to unwanted facial hair is being blamed on Muslim terrorists, where carefully-placed, fifth column agents working throughout Western media loyal to Israel never miss an opportunity in propagandizing Americans into throwing their support behind the current “clash of civilizations” between the Christian West and Muslim Middle East, the fact that a Zionist-dominated media has made NO MENTION of the “coincidental” nature of this date is striking to say the least.

However, one thing mentioned (and quite prominently, by the way) is how the most “persecuted and misunderstood people in history“ –- the Jews –- have suffered as a result of the current crisis, first in the form of all the “old canards” concerning their involvement in banking being resurrected and secondly, the Bernard Madoff affair.

Within days of the now-infamous 9/11 run on the banks, Israel’s domestic branch of the Mossad -– the ADL –- was feverishly at work doing what it does best–spying on what people say about Jews and doing everything in its power to muddy the waters of current events by twisting facts and figures. Seemingly every other day a new “poll” was commissioned by the spy agency, citing Gentile suspicion that the current financial mess indeed was not part of some accident but rather by design and that those responsible were Jews, how “unfair and unjust” it all was, and, more importantly, how ridiculous and baseless such suspicions were, despite the fact that the western banking system is dominated by a handful of Jewish families with names such as Rothschild, Kuhn Loeb, Mendelsohn, etc, etc, etc.

What is particularly interesting about the ADL getting involved in this situation at the onset is that this is EXACTLY what it did following 9/11 with regards to the various stories (some actually making their way to mainstream news sources) dealing with Israeli foreknowledge of that day’s events. Not only did the spy agency attempt to shout down any discussion of the HUNDREDS of Israeli spies arrested before, during, and after 9/11 (and again, some in circumstances as incriminating as conveniently being at a locale where they had a bird’s eye view of the destruction and cheering) but as well personally visited news headquarters and warned them to stop reporting on Israeli involvement in 9/11, ADL’s “capo-di-tutti capi” Abe Foxman’s words being “What are you doing putting this stuff out there? You’re killing us“.

Given that the ADL’s “typical” magic did not work with regards to throwing Americans off track regarding the current financial collapse and the “who dunnit” of it all, Israel then needed something more potent, a stronger anesthetic that would confuse and disorient Americans and dull their sense of smell with regards to all those “old canards” involving Jews and money.

Enter one Bernie Madoff, the financial swindler who literally went from being a nobody’s nobody to OVERNIGHT being more familiar to the average American than Osama Bin Laden himself. Like a bomb going off in the middle of rush hour in Manhattan, suddenly the economic downturn that was a Gentiles-only club now claimed all sorts of new, important victims whose tale of financial woe every soul in America learned about 24/7, and all of them Jewish. Eli Wiesel’s organization, synagogues, yeshivas, charities, all of them suddenly became victims as well, thus throwing water on all those “anti-Semitic” fires and conspiracy theories involving Jews and the current financial meltdown that, at least according to Rep. Kanjorski, began the morning of September 11, 2008. Therefore the stories dealing with Jewish losses as a result of the Madoff affair should be seen as being no different in their use as a diversionary tactic than all the stories that “popped up” dealing with “anti-Semitic hate crimes” taking place in the aftermath of Israel’s holocaust on Gaza in December/January.

What can be inferred about this then is that the recent “economic 9/11” taking place 5 months back was in effect much like other false flag attacks engineered by the Jewish state that went awry, and Israel thus was forced to backtrack into the shadows lest too much attention be paid to her involvement. Recall that in June 1967 the Jewish state “accidentally” attacked a US ship for 2 hours –- the USS Liberty –- “accidentally” hitting it with 1,000 rockets, tens of thousands of armor-piercing rounds, hundreds of gallons of napalm and 5 torpedoes. Unable to sink her but understanding as well that dead men tell no tales, she then “accidentally” sent a team of machine gun-wielding commandos by helicopter, assassins whose job was to board the ship and kill everyone on board, but having intercepted an American radio transmission that fighter jets were on the way, she scurried off, donned her most embarrassed, regretful face and said the entire “accidental” attack (lasting as long as the attack on Pearl Harbor) was all a “big mistake”. Had things gone as planned and the Liberty sunk as intended, Egypt would have been blamed, and America would have been drawn into the Middle East in exactly the way as took place immediately following 9/11.

It should be recalled that within minutes of the attacks in New York and DC 7 years ago Big Brutha knew EXACTLY and without question that it was none other than Osama Bin Laden and his band of swarthy, Islamo-fascist thugs who carried it out, and with evidence as flimsy as Mohammed Atta’s paper-and-plastic passport that somehow survived the same heat said to be responsible for melting the steel beams that brought down the Twin Towers. And yet, the fact that 5 months after Jack the Ripper slashed the financial throat of America, leaving a gash that has yet to be contained and as of this moment no one is saying a word about the culprit or culprits involved in this recent bloodletting of American wealth speaks volumes, and particularly in a day and age when computers can detect and track down a micro-penny discrepancy tens of thousands of miles away and within seconds.

If there is any player with such capabilities in bringing about such an act of economic sabotage on the American financial system such as occurred on 9/11/2008, it is Israel. Besides the fact that she is the world leader in not only computer technology but as well computer theft, it is also no theory that the economies of America and the entire western world are not dominated by Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Druids or any other group, but rather by Jews whose loyalty to their Old Testament-created state takes precedence over anything and everything else in 99 cases out of 100.

Secondly, it is no secret the Jewish state wants certain nations in the Middle East attacked by the US–and not today or tomorrow, but yesterday –- Iran obviously being at the top of that list. It is also no secret that for reasons known or unknown the US is not as enthusiastic about such a prospect as she was about attacking Iraq in 2003. Recall that Israel all but busted a vein in her head when the National Intelligence Estimate stated unequivocally in December 2007 that Iran had no nuclear weapons program, which by extension means no US attack on Iran. Since that momentous day, when all appeared lost in getting America to smite Judea’s ancient Persian enemies, it has been a daily spectacle of threats and bluster on the part of the Jewish state. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barack recently threatened in coded words that an American east coast city would be devastated by a nuclear weapon if Iran was not stopped, while other media outlets in Israel have predicted a whole smorgasbord of unfortunate events befalling the US, including an American version of the recent Mumbai terrorist attacks in India. So convinced were certain elements within the American power structure of an imminent false flag operation by Israel that persons no less in stature than Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mullen personally cut short his trip to Europe in the summer of 2008 to go to Tel Aviv and tell his counterpart Gabi Ashkenazi how vital it was that no “USS Liberty Pt II” takes place.

The idea that America was not warned that an event as apocalyptic as her economy going down in flames was in the making is not accurate. During George Bush’s recent visit to Israel in May 2008 to help celebrate 60 uninterrupted years of good, old-fashioned/Old Testament-type butchery and oppression against the non-Jewish peoples of the Holy Land (Christian and Muslim alike) he was met by rabbis closely-associated with ultra-violent elements of the Israeli right (as opposed to the moderately-violent of the Israeli left) who presented him with a list of demands. The commandments, collectively called ‘Megillat Bush’ and written on a specially-made scroll as if scribed personally by some Old Testament prophet were of the typically haughty, pushy, demanding, threatening, obnoxious and condescending tones universally-known to be part of the Jewish state’s character. The document–in effect a diplomatic message from Israel to America–threatened (again, in coded language) that “God ordained that the role of the nations of the world is to strengthen the nation of Israel” and that if America did not go through with vanquishing Israel’s enemies (namely Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon) that “certain doom” would result, endangering “all life on earth”. The mafia-esque diatribe ended ominously with “Your fate and that of all those with you hangs in the balance of the destiny of our land…’

In sum, the logical explanation as to what took place now resulting in the economic freefall in America and elsewhere is that–much like what took place on 9/11/2001, Israel and her network of assets and intelligence agents working in the American financial infrastructure coordinated an attack on the US banking system on the morning of September 11th, 2008 between the hours of 9 and 11 am for the purpose of destroying the US economy and throwing the world into chaos as a prelude to blaming it on Al Qaeda or some other affiliated organization. The results would have been all-too predicatable–fathers responsible for feeding their families would get calls on Sept 12, telling them not to come to work. Within less than a week, the system would be paralyzed as a result of being bled of its cash, martial law would be declared (exactly as Rep. Brad Sherman, Democrat from California stated on the floor of the House of Representatives recently) Ahab the Arab would get the blame and Israel would get the war she demands.

The fact that the attack was stopped and did not achieve the full intended effect, along with likely warnings to the Jewish state from US intelligence and law enforcement agencies who knew where the money went and what was afoot is the likely reason why for the last 5 months the Zionist media has been as quiet as death and why there has been no blaming of “Islamists” or any other group.

In the meantime, the US is scrambling to get the severed artery and accompanying bleeding under control before it reaches the point of no return, if indeed it has not already.

And while all this takes place, thousands of miles away, Israel sits, stewing as she sees her plans fall apart yet again, inching an itchy, apocalyptic finger towards the “button” in what she considers to be “the final solution” to the problem of “anti-Semitism” in the world Yahweh gave to the Jewish people and to them alone–the Samson Option and accompanying nuclear destruction of all creation.

They did it to Britain in October

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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69 Responses to The “Economic 9/11” The Zionist Media Ignored

  1. Dave says:

    God Dam filthy hook nosed bastards.

  2. incipiat says:

    Three syllables the Senator should have ended his interview with: Ho-ly Crap!

  3. jvd(s) says:

    incog: Very good article. At least the information has been “outed”. Now we will have to see if there is any response. If I had the skill I would query every member of congress as well as all the major media as to why this story hasn’t been “front page” news. Our suspicions are probably correct and therefore the ansewer is perhaps rhetorical.

    If indeed Mullin did warn the murderous israeli assholes it provides me with a small “lift” that even our corrupt political scum will tolerate just so much.

  4. incogman says:

    Yeah, it’s a good synopsis. I know they are people in the military who are wise to the Jew. They know they need to be careful because of their careers, but I’m certain we have people sympathetic and will, hopefully, put America first when it comes time to.

  5. Fleur de lis says:

    Play with their unconstitutional funny money, get destroyed by the funny money. Get physical gold and silver now, and if the time comes(SHTF) and the US dollar gets hyperinflated, demand that your state creates it’s own currency backed by gold and silver.

    We don’t want a f’kin hybrid Amero currency that includes stinking third world Mexico. US States are now passing laws reasserting their tenth amendment rights. Please search your state records and call your representative to ask them to introduce this current boilerplate legislation for your state. 30 plus states, I believe, have passed and/or are reviewing this legislation in committees right now.

  6. Fleur de lis says:

    One word for money master bastard Bernie, “Bluhhaaahhhhaahhhaa”

  7. incipiat says:

    I think these states that are passing these resolutions and such that assert their 10th amendment rights are simply pandering to the right. I don’t believe that any of these state government assemblies will put their money were their mouth is when the stakes are down.

    No, I think that this is just another play to the “voters” during unpopular times.

    And as a I understand it some of these “reassertion’s” of 10th amendment rights were passed before George Bush’s tenure.

    I hope I’m wrong though. (about the first paragraph I mean)

  8. Fleur de lis says:

    “On Thursday at about 11 am the Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous drawdown of money market accounts in the United States to the tune of 550 billion dollars, being drawn out in the matter of about an hour or 2. The Treasury opened up its window to help, pumped 105 billion dollars in the system and quickly realized they could not stem the tide… We were having an electronic run on the banks. They decided to close the operation, close down the money accounts and announce a guarantee of $250,000 per account so there wouldn’t be further panic out there. If they had not done this, their estimation was that by 2 o’clock that afternoon, 5.5 trillion dollars would have been drawn out of the money market system of the United States, would have collapsed the entire economy of the United States, and within 24 hours the world economy would have collapsed…”

    Somethings fishy about this big fish tale to me.

    5.5 trillion would amount to millions of money market accounts (let’s assume valued at $250,000 to $1,000,000). Who has control over millions of individual accounts in a matter of hours? How was the Fed so sure it could have gone on indefinately till 5.5 trillion left those accounts? Is it possible that say hundreds or even a thousand wealthy individuals/organizations coordinated a bank run on their millions of accounts?

    Then the Fed guaranteed those accounts for the full amount? This sounds like collusion between the Fed insiders and those bankrunners; while scaring the heck out of Congressmen in the know. This allowed the bankers/wall street to get their trillion dollar bailout package from the people, via a scared Congress (collapse/martial law).

    The Federal Reserve has record of those people/organizations that were withdrawing that day; yet we will never be privy to that detailed info. The Fed is above the law and cannot be compelled to tell us. They scared/extorted our Congress into giving them trillions of the ‘wage slave’ backed money.

  9. incipiat says:

    Wow, Good food for thought.

  10. orion14 says:

    “First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”

    Great site! I recommend it for your links. Everyone should read this stuff!

  11. incogman says:

    Fleur de lis:

    I’m sure the draw-down numbers meant the rate of outflow when they “stopped it” and not whether it would continue. The 550 billion (and some further amount unknown) represents what those people could get their hands on and suck-out.

    I think the Fed people were in on it and used it to get the bailout (TARP). I think the International Jews are sucking what they can before we go belly-up. When we lose everything, they’ll turn us into another USSR.

  12. Fleur de lis says:

    An even simpler story would be that the Federal Reserve just made up this story to scare Congress into passing a bailout package. After all, they were the only ones to notice the bank run, right? Who is going to question the Fed and get the real details and proof.

    The fact that it happened on 9-11-2008 between 9 and 11 am is more tangible proof the international banker jews and Israel were behind WTC911 too. They love that date of death and destruction! The Fed obviously couldn’t pin the bank run onto the wealthy Saudi Arabs.

  13. Fleur de lis says:

    Sure Incog, I realize it was the rate of the current outflow. I was just thinking how odd that they would even consider this bankrun could go on indefinately, or to the tune of trillions by 2pm, until stopped by them.

    Assuming of course this bank run really was occuring and not a Fed Fraud story laced with multi-trillion dollar exaggerations.

    Someone told that Cogressmen the scary number of 5.5 trillion to scare him and other Congressmen.

  14. incogman says:

    Yeah, FW Engdahl thought that Hank Paulson was reading from a script with all the paranoia pushing for the first bailout package, that was rammed thru even though everybody in the country was up in arms.

  15. rocketman 66 says:

    this is some scary shit,very believable,after reading the bankers manifesto then this it’s pretty clear to me that we are doomed.
    i know full well that we now live in the united states of israel,but i never imagined the world of israel.

  16. Northerntruthseeker says:

    The obvious question is: Where is the 550 Billion Dollars today?

    The obvious answer is it is sitting in a Zionist controlled offshore account, or sitting pretty in an account in the Zionist state of Israel.

    This plan to destroy countries by imploding their monetary system is well documented in their evil Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. That blueprint for world domination is being followed to the letter!

    The next step will be the total destruction of the US economy. I hope the citizens there are ready for that.

  17. James says:

    Hey m also agree with.The next step will be the total destruction of the US economy. I hope the citizens there are ready for that.

  18. Watcher says:

    As Northerntruthseeker states, the crux of the matter is identifying who withdrew the $550 Billion, and where it is now. (I’m guessing in several Rothschild & Co. accounts located mainly in Israel, with a scattered few throughout the world).

    The American people should demand to know who made these withdrawals from our congress. If the Fed were to state that they are unable to identify who made these withdrawals, it would be clear to all involved that congress would have grounds for an unprecedented overhaul of the system. (Of course, it is already clear to anybody paying attention that the system is an unsustainable scam.)

    Assuming the unlikely scenario of enough “merkins” actually rallying to make such a demand for answers upon congress, I am sure that congress would be slow to act on said demand (if they act at all), and the Fed would never respond with the correct answer anyway.

    Their plan is to perpetually screw and jew us down into a 3rd world, Mad Max style society (loosely based upon the Soviet model, but much worse due to ethnic tensions), kept in ultimate check by a police state managed by jewish commissars seething with hatred for the goyim. These insane jews also plan to ultimately cull the herd by about 90% of its population. Hopefully, some patriots near the top will wake up to this painful reality, before it’s too late.

    It will take a radical change in power to finally nail down the culprits in this highly rigged game, and save the planet from massive destruction and slavery.

  19. rocketman 66 says:

    nope,the citizens of america are not ready for this.they are too affraid to even discuss it,aside from a very small percentage of us here in america,the people are what i like to call “conditioned”.
    they are so affraid to be labeled anti-semite.
    nobody really seems to get it,all of this stuff i read here i do not question,INCOG MAN and his blog are are true in what they say.
    we are debt slaves(well not me,i’m too smart for that shit,i’m a work to exist citizen)
    all these people here think life is good,especially now with our first brown sock puppet president who has rahm emanuel pulling his strings.
    the working class is doomed,the rich are sucking the money out under the eyes of mostly everybody and calling it GLOBALIZATION.
    the only ones that stand to benefit are our good illegal alien population and the welfare slugs of all colors.
    american idol and pro sports are what typical americans are concerned with,they need a HD TV to watch bullsit reality shows and over paid, over rated athletes,vey many of theses heroes cant even to stay out of trouble with the law.
    now there is a new show on mtv( i think),New black overclass.
    sounds racist to me,but i bet more whites will watch this shit than blacks will.
    the show is all about black millionaire athletes,rap artists and other rich monkeys.
    this is the shit the jew tube is pushing on america,still complaining that NASCAR and other forms of motorsports are too “white”.
    the one area of sports entertainment that is not a sea of niggers and spics
    but the jews have a big hand in it since NASCAR became mainstream corporate bullshit.
    watch “THE FIRST 48”, a homocide invetigation show,i’m surprised it’s allowed on the air.
    i think out of the dozens of episodes i’ve seen,only one of the murder suspects was white.
    sorry for so much profanity ,LB

  20. American says:


    That show “America’s New Black OVERclass” is on CNBC, and is meant to insult. The term overclass is derogatory, and “Newbo’s” sounds a lot like “Nooba’s” which is another term for Negroes. We know the Jews were trying to demean whites, but I’m curious if they were giving Negroes a backhanded compliment with that show?

    Have you ever seen a documentary called something like “Gladiators” about a white guy named Troy Kell that stabbed a Nooba to death while in prison. He got put on death row. What was amazing is that his accomplice was initially put in jail for bouncing a $300 check, but “somehow” they had to hold him in prison b/c overcrowding in the jail or something. He got a ramjob by the jew-rigging in society, because once in the prison for his short sentence, he was involved in the “racial” stabbing of the nooba that threatened to do the same to them. He also got life in prison. No arrest record before the bounced check! The end of the show has this kid apologizing to society for being a racist (still in prison, just repentant) Think of Madoff sitting in his stolen castle at this very moment, telling the law what he’s gonna do with the money that’s left!

    The jew producers are even in the film making comments, and you can tell they love the fact that they control the “Gladiators”. Whites and blacks fight for THEIR entertainment and profit.

  21. gncarlo says:

    I have to agree with Fleur; this ‘bank run’ stuff smells more than a little fishy to me. “The end of the world almost happened, but Congress and the Fed saved us….” Please. I guess we are supposed to be overwhelmed with gratitude towards our ever-vigilant masters, even while their hands are in our pockets. $500 billion leaves the system; Obama signs bills putting $1.5 trillion into the system in his first thirty days. I think Dubya put a trillion or so in, on his way out the door. Sounds like a shell game to me.

    By the same money masters who sell gold short on the commodities market, where there is full disclosure, panicking the herd, while, at the same time, quietly buying it back on the spot market, thru international banks, where there is zero disclosure.

    Trillions are going to disappear as the derivatives game unwinds. So, one could conclude we will have deflation. The printing presses are running full time. So, one could conclude we will have inflation. Which will it be?

    The thing to keep in mind is that this is fiat money. It is not backed by gold, silver, wheat, corn, oil, etc. It is backed by the public perception. It is worth what we think it is worth. And who determines what we think it is worth. Why, the people who control the media.

    As I look at the markets this afternoon, most, if not all, of the widely traded currencies are falling and have been falling for several months. Where did this “wealth” go? Was it “wealth” in the first place? Was not this “wealth” simply confidence in politicians’ promises and in their competence and integrity?

    The conventional wisdom is that, if all paper currencies are falling, gold and silver should be rising. But they are not. Gold is falling along with currencies. Silver, which also has wide industrial applications, is all over the place, its price a function of expectations about a recovery in world industrial demand.

    Remember, the dollar is fiat money. It is worth what our masters convince us it is worth. I think we are having our chains jerked by those who would enslave us.

    Keep your powder dry…..

  22. incogman says:

    The prices for gold are being sat on by the Rothschilds banking control, so the masses will not panick and their minions can get good deals. Plus, paper gold futures dealing that comes out of hedge funds, seeking to reduce exposure, acts to keep the prices way down. But that part is coming to an end here shortly.

    Expect Hyperinflation of the sort that occured in Germany’s Weimar republic days.

    Mining and smelters are working overtime to keep up with demand because it’s so cheap (relatively). They are scratching their heads why the market prices have stayed so flat.

    Jews control both ends of the stick, not only in politics, but in money.

  23. Steve in TN says:

    Yep, that was my initial gut feeling when I first saw the video several days ago. They are looting the economy and using to set up next catastrophe. Some times I wished the Palestinians would leave Israhell so Yretz could be nuked.

  24. Steve in TN says:

    Someone is buying up the silver and gold. I haven’t been able to buy silver for months now even at todays spot price. I wonder if we all go to silver and gold, and then then jews take it all where are we then? First, I’ll admit I don’t understand money, but the greenback worked good during the civil war. Why not create a constitutionally, congress mandated currency again? What about the States. All I’m trying to say–we’ve got to come up with a better system than the Federal Reserve. Otherwise, there will never be any change left in our pockets. Communism will leave us all equally destitute.

  25. American says:

    I found this at Mike Delaney’s and had a good laugh:

  26. American says:

    When I added the video, I hadn’t yet read the interesting comments on currencies and commodities above.

    Most people think gold can only rise in an inflationary environment. It does best with inflation, but there are rare periods where gold will go up just because it is another form of ‘money’. We just witnessed one of these rare events the last several months, where most commodities got hammered while gold trades not too far from all-time highs.

    There is no denying we are in a deflationary period as defined by lower prices for most goods/services/asset classes. How long it lasts I can’t tell, but gold has been able to rise (over the last 4-5 months) by just being a substitute currency. People lose faith in paper, and want the oldest form of money in known to man.

    I am not predicting inflation (yet), but if it ever rears it’s head, gold will have both reasons to skyrocket. In any case, there are all sorts of other considerations, like commissions, spreads, etc. People know gold/silver wise to hold, but transaction fees and risks need to be considered. Don;t forget that you might get killed/robbed if anybody finds out!

    Lastly, the government can, and has in the past, made holding gold illegal. They simply give you a price you are forced to sell at, which is much below where it would be without their “new law”. Of course, you could always try to keep/hide it, with your guns once they outlaw those, but that is a risk nonetheless.

    For those that see the benefit of owning gold, but realize the practical limitations, it has been suggested to own the best quality miners (like Newmont, symbol NEM). These are easier to buy and “store”, highly liquid, and give you ownership in the companies mine holdings. Should the US outlaw physical gold possession, the price will still skyrocket around the globe (as it has already, gold priced in Euros, sterling etc is at all time highs last few weeks), and the mining company can either let it sit in the ground until laws are more favorable, or sell it in foreign markets. Naturally, you must be careful to buy only legitimate companies with trustworthy management (low debt, etc), or possibly an etf like the GDX (compilation of many global miners).

    I think that trying to buy physical gold/silver at this point is late. I’d rather buy more weapons and ammo! 🙂

  27. American says:

    Here’s a note on the executive order “outlawing” gold possession (not possession, but “hoarding” as they define):

    The criminals are coming for us either way, so no place left to run. Time to get comfortable with the fact we will be forced to fight.

  28. gncarlo says:

    As gold prices fall, ETFs like IAU and GLD are said to be buying all they can get their hands on.

    When gold compared too favorably to paper, Roosevelt simply said that those coins buried in your basement were illegal. What do you do then?

    The State can simply label you a “black market operator” and have you shot, to public applause. It’s been done quite often, most recently in places like the USSR and China

    I wish I knew a safe and sure way to protect what you have when the government is an organized crime operation….

    I think nothing will change so long as the current people control the mass media and the mass of people view it as a credible source of information.

  29. gncarlo says:

    I think there will come a time, sooner or later, when we will have to “cut the Gordian Knot” and remove from our presence The (self)Chosen, as well as their many white European “useful idiots.” There is no misunderstanding on their part. They CHOOSE to make war on the rest of humanity. As the history of the last century, or even the last month, has revealed, they wage war without mercy.

    It is beyond being resolved at the ballot box. That has been reduced to nothing more than political theatre.

    Either our people will have to wake up, or get used to “spending eternity with a boot on your neck.”

  30. American says:

    I agree, they’re coming for it anyway.

    Just a quick note about the etfs, so I’m not understood.

    The GLD and other similar ones will need to be avoided too, as they are just synthetic “cash gold” positions. An executive order like #6102 would be a death sentence for those. It is only the ‘mining company’ etf, or the actual miners themselves that would preserve wealth. Even then, with credit collapses it will be important to pick the right ones!

    GLD, IAU, DGP, as well as futures will all get flushed if this occurs again like it did in 1933. No matter how we look at it, there will be pain ahead. I’m not an investor, I just like reading on these topics, so I’ll stick with my weapons, and “invest” in ammo, which has been going up too!

  31. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    The time will come when we will have to fold mercy up like a used hankercheif and tuck it away in some far dark corner of your chest of drawers. It’s gonna get really ugly and for those bastards to get to my precious metals, they will have to get by my most precious of metals….lead! We are going to have to make a choice to either stand shoulder to shoulder with our forefathers or grovel on our knees as slaves. If I die doing the former it will be with great honor but not before I take a few of them bastards with me. If all the urban warfare exercises have been meant for us (and I believe it has) then those who would turn on their own citizens, in order to please a great evil giving the orders, then they in turn deserve no mercy at all from those they are attempting to opress. Hopefully it will never come to this but I’m the type who prepares for the worst and hopes for the best. All this while keeping my ammo dry and my metals buried in an undisclosed location. 🙂

  32. gncarlo says:


    We all need to seek out like-minded people in our communities (and not just on the internet). We need to get prepared in real-time for civil disturbances. You won’t last very long on your own. I understand the militia movement was demonized after Tim McVeigh. People need to start reviving that, but with serious and aware people. Small cells. Don’t compromise yourselves with empty threats. Just be ready when the food stamps go broke and trouble comes to your neighborhood.

  33. gncarlo says:


    GDX has underperformed GLD by about 60% for the last two years. I too was told by the pundits that gold stocks outperformed gold bullion during gold bull markets, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

    Click on one of the names at the top of the page and that will become the base line zero. The other stock will be charted above or below that. The slider at the right of the page can be moved, giving you different time frames. One year’s trading days equals about 250 days.,GLD

    In both 1980 and 1987, gold stocks were among the worst performers. It seems, as the other stocks were falling, margin calls on leveraged stocks resulted in brokers’ liquidating one’s gold stocks to cover the other stocks. It resulted in a scenario different than what the “expert advisors” predicted. Gold stocks proved to be a time bomb rather than a hedge.

  34. jvd(s) says:

    incog: Those that try to put America first are fired/demoted/marginalized. Collin Powell tried and he was fired and had no media coverage for anything he said. The “new” admin. is jew so he still is not provided news coverage, especiall re “jew”. He told w bush that douglas feith was a card carrying member of the likud party and that and his resistence to Iraq got him fired and descredited re the major media.

    The ONLY way to resist is with DECEPTION and a generational plan. “jew” has planned world domination for centuries in a generational fashion from father to child and their major weapon has been deception. Whoever best uses deception will win out over time. 3% interest will over time break the world. In order to do this organization and leadership is necessary and it has to be subtle. Resistance cannot be successfull with people ranting about getting rid of particular groups. Such behavior only draws attention to what you are trying to do. It has to be deceptive and indeed, like the jew, devious. When you are deer hunting silence and quietness determine success, by and large.

  35. incogman says:


    You are so right. That’s why I always say not to wear uniforms and nazi stuff. Look just like everyone else — grow your hair out, wear decent clothing, etc. It’s a sacrifice for some, but so necessary right now. I just hope racially aware whites read this and follow this advice. Hey, I know that you don’t feel like you have to do anything, but think of it as “undercover.”

    We all need to take a page from the Jew play book. Use any kind of info for those you talk to. Get at what concerns them the most, economy, religion, war. The Jew uses other races, so you can too. I’ve found Blacks to be totally receptive. Teach them that it’s the Jews who are the “evil Whites.” Learn about Jew history in the slave trade.

  36. American says:


    That must be why I never had any money! You are correct that miners have underperformed GLD. I learned of this idea from Marc Faber, who recommended this strategy going forward, in the event of catastrophe. I’m not sure that the last 2 years will be anything like the next couple, like if they “confiscate” physical at a fixed price? His contention is that all ‘derivatives’ of gold might not be reliable once things bust.

    I hear what you’re saying about margin calls. That’s a whole other potential problem, and maybe the cause of the 1980 and ’87 underperformance. I don’t know how leveraged investors are to miners now.

    It sure doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for mistakes. The best ‘returns’ I’ve seen since 2007 remain in weapons and ammo, plus they have true utility! 🙂

  37. Steve in TN says:

    If I had to make a choice I’d take physical gold. Not something on a computer file. But you can only eat so much gold. Ammo and canned goods, etc. a better investment right now.

    gncarlo you and others know what time it is. I wondered when this time would come when we’d be bartering and growing food and engaging in tribal warfare. Looks like it could happen any day now. You will either go with the FEMA flock into slavery or go on the run, take your chances and be hunted down. They probably already know who and where we are. I choose to live and die as a free man. I don’t know that this will be the scenario for sure but it has happened before not so long ago. What will set the world on fire? Is there still time for a remedy or must it be a rebellion? If all stand together this tyranny would be hollow. It is important that we as a whole fix the government. It is certainly busted. It must be a government for and by US. Is it even possible to get one patriot in a leadership role any more? Will the lobbyist rule forever? Hell we pay their salary shouldn’t we come first? I wished it would be that the people that placed their candidate in power was responsible for paying taxes and the others had none to pay. No one would vote, then it would be more local leadership with real wealth and involement tied to it and not some mad power hungry dictator telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. I’d find a like-minded local tribe and support smaller government where one regardless of party can make a difference. I know this sounds somewhat far-fetched; but, we need to come up with some workable solutions. At the rate we are going now the doomsday scenario is looking more realistic everyday. Truth be said we have pissed off every nation on earth and they can’t wait for a reason to annihilate the US and it’s corrupt leadership. So we keep building and maintaining WMD’s. It’s catch-22. How do we rid ourselves of these afore mentioned cancerous tumours. Have we passed the point of no return? We need some real workable ideas that provide answers that are worth rallying together.

  38. Steve in TN says:

    You know as well as I when the people have had enough and say no to bailouts and all the other BS their house of cards will come tumbling down. But like 1776. It won’t be pretty.

  39. gncarlo says:

    Curiously enough, with all the “gloom and doom” scare talk, all other currency ETFs have been falling relative to the dollar (UUP) the last few months. If you believe in Elliott Waves, the dollar is in its 5th wave (on a daily basis) and will soon come down. Things are getting interesting. I gotta remember to get more shotgun shells.

  40. Icey Key says:

    Gncarlo and others are right. In the end, we will have to fight. Physically. Once Joe Six Pack can’t get milk for his hungry kids – yet sees the government giving it to the blacks and browns or he has to fight the blacks and browns for that milk or food for his kids, the show will begin in earnest. The media will lose a lot of its hold once whitey is forced into a corner. The jews in charge laugh, are so arrogant as to believe this could never happen, as they always overreach, and assume after all the brainwashing that whites are a big bunch of physical cowards like the jews. But we’re not. Most whites have too much to lose in confrontational situations with the, eh, lower forms of life, what with all the brainwashing to try and make whites cowards and the fact that everyone knows (not all will admit it) that the justice system is stacked against whites. That’s why so many whites are hesitant. We actually think more than 1 second ahead unlike the darker folks. Enough angry whites taking it to the streets, a mere 5 to 10 % of the population, maybe less, maybe a bit more, is all it will take. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  41. gncarlo says:


  42. gncarlo says:

    I think Marc Faber called a market bottom and buying opportunity three or four months ago. Seems to be a malfunction in his prognostications. Oh well, like the stopped clock, he and everyone else will be right at some point.
    My favorite analogy about trying to buy at the bottom is that it is like trying to catch a falling safe. Greed can get you killed. Better to let it hit the sidewalk and maybe break open first, then make your move….

  43. gncarlo says:

    Take a one-minute break for a little timeless European music:

  44. American says:

    One other atypical relationship we have seen lately is b/t the $USD and precious metals. As the dollar has risen, so have gold/silver, which is counter-intuitive. I’m not sure when the dollar starts lower again, but I do know it’s paper and promises, both of which I have no faith in.

    Sooner or later, all fiat (paper) is recognized for what it’s worth. The $USD has only been rising relative to other countries paper promises, but they’ll all be in the toilet together before this is done.

    Jews run our banking/currency “presses”, and they deserve the blame. They stole a “homeland”, and now have a place for Goyim to put them.

  45. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    I believe that the elites will soon have an “oh-shit!” moment. Look at the arms sales in the US for the past several months. Folks in America had a great big gut check and are preparing for something. I hope and pray that nothing ever happens, but praying only does so much good. During the revolution the patriots didn’t “pray” the brits into surrender. Don’t worry about me, I am not stupid enough to play into zogs hand and try to do anything pre-emptive. That’s just what they want us to do so they can make an example of us to the sheeple. With that being said, we must adopt the spirirt and the will of the original minutemen; prepared to go at a moments notice. Store food, ammo, arms, water, gold, silver and learn how to gut and prepare various game animals. Sure, a squirrel looks like a rat but when that gut growls that squirrel will be a feast.

  46. gncarlo says:

    American, short term movements don’t really mean much in markets. I like Buffet’s quote: “In the short run, the market is a thermometer; in the long run, it is a barometer.” Check the market link I left: GLD (gold) is down about 7% over the last year. UUP (dollar bull) is up nearly 18% since we were told the financial system was about to collapse.

    The media can change perceptions overnight. Perhaps our masters are talking down gold while they accumulate it. And then will announce inflation is “worse than we thought” and sell us the gold at higher prices.

    I prefer easily-negotiable junk silver coins, shotgun shells, and canned foods.

  47. American says:

    I don’t have any gold or silver, as I don’t really have any assets to protect. In many ways I’m a minimalist. My freedom, on the other hand, is something I am going to keep no matter what.

    Besides, when all hell breaks loose, I’ll take the gold/silver from the first Jew I find. I can assume it was swindled anyway! 🙂

  48. Steve in TN says:

    Why don’t we all go to the banks and clog the lines demanding a bailout since it is our money just for the sake of awareness. We should have a right to our own money. Let the effers fail. They keep telling you the economy will crash, etc. Well, then let it. It has to be compleyely restructured less a Federal Reserve before it can be fixed. Otherwise the manipulators at Wall Street will play us to our own financial and physical destruction and take their loot with them when they are done and go home to Israel. We are all being played now. They are now devaluing everything to shake you from your last bit of change, then will hyperinflate to strangle you to death. Hang on to your valuables and invest wisely.

  49. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    Let this song be the rallying cry for us all. Hope it’ll lift yer spirits since it was written especially for what we are talking about here.

  50. Dan says:

    Very good article, but have you thought about the fact that this whole Zionist orchestrated event, was not necessarily about a prelude to war, but a consolidation of power.

    Watch this video…

    It consists out of old news footage and proves that the Clinton administration is responsible for passing the legislation that effectively forced banks to lend to the poor.

    Watch how Obama, who was only a lawyer back then, worked his arse off to make this bill materialize. Watch the interview they had with him.

    The Fed is a privately owned bank.
    What they have effectively done, is to take over the bad debt of the banks that went belly up, after the crash(we think it is the government) and the Fed pays for it by PRINTING MONEY OUT OF NOTHING.

    So what you have is a lot of banks that sink, their debts are taken over by the privately owned Feb, who pays for it by merely printing money. Of course the normal man in the street eventually end up paying the bill.

    So eventually you end up with more banking power in fewer hands.

    I think this financial crises was a consolidation of BANKING power to remove the last hurdles in the way of the realization of the American Union and eventually the Western world Union.

  51. Big Duke 6 says:

    Hey Carve dat possum…nothing wrong with eating a squirrel. When I was 13, I was on a hunting trip at my great uncle’s place in Louisiana. He used to go on safaris in Africa. One night we had a great dinner, and I asked him after we were done what kind of meat that was. He said, “That raccoon you guys shot last night.” LOL!!!

    Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

    A: To prove to the possum that it COULD BE DONE. 😀

  52. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    yup if you get hungry enough you’ll eat anything. I did just order 25 chickens. Gonna start raising them again. Gonna be an egg sucking dog haha.

  53. gncarlo says:

    The possum is the only critter that I ever saw eat its own kind as roadkill. Aaaaaargh….the missus sez they are ‘marsupials.’ I say they are big slow-moving rats.

    My Dad use to shoot and cook squirrel when we were little (money was tight). It seemed an awful lot of work skinning and gutting for what little meat was there. And biting down on an occasional piece of shot wasn’t much fun either.

    There are rumors that the northern Chinese are smarter than us; they like dog with rice. A lot more meat, easier to catch 🙂

  54. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    “There are rumors that the northern Chinese are smarter than us; they like dog with rice. A lot more meat, easier to catch ”

    I have way too many cats round here. heard they make good meow-mein tho 😛 but then again I’ve been an ardent pussy eater for many a year now. 😀

  55. gncarlo says:

    “Once you get past the smell, ya got it licked!” -Doc Johnson

  56. gncarlo says:

    Why can’t I find the “Silence Before The Hate Crimes Bill” thread?

  57. Steve in TN says:

    Subscibe to feed and sort by date and it’s third or just go home and it’s third past article.

  58. Steve in TN says:

    To much Silence kicked it downstairs a bit

  59. Dear Incogman,

    I thought you might find this article of interest. If you can post it all the better. Is there an email address to send stuff? Don’t really want to post it on a thread it doesn’t belong in. The graphic is on my site at the url below.


    Arthur Topham
    What’s Next, “Zionism Denial”?
    By Arthur Topham
    March 4, 2009

    The recent shackling and incarceration of Horst Mahler in Germany over charges of “Holocaust Denial” is the latest example of the degree of absurdity that this trend by the Zionist forces is leading mankind toward.

    There is now occurring, worldwide, an ideological war (vaguely masked as a ‘religious’ one) between the forces of darkness and deceit and the forces of light and truth. It’s as simple (and yet, as complex) as that.

    Following upon the heels of the other absurdity of this nature, that of Bishop Richard Williamson and the grossness and degree of the attack upon his name and his position within the beleaguered Catholic hierarchy by the Zionist zealot rabbis and their lackeys whose raison d’etre rests upon a professed foundational belief in their false messiah – the Holocaust god – the myth of Sillyness is thus taken to the nth degree of frivolity.

    The fact that Zionist Jews everywhere are now, in unison, screaming out their proverbial Molochian chants for Bishop Williamson’s blood and for him to not only recant his early remarks concerning the “Big Six” but to go further in demands he swear an unquestioning obedience and belief in their brash idol of ash, is one more startling illustration of the fact that these Mad Hatters of Holocaustasia will stop at nothing short of absolute obeisance to the object of their perpetual sorrow and worship.

    Viewing this recent trend by the Zionist Jews to attack the intellectual challenges brought on by the apostles of common sense who have the audacity and courage to question their self-chosen postulates regarding the “Holocaust” with a barrage of legally restricting legislation specifically designed to thwart not only reason but justice itself, one can only ask the most obvious question – what next?

    The answer to that simple and natural query – an outcome of witnessing the historic examples of James Keegstra, and Doug Collins and Malcolm Ross and Ernst Zundel in Canada, Professor Robert Faurisson in France, Germar Rudolf of the USA, Sylvia Stolz, Juergen Graf, Gerd Honsik and Horst Mahler of Germany, historian David Irving of England and Dr. Fredrick Toben of Adelaide Institute in Australia (to name but a few of the more notable figures) – is to be found in the current battle now unfolding in Canada between myself, Arthur Topham and my website and the Zionist Jew lobby organization known as the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada.

    I am being charged by B’nai Brith Canada under Canada’s Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act – a vile and specious bit of Orwellian outrage if ever there was one – that uses Canada’s “Hate crimes” laws to suppress and vilify anyone who questions any aspects of either Judaism, the political ideology of Zionism or the policies of the foreign state of Israel.

    As crazy and illogical as it might first appear, the actual wording of the charge brought against me and my website is living proof that the Zionists are determined to establish in this “Human Rights” complaint now before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, a new and unique precedent that goes beyond even the magnitude of the medieval malfeasance found in their “Holocaust Denial” legislation.

    This novel precedent is to be found in the specific wording of the complaint itself which the Canadian Human Rights Commission, in their infinite wisdom, deemed admissible and worthy of holding a Tribunal hearing to debate. Using Section 13(1) and its Interpretation(2), of the CHR Act, B’nai Brith Canada stated in its complaint to the CHRC:

    “The premise of this complaint is a contention that Arthur Topham and contrive to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.” [bold is mine]

    If this “complaint” reaches its planned goal it will firmly establish as law, in the once free nation known as Canada, that no citizen of said country will be able to write anything on the Internet that is critical of the state of Israel – (remembering of course that Israel is a foreign country) – without taking the risk of being charged with committing a “Hate crime” under Canada’s federal Canadian Human Rights Act.

    As the world already knows, the essence of Israel, its life-blood, rests upon the ideology known as political Zionism. Without Zionism’s fundamental tenets the state would not, could not, exist as it does in its present form. Logic thus leads one to the obvious conclusion. If it becomes a “Hate crime” in Canada to criticize Israel then to do so make it de facto of the same order of “Holocaust Denial” only in this new instance we would have to refer to it as “Zionism Denial”.

    I needn’t burden readers with the endless avenues leading into absurdity that such a precedent would set, not only for Canada but for every nation in which the Zionist Jewish influence has gained currency.

    Those of us Canucks here in the trenches battling to stop censorship of the Internet and the repression of freedom of speech are well aware that Canada is the experimental breeding-ground for Zionist legislation which inevitably curtails serious debate of all relevant political issues related to Zionist Jewish influence on western culture and its underlying institutional framework.

    All alliteration aside, once they are able to get in to the law books the B’nai Brith Canada v. precedent it will open up a plethora of pandemic, pusillanimous and pestilent-stricken precedents the likes of which will make Pandora’s Box appear petite by comparison.

    And like all of the poisonous programs designed to control our thoughts and our means of expressing them, this current case, should it prove to be another Zionist victory, will soon wend its way south into the heart of America to then challenge that final bastion of freedom of speech contained in the US Constitution – the 2nd Amendment.

    The time to stem this stream of Orwellian misery currently building up head in Canada is NOW. The place, CANADA. The method? Kill this serpent of censorship hiding within Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act by severing its head before yet another false god, in this instance one called “Zionism Denial”, is born from out of the dark depths of Mordor and turns its fierce fangs toward the light bringers with increased vengeance and hatred.

    The light will never be overcome by the darkness but only if the people open their eyes to the clear and present danger that Zionism poses to all those who love freedom.

    To assist in this cause you might write a letter of support for and address it to:

    Nancy Lafontant
    Registry Officer
    Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

    Please refer to File Number: T1360/9008

    Please visit for more articles and information on this subject.

    Arthur Topham is the Publisher and Editor of He lives in central B.C. Canada with his wife and family and has been at the forefront of issues regarding social justice for the past forty years. He can be reached at

  60. Steve in TN says:

    Lord Jesus help us. Kick them out now!

  61. American says:

    Good luck Arthur,

    Besides writing, I will be calling Nancy LaFontant at the CHRT (telephone: (613) 995-1707) to respectfully protest this violation of free speech.

    It has gone too far, that a Canadian citizen can criticize anything except the foreign nation of Israel. No matter what country, the time to act is now.

  62. jvd(s) says:

    incog: Two people can do four times as much as one person and the energy becomes exponential with rising numbers. You said you were alone in this. One person can make a difference but just for so long. I do not know if everyone truly understands it but “we” are in a war with the “jew” and to date only the “jew” is fighting. “We” don’t have a chance if all “we” do is write and talk. “We” are already dominated by the jew. “jew” controls world finance through ownership/control of all of the worlds central banks; “jew” owns all four major tv networks and all the tv stations in the top ten markets; “jew” owns all of the US major newspapers, most of the major magazines and hollywood; “jew” controls the leadership of both political parties; “jew” has corrupted “our” political reps through money and fear of having “jew” money put against them.

    Talking is cathartic but in a war talkers and writers on the losng side are executed. The intent of “jew” is to place israel on a throne above all other nations and to rule the world; “jew” rule will be no less harsh than the nazis nor communists. Everyone will have to pay taxes to “jew” 50%+. Everyone will have to worship “jew”. Think about this and if you decide that more than one is a good idea let me know and we’ll try to work something out maybe we can maybe not but it may be worth an attempt.

  63. American says:

    When Fed chairman Shalom Bernanke tries gain praise for being more transparent, as he claims they have been lately, just remember this:

    That’ right, the REFUSE to let people know what they are doing with YOUR money, because it for our own good! We’re not intelligent enough, and might act irrationally an stigmatize banks that deserve to be stigmatized.

  64. gncarlo says:


    I had read that some rabbis in Jerusalem had even demanded that, unless the Pope denounced Bishop Williamson in no uncertain terms, he (the Pope) should be put on trial in Germany for ‘holocaust denial.’

    The Pope, with his life almost over (and little to lose) had a golden opportunity to go to Germany and defend Williamson’s right to his own opinion in secular matters (is the Holocaust still a secular matter? 🙂 ).

    The Pope could have challenged the Circumsized to put up or shut up: put him on trial and lay bare Jewish power to all the world, offending a billion or more Catholics. The opportunity to be a man of courage, and a memorable Pope. Instead, he failed to develop a backbone, and groveled. Now an inconsequential and pathetic historic footnote.

    Hard for me to understand why. Maybe his handlers, like Dubya’s, have him drinking the kool-aid, and he is only dimly aware of what is going on.

    I’m still not as certain as the kikesters that Williamson will cave. It would be a betrayal of what I believe are his sincere lifelong convictions.

  65. Nemesys says:

    I love my Volk. SO smart. Gncarlo – kudos. You are a brilliant thinker. A strategic thinker. The Gordian Knot cut is decades overdue…..but we atre too few to do it alone, at this point. We have to wait for the Great White Herd to endure REAL suffering, in order to have the numbers we need. Our UnAwakened are starting to stir, however; and our Creative Genius will save us, in the end – or we will vanish from Time.

    I have faith in us. But the immediate future will be truly terrible. We all need to be prepared. In the real world, as you say. And we need ot know each other. We will find each other.

  66. Steve in TN says:

    Is the WaMu logo a menorah?

  67. Anonymous says:

    Wow…..It strongly resembles one, Steve. Great observation

  68. Lasher says:

    Itz coming!

  69. Lasher says:

    Has it been noted by all that the case of the two kikes, Rosen and Weissman was dismissed? Why are people so stupid?

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