AIPAC’S Treason Fest™ 2009


From Kenny’s Sideshow

Traitor Jewess Harman

Traitor Jewess Jane Harman

The excitement is surely building. Less than a week to go until the annual AIPAC Policy conference when several US elected officials and associated shills will remind the world who they really work for.

Even Tel Aviv Jane Harman is scheduled to give opening remarks and to discuss “an insider’s look at the Middle East,” if she is not deemed too radioactive.

Over 300 members of Congress reportedly attended in 2008 but the guest list for this year has been hidden at the organizer’s request. I suppose that’s to keep constituents from publicly questioning their representatives about where their loyalties lie and ruining a good time.

A big private conversion piece this year will most likely be whether the AIPAC’s own spies, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, both former lobbyists, will finally get their day in court or the charges be dismissed in the name of ‘national security.’

Other whispered topics may include whether or when to bomb Iran and how to derail a ‘one-state’ or ‘two-state’ solution for the Palestinians.

A gala kosher banquet is scheduled where Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin (D-IL), Republican Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ), House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) join hundreds of their congressional colleagues, foreign dignitaries and activists from across the country in celebrating the U.S.-Israel alliance. Other ‘notable’ speakers at the conference will include Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, James Woolsey, former CIA director and Robert Satloff, executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Maj. Gen. Ido Nechustan, commander of the Israeli Air Force, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and of course Senator John Kerry (D-MA), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


This list of ‘dignitary’ speakers show that being bought and blackmailed by Israel is truly a bi-partisan effort. The list of Pro-Israel PAC contributions to congressional candidates is extensive, a ‘leave no congressperson behind’ money trail.

A Shabbaton is also scheduled, including both Jews and Shabbat goys. Only $150 per person. Tax deductible.

The last but not least thing on the agenda is Lobbying (At the Convention Center and on Capitol Hill). The untold billions given to Israel each year must be reinforced.

No word of any protests against the AIPAC crowd this year. I wonder why Glenn Beck and Hannity haven’t organized anything? I thought eliminating wasteful spending was what they were all about.

NSA wiretapping of the event is said to be optional, but all is fair in love, war and Israeli control of Congress.

Treason Fest™….. a uniquely American affair.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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164 Responses to AIPAC’S Treason Fest™ 2009

  1. gncarlo says:

    “I’m like the little dutch boy sometimes”

    I’ve never put my finger in a dyke…..sounds scary !

  2. Anonymous says:

    If getting over on some goys as a result your deceitfulness and treachery, then yes, you might be considered brilliant by your peers; otherwise, you are just scheming bastards that rely on that tactic to survive. Nothing more than pest that need to be removed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Some more stuff from the jews, Michelle Obama the most beatiful woman on the planet.

    She looks like a piranha in drag. No wonder O went for Larry.

  4. Anonymous says:

    AIPAC= Nazis

    The racial-national Israeli state and the limitless violence of the US government in support of the Zionist Master Race have both combined to create a super Nazism, far more dishonest and heavily cloaked than the original. –M. Hoffman

  5. Greg Bacon says:

    House passes hate-crimes bill, 249-175

    The Anti-Defamation League, Jewish Council for Public Affairs and Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism all lauded the vote. In a statement, ADL national director Abraham Foxman and national chair Glen Lewy said it was an “essential and necessary step forward in the national effort to counter hate crimes.”

    Get ready for this liberty smashing piece of shit to be used to go after bloggers who don’t goose-step to Israel or the ADL’s tune.
    The House sponsors list read like a Bar Mitzvah guest list.

    “Counter hate crimes?” What in the hell do they call it when someone shoots someone else, a love crime?

    With the ADL going orgasmic over this legislation, that means that GOY speech will be suppressed.

    Only the Chosen Ones will be able to say what they want, when they want, whereever they want.

  6. American says:

    “With the ADL going orgasmic over this legislation, that means that GOY speech will be suppressed.”-Greg Bacon

    That’s correct. ONLY the 1st and 2nd Amendments matter in our weakened state. Jews will love to hear that, and PUSH hard to collapse this country, like the Israeli patriots they REALLY are. How come they never actually move to Israeal, even though that’s all they talk about?

    Because it’s a ruse to the world, including the foolish jews that support Israel.
    The pretend undying love for that ‘prison in a sea of Muslims’ is more likely to get jews around the world arrested, than it is to assist them.

  7. HELP THIS BLOG says:

    The following blog needs a much wider audience in the race realist/White nationalist movement –

    If you can, spread the word, add it your own website or blog, comment there, etc.

  8. American says:

    As Curt Maynard said recently, “what they are doing, and what the Germans knew they were collectively doing in 1933, and what Americans are slowly becoming aware of now, is aiding and abetting their co-religionists to commit crimes that are tantamount to treason.”

    Hits the nail on the head. Full article here:

    It’s the JEWS, stupid.

  9. Nemesys says:

    Incogman – I thought it was amusing and instructive to allow the Hebes to reveal themselves, for what they are, on your blog. One of the things that amazed me is how dim they actuallly are.

    I know NOTHING about the techie aspects of computers, or running and managing a website. If the constant, repetitious posts of the Kikenvermin sucks up band-width (I kinda sorta know what that is), then it’s not worth it.

    I am relatively new to this Movement. I a very motivated to do my own research. When I read the posts of the Judenraus, I see them for what they are. I am post-Talmud, in my awareness, so it actually never occurred to me that any questing Newbies could drop in here, see the JewSpew, and get confused or turned off. The posts of GN, and American, and Don, and Freida, and Rachel (come back dear girl!) and Icey, and Marshall, and PV, and all the other wonderful contributors – these are the posts that matter. Their links are the links I open. I think GN and you are correct. Time for an Incogman Expulsion Order of 2009. After all – can we go to one of their sites, and post opposing (and factually accurate) info? No we cannot.

  10. Nemesys says:

    I want to post something postivie, and good, and beneficial. I probably should post this tonight, when more of you may see this. I may, infact, repost – but here goes. I want ot show you all something:

    This happened 2 weeks ago. This is VERY IMPORTANT. She is THE latest singing sensation in the UK. She’s making waves around the world, thanks to YouTube. If you haven’t seen this yet – WATCH. The audience, and now her fan base, is not only responding to her voice, but to her breath-taking soul! Susan Boyle has an amazing voice – and a diaphram would-be opera singers would KILL for. But it’s not only that….she doesn’t to possess one cynical, deceitful cell in her entire body. This relates – embodies – that contained in your post, GN, from 4/29/2009 5:13 about what Whites ARE. Susan Boyle, in what, 3 minutes, blows AWAY a century of Judaic evil. There is not a TRACE of Black or Jew IN her. She is WHITE. She is bringing the Britons right back to thier essential selves, their essential soul.

    Susan Boyle is the Anti-Amy WHINE-house.

    Please watch. Watch what happens, not only with her, but with the audience. It’s a sea-change. We need to pay attention to this. It’s good.

  11. gncarlo says:


    I did so at about 3 AM. My AV alarm went off, warning me that this was a “malicious website.” I then got warnings of a Trojan, but as fast as I could delete it, it reappeared, even when I went offline. The website had planted a temporary internet file that kept recreating the trojan as fast as I could delete it. I set a boot scan and restarted the computer.

    What it came up with was “temporary internet file” 8Z11BEH2\REVILO-OLIVER_COM {1}.HTM “which contains JS:DIRECTOR-H [Trj]
    I deleted this file and everything appears to be fine now.

  12. gncarlo says:

    I’m sorry; that should be “REDIRECTOR”, not “DIRECTOR”

    • incogman says:

      Thanks gncarlo. I just deleted that link. I need to check my computer now. I know that his writings were owned by a guy who was busted for pedophilia, maybe they used them as bait? Such a shame, Oliver was a fantastic writer.

  13. m says:

    Nemesys, great voice.

    One thing I’d like to say is that if that show were filmed by and directed by Whites of yesteryear, the camera would have stayed focused on the singer and wouldn’t have been constantly changing scenes. The commentary by the jackoffs behind the stage, the endless shots of people in the audience, changing the screen every 1/2 second. These are all things the Hollywood Jews do in their films. That’s why everybody who watches TV/Movies has Attention Defecit Disorder. Older movies, made & filmed by Whites, held the shot so the viewer could enjoy, digest it, and contemplate it. The Jew has ruined film making by constantly changing the screen. Just another way to F up the Goyim.

    Other than that, thanks for the video and what a great voice. Too bad those foul audience members prejudged her. Assholes.

  14. gncarlo says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily blame the website operator. I think there are ways to plant stuff on your website without your knowing it, if they don’t like you. I’m sure glad I’ve got at least three layers of protection….

  15. Nemesys says:

    No, M, – the audience prejudging is BRILLIANT! Humans do respond to beauty, but any-one with a TV. or access to modern magazines, has been indoctrinated to loathe, discount, and despise any-one that doesn’t fit into a narrow standard of “beauty” – thus social acceptance. People have always valued various members of society, not just in the West, but everywhere, for what thye have to offer as members OF society. But especially IN the Western world. Wheras beauty has always been prized, so has talent and character. Now, for over 100 years, the Goy have been Judaized into a mindless, soul-robbing quest for physical perfection, and materialism. I like stuff, too, and I apprecaite beauty – but physical beauty fades. Spiritual beauty increases, with age, and wisdom.

    Susan Boyle is a sensation. That audience was primed to jeer, and insult her. Yet, within seconds, almost the entire audience was on thier feet, cheering. Sponatiously. That STUNNING blond Amanda, the judge, was WITH Susan. Literally pulling for her. Thet Pierce fellow – he looked at her like she was a freak, initially. Now – I think he’s actually in love with her.

    People are responding to her on a spiritual level. It’s not just her voice. She’s terrific – but it’s her heart and soul, as well. Did oyu see the faces in the audience? The KIDS? They were enchanted! They are responding on a spiritual level, When Susan keeps raising, in them middle – every-one is riding to Heaven on her voice.

    This is a VERY good sign, for the Volk. The destruction has not reached the cellular level, The DNA is still good. Susan has lived this very sheltered life, in a little village. She was very shy. She is a Church volunteer.

    She’s an omen and a portent.

  16. American says:

    Curt Maynard can really make me laugh. I could barely get through this article, especially if you include the pic of the handsome jewess.

  17. American says:

    Regarding Markoff the Ripper:

    “A medical student, on a Hillel scholarship, from a wealthy family, and he is found to be a psycho slaughtering women. The police are going 100 mph to bury this entire episode. Have no doubts this modern day ‘Ripper’, has a trail of bodies everywhere he went. The police should be checking unsolved murders in his area since he was a kid.

    Watch this story get buried, and this Zio-Monster winding up in a psychiatric facility.”

    Jews are a scourge.

  18. FloridaWhiteBabe says:

    Nemesys, I loved that video. My father turned me onto it. From the minute she opened her mouth to sing, she had them all won over. Sorry for the absence. I have had different family members visiting from all over the country. When you live in Florida, your house becomes the Vacation Destination. Incog MAN what a truly profound list of jew excrement a few posts back. The pics of the beaks on those freaks were truly hideous. The rabbi list was just sickening. You NEVER hear about that on the “j”news, only the Catholic Priests. Very eye opening. I have forwarded it to many family members who all feel the same way I do (I was raised right). Keep up the good work!! White people are waking up, and it is a beautiful sight to behold.

  19. FloridaWhiteBabe says:

    Nem, I meant as soon as she started to sing. You are correct that they all prejudged her.

  20. Nemesys says:

    FWB – welcome back!!!! I’m glad you have returned to us, now that your B&B duties have been completed.

    I’m glad you love that viddoe, too. She is a phenomena, rightfully. She is the Anti-WhineHouse. YAY!

    I am also glad that you impart the News on the Jews, as well. This is our mission. We will be the liberators of our Volk! I do it non-stop, nowadays.

  21. Icey Key says:

    gncarlo: “Ask yourself if you could get away with this nonsense on a site these people control…”

    “…Remember recent history. These people would kill you in a heartbeat and laugh about it.”


    Exactly gncarlo. They are here to disrupt, to post remarks that are attempts to scare people off or make it appear that so many psychotic communist jews post here that it’s just too much trouble to sift through the posts. Let them cavort over at their false front sites, like CNN.

    Incog’s on a hot streak. His last few entries (and “guest” entries” are so chock-full of truth and logic the communist jews are going crazy with their evil and inane remarks. Their hatred shines through in every post. They don’t even realize it.

  22. Icey Key says:

    I’ll bet he is. The old adage is true. They can dish it out, but they can’t take it. Nor can they handle the truth.

  23. Orion14 says:

    Poor lil kikenstein. They love to take away your freedom of speech but can’t stand it when the tables are turned. Boo hoo hoo.

  24. Nemesys says:

    Incogman – are you laughing your gluteus maximus off? Your description of DeepJewple’s tantrums in Spamenwald is a screech!

    He sounds like the crazed greedy dwarf, in Rumpelstiltkin.

  25. gncarlo says:

    The really important news at david duke:

    ‘In 2005, 64,000 children were born in Norway of two foreign-born parents, compared to only 13,800 children born to parents of European origin’

    Slow motion suicide: If you lose the battle of the cradle, you lose the battle for civilization.

    I wonder if it will soon be ‘hate-speech’ to say “abortion” rather than “a wymmyns right to chewze” in America.

    • incogman says:

      gncarlo: It’s slow motion dispossession of our countries everywhere and eventual genocide of White people across the board. Whites might be against it all, but can’t bare naming the Jew who started all this and generally supports it.

      Wake up to the Jew!

  26. Saul says:

    “Stupid Christians think jews follow Old-Testament and 10 Commandments! That is just a cover for their Talmud! JUDAISM is really a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION masquerading as religion!” ~ Rabbi Guy

    Real Christians are not so stupid. They’re just quite, bidding their time. I think. And really pissed off. The average Goy Church’s of golden idle comparisons on Sunday is NOT Christian as the jew would have us believe. I think the Bible reeks of extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional involvement. Or perhaps at the very least a peak into our past denied civilizations of fairly impressive achievement. Bio-wars, genetic manipulations, and perhaps a grand war with the current or predecessor to the current jew swine.

    I can’t prove it. I can’t touch it. So I don’t comment to much on it. It’s certainly heresy by practiced religion. The lengths the elite have gone to curtail and suppress such data in their jew-Smithsonian and jew-Archeology Today templar\crusader style confiscation and denial programs is, at least circumstantial evidence. But again, not really tangible so it’s speculation. ‘REAL’ Christians, unlike ‘REAL’ jew TV watchers are not soooo stupid. But many minds live in very narrow tunnels of their religiously imposed ‘event horizons’. Belief structures act as very real event horizons to the mind/reality. The jew is an expert at manipulation of them, trapping the Goy’s consciousness. I believe light is mind, so to speak and doesn’t always have the said limitations imposed on it.. Thought is the true limitation or freedom.

    “Hey Sin – actually – there may well be an Israeli connection to the bio-engineered flu. Details emerging.” ~ Nem (ain’t stalk’n you, you just hit some good points, I know I’m to rough around the edges for you. But I’m really quite beautiful, once you get to know me, and pretty harmless toward fellow Goy). Seriously though:

    The Bio-war issue is very real. They have instituted a policy of extremely dangerous and common practice of mis-handling mass quantities of biological re-hashed, long beaten or played out, yet recently modified diseases, modifed and ‘played’ with to ensure their adaptability, mutability, and species crossing abilities. Many Universities and some Bio-Warfare labs have been consistently and jew-planned intentionally mis-handling, shipping and disappearing this Bio and GM death all around this country and the world, for that mater. The programming of already occurred and continuing ‘accidental’ outbreaks, and eventually the very intentional Goy kulling operations.

    Do you think they would blow THEIR beautiful world up? A more preferable Goy solution would be for our ‘buddy’s’ in Russia to nuke us. That would extinguish too many hunter-gathers and already indoctrinated proto-jews in the hoods. It would leave to many healthy farm raised Grade A Prime northern European Goy left in the farmlands and Bible belts.

    They have been disappearing spook bio-war (they use less conspicuous terms) scientist all over the world for several years now. I have been collecting such documents and material on the net for years now. Try a simple search for something like ‘ cancer causing vaccines’. You won’t find nary a thing on their jew-googled, now heavily censored search engines except that: jew vaccines CURE cancers. Yes inevitably they can\could be used for miraculous things. So far they have been used for NOTHING but to: dumb down, sterilize and destroy the immune systems and cause cancers in humans. Look at the cancer rates of old Prue-vaccine ages VS now. Insane and well documented. You just can’t hardly find info on it any more.

    Talk about Internet censoring? That’s exactly what Bill jew Gates NSA-IBM created turd (Genius with foresight or foreskin) and Co’s Internet 2 is about. Bandwidth limitations and pay-as-jew-go-for-Goy. (U) will not be able to afford posting on the jew mutation. News letters and postings will not be covered under their ‘with service’ policies’. Like jew-filth cable though, you’ll get a few hundred ‘free’ jew advertising sights, jew Newz Networks, and jew ‘REAL’ Filth Sarah licks dog-ass Shock For Goy filth sights. The jew is the only primate I’ve seen that has been able to turn the perversion of ‘Life’ into a profit making advertisement for jew destruction of all-things-decent, and have the Goy actually buy it.

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