An Evil Campaign to Frame an Innocent Man

Already acquitted by the Israeli courts, the 89 year-old John Demjanjuk is once again being put through hell, this time in Germany — all to satisfy the revenge lust of Holohoaxer wack-jobs. Read this book review on the International Zionist conspiracy against this man; written by his evidently righteous Jew lawyer, who was nearly blinded with acid in his face by some crazed Jew for defending the guy. [INCOG]


  • The Demjanjuk Affair: The Rise and Fall of a Show-Trial, by Yoram Sheftel. London: Victor Gollancz, 1994. 379 pages.

Reviewed by Lesya Jones

On July 29, 1993, John Demjanjuk was acquitted by the Israeli Supreme Court of the charge of being the sadistic Treblinka guard “Ivan the Terrible.” This book, written by his Israeli attorney, deals with the pivotal Israeli chapter of his 16 year ordeal.

The title says it all, in a nutshell. It is a scathing and uncompromising account of the “trial of the century.” Its author, a fervent Zionist and Israeli patriot, spares none of the many players in the Demjanjuk affair, not even the “Ukrainian goyim” who paid for his fees. It is a highly personal account in which the defense counsel, and not the accused, is the star attraction in a courtroom drama that riveted a worldwide audience.

An experienced criminal lawyer and expert in identification cases, with a penchant for adventure (he successfully defended the notorious gangster Meyer Lansky), Sheftel decided to join the defense team after being shown the highly suggestive and biased photo spread used to identify John Demjanjuk as “Ivan the Terrible.” On a more personal level, he was motivated to take on the case because he was convinced that “the one and only purpose of this move was to conduct a special ‘Israel-style’ show trial, to teach Israeli children the story of the Holocaust and heighten Holocaust awareness among the public.”

 An International Conspiracy

The fast-paced and ebullient style contrasts chillingly with the grim and sinister content. Sheftel amasses incontrovertible evidence which proves that the Demjanjuk affair was not simply a case of mistaken identity but, rather, a deliberate and cold-blooded conspiracy by superpowers United States and former Soviet Union, as well as Germany, Israel and Poland to withhold exculpatory evidence in their possession and send to the gallows an innocent no man’s man. These countries did this in pursuit of their respective agendas.

In the United States, the Office of Special Investigation (OSI) at the Department of Justice, which was established to investigate alleged Nazi war criminals residing in the US, was particularly zealous in its efforts to destroy Demjanjuk. Having just lost a series of decisions, the OSI was, in fact, fighting for its life. Congressman Joshua Eilberg, Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Immigration, wrote in August, 1978, to US Attorney General Griffin Bell re the Demjanjuk case: “We cannot afford to risk losing another decision.” This anxiety was shared by Alan Ryan Jr., who headed the OSI from its establishment until 1981. In an interview with a local Alabama newspaper in 1991, Ryan reminisced: “If we had lost that case, we probably would have had a very short life span.” In other words, “the OSI conspired to shorten Demjanjuk’s life in order to lengthen its own.”

Evidence Discarded and Manufactured

International Jews on a witch hunt, using ginned-up evidence to ruin this guy.

In fact, the OSI knew as early as August 1978 from Moscow cables sent to the State Department in Washington as well as to the American Embassy in Tel Aviv that John Demjanjuk was not “Ivan the Terrible,” and not only did it withhold that evidence from the defense, but dumped some of it, including original documents, into its trash bins. Furthermore, the garbage contents revealed that the OSI did not just conceal exonerating evidence, but manufactured false affidavits in collusion with the Israeli prosecution.

In reading this book, one gets the impression that, far from being intimidated, the author relished being “Satan’s lawyer” and “the most hated man in Israel.” Courage, not modesty, is Sheftel’s cardinal virtue. But then, Demjanjuk’s attorney has nothing to be modest about. After all, he took on single-handedly his country’s justice system and formidable mass media and won unprecedented decisions on both counts, debunking firmly entrenched myths that Israel possesses a model justice system and an independent, unbiased press.

Neither death threats, unrelenting harassment by the judges, daily vilification in the media, suspicious suicide of a prominent colleague on the eve of the appeal, an acid attack by an alleged Holocaust survivor, which nearly left him blind; not even the wrath of his beloved mother could stay this intrepid attorney from the case. And in the darkest hour, when all seemed lost — there being no time to prepare the appeal — fortune and history intervened. A timely heart attack of one of the judges granted a crucial respite and the collapse of the Soviet Union made it possible to access KGB archives which established conclusively Demjanjuk’s innocence and forced the Israeli Supreme Court’s hand.

Sheftel delights in getting back at his opponents and detractors, especially his nemesis, the presiding Supreme Court Justice Dov Levin. The chapter entitled “Dovele” is written as “sweet revenge” for the many humiliations, trials and tribulations Sheftel endured, and may be of particular interest to the legal community in North America. It will shock those who choose to read it, for the instances of judicial misconduct are legion.

For example, immediately after affixing his signature to the verdict, Judge Levin set off on a lecture tour of the United States, undeterred by the fact that the Demjanjuk case was still sub judice. Ohio’s Plain Dealer cited one of his many legal gems, namely: “We cannot be impressed by someone claiming ‘I am innocent.’ Innocence must be proven.” Sheftel is angered and embittered by “the cowardice and hypocrisy of the thousands of the Israeli legal community.” The only one who dared to speak out publicly was the highly respected, retired Judge Haim Cohen. In an interview with the newspaper Al Hasharon, Judge Cohen stated: “It was a spectacular for the people. Any resemblance to justice was purely coincidental.”

‘Death to Ukrainians’

The reader will be revolted, along with Lord Denning, revisiting the reading of the sentence after which a jubilant mob danced and shouted: “Death, death,” “Death to Ivan,” “Death to the defense attorney,” “Death to all Ukrainians …” It may be recalled that Lord Denning condemned the grotesque spectacle in Jerusalem as “contrary to international law” and showing “signs of racial and political vengeance.” (The Daily Telegraph [London], April 28, 1988).

The book has flaws. There is no index and there are misspellings of names, as well as some factual errors. For instance, the author confuses The Ukrainian Weekly with a Ukrainian communist newspaper. Sheftel’s explosive book has suffered an even worse fate than that by expert witness for the defense, Willem A. Wagenaar, Identifying Ivan: A Case Study in Legal Psychology (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1989). With the exception of Chrystia Freeland’s review in The Financial Times (London), December 10-11, 1994, Sheftel’s work continues to be ignored, except in Israel where it became an immediate best-seller. Demjanjuk’s miraculous acquittal appears to have put a damper on the projected multimillion “Ivan the Terrible”/Demjanjuk entertainment industry. The only ones benefitting are those who conspired to send an innocent man to a horrific death by hanging.


In spite of the fact that the Sixth Circuit Court in Cincinnati, Ohio, found “fraud upon the court,” the OSI is still in business, and the chief architects of the Demjanjuk affair not only remain unpunished, but have found lucrative employment elsewhere. While in Israel, Judges Zvi Tal and Dalia Dorner were elevated to the Supreme Court.

The book is highly recommended, especially to our legal Ukrainian community. There was quality input by Ukrainian attorneys into Demjanjuk’s defense. Paul Chumak of Toronto did a first-rate job as one of a team of Demjanjuk’s lawyers and the late Jaroslaw Dobrowolskyj of Detroit played a crucial role in uncovering evidence which cleared John Demjanjuk. Others labored behind the scenes. This reviewer is, therefore, saddened by the fact that our legal community continues to pretend that the Demjanjuk affair involved one individual Ukrainian, and refuses even to acknowledge the existence of a collective indictment against Ukrainians. Let me cite from pages 4 and 7 (English translation) of the Indictment by the State of Israel versus Ivan (John) Demjanjuk, Criminal Case 373/86:

The auxiliaries played an essential role in the annihilation of the Jews; without them, the commanders of Operation Reinhardt could not have carried out their plan… These auxiliaries, in the main Ukrainians, worked with SS personnel in carrying out all the acts of annihilation, murder and oppression committed against the Jewish victims in the camps.

May this indictment, which still stands, serve as a challenge to our legal community to right a historical wrong.


John Demjanjuk and his wife, Vera, are escorted to court in 2005 by his former son-in-law, Ed Nishnac.


‘Death camp Nazi’ can be deported

A US judge has revoked the stay of deportation for John Demjanjuk, who is accused of being an accessory to the murder of 29,000 Jews in a Nazi camp.

Confined to a wheelchair, the old man is being taken from his home this past Tuesday, April 14th. Can you believe "our" government is doing this kind of crap?

The judge’s decision clears the way for Mr. Demjanjuk, 89, to be sent to Germany to face trial for his alleged crimes.

Mr. Demjanjuk, who moved to the US after World War II, is accused of being a death camp guard in occupied Poland.

The Ukrainian had pleaded against deportation on grounds of ill health. He has denied any part in the killings.

A motion to halt his extradition and reopen the case will be refiled by Wednesday, his lawyer John Broadley told AFP news agency.

Arrest warrant

On Friday, Mr. Demjanjuk, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio, was given a reprieve from deportation after arguing that his case should be reopened.

But the presiding judge, Judge Wayne Iskra, reversed his initial decision on Monday, agreeing with a US Department of Justice comment that the US Board of Immigration Appeals should handle the case.

The board had previously ruled Mr. Demjanjuk be sent to Germany to stand trial.

In March, Germany issued an arrest warrant for the former car plant worker over the deaths of thousands of Jews at the Sobibor camp during World War II.

German authorities had initially expected him in the country on Monday.

But Mr. Demjanjuk, who came to the US in 1952, says he was a prisoner of war of the Nazis rather than a prison guard.

In 2002, a US immigration judge ruled that there was enough evidence to prove Mr. Demjanjuk had been a guard at several Nazi death camps and stripped him of his citizenship.

German authorities now say they have new evidence linking him to the crimes of which he has been accused.


Read this column by PAT BUCHANAN: The True Haters

Jerome Brentar exposes the Jewish Office of Special Investigations

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  1. incogman says:

    Didn’t I tell you to shut your Jew face?

    Look at this old man. The guy is wheel chair bound and you filthy, low-down and blood sucking Jews are all out to hang this man — even when the Israelis exonnerated him.

    What’s wrong WITH YOU PEOPLE?

  2. maxcade says:

    The term “Pallywood” refers to the staging of scenes by Palestinian journalists in order to present the Palestinians as hapless victims of Israeli aggression. They are able to succeed in this endeavors..

    Mexican Illegals say that Americans are “Illegal.”
    Palestinians say that Israel is “Illegal”

    You get what you got coming when it does come, because you are in America, and it is your nation, but you have illegals here, who say it is their country.
    Same parallel in Israel, and you cant see the forest for the trees. I wonder what it will look like when you suck the balls of some bastard illegal here.

  3. maxcade says:

    No, what is wrong with you??

  4. incogman says:

    I told you to shut your foul trap, JDF Jew. And tell that mad Jewess she’s a fat pig for me.

  5. anarchore says:

    J-w dogpile syndrome… hey maxcade, your lame videos don’t hold water, esp since Hamas was also created by Isr-el.

    The leaders of Isr-el have been staging false flags against their own people for years, and you are too stupid to see it.

    That is because the propaganda is so pervasive very few Isr-elis have the faculties to question their situation, with the lifelong religious entitlement lies, the racial superiority teachings, and the lies of the government, which comes to a head with the ‘propaganda of the deed’, which in Isr-eli terms means attack your own people to justify the wars you had planned but had no logical reason to implement, often staffed by former Irgun terrorists in the PM office.

    It takes America being hit by the same Zionist terrorists on 9/11, before the clamour started that Isr-el is a terrorist state in spirit and in action.

    Will the Isr-elis rise up and demand the heads of their terrorist government, or has their supremacist hate clouded their reasoning for all time?

    Textbook supremacism- raised on hate…

    (I wish dubtrice would post again. Where did he go?)

  6. American says:

    “Bernie Madoff and Phil Spector can be executed and buried in the desert, I would not raise a finger to help those criminals.”- from ‘keyboard warrior’ (jew)

    You’re not a very good jew, KW.
    Looks like they’re starting to unravel, like many have predicted. Jews are just beginning to sell each other out, and ‘KW’s the proof. Wait until the gypsies like Larry Summers, Timmy Geithner, and Shalom Bernanke sit in court explaining where all YOUR money went!

  7. gncarlo says:

    anony-mouse, I didn’t see your Twain quote in “Concerning the Jews”. It may very well be there, but I didn’t see it, and I don’t have the time or interest to peruse the whole thing right now. However, I did find the passage below.

    Concerning The Jews
    by Mark Twain

    Can fanaticism alone account for the persecution of the Jews? It is now my conviction that it is responsible for hardly any of it.

    In this connection I call to mind Genesis, chapter 47. We have all read the story of the years of plenty and the years of famine in Egypt, and how Joseph with that opportunity, made a corner in broken hearts, and the crusts of the poor, and human liberty—a corner whereby he took away the nation’s money to the last penny; took a nation’s livestock all away, to the last hoof; took a nation’s land all away, to the last acre. Then he took the nation itself, buying it for bread, man by man, woman by woman, child by child, till all were slaves; a corner which took everything, leaving nothing, a corner so stupendous that by comparison with it, the most gigantic corners in subsequent history are but baby things; for it dealt in hundreds of millions of bushels, and its profits were reckoned by the hundreds of millions of dollars. It was a disaster so crushing that its effects have not wholly disappeared from Egypt even today, more than 3,000years after the event.

    Was Joseph establishing a character for his race which survived long in Egypt, and in time would his name be familiarly used to express that character—like Shylock’s? It was hardly to be doubted. Let us remember that this was centuries before the Crucifixion.

    In the U. S. cotton states, after the war, the Jew came down in force, set up shop on the plantation, supplied all the negroes’ wants on credit, and at the end of the season was the proprietor of the negro’s share of the present crop and part of the next one. Before long the whites detested the Jew.

    The Jew is being legislated out of Russia. The reason is not concealed. The movement was instituted because the Christian peasant stood no chance against his commercial abilities. The Jew was always ready to lend on a crop. When settlement day came, he owned the crop, and the next year he owned the farm, like Joseph.

    In the England of John’s time everybody got into debt to the Jew. He gathered all lucrative enterprises into his hands. He was the King of Commerce. He had to be banished from the realm. For like reasons, Spain had to banish him 400 years ago, and Austria a couple of centuries later.

    In all ages, Christian Europe has been obliged to curtail his activities. If he entered upon a trade, the Christian had to retire from it. If he set up as a doctor, he took the business. If he exploited agriculture, the other farmers had to get at something else. The law had to step in to save the Christian from the poorhouse. Still, almost bereft of employments, he found ways to make money. Even to get rich. This history has a most sordid and practical look. Religious prejudices may account for one part of it, but not for the other nine.

    Protestants have persecuted Catholics—but they did not take their livelihoods from them. Catholics have persecuted Protestants—but they never closed agriculture and the handicrafts against them. I feel convinced that the Crucifixion has not much to do with the world’s attitude toward the Jew; the reasons for it are much older than that event…

    I am convinced that the persecution of the Jew is not in any large degree due to religious prejudice. No, the Jew is a money-getter. He has made it the end and aim of his life. He was at it in Rome. He has been at it ever since. His success has made the whole human race his enemy.

    You will say that the Jew is everywhere numerically feeble. When I read in the Encyclopedia Britannica that the Jewish population of the United States was 250,000, I wrote to the editor and explained to him that his figures were without doubt a misprint for 25,000,000. People told me that they had reason to suspect that for business reasons, many Jews did not report themselves as Jews. It looks plausible. I am strongly of the opinion that we have an immense Jewish population in America. I am assured by men competent to speak that the Jews are exceedingly active in politics….

  8. American says:

    Bottom line is that the “greatest” and most successful jews are criminals. Even the marginally successful ones need scrutiny.

  9. gncarlo says:

    Could this be where anony-mouse got his Mark Twain quote? 🙂

  10. ruthless nasty bastards aren’t they? i wonder how good was the proma facie evidence to justify the deportation?

  11. RebelFire says:

    Nice gncarlo, you fricken’ buried him!

  12. Orion14 says:

    Maxcade, another falasha with a room temperature IQ. Bring back Madjewess! Now that’s entertainment! 🙂

  13. incogman says:

    OK, I’ll release Mad Jewess’ IP number. For now.

    Maxcade is a cohort of the Mad Jewess.

  14. orion14 says:

    Thanks, incog. Let the rodeo begin!

  15. incogman says:

    You can tell Miz Jewish Defense League Mad Woman yourself:

    Tell her INCOG MAN unlocked her from the concentration camp.

  16. orion14 says:

    With all the broken dishes and furniture around there, it could be unsafe but I’ll give it a shot.

  17. Icey Key says:

    Why let “maxcade” (who’s probably one of the same three jew trolls who post here constantly) get his lies on the page? That’s their whole point, get lies like the “pallywood” story posted. The Hasbara book in action again. The real “pallywood” examples are things like the video the jews quickly put on all the news outlets on 9/11, video that supposedly showed Palestinians dancing in the streets, rejoicing over the attack. Later the video turned out to be as fake as a Hollywood movie, presented to us by the same people who run Hollywood. Do jews ever tell the truth?

    Apparently not.

  18. Keyboard warrior says:


    You can’t even rule your blog redneck Nazi general.
    I have noticed Nato, the FBI the CIA to get prepared for your “action cells” army, “Make it your A#1 priority to have 2 other like-minded people in close contact. Build up your infrastructure, while discussing methods to indoctrinate outsiders politically”

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  19. anti-zionist says:

    Its national socialist dick! not nazi, have some respect.geez!

  20. Keyboard warrior says:

    Icey Key

    “Why let “maxcade” get his lies on the page? That’s their whole point, get lies like the “pallywood”

    You are not just an Idiot, you got the worse case of schizophrenic – Paranoia.

    You idiots Basic claim is that those “LIES” are everywhere.

    Psycho those are not “maxcade” lies, this is the truth and reality, published in “every media” radio TV newspaper, CAPISH idiot
    So break your TV as your friend American did.
    And go on with you madness, as for you “if it will not be posted in this funny blog it does not exist”.

    This blog is real fun.

  21. Keyboard warrior says:


    Sharmuta, America still sleeps.

    So as an stinking Muslim Arab Nazi, you should go pick your goats.

    nick umak

  22. Keyboard warrior says:

    Icey Key

    Ask your Imptent Nazi general incog-impotent-man, to make this blog, an exclusive Nazi Blog, with a Nazi ID and a codename and your “action cells” army rank.

    Then you will be able to live in your psycho reality, as only Nazi’s will comment here and you will be free from all the LIES of the free real world.

    I am sure wordpress will promote you.

  23. American says:

    KW must be impotent, or maybe his boss can’t get it up for him, b/c he sure is obsessed with performance. He says ‘impotent’ more than ‘nazi’, but I say Palestine more than all.

    I have learned a lot about Israeli terrorism, against Palestine and the U.S., and it was from the internet, not ‘TalmudVision’. I thank the mini-militant Israeli trash that spews hatred all over the internet. It make it very easy to define the problem.

    I’ve been listening to the radio shows on Stormfront, both Dr. Duke and the “Oldman” more frequently. Jews HATE that we now have our own media form, as the TV’s get unplugged.

  24. Keyboard warrior says:


    You must be the “BRAIN” behind the “action cells” army .

    Lets here some Holocaust denial.

    Haven’t heard those stories for a while.

    Anything new BRAIN.

  25. American says:

    Some jews that are problems right here in the U.S.

    “Of course it’s possible (some might suggest likely) that Geithner and Bernanke simply do not give a damn what happens to taxpayers as long as banks are bailed out.

    But regardless of what Geithner and Bernanke are up to, all indications are that Obama will continue to support Geithner no matter what happens. Indeed, president Obama’s misguided trust in Geithner may even be his downfall in the next election.”- Mish

    No more Obama, no more jews in banking, and no more Israel. Palestinians is our new friend, thanks to the jew spotlight on the issue.

  26. American says:

    And KW, please quit talking about penis, your own, or your bosses (or mine, for that matter).

    The FACT is that the most holy place on earth now resembles a prison, and that is because jews are useless, except in scamming, where they outshine the Goyim.

    Since you’re already in prison, you lose.

  27. American says:

    The holoHOAX certainly needs to be re-examined, and by scientists, not some fat, hairy, greasy Gypsy couple living in dump in Queens.

    The lies are coming apart, and it’ll be interesting to see which feels pain first, jews in America, or the prison-like Israel. It could be an almost simultaneous collapse, but in any case it’ll be victory for humanity. Poor Palestinians, they have been abused, murdered, and had their land stolen.

    Tell Israel what you really think! NO MORE ISRAEL!

  28. Marshall says:

    Keyboard “Worrier” says:

    “Ask your Imptent Nazi general incog-impotent-man, to make this blog, an exclusive Nazi Blog, with a Nazi ID and a codename and your “action cells” army rank.”

    Army rank? What was GEORGE S. PATTON’s rank, “worrier?” The greatest leader the US Army ever had in WW2, detested Jews for the whining Bolshevik pussies they truly are.

    Other than the fact that the Jew pussy soldier Patton bitch-slapped and later had to publicly apologize for because of more kike whiners like FDR and Eisenhower who wanted to team up with the Jew Commies, Patton wanted to make allies of the “Nazis” because he realized who the REAL enemy was, and said so publicly.

    Of course that spelled the end of Patton’s military career.

    Fairly lately, Steven Spielberg re-wrote it all in “Saving Private Ryan.” Along with lots of dead Gentiles on both sides, the Jew walked away with quite a few awards…and quite a few millions of dollars, in alot of different ways. One Jew walked away too, because it was all a big SHOW.

    The second time I watched that DVD, I was actually ENJOYING watching that loud-mouthed, disgusting whining kike, ‘Private Mellish” crying in Normandy, get a knife through his fucking rib-cage, and all the time trying to talk his way out of it LMAO!!! TOO LATE.

    I’m amazed they didn’t come out with “Saving Private Ryan'” Action figures!!! What would “Private Mellish’s” action figure do?

    He would

    1.) Stay in the USA, by finding some loophole of how not to serve.

    2.) Make constant propaganda films about current events to distract the public from his personal and group cowardice

    3.) Screw your wife while you were busy “liberating Jews” in Europe.


  29. American says:

    Hi Marshall,

    As a side note, you have a very large gun show in your area this weekend. It’d be worth a visit, and see how many ex-Army Rangers you can befriend!

    You’ll see LOTS of competent Whites, with a few other races (also competent). Never hurts to make new friends. 🙂

  30. American says:

    Hmmm, must be shift change at the JIDF or something!

    Anyway, it’s at this site I learned of Ted Pike, and although I’m not religious, I really appreciate his updates and recommended approach to defeating this jewish “hate bill” crap. The 1st (and 2nd) Amendments are more important than ANY jew in the U.S.

    We’re gaining momentum, and here’s the beginning of his recent e-letter:


    By Rev. Ted Pike

    One of the largest evangelical political activist groups has now come out to oppose the dangerous federal hate crimes bill, HR 1913. The American Family Association’s website protests this bill at the top of its action alerts! AFA has potent internet and publishing resources and owns a network of 180 radio stations in 28 states. It has mustered more than a million communications to Congress on red-hot issues.

    And he follows with, “We already have the advantage of discovering that Conyers’ hate bill was quietly introduced just before spring recess of Congress — not after, as Conyers had planned. All Christian leadership groups should now forget clever “strategy” and immerse Congress in protest. If Democrat House Judiciary members return April 20 to tallies of calls packed with hate bill protest, they will be powerfully daunted from moving Conyers’ bill forward. When they hear the same thing is happening in the Senate, they will be even more intimidated. “

  31. Keyboard warrior says:


    You idiot, you will not have any rank in Incog-impotent-man “action cells” army, as you are not doing your Homework and reading Incog-impotent-man emergency instructions .

    Thats the basics of faggot Incog-impotent-man Nazi general “action cells” army

    1) We need to start organizing quietly everywhere As We can NEVER get any traction on a large scale.
    2) Each person MUST work (24 HOURS A DAY) to agitate and anger any and all those around them.
    3) If the person is too far gone with diversity, FUCK em and go on.
    4) We need to group ourselves in “ACTION CELLS”.
    5) Make it your A#1 priority (before your work if you got one and before your family if you got one) to have 2 other like-minded people in close contact.
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    7) Tell those that do express an interest, that you need them to be a NUCLEUS for another group (Pay them if you got money, if not you know what to do).

  32. Keyboard warrior says:


    I am disappointed, I thought I will get from you some more new and interesting Holocaust denial material.

    As the Brain behind the new “action cells” army, You must have some more information on “Holocaust denial” and not the simple phrase, it never happened and should be investigated.

  33. American says:

    I can’t deny what never happened.

    Nobody is going to stand for this ridiculous jew-scam, whatever you want to call it. Facts are such that YOU need to prove it happened, which you cannot.

    It is YOU that will hang in prison, as enough people realize just how evil your the jewish plans and lies.

  34. You are great says:


    I am getting more and more disapointed from you.

    “only 99.999999999% stand for this ridiculous jew-scam ,
    whatever you want to call it.
    Facts are such that WE AND ALL THE WORLD knows it happened, You have to prove it did not.

    So lets get some NEW info.

  35. American says:

    Jews and their disappointment. In the U.S., criminal jews (bankers and ‘appointees’) will HANG! From there, Israel will fold like a cheap lawn chair.

    Good luck with all your Arab neighbors, when we’re laughing at you!

  36. American says:

    It should bed obvious to all visitors that the jew-trolls get paid to tie up a conversation. Name-calling, false ‘facts’, etc. Anything to keep the discussion going with them, rather than have awakened Goyim share ideas with each other on how to best expel the jew.

    It’s ok to have fun with them for a minute or two, but we must continue to share information with NEW Goyim, and only occasionally slap these JIDF flunkies. 🙂

  37. Keyboard warrior says:


    Instead of writing the nonsense above, you can simply write


    As you never had any.

  38. American says:

    Instead of typing at your computer all day, KW, why don’t you go protest JEWS like I’m on my way to do right now (Tea Party, but jews are the REAL problem).

    Look it up from your chair, you useless turd.

    If you want to speak to me about your FABLE, it will have to be after I return.

    Fuck jews, adn Israel! 🙂

  39. Don says:

    what a peculiar phrase “NO INFORMATION ABOUT THE HOLOCOAST DENIAL”. I like that holocaust denial itself has taken center stage from the holocaust. Holocaust denialism is what is under debate. Few even try to debate the actual holocaust, because its obviously fiction. Its the intent of the denier that is now under attack, because the original event is so dubious.

  40. anti-zionist says:

    Proof of one gassed jewbag is all I ask. Not fairy tales from Elie the weisel.

  41. American says:

    AZ has a way with words! 🙂

  42. American says:

    Great point, Don. as gncarlo would say, jews now insist on proving something DIDN’T happen. Besides, even that has been accomplished.

    We’d study it more, but jews are throwing people in jail for sharing research, which is another huge flag.

    Yep, can’t wait until just enough people understand how they’ve been lied to (and cheated) with the holoco$t, and every other aspect of life involving jews (like kosher tax, crooked judges and attorneys, etc)

    Get some real work, cuz shell games won’t be back in style for at least a couple decades.

  43. Keyboard warrior says:


    Here is the answer for you
    “Not fairy tales from Elie the weisel”
    Read carefully the following argument between the two scholars, hope you understand the content.

    ROBERT FAURISSON a former professor of literature at the University of Lyon and a “Holocaust denier” Condemns MARK WEBER who embodies the “Holocaust-denial movement” with a master’s degree in History from Indiana University editor of the “Journal of Historical Review”

    “During a talk-show, you stated: ‘I do not deny the Holocaust happened but…’ I immediately told you how deadly wrong it was to make such a CONCESSION to The Big Lie and Defamation. You retort now that in 1991 I myself declared: ‘Revisionists do not deny the genocide and the gas chambers.’ There you make a fine muddle. I said then, on the contrary, that by the acceptance of the word ‘deny’ an untoward CONCESSION was made to the liars. I give you below the full text of my remark, which was published under the altogether unambiguous title ‘AFFIRMATION, NOT DENIAL’:

    “A reminder: Revisionists do not deny the genocide and the gas chambers. This is a MISCONCEPTION.

    “A major reason for the lack of success in persuading people that conventional Holocaust accounts are fraudulent or exaggerated is that – as revisionists acknowledge – Jews in Europe were, in fact, singled out during the war years for especially severe treatment.
    “This was confirmed, for example, by German propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels in these confidential entries in his wartime diary:5

    “Feb. 14, 1942: ‘The Führer [Hitler] once again expresses his resolve ruthlessly to clear the Jews out of Europe. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it
    “March 27, 1942: ‘The Jews are now being deported to the East from the Generalgouvernement [Poland], starting around Lublin. The procedure is a pretty barbaric one and not to be described here more definitely, and there’s not much left of the Jews. By and large, one can say that 60 percent of them will have to be liquidated, while only 40 percent can be put to work. The former Gauleiter of Vienna, who is carrying out the operation, is proceeding quite judiciously, using a method that is not all too conspicuous
    “April 29, 1942: ‘Short shrift is being made of the Jews in all eastern occupied territories. Tens of thousands of them are being wiped out.’

    “No informed person disputes that Europe’s Jews did, in fact, suffer a great catastrophe during the Second World War. Millions were forced from their homes and deported to brutal internment in crowded ghettos and camps. Jewish communities across Central and Eastern Europe, large and small, were wiped out. MILLIONS OF JEWS lost their lives. When the war ended in 1945, most of the Jews of Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and others countries were gone.
    “Given all this, it should not be surprising that even well-founded revisionist arguments are often dismissed as heartless quibbling.”

    Robert Faurisson Quote.
    We’ve read correctly: according to Weber, during World War II “MILLIONS OF JEWS” lost their lives.”

    Mark Weber continues
    “the Holocaust imagery of the 1940s is less potent because it’s less relevant,” adding that, from now on, “Holocaust revisionism cannot play a central role” or even, as we’ve seen above, that “Holocaust revisionism has proved to be as much a hindrance as a help.”
    “It’s been 60 years, and Holocaust revisionism has gotten almost no support in academic circles or society at large,”

    “There is not a central Holocaust denial organization or body anymore, There’s no one who can serve to motivate them anymore.”

  44. Don son of Robert says:

    I love how the exaggerators always fall back on redefining things. Its pitiful. Show us where Elie Wiesels novel is fact. Show us how 6 million people can be vaporized without a trace. Show us some evidence. I don’t care for your quotes from bickering scholars. Name one person who was gassed, and give us some proof.

  45. gncarlo says:

    Here’s the complete Mark Weber article. Read it and draw your own conclusions about what he currently believes.

  46. gncarlo says:

    “Fifty-two years after the war, the state of Israel still put the official number of Holocaust survivors in the world at around nine hundred thousand (the actual figures given were: between 834,000 and 960,000)(15). According to a computation made by the Swedish statistician Carl O. Nordling, to whom I submitted that Israeli government evaluation, it is possible, with the postulate of the existence of nine hundred thousand survivors in 1997, to conclude that there were, at the end of the war in Europe in 1945, slightly more than three million Holocaust survivors.”

    – Robert Faurisson

    As Norman Finkelstein’s wife famously inquired: “If this is true, just who did ‘Hitlah’ kill? “

  47. gncarlo says:

    Here’s Weber’s explanation of his explanation:

    I get the impression he is trying to soften the message in order to widen his audience and his fund-raising base because his corporation is having financial problems.

  48. gncarlo says:

    Weber appears to be saying millions of Jews died in WWII, with which most other revisionists disagree. He doesn’t say anybody was gassed. He also says the effort is irrelevant because “the Holocaust Lobby isn’t as strong as it was twenty years ago.” I think he is in error on this, given the number of “Holocaust Study ” groups in colleges and coming soon to grade-schools, the blizzard of Holocaust movies, the permeation of the tube with this morality play, etc, etc. He’s entitled to his opinion. I hope its not just about the money…..

  49. American says:

    Thanks for the links, gncarlo, and I see your points.

    It seems to me the best way to tie it all together is to name the jew. Whether uncovering the holoco$t for the lie that it is, or pointing out that Geithner is Zionist, and has robbed this country while not even paying his own taxes (taxes are for Goyim), we all know it’s the jews.

    Jews let other jews slide if at all possible, and that is a conflict of interest for the host nation.

    Btw, I heard Weber on Voice of Reason the other night (first time).

  50. Nazi soldier says:

    Well I just can say something, all the assholes that still belives that the fucking jews are the victim, well please kill yourselves I KNOW THE TRUTH THE HOLE TRUTH and I know what they are doing to this man is killing him….I just want to say this I WANT TO SEE ALL JEWS DEATH AND PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES TO THE WORLD!!!!!!!

  51. American says:

    You don’t have to be a “nazi” to recognize that jews are the real terrorists (and especially Israel).

    That’s degrading to “nazi’s”. Ask Palestinians who the terrorists are. One big lie via jewish media monopoly.

    The internet has allowed the TRUTH to flow.

  52. American says:

    Well, well, that didn’t last long. Steve RATTNER (jewish ‘car czar’) involved in kickback schemes, ripping off the NY state pension fund!

    They jew-gypsies ALL cheat:

  53. maxcade says:

    This site is too funny. Everybody is a Jew that doesent agree with you.
    Are you excrement hate America?? Or are you European, near Afghanistan?? You dont sound or act like American people.
    What the hell are you??

    Funny.. people are worried about jobs, money, country, flus, foreclosures, losing life savings….. and this site is worried about some Jews. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so stupid.

    I dont know.. looks like you people have lost an identity. True, Jews are a problem, but they like negative publicity.

    Whats even more hilarious is the teachings in Sun Tzu that the Westpoint Military Academy teaches: Keep enemies close.
    You all dont make friends with your enemy, so your mission will fail.

  54. maxcade says:

    The Mad Jewess told my ass off good.. I like that in a woman. Shes different. Do you pay her to comment here?? Because its hilarious.

  55. orion14 says:

    From your Avatar, I’d have to axe the same thing. What the hell are you?

  56. incogman says:

    You just like her cuz she’s a big mouthed Jew, much like yourself. Plus, you’re probably pretty hard up. Hey, why don’t you go the streetwalker route like most horney Jew boys?

  57. anti-zionist says:

    funny indeed maxipad, all those problem we should worry about are problems caused by your overlords. Wake up , they will sacrifice your fat ass too.

  58. incogman says:

    He’s a JDF Jew, playing games and acting like he’s not a Jew. I got the little bastard’s number.

  59. Orion14 says:

    Hey! He (or it, not sure what that thing is) can’t have our madjewess. Why, she’s an honorary Aryan over at Access St Louis! 😉 She’s gonna wipe out all them faggot jews with her thermonuclears!

  60. Icey Key says:

    Funny, we look at who’s behind all the foreclosures, the collapse on Wall Street, the bank failures, and the rampant Third World immigration and it turns out to be jews. Even funnier is how they still play the same word games, trying to deflect the truth while inserting their propaganda “points”. Jews hate negative publicity. That’s why they’re here trying to disrupt things. Funny itz.

  61. Marshall says:

    We need to get David Cole on this board. I’m going to find out where he is. I wonder if Bro Nathanael Kapner would drop by as well.

  62. Shannon S. Scott says:

    So glad to actually find some news, facts and opinions that strike at the heart of this kangaroo court sham. The ADL has a long and worn history of being judge and jury on crimes against their “humanity” and there are many of us out here who are intelligent enough to see through the hatreds of the ADL along with their anti-life motives. Why don’t we just generate a society that takes up guns and “justice” against every family member who owned a slave or dropped atomic bombs on Japan annihilating hundreds of thousands of people? Or where is the world wide, court supported institutions that will trial and convict American soldiers that have slaughtered innocent peoples all over the world in the name of US imperialism or “freedoms?” Or what about the Bush family and provable legislation in the 20’s and 30’s that moved and succeeded in sterilizing children 8 and under who didn’t pass certain aptitude tests? What about those crimes? Shall we try these people from the grave as its becoming so popular in doing? Its amazing that even our own courts are allowing this man to be expedited on such flimsy evidence. What does that say and suggest for every citizen in this country in terms of their own security or government protecting them in the world court or being politically correct court better said? The tragic truth is that such evil having been and acted in the world like Nazism or any other kind of fascism leaves blood on the hand of very man, woman and child in some respect. When one is sick, the whole isn’t well. But to whittle it down to punish those who were soldiers doing their jobs? Sure, they had a choice but when the government pushes an intellectual doctrine that is a part of the place’s nationalism and belief system, and that ultimately is enforced by the barrel of a gun, (our own country included), it is a culture that exists in a lifestyle of fear driven mechanism. Shoot or be shot? Sure, in all such complex human instances, there are those who will be shot and perhaps, reiterating, perhaps, will miss being called a coward or criminal. But at some level, people whom live within such social frameworks of such ideology are literal pawns consciously, or unconsciously. Perhaps they loathe it, hate it, but are we to push our own supposed enlightened minds on those of others whom may or may not grasp something higher? Does that expectation quantify or grant us to force that view onto others? Does that not make us then the bully? So say Demjanjuk was a camp janitor or guard. Was he not a soldier placed there on assignment? Is there evidence of any sort – a hatred tattoo or diary or letter to mama that shows him vigorously signing up for that post or requesting that post because he can’t wait to jump on the bandwagon of eliminating lessers or those slated to die? No, there’s not. At this point in time, many of us in the world can see that or know that he (if indeed “he” is “he” as they claim), may not have had a choice in his duties. One day it was feed them slop. Another it was to push crowds into the showers. Yes, disgusting from our perspective or any that has the convenient positions of believing themselves enlightened to deem it unjust. What we all know is that the regime of Hitler and the culture of that fascism was terrible. Jews killed Jews and Nazi’s killed Jews and many, many people did what they had to do to survive awful times. Shall we just start “selecting” (dare I day) certain people out of history and deem them noble and innoble just because they as fallible people in extreme circumstances, “failed” to do the most noble thing? Well, to the reasonable out here the answer is no. But for those that edify and exalt hatred and revenge and ultimately loathe themselves but wish to inflict all of that with methods dressed up as justice? Well the answer is clearly obvious.

  63. KIKE KILLER says:






  64. American says:

    Jews are too stupid to realize their are getting negative return on their efforts invested in guys like Demjanjuk. They can’t stop pushing the same direction, but their out of room, so off the cliff they drive.

    This was a mistake, and works to our advantage. NOBODY that is human, would think this is appropriate, so it will backfire.

    Keep up the fine work jews. Just like shooting unarmed children every day in Gaza, this will wake up even more people!

    At least these criminals (jews) are highly predictable. The WORLD is coming to hang you.

  65. American says:

    Any thoughts/feedback on guys like this, once they figure out it’s the JEW (if they haven’t already)?

    Thanks, Randall for pointing these fellas out. Keep on sharing, while the jews continue to shoot themselves in the foot!

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