Could Jews Get Any More Gay?

Jew gayboys, playing dress up, out visiting a local amusement park so they can cavort with the kiddies. How sweet.

FACE THE FACTS, Jews: You love being Gay. The whole gay thing, or “lifestyle,” is your thingy — another reason why you live in cities, why you loiter around public restrooms, why you’re wearing that string thong up your butt crack as you now sit here reading this — gay crap thrills you to the core. You’re a big faggot and it’s high time you face up to it like a… well, not a man. Something sick, for sure.

And that’s why you support Gay “Rights” so much, just in case you have to come out of the closet for good, but also to sleaze-up White countries (always fun for the Jews). But many of you have already come out of the closet, as we can see from the huge listing of Jews in the Gay business (below).

You Jews always try to turn every country you infest into sick, corrupt and vile societies. You tried to do the very same thing to the Weimar republic in Germany during the 1920’s, but the people said “to hell with that” and elected Adolf Hitler to put a stop to your perverted visions.

Read below to see just how many Jews are involved in the whole Homo scene. And don’t forget Jew-controlled Hollywood, too, Jews out there are the ones responsible for foisting this whole stinking crap in “our” movies and TV shows. Considering the huge number of Jew rabbi pedophiles out there, they have the unmitigated gall in attacking Christianity all the time in movies like “Doubt” (above right) or in the network news (they go on forever about pedo catholic priests). Click “continue” for a big fat helping of Jew faggotry.

Not only do Jews dominate the Gay rights agenda, even being a queer themselves is openly celebrated (like the Aussie Jews above). Jews have always been notorious buggerists and lezbos; the rest of Jewry — those few not really gay or bi — actively support the homo agenda (other very sick stuff, too) and openly use the whole gay schmeil to hide behind (they’ve succeeded doing this everywhere). It’s all a part of screwing-up the White race, Christianity and any decent values. Wake the hell up to these sick people!

Number One Jew Gay of all time:

Sick Jew Geezer

“Founding Father” of the Gay Movement, Frank Kameny, was instrumental in pressuring the American Psychiatric Association to reclassify same-sex activities as “normal.” They sometimes call him the “pioneer of the Gay Rights movement,” but I just call him a sick old f–ker. Check out what the Jew Gay Geezer had to say about it all, including getting it on with animals:

“So: Let us have more and better enjoyment of more and better sexual perversions, by whatever definition, by more and more consenting adults. We will all be the better off thereby. And that will be Americanism in action…”

“Bestiality is not my thing … But it seems to be a harmless foible or idiosyncrasy of some people. So, as long as the animal doesn’t mind (and the animal rarely does), I don’t mind, and I don’t see why anyone else should.” Read more here!

Got Milk?

Close second and runner-up Jew faggot of all-time: Harvey Milk, San FranSicko “supervisor” (minor city flunkie), who the Hollywood Jews have turned into some kind of a hero of the ages, just for getting wacked by some crazed White straight guy (us Evil Ones, as usual).

The Jews/Gays have now elevated this long dead sodomite and possible pedophile (he dug teen boys) to Martin Luther King, Jr. status (all the Jew-created victimhood classes in the US have to have a martyr symbol). Besides the Jew Hollywood movie “Milk”, the government Jews even got this sick bastard put on a US postage stamp!

People, these filthy Jews are totally sick in the head. They want to do all kinds of unbelievably filthy crap in your face and expect us normal Americans to just go along with the deal, or else we’re the “haters.” They also are working to brainwash your kids in school (even as far back as Kindergarten) to join the pink team — or at least try out and maybe become messed-up in the head for the rest of their lives (and possibly not ever having any children, which is basically the idea).

I say NO WAY are we going to let you get away with all this crap — YOU NASTY HOMOSEXUAL JEWS. America has had it up to here!

— Phillip Marlowe

Other Big-Time Jew Homos:

1) Allan Ginsburg, Jewish poet, founding member of North American Man Boy Love Association (pedophiles). 2) Alan Klein, Co-founder of group ACT UP, co-founder of group Queer Nation, National Communications Director and chief spokesperson for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). 3) Larry Kramer, Co-founder of “Act Up,” a homosexual/AIDS activist organization; co-founder of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. 4) Harvey Fierstein, Film actor (Mrs. Doubtfire); well-known gay activist. 5) Arnie Kantrowitz, Co-founder of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). 6) Winnie Stachelberg, Political director, Human Rights Campaign.

7) Jonathan D. Katz, Founded and chairs the Harvey Milk Institute, the largest queer studies institute in the world. A long time gay political activist, was a co-founder of Queer Nation. 8] Israel Fishman, Founder of the Gay Liberation Caucus in 1970, now known as the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Round Table. 9) Bella Abzug, The first members of the U.S. House of Representatives to introduce legislation banning discrimination based on sexual orientation (1974). 10) Moisés Kaufman, Playwright and film director (The Laramie Project). 11) Michael S. Aronowitz, The New York Log Cabin Republicans. 12) Tony Kushner, Gay activist; Tony and 1993 Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright.

13) Len Hirsch, President of the GLBT federal government employees group, GLOBE. 14) Meg Moritz, Ph.D. Director and member of the Executive Committee of GLAAD. 15) Barbara Raab, NBC-TV producer; a “Jewish lesbian feminist journalist, writer.” 16) David Goodstein, Owner/publisher of the gay magazine The Advocate; co-founder of the National Gay Rights Lobby. 17) Kevin Koffler, Editor-in-chief, Genre gay magazine. 18) Judy Wieder, Editor-in-chief, The Advocate gay magazine.

19) Barney Frank, Member of U.S. Congress; helped create non-discriminatory employment policies in all U.S. federal agencies. 20) Jennifer Einhorn, Communications Director, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. 21) Evan Wolfson, Senior Staff Attorney, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and the executive director of Freedom to Marry. 22) Kathy Levinson, American investor and philanthropist; serves on the board of PlanetOut; also on NGLTF Board of Directors. 23) Leslie Feinberg, American trade unionist, transgender activist and author. 24) Roberta Achtenberg, Civil rights lawyer and federal official; appointed as Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity by President Bill Clinton in 1993.

25) Richard Goldstein, Village Voice writer on gay culture and politics. 26) Terry Lobel, Executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. 27) Surina Kahn, American lesbian activist. 28) Jay Guy Nassberg, Founder of the Lavender Healing Network; a former gay activist with the the Gay Liberation Front. 29) Judith Light, Actress, activist for gay causes. 30) Rick Rosendall, President, Gay & Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, DC.

31) Jack Fritscher, Editor in Chief of Drummer gay magazine. 32) Fred Hochberg, Deputy administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration; co-chair of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). 33) Sarah Schulman, American playwright, novelist, and activist (one of the founders of the Lesbian Avengers, a direct-action lesbian rights organization). 34) Rex Wockner, Longtime gay, American journalist who has reported news for the gay press since 1985. 35) Alison Bechdel, Cartoonist creator and author of the bi-weekly comic strip “Dykes to Watch Out For.” 36) Hilary Rosen — a founding member of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund; former board co-chair of the Human Rights Campaign.

And the List Goes on…

Garrett Glaser — National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association [NLGJA] national board member.

Michael Berman — member, Human Rights Campaign Board of Directors.

Ronald Gold — reporter for Variety; a leader in the fight to overturn the American Psychiatric Association’s policy that homosexuality is an illness.

Mitchell Gold — HRC Board

Marty Lieberman — HRC Board

Andy Linsky — HRC Board

Dana Perlman — HRC Board

Abby Rubenfeld — HRC Board

Andrew Tobias — HRC Board

Dan Furmansky — HRC Senior Field Organizer, West

Sally Green — HRC Associate Field Director

Lara Schwartz — Senior Counsel, HRC Heather Wellman — HRC Field Coordinator

Robin Margolis — American coordinator of the Bi Women’s Cultural Alliance and author [Bisexuality: A Practical Guide].

Judy Gluckstern — Board of Directors, GLAAD.

Stephen M. Jacoby — Board of Directors, GLAAD.

Matt Riklin — Board, GLAAD

Carol Rosenfeld — Board, GLAAD.

William Weinberger — Board, GLAAD

Tanya Wexler — Board, GLAAD.

David Huebner — GLAAD Counsel.

Ron Schlittler — Director of Field & Policy, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays [PFLAG].

Craig Ziskin — Deputy Director of Development, PFLAG.

Debra Weill — Senior Field & Policy Coordinator, PFLAG.

Dody Goldstein— Board of Directors, PFLAG.

David Horowitz— Board of Directors, PFLAG.

Shawn Frank — Board of Directors, PFLAG.

Leon Weinstein — Chair, Nominating Committee, PFLAG.

Gayle Rubin — lesbian author/activist.

Roz Richter — American attorney and activist.

Bob Kunst — long-time activist in gay and Jewish causes. “Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network” [GLSEN]. Board co-chairs:

Marty Seldman — president “National Gay & Lesbian Task Force” [NGLTF]. Board co-chairs: …..

Rachel Rosen in Santa Fe, N.M

Dave Fleischer — Director of Training [political training], NGLTF. Craig Hoffman — Board of Directors, NGLTF.

Beth Zemsky — Board, NGLTF. Marsha C. Botzer — Treasurer, NGLTF.

Jeff Levi — first, Levi was NGTF’s lobbyist, early 1980s [NGTF became NGLTF in 1985]. Later, he was NGLTF executive director.

Bill Rubenstein — J.D. ’86, developed the ACLU Lesbian and Gay Rights Project

Martin Duberman — author/historian; founded the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the City University of New York.

Ben Schatz — executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Foundation.

Kevin Schaub — Executive Director and Dean of the Harvey Milk Institute in San Francisco, the world’s largest center for queer studies.

Susan Spielman — principal/head of Common Ground, an education/consulting firm specializing in workplace sexual orientation education; her company has worked with hundreds of U.S. organizations, helping them to implement domestic partner benefits plans; co-author of the book Straight Talk About Gays in the Workplace.

Gertrude Stein — wrote the first openly lesbian novel, “Q.E.D.,” in 1903, but it was only published posthumously in 1950.

Magnus Hirschfeld [d. 1935], early gay rights activist in Germany; founded one of the first gay rights organizations, the Scientific Humanitarian Committee; coined the term “transvestism”; fled Nazi Germany.

Rikki Streicher (1925-1994), American activist and businesswoman.

Michael Goff — founded Out magazine in 1992.

Paulette Goodman — founder of local chapter [Washington D.C.] of PFLAG and served as President of the National PFLAG organization from 1988-1992.

Jeffrey Newman — president and COO of the Gay Financial Network; president and CEO of

Jim Levin — New York gay historian.

Barrett Brick — GLAA [Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance] Treasurer.

Robin Tyler — American comedian [born Arlene Chernick] who was the first openly gay comic in North America; Tyler is also an activist who was the stage producer for the first three gay marches on Washington and the national protest coordinator for the “Stop Dr. Laura” campaign; she produces women’s comedy and music festivals, and operates a lesbian travel-tour company.

Leroy Aarons  — American professor, journalist, and founder of the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association (1990).

Dr. Donald I. Abrams — American physician, HIV expert, medical marijuana researcher, and past president of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.

Johnny Abush (1952-2000) — [Canadian]; archivist of the International Jewish GBLT Archives.

Miriam Ben-Shalom [1948- ], American Army Reserves drill sergeant and gay activist; in 1986 she won a ten-year legal battle with the Reserves when a court ordered her reinstatement; founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Veterans Association [GLBVA] in 1990, serving as its first president.

Larry Brinkin — American gay activist who brought the first domestic partnership lawsuit [against Southern Pacific Railroad, 1982].

Rob Eichberg — American psychologist, co-creator of National Coming Out Day [October 11th].

Larry Kessler — founding director in 1983 of the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, the largest AIDS support organization in New England.

David Mixner — gay activist, political consultant; co-founder of the Municipal Elections Committee of Los Angeles [MECLA], a group of wealthy gays and lesbians who became influential in local politics; president Bill Clinton’s Special Liaison to the Gay-Lesbian Community.

Dan Savage — American author of gay-themed books [The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant; Skipping Towards Gomorrah: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Pursuit of Happiness in America] and gay-themed- sex-advice columnist [Savage Love].

Scott Seomin, American entertainment media coordinator for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation [GLAAD].

Thanks to JUDICIAL for photos & copy (maybe down, Jewry hates this site)

Skanky Jews Sleazing Down America (my site)

The Jewy Fagging of America (my site)

Long listing of Jew rabbi pedophiles / Jew rabbis and pedophiles get no press coverage  / Talmud approves of Sex with Children /Jew child Porn & Snuff film ring exposed / US Rabbis approve Gay partnership / Jews screwing-up children’s gender / Totally Gay NY Synagogue / Jew’s Kinky Seder

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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250 Responses to Could Jews Get Any More Gay?

  1. hajhajhaj says:

    I remember when south Africa government in 80’s and 70’s was doing what ever in black people ( Racial Acts ), the main supporter of that government was Israel, and when nilson mandilla become a president, Israel ran in every news paper they own, about the white man and how evil he was when it come to south Africa, and celebrating the liberation of the black people and offer many of black people to come and visit Israel, while in Israel the people are organized in more than five levels, from the western Jew’s, to eastern Jew’s then Russian and black Jew’s and the DROOZ, then the original Arab( the real Palestinian the owner of the stolen land ), during that, Israel asking for democracy in world, and in America, and in south Africa, while the time and the place define what kind of democracy they Act and design when it related to them.

  2. Biker says:

    i know HAJ, i was just at Rainbow warrior’s site looking at pics from gaza, one that struck me was of a grey eyed Palestinian child..

  3. hajhajhaj says:

    Marshall, biker, the time for a human revolution against Jew’s ( Evil ) is now, they can’t although they have the media and money, they cant stop us, they can stop all of us

  4. Biker says:

    about a third of the way down.. @ December 29.. those look like grey/blue eyes to me!!

    the time is surely coming, they’ve worn out their welcome here..

  5. tony says:

    You guys should get a life.
    Who cares that there are gay jews… I have gay cousins who are christian.
    Maybe i should start a list of all the gay christians i know.
    wow, that sounds like fun too….

  6. Biker says:

    church every sunday gay Christians??? LOL! ok, go for it…

  7. hajhajhaj says:

    About that, christian gay?????? how is that? is this a customized Religion?? isn’t Christianity from Allah or god, a message sent to us by Jesus, who give you or any gay in the world or any Jew the right to change the commands, or the main structure of Christianity? its not like what Jew’s used to do with their religion ( creating a new book ( talmood ) customized with their own twisted criminal minds, where they consider us an animal ( goeem ) and consider their self the chosen race or the only true human being?? and that we all created to serve them, and that they have the right to judge and to kill us by the same rules they deal with animals, Sorry but god is clear, and nature is clear, and we all know where is the end of that road( your road, the gay Jew’s road ), and to be clear, when we are talking about the relationship between Jew’s and gays, its not that we just judge the jewish gays, no all the gays are a mind twisted, by what, mainly by media and its controllers and by the big names of some people (above on this page ) who made their live target turning these people into something animals can’t be someday.
    In Islam, its very clear in Quraan when talking about gays and their behavior and that they drag humanity to the lowest level and that they will be punished now and in the judgment day.

  8. hajhajhaj says:

    About that, christian gay?????? how is that? is this a customized Religion?? isn’t Christianity from Allah or god, a message sent to us by Jesus, who give you or any gay in the world or any Jew the right to change the commands, or the main structure of Christianity? its not like what Jew’s used to do with their religion ( creating a new book ( talmood ) customized with their own twisted criminal minds, where they consider us an animal ( goeem ) and consider their self the chosen race or the only true human being??

  9. incogman says:

    Haj: Biker is just being sarcastic here. All true Christians abhor Homos. It’s the Jew who works to corrupt our peoples, religions and countries.

    But not for long, if I have anything to do with it.

  10. hajhajhaj says:

    About that, christian gay?????? how is that? is this a customized Religion?? isn’t Christianity from Allah or god, a message sent to us by Jesus, who give you or any gay in the world or any Jew the right to change the commands, or the main structure of Christianity?

  11. hajhajhaj says:

    That’s right, Incogman, that’s right

  12. hajhajhaj says:


  13. hajhajhaj says:

    i m commenting on tony’s words

  14. hajhajhaj says:

    i understood biker

  15. hajhajhaj says:

    Marshall, I m more than sure that Israel is more than happy in every disaster in the world, because it an open business for them, Media will work, organs, kidneys, and hearts, are their for selling, a new loan from the federal bank,

  16. hajhajhaj says:

    and another thing distract peoples eyes of what Israels doing in Gaza..

  17. Biker says:

    sorry for the commo breakdown, i just read a couple of Tony’s comments over at the tea party post.. he is a kike, or a braindead lib, or both.. probably both.

    i dont know ANY every Sunday Christians that are gay, or that would tolerate it. the only difference between homosexuality and bestiality is that the animal cant consent to the sex.. disgusting. male homosexuals EAT SHIT, literally..

  18. Incog, I have been harping and writing on this topic for awhile. Here are a few titles and links that might interest you.

    WTF!! ~ “Opposite Sex” Marriage???!!!
    That is what they want to call traditional marriage.

    Homo International Controls East and West ~ Soviet Defector
    Just to confirm a few thoughts you might have about the leaders and the origin of the Aryan ideal male in Europe.

    Child Pornography in the Classroom
    This one truly blew me away. And Obama is choosing these people to his inner courts. But then he is Jewish after all. This stuff defies belief. Made me want to puke. Were I an American parent, I know I would be taking action of some sort.

    A Gun to Our Head??? Sexual Liberty and Satanism.

    Take care and keep up with what you do.

  19. Biker says:

    that child porn in the classroom is insane Noor.

    ” if you should choose to have sex with a wombat, its OK! and we will show you how to do it safely”

    WOW!!!! where are the angry mobs? sitting on the couch watching IDOL… unreal.

    not my child, i dont care if i got to jail.. ill raise 10 kinds of hell if my kid comes home with that crap.

  20. hajhajhaj says:

    Ukrainian kids, new victims of Israeli ‘organ theft
    in :

  21. hajhajhaj says:

    Activist: Watch Out For Israeli DF Stealing Organs In Haiti
    in :

  22. hajhajhaj says:

    watch this :

  23. hajhajhaj says:

    this is the Israeli internet machine prepared to attack any one talks about Israel, ANY ONE

  24. hajhajhaj says:

    and that was a response to this speech :

  25. hajhajhaj says:

    Israel Admits Harvesting Palestinian Organs :
    In the news :

  26. Very great read. Really..

  27. king diamond says:


  28. Dear incog I like the way you reduced the size of the noses of those les and shit stabbing Homos Yids=[Other big-time Jew homos]. You are so kind to animals.

  29. 911schtick says:

    Interesting stuff. Would be interesting to see who else has set up gay organisations and then compare them to that list. We can properly see then if Jewish people are in the majority that way. Anyway, at the moment its looking like they are … but then again they are very motivated and like to be at the front of such organisations so that they are in control.

    Anyhow, one other thing. That first pic at the top of the article. Is it really two “Jewboys playing dress up”?? … because I know for certain that is taken from the BBC tv comedy series, Little Britain … which features a cast of outlandish characters … some of it very close to the knuckle as it were. So … if you don’t want to be called “antisemitic” by the ADL or whoever lol … I would advise you to change it. They will use anything against you.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I know where it came from. The two characters in the skit were Jews and it says what I wanted to say. Screw the PC police organization ADL!

  30. StSimonOfTrent says:

    Homosexuality was considered a mental illness until 1973.

    ‘They’ had that revoked same year as Roe V Wade, when they started Murdering Babies en masse.

    Homosexuality aka Buggery, was also a crime punishable by death in America and most nations until just 100 or so years ago.

  31. Yahweh says:

    I would like to correct one tiny inconsequential statement in the article. Hitler was never “elected” democratically by the people of Germany. He performed well in an election, but he was actually “appointed” Chancellor by president Hindenberg.

  32. Celíbero says:

    Hi! Are you photoshoping those pictures? I Know these people have a characteristic nose but, men, it’s so exagerated it seems fake.

  33. Jeff says:

    News flash for the Jewess,
    As much as Jews hate Jesus, they still want to try and claim him as one of their own. This another Jewish ploy to discredit Christianity.
    They have already high jacked Christianity and attached “Judao” to it. But true Christianity is the opposite of Judao, and Jesus was not a Jew.
    Jews are eastern European and no relation to the people of the bible. Jews are subverters and parasites, and just like politics, banking, and media, they have also infiltrated Christianity and subverted it long ago.
    Jesus was not a Jew.
    Jesus was a Galillean living in the Roman Protectorate of Judea, where up to five different peoples lived at different times, all commonly known as Judeans, after the land of their nativity and not due to their actual genetic heritage. Jesus’ lineage through his mother was of the tribe of Judah, making him a ‘Galillean Judahite’.

  34. Robert Gee says:

    The first graphic in your piece “Could Jews Get Any More Gay?” is of David Walliams and Matt Lucas, comedians on the show “Little Britain”. They may be Jewish but I think this graphic is from one of their sketches and may not depict quite what you are assuming. FYI

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  40. Cindy says:

    Typical pervert claims the victims ” liked it” …from kids to animals.
    These freaks should kill themselves already.

  41. American born says:

    They won’t kill them selves. We have laws and law enforcement to kill them

  42. Magnum says:

    What really bothers me is that the DSM 3 in the early 70’s stated that any kind of homosexuality was considered a mental abnormality\defect. I wanna know how much money was given to change that medically proven disorder. The more people allow this to be “normal, ” the worse the epidemic is getting. I was a psychology major for my second college degree. My professors gave examples of where many articles were published. These articles proved that this behavior was abnormal and not conducive to mentally healthy living. Books were also published in the late sixties and the authors received threats by the psychologically damaged homosexuals. The justifications for changing the DSM, came from arguments that these people are content and happy not interfering with the lives of straight (normal) people. So, we may as well say that people who are into bestiality are normal people too. Now, we have shows staring Queers and lesbians. If it’s so normal, how come alot of these people hide their queerness? Because people don’t want to watch abnormal tv. It’s unsettling and could be the end of family life as we know it. There is a reason 2 vaginas/2 dick s came reproduce. That’s not how nature works. If this becomes normal, God help people in the next generations. Open your eyes everyone!

  43. Magnum says:

    There is a reason 2 vaginas/2 dick s can’t reproduce. That’s not how nature works. If this becomes normal, God help people in the next generations. Open your eyes everyone!

    God I hate spellcheck!

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      I almost hate to comment on this but 2 vaginas and 2 penisis CAN reproduce. If they are real ones. I will even venture the thought that 1 vagina and 1 penis can reproduce. I have 2 kids and child support orders to prove it in a court of law. What college did you get your degree from?

  44. dick fuld says:

    all jews are inbreds with 126 defective tay-sachs genes.

    they can’t get much gayer because a queer jew holy man chops
    off their penises when they’re two days old and sucks it dry.
    that’ll do it.

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