Brendon O’Connell: Rising Up Down Under

The powerful, but forbidden “Fruits of Zionism,” (videos below deleted by Youtube). BUT SEE IT HERE while it lasts on Vimeo.

“As long as you [Jews] continue to remain silent and gild the lily, saying I’m a nice Jew but refuse to denounce the homicidal mania within Judaism itself… the bell tolls for you.”

— Brendon O’Connell

Watch these remarkable videos made by an Australian Christian man, named Brendon O’Connell (right), who is now facing up to 14 years in prison because he had the guts to confront the Jews on the street and loudly say the truth about the Jewish/Zionist religious hatred of non-Jews, Christianity and the Palestinian people.

Australia passed anti-free speech laws (really designed to protect Jews) — just like in Canada — and this very thing is now on the horizon here in the USA. Will we face the exact same kind of thing if we dare expose the Zionist’s evils in the world? Do you really want that in America’s future?

Or do you even give a dam?

They have arrested Brendon and are accusing him of “hate crimes,” for merely putting up his video “Fruits of Zionism” on Youtube. Now some Jews are out trying to say he physically attacked them over the years, with no evidence other than usual Jew racial lying to protect the PR image of Jewry. Kind of like the “Holocaust” — They expect us to believe anything they say without a single murmer or else they’ll scream about us being “anti-Semites” and “NeoNazi” and all the other Jew slanders to try to shut us up.

You can just watch the videos yourself to decide what kind of guy he is and what he’s saying here.

We know that it’s really his message which the Jews want to shut up. You know it. The revengeful and arrogant Jews are now positively giddy over him getting busted (note the usual bragging about Jew lawyers like they do here). Listen to one of these sorry bastards gloat:

GOOD NEWS! Brendon O’Connell has been charged by the Morley Police.. he was arrested in Maylands… they even showed him on the news inciting his hateful remarks towards the Jewish Community.. he could get up to 14 years in the slammer, with the new laws.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY Justice shall prevail. Hope he can get a lawyer, willing to plead “not guilty!” That’s right, all the good lawyers are Jewish! :)

These people will do anything, say anything to protect their race and what they want to do in the world (note the Jew above all happy about the new laws). If you decide to speak up against them, they’ll do whatever Commie thing they can to have you shut up. If they could, they would probably put a bullet in O’Connell’s head, just like they used to do in the Soviet Union when they controlled the secret police apparatus.

And then they’ll laugh among themselves about what they did to the foolish Goy!

If this was someone talking bad about the Muslims, like Geert Wilders, they would be all for it. Hell, they’d fly him over here and put him on FOX news and give him book contracts up the ying yang — look at all the media coverage and riches they gave that satanic-looking Zionist tool, the Lebanese Muslim hater, Bridgette Gabriel.

Folks, this is typical, unbelievable Jewish hypocrisy and utter evil! 

Fruits of Zionism, deleted by Jew censors at Youtube:

Gaza Protest, part 1

Watch Brendon get right in the face of some Christian Zionist puppet.

Gaza Protest, part 2


Here’s something on that “Amalek” business that O’Connell mentions in his videos — yes, I know that all Jews don’t or say they don’t believe this, but note this salient fact: Rabbis hand-out religious tracts to Israel Defense Force “soldiers” before they go on the attack in Palestinian areas, absolving them of killing any Palestinian civilians, since they consider them to be members of “Amalek.” The religious effort to indoctrinate the IDF about the evil Amalek must be, has to be, allowed by the chain of command — hence it’s a de facto Israeli government position.

Amalek is a secret race opposed to the Jews for all eternity, mentioned briefly in the Old Testament, but turned into some kind of imaginative hate army by bearded old men rabbis in the Middle Ages (Jews are so paranoid). According to these freaks, you were born a member of Amalek and don’t even know it! From the modern-day Jewish professor, Hannah Kasher, that Brendan mentions in his videos:

Parashat Ki Tetze 5760/9 September 2000
Rationales Justifying Collective Punishment of Amalek

Prof. Hannah Kasher
Department of Philosophy

… 4. Wiping out Amalek as just personal retribution.
The assertion that all of Amalek’s descendants deserve this punishment by reason of their own fault stems from the assumption that each of them is considered a sinner. Avnei Nezer by Rabbi Abraham Borstein (19thcentury) provides an example of such an assumption: “It is disclosed and well-known to the Holy One, blessed be He, that hate lies in their hearts. Go and see what Haman the Agagite did” (Orah Hayyim, 508). In other words, for reasons that are not spelled out – perhaps genetic or educational — the descendants of Amalek persist in the ways of their ancestors, “the root of the Amalekites’ sin being that they are in no way willing to subjugate themselves to Israel. So that an individual descendant of the Amalekitesnot be doomed to death he must prove that he has renounced the deeds of his ancestors. The proof lies in his expressing willingness to be subjugated to Israel, but not by conversion for that would make him an equal of the Jews.


One way to put all this into perspective: Imagine if White Catholic priests had been allowed onto US Army bases during the Vietnamese war and exhorted the troops to kill any Godless Communists Asians — no matter what the age or sex. Remember that the South Vietnamese regime in Saigon was mostly Catholic. Think deeply on all the brouhaha that would have resulted from that, especially during the business about the My Lai massacre. The press would STILL be screaming bloody murder to this day!

Now, doesn’t that illustrate the power of Jews to keep White countries like Australia, America and Canada in the dark about what the Jews do in the world? Now, do you see the curtain lowered by these people over your head?

Make note of that last bold face sentence in the above quote. It’s saying that if you don’t bow down before them, that proves you are Amalek and hence, must be killed. Furthermore, if you do accept the status of them over you, then you still must be the lessor race!

Now listen closely: It doesn’t matter one whit whether you believe this medieval religious claptrap or not. It matters if they think it’s true and are willing to act on it. They want their troops to believe in all this before they are sent out to do what the State orders — so they can accomplish the killing of Palestinian civilians who are taking up future Jew turf and breathing precious Jew air!

It is my firm belief that Christian Zionists who support the State of Israel are committing a great sin before God. No, I am not that much of religious person, but I know what’s right or not. This is just evil, plain and simple. America is not for these people to use for their religious purposes and I will do whatever in my power to raise public awareness of what they are up to.

In addition to which, this very kind of belief system could just as easily be directed towards my own race, the White race. In fact, it’s readily apparent that it has already begun.

Isn’t it time for you, the reader here, to start talking OPENLY to those around you and bravely stand up for the right thing like Brendon did?

— Phillip Marlowe


Brendon O’Connell, 38, was charged under racial vilification laws for allegedly posting anti-Semitic video on the internet (this video, which was originally entitled “Fruits of Zionism”).

The Jews MURDER us, but if we so much as speak their name we face several YEARS in prison. “Free speech” ends with the Jews. Say whatever you want about anyone else, but mention their name or point out their evil deeds and you will face incarceration.

This only illustrates just how firm their grip is over “our” government(s) are. ZOG is in full effect and we cannot expect them to restrain themselves. And we definitely cannot afford to sit around waiting for someone else to come along and save us, we must EACH do our part. Just like Brendon O’Connell has done his.

The message they HOPE to send us is that we need to remain silent or face the consequences that they have so deliberately lined up for anyone who dare tell the plain and simple truth, but it is up to each and every one of us to stand up in defiance and see to it that their plans backfire on them.

I am hitting the streets like never before. And it is time that EACH of you did your part as well. No more excuses, waiting around, or passing the buck. We need to send them a message and we need to make sure they hear us LOUD and CLEAR.

— Scott Roberts


Michael Hoffman giving a talk on Amalek: HERE

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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273 Responses to Brendon O’Connell: Rising Up Down Under

  1. Icey Key says:

    I’m not sure about people screaming about jews 24/7 here, but I do know that it’s impossible to be honest about what’s happened in the past and the horrors taking place now without mentioning the party responsible for most, not all, but most of this. And that’s the jews. Communist jews. Hypocritically racist, intolerant, deceitful, disingenuous jews. The jews are actually helping our cause as of late because their arrogance and over-confidence leads them to hide their presence less and less. As I mentioned, I was in Europe for a few weeks and quite pleasantly surprised at how many “aware” people I ran into in Ireland, England, France, Italy, and Germany. People in the US are numbed. The jewish tyranny here has really been in full tilt for quite some time. People have to look over both shoulders before saying anything.

    Taking the approach of acting like some goose-stepper from WWII will of course turn people off because the jews have conditioned people into automatically developing a bad taste in their mouth when seeing, hearing or speaking about nazis, Hitler, and all the lies that comprise the myth of the Holoco$t®©™. This is why – as I’ve mentioned before – I call the haters “Communist jews” all the time. Even the most PC brainwashed of the sheeple have noticed how many jews are out and out communist in their thinking, behavior, mannerisms. And a lot of these people have managed to notice these jews think communism is a good thing – for everyone else to be buried under except themselves. The jews enjoy controlling a communist system, so they can enjoy the fruits of everyone else’s labor, live like squires while everyone else tills the earth for them. The brainwashed are aware of jewish privilege, and although they tell themselves and are told by the jews it’s nothing more than a reaction to past injustice, to the Holoco$t®©™, the hypocrisy is evident. So calling the jews “Communist” every chance I get has worked very well as an ice-breaker and/or eye-opener. It’s easier for people to grasp than using “zionist”, bringing up the Talmud, etc. It allows me to dive into explaining what really went on with the jewish (Boshevik) revolution in Russia, what really happened in the USSR and Eastern Europe with communist jews like Beria, Yagoda, Kaganovich, Tito (yes, Tito WAS jewish) and more murdering over a hundred million Europeans. Why did they murder these people? When all investigation is said and done, all reasons sorted out, they murdered them simply because they weren’t jews. That’s the kind of evil we’re dealing with.

    Since these communist jews hate whites above and beyond all other non-jews, even though they look down on all non-jewish peoples, imagine what they want to do to us should they command enough control to begin locking us up en masse or starving us out? Starving people has always been one of the jews favorite methods of genocide. Kevin MacDonald has some great articles mentioning the change in the “personality” of jews in Russia who seemed reasonable, friendly, personable with non-jews until the communists took over with their banker funded revolution. Then a huge number of jews began to engage in and enjoy the torture and murder of gentiles. I should add that their “bible”, the Talmud, says this is ok behavior toward non-jews. Keep in mind the jews ran the gulags in the USSR, conducted the torture and genocidal murder of gentiles. Solzenhitzyn brought this up among other unpleasant (for the jews) facts and the jewish controlled MSM in the US dropped him like the proverbial hot potato.

    Yeah, I think it’s reasonable to mention the jews.

  2. Steve in TN says:

    Boobyman aka knobgoblin your grammar is atrocious as well as your juvenile pompous bs communisistic harangue.

    “Here to make everyone else look like a emotional twat whos been broken by the jooos!” –Boogieman

    No that is ass-wipe calling the kettle black again.

    Icey Key articulated in his 4:08 pm post what I’s wished I’d said after your first critical tirade about jews 24/7. Get with the program son!

  3. boogieman says:

    To Ssssteevey:

    Ok i never asked for the history of WWII Jews. Everything you said is common knowledge and has nothing to do with how you write about political/historical issues. Its very hard to explain to someone that they suck and should stfu. But ill try.

    Let me break it down into “dumbass language” Uno keep it REAL simple.

    1) Youre a Southern Redneck

    2) Southern Rednecks have done NOTHING for the White Race expect make them look like fucking idiots. Noone in the world takes you seriously and NEVER will… no matter HOW hard you try to ‘wake’ people up to the fact jews run Hollywood, everyone will continue to hate you.
    3) You do MORE damage then any Jew EVER could when it comes to the ‘image’ of European people.

    4) You compromise (by simply existing) the life long work of thousands of smart educated men and women who fight for European civilization day in and day out.

    5) Hitler should’ve invaded the South before he went to Stalingrad because the rednecks are the epitome of human de-evolution.
    6) Any REAL progress will always come from sources outside the South. Why? because you’re worthless, uneducated, fat, dumbfucks. I hate rednecks more then any commie zionist jew, and im no fan of zionist warmongers to say the least.

    7) If you want to be apart of w/e activist movement this is or will become.. try peeling the fucking potatoes in the kitchen and shutting the fuck up. Because bitches like you are a dime a dozen. Loud, arrogant, uneducated, babbling, amateur nitwits so eager to POINT the way.. be when the shit hits the fan their the first to disappear like the coward phonies they are. THE JEWS!! THE JEWS!!

    8) Now go fuck your sister you stupid redneck bitch. Leave the survival of European culture and identity to those who KNOW wtf it is.

  4. incogman says:

    boogieman, you’re just a plain self-hating, Jewified White pinhead from some liberal area of the country. You probably drive downtown on occasion so you can get some skinny Negro to do you. If anyone, it’s you who should STFU!

    I’m a proud White Southern boy who could bust your chops any day of the week. Redneck boys can run a trot line, skin a buck and beat THE LIVING SHIT out of fools like you.

    It’s you types who will do a 180 when the time comes, and reinvent themselves overnight, just to keep themselves from being hung from the rafters. You’re a spineless little PC worm and you know it. Just think deeply on that for minute.

  5. boogieman says:

    incogman, you think you just said anything original? You just proved how stupid you ‘boys’ from the south really are.

    I mean, here i am purposely writing that im about as anti zionist jew as you can get for the sole purpose of revealing where i stand on this video. But that doesn’t register in your dumb fucking brain because im calling out uneducated amateur hicks like you aswel.

    To you.. being a stupid redneck from the south = being european. Wrong. Infact i would gladly vote to have anyone from the south legally BARRED from classifying themselves as European.

    Its too funny.. you folks from the south should be nuked. Maybe then… and ONLY then would our message EVER have a chance of succeeding and make a difference around the world.

    Youre a fucking disgrace to European heritage. You know what else is pathetic. “Ya’ll” speak like uneducated niggers down there.. yet you hate niggers. I mean wtf? How are you any better? Your not… you’re as dumb as they are.

    LIke i said.. let the rest of us “spread the word” about zionism and jewish corruption and immorality. We dont need your fucking dumb redneck help.

    So predictable id be called a “communist, self hating liberal” for calling dumb rednecks what they are. LOL! As if being “White” = Southern.

    What a bunch of fucking worthless nobodies.

  6. Icey Key says:

    Incog, why bother spending time on the jewish trolls? Jews are the ones who hate the “rednecks” and who’ve demonized the South. They hate the South because so many people there openly stated what the jews’ agenda for the US was – and is. However, I do find “boogieman’s” atrocious grammar and spelling amusing. In fact it mirrors the posts from a lot of communist jew trolls from Israel and NY who proved over and over that jewish command of any language is quite overrated. Jettison the turds and move full speed ahead. They’re still playing the same game in that they get your pages filled up with pointless arguments and lies. Let them do that with their “MSM”. Hell, I hear enough of their bs in person in Los Angeles.

  7. American says:

    “Jettison the turds and move full speed ahead. They’re still playing the same game in that they get your pages filled up with pointless arguments and lies.”-Icey

    Just a few percent of Goyim have to awaken, and the JEWS are finished. They’re operating on full capacity, so we see retards like this Israeli doing the ONLY thing they know.

    Keep rolling full speed ahead!

    I found this cool video that documents the WTC’s demolition on several accounts.

  8. incogman says:

    Icey Key:

    Tell me about LA. I knew this alcoholic, Meth head loser from there, who considered southerners as inbred hicks, calling them mutants from West Virginia. I won’t go into details, but I stomped his ass on intellectual subjects, as well as actually stomping his ass physically (in good ole Hell’s Angel’s turf: Friant, CA). The guy was asking for it.

  9. boogieman says:

    “I stomped his ass on intellectual subjects, as well as actually stomping his ass physically”

    Youre a complete phony. Did that make you feel better after reading what i wrote. Letting everyone know on the internet that you beat someone up in LA? Wow youre the man! I guess this is where i que in with all the people ive beaten up, right? Wrong. Because im not a phony like you.

    Thats 2 people here (ssstevey/ice) who have resorted to talking about ‘fighting’ as a way to defend their comments here.

    Within a few of my post i was able to get that kind of reaction out of you. I think ive proved my point.

    I chose the phrase “Emotionally Compromised” for a good reason. You see, its sort of a militaristic term for describing someone who is GUNHO! during bootcamp… then after seeing his partner get shot is no longer able to function. That what we have here. Its bad enough being Emotionally Compromised.. Then to be a uneducated dumbfuck from Tennessee aswell?

    You fucking idiots have NO idea who the Jews are. Where they are. What they do. What they own. How they work. Their operations. Their agenda or their History.

    If you did… you wouldnt be going around acting like a bunch of tryhard hillybilly fakes talking about beating people up and skinning bucks. Wtf is that shit?

    Are you going to go ‘beat up’ David Rockerfeller? Is that your plan genius?

    Get the fuck out, and stay out. God damn phony faggots.

  10. incogman says:


    You fucking idiots have NO idea who the Jews are. Where they are. What they do. What they own. How they work. Their operations. Their agenda or their History.

    Then why don’t you tell us, brainiac?

    All you’re doing is sitting there on your ass, giving us a buncha crap ‘cuz your midget gay lover dumped you for another circus clown.

  11. Kaitlyn says:

    Uh oh incog, looks like we got ourselves another anti-white Jew amoung us. How hypocritical of you, Boogieman, to diss us so called “redneck southern niggers”, and accuse us of being hypocritical when your kind is just a bunch of racist, homicidal maniacs (yes I am quoting Brendan O’Connell because I like the way he puts it) who only want to take over the whole god damn world, to turn it into a bigger hell hole than Israel already is and are so willing to kill off anyone who stands in your way. Your name says it all, considering you are a real Boogieman to the innocent children in Palenstine. FUCK OFF HOMO! GO BACK TO YOUR DAMN “sacred land”You and your other god damn homo brothers better get it through your thick, narrow minded and ignorant skulls that we aren’t putting up with your absolute CRAP any longer! Go burn in hell!

  12. incogman says:

    You tell ’em, Kaitlyn! Give the fool hell.

    This blog is for PRO-WHITE people, who see thru the Jew lies in the media, history and politics. Everyday they’ll be more and more of us, no matter what utter BULLSHIT, people like “boogieman” got to say.

  13. gncarlo says:

    Yes, Anarchore, I think it is a big deal. Being almost totally honest is like being almost a virgin. The person who made the vid should have done his own narration, referencing Carl Cameron. When you are trying to persuade people to your POV, absolute integrity is a must. Get caught in one misrepresentation and it will make everything you say and do suspect.

  14. gncarlo says:

    IK: “Kevin MacDonald has some great articles mentioning the change in the “personality” of jews in Russia who seemed reasonable, friendly, personable with non-jews until the communists took over with their banker funded revolution. Then a huge number of jews began to engage in and enjoy the torture and murder of gentiles. I should add that their “bible”, the Talmud, says this is ok behavior toward non-jews. Keep in mind the jews ran the gulags in the USSR, conducted the torture and genocidal murder of gentiles. Solzenhitzyn brought this up among other unpleasant (for the jews) facts and the jewish controlled MSM in the US dropped him like the proverbial hot potato.

    Yeah, I think it’s reasonable to mention the jews.”

    Me, too. But I noticed a curious anomoly: Solzenitzyn doesn’t anywhere in “Gulag” describe the Bolsheviks as Jews. I could only find “Jews” mentioned once in the index and that was as victims of the Red Terror.
    I wonder if that was in order to get it published in the West? Does anyone know if he was more candid in the original Russian? Or could he be part Jewish and blind to some things? I don’t know. It is curious, though?

  15. incogman says:

    gncarlo: Some famous reporter (his name escapes me now) listed out all the Jews behind the Bolshevik revolution in a book published in Europe during the time. The version in the US had all that dropped out, but it later got out. I’m not sure the translation history of the Gulag Archipelago, but I’ve read that his last book “200 years” says the Jews represented at least 60% of the secret police and of the Jews that did get sent to the Gulags, they enjoyed special, privileged treatment. Make note that it has yet to appear in a english translation in the West.

  16. gncarlo says:

    incog, I believe the obvious just hit me over the head. Maybe the reason Solzhenitsyn is widely acclaimed in the West as the definitive Russian historian of the Bolshevik Revolution is because he self-censored, omitting the Jew. There may have been other equally knowledgable Russians who were not so compliant and, for that reason, were not published. It happens here all the time….

  17. Steve in TN says:

    Boobyboy I never said anything about fighting. So, you are either deranged, delusional or just an outright liar. Good to know who and what you really are.

  18. Steve in TN says:

    The Western press raved about Solzhenitsyn work until they asked him why and how such could have happen. He replied, “Because man forgot God.” They turned on him and dropped him like a hot potato.

    Solzhenitsyn dared not name his confidential sources nor the oppressors till the time was right. He said, “Those that do not wish to recall have already had enough time– and will have more–to destroy all the documents, down to the very last one.

    “But those same hands which once screwed tight our handcuffs now hold out their palms in reconciliation: “No, don’t! Don’t dig up the past! Dwell on the past and you’ll lose an eye.”

    But the proverb goes on to say: “Forget the past and you’ll lose both eyes.”

    [Stay focused ladies and gents.]–sT

  19. Kaitlyn says:

    Thanks incogman, I intend to to do just that if he ever shows his pathetic face here again, spewing his trash. Just like a god damn Jew huh? Can’t handle the real truth so they lash out with meaningless insults with NO PROOF to back it up. It’s just plain pathetic if you ask me.

  20. Kaitlyn says:

    I have to actually comment on these videos though…they are absolutely fantastic!! I was laughing with him when he was talking to those two guys the whole time. HE was complaining about Brendan hitting him and all of that…BULLSHIT!! And all of that accusing….and why the hell did the guy take the picture anyway? I never heard him say why exactly. If anyone caught that please fill me in but it just seemed like meaningless trash coming from that Jew’s pie hole. GO BRENDAN O’CONNELL!!!

  21. boogieman says:

    The last people on earth O’Connell needs support from is a bunch of fucking Tennessee rednecks who can barely speak their native language, let alone organize a political campaign to fight world powers. Is everyone from the deep south at this blog? Its looking like it. Some idiot just called me a jew because i hate stupid rednecks. Unbelievable.

    Well looking around it seems this is a southern blog. What a joke you people are. The only thing good coming out of the south is David Duke… and even he is a halfwit. I listen to his audiobook, Jewish Supremacism. That guy doesnt bring up anyting new.. he just cries and whines like a broken down little girl.

    All the real progress, IS and WILL come from Europe or Northern Americans. The South is a fucking joke.. a cesspool of uneducated fat retards who cant shut their fucking mouth up for 5seconds.

    I would throw you redneck degenerates in camps right along the zionist jews, communist, masons and mentally handicap.

    Europeans dont need you… anti-zionist & anti-communist activist dont need you. STFU and go back to your god damn shacks where you came from.

  22. after dark says:

    “This blog is for PRO-WHITE people, who see thru the Jew lies in the media, history and politics. Everyday they’ll be more and more of us, no matter what utter BULLSHIT, people like “boogieman” got to say.”

    boogieman looks like you got those South renecks in the balls……………………

  23. incogman says:

    After dark or is it in the darK?

    boogieman hasn’t got JACK. He might like to have our balls.

    He’s just mouthing off cuz I told everyone about his lost love — the gay circus midget.

  24. anarchore says:

    boogieman, you’re talking some pretty stupid shit! Steve in TN doesn’t make stupid comments about the J-ws like you do about the South!

    Check this out:

  25. Icey Key says:

    Gncarlo – some things were censored in “Gulag…” when it was published in the US – BUT – in his book “200 Years Together”, Alexander went flat out went after them. There was no way to censor the book, other than simply not publishing it. As for “Gulag…”, Solzhenitsyn knew he had to be careful at first, just to make sure he could manipulate certain … eh, media types, to ensure his safety and ability to get away from the USSR.

    While Solzhenitsyn does mention there are people of all ethnic groups in Russia who were involved in horrible activities, he pointedly makes sure the reader is aware of the favored treatment of jews who ended up in camps, the jewish make-up and control of the NKVD etc. The communist jews are horrible, evil hypocrites. The jews were outraged at the book, accusing him of being senile, etc.

    As for “boogieman”, I haven’t advocated fighting. That’s typical of communist jews. Simply state that someone said or did something they didn’t and then run for it. It doesn’t work on sites like this. I have advocated banning these transparently jewish trolls. Again, what they do is fill up the page with negative remarks, fake arguments, and lies that they hope will turn off any new arrivals. That’s why boogieman brings up David Duke out of nowhere. Just to try and place something negative about Duke on the page. Amateurish Hasbara bs. So much for their vaunted analytical ability.

  26. gncarlo says:

    IK: ” BUT – in his book “200 Years Together”, Alexander went flat out went after them. There was no way to censor the book, other than simply not publishing it. ”

    Incog and others said that book has not been translated into English. If that is true, how do you know that? Do you speak Russian?

  27. incogman says:

    I read some review about it, and they did talk about the Jew quotient. They are planning a French edition soon. When, if ever, it comes out in the US, they’ll be a lot people doing comparison studies, vis a vis the Jewish question.

  28. Steve in TN says:

    I started to mention last night that Boobyboy is just a subversive to make this a North vs. South issue. I don’t have time for ass-clowns like boogieboy. His comments are ridiculous.

    I too am proud to be a Southern Redneck. I’m not interest in how smart one is or where they are from. My primary interest is resisting the evil that would destroy the white race.

  29. Kaitlyn says:

    Okay apparently Boogieman, and mr. in the dark, up there, didn’t get the memo. THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION ENDED OVER A HUNDRED YEARS AGO YOU IDIOTS!! SO STOP THE WHOLE “THE SOUTH SUCKS” CRAP WILL YOU? You homocidal jerks have NO right to be here whether you are a frickin racist jew, or a god damn diversity freak white liberal. Whatever the hell you are, just FUCK OFF!!

  30. Marshall says:

    Icey Key…

    Do you know anybody personally who has ever read ANY of Soljhenitsyn’s books to start with? I don’t.

    NONE of his books seem to find their way into ANY college curriculum…even though he won a Pulitzer, and has been hailed as “The Conscience of the 20th Century.” HMM??? WHAT THE???

    WHY are there NO 20th century Russian History courses at our great Universities that tell the TRUTH about the largest incidence of mass-murder in human HISTORY…the Bolshevik “Revolution.” WHY are SO MANY JEWS in academia?

    Icey Key- if you ever took the time to watch the “Matrix” Trilogy, including “Matrix Revolutions,” HMM!!! I did, because I knew that the WEINSTEIN BROTHERS created that, along with quite a bit of depraved movies in their association with Disney, through Miramax.

    That movie trilogy shows an underworld mass orgy of a multi-cultural celebration going in ZION…is that the ultimate goal of the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of ZION?” SURE IT IS!!! I believe most people would describe that as HELL.

    A writhing orgy of multi-cultural pornography in a trance with a slick soundtrack!!! “The Matrix.” JEWS MADE UNTOLD MILLIONS off those films. “ZION?”

    Benjamin Siegal and Meyer Lansky. Hmm. The JEW’S idea of HEAVEN is all the blonde shiksas they can bang, exploit, and kill if they feel like it.

    LANA CLARKSON most recently.


  31. Icey Key says:

    No – I can’t read Russian. But I can read French – and Spanish (albeit it is getting more and more tedious as I almost never use or read French the last few years except for two days in the last few weeks, and the only time I use Spanish is to swear at the mestizo animals here in CA). The book was available in French when it was loaned to me (I think it was available in German too). I hadn’t even thought about it not yet having been translated in English. If that’s still the case, I can only guess as to how long it will take to find it’s way into English with the way the tribe is acting these days. “Alex” does mention that not all the jews were involved in some kind of conspiracy per se. Which is true here in the West today. However, he does intimate how they ALL went along, eagerly. Sound familiar? I remember that there are a great many examples of communist jews rationalizing any and all jewish malfeasance just as jews do here in the US. They are never, ever wrong. Anything they do is right. I’ll see if I can hunt down some English transcripts of/from “200 Years…” as I did download some a few years ago. They’re probably on an old drive. I’ll see if I can post some of the material here or elsewhere.

    Now that I think about it, what we really need is a similar book about the US and jews. No, Kevin MacDonald’s great trilogy doesn’t really cover those bases fully. We need one that is focused merely on their how and why of their political and financial machinations, and how they relate to the innate, intense contempt and outright hatred in many cases jews have for non-jews, especially non-jews of European decent.

    Marshall I do know people who’ve read Solzhenitsyn’s books – and of course you won’t find them in any US college curriculum. Not until we have the grand collapse and clean up. The people that made me aware of Solzhenitsyn are the same people who turned me on to other authors, some less famous but whom I think are more important or at least more relevant. Ivor Benson is one of the best and most underrated and least mentioned. His book “The Zionist Factor”, which I found by accident in used bookstore in Glendale CA has most of Kevin MacDonald’s conclusion’s, Solzhenitsyn’s facts, the historical treachery and machinations of jews and too much more to mention all rolled into a small paperback. It’s an amazing wealth of info and in a few pages he manages to explain the way jews think and the how and why of their exaggerated intelligence and more, along with perfect descriptions of their incredibly alien, insect-like, hive mentality and cohesiveness. If you don’t want to wade through MacDonald, Solzhenitsyn and others, look up Benson. I believe the IHR still sells his books. The one thing you will get from Benson, if nothing else, is to always look at the things that happen and ask yourself “…how it benefits the jews,” or “…why would jews do this, set this up this way?” It makes most things crystal clear every time.

    On a lighter note, I know summer is just around the corner, but with all the coming jewish chicanery we’re going to see as the economy bumps up a bit and then drops to rock bottom over the next 18 months, let’s look ahead to some fun. As in Halloween fun. I think a good many of us should enter this contest and then post our entries on the web:

  32. incogman says:

    Icey: If you could do a quick copy paste job on that Solzhenitsyn 200 Years material (ie a chapter, excerpt or something) I’ll run it here. Or if you got any of that Benson material as a text file or link, I’ll run it here. Never heard of Benson. Email it to me and I’ll be your goyim slave.

  33. Marshall says:

    Why should people kill each other?

  34. Kaitlyn says:

    Incogman, you wouldn’t happen to have Rabbbi Jewboy Sockpuppet’s adress would you? He is starting to piss me off and I would like to pay him a “visit”, to fulfill my threat to him you see.

  35. gncarlo says:

    Marshall, I actually have read some of “Gulag Archipelago.” I’ve started it three times, I think, but it’s awfully repetitive and life is short 🙂

    IK, perhaps the AARGH site, of which the original is in French, might have something from “200 Years”? I never did take French in school but recall a bit of German. Do you know if it has been translated there?

    Incog, the two loonies presently trying to annoy us appeared just as Canadian disappeared. Perhaps they are his tag team relief? I am in a twelve-step program trying to ignore such people. 🙂 They offer nothing of substance, but are here to jerk our chains, trade insults, and use up time, energy, and bandwidth.

  36. Icey Key says:

    Hi Incog. Just back in. I’ll look around for the Benson (and Solzehnitsyn) stuff and forward it to you. I’ve no need for a slave (hah!). You just keep doing the job you’re doing. Most people will like Benson’s stuff as it cuts to the chase rather quickly.

    Gncarlo – I’ve always thought most of the trolls here were the same group of five or turdbuckets “assigned” to harass this blog. Some of the similarities in writing style and misspellings (even though they tried to change the style) seemed obvious. Then again, maybe I’m just paranoid. That’s a good thing to be in the US today with the commie jews in charge. Look at what their puppet nominated for the Supreme Court today. A slap in the face of whites. Every AIPAC jew automaton in DC, NY and LA is laughing his ass off.

  37. gncarlo says:

    IK, they seem like a series of acts in a play. Same two or three for a while, then a different two or three for about the same length of time. Maybe the same people, but have a regular schedule for changing screen names. I haven’t seen anyone with Apollonian’s contrapuntal style, though. Maybe he’s been locked up for awhile. “Honest erections and death to Fred!”

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the Supremes. I think they’ve been pretty much ignored by the administrative branch since 9/11 and the “warren tear”. Dead letter for now.

    It’s over for now. Like 1921 in Russia: wait for the knock on the door in the middle of the night (Zundel, Rudolf, Demjanjuk…) or wait for poverty to get so bad that people wake up and rise up. That took over 70 years in Russia. People here are, on average, more ignorant and more divided. On the other hand, those who are awake are better armed.

    We live in interesting times.

  38. gncarlo says: appears to have been taken down. Not surprising; I think it was out of PC France. I’m glad I copied some of the books in PDF in time.

  39. gncarlo says:

    Really? I guess I must have typed the URL wrong last night. I’ll look again.

  40. Steve in TN says:

    I suspected Canaandian, but Booger was a bit more deranged than Cohenadian. I agree, it’s best to ignore them as much as possible. It just pollutes the threads and adds nothing to this site. And I know it will drive the iewess and the rest crazy. I appreciate the ladies and gents here that have been patient, helpful and generous in sharing. And Kaitlyn I love the way you always give the pest a run for their money.

  41. anarchore says:

    O’Connell’s claim that Verint installed the Sydney Rail security has been verified by an independent Australian reporter:

  42. incogman says:

    Good job, anarchore!

    The Zionists are being exposed on a constant basis. No wonder they came down on Brendan.

    I saw they picked up my Zippy Pinhead art at 5:53.

  43. gncarlo says:

    IK: “Then again, maybe I’m just paranoid”

    Even paranoids have real enemies. 🙂

  44. PTSf says:

    I see the first video by Brendan O’Connell has been removed by Censorship Central. Why am I not surprised?

    Whether they are throwing acid in people’s faces, rounding them up and shooting them, imprisoning them for thought-crimes, shutting down websites that disagree with them, slandering people in their jewsmedia, or killing Palestinian children, it is in the nature of the jew to try to control other people; they can’t help it, they’re jews.

    And if they can’t control and enslave them, they kill them.

  45. incogman says:

    Yep, sure did. Looks like they found an excuse for the first one, but “allowed” the second, probably because the excuse won’t hold up on the second. And the second by itself makes O’Connel look like he’s harassing the smarmy little Jew.

    America WAKE THE HELL UP!

    I’ll get another link to replace it soon.

  46. anti-zionist says:

    god bless Mr. O’Connell for his courage.

  47. irishman says:

    hmmmm, where do I start??? Brendan O’Connell, God bless you son, I admire your knowledge but most of all I admire your courage, makes me feel like a lesser man. I’m a catholic Irish boy, tomorrow my country is going to vote on whether we should accept the lisbon treaty or not. A year ago we voted “NO” but here we are again being given “another chance”. I am sad tonight because I know we are going to vote YES this time, I dont know where to start about how & why I feel so down about this. Once this treaty is ratified we will become a United States Of Europe, relinquishing our Irish Constitution which is one of the most amazing & Honorable documents ever produced in the history of Europe & we the Irish people are about to throw that out the window, along with the memories of the brave Honorable men who fought for our land. They must be turning in their graves now that their fight was for nothing.

    We fought many many battles for centuries & have won them all fighting off bigger, badder & more powerful peoples through pure spirit & belief in ourselves & God. Yet the one battle we did not win was the lure of money, we have been bought off, Irish people now think that having a mortgage on a house & owning a fancy car/ big widescreen TV etc is what prosperity is all about. Shame on us is all I can say, Fucking shame on us. So to hell with you fellow commentators with your silly squabbling, we ALL need to join together as one & defeat the common enemy. The jews are the decrement of our world & we need to follow in our ancestors footsteps & in the name of Jesus eliminate them from society before its too late. Brendan, you inspire me & its people like you who give me the guts to stand up for what is right. Thanks for your inspiration & I hope us Irish as a nation stand up against these c***ts tomorrow & show them with the tick of a pencil that we will not bow down to their ways…..Tiocfaidh ár Lá (Translation- our day will come. Used often by the IRA in their fight against the British but now I feel it is necessary that this slogan be directed at the true enemy…..)

  48. Marshall says:


    I read one time that St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland was really a euphemism for driving the Jews out…is there truth to this? LOL

    My Mom’s side are from County Clare 😀

  49. boogieman says:

    I just want to apologize for my comments a couple months ago about southerners. We need all the help we can get at this late stage in the game. Putting up with the less desirables is something that justifies the end result.

    And that end result is kicking these parasitic zionist demons out of western offices and positions of power/influence.

    I consider myself a reformed Nazi that includes a wide range of Western Christian peoples including the Slavs, Persians, Armenians, Copts, Argentinians, Spanish for the sake of preserves European land, culture, heritage and future.

    But i have no delusion. Some of the dumbest people i’ve ever met where white southerners who have an extreme lack of education on the world stage.

    I got into a fight with one idiot who said Putin was a Jew. These are the kind of idiots who say EVERYONE is a Jew. I fucking hate them and they make the rest of us look stupid beyond belief.

    Not everyone is a Jew you idiots. And if you think Putin and resurgent Orthodox Russia is ‘of the jews’ then yeah… you’re a fucking idiot and i dont care who knows about it.

  50. American says:

    Especially if they realize Israel is a criminal state, full of murderous vampires, right ‘boogieman’?

  51. boogieman says:

    Another example of dumb southern whites, stunting our progress would be the childish rage that comes from some when suggesting geo-political issues that they dont even understand in the first place.

    I made a minor observation how Jewish organizations like ‘Jews against zionism’, “Jews against Israel” etc can be used to open the minds of the common oblivious TV heads out there about whats going on in their world. What happens? i get called a ‘Jew’ and a ‘Jew lover’


    I mean is your hatred so overwhelming that you cant even see 10feet in front of you?

    Thats all im saying. Theres are ALOT of people like that within these groups. People who cannot think logically about solving a global problem. They have no education whatsoever. They are nothing but hooligans.

    I mean if i want someone beaten up and maybe buy a truck load of corn, then ill go to the scrappy southerners for assistance.

    If i want to effect political change, install global institutions, organize lawsuits, communicate with leaders, film documentaries, write books, educate the youth, support like minded interest. Then ill go up north.


    Because you folks are dumb. Just because youre of european stock. Not give you access into the Round Table.

  52. boogieman says:

    Also something to ponder on (for all you Russian haters, btw im not russian)

    “The Soviets created a department to monitor and counter-act Zionist propaganda.

    On March 29, 1983, the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union has approved the resolution 101/62?? to “Support the proposition of the Department of Propaganda of the Central Committee and the KGB USSR about the creation of the Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public…”

    Figure it out folks. Expand your education.

    Putin and Orthodox Russia is to be viewed as an ally today.

  53. kerdasi amaq says:

    I see, boogieman, your problem is you don’t know how to talk to Southerners!

  54. GDL/White Master says:


    Some of the dumbest people I’ve met are Jews who pretend to be White and think they are fooling me!

  55. boogieman says:

    GDL/White Master,

    You totally got me sherlock! oh boy do i feel embarrassed now. How could you tell?


  56. Anonymous says:

    What an arrogant asshole that boobieman.

  57. Lynda says:

    It doesn’t matter whether you put gefilte fish or hamburger helper on your bagel, Boogieman. It’s all kosher. Didn’t you know you pay the kosher tax when you see the K on the label?

    Zionism is only one projection of the Babylonian, Pharisaic cult that is Judaism and the international race who style themselves ‘Jews’ and whose sigil is the serpent.

    Jews against Zionism. Ha Ha. That is like the Mob telling the Falluci family they can’t run Jersey.

    The Jews against Zionism are all based in the Talmud. Zionism is only the expression of Jewish nationalism which has identified Palestine as their international headquarters under the ‘promised land’ of our religion cover story. Communism is the power projection of Jewish agression against nations they have appropriated by their Revolution. Capitalism is the power projection of Jewish agression against nations they have appropriated by their Federal Reserve banking cartel. Environmentalism is the one of the convergences of the Capitalism / Communism conflict which they orchestrate.

    Islam is a power projection of Jewish aggression against the Arab peoples and their nations – many of which comprised the Christian nations of the former Byzantine empire. JudeoXtianity is a power projection of Jewish aggression against the Church of the former empires of the Christian nations. The Clash of Civilizations strategy is a conflict they are now orchestrating between the post Christian West and the Islamic nations which they control – and have done since the advent of Islam.

    No one knows the covert power apex of Jewry which governs the World Jewish Congress, the World Zionist Congress as a Cryptocracy. But we don’t need to know who they are. All we have to know is: there is an apex and an executive.

  58. We need a follow up on what is going on with Brendon Incogman : D

    Has anyone heard anything from him recently ??????? NOTHING on line is current.

    Brendon O’Connell
    c/o Casurina Prison
    Lockbaged 1
    Kwinana Perth
    Western Australia 6966

    All Postage must have return address to be received

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