Obama's First 100 Days: A Failure


by James Buchanan

msnbc_results-300x230An MSNBC online poll asked Americans to grade Obama on his first 100 days in office. MSNBC is a typicable liberal news outlet which has had its lips firmly pressed to Obama’s buttocks as long ago as the primary. Anyone getting their news from MSNBC would be getting a steady dose of pro-Obama liberal propaganda. Despite all this, Obama was trounced in the online poll with most people, out of 2.7 million online votes, giving him either a “D” or an “F”. Of all the possible grades, the most common grade Obama got was an “F”. For a while, people trying to give Obama an “F” complained that they were getting error messages and the percentage of “A’s” gained a little. MSNBC eventually shut down the poll when it became obvious the results were a little too embarrassing to leave up. Sounds like typical liberals, if you can’t win, cheat!

What exactly has Obama done during his first 100 days? Well, he’s continued the highly unpopular policy of bailing out big Wall Street corporations, pumping more billions of our tax dollars into AIG. Obama also introduced a $787 billion dollar “stimulus plan” which has apparently done nothing to help little people and will almost certainly disappear into Democrat pork barrel projects and the pockets of major campaign donors.

More and more Americans are using up their last unemployment checks. Many are defaulting on their mortgages and joining the growing crowds living in tent cities all over America. In the first three months of 2009, an additional 800,000 Americans defaulted on their mortgages –- despite banks bending over backwards not to foreclose on people. Over six hundred thousand Americans have been losing their jobs every month so far in 2009 with about 2.5 million Americans added to the unemployment roles so far this year.

It’s true that Bush helped get the collapse going, but the dumbest thing Bush did -aside from the Iraq War- was to support the minority subprime loan program. This is what ultimately knocked over the first financial domino and started the current economic collapse. Obama however is also guilty. Obama filed a lawsuit on behalf of ACORN to force banks to make more subprime loans to minorities.

Obama has suggested that the government should help bail out some subprime lenders. Most of the minority subprime borrowers, got their homes with no down-payments. Many of them have stopped paying their mortgage, and ACORN has encouraged these people to continue “squatting” in expensive homes. Many Americans are concerned that they will be forced to buy homes for these subprime minority deadbeats, which could easily amount to more trillions of dollars in government spending. Meanwhile, the typical American taxpayer lives in a modest home, not nearly as nice as the spacious $500,000 new homes that many subprime borrowers live in.

On top of the ongoing economic meltdown, the recent Mexican swine flu pandemic has already turned up in several US states thanks to the total lack of control at the US border. And to add insult to injury, some idiot in the Obama regime (possibly Obama himself) got the completely bone-headed idea of buzzing New York City with a presidential 747 flying low enough supposedly for a picture with the statue of liberty. The 747 circled around three times completely alarming ordinary residents of New York who had flash backs to 911. An accompanying, but hard to see F16 roared alongside with none of the noise-arresting gear of a commercial plane. The terrific din of the fighter plane no doubt pannicked people even further.

Obama is doing everything wrong. He’s trying to spend his way out of a Depression, which didn’t work for FDR and didn’t work for Robert Mugabe. Obama is going on “road trips” around the world visiting Europe and Mexico during his first hundred days as millions of Americans are suffering through a Depression. Maybe a little less travel would be more appropriate and a little less tone deaf to the plight of ordinary Americans. Obama’s bail outs appear to be reserved for the rich and politically-connected. If Obama’s $787 billion were distributed to ordinary Americans, who lost their jobs, ten million Americans could receive the equivalent of $9.84 per hour, for forty hours per week, for four years. This could help many ordinary Americans keep paying their mortgages and to stay out of those tent cities which seem to be growing larger every month.

Obama apologists of course will whine that it’s too early to judge Obama and that his policies need more time, but a clear trend has been established: The big shots on Wall Street are getting all the bail out money while 600,000 more Americans get laid off every month with no hope of being reemployed anytime soon. Imagine how bad Obama would be graded in an online poll if the people in these tent cities had access to the Internet.

White Civil Rights: SOURCE

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Don says:

    Yeah, the Khazars hate the real Semites. How many times have I heard Jew Dick Morris rant on my T.V. His mantra is always “Muslims are our enemy Israel is our friend”, that and Israel being an apartheid state. Going on about racism with your phony moral platitudes makes you Jews huge hypocrites.

  2. American says:

    True, Don, hypocrisy is just another form of lying, and thus very JEWISH. I’m still curious to see how these jews that “take care of problems within their community” will feel when we start taking care of the problems within OUR communities (jew criminals foremost among them).

    Especially since most Goyim are “do-it-yourselfers”.

  3. gncarlo says:

    JVD, I emailed my mulatto congressman, a preacher who likes his followers to refer to him as “your Holiness”, about the pending hate crimes legislation. I did not get, or expect to get, a direct reply. However, I was thrilled to be put on his junk mail list and be informed that March, or maybe it was February, was some kind of “international wymmens month” and how important it was to defend and expand “wymmyns right to chewz” abortion on demand.

    Death Culture.

  4. Fleur de lis says:

    incogman says:

    “I still don’t trust Eric Hufhschmid.”

    I don’t either. That Judenfrei website promotes EH to the point of saying David Duke is an agent of the jews! Wtf? I am very suspicious of websites and people that are constantly trying to expose those who secretly work for the jews, yet appear to expose them.
    EH is constantly ‘exposing’ those pesky zionists double agents. (Weber,Duke Bro. Kapner, etc)

    All EH has to do is find a weakness/lacking/failure/idiosyncrisy of anyone exposing the jew system and twist and turn it to make them appear as agent of jewery. It is almost convincing!


    “Dr. David Duke has a Ph.D. in History, and Abraham Foxman would like us to believe that David Duke has a Ph.D. in ‘Anti-Semitism.’ Duke is the author of Jewish Supremacism, an international bestseller. Abe Foxman pretends that Eric Hufschmid – who has come up with much more devastating arguments against Jewry than Duke has – doesn’t exist but gives an unusual amount of publicity to David Duke. Duke is apparently The Anti-Semite for Abe. Why? It turns out that David Duke is working for Abe and other criminal Jews! Am I crazy?”

    Yes you are crazy!!!

    • incogman says:


      Yes, I agree. I avoid any so-called White outfits that attack other whites and inject obvious ridiculous stuff like the Moon Hoax that Hufhschimd promotes. It’s apparent we have some Jew disinfo projects out there.

  5. Saul says:

    Well sh_it! I wonder? Hope not, we’ll be watching the site has changed. Soooo out of character:

    “If this site is correct, it just proves you should NEVER trust a jew, even the gypsies that change sides:


    We don’t need turncoats, just start by hanging those that cannot PROVE legal income.” ~ American

    I was well into this jew-world order thing when I was turned on to Alex Jones. He was preaching to the quire, as I had almost ALL of the articles he showed in some of his videos (copied and gave away quite a few; 100 plus anyway). Then later on after I heard him attacking a people, as Nazis and anti-sems ( he shouldn’t know this one?), I came to the inevitable conclusion, like many here, that he was a crypto. A kick in the teeth for my gullible but not so naive ass. Stupid but not dumb.

    I despise the term ‘Zionist’ as it is nothing but an apologist crypto term for standard jew behavior to imply that all jews (especially the high jews) are not like that. Well they are ALL Talmudic jews even if some are confused and like their Goy pets. Rehash…

    Like Noory (don’t laugh) – One of the most graceful, likable, gentlemanly host I have ever heard, yet operates like the ultimate crypto to me. Many I know operate as exposers of Goy for what must be a special ‘goy of interest’ database. Me don’t much care on that mater. I ain’t running, but it’s almost painful some times. Still want to believe it’s not true on this one. I’ll see… It’s already stinking, unless family has been threatened or he’s considering what will happen to the relatively innocent (what?) jew if things get bad. Rationalizations… Maybe.

  6. Saul says:

    “You ignorant, disgusting loud mouth people” ~ Danny Boy

    The ‘God Himself’ book was highly edited by old Rabbis as well as some other kingly gODs ‘chosen’, including all those nasty bits about Demons in detail, the parts that imply one not the source but a path and those many mansions of a less permanent state than Goy heaven (boring). Plus many mo questionable ‘translations’ for the Goy. Remarkable so much of it still has such great truth. Especially in showing the character of those ‘synagogue of Satan’ jews.

    Danny sounds more like a burr head IDF Satanic tattooed cop trained by the IDF & Co ADL Hate crimes squad to arrest all resisting Goyim. I ain’t no Bible Expert, but tit seems to me the 1st Testament was a warning and the second was a solution. Not My IsHell.

    We’re ‘loud’ because we don’t remind them with a whine that our relatives were victims of a non-existent, yet highly deserved Holocaust. Because some don’t cower to the whine of jew victimization lies, while genociding Goy for a thousand years plus. We’re disgusting because we question statements from people who, in typical jew fashion say things (like I did in jest), like the jew must be all powerful; controlling everything and what not. Funny thing is:
    We, I or nobody else here said it near as much as PROVED it by simply showing sites and quotes from these virus, where they BRAG about owning the Government, media, America and every thing else. Review. The Pipers calling.

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