The Nation Wreckers

America used to be a great country to raise a family. What happened? See the beginnings to changing America for the ambition and designs of others.

Watch this video I created on the Jewish Extremists and Marxists who have pushed for radical, socially corrosive movements in the US and other White Western countries for their own selfish political and racial agendas.

“Western civilization at the present day is passing through a crisis which is essentially different from anything that has been previously experienced. Other societies in the past have changed their social institutions or their religious beliefs under the influence of external forces or the slow development of internal growth. But none, like our own, has ever consciously faced the prospect of a fundamental alteration of the beliefs and institutions on which the whole fabric of social life rests … Civilization is being uprooted from its foundations in nature and tradition and is being reconstituted in a new organisation which is as artificial and mechanical as a modern factory.”

— Christopher Dawson



Please use the above download file to ensure quality. Won’t take that long, plus you’ll have it on your drive. I don’t like pixallated screen captures of other people’s captures! Tell people to come here to get original file.

— Phillip Marlowe

Youtube URL (added June 9). DELETED BY ADL

Please read the following comment left on Youtube about this video:

“i’ll be witness for my mother who’s worked as a producer for abcnews for 3 decades now. she’s always said that if herself or any1 else employed by her company dared to question the terrorist state of israel & more recently the obama bin biden deity, they’re to be fired immediately . so there’s got to be some truth to this video, we cant deny it…”

— SymAmineC8H11N



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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107 Responses to The Nation Wreckers

  1. American says:

    For those that listen to Darryl Bradford Smith, they might reconsider after hearing his take on Brendan O’Connell (5th link down, in small print).

    Seems to me that they call him an awful lot of rude names, while letting the real JEW-rat (Stanley Kayser) entirely off the hook for his weasel like behavior (running up, snapping a photo, then slinking off. Once engaged, however Stanly pleas to just about every person in the street, like a lost little girl…WEAK!).

    Heck, while you’re at it, watch the video again, too!

  2. Don son of Robert says:

    I’m finding that my bold assertions are going unchallenged on youtube, lately. I’m finding antisemitism in the most unexpected places. Jews are no longer doing counter protests to SJP on the campus. Tiller the baby killers church has a menorah on its logo.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good to hear, Don.

    It amazes me that Christians try to exist by a set of rules preaching forgiveness and passivity, in a world where JEWS exist. The JEW simply exploits this “kindness”, and what is most perplexing, is the Christian isn’t even supposed to flee (segregate), but rather forgive (basically stick around to get abused again).

    Turn the other cheek= Look away while I screw you again.

    Humanity is almost lucky that JEWS push too far, and now many Goyim are no longer religious (they broke it down, just like the family, etc). Yet another way the JEWS have hung themselves. Criminals need to pay.

  4. American says:

    That was me, on a different browser.

  5. psyn says:

    “June 2, 2009 at 9:46 am


    canadian: “That’s the difference between us American. You wouldn’t “sell out” a fellow Aryan even if you knew him to be a mass murderer. Ideology, not morality drives all your actions. You are basically a whore. And as far as criminality is concerned, based on your writings on this site, I don’t doubt that you’ll be languishing in jail in the not too distant future doing your best to promote inter-racial harmony.”

    Like Baruch Goldstein? You know, the mass murderer
    with the fucking SHRINE in Israel?”

    The “f*cking SHRINE” was actually bulldozed in 1999 by the Israeli government after passage of a law(by the same government) prohibiting the erection of shrines in honour of terrorists.

    Don’t you neo nazi ditto heads ever check anything before mindlessly repeating it….looks like Canadian’s point stands…

  6. Greg Bacon says:

    …the Israeli government after passage of a law(by the same government) prohibiting the erection of shrines in honour of terrorists.

    Then it’s time to bulldoze that country of terrorists, assassins, false-flag experts and mass murderers, Israel.

  7. canadian says:

    Sounds more like a description of Hamas/Syria/Hezbollah/Iran than Israel.

  8. shotgunwildatheart says:

    Call me crazy, but…I’m a huge fan of Enya! Great vid!

  9. Rabbi Goyim-hater says:


    Exposing the jew must be a full-time job for you.

    I take long breaks from researching the jews. It gets tiresome after a while. Espicially when you have no one to talk to in real life.

    It seems only a small minority, like 1 out of every 1,000 persons.

    • incogman says:

      Don’t forget my part-time job keeping track of Negrotude. Don’t worry, I manage to talk to a few people in real life, mostly on non-Jew subjects, I promise.

  10. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I was curious why you chose Humphrey Bogart as a mascot or face for this site? From everything I have seen, he was Jewish. His wife certainly was. I’m relatively new to this site, but from the comments I have seen on here, Jews are not too popular here!

  11. rocketman66/67 says:

    BRAVO,well done sir.

  12. gncarlo says:

    Yeah, dump Bogart for Eastwood.

  13. Greg Bacon says:

    There are subtle ways to get across points without putting this fine blog in danger of being kicked off the web by advocating murder.

    Unless getting this blog censored is the goal.

    • incogman says:

      Greg: I took out all that stuff from someone. You may be right about trying to get me kicked off. I also took out your return comment, but I’ll put it back in should you desire.

  14. American says:

    Easy tiger, or you’ll be out of the game wayyyy too early.

    To each his own, I suppose, as it will take all kinds. Just be clear you’re speaking for yourself, ‘kike killer’.

    I do agree that a full-fledged information war is already upon us, so use it effectively.

  15. American says:


  16. American says:

    Put this JEW-rat on “the list”!

    I love how judicial-inc presents the facts:

  17. Greg Bacon says:

    I also took out your return comment, but I’ll put it back in should you desire.

    Incogman, it’s your blog, so feel free to do with my comments what you want.

    Looks like the return comment is up, so if it’s OK, leave it there.

    That Hate Crimes Bill is poised to be passed and when it does pass, they’ll be coming after those who openly advocate violence.

    Got to be smart when fighting an enemy that’s got the US in their Star of David shaped sights.

  18. American says:

    JEWS continue to suffer heavy casualties in the internet (information) war. They only have success when fighting wars against entirely defenseless peopel like the Palistinians.

    When they meet ANY resistance, like 1,000 Hezbollah, or even Stanley kayser vs Brendan O’Connell, they simply fold.

    JEWS are weak, but the key is to NEVER let them get you to where you cannot defend yourself. They have no mercy, and prey on vulnerability. Best to fight while your hands are free, as victory is assured.

  19. Ira Goldberg says:

    You boys spend a lot of time talking, I wonder what you will be doing when we shut the internet down.

    I see Phillip Marlowe is on our ADL Watch List so you better quit saying bad things about Jews.

    Greg, we missed you Saturday at Synagogue.


    Rabbi Goldberg

  20. Nemesys says:

    Incogman – I have been MIA – but this video is truly brilliant. Your best work yet! Bravo!

  21. anon says:

    The video is ok I wouldnt call it brilliant. So now what? These sheeple you think you are going to wake up and march on DC and overthrow Obongo? That ain’t gonna happen. When you wake up the day after tomorrow and find a noose around your neck it will be too late. btw it is now illegal to display a hangman’s noose because it scares niggers. Ha ha ha. It’s funny but I heard a mullato speaking pure jibberish and nigger babble and I broke out laughing. He then spoke almost white and bragged how all his bros had ak-47s and what would happen if Obongo was assinated -sic- but I told him about the heavily armed patriots all over out in the woods and he said but we neva go dar. I’m done watching videos and reading blogs. Get ready people because there’s a big storm coming.


  22. Don son of Robert says:

    I was laughing at some nignogs yesterday myself. There were two at my school. one had his pants around his knees, and I pointed it out to my friend and laughed. Then the other one takes off his shirt and pants and blasts his kanaye west and dances in the middle of the library computer lab in nothing but his boxers, while I’m having a group meeting.

  23. m says:

    Can you believe this cunt?

    “The more feminist literature I read, the more it strikes me that the reason so many men are hostile towards the idea of gender equality is because it would dramatically alter their role and status in society.

    Men – particularly Western, white, straight males like me – pretty much won the genetic lottery when they were born because they immediately entered the top tier of a society constructed around the notion of their primacy and privilege. Who’d wanna give that up? …”

    Does changing the world mean changing men?

  24. Rabbi Kikenvermin says:

    My Fellow Conspiracy Theorists/White Nationalists.

    Anyone have good podcasts or audios about the Jew World Order. Here some links I have. Post your links so I can listen too. (Texe Marrs) (J Edgar Steele) (Bobby Fischer) (Ognir) (Prothink) (Goyfire)

  25. Greg Bacon says:

    Those who want to suppress the facts have dishonestly contacted YouTube and claimed that the video “If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing!” was a Terms of Service Violation.
    The video is clearly NOT a TOS violation. You can see why they don’t want you to see it. The user “rbdevon4” was a smartass contacting me with this message: “You have violated YouTube terms of use policy with your anti-Semitic hate videos. You must remove them IMMEDIATELY! Thank you for your cooperation.” Soon after that, he and his buddies succeeded in getting my video removed.

    Israeli Army of Cyber-Soldiers Target Our Right to Know

    Better copy and save this video, as Youtube’s Zionist agents patrolling the ‘Net will take it down…. again.

  26. incogman says:

    Excellent video, Greg. I put it in my CONNECT THE DOTS page. I hope people coming here will take the time to watch it and THINK!

  27. x says:

    Juri Linas ‘Under the Sign of the Scorpion’ will be of great interest to most readers of this blog. It may be downloaded free of charge from this address:

  28. American says:

    NO MORE DUAL CITIZENSHIP (ESPECIALLY for those in our government)!

  29. Greg Bacon says:

    There’s been some talk/suggestions on Incogman about changing from Humphrey Bogart to Clint Eastwood. Please keep “Bogie.”

    Bogart not only played a tough guy on the screen, he was one in real life, as this little piece of Bogie history shoes:

    In May 1918, Bogart enlisted in the Navy. It was here that he got the famous scar that marked the right corner of his upper lip – a Navy prisoner, who Bogart was escorting, asked for a cigarette. When he reached for a match, the man hit Bogart across the mouth with his handcuffs and fled. Bogart’s lip was badly injured, but he chased after and caught the man, and had no treatment until the prisoner was securely locked up – the scar was already set.

    And this from Wikipedia:

    Later he went to the prestigious preparatory school Phillips Academy, in Andover, Massachusetts, where he was admitted based on family connections. They hoped he would go on to Yale, but in 1918, Bogart was expelled.

    The details of his expulsion are disputed: one story claims that he was expelled for throwing the headmaster (alternatively, a groundskeeper) into Rabbit Pond, a man-made lake on campus. Another cites smoking and drinking, combined with poor academic performance and possibly some intemperate comments to the staff.

  30. Marshall says:

    Jews can’t stop foreign press:

    Ex-Italian President: 9/11 An Inside Job

    A searing indictment by a former President of Italy, Gladio Francesco
    Cossiga, that the 911 attack was engineered by the CIA and Mossad,
    revealed last week in Italy’s most respected newspaper Corriere della
    Sera is definitely a story we will not see in American mainstream
    media. The unsubstantiated accusation by the retired head of Italy’s
    government is not to be taken lightly, and adds to a growing body of
    evidence supporting the view held by many that 911 was a false flag
    operation costing three thousand innocent lives in New York City,
    initiating the invasion of Afghanistan and the debacle in Iraq, and
    setting the West on its current course into the unending “War on

    “Cossiga was elected President of Italian Senate in July 1983 before winning a landslide 1985 election to become President of the
    country in 1985.

    Cossiga gained respect from opposition parties as one of a rare
    breed – an honest politician – and led the country for seven years
    until April 1992.

    Cossiga’s tendency to be outspoken upset the Italian political
    establishment and he was forced to resign after revealing the existence
    of, and his part in setting up, Operation Gladio – a rogue intelligence
    network under NATO auspices that carried out bombings across Europe in
    the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

    Gladio’s specialty was to carry out what they coined “false flag operations,” terror attacks that were blamed on their domestic and geopolitical opposition.

    Cossiga’s revelations contributed to an Italian parliamentary investigation of Gladio in 2000, during which evidence was unearthed that the attacks were being overseen by the U.S. intelligence apparatus .

    In March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony, “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force … the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.”

    Cossiga’s new revelations appeared last week in Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper, Corriere della Sera. Below appears a rough translation.

    “[Bin Laden supposedly confessed] to the Qaeda September [attack] to the two towers in New York [claiming to be] the author of the attack of the 11th, while all the [intelligence services] of America and Europe … now know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the CIA American and the Mossad with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.”

    Cossiga first expressed his doubts about 9/11 in 2001, and is quoted in Webster Tarpley’s book as stating that “The mastermind of the attack must have been a sophisticated mind, provided with ample means not only to recruit fanatic kamikazes, but also highly specialized personnel. I add one thing: it could not be accomplished without infiltrations in the radar and flight security personnel.”

    Coming from a widely respected former head of state, Cossiga’s assertion that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job and that this is common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies is highly unlikely to be mentioned by any establishment media outlets, because like the hundreds of other sober ex-government, military, air force professionals, allied to hundreds more professors and intellectuals – he can’t be sidelined as a crackpot conspiracy theorist.”[/q]

  31. dtk says:

    No More Dual Citizenship with Israel!

    If your elected official is jewish, organize and have them voted out. Barney Frank, Jane Harman and the rest of the traitors have to go.

    Do not be afriad of being called a hater or a racist. They will call you that regardless. So act now and save this country from the “Nation Wreckers”.

    The “America First Party”. The time is NOW!

  32. JP says:

    Hey, who is the vintage belly-dancer chick at 7:35 to 7:48? I need to get me some clones of this woman.

  33. JP says:

    By the way, about the faggot ball in Baghdad: faggotness is 100% kosher, always has been. The “Jews” INVENTED perversion. This is why we’re bombarded relentlessly with pro-faggot and pro-pervert propaganda by the totally Jew-controlled MSM. Revulsion at the sight of “militant” mutual-pussy-eaters, baby rapers, serial necrophiles, faggot sex maniacs doing ass-to-mouth in front of nursery schools, etc. etc. etc. is tantamount to “anti-Semitism” as far as the Jew degenerates are concerned.

    They have made this whole society sexually obsessed and totally perverted, like them. It’s one of the most powerful OCCULT methods…

  34. Randall says:

    Do the unimportant details jew boy psyn.
    That it ever existed in the first place is the point.
    Your kind are murderers and torturers from the begining.

  35. Saul says:

    “It amazes me that Christians try to exist by a set of rules preaching forgiveness and passivity, in a world where JEWS exist. The JEW simply exploits this “kindness”, and what is most perplexing, is the Christian isn’t even supposed to flee (segregate), but rather forgive (basically stick around to get abused again).

    Turn the other cheek= Look away while I screw you again.

    Humanity is almost lucky that JEWS push too far, and now many Goyim are no longer religious (they broke it down, just like the family, etc). Yet another way the JEWS have hung themselves. Criminals need to pay.”

    Almost pure Genius. Symbiotics. We must need them or truely love them at some incarnate level… Wait a minute! I Know! Shear frekk’n TV induced Goy Stupor, better that the bestest pot man! I feel tree hugg’n, is their a soul connection here?

    The Goy is not ready to cast off their childhood religions. They (semi-awakened to jew virus, the rest are in judeo-Christian Voodoo land) use the jew’s attack on Christianity and Muz as their rational for why their religions are valid. NOT discounting the very critical moralities and values that ARE critical to a moral spirituality that DOES exist within their out- moded belief systems. The jew hates them simply because they ferment and promote GOOD and LIFE for Goy, if followed.

    You’ll probably always find a rabbi hanging around a boys home, especially if there’s a kosher deli near by. The white race is like A Jesus for the jews and their niggeredly followers. Have we not been crucifed for trying to save them both?!

    We must heal them or…

  36. Wolfgang says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, White folk were fooled into bying the judai christian bullshit for purposes of breaking us down and making whitey weak.They succeeded for 2 thousand yrs at this clever game,but have managed to trash our religous beleive to the point many of us see it for the sham it really is…Mistake on they’re part.Big mistake….

    All stinky jews … we dont want you on this post..
    you smell up the place with your foul degenerate stink

  37. Wolfgang says:

    re: glodberg … shutting down the internet? LMAO…. you stupid arrogant jew degenerate filth….
    what are *YOU* gonna do when we shut you cockroach excuse for a race down….
    fucking nasty swine ass jews… you motherfuckers are straight out of hell if such a place exist…
    FUCK YOU NIGGER… cause your kind sure ass hell aint *WHITE*….you faggot degenerate subspecies…

  38. Joe says:


    David Letterman’s hate is as old as some ancient Hebrew prophets.
    Speaking of anti-Semitism, it’s Jerry Falwell and other fundy leaders who’ve gleefully predicted that in the future EVERY nation will be against Israel (an international first?) and that TWO-THIRDS of all Jews will be killed, right?
    Wrong! It’s the ancient Hebrew prophet Zechariah who predicted all this in the 13th and 14th chapters of his book! The last prophet, Malachi, explains the reason for this future Holocaust that’ll outdo even Hitler’s by stating that “Judah hath dealt treacherously” and “the Lord will cut off the man that doeth this” and asks “Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother?”
    Haven’t evangelicals generally been the best friends of Israel and persons perceived to be Jewish? Then please explain the recent filthy, hate-filled, back-stabbing tirades by David Letterman (and Sandra Bernhard and Kathy Griffin) against a leading evangelical named Sarah Palin, and explain why most Jewish leaders have seemingly condoned Palin’s continuing “crucifixion”!
    While David, Sandra, and Kathy are tragically turning comedy into tragedy, they are also helping to speed up and fulfill the Final Holocaust a la Zechariah and Malachi, thus helping to make the Bible even more believable!
    (For even more stunning information, visit MSN and type in “Separation of Raunch and State” and “Bible Verses Obama Avoids.”)

  39. LaydeeLiberty : D says:

    The Nation Wreckers is Fantastic WORK!!! I LOVED IT!!!! 10 STARS!!!!


    Do you think you could upload the AVI file of The Nation Wreckers to a download site like Rapid Share etc. and leave the link posted or send me the link, I am having trouble getting a copy on the video site it is posted now???

    Also, what software did you use when you put this masterpiece together???

    I really need to know!

    Keep up the good work Brother : D

  40. incogman says:


    You have to join Vimeo (won’t take but a minute or two) to download WMV file. They are stopping that on Aug. 1.

    I’ll do a AVI switch and RapidFile set-up later. But you can convert by using FILE HERO
    or find some conversion software if you want now.

    I did it in Movie Maker, if you can believe it.

  41. Anonymous says:

    A relatively well thought out web site as well as professionally put together, but “ONE” mispelled word and you lose every ounce of credibility that you started with. “ORGANASATION”!!! Come on man, get your shit together. SPELLCHECK, SPELLCHECK, SPELLCHECK.
    “NORSEMAN 2010”

  42. JamesTheJust says:

    For some reason, I missed this video. I’m glad someone posted here. WOW INCOGMAN, you are a very talented dude. I am glad you’re on our side. You said so much in a very short time.

  43. incogman says:

    Anonymous or “NORSEMAN 2010”:

    The Christopher Dawson quote in my copy here? Hell, that’s a direct quote, not mine. OK, maybe I could have done a [sic] but my spell checker says it can be either way.

    And besides, I ain’t perfect. BFD.

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