A Big Taste of Diversity


17 year-old Lily Burk

17 year-old Lily Burk, probably Jewish.

From White Civil Rights

A CBS news article reports “Police Monday announced the arrest of 50-year-old Charlie Samuel in the murder 17-year-old Lily Burk of Los Feliz. The teen’s body was found Saturday in the passenger seat of her black Volvo. Her family had reported her missing early Friday evening, according to police.

The killing was believed to be the result of a botched robbery, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Burk arrived at Southwestern Law School at 2:45 p.m. Friday, according to Deputy Sergio Diaz, who discussed the case at a Monday morning news conference. The high school honor student was reportedly running an errand for her mother, who is an adjunct associate professor at the school.

Samuel allegedly abducted Burk, who would have been a senior at North Hollywood’s Oakwood School this fall, around 3 p.m. as she walked back to her vehicle, which was parked on Wilshire Place, just north of Seventh Street, Diaz said. Samuel allegedly tried to force Burk to withdraw money from an ATM at about 3:35 p.m. in the downtown Los Angeles area. Burk had reportedly made calls to her parents between 3:35 p.m. and 4 p.m. asking them how to withdraw cash from a credit card, but the card was not set up to be an ATM card, Diaz said. According to Diaz, she did not tell them she was in distress.”

Most likely, the crack addict, Charlie Samuel did not believe that Lily Burke could not withdraw $300 from an ATM machine and he killed her out of spite. A search of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s website reveals that Charlie Samuel is a Black male, aged 50 who was arrested for three felonies in 2009. In fact, Samuel was arrested for two felonies prior to the murder with the most recent arrest on July 24th. Apparently Samuel was released from prison with no bail required the same day. He then went on to kidnap and murder Lily Burk.

Apparently the mother was sending the daughter to downtown L.A. to file some legal papers. The downtown L.A. court building is right next to skid row. It’s hard to believe anyone would send a teenage daughter into a dangerous area like that. Also, you’re not likely to find any parking right next to the court building. Most likely you’re parking a half mile or more away, which means you’re walking right through the middle of a crackhead community. Didn’t the mother ever notice all the filthy crackheads down there near the court building? Geesh. Might as well send the daughter into Compton.

You’d think it wouldn’t be necessary to say it, but White people should never, never, never send one of their children (even if they’re over 18) into some racial hell hole like that for an errand. What the hell is wrong with some people.

Some of the news stories are saying that Lily Burk was hoping to do charity work with the poor. Maybe this caused her to let a Black crackhead approach her –instead of avoiding the crackhead by a wide margin like most people would.

White parents need to know that if they DON’T warn their daughters about non-White men, their daughters are going to:

* walk into some dangerous area and get raped and/or killed,

* start dating a Black or other non-White and wind up beaten or killed or

* marry a non-White and the parents will be stuck with brown grandchildren, which they will have to financially support.


The perp was another Negro, as per this screen dump (see race). Note: the media has yet to show his face — if it was a White guy, it would be plastered everywhere and the story would be non-stop. [INCOG]


“My daughter was the centre of our world.”

 ‘Bring back the death penalty’, demands father of Hollyoaks actress murdered by her boyfriend

Amy Leigh Barnes 2

Beautiful young Amy had her whole life ahead of her as an actress and model, until she foolishly hooked-up with a Black man. Because of the incessant interracial media brainwashing of Whites, she had no idea of what eventually awaited her. [INCOG]

From Great Britain’s Daily Mail:

A football coach who stabbed his model girlfriend to death in a frenzied knife attack has been jailed for a minimum of 24 years after being convicted of her murder.

Amy Leigh Barnes, 19, was left dying in a pool of blood after being repeatedly stabbed in the face and chest by Ricardo Morrison.

Last night, as it emerged that Morrison, 22, had a history of violence against women, Amy’s distraught father called for the death penalty to be re-introduced for violent murders. 

In an impact statement to the court she said: ‘My daughter was the centre of our world. I want to claw my way to her. My loneliness is indescribable.’

Jailing Morrison for life with a minimum term of 24 years at Manchester Crown Court, Judge Alistair MacDuff said: ‘When I first read the impact statement of Amy’s mother I found tears welling up in me.’

Read more: Britain’s Daily Mail (thanks for the story, Guitarman UK)

barnes dying call

Ricardo Morrison calmly visits ATM after stabbing the girl and leaving her to bleed to death.

Ricardo Morrison calmly visits an ATM moments after stabbing the girl in the face and chest and leaving her to bleed out in her own home. The girl somehow managed to call 999 (Britain’s 911) as she lay dying. [INCOG]



This kind of thing is not at all rare. The top story just happened last weekend and the UK murder last November. Just click on my “Black Crime” topics up on the left topic cloud, for a number of horrible stories that the US media does it’s level best not to report too deeply on, or often not at all.

Face the facts, White people, these kind of “people” would kill you in a Jew York minute — if they want fast money, thrills or just plain lose their temper. They are truly murderous animals — even the ones you might think are all nice and smart like Amy’s football coach — they, too, can change on dime.

White people DO NOT deserve to deal with these animals. The diversity or multicultural experiment is nothing but a giant farce and we, personally and as a race, are paying for it BIG-TIME, with the lives of those close to us.


They need to be shown the door, because they’ve failed at this experiment, not us. We’ve bent over backwards trying to help them, support them and please them and what do we get? Slapped in the face on a continual basis about being the baddies, when all the while it’s us who are being raped, robbed and murdered.

Even stupid TV commercials for burglary alarm services now only show White criminals!

The Jews have unleashed all this diversity crap on our countries, all for them to hide behind as they slander any Whites who have had enough, by calling them “haters,” “Nazis” and about another couple of dozen made up names designed to intimadate White people who dare say something, anything about the situation.

And imagine, for a moment, if Blacks knew that we were not going to put up with it any longer?

Also, make note that “gun control” would not have made the least bit difference. These people will stab you with a pair of scissors, or bash your head in with a baseball bat. Doesn’t matter, except for the possibility of Whites protecting themselves if they are smart enough to be well-armed. Shoot them dead on the spot if they threaten you in the least.

All they do is complain about “racism” 24/7, but rarely do they try to improve themselves or put a stop to their vicious behavior. If they had it so bad, they would move on to Africa and try to build their own nations. But no, they have it too good in White countries and they know it. Hell, they have it better in our prisons then they ever would in Africa.

Perhaps, that’s the problem?


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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187 Responses to A Big Taste of Diversity

  1. guitarman uk says:

    marshall glad you said it..seems like lots of american rockers cite kiss as an inspiration,hey its forgiveable if youre 10 years old. rip dimebag .
    as a brit i just thought,this is shit! they were never big here till their 80s comeback,anyway. crazee,crazee nites…
    to me,they exemplify the worst in rock.it was always a business model,t-shirts,toys,merchandise etc and shit music. at least they inspired a young dime to pick up a guitar..speaking of which,didnt phil anselmo fall foul of the p.c. crowd once or twice? ranting about white guys acting all ‘ghetto’?

    enough,dont want incog to think weve turned his blog into ‘old guitar farts remember the good ole days’ dot org……

  2. incogman says:

    Don’t worry about it, guitarman. I’m like a major league Pink Floyd fan going way back.

  3. incogman says:

    Marshall: Yeah, I heard about combining that PF track with OZ — about 50 years ago. Apparently, it’s more effective after smoking a fat doobie, though. Of course, PF is great no matter what you watch with it, except for maybe Glenn Beck.

  4. Stuka says:

    Limeys getting dead by their pet niggers – Dresden payback – one at a time !

  5. Marshall says:

    The makeup finally wore off. AAAGGGG!!! We sent Chaim back to Hell, but Satan said, “The HELL you are, not in my neighborhood…YOU take him!!! LMFAO!!!


  6. American says:

    Just for the record, I never visit ‘anarchore’s site since I learned he’s just a JEW-operative preaching tolerance and understanding for most JEWS.

    Besides the fact I’m a not a JEW-rat, we also differ in that I believe JEWS bring on what they get, throughout history. Violence has been the solution at times, and besides, JEWS are the most violent people on earth. Turning the other cheek will only get you killed with these scumbags.

    How about that webcam interview I requested, ‘anarchore’? Don’t want anybody to see that beak?

  7. White Master says:

    Very true American,

    Sometimes war is necessary, and many must be prepared to fight and die if need be. That scares alot of people, and I believe that is why so many people try to avoid the truth and hope “they” will take care of it.

  8. Leif Oldhart says:

    Violent blacks must be turned against the Jew as the cause of all their problems… taught how to recognize the Jew (try playing “Jews per minute” on the televits box, etc.)… encouraged to seek revenge (and loot). If any black is stupid enough to be willing to murder someone for some petty reason and risk serving life in prison or even execution… then the victim needs to be a Jew. Why not?

  9. Marshall says:


    The “stainless steel bracelet” thing came right from the Evensen article you posted man! Quote: “Have you been made aware of the massive roadblock plans to stop all travelers for a vaccine bracelet (stainless steel band with a micro-chip on board) that will force you to take the shot? Refuse it? You will be placed on a prison bus and taken to a quarantine camp.”

    I’ve been looking around about this…might e-mail Mr. Evensen and ask him what evidence he’s talking about. From what I’ve read of that vaccine, it has some truly nasty stuff in it…like MERCURY. Squalene too, which they are saying caused alot of Gulf War Syndrome.

    I sure as hell won’t take it. If that means FEMA camp, well…it might be time to break out the ole’ Mossberg pump and Dragon’s Breath shells, because that ain’t gonna happen.

  10. Nemesys says:

    What was the deal on Anachore? I missed all that………

    I knew that toad got my first Jootube account bounced.

    Alpha – I had a very long day. I am not in disagreemant at all with what your wrote, re: food, and a healthy life. I’ll elborate tomorrow.

  11. JamesTheJust says:


    “From what I’ve read of that vaccine, it has some truly nasty stuff in it…like MERCURY. Squalene too, which they are saying caused alot of Gulf War Syndrome.”

    I subscribe to a web-site called Dr. Carley. Anyway, she lost her license due to her constant attacks on the medical establishment trying to push vaccines and poisonous drugs.

    She and some of her fellow doctors have this to say about the upcoming vaccines.

    They will do this in three stages:

    1. First shot will be to turn your immune response off. Surprisingly people can live a long time without an immune response because even though a person may be sick, they go on as if they weren’t sick. Sickness is just your body’s immune response kicking in to register and fight an attack.

    2. Second shot will be the disease, but you won’t feel sick since your immune response will be turned off.

    3. Third shot will be to turn your immune responses back on, but in overdrive. They call this the “kill shot”.

    I saw on YouTube one of those morning shows where they were talking about a three phase vaccine.

  12. Marshall says:

    Strange stuff all the way around James. Head games.

    You know, I have also heard of some kind of dual- poisoning scenario where the “shot” makes you uniquely susceptible to the second agent, which could be mass-released into city water supplies or the air. If you didn’t get the shot, the “part 2” mass-release wouldn’t affect you at all, but the two together mean “game over.”

    Regardless…The bottom line is that it’s all looking like a HUGE martial-law scenario. Talk about a “threat” that would get everyone to accept draconian police-state measures…WOW. A plague or a “pandemic” would be pretty freaking effective wouldn’t it? There would be nobody specifically to blame either, would there? Just like the “War on Terror.” Please…”fighting terror” my ASS.

    It’s a nebulous, non-specific threat…being dealt with in nebulous, non-specific ways, by nebulous and non-specific people LOL!!!

    Do these asswipes think this way? Yeah, I really believe they do. PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION. It’s a CON-JOB!!!

    FEAR…is what it takes to get people to go along with kind of thing to start with. If you are hip to their plans, their manipulation doesn’t work.

    Somebody is planning for something in advance though James…because THIS IS CERTAINLY no bullshit bud- check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:


  13. Nemesys says:

    I am allergic to eggs. I can’t get ANY flu shots. NONE.

  14. Nemesys says:

    Anacrud – screw off.

    I’m not interested in ANYTHING that ANY Gook has to say. I HATE Gooks. They are as bad as Hebes. If not worse. They have a long track record of killing Whites. So take your “Eatern Wisdom” CRAP and shove it in whatever hole approximates your bunghole. On you – that could be anything. I’m WHITE. I am NOT a slant-eyed mongol. They are ALIENS. They have NOTHING to offer me. I loathe the sight of them. They are vicous beasts, they eat wild animals, and all kinds of diseased CRAP, they are total greedy SCUM, and they make Yids look HUMAN. They kill captive animals for fun. I’d just as soon turn the tables, and feed EVERY LAST ONE of those Yellow DEVILS to Siberian tigers.

    I want 15 minutes alone with the buttons for a nuclaer arsenal. That’s what I WANT.

  15. incogman says:

    Everybody should go to this link and read it: http://www.vaccine-a.com/intro.html

    Go to Chapter 3 and note in the right column, the work of Dr. Bruce Ivins. This was written BEFORE he was fingered or framed for the 9/11 Anthrax event. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

  16. Marshall says:

    I have seen it Incog. I wish I had more time to figure out all of these intrigues, but I don’t. 9/11 Anthrax event? It’s like an endless mystery. You never get to the bottom of this pit, but the Jew is waiting, oh yes…he’s your bud.

    It looks like a tangled mess. My best suggestion to anyone would be…

    Crap in, Crap OUT. Nothing digital is REAL. Of course, Jews will be right there for their 30 pieces of silver, created out of thin air.

    Perhaps it would not be a bad idea if they got what they got.

    I’ve never seen a hearse with a U-Haul behind it, have you?


  17. Dark Dave says:

    What the hell were her parents doing allowing their daughter to even touch a damned nigger? Those two should be whipped without mercy. They were co-conspirators to that murder. And their daughter was a nigger-loving whore.

    No, their daughter as the caption beside her photo says was brainwashed by the media. She was only 19. I was her age around the time she was born and even though the liberal media in the British Isles was nowhere near as bad as it is now I had colourblind leftish views. All this kid probably knew growing up was pc bullshit rammed down her throat on the tv, in the cinema, travel guide books, magazines. The parents on the other hand………….

  18. JamesTheJust says:


    I would dare say that as bad as the liberal media is in England (I’ve lived there) it is far worse in the US.

    My children did not grow up like this and you know why? We didn’t watch TV. We didn’t subscribe to the Jewmedia of any type. And I certainly never took them to a Judeo-ANTI-CHRISTian church were they could be brainwashed into believing that the Jews were god’s chosen-nuts.

    Hell, the church I was raised in was still segregated up until a few years ago and once the niggers started invading, I left and never looked back.

  19. guitarman uk says:

    dave and james, re. british liberal mindwash. the bbc recently produced a new tv series of robin hood. you can guess how that went…

  20. Dark Dave says:

    I know exactly how that went Guitarman. I fucking hate it. The old Robin Hood show of the eighties with Ray Winstone as Will Scarlett celebrated Saxon and Celtic culture. I know they had a token saracen but this one had no Friar Tuck at first – two fingers to Christianity. Then they thought they’d rub it in when some people complained by bringing in a black Friar Tuck. And Nottingham and Sherwood forest are the proverbial tower of babbel. But thats the BBC for you. All they need now is Trevor Phillips as King Richard.

  21. guitarman uk says:

    dave “and,lo,robin could empathise heartily with tuck,as he was struggling with his own weight problem,recently discovering he had a wheat allergy and was lactose intolerant. this on the back of finding out that marion was transgender,and spent far too long on shopping trips with will scarlet,as he felt that red just ‘made him look ill’. the merry men were that day preparing for the return of ‘big john’,who haid decided to open an s&m leather cocktail bar in ye town centre, (called “trya fuk”) and was consulting nottinghams most extravagant interior designer about going for a stripped back,’rustic’ feel.
    “comrades and sisters-in the-struggle” robin called,in his most non-threatening way,” i feel that we should have a meeting this morrow..those in favour..”

    ah,well,ya get the point

  22. guitarman uk says:

    heres robin in nottm

    and some interesting stuff (to me,anyway)
    Who is the Green Man?

    Pan, Puck, Robin Hood, and more


  23. Maggie says:


    You might be interested in this article. Blacks discriminating against other blacks. We’re expected to put up with them, but they can’t put up with each others.

  24. incogman says:

    Thanks, Maggie. That’s so typical, isn’t it? I’ve seen photos of SA Negroes setting Zimbabweans on fire.

    If you notice, all the bleeding hearts over Darfur are White liberals; I guarantee you’ll never find many Negroes donating money to any African relief funds. Except, of course, rich actors like Will Smith.

  25. Fleur de lis says:

    Playboy dimwit and former Jew Hefner whore, Kendra will be having her own personal mulatto soon.



    “We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party … In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While enflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites, and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

    On June 17, 1957, this passage was read into the Congressional Record by Rep. Thomas G. Abernathy.

  26. DTN8 says:

    Hail Incogman!
    I post infrequently because I have to bust my A$$ in an attempt to make ends meet. I lost my “solid” job awhile back in March. Guess why? Cheaper mexicants! I was told some bs reason but everyone else in the place knew the score. I did as much as possible and of course the bills continue to pile up! Now while I am busy pulling the knives out of my back, I get the funnest phone call of them all. Some negress tells me that today I have to surrender my car! Nice, huh. Plus I am desperately trying to find work. As a matter of fact I had stopped home only long enough to eat, I had been out all morning trying to rustle up a gig. Rent is due and hey now no vehicle.
    The funny aside is that whilst I sit here licking my wounds, a neighbor tells me the bank called her in an effort to locate me. Gave the same name as the afore mentioned Mau Mau! So these jew based pricks (banksters) took it upon themselves to spread my personal business far and wide!
    The point I realize is that I needed to pay them, but by the same token, how F—king underhanded is that? So to recap, no car, no money, no food, no job! Who’s being held down by the “man” now?
    BTW, I like the recent posts and think that you are about as close to disinfo as I am to being black! Oh and I will take a moment to say the warnings below the real a—hole posters help me to scroll through faster and read what the true WN’s have to say!

  27. JamesTheJust says:

    guitarman uk:

    “dave and james, re. british liberal mindwash. the bbc recently produced a new tv series of robin hood. you can guess how that went…”

    I haven’t heard of it, but I do remember long ago a friend of my dad invited me over to his house to watch a Mel Brooks version of Robin Hood, I think then name was “Men in Tights”.

    Anyway, this was before I even knew that Brooks was Jewish. I only saw about the first 30 minutes of it and I was STEAMING mad that this Brooks character had taken a perfectly noble and wonderful part of MY culture and heritage and made a joke out of it.

    My dad’s friend could not understand why I took offense until I explained it to him. Surprisingly he agreed. When he took it back to the rental place he demanded a refund. They gave him a free rental instead.

    That’s what the Jews think of Anglo-Saxons. That’s one reason why I hate this with a passion.

  28. JamesTheJust says:


    “It’s a nebulous, non-specific threat…being dealt with in nebulous, non-specific ways, by nebulous and non-specific people LOL!!!”

    Odd isn’t it? The Jew tube has mentioned White radical terrorists, Islamic terrorists, even potential Blacks terrorists…but they ONE group you’ll never hear them mention as terrorists are Jews…and yet, they are behind it all.

  29. Marshall says:

    “Projection” as a psychological disorder, or institutionalized Jew policy? Both occurring simultaneously, maybe? Isn’t Satan supposed to be “The Accuser?” Well, look what’s going on!!!

    Of course, who mans the Hellyweird MOVIE PROJECTORS? Hmm. Perfect place for these cretins to ply their trade, I would say, and get filthy rich at the same time! Could it be any more demonic? :-O

  30. Anonymous says:

    Fuck u stupid dumbass honkies

  31. clayton bigsby says:

    nice comment,anonymous. its almost a sentence.

  32. A.P DE CLERK says:

    Sadly many ignorant women are attracted to violent thugs. An example of this: A violent thug named LEWIS FAULDS along-with his stepfather brutally murdered a young man. Fauld’s bebo site is now inundated with msgs from a girl, named molly, who only knows him through his evil crime.

  33. kerdasi amaq says:

    here’s a story that may brighten up your day http://www.daylife.com/article/00ltbZu2en2Od?q=jeff+locker+harlem+murder

    The story gives the daughters age as 10, the National Enquirer says 13 andwho recently celebrated her bat mitzvah.

  34. De white Debbil says:

    Yep, that’s surely a fact fellow Wt’s. Them there Nigger beasts have

    got to go. Lock n’ Load!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Im happy that I dont live in USA.

  36. White Brit says:

    Get a grip you racist fool, how many white people commit the same crimes, get out of your bubble chump and open your eyes

  37. Fleur de lis says:

    Incogman, I was quite surprised when I turned on a tv at my local bar and caught this story in full depth on ABC’s 20/20!!


    They showed the negro perps picture many times. Imagine standing in a bar drinking your beer and watching this. However, only a few buddies and I were even out on the covered deck to watch this. Everyone else was inside watching sports. With the frigid weather over he USA, I bet many Americans stayed home and saw this story nationally. Amazing.

    I told my friends this is the typical MO of negroes; to thrown flamming/acidic substances on their victims.

  38. Big Nig says:

    Yo, as uh nigger im finna say dat i loves me sum white pussy.. Eshpecialy amerikan white pussy.. They think its all good to get my big nigger cock up in dey mouf and pussy.. then dey luvs to drink up my sickle cellled sperms.
    Mmm im finna fuck me sum white pussy tonight..
    My black brothas has a mishun.. we finna knock all the white bitches wif half breed nigglets and den um not pay no child suprot. Fuck them hoes and fuck you honkeys

  39. GDL/White Master says:

    Big Nig, I’ll bet you are a Jew.

    If you are a dumb nigger, get back to the X-box and malt liquor, we’re busy setting some dumbass Jews and White liberals straight on another thread.

    BTW, stop watching porn, its bad for you, and its A LIE!

  40. Biker says:

    big nig: why do you love WHITE pussy, trying to bump your genes up a notch or two? sense the inferiority in your own women? why arent white men all over Black women? because BESTIALITY IS A SIN?!!! LOL!

    White Brit: you are one blind ass moron, LOOK at the facts and figs. of Black on white crime, LOOK at the facts and figs. of white on black crime.. see the difference? do you get it dumbass? move to an all black neighborhood asshole, if you survive the first year, come back and we’ll talk.

  41. didier says:

    don’t care, whore dying is good for society….

  42. didier says:

    niggers are so cool in hollywood movies.. yeah

  43. Flanders says:

    Wigger Brit, you provide your own answer. You are just too insulated from reality to know it. Do some research for a change instead of relying on the propaganda you so eagerly slosh down. Take your own advice, and:

    “Get a grip you racist fool, how many white people commit the same crimes, get out of your bubble chump and open your eyes”.

  44. Gnasher says:

    My name is Gnasher, I make up comments and then link them and pretend they are from those whose name I have used. Pathetic!.

    Don’t blame me, it’s the Fash who forced me.

  45. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Gnasher. Is dennis with you? http://www.toonhound.com/dennis.htm

  46. kerdasi amaq says:

    Well, hello Gnasher, welcome to Incogland, just make sure you tell us, what you really believe.

    Africans should be as welcome in Europe; as they are in Israel.

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