Anti-Racist Activists: Useful Idiots for “The Man”

The murderous Commies of the past would have loved these idiot ARA weaklings and so too does today’s subversive Jews and the real Power Structure, or “The Man,” behind it all. The Global Zionists laugh seeing these duped fools — proving how well their expensive media manipulations over the decades has worked.

When I first heard about these people, what popped in my mind was the famous phrase, “useful idiots,” by the Marxist Jew, V. I. Lenin, to describe liberal American journalists who supported the Bolshevik revolution. Another Jew, the current Prime Minister of Israel, “Bibi” Netanyahu, once labeled the Christian Zionists as useful idiots, too. Nothing better describes these frontline soldiers in the Jewish destruction of the US and Canada.

ARA stands for “Anti-Racist Activists,” but they’re really self-hating Whites, or just plain subversive Jew punks (prime example below). These are the real liberals from hell; by day they might be trust fund babies, coffee shop slackers or hip Ganja dealers to those who have jobs at ad agencies or something of the sort. On weekends, they get their kicks by cowardly mob attacks on just about any Pro-White people and by whatever method — including violence. The Jews must love these utter fools!

Just how dangerously deluded can some people be? Read on and see.

Don’t these people have the least clue about what really happened in Soviet Russia with all the Jew Commies? Haven’t they read anything about the tens of millions of White people, starved to death, shot in firing squads or in the back of the head by these evil people? Could they not put two and two together about the true racial makeup of Communism, when Christian churches were being dynamited as Jewish synagogues went untouched?

Fashionably radical ARA activists burning the American flag. These fools think they’re so cool by wearing bandanas over their zit-covered faces, like some kind of political outlaws. They try to tell themselves that “The Man” might see and identify them. What a laugh. Hell, these kinds of wackos should get paid by the government! And with Obama, they might.

You never see these punks demonstrating against any other race, only against us racially awakened White people who dare voice our well-justified anger, concerns and beliefs (some of the smarter ones actively denounce Zionist behavior towards the Palestinians, but never receive any support or media coverage, naturally enough).

ARA is a poisonous broth of sixties reenactors, born too late SDS yippies, grunge rockers, radical environmentalists, or just plain immature misfits who don’t have a clue about the real world, let alone a real Totalitarian system. These spoiled brats never had to work hard like slaves, or seen anyone die in a violent manner in front of their own eyes. Their insane fantasies of an egalitarian society never seems to take into account any such society has ever existed, or that glaringly obvious fact such noble sentiments get taken advantage of by evil people who only care about control and power.

These are the ugly stepchildren of the Zionist Power Structure behind the curtain. The real “Man.”

In a way, these poor fools are suffering from a kind of social version of the “Stockholm Syndrome.” This is where a hostage in a criminal event, like a bank robbery gone bad, becomes so mentally messed-up by the trauma that he or she sympathizes with the culprits of the crime.

Our White nations and society have now become so screwed-up and our moralities turned topsey-turvey by the Jews, that these social trauma cases have now set-out to purposefully attack anyone in our society who opposes the very criminals behind it all in the first place! Talk about a mind flock, there.

In their twisted minds, they somehow think they are revolutionaries, but it’s painfully clear that these saps are only acting out their most fevered imaginations.

They are not fighting not against “The Man,” but for him, since it’s now blisteringly obvious that “The Man” wants unlimited immigration of non-Whites into our countries; continual warfare and hatred of Zionist enemies; globalist ruination of our economy and sovereignty; more propaganda pushing for miscegenation of White people; the marginalization of White political power — all of which will eventually lead to the destruction of our race.

For crying out loud: What does it take for anyone to NOT see all this going on?

Today’s true revolutionaries, are much like the same ones back in 1776: Pro-White Patriots, against illegal immigration, big government and taxation without representation. We want control of our finances, abolish the fed and are explicitly against foreign entanglements, just like Washington warned us about. We stand for the continued sovereignty of this country and freedom for America. “The Man” wants none of this, it’s now plainly obvious to see.

Foolish Marxist ARA punks taking a break for a little capitalist franchise food at Micky D’s, after all the hard demonstrating against evil White racists.

You know how Jews might call awakened White people, “Brown Shirts”? This in reference to organized groups of Germans back in the thirties, who wanted to take back their country from Jews who were busy raping Germany, recently bereft after the Treaty of Versailles (end of WWI); literally stealing millions of dollars in scam operations, buying up businesses and media — all the while destroying the morals of the country and agitating for Communism. Naturally, the citizens had quite enough of all this and elected Der Fuerher!

Well, ARA is today’s equivalent of Brown Shirts, but on the opposite political spectrum, those who could be called “Fascist, Anti-Fascists.” That’s right, any Whites who dare oppose Jewry’s behavior are now to be stomped by the brainwashed street scum of Jews, this time. It’s totally messed up!

Jewess Karen Mock

Below is a video of the ARA in Toronto, Canada, financially and politically supported by the Jewish B’nai B’rith organization. Karen Mock (right) might look like some nice little old Jewess, but as a 12 year board member of this massive International organization, she lobbied the Canadian government for tax dollars to support these Marxist minions from Jew hell (watch videos below).

Can you believe just how subversive these people are? It’s hard to conceive of any White organization doing this kind of thing for, say, the KKK. Why? Because they aren’t any public White organizations, that’s why. Anywhere.

Cognitate on that one for a moment. Are there any hugely-financed, International White organizations dedicated to White concerns? Like, HELL NO! And why not? Such a thing would be attacked non-stop by Jews and the media, never even getting out of the starting gate thanks to these people.

These people don’t care what you think, certainly not anything about your religious beliefs (see below), or that you want a clean and safe country for your children to live in. All they care about is shutting you up, should you speak out against the turning of White countries into Third World hells, just so the Jews can feel safe and not threatened by a White race who exhibit the least solidarity in any way, shape or form.

All of this ties together with Jewry’s efforts in White Western countries, not just America or Canada. They work non-stop to muzzle any talk about the things they do in the World, even about Israel’s racist evils on the Palestinians; to any suspicions about the Holocaust; to the bountiful evidence of Zionist involvement in 9/11.

You know, deep down inside, that’s a fact, JACK!

And the following video neatly sums up the utter racial hypocrisies of these ARA types to begin with. These nutcases are being exploited by Jewry as foot soldiers in their racial war against White people, no two ways about it.

The Canadian (born in Germany), Ernst Zündel, had quite enough of the non-stop trashing of Germans in Hollywood films, right along with the many falsehoods of the Holocaust. Imagine for one minute you had a German background and every time you turned on the dam TV there was some new movie of the week attacking your people. You might get sick and tired of it too, no doubt.

Mr. Zündel started writing, speaking out loudly and vehemently. This, of course, was not something the Jews wanted to hear in public, so Zündel was made a target for Jew-manipulated ARA punks, who actually firebombed the man’s house.

Hounded out of the country by the ARA and all the Jew harpies from hell, he landed in the US (where Freedom of Speech is supposedly so protected). Eventually, the Jew-corrupted US government got in the act and deported the totally innocent Zündel to Germany where they conveniently had laws against questioning the Holocaust and could slap the man in Jail, which they did. He’s still there.

You might think such “revolutionaries” would be out demonstrating for this decent person, clearly victimized by the real “Man” for using Free Speech in a country where he sought safe harbor for his different political view of history. To me, all this well-proves what cowards these ARA pukes truly are.


Fighting the man for Obama!

This is the situation racially aware Whites now find themselves in Canada, the US and the formerly mostly White countries of Europe. Subversive Jews have long been doing whatever they can to use disparate elements of our societies like the ARA to silence and cow White people. Not only are the Jews agitating the other races, but also members of our own.

ACORN, perhaps Americorp soon enough, are filled with such Commie agitators, right along with other left-wing liberals in America. They are even deep within the Obama political machine. The screen capture (above right) is of some Obama campaign manager, looking over paperwork as her obedient Obamabots patiently wait. Behind her, she proudly displays the symbol of how she visualizes her tough political image — A Commie Cuban flag emblazoned with Che Guevara’s face.

It’s fools like this one, who lead countries down the garden path to hell for everyone — including her!

Che loved killing -- Commie style!

Don’t these hypocrites know just how murderous Che was in real life? He once wrote this to his father soon after shooting someone in the head: “I must confess, papa, at that moment I discovered I liked killing.” Another time he personally shot a brave little 12 to 14 year old boy at point-blank range in the back of the neck with the powerful .45 caliber pistol, almost decapitating the child with a single bullet. He condemned thousands more to summary executions. Read more here

Or do they even know that Che Guevara hated homos, sending them off to forced-labor camps in Cuba? Or that he was also “racist?” Yep, the lefty’s action hero thought European White people were superior to Negroes. For example, he wrote this in his diary:

“The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing… the black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

— Che Guevara

Along with being a “racist,” Che was “totalitarian down to his body hairs” as the french writer Regis Dubray put it. Che never questioned Stalin or Mao, none of the secret police state apparatus, didn’t seem to care a lick about the Gulags or massacres and starvation of millions. All this kind of thing is conveniently ignored by the unbelievably braindead Anti-Racist Activists and other lefties in the US.

Che is “cool” to wannabee Marxists, who need to have the world see them as “tough fighters against ‘The Man,’ just like motorcycle-riding Che,” (As a rich kid, Che rode his motorcycle through-out South America, while formulating his Commie thoughts). Che is the political “Fonzy” to the deluded and hypocritical ARA punks, liberals and egalitarian lefties.

Much of this is due to that famous iconic photo by Alberto Korba (above right). How stupid is that?

This foolish, non-critical thinking will not stop until this country is turned into another Jewish Communist nightmare. They’ll spout all the tired Jew slogans about “Egalitarianism” and “up with the masses,” and “down with capitalists,” etc. etc. What will really happen — just like it always does — is that these “Useful Idiots” will be among the first to go, regardless of what they did in the past to get us here.

Yep, that’s right. They’ll end-up getting rounded up and shipped off to the Gulags, or lined up against the wall, just like what the instigators want to do to all us patriotic Pro-White Americans, in the end.


Sometimes, I ask myself, why do these people not see what they are doing? Well, for one thing, they are always people out there who love causing trouble in any way, just for the sheer giggles of it. It’s fun and sporting. By putting a political face to it, they can have an excuse for otherwise criminal behavior. Plus, they can act all cool and tough, possibly even getting into the pants of some mixed-up in the head, young Shiksa.

While I was studying these people awhile back, some Whites held a small, peaceful demonstration in Morristown, NJ against the illegal aliens flooding the country. Like moths to flame, the ARA people staged a counter-demonstration and some of them later beat up this older White couple in an alley, right after they left the demonstration.

Researching the particular nest of snakes behind this, I came across one member’s Internet site — his Facebook page or something. The little Jew (below) was bragging about all his subversive activities and, get this, how he got Annheiser Busch to donate 10 grand to his vile little ARA group. That’s right — Budweiser gave this SOB our beer money!

Further along, the Jew punk was talking about how good he was in bed and listed out his other “fine traits.” Here’s what the subversive Jew puke had to say on his site (bracket copy and bold-face mine):

“i’m 5’6” and i can’t dance. i’m a passionate and prolific anti-oppression activist, and a sex-positive third-wave feminist. [I think that means he wants to do you] i enjoy spicy food, world travel, and providing intensive…[edited for taste]

absurdism, activism, agitprop, anarchism, anthropology, anti-homophobia, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-war, artaud, banana shakes, beatings by angry mobs, box wine, breaking stuff, devo, [edit for taste], dystopian sci-fi, erotic fine art photography, existentialism, explosions, feminism, higher-dimensional geometry, human rights, hunter s thompson [Thompson would have kicked his ass], indymedia, international intrigue [Jews love spying], jazz, joy division, kafka, misfits, pudding, punk, radicalism, revolution,rimbaud, riots, satire, sex toys, sex-positive, singing, string theory, taoism, tattoos, third-wave feminism, threesomes, vegetarian, war zones [been to Gaza, Jew?], world travel, yiddish [yeah, I can see that]

Read all this back closely. He’s like THE poster boy for subversive Jews all over! And stuck-up as all hell, too.

He obviously hates Christianity, as you can see in the photo the arrogant little Jew put online (below). My theory is that some church group kindly (or stupidly) offered their vacant offices to his ARA outfit as a meeting place for what they thought were a sensitive and “public-spirited” youth group. Late one evening, when no one else was there, him and his ARA chums went around checking out the place. Going down a hall, they came across a symbol of Jesus and the filthy little Jew asks his bud to take a shot of him pretending to be sodomized by Jesus:

Take a look at this disgusting Jew slime!

These people pretty much don’t respect anything, especially White Christians. But you sure as hell will never see them doing this kind of thing to a synagogue or a Black church, no way. The operative word here is White. Figure that one out, Sherlock.

You know that this is the real deal. You just sit there and try to tell me that it’s all BS and I’ll tell you to STFU!

I’ve had it UP TO FRIGGIN’ HERE with these people and I am doing my damndest to get your attention about it. Yeah, you, one of the so-called “silent majority” who keeps his mouth shut so nobody calls you a Nazi. These people expect you to remain silent as they freely do their thing in our countries and get clean away with it.

Had enough yet, White people?

I sure have, obviously enough. But it’s time for you, not me, to start talking upfront and loudly to all those around you. Don’t try to tell yourself that you are only one person and it won’t make a lot of difference. It all starts with one person. Imagine if every White person talks openly? These kind of people will soon get the picture that Whites are no longer to be trifled with. So start right this very minute!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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194 Responses to Anti-Racist Activists: Useful Idiots for “The Man”

  1. Rev2939 says:

    In europe they are called “ANTIFA” – and there is a groundswell of white nationalist groups putting these commie bastards on the run – as I can see it coming here.

  2. Rev2939 says:

    The cry that was heard around the world (from Hungary)

    Not a dry eye in the shtetl.

  3. Louis from Montreal says:

    Copperhead, That glass parking lot would be world-wide, as the bastard state of israel has enough nuclear weapons to do the world over about seventy x’s. I have no doubt they would use them if their precious little territory were threatened, and they see threats everywhere. They want war with Iran regardless of whether or not Iran has nuclear capabilities. Attacking Iran could start a major war. Pakistan has nuclear weapons and will probably use them. Russia and China could also get involved to protect their investments in Iran. This was the point I was trying to make. These Yids love starting wars and then letting others fight them.

    Rev2939, damn straight they turned this once beautiful city into a multi-cult nightmare. We have the Antifa here as well. They held a little anti-racism rally a few weeks ago, like Montreal isn’t multi-crap enough for them.

    • incogman says:

      This is what the White countries of the West get for allowing the Eastern European Khazar Jews into our countries — nothing but wars, rumors of wars and more multicult crap!

      “I fear the Jewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America. And use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos that the earth should become their inheritance.”
      — Bismarck

      We need desperately to frog-march these bastards out!

  4. themadjewess says:

    white fartass- you do know that I am gorgeous, white and Portuguese, right? I mean you really believe that BULLSHIT that all Jews have big noses I bet LOL

  5. White Master says:


    Not sure what gorgeous means for Jewish women, and I said nothing about big noses.

  6. themadjewess says:

    white guy, besides incogMOAN being a fart ass, I agree with most of his crazy shit. (Except the holocaust- he is dumb as dirt on that, especially with hussein wanting to slaughter most Christians and right wing Jews) Israel?? I dont live there, but they are strong people with the SAME WEAK ASS government as HERE. They are BOLSHEVIKS, not “Zionists” Israeli govt for the most part is Marxist, which I hope one day they can break free, but America is my nation, and before ANY nation, I want America FREE.

    I am pretty, like Eliz Taylor pretty. 🙂 😉
    Just b/c it says “The Mad Jewess” does not mean jack shit. I am not religious and I do believe in the teachings of Jesus. My friends are mostly born-again believers and very strong Catholics.

    So all of this Talmud is the devil crap is stupid. I wish MORE Jews would be OBSERVANT of their roots, they are suppose to represent LAW, and when they get away from it, they SUCK—to the MAX. IF they were practicing the LAW as they are suppose to, we would not be in the shit-shape we are now, along with crazy fraud Christians that are CINOS occupying our caoital.

    So, stereo-typing is stupid as hell.

  7. Louis from Montreal says:

    You’re going to bring Jesus into this with your foul mouth, madjewess. You call yourself a jew therefore you are one. Your “holy” books spew forth the hatred you have for all non-Jews, yet you state that our claims about the talmud are stupid. The cat is out of the bag and we are learning faster than you hebes would’ve believed. The holy-hoax has been dismantled and the world is catching on to your manipulative, deceitful ways. It will soon be over, so I suggest you go run to your rabbi and fill him in; What’s that, he got busted in a federal sting…Oh, so sorry.

  8. White Master says:

    Now she thinks she can seduce me with her e-harmony profile. Sorry Jewess I am not that easily seduced!!

    • incogman says:

      You can rest assured Mad Jewess’ mouth is ginormous. And if she looks anything like Elizabeth Taylor, it’s when she just arrived at the Betty Ford center.

  9. Nemesys says:

    Where are pics of the Mad Hebess? I feel like I’m missing out……

  10. Nemesys says:

    Incogman – I am a White woman – and I’d be honored to have anything and everything to do with you! (Although the “right mind” thing may be in the eye of the beholder! ; } !)

    Mad Kikess is just jealous that she can’t be White. She is NOT going to be permitted in the Homeland.

    And she/it does post here more than in her own blog……….sad, really…….

  11. Nemesys says:

    ALL stereotypes are true.

    Not all people ALL stereo-types – but ALL stereo-types are true.

    Jews, on the other hand, are ALWAYS Jews.

    And the Talmud is the Satanic Bible. Most evil thing on Earth.

  12. Nemesys says:

    Hamonwry – excellent work. I’ve found that relentless truth may frighten or anger people – but they eventually come around…….

    We are reaching a tipping point. I have no idea how any of this will end – but the tipping point is at hand.

    Let’s all keep pushing.

  13. guitarman uk says:

    it does seem that something has to give soon in the US.
    Amnesty for 20 million illegals?
    from this:

    He seems to be making a few excuses though;

    “Today, Detroit suffers 76 percent dropout/flunkout rate from high schools according to NBC’s Brian Williams. Similar rates apply all over America. Jobs for Blacks dwindle as America’s manufacturing base, supported by Pelosi and Reid, offshores to other countries. Black teens cannot find a ‘fast food’ job to save their lives. But unlawful Mexican workers can! Drugs and pregnant teen mothers explode. The Black prison population in America stands as a national disgrace.”

  14. Al Smith, owner of Dalton Georgia Carpet Outlet in Fairfield Ohio has been refused a lone from 5/3 bank. He is camped out in protest on the roof of his store. Billions of dollars have been given to these banks but they are doing nothing to help guys like Al keep his business. This is exectly what happened during the Great Depression. This is a crime against the American People.

  15. guitarman uk says:

    off topic link,but im amazed how “judge dredd” policing has become the norm since they got their new toys. Theyre rolling them out fully in u.k soon. Maybe things are just reported on more than before,but even so,threatening to zap a guy’s nuts with 50,000 volts used to be the language of bond villans or ‘evil hollywood arabs’. That story about the torture vids seems to have disappeared too. Just more evidence of the ‘new immorality’ trickling down from the top.
    For example,25 years ago a brawl or streetfight was over when a man was down,or knocked cold.Its now standard to stamp the skull repeatedly.Maybe im being naive. Anyway,is it just me or do you think this copper missed his calling? (gay porn):

    Officer #3: Do you feel this?
    Complainant: Yes, sir.
    Officer #3: Do you feel that? That’s my –
    Complainant: Okay
    Officer #3: -Taser up your ass.
    Complainant: Okay
    Officer #3: So don’t move.
    Complainant: I’m trying not to. I can’t breathe.

    Officer #3: Now do you feel this in your balls?
    Complainant: I do, sir. I’m not going to move. I’m not gonna move.
    Officer #3 Now I’m gonna tase your balls if you move again.
    A minute later, this exchange occurred:
    Officer #3: Okay, I’m gonna take this Taser out of your asshole now. Are you going to fight with me?
    Complainant: No, not at all, sir.

  16. hoff2 says:

    The jew run ”workers paradise” Sovjet – short article by Hoff.

    “Worker” is jewish code word for goyim slaves.”workers-paradise”-sovjet/

  17. America is falling apart, the white man is doing nothing on this blog, except picking on a patriotic Jew lady?

  18. Alpha Wolf says:

    Max- you are a ridiculous kike. Go fuck yourself and crawl back in your hole. Take the filthy kike jewbag jewess with you you god damned idiot.

    ps: you better find someplace to hide real soon because-

  19. Alpha Wolf says:

    What a joke you are jewbag jewess. NOBODY here believes one word of your bullshit. The talmud? How stupid are you? Most here have read what’s in your talmud so blowing that stupid shit out your front butthole means nothing.

    Incog only lets you demonstrate your stupidity for OUR amusement and to expose your bullshit and lies.

    No, you will never be white. And yes, you will be treated with equal justice like all other kike scum and traitors on THE DAY OF THE ROPE.

    Louis from Montreal- Thanks for “The Day of the Rope,” I like it. We know what the jew scum has done to Canada and we will be there helping you root out every last one. Just be ready.

    “You’re from the states, eh?” I spent a lot of time in Vancouver. It was and still hopefully is a fine Canadian city. Sorry about Montreal.

  20. Joy says:

    The “ARA” “Anti-fascist” are a bunch of commie puke punks.

    They disrupted a planned meeting between Christians to discuss Paul of the Bible!

    Don’t you know the Bible is ‘hate speech’ now? How dare those White Christian men assemble together!

    I would love to expose these cowards who hide behind masks.

  21. JamesTheJust says:

    If I ever come across that fucking jooo scumbag who was in that last picture above (with the cross), I’ll kill him myself. No if’s. No and’s. No but’s.

  22. themadjewess says:

    Most religious Jews have not the Talmud (247 volumes) even INTERPRETED, moron!

    You people are so fking stupid it is INCREDIBLE!

    And White-MORON….dont give your self airs sweetie, you are way beneath me 😉

  23. themadjewess says:

    Max is an x-neo-Nazi dumbasses. He figured it out that I love my once great nation- it is EVIDENT on my unending RANTS against the Bolshevik controlled Govt- you people just PROVE that you are silly, abominable BEASTS.
    You fartasses should NOT trea tMaxlike shit. WTF is the matter with you crazy moonbats?? He just does not believe that “all Jews are the same” like you crazy bastards.

    Incogmoan xoxox 🙂

  24. White Master says:

    Now Jewess stop stereotyping us, that’s not nice. You might hurt our feelings. LOL!

  25. Orion14 says:

    Ole Thermo would put that leftish faggot who is desecrating the Christ in the pic down fast! Remember, Thermo is going to be the head of her own Aryan Insurgency Section in charge of liquidating leftists, bolsheviks, commies, faggots, feminists and other enemies of the white race. Right, Thermo?

    Hail Victory! Hail Thermo! Half-White Power!!! 🙂

  26. themadjewess says:

    Jesus was a Hebrew Jew, so I don’t think his blood-brothers should be out there putting Jesus down, its nasty, mean and DAMNED hatefilled.

    Who was the little PUTZ? Just a question, little Putz…you don’t like THEM taking what you believe is holy and desecrating it, DO YOU?? NO, you DONT, so dont make people even more pissed off.

    Jewish people are supposed to represent LAW, so, keep the LAW, instead of BREAKING it by ALLOWING abominations like HOMOSEXUALS. You think God is ‘happy’ with homosexuals??

    Homosexuality and bestiality

    Lev 18:22-29 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.

    Stop being like KORAH who brought the curses of God.

    Another thing, Jewish people are NEVER supposed to take office in Christian nations, and you should KNOW THIS. Only supposed to take office in ISRAEL and thats ALL.

  27. themadjewess says:

    Check that out, The good cop in Cambridge has ALL of the force WITH him, Race Card is GOING GOING GONE and the black lady in this video says:

  28. this is cool
    thank you 🙂

  29. guitarman uk says:

    the cops have got tasers,while here in uk this crap is becoming normal:

    A shopper was astonished when staff at Marks and Spencer demanded that she prove her age before she bought a pizza-cutter

    i went with my bro to buy some teaspoons,found a cheap multipack,was amazed to see on pack, “not for sale to under 18s”. true

  30. Alpha Wolf says:

    Put her/it back in the pig pen incogman. The jewess jewspew is degrading a fine blog. It’s just empty spewing, a lot like obongo. Maybe let her comment once or twice to vent her kike rage and give us a laugh. Other than that she is just making a spectacle of herself and distracting people with her lies that might be here to legitimately learn something. I know you will do what you want so it’s just fwiw.

    On topic of jew crimes, it seems the kike media is accelerating the jew flu propaganda campaign. The lies are flowing heavier but is it a distraction tactic to hide other things they are doing? The enemy jew is not an actual human being. No human army or country has been able to eradicate it. Look what they have done to Europe and now the U.S.A. The jew is the carrier of a much greater Evil and horrible disgusting essence than the individual scumbag jew that thinks it is operating on its own volition. Think about it. They all follow the same rules and patterns, much like a corporation. No problem conceptualizing the corporate entity or giving it legal status as something more than just the sum of its parts.

    I’m almost to the point of accepting that the human carriers (jews) are driven by the Form of Evil. Like Plato’s Highest Form- the form of the Good, except real Evil, the real thing that others have given the name of the Devil or Lucifer to. How else can you explain the success of the jews at murder, genocide, perversion, pedophilia, blood libel and blood letting rituals, sick faggots and child molesters, etc., etc., across so many generations and across almost the whole world? Even as they hide their true numbers and change their names at will, how could they have been so successful at so many evil things? Like a corporation, the corporation IS the thing, not the individual people running the corporation. If one doesn’t follow the rules they are kicked out and replaced with one that will. The individuals are secondary. The corporation persists across time and generations. THE JEWS ARE CORPORATE EVIL; EVIL, INC. Do you get it? WE MUST STOP IT AT ITS SOURCE. The only other way would be to necessarily eradicate every last piece of scum AND its DNA or what’s to stop some lone jew in the wild from creating a jew Jurassic Park in the future? I even think the king james bible tells a story of putting the Evil back in the pits of hell for a thousand years until it gets out again. No matter how perverted and corrupted the so-called bible is, what is possible is that someone saw into the future and described it within the limits and context of their time. Jews are ‘born’ of the Devil.

    The things I know from living in the natural world, not believe, know, are more valuable to me than the thousands of books in my library or the years of ‘higher education’. There are great powers that exist beyond the mind of most men. Have you ever stopped to realize that your own existence is a miracle of miracles? One man in a million draws his perspective from a gigantic and ancient universe with billions and billions of stars and so vast the mind cannot comprehend it. Why is there anything at all? The human mind is forced to submit by its own Reason that one of two seemingly inconceivable things is true. Either the Universe has always existed with no beginning and no end OR something (the Universe) was created from absolutely Nothing. It is the “argument for god”. Give me any other possible explanation that you can conceive for the existence of the Universe. You can’t.

    The Great Spirit of all that we call power, and life, exists. Doesn’t matter what you call it or how you describe it, omnipotent, omniscient. It is as real as you are. Reason demands this conclusion. Equally as real, is the concept of Evil. I’m still not sure I can justify the ‘necessity’ of Evil in the Universe, but I cannot deny it’s power. I’m going to burn another one and look deeper at the concept of jews possessed by Evil. (I got to take a break anyway because my arm is tired from working the reloading press ALL day) JK

  31. JamesTheJust says:

    guitarman uk,

    It’s nice to see that the Brits are finally coming to the senses where gun control is involved. They’re still to damned reserved about all these injustcies being foisted on them by the jew traitors in your country though.

    A Lesson The British Learned Too Late Must See Video!!

  32. JamesTheJust says:

    Alpha Wolf:

    “I’m almost to the point of accepting that the human carriers (jews) are driven by the Form of Evil. Like Plato’s Highest Form- the form of the Good, except real Evil, the real thing that others have given the name of the Devil or Lucifer to. How else can you explain the success of the jews at murder, genocide, perversion, pedophilia, blood libel and blood letting rituals, sick faggots and child molesters, etc., etc., across so many generations and across almost the whole world?”

    Now you’re getting the picture. The bible (the history book of our people) states that each person has a white stone (blood cell) on which is written a name (DNA). Yahshua told us we can know it by their fruits (actions).

    Our history book recorded DNA long before modern science knew it existed.

    YES! It is in their DNA. That is why YHWH commanded our forefathers to put to DEATH every single one of them.

  33. Another white women says:



    Incogman – I am a White woman – and I’d be honored to have anything and everything to do with you! (Although the “right mind” thing may be in the eye of the beholder! ; } !)

    Mad Kikess is just jealous that she can’t be White. She is NOT going to be permitted in the Homeland.

    And she/it does post here more than in her own blog……….sad, really…….

    The only role you get to play in this movement is to churn out kids for the master race, that is all these guys expect or want from white women

  34. Alpha Wolf says:

    Jamesthejust- it still begs the question though. Now you say it is the DNA. The DNA is actually coded information is it not? DNA has been sequenced and the information reproduced. Is it the DNA molecule you are after or is it the information the molecule carries? Are you catching on now? A slick jew could replicate itself and make millions of jew robots that carried out the commands of the talmud. hehehe that’s a sick thought

  35. JamesTheJust says:

    Another white women

    “The only role you get to play in this movement is to churn out kids for the master race, that is all these guys expect or want from white women”

    Hey kids, we have a Jew mind-reader on our hands. The perfect BellUGLY AbZUG and Gloryhole Frankensteinum rolled into one.

    Listen baby, the last thing I want from you is chillins. Do your part for the race; keep your legs crossed.

    Our race needs women who are willing to fight and die for our race; not whine and moan like a jewish poster child.

    Alpha Wolf,

    It’s the code. And your scenario is like a scene from a Jewish horror flick…

  36. White Master says:


    Another white women may be a Jew itself!

  37. JamesTheJust says:

    I think you’re right White Master.

    I have this theory about races. There used to be a time when you could distinguish a white from other races. Not a lot in interbreeding going on.

    That’s changed and largely due to Jewish infiltration into the white race. Now there are a lot of mamzers. Poisonous tares among the good wheat.

    I remember when the fem lib movement came along. Some white women joined the band wagon. They were deceived by the deceivers themselves, a.k.a. The Jews. But I know, from what I saw (I grew up in that period) that not nearly the amount of white women joined that movement that the jew media would have us believe.

    After the newness of it wore off, most of the TRUE white women were basically, “oh well, what’s all the fuss about”, and then on with their lives, husbands and children they went. Mainly the mamzers and the lezbos stayed with the progromme. That’s mainly whose in it today…MAMZERS, LEZBOS, and BOZO JEWS.

    All Jews are mamzers. There is no such thing as a racial Jew. They are a mixture of all kinds of CRAP, like nigger and Mongolian. The only common denominator among them all is that they have the blood/DNA of Cain.

    The Jews had to rewrite white history before they could even begin their progromme of so-called oppression of white women. Before that, it was known that white women had always been strong! They were also staunch defenders of race, kin and family. Suckling baby in one hand and a riffle in the other. How else did we make it in all these new nations we forged with heathen surrounding us? It was a joint effort and white women have always held their own.

    And Jew women certainly didn’t contribute. No Jew did. They always came in after all the hard work was done and leeched off the kindness of the Whites. That has to change. We have to toughen up and stop having any kind of heart for anyone except our own race!

    Then the Jews with their lies, started with their false portrayal of white men and white women in T.V. and movies. That was their “softening up” phase.

    Its just like the Jews to create a problem where none exists and then come riding in on their black horses of death proclaiming THEIR solution.

  38. Joy says:

    Good post James the Just! I wholeheartedly agree. 🙂

  39. kerdasi amaq says:

    “The only role you get to play in this movement is to churn out kids for the master race, that is all these guys expect or want from white women”

    That is all that the movement can expect of them. If they are not prepared to that, then the only thing to do is quit, give up, because the white race doesn’t have a future and females like that are not worth protecting.

    “Our race needs women who are willing to fight [and die] for our race; not whine and moan like a jewish poster child.”

    As for this, there is truth here, but only as a last line of defence. As for dying, the enemy should be doing that.

  40. kerdasi amaq says:

    damn, I left out a ‘do’ there, to do that

  41. why is it called ‘anti-racist’ when a better and more accurate name would be anti-truth or anti-reality?

  42. Mark Ijsseldijk says:

    I am a college student and always found white liberals to be the most loathsome form of life which is unfortunate because they’re 80-90% of whites in college where I am. How anyone can be possessed of such self loathing is beyond me and is certainly not indicative of a healthy mental composition.

    These leftists are clearly the detritus of white genes, mental defectives that ought to be excluded from any decent, sane white society. And one day I expect they will be.

    Oh Jesus, I fucking hate those scum.

  43. White Master says:

    Ah hell, once they get out in the real world and get smacked around a little by awakened Whites, they’ll come to their senses Mark! LOL!

  44. kerdasi amaq says:


    Hate liberalism not liberals.

  45. kerdasi amaq says:


  46. gringochuchetumare says:

    this website is crap

    it shouldnt exist

  47. GDL says:

    In other words this website is the truth and idiots can’t stand the truth….so they would rather try to make it disappear.


  48. GTRman says:

    Mexican food is crap. But someones got to eat it.

  49. poor man says:

    ahhh, is someone jealous of the rich jews?

  50. Greg says:


    Is someone a “useful idiot?”

  51. t bone says:

    poor jewman
    fear of exposure?
    your rich days are numbered bitchboy

  52. JamesTheJust says:

    Jealous? I would never stoop to perversion, lies, murder and moral deprivation in order to gain riches. That is the ONLY way a jew has ever been able to gain riches.

    Jealous? No. Mad? Yes and the vile jew MUST be destroyed – rich, poor or in between.

  53. t bone says:

    Words of wisdom you speak.
    The vile jew ‘poor man’ is is so intoxicated by his arrogance that when the shit hits, he and his fellow jew scum wont know what hit them.
    What is good, is the fact that this same arrogance is being witnessed,saved and archived. Therefore when they try to cry victimhood, yet again …no one (not even the fools)will buy into it.

  54. poor "Not even jewish, you idiots" man says:

    in fact, the catholic faith denied catholics the right to be merchants for centuries, so the position was filled by the jewish, who gained riches that way, originally. And, as we know, history repeats itself.

  55. Julian Lee says:

    A humorous rendition of my run-in with so called “antifa” can be seen here:

    It uses a bit from the sound track from “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” and I get to be Humphrey Bogart. I had tracked them down and confronted them around 12:30 am when they were out spreading posters all around my area of town with my face, the headline “Nazi Trash In Your Neighborhood,” and my address. This is a bit of my encounter with them. At one point I try to remove the mask from the face of one and he slaps my hand away. At that time he caught the pipe stem of my pipe and was proud to steal it after attempting to steal my reputation. (Always trusting in my own manual dexterity, I was holding a pipe in the same hand I reached up with.)

  56. Julian Lee says:

    Just watched that again. It also shows the tall antifa (Jew) proudly display the pipe stem he accidentally acquired. Shortly after this I phoned on my cell for the cops. When they saw that they ran like rabbits down the street. It was a Keystone cops scene then, with them first turning down one street, then back out to choose another, trying to disappear into the night. Sadly, just at that time my camera went “Memory Card Full.” On the other hand, that was God. Had I gotten that footage I would have posted it, then these 3 would have had personal reason to hate me for life. Their acquiring of an object of mine, and taking it with them, also had a purpose.

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