Are Bigfoot and Aliens Jewish?

Well, of course they’re not! What, are you bonkers? This is just my cheap way to get your attention and a few minutes of your precious time to listen up to what I have to say here. If you don’t like it, sue me. Plus, I wanted to do a cool picture in Photoshop — I’ve got to get my kicks where I can. Besides, you already think I’m crazy, so why not go whole hog?

Maybe the other side is trying to tell us a little something.

First off: Most unawakened White people labor under the fallacy that what I’m trying to say here on my evil, “white racist” blog is that some massive “Conspiracy” is going on with all the Jews — even that nice Jewish Dentist down the block. Guess what? You’re almost totally right. That’s what makes it all so workable. Take the time to read on.

The one thing you know damn well, is that Mr. Regular Jew Dentist is not getting secret messages from the Master Jew honchos, way up in UFO Motherships in geo-synchronous orbit, outlining the Jew plot for World Domination!

First off, don’t snap your mind shut from the artificial pro-diversity psychosis that’s been instilled in you over the years. You’re a free-thinking person who wants to see the world for what it truly is, not for how they want you to see it. Right? My “Worldview” (everybody has one) is really not that far off from yours. Not at all. And what I’m saying by “Worldview” is how people look out and see things, reasoning all the reasons for this and that. Know what I mean, Vern?

Take a look at the big picture going on these days. Forget about all the “political correct” stuff you are expected to think, for just a moment. Step out of the box and pull off those PC and race blinders that these very people have erected in the White Western countries for themselves to hide behind.

The more you look into all this, the more you’ll see just how bad this country has had the wool pulled down over it’s eyes — for way too long now.

Basically, it all breaks down into two very different things. You really need to understand this difference to fully comprehend what’s going on in America today. Once you do, you see everything in a whole new light and you won’t like it. You may well hate me for telling you about it.

The first part of the equation (this particular blog post, the second part is HERE) is that Jewry overall, like Dr. Nice Guy Jew Dentist and the rest of his Jew chums, are all pretty much like you think. Oh, sure, he might seriously be addicted to kiddie porn, like ketchup in his cornflakes, or something else sick that you don’t know about. But that’s not important right now. And, yeah, he’s almost always a big-time liberal, Gay lover and Obongo supporter (about 77% of Jews voted for him).

And the Jews don’t all work off the same page, either. They are not some monolithic block. A few Jews even say the same kinds of things that I do. These Jews are vilified by the rest for spilling the beans and are called “self-hating Jews.”

Some Jews are “Republican,” even though most are “Democrat.” And most are not very religious too. No, it’s not the religion that drives things distinctly at this level, yet the Jewish Talmud has many evil, anti-Gentile things in it and many of these regular Jews subscribe to an unbelieveable superiority meme contained within it — all of which you don’t have the slightest clue about since the mainstream never, ever breathes a word.

Some Jew wag once remarked that extracting money and demonstrating was the whole Jewish trip in a nutshell. And he was so right. Jews, left and right these days, are found running giant Ponzi schemes, like Bernie Madoff recently. All kinds of financial shenanigans seem to have some Jew behind it, nine times out of ten. Take a look at the Milken and Boesky Junk bond scandal back in the 80’s, for example.

Notice how so many Jews are always at the forefront of things like “Civil Rights,” which is basically race baiting (constantly getting Negroes all fired up about being “oppressed”). But it’s not just race stuff. Jews have also been pushing all the Feminist and Homo, Gender-Bending business; immigration of non-Whites into our countries and enforcing the “Politically Correct” muzzle that shuts you up for being a “racist” should you dare say a word.

Jews have been stirring up trouble in the White countries of the West, for quite some time now. These pied pipers of social mayhem have led gullible White liberals so far down the garden path, that they just can’t see that the real inner, atavistic hate of Jews has been the White race to begin with!

They try to tell us it’s only because they are so sweet and nice, that they only care for us so. They even have a special Jew term for it: “Tikkun Olam,” or “repairing the world.” They believe themselves so wise and noble, being God’s Chosen and all, that only their private efforts of whatever sort, devious or not, can possibly save us from ourselves!

This arrogance is so full of contradictions and hypocrisies that’s it’s hard to figure out where to start. For one thing, their own little stolen country reeks of racial superiority on so many levels. Just think, Israel is dedicated as a nation for Jewish people alone. You thought is was just a religion? Sure, there are other races there, but they are definitely kept lower on the totem pole. They have all kinds of buried laws designed to do all this, you just don’t hear about it in the mainstream.

Not only do they spit on (sometimes literally) and treat Muslim Palestinians worse than dogs, but also Christian Palestinians and Armenians as well. Yet it gets even worse than that, much worse. Evil Jews often steal Palestinian land like it was nothing. Imagine someone setting up shop on your property, telling the world they are here to stay and building houses. And the police and military turn a blind eye to the whole theft, since they’re Jewish too. The American press has the nerve to call these things “settlements,” just like it was on some undiscovered country!

And it gets worse. The Israeli Jews feel like they can control the Palestinians, all the while trying to make life so miserable for them that they’ll all go away and they can have the place for themselves. The small areas of the country under Palestinian control, like Gaza, get blockaded and bombed to hell on a regular basis. They use American weaponry to do all this kind of thing, such as this past January when they used horrible high tech bombs to kill about 1500 of them.

The evil little Jews even went in and slaughtered the animals in the Gaza Zoo, at close range by machine-gunning them!

Folks, these are small, bitter and hateful people. Always have been. They’ve created an image of themselves as the eternal victims in the World, when the exact opposite is true. Talk about PR spin!

Jews of all social strata, ages and sexes, to this day are still nothing but big trouble for the USA and the White race. From financial scams being exposed daily, to all kinds of socially corrosive activism. They constantly work to destroy our morality, the family unit and any norms of White people. They promote blanket support of Israel, homosexuality, gender-bending, immigration of non-Whites into White countries, race frictions and interracial sex. All this is not from some secret Jew orders — it’s just their thing, man.

They can’t act this brazenly in the US — yet. If they did, all the sleeping Goyim might finally, FINALLY figure out the real deal and go all Pogram on their butts. So they all instinctively work to keep the majority of us White Americans in the dark and confused with any possible social and philosophical jibberish they can come up with.

They use the “anti-Semitism” slanders to the fullest. Saying anything about Jews anywhere; or talk about history like the Holocaust lies, or the mainly Jewish Commies in Russia; or even Israel’s behavior towards the Palestinians has them, almost to a man, automatically shouting “NeoNazi Hater!” It’s like so getting old.

They have this predilliction for calling any awakened White person a “Hitler lover.” But it’s them who are the ones so crazed about Der Fuhrer man, to the point where it seems like they have some kind of secret sexual obsession with concentration camps and torture.

Speaking about genocides, the Jews themselves have been absolutely the worst race of all when it comes to inhumanity and sheer barbarity. Jews know full-well that much of the Commie mass murders of the 20th century was at their hands and do everything they can to keep this from becoming common knowledge.

It’s so bad that the real truth is that us Whites have really been the biggest victims of all times — and at their hands. Tens of millions of Whites were systematically starved and shot to death by the Soviet government and secret police, with most of the real culprits being Jewish.

Genrikh Yagoda

It was openly admitted by the Soviets in 1957, that 15 to 25 million people were killed by the Commies since 1917. But there’s good evidence that it was much, much higher, quite possibly way over 50 million.

The largest genocidal murderer of the 20th century, perhaps of all history, was actually Jewish. He was named Genrikh Yagoda and he ordered at least 10 million starved, worked to death on construction projects and in Gulags, shot singly, or in mass executions. You never hear one peep about him, but you sure as hell hear a lot about Adolf Hitler, every dam day. Think about it.

Ask yourself these questions: Why is it you see all these Holocaust movies out of Hollywood year-in, year-out, but never do you see one movie about these real horrors? Why does the History channel have so much on Hitler, NeoNazis stuff or total non-history subjects like “Ice Road Truckers,” but fails to find the least time to breath a single word about any of this?

The Jews don’t want to see any interest kindled whatsoever!

Now, getting back to the Jews in the Western countries and how it all effects you, the White American. One thing to remember, this is not something going on just here, oh no. This is also going on in Australia (down under), Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Europe and even in the eastern European countries, like Hungary and Russia to a lesser extent (who are naturally more Jew-wise because of Communism).

All this Mr. Nice Guy Jew act in White Western countries, has really been a front to what they want internally. And that’s for Whites to be marginalized away and turned into minorities in very own dam countries, so we don’t go all Nazi on them! They think they’ll feel more comfortable if Whites are a small and powerless slice, who can be constantly watched and corralled for as long as it takes to gradually whittle us away to nothingness.

What these people have been doing is turning the US and all the rest of the Western countries into Third World hell holes. Literally. Why do you think immigration is such a big deal to these people? In 1965, Jews got us to turn around the immigration laws so that 90% were from non-white nations. That’s right —  Jews want to turn the US into something they lovingly call a “Universal Nation,” but they didn’t even bother asking us what we thought about the deal!

On all kinds of different fronts, from Wall Street to Hollywood, Jewry has been a poisonous blend of criminal activities, Zionist perfidies, social subversion’s of all sorts and pure, Jewish arrogance. For them, it’s best to immediately attack any Whites as “NeoNazis,” “White Supremacists,” “Haters,” etc., should we happen to “get wise” to the real source of America’s modern-day sickness.

The Jews have been the bane to the White race from time immemorial and their actions today in America mean not only trouble for the US, but serious trouble for the entire White race. This means you, your children and your children’s children. By ignoring the situation now, you’re consigning yourselves and them to some kind of futuristic Multicult hell-hole in the US and in every single White country of the world.

They’ve been kicked out (or worse) from of every country they’ve ever lived in (sometimes twice) and one can easily see why. What’s really serious is that they are now putting the entire White race in grave danger in what was once our very own countries — not theirs. Spend a little time looking into it all and you’ll see.

Wherever you look, whenever it comes to America’s troubles today, you’ll see the Jew hidden away. Often, you might not know it (they’ve been known to change their names a lot), but they are truly the one common denominator in the whole equation.

It’s time for you to add your voice to the growing crescendo that Jews are now doing everything they can to silence!

And it’s long since past the time where we should have frog-marched all these JEWS, all the war-mongering Neocon Israel Firsters, the Zionists, all the Commie liberal bastards — all the cabalistic,* NWO International Jews, right on the hell out of America!

If all this stuff wasn’t bad enough, the really worse things are what we don’t know a whole lot about, but can only make some good educated guesses from what’s going on in the world today and how we got to this point.

This is the second part in the equation. All the Conspiracy business that you sometimes lay on me here, like I got something to do with it. Or you might try to say that I’m making up plain crazy stuff out of my head. But all that is really too much for one blog post. So stay tuned to this channel.

Oh, yeah: I don’t have any problems with extraterrestrial Aliens (note the ET part) or Bigfoot. They can’t stand Jews, either.

— Phillip Marlowe


COMING UP NEXT: The Conspiracy Business and all that Jazz

*Cabalistic, my little made-up word from “Cabal,” meaning a group of conspiratorial plotters or intriguers. Derived from the Kabbalah, a mystical book in the Jewish Talmud. How appropriate!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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94 Responses to Are Bigfoot and Aliens Jewish?

  1. Alpha Wolf says:

    Looks like you’re going to be getting a lot more traffic in here incogman:

    “Thought Police Is Here” Published on 07-13-2009 Source: YNet News

    “The Foreign Ministry unveiled a new plan this week: Paying talkbackers to post pro-Israel responses on websites worldwide. A total of NIS 600,000 (roughly $150,000) will be earmarked to the establishment of an “Internet warfare” squad.

    The Foreign Ministry intends to hire young people who speak at least one language and who study communication, political science, or law – or alternately, Israelis with military experience gained at units dealing with information analysis.

    Foreign Ministry officials are fighting what they see as a terrible and scary monster: the Palestinian public relations monster. Yet nothing can be done to defeat it, regardless of how many foolish inventions will be introduced and how many bright communication students will be hired.

    The reason is that good PR cannot make the reality in the occupied territories prettier. Children are being killed, homes are being bombed, and families are starved. Yet nonetheless, the Foreign Ministry wants to try to change the situation. And they have willing partners. “Where do I submit a CV?” wrote one respondent. “I’m fluent in several languages and I’m able to spew forth bullshit for hours on end.””

    • incogman says:

      Alpha Wolf:

      That’s just great. The Israelis government is using our tax dollars to pay Jews world-wide to go on-line and hassle anyone figuring them out. FRIGGIN JEWS!

  2. Whitefella says:

    Global Tyranny … Step by Step ©1992

    CHAPTER 6 – Treaties and Treason

    I say the same as to the opinion of those who consider the grant of the treaty-making power as boundless. If it is, then we have no Constitution.
    — Thomas Jefferson, September 1803

    Treaties make international law and also they make domestic law. Under our Constitution, treaties become the supreme law of the land… [T]reaty law can override the Constitution. Treaties, for example, … can cut across the rights given the people by their constitutional Bill of Rights.
    — Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, April 11, 1952

    [A]fter all, the UN Charter is the law of the land…
    — George L. Sherry (CFR), The United Nations Reborn, 1990

    “The main political obstacle to the new world order envisioned by the one-world schemers has been, and remains, the Constitution of the United States of America. Unique in both its foundational principles and structure, the constitutional system established by America’s Founding Fathers — abused though it may be by decades of sustained assault on the one hand and neglect on the other — continues to stymie the architects of totalitarian global government.

    From their own experience, and from an acquaintance with history, the Americans of 1776 and 1787 well understood that the dangers to liberty from an unrestrained government were, more often than not, far greater than the threat of tyranny from a conquering foreign power. The limitations placed on government by the designers of our founding document, therefore, served as formidable bulwarks against the dangerous centralization of power in the national government; those limitations also rendered any transfers of constitutional powers of governance to an international government virtually impossible.”

    Who are the “one-world schemers” mentioned above? The treasonous alien Asiatic jew of course. Always the jew has been the cancer rotting our decent White societies from within, aided by their fellow “human” trash the White race traitor.

    After reading that quote from Global Tyranny – written 9 years before the jew carried out 9/11 – you will understand why the American Constitution has been destroyed. It seems obvious that the purpose of 9/11 was to erase the remains of the American Constitution . . .

    . . . and finally impose a jew Commie one world government.

    If they get away with this, the slaughter of tens of millions of White people by the jew during the 20th century will seem like nothing compared to what they have planned for the rest of the White population in the years ahead.

    Ezra Pound tried to warn us, Professor Revilo P. Oliver tried to warn us, Eustace Mullins has been trying to warn us, John Kaminski, Edgar J. Steele, Curt Maynard, INCOG, the list could go on and on of White people trying to warn the rest of us, but has any significant number been listening? Too busy sitting on their fat ass in front of the jew propaganda tube. Well, they have a wake up call coming and they won’t like it when it comes knocking at their door.

  3. Alpha Wolf says:

    Well, you know they are natural liars, actors, chameleons, and self-appointed controllers. They just can’t stand things that they can’t control–like all those pesky white people with guns–and the internet.

    It’s pretty obvious how intensely hard they are trying to sneak and push phony hate-crime laws through and every other thing they can do to get control of the internet, even through financial means and Google jews of course. This would be a natural next step to dilute ideas and confuse people. It’s like all the race mixing that does the same thing to white culture and attempts to reduce and mongrelize us.

    They call it “internet warfare” and I can just see a mob of jews riding a blog to death 24/7. We need a co-intel division of VOLUNTEER REBELS to repel them. hehe How many can your spam concentration camp hold, and how soon before you have to start gassing? jk

    • incogman says:

      I let ’em stew for awhile, as they Jew SPEW invectives at me till they run out of breath — that way they’ll breath more deeply in my showers.

  4. American says:

    Wow, I hadn’t heard of this JEW. They work hard to keep these things quiet:

  5. White Master says:

    Damn, 260 women.

    Nope, never heard of that freak.

    Jews! Jews! Jews!

  6. Cal Bear says:


    This story in my local newspaper a few months back is what got me thinking about racial issues – specifically how our race (nation) is being displaced without our consent and for no good reason.
    (Be sure to click on IMAGES above)

    Whether the displacement of our nation is with those of higher/lower potential is irrelevant IMO.
    (Make sure to see the slideshow accompanying the story)

    As a Californian (born and raised in the bay area), I am acutely aware how fast entire communities can be changed demographically. A single decade of MASS immigration and once great cities are changed – forever!

    7.2 million out of 11.9 million US Asians were foreign born as of the 2000 census

    “The number of Asian-born people totaled just 800,000 in 1970, then more than tripled in the 1970s and nearly doubled again in the 1980s, reaching 5.0 million in 1990.” (See US census link above).

    San Francisco, once among the greatest cities in the world, is now a heaping tower of babel where sexual deviants parade down the street proclaiming their “pride”.

    So, how did this come about? Was it an accident?

    Seems to me that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 sealed our fate. By acquiring the power to print “our” money and charge us interest for using it, a private banking cartel secured the means with which to gain control of “our” media and virtually ANY institution it so desires.

    This turn of events then gave the “cultural Marxists” the means with which to carry out their agenda.

    That said; I cannot express the exasperation that overwhelms me when speaking to these brain dead bay area white gentile “progressives” who instinctively scream “racism” at any mention of the MASS immigration overwhelming our once Golden State.

    Have the cultural Marxists won? Or will the internet allow us to win back the hearts and minds of our people?

    Anyhow Incogman, this essay is what prompted my response to your blog post above;

    • incogman says:

      Uh, Cal Bear, this para of yours says it all in a nutshell:

      Seems to me that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 sealed our fate. By acquiring the power to print “our” money and charge us interest for using it, a private banking cartel secured the means with which to gain control of “our” media and virtually ANY institution it so desires.

      This turn of events then gave the “cultural Marxists” the means with which to carry out their agenda.

      This is going on all over the place. I traveled the country extensively in 2003 and what I saw floored me. All of our cities are turning into third-world piss pots. All this has been quite purposeful, I assure you.

      The “Multicult” brainwashing of America has effectively silenced Whites. Notice when a White speaks now about something, he starts off with the caveat “diversity is good, but blah blah…” It’s a big joke anymore!

      And it is JEWS. The sooner we figure that one out, the better. Sure, they have their White cohorts, but it’s them in the end.

      By the way, all comments with 4 or more links automatically go into my spam. But I released it from where I keep the Jew trolls.

  7. White Master says:


    I would not even want to imagine the demonic Jew stench coming from Spamblinka.

  8. White Master says:

    Cal Bear,

    Its all very sickening indeed. And those braindead Whites who cheer it all on are going to reap the negatives they are sewing, eventually.

  9. White Master says:

    Dont worry about the sheeple Whites Cal Bear, my own family members try to bash me.

    But when the fire is lit within and Whites awaken to this mess there is no going back. Do not want to go back. Forget the braindead they come with us or perish.

  10. Marshall says:

    If Bigfoot and Aliens aren’t Jewish, then why does the supposed “History Channel” run shows about the pair, day and night?

    It must be their mission.

    Bigfoot and Aliens, what a hoot. I’ve seen some extremely strange stuff in my day…but it all seems to…FIT…somehow It seems to emanate from California JEWS!!!!

    There are some horrible ones here in Southern FL.

  11. Marshall says:


    GYPSY CARNIVAL JEW SCUMBAG. It’s really a huge scam, the likes of which you have never seen. Even on your own.

    No wonder, they like this absurd circus, called “DISNEY WORLD.”

    I’m sure you KIKES, can run it better….just let me know if you want some pointers. You don’t have any.

  12. Marshall says:


    YOUR MONEY RUNS OUT. When they have sucked the last dollar away from you, they will STILL DIE.

    NOTHING will ever satisfy their bizzare schemes, because, quite isn’t yours to start with. Funny to see Kurt Russel’s daughter in this movie recently.

    She must feel like the the worked over roadie since, well..your DAUGHTER?

    You know…I first watched Kurt Russell, along about the time he was just a little kid on Gilligan’s Island. That was a strange show. That was pretty funny. Crazy kid on a Hollywood beach, made out of NOTHING.

    e-mail me at

  13. Fanning says:

    Fernando Pena would like to let you know that, “For Peace And Justice To Be Realized, White People Must Be Reduced To A Minority” and “Only whites are racist; people-of-color cannot be racist since they are oppressed.”

    But, his site isn’t considered a hate site?

    • incogman says:

      Good find, Fanning. I hope people take the time to read that guy’s pure White hate.

      Folks, we really do have racial enemies out there. They’ve been propagandized up the ying yang into hating you for stuff you never did, only that you are White and a symbol to them. It’s them who are the real racists.

      The sooner you figure out this, put away trying to be Mr. Nice Guy to those who could care less, the sooner we can put a stop to them.

  14. Saul The GOY says:

    “Words and thoughts have power and should be used carefully.” ~ Alpha Wolf, JP1,2? or whatever.

    Now that’s something I can agree with. Though ‘don’t’ always practice.

    “Using jew words gives them power whether you like it or not. I choose to deny them such. It is why no real understanding of such evil demons can be had other than to just call it Evil. Same reason for the concept of the Devil-Lucifer. It is Evil anthropomorphically described. I refuse to use jew terms instead of my own, and thereby disempower them.”

    This, I also see SOME truth in, but in fact the jew has changed the WORLD by redefining terms. It might check out SRI’s study “Changing the images of man”. The way I see it is when someone lables you as something foul like a ‘Goyim’, celabtrate it and turn it into a weapon against them. Words have NEVER bothered me to the degree I see in others.

    The jew has redefined ‘free enterprise’ to fascist capatialism and has all the cattle (Goyim? perhap, is quite fitting) swallowing their crap with comments like, ” We’re a Capatialist nation, by God, and if you don’t like it, then get out. There by supporting the jew’s takeover of of our economy with their inhuman war on freedom and the right to earn a living or exist at all. Why can’t one turn the jew’s lies and terms against them? I find no shame in the name (Goyim) the jew uses to defile us.

    Why are you so stuck on it? Or is it me? If it was just the name, I might change it just for you, but if it’s not I think I’ll bathe in it. You know, I could care less. If thats it you’ve already lost.

    Change the words in your dictionaries subtly overtime and you MAY changes mans mind from right to sick. Exactly what the jew has done in America.

    Time to kick the American-Indian off it’s perch. They’re no better than anyone else as a whole. They steal, murder and lie like everyone else.
    They also have their good. At heart they’re a bunch of socialist or commies pandering to groups like the U.N. jews for justice, just like so many other fools. Who play into the jews deceptions by trying to get the U.N jews to fix what has been done to them, by jews also. They do have a highly spiritual and shamanistic quality about them (many) that is probably why the jew Govt is so keen to destroy them now. Like the Whites.

    I never really put that much thought in THE NAME, it WAS a JOKE. I haven’t studied jew history to the degree JP-it has, who puts all kinds of childish assertion and assumptions in to stir up shit. Someone who has apearrently spent much more time in the jew barn than I studing his masters. That’s what REAL LIARs do.

    The Saul I know is a pretty good person, in spite of the poison of Hate he carries for some things. I like Saul, I think I’ll keep him for now. Because just like the jew, it wants to take it away from me, like a little coward thief. Now am I susposed to go to jew-school and study what it wants me to learn so I can acknowledge its greatness.

    I really did like that big word ‘anthropomorphically”, way cool. How old are you beta pup? I’ll file it away with all the othe big word that close minds more simple with text book smart BS and stick to opening my mind with small words defining large concepts. I don’t need a book to think, the only inspire me.

    But it should feel good, incog talks to it he ignores me. He likes it, so be happy and straighten that feather. Its a great guy! I don’t require such nurturing. You have a father now. Be happy.

  15. Saul The GOY says:

    Is it a jew? It so hypacritically, like the jew, yelling jew, has used tens of more jew words than it has accused me of. What a LIAR. The only deception I told here was my psuedo-name. Not a lie Obviously studied the jew in far more depth. Is it’s mother an igine and it’s daddy a jew? I’m heading towards the reaservation for so inlightenment. The Wolf is a preditor, just like the jew. Maybe I’ll call myself Alpha Honkey.

  16. Alpha Wolf says:

    I think you forgot your spell checker jew boi. Thanks for the clarification.

    The name you are so proud of ‘accidentally’ picking for yourself is the king of all jews that murdered women, children, and animals. You are obviously proud to call yourself in hebrew by hebrew names. “Saul went to war and defeated the Amalekites. Saul killed all the babies, women, children, poor quality livestock and men, and left alive the king and best livestock.”

    “Saul (???? ????) (or Sha’ul) (Arabic: ????? ,T?l?t?) (Hebrew: ???????, Modern Ša?ul Tiberian Š??ûl ; “asked for” or “borrowed”) (reigned 1047 – 1007 BC?) was the first king of the united Kingdom of Israel according to the Hebrew bible.”

    “Saul, the first king, begins as an ideal choice to lead and judge Israel…”

    The wolf is the top predator that makes all others strong by culling the weak. He is by far your senior and reaches back 30 million years on earth.

    If incogman catches on to the game your playing here jew boi, and puts you in Treblinka maybe others will become more aware of your real intent here and become more jew-wise. Otherwise it matters not, you are weak and will not survive the first wave. Something else for you jew boi, Indian people are still here after 500 years of the best persecution and genocide your people, the jews could bring against them. Long after you and your kind are gone, we shall remain, and the world will be good again, like it was before the jews came.

    Using your jew king name gives life to it. Everytime it is said one is calling you jew king. I see why though, it’s like using the name Adolph on a jew’s blog. Using hebrew terms to describe yourself demonstrates your incestuous desires like jews have for shit and feces. You will have plenty of time to brush up on your hebrew in FEMA camp. Other than that, if you want to choose a nigger name go ahead. The only loss will be numerous followers of incogman who choose not to personify or give life to the jew king of kings or worship niggers will head elsewhere. And everything you utter is instantly disregarded as kike spew anyway. It is not the same as occasionally using jew language to make people aware (like of being called cattle), you are proud to use it and are a JEW. That’s right, I’m calling you a jew, i.e., calling a jew a jew. Fuck you asshole.

    Anytime, anyplace you want to discuss this in person I am in the central U.S. and can travel on short notice jew boi… I didn’t think so- pussy.

  17. Alpha Wolf says:

    This holohoax thing is getting way out of hand. If it wasn’t bad enough with holohoax shrines for israhell all over OUR country, and the kikes taking up “internet warfare” to pollute blogs, paid for with OUR money donations to israhell, now these filthy kikes want widespread mandatory holohoax ‘training’ in public schools. The holohoax disease is spreading again in England, WTF, why don’t they just make an all-in-one swine-flu/holohoax death shot?

    “300 schools to become Holocaust specialists – History: all secondary schools to have a Holocaust expert”

    “£1.5m national programme will train a teacher from every secondary school in England.

    Hundreds of schools across the country are to become specialist centres of Holocaust education under a national scheme launched today.

    The plan, which will be rolled out in 300 schools, forms part of the new £1.5 million Holocaust education programme run by London University’s Institute of Education.

    As The TES revealed in November, the Holocaust Education Development Programme will provide extensive specialist training for 3,500 teachers – one from every secondary in England.”

    I feel nauseous. hehe

  18. Alpha Wolf says:

    This holohoax thing is getting way out of hand. If it wasn’t bad enough with holohoax shrines for israhell all over OUR country, and the kikes taking up “internet warfare” to pollute blogs, paid for with OUR money donations to israhell, now these filthy kikes want widespread mandatory holohoax ‘training’ in public schools. The holohoax disease is spreading again in England, WTF, why don’t they just make an all-in-one swine-flu/holohoax death shot?

    “300 schools to become Holocaust specialists – History: all secondary schools to have a Holocaust expert”

    “£1.5m national programme will train a teacher from every secondary school in England.

    Hundreds of schools across the country are to become specialist centres of Holocaust education under a national scheme launched today.

    The plan, which will be rolled out in 300 schools, forms part of the new £1.5 million Holocaust education programme run by London University’s Institute of Education.

    As The TES revealed in November, the Holocaust Education Development Programme will provide extensive specialist training for 3,500 teachers – one from every secondary in England.”

    I feel nauseous. hehe

  19. Alpha Wolf says:


    MY POSTS SEEM TO DISAPPEAR. SAY THE WORD AND I’M GONE DUDE, but at least be a man about it ok.

    “Soldier balks at deploying; says Obama isn’t president”

    “U.S. Army Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, set to deploy to Afghanistan, says he shouldn’t have to go.

    His reason?

    Barack Obama was never eligible to be president because he wasn’t born in the United States.

    Cook’s lawyer, Orly Taitz, who has also challenged the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency in other courts, filed a request last week in federal court seeking a temporary restraining order and status as a conscientious objector for her client.

    In the 20-page document — filed July 8 with the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia — the California-based Taitz asks the court to consider granting his client’s request based upon Cook’s belief that Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States and is therefore ineligible to serve as commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.

    Cook further states he “would be acting in violation of international law by engaging in military actions outside the United States under this President’s command. … simultaneously subjecting himself to possible prosecution as a war criminal by the faithful execution of these duties.”

  20. American says:

    Bring a magic marker with you everywhere! “The dollar has lost 95% of it’s value since the ‘Fed’ was created! The ‘Fed’ are JEWS”

    or, “Israel did 9/11”

    or, “We fight wars to protect Israel..NO MORE!”

    or, “Israel=the REAL terrorists!”

    or, “”Put JEWS in prison, where they belong!”

    Keep spreading the word, EVERYWHERE YOU GO.

  21. Alpha Wolf says:

    My posts were vanishing for a while, so let’s see American-

    The best place for jews to see it would be bathroom stalls.

    A man with a shaved head was seen running with a magic marker in his hand before he leaped into a pickup truck with a Ron Paul for President bumper sticker and headed south.


    HOW ABOUT MASSIVE WORLDWIDE SPAM CAMPAIGN TO “PUT THE TRUTH OUT”? Just attempting such a thing would create ‘massive’ publicity. hehe

    Call it “Operation Ass-Wipe”

  22. Alpha Wolf says:

    Alright no problem incog- catch and release you say? hehe

    I’ll calm down. Not trying to hijack your blog. I’ll post one more scary thing about ‘aliens’ and ‘bigfoot’ before I head out for a while.

    Get your tin-foil hats on people- (jk)

    Two days of US drone attacks kill nearly 80 in Pakistan
    By Barry Grey July 9, 2009

    “The United States fired multiple missiles from pilotless drones on Wednesday in two separate attacks on insurgents in Pakistan’s South Waziristan district, killing up to 60 people. The attacks followed a US missile strike in South Waziristan on Tuesday that reportedly killed 16 people.”
    Predator drones patrolling Canada-U.S. border
    Canwest News Service Published: Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    “The U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s office of Air and Marine have announced that a Predator drone plane has begun flights out of Fort Drum, N.Y., at the eastern end of Lake Ontario.
    Under Operation Empire Shield, the entire Canada-U.S. border will be eventually be subject to such flights by Predator drone planes. The drones are controlled from remote locations in California and Arizona.”

    “Pentagon intrigued by battlefield robots that feed on human flesh”

    Fox News rather blandly reports that “a Maryland company under contract to the Pentagon is working on a steam-powered robot that would fuel itself by gobbling up whatever organic material it can find — grass, wood, old furniture, even dead bodies.”
    “The happy little machine developed by Robotic Technology, Inc. is named the Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot, or EATR:
    The advantages to the military are that the robot would be extremely flexible in fuel sources and could roam on its own for months, even years, without having to be refueled or serviced.
    Upon the EATR platform, the Pentagon could build all sorts of things — a transport, an ambulance, a communications center, even a mobile gunship.
    In press materials, Robotic Technology presents EATR as an essentially benign artificial creature that fills its belly through “foraging,” despite the obvious military purpose.”

    What kind of fucked up shit is this? Orwell, Turner, Star Wars all wrapped up in one. They find you with a drone and send an eater to de-gun you and/or eat you! Psycho jews.

  23. Alpha Wolf says:

    Got a shitload of tomatoes, squash, and beans to pick but it’s raining and American gave me a great idea. I may or may not have previously printed up ‘stickers’ that are quick and easy to slap up in highly visible places like Walmart or wherever to help spread the truth.

    This site has banners with web page links covering the basic realm of jew lies and crimes against America that are perfect for printing/linking/spreading around to people. He calls it “Counter-Propaganda Against the Jewish Mafia.” (Just don’t get caught spreading flyers in the real world or, well, they will probably drag you away in chains and lock you in a cell).

    -over and out. Keep up the good work incog- ALPHA WOLF TURNING UP THE VOLUME.

  24. guitarman uk says:

    dont know about bigfoot,but dafoe and gainsbourg are.(jewish) not sure about lars von triers,the director. Heres an article about the new film,’antichrist’,weakened by the fact that the reviewer hasnt seen it. graphic sex! dead babies! sado-masochism! genital self mutilation! murder!
    grab the popcorn!!

  25. kerdasi amaq says:

    surprise, surprise a jewess tells the truth, but what you knew all along though.

  26. kerdasi amaq says:

    Four months to avert catastrophic climate change. What a load of rubbish! I suspect the meltdown he really fears is that Wall Street’s financiers are in danger of losing their hold on the USA and he wants action fast! inside four months.

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