The "Empathetic" White Haters


Sonia Sotomayor is clearly another White Hater, with one hellava scary mouth too. Her Whiteman-chomping big teeth, scared the living bejeesus out of me, as she soothingly promised during the confirmation hearings that she would “only apply the law, not make it” — like we’re supposed to believe her carefully scripted line of bull?

You’re a White person, right? Ask yourself this: Have you been given the world on a silver platter just because you were born White? Of course not. But that’s what a lot of people seem to think.

The Senate confirmation hearings going on this past week in DC for Sonia Sotomayor, the first Puerto Rican woman nominated for SCOTUS, were just another public slap in the face of common sense and patriotic White Americans. It now looks like a foregone conclusion that they will put this woman on the Supreme Court; who is as activist a Judge as they can get away with openly installing (for now).

As an Hispanic and a woman “raised from humble circumstances,” the liberal White Haters say this gives her the background which makes her so “empathetic.” Like Whites never, ever have a tough life? But it’s not really her “humble beginnings” at all, only that she’s a “person of color” that’s really important and “empathetic.” Read on.

Sotomayor once famously said: “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” I guess us White males just don’t have what it takes?

Her performance answering the Senator’s questions was stilted and disingenious. You could tell she was carefully watching every word she uttered, almost biting her tongue trying to keep from saying what she really thought. One of her pat little lines: “My personal and professional experiences help me listen and understand, with the law always commanding the result in every case.” But in a speech in 2003, she was a bit more honest on how she really thinks: “”Our experiences as woman and people of color will in some way affect our decisions.” Read more here

You know what the deal is — you see it all over the place. Whites know where things are going, alright. Whatever White concerns, moralities and beliefs are always being ignored, dissed, spat-upon and called “racist” by these Marxist Jews, White race traitor liberals and “people of color” for quite some time. Obama, his Jew/Negro government and the media are now ushering in everything we’ve been warned about by pro-Whites for decades now.


Just look at this pair of subversive Jews! Senators Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer’s effusive love comments for Sonia Sotomayor were so sickening sweet as to be beyond belief — Schumer actually pretended to cry at one point. I came so close to loosing an expensive lunch, that I immediately made my way towards the porcelain throne, just in case.

Think about something here. Let’s pretend you’re a liberal White named Arial Saxon Manchester and you subscribe to the whole diversity business, hook, line and sinker. You believe all the stuff they want you to. But guess what? That’s not enough for these people. You lack the racial background of the “oppressed” ones, you’re nothing but a White person, so you must naturally be a “stealth racist.”

Your mother might have worked two jobs and you might have studied your tail off in school, but all that will mean squat to these people, because anything you ever get will only be from “White Privilege.”

It’s these people who are the real racists, not Whites! No two ways about it.

Senator Lindsey Grahm is just another Zionist stooge who pretends he's conservative.

Senator Lindsey Grahm is just another Zionist stooge who pretends he's so conservative.

Now, one of things talked about during the Sotomayor confirmation, was the Ricci “reverse discrimination” case. White Firefighters, one of whom was Hispanic, were denied promotions when they passed a captain’s test. One of the White guys was mildly dyslexic and paid someone to help him study by using flashcards for a year.

Why did they deny them what they so clearly deserved? Because no Blacks passed this test, that’s why. The city threw out the results, supposedly fearful of being sued by the always so litigant Negroes (who might get a lifetime of moolah and not have to work ever again). The firefighters took it to court and when the case eventually reached Sotomayor, the empathetic one, she denied them.

None of that made the least impression on Senators Feinstein, Charles Schumer and that walking, talking Jew-joke, Al Franken (I still can’t believe this guy is now a Senator). These Jews made an embarrassment of themselves during the hearings, teaming up just like they always do for fellow Jews, any Israel First business or just plain anti-White legislation. Their lovey-dovey Jew Spew for Sotomayor positively reeked.

What’s truly ironic is that Jews are the most racist and nepotistic race on the planet, yet go on and on about how us exclusive Whites are always shutting out the other races simply because of skin color. Forget about brains and skills — it makes not a lick of difference, since even tests can now be called racist, if they don’t promote the “people of color” over Whites.

Sotomayor is not the only Marxist Hispanic White Hater who thinks she’s better than us. Not by a long shot. There’s plenty more where she comes from. For example, here’s another “empathetic” Hispanic, of whom I was alerted to recently by a INCOG MAN reader (Fanning):

White people have had 2,000 years to change their ways and, yet, THEY HAVE NOT. Whites seem unable to practice justice and fairness. Therefore the only solution is to reduce whites to a minority wherever they are presently a majority (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc). The sooner whites are reduced to a minority, the sooner the world can be remade into a unified global society based on justice & dignity… a world free of war and conflict. In such a world, the natural instincts inherent in people-of-color (eg. sharing, justice, peace, fairness, etc) will then finally be free to flourish. Lastly, the fewer white people in the world, the less chance they’ll have to re-emerge and restart their oppressive & racist ways. Sadly, this is the only solution, and, however this solution is realized is justified (large scale non-white immigration, birth control, abortion, etc). Principles of Progressive Politics

And get that line, people: “Whites seem unable to practice justice and fairness.” In other words, no matter what Whites do, these people are still going to blame you for all the world’s troubles. May as well forget trying to be Mr. Nice Guy to these fools.



The little SOB, Ferdinand Pena, lives in Salina, California UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Funny how he’s now enjoying living in the good old US of A while spouting his crap with a computer on the Internet, both White inventions. Note: the little dirt bag is also a member of the Jew Soros’ Open Society “Institute.” He’s probably well thought of by the Jews there. Here’s a quote from under his banner head, written by one of the Frankfurt School Jews:

“The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.”

— MAX HORKHEIMER, Marxist Theoretician [code for Commie Jew]



Read that last quote back and think deeply about all the pure BS now going on in Obama’s America. That’s exactly what these GD Commie Jews have been up to all along!

And then we have plenty of Negroes getting fat off the whole Hate Whitey bit, like the lovely Vernellia Randall (right), professor of law at the University of Dayton. She’s got herself a nice little website called “Race Traitor” which is actually hosted on University servers. And they sure did forget to mention her little website in this bio for a Black pre-law conference.

Read this first intro paragraph on her website:

The white race is a historically constructed social formation. It consists of all those who partake of the privileges of the white skin in this society. Its most wretched members share a status higher, in certain respects, than that of the most exalted persons excluded from it, in return for which they give support to a system that degrades them.

Us Whites are considered a “historically constructed,” which means as a race we don’t exist, except for all the evil that our non-existent and “most wretched” members do to the “exalted” people of color, of course. How’s that for some circular reasoning? And we end up being degraded by the “system” — which she’s right, in a way, just not how she thinks. She’s milking the militantcy, like so many Negroes have learned to do.

Just where do they get these bright ideas?



The real source of all this White hate in the first place, are Commie Jews just like Max Horkheimer, a kind that still infests White countries to this day. For example: Vernellia’s little website of White Hate, happens to share the name of a magazine created by a Jew professor, named Noel Ignatiev (right), who openly calls for abolishing Whites, albeit the mere “social construct” that you and your children happen to be.

His kind of Jew crap (and he’s certainly not the only one) is lapped up by the other races, just so they can give an intellectual patina to their jealousies and insecurities of White people (they’re not smart enough to come up with their own White hate concepts so they steal from the Jew’s inner White hate and commie bull).

This insidious Jew once wrote:

“we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed — not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

These people have absolutely no problem saying this kind of thing, but when a White person expresses the least amount of racial pride, or even if he calls for illegal aliens to be deported, all hell breaks loose about the hateful, racist White in the media. Tell me that’s not true?

What’s wrong with this picture?

These White Haters are all over the place now, infesting the college campuses, universities, even our high schools and elementary schools. They completely dominate the media, all the editors, writers and producers of news that’s beamed out to the masses. If you are a pro-White, you don’t stand a chance at working in places like this, let alone getting your views heard. Forget all about it, Bub.

The White race has been told that it’s always them who are the culprits, they’ve worked to instill White guilt in us by the bucketfuls. They’ve slimed us every which-away with no problems whatsoever, career or otherwise, because they know they can get away with it. For now.

They want everyone to think that it’s only us Whites who can be racist. Personally, I have had quite enough of this BS. These people will soon rue the day they took it this far, believe me.

So, considering the bountiful evidence that it makes little to no difference what you believe to these people, how good you truly are, or whatever helping hand us White people have extended to them over the decades, I’ve decided to give up being a Mr. Nice Guy. I’ve made the decision to be exactly who they insist Whites are and I’m loving it!

That’s right. Once you decide not to play their games and think freely, you’ll see everything much more clearly. What you will see may piss you off to the extreme from time to time, but you’ll never have to berate yourself over nothing or find yourself confused about the world ever again. Try it and you’ll see.

Oh, I’m “empathetic” alright. Empathetic only for any fellow White person who has become racially awakened to the real deal and stands up for the White race.

They hate us for being White. Always have. And, no doubt about it, we are now giving away America to  leftist, Marxist, White haters of all sorts. Hispanic (Spanish Whites, excluded), Jew, Negro, even deluded, White self-haters, those who openly work for the demise of our own people.

Oh, they try to say it’s because of slavery and all the oppressions of White people over history. Doesn’t that get a little old? What they really hate is what we represent, just by the color of our skin! Whites are THE symbol of true civilization in the world. We not only created fantastic cities and cultures, we invented truly marvelous things and mapped the world, before most of these people even knew there was a world.

Our agricultural inventions in crop genetics, alone, have enabled literally billions of non-Whites to even live without starving. And we continually see our tax dollars go over to these people’s countries all the time for medicines, etc. that we created in the first dam place. I’ve had quite enough!

This quote says it far better than I ever could:

“The inferior races hate the white race precisely because of its superiority. It is galling to the lower races to be reminded of their inferiority, and white superiority instills in them a burning desire to tear down whites and their creations in order to make themselves whites’ ‘equal’.

This is not all, however, for tearing down whites removes a burr from their consciousness — that of being reminded of their inferiority — and indeed is an act of revenge for such reminding. Accordingly, when whites are so stupid as to treat the lower races as equals, this but whets the appetite of those races to see whites destroyed, for they see vulnerability in this stupidity, and thus an opportunity for inserting their grappling hooks into the edifice of white civilization.”

— JBR Yant, Mortal Words v 11

The other races are just plain jealous of us. Always have been. They know well that, pound for pound, White people are the smartest, the most beautiful and handsome, adaptable, strongest and physically formidable race that has ever graced the planet. Ever!

We'll see how big their mouths are when we come looking for them wearing German helmets!

We'll see how big their mouths are when we come looking for them!

Should we have wanted to, we could have laid waste to every single one of them. They should each get down on their knees and thank each of us for not killing off their ancestors long ago.

Now, before I run along, go back up the page half way and re-read that quote from the Marxist “Theoretician,” the Frankfurt School Jew, Max Horkheimer. Remember it. Think long about all the things going on today and in the last 40 years or so, in the White countries of the West.

Folks, this is precisely what the deal has been and we had better start doing something about it!

Whites have been a patient race. Far too patient. But our patience is not infinite, by any means and when stretched, it comes snapping back — hard. These other races who hate us so, while enjoying OUR countries and OUR civilization, will soon learn this lesson: It’s not nice to mess with Whitey!

— Phillip Marlowe


“Politically Correct” History and Max Horkheimer of the Marxist Frankfurt School.

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135 Responses to The "Empathetic" White Haters

  1. Don says:

    as a matter of fact, the higher one gets in academia the more intense the white hating is. In grade school it was questionable, and in grad school it is blatant and intolerable. You pay for the African and Latino studies programs that fund white hating professors, to indoctrinate future generations.

  2. guitarman uk says:

    ten years ago the words ‘torture’ and ‘children’ didnt go together so easily did they? what the fucks happening? i assume this could be at least half true?:

    more from stasi uk:

    and stasi usa:

  3. guitarman uk says:

    nemesys,dont think i made my point too well with this marley/hendrix/ali thing.or maybe its just not a good point. What i meant was,these guys got to the top of their game and all seemed to have some degree of white in the mix.i dont know about ali,hes very light skinned though,and i think hendrix had some cherokee and caucasian back there.still,i think i’ll leave it there.
    i love the kinks,sang ‘waterloo sunset’ in a church at a wedding not so long ago,and,yep,to write one song as good as a davies/mcartney/lennon would make me very pleased,let alone hundreds like those guys.and while were on it,i prefer jimmy page to hendrix anyday..proper genius. well,its not a music blog;
    was thinking about this today;they have this thing in europe called ‘eurovision song contest’,its a cheesy,outdated kitsch thing only watched by gays and senior citizens,a simulcast,europe -wide. the point is this,some years back,here was a big fuss as the winner for israel was,yawn,a transexual. i imagine this was a deliberate smokescreen,because i didnt think to myself till much later,’what the hell are israel doing in a supposedly ‘european’ event?
    they now also play in the european football(soccer)championships! when i ask people if they think thats odd,well,they just dont! its incredible; i suppose,after jewish arithmetic,this is jewish geography.

  4. incogman says:

    Don’t take critisisms of your taste in music too seriously, guitarman uk. I myself love a lot of Negro music, including Bob Marley. But I definintely think that the current hip hop crap is a DEVOLVEMENT and worthless. It’s a indication of the direction of our society and of what the Jews push for in White countries.

    But one thing to keep in mind: Whites are indeed far more creative than any of the Blacks. Hell, look at all the great music from White Britons. Sure, we’ve been influenced by Negro music in the past, but we always take it to another level.

  5. Nemesys says:

    “Waterloo Sunset” is one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s transcendentally gorgeous. I alwo love “Cuppa Tea” [sic] from Muswell Hillbillies. Don’t forget that Davies got attacked,in in New Orleans Africa, a few years back, attempting to defend a ladyfriend. Guess the Race of the attackers.

    I am sorry if I came down too hard. I’ve loved the music of Blacks. in the past, as well. I just don’t think we need them. Contact has been a disaster for Whites.

  6. guitarman uk says:

    i take it youve all seen the’long-legged mackdaddy’ speech? here it is for those who havent,first 5 mins are hilarious;


    this is for anonymous who asked about poss ‘black magic’ aspects.was a link on rense today,be warned,its proper nasty,some sick stuff,details of sacrifice etc.if any of its true,well these creatures arent human.not in my book.

  7. Marshall says:


    You know, I bought my first Les Paul because of Jimmy Page, and my first Strat because of Hendrix. I was at Zep’s last concert at Knebworth before Bonzo died. Made “Woodstock” look like a freaking LAWN PARTY LOL!!!

    Later on though, I discovered that Pagey was into Aleister Crowley, even bought his house!!! There is some bizarre occultic influence in the music industry, and Crowley was behind quite a bit of it. He was a strange, twisted guy. Timothy Leary even quotes Crowley, not to mention Ozzy Osbourne. His picture is on the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album.

    Speaking of Beatles, John Lennon was fond of making that “devil’s salute” handsign too…creepy!!!


  8. guitarman uk says:

    marshall devils got all the best tunes,thats for sure.i find christians take it all a bit far though,theres a 4 hour ‘expose’ of ‘evil rock music’ called ‘they sold their souls for rock and roll’.theres a free 25 min preview on the net,easy to find.if you love your music,watch it,its hilarious..they go from morrisson,black sabbath,etc,and then throw billy joel in there!..billy joel,the marylin manson of his day…yes,watch it

  9. guitarman uk says:

    marshall you know ive seen those pics of lennon,its well ahead of its time,thats for sure! another fan of the texas longhorns?

  10. guitarman uk says:

    whats the difference between an ‘enemy combatant’ and a 7 year old with a white flag? Er,none if youre idf:

  11. Marshall says:

    Yeah guitarman LMAO!!! I guess people around the globe are “Texas Longhorn” fans. Why sure they are. 😉

    Yes, I’ve seen parts of that “They Sold Their Souls for Rock & Roll” series online, quite an eye-opener for me, after being such a Zep fan in my teenage years. Didn’t even know who Aleister Crowley WAS. Suddenly Pagey making all his mystical sorcery stuff made sense to me, not to mention the Beatles going to hang around in Katmandu LOL!!!

    By the way guitarmanUK, I almost got my ass kicked at a Liverpool vs. Arsenal soccer (er…football) game just because I picked a yellow and blue golf shirt out of my travel bag and we had seats on the Liverpool side…all back in my teen years when I was at Knebworth.

    WHOA!!! I was thinking…what? Can you see I’m an American or something? Why are you glaring at me like that? Is it my Southern accent? What’s the deal?

    Oh hell!!! God Save the Queen!!! LOL!!!

    Marsh 😉

  12. Alpha Wolf says:

    Are you a soccer hooligan?

    Want to see some Longhorn fans. I got some Longhorn fans for you:

    Scroll down and can you say wtf Signs of Satan!

    Well known people showing off the hand signal which represents Satan.

  13. American says:

    Although Shedlock doesn’t get into the JEWish PROBLEM, I noticed this article regarding the many reasons to dismantle the FED was loaded with names of JEW criminals:

    From my travels, I can say that JEWS severely underestimate many Whites in this country. I feel rejuvenated after spreading the word, only to find MANY are on top of the “JEW-rat” subversions we see all around us. Of course lots of whites are useless, but that’s irrelevant, as enough are focused to put the JEWS in prison where they belong. Since most realize JEWS have gamed the system, asset confiscation was mentioned frequently.

  14. John says:


    That white supremacist bullshit isn’t flying anymore either. Your argument sounds like the argument of a parasite locked out. If your tribe and all of the niggers and mexicans were self sufficient, you wouldn’t give a flying fuck what white people do. It’s all the rationality of a parasite’s suit against it’s targeted host. The tap is about to be turned off. If you don’t believe me, believe Ezekiel 31. The wefare tree grown strong and high on the great waters (the taxes and stuidity of white people) is coming down on all of your ugly heads and your little sense of parasitic entitlement. The niggers will lose heart and run when they even see white people ready to fight them and the jews will hide. Your tribe’s puppet show is losing power fast.

    Hitler beat a path to Russia where he knew your tribe was having a little holocaust of your own. A Purim orgy of blood and guts and dancing with the entrails of white people around your heads. 60 million, at least, was the tally on that massacre. That truth is becoming known far and wide too. White people are just too innocent to come close to imagining what disgusting people you are. They don’t want to know that shit! Who would??? I puked twice a night for a week when I saw what I had been serving. They will too. You’re a slave to the deceit you started now. The desperation is slowing. I don’t negotiate with parasites. You jew’s ubiquitous presence in everything white punctuates that fact.

    By all means, leave that petri dish sample out of your Treblinka Hah hah AHhahaHHhAhAhAhA ahh AH A. White people need to get a good strong whiff of it and go through the puking phase.

  15. American says:

    How come “Nazi’s” have been welcomed by host nations around the world, while JEWS have been expelled 109 times, and counting.

    One thing about Ernst Zundel is that he speaks the truth. If his prognostications are also correct, JEWS will get the holoco$t at the hands of very well-armed Americans. I’ve been to many counties where the sheriffs will NEVER try, or allow the disarmament of his people. This fact, combined with the observation that the US now resembles 1930’s Germany, provides a clue to what lies ahead for the parasitic JEWbags.

    Not enough people are buying their BS anymore.

  16. American says:

    How come “Nazi’s” have been welcomed by host nations around the world, while JEWS have been expelled 109 times, and counting?

    One thing about Ernst Zundel is that he speaks the truth. If his prognostications are also correct, JEWS will get the holoco$t at the hands of very well-armed Americans. I’ve been to many counties where the sheriffs will NEVER try, or allow the disarmament of his people. This fact, combined with the observation that the US now resembles 1930’s Germany, provides a clue to what lies ahead for the parasitic JEWbags.

    Not enough people are buying their BS anymore.

  17. canadian says:


    Don’t flatter yourself. I ain’t making an argument because I don’t feel one needs to be made. These are observations. You people do not represent “white” people. You are, at best, a marginal group of angry, under-achieving, miscreants who blame everyone but yourselves for your misfortunes, and happen to be white.

  18. guitarman uk says:

    wow,marshall,you experienced the british love of violence for its own sake! if only we could get together and focus that energy towards the real enemies.we’ve been serfs for too long,here;people feel powerless and just moan or fight among ourselves. alpha wolf, no im no soccer hooligan,played in a few teams when younger,was lucky to have my local team win the european cup twice,when i was young enough to give a shit(it was amazing!) but now see spectator sport as ‘bread and circuses’.Dont wish to offend sports fans but there are better things to be happy/sad/angry about.lots of women here getting broken noses on a saturday evening,why?because of the state of the world? no,because this or that team of(usually non-british) millionaire ball kickers didnt get a,no,the interest just faded years ago. started to like boxing again though,after years of liberal,’its barbaric’ programming!
    marshall,you saw the real zep live,i have no words.

    german gal;you are very right,re:my bad. i knew i was a mistake..ive never ued that before,point taken,i wont mistake

  19. guitarman uk says:

    canadian the viewpoints here are only ‘marginal’ because of brainwashing.its just a flimsy wall in the mind that can just disappear,believe me im so far from your probable image of a white ‘racist’..every little cult and culture on the planet is ‘racist’,whatever that word means anymore..there was a show on uk tv the other day that asked,’is it racist to call scotsman ‘jock?’..obviously the answer is,(a) no,the scots are not a race ,and(b) depends who is saying it and the context in which it is said. It seems like those who identify themselves as ‘jewish’ are one minute a race,the next a religion,the next neither and both! born slippy..

  20. incogman says:

    canadian joo:

    You sure do like hang out here a lot considering we’re so “marginal.” Hell, you’re here more than me and it’s my blog! Funny thing about you Jews, eh?

  21. Steve in TN says:

    If you want to say “no biggie” or “my bad”, WTH? This place is not about your grammar skills or your frickin’ typing skills. It about being racially aware and doing your part to resist the evil of the out group. It may sound stupid but it doesn’t sound bitchy. Chill.

  22. White Master says:


    You dumbass Jew…Is it not you fucking Jews blaming Whites constantly for everything…along with every other race that eeks into White nations? Constantly blaming Whites for their lack of Spiritual development and intelligence!

    Do you really believe the junk that comes forth from your demonic mind Canjewian?

  23. Leif Oldhart says:


    “White people have had 2,000 years to change their ways and, yet, THEY HAVE NOT. ”

    Yes, and at least nine times out of ten
    The evil worked by alleged “Whites”
    Was actually done by…

    From the slave trade to the
    Organized theft of the Black (gold) Hills and
    The related Indian massacres.

    No doubt the Jew came up with the smallpox-infested blanket
    Method of killing off the Indians
    as well.

    We have the Opium trade
    Forced by the “British” empire (Jews again)
    Sassoon and so on.

    Central and South America
    Have been “crummy” with Jews
    Since the time of Columbus.
    (Look up the REAL
    meaning of “crummy”


    WW One and
    WW Two
    The AMA and pharmaceutical medicine,
    Chemo, and
    Radiation treatment.
    Modern formats for Ritual Murder.

    Thanks, Jews!

  24. American says:

    Is ‘guitarman uk’ aware that ‘canadian’ boasts of his conquest of Gentile hookers?

    I’ll be back tomorrow, but nobody should take this most pathetic JEW serious. It’s obvious why Incog let’s him participate!

    He still hasn’t explained the reason for being here under the name ‘canadian’ when it’s obvious he only cares for JEWRY. He very seldom speaks of his Canada, but spends all his time on JEWbags.

    The real holoco$t is coming, and we couldn’t stop it if we tried. It’s like Germany all over again, but with internet-informed citizens that are also well-armed. It’s only a matter of time now, maybe 5-10 years?

  25. guitarman uk says:

    i went to canada once.drank a ‘rocky mountain bearfucker’.i think its what they give to tourists.actually it was just montreal.very clean and tidy. heres a canadian jew(henry makow) talking bout how wonderful it is to live in canadia,what with all that freedom and such….(scroll down 3/4 of the page to the mp3 link) I love canadians,why does a minority have to go and spoil everything?:

  26. incogman says:

    The Jew never speaks of Canada, other than what Jews have done to the place. Jews are the absolute most self-centered cretins in our White countries, by far. Here they have a stolen country in the Mideast that we pay big bucks to prop up and yet THEY STILL infest our countries, screwing up everything.

    I’VE HAD IT WITH THE JEW! Time to go now, Jews.

  27. Steve in TN says:

    Damn straight Leif Oldhart…

    “jewish people have had 3,000 years to change their ways and, yet, THEY HAVE NOT. ”

  28. I see you could not keep our sayanim agent, “canadian” out of here for too long, incog…

    This country is totally zio-occupied…. Damn idiot “canadian” has the nerve to show his face in here, and spew his trash…

    guitarman uk… Canada is not a wonderful place to live as you were led to believe… It has a corrupt government in Ottawa that is totally under the guidance of the JDL, and the CJC, out of Ottawa. Its media is controlled by several Zionist families such as the Bronfmanns, and the Aspers… Its court system is BS, and people are constantly in fear of “Hate Laws”…. You cannot offend or say anything against anyone because you can be brought up on trumped up BS charges, and put into a kangaroo court as a result.

    I would love to see the day that we Canadians are free of the Zionist tyranny.

  29. White Master says:


    “White people have had 2,000 years to change their ways and, yet, THEY HAVE NOT. ”

    Yeah, We have not yet exterminated the Jewish trashbags.


    Goodnight All In Incog Land!

  30. guitarman uk says:

    northern sorry,my sarcasm wasnt too obvious there.Like new zealanders,i have loved almost every canadian i have met. listen to the henry makow interview on above link,hes talking about being shut down on the net for talkin bout j’s and z’s..and hes a jewish Phd guy whose relatives died in the war! its a good listen,i personally think hes ive said elsewhere,to get through to people,we need jews o criticise jews,blacks to crit,etc etc,otherwise people run away…its unny,i just heard him say,”i used to be a socialist myself”,ha,so did i,when i thoughtit was political short hand for’good guy’.give it a listen

  31. incogman says:

    guitarman uk: There’s been lots of Jews out there trying to tell us about it. But there’s also Jews trying to screw us up with disinfo and misdirection. Personally, I think Mankow is legit and that real jew news guy. I’ll check it out with a grain of salt, as they say.

  32. guitarman uk says:

    northern yes ive been following the situation in canada for a while,it seems like all the so called ‘commonwealth’ countries are under total ‘zionist’ or ‘british israel’ control.its astounding when you realise the power of this tiny,powerless,opressed minority!
    does anyone have a list of world leaders who are jewish/half jewish/married to jewish wives/husbands? off the top of my head i bet we’re talking mexico,spain,france,ah fuckit,even if the front guys arent,the main puppetmasters are,see uk,usa,etc. still,if there is a list id like to see it.just to see how a tiny,oppressed minority can flourish,wth just a dream,a wish,and a little help from SATAN!!!!!

  33. guitarman uk says:

    Incogman, a grain of salt is all we have to separate the wheat from the which i mean our ‘intuition’.its useful to hear some of these guys speak,you can get some sense of whether they’mean it’.or maybe not,but as i listen to makow,no alarm bells. when i listen to bradford smith or hufschmid(now sworn enemies!) i hear a whine,like a mosquito.Obviously this is no rational way to make decisions,but,in the ‘infowar’,i suppose the maxim;’its the message,not the messenger’ that we should heed.for christs sake,this is the internet,i might be henry kissinger!

  34. guitarman uk says:

    yes,this,’whos legit’ thing is interesting but diverting,its a bit like the ‘evil rock music’ thing.what i mean is,most ‘devilry’ in rock is hokey pantomime,sillyness;most musicians are mellow,quiet and,dare i say it,a bit boring…so,however ‘evil’, musicians may be made out to be,they are not the ones raping iraqi girls or dropping white phosphorous on old ladies,etc

    shit i think i wandered off topic,i think what i mean is,maybe alex jones isnt the zionist cia shill hes made out to be,maybe he just hasnt got ‘there’ yet…also i may be wrong,and he will always blame the eskimos for 911 and the japanese for running hollywood.i mean i just dont know…

  35. guitarman uk says:

    this is priceless,a back,jew-wise,hitler lovin preacher tellin it like it is about the fake jew caucasoids! can i get a hell yeah ! scroll down page to near bottom;ray hagin on the jews,part two’s a peach!

  36. Saul Who can always be wrong says:

    Vaccines are a dangerous threat now through: vaccination, food modification, like putting it in your vegis and meats genetics, if the can pass the laws as they want to do now. They modify the brain and body and have proved quite deadly time and time again. Airbornes, you name it. I hope there is some white mad scientist working on their own. Weather modification is another, for disaster and foreign ‘help’ and ‘work together’ scenarios. Real ‘now’ technology. To say it is not is a lack of knowledge on the subject. Mexican troops and Katrina, while denying all American real assistance to push ‘world reliance. This whether Katrina was natural or not, I don’t know, but it all stunk anyway. The Military is years ahead of the public sector in tech.

    For insistence all the UFO sightings and films some well documented by radar and mass sightings. To say this does not exist is lunacy. To say they are all little Grey men is also ridiculous based on evidence or lack of. Whether dangerous or not, it’s apparent someone has some pretty interesting tech at their disposal. Not at all mainstream stuff. But just the type of thing they’d use to push alien-Green agendas and MK Ultra type abduction protocols pushing same. This under current in society is huge.

    The Green party was born under such under currents of New age, queer, nose ring, tattooed tribal philosophies, books and groups. While these things are a distraction, they should be considered in context with their ability to manipulate a large percentage of the populations attitudes as they have. As did the Occult movements of the past. They are the same minds and remnants that birthed the Nazis and the technologies that we inherited. Mind Kontrol IS the game, not a test or temporary experiment.

    Also to possibly create food shortage as is being assisted in planning by shipping all our canning and much of our food processing overseas and south of the border. We have only a fraction of the food reserves we used to have. Hard to war on an enemy when you being starved.

    Not far out at all, but perfect scenarios for blaming on: “acts of God’, ‘nature’ or foreign failure to produce or contamination. Why we need to keep our food production AND canning\packaging HERE. We used to have a huge (several months of food per person) surplus food storage. Now it’s only a few weeks. NOT BY ACCIDENT. The Military Elite and their jew masters have plenty. What seems off base or obscure distraction is not that at all. It’s how they work. They know most will laugh at it.

    Robot and more specifically various robotic techs is more of a not-to- distant threat, mainly a fear base now, but it’s coming. That’s what they want because it will not care. That was the point. They have said this in many military and technocratic babbling. It’s where they are absolutely heading, given the time. Much is quite accessible now.

    FEMA\Military camps are real and they are planned for us. They want to build more and recently asked for more money and OK to build them.
    Rex-84, Garden Plot, the jew’s Anti-terrorist laws and Hate Crime Treasons are all proof of their intentions. And most of our troops are filthy traitors and complete NAZI imbeciles that will not have a problem rounding Americans up until maybe they get tired of killing Americans as they have many MEs and maybe wise up and desert or switch sides.

    Everybody who does not believe a peaceful outcome will occur or doesn’t agree with all here are not jews, jew turds, or cryptos. Some just might have a different view not at all any less valid than the intellectually bound or not so as the case may be.

  37. Saul says:

    I’ve been reading ‘Mankow’ for several years now. I think most of his stuff is pretty good. Based on good ol’ common and not-so-common sense, histories proven failures and the folly of buying into all the globalist’s agendas and the fruit it has born. I don’t really see any twist in his writings that covertly push jWO agendas so far.

    “One thing about Ernst Zundel is that he speaks the truth.” American

    He like several others are true Heroes, the same type that gave us the freedom of speech we have now by USING IT, in spite of these filthy traitors who would steal it away. Age may not add to our physical strength or smarts, but it is often the bearer of spiritual strength, bravery, will and some times wisdom. They are, and others will be the soldiers of the first wave. Every resistor, living or dead is a match on the fire. Survival and future re-building is for the young. The Nazi party wasn’t bad in intent, it like every thing the jew gets near is turned. The commoners just wanted THEIR country back from this parasite called jew.

  38. guitarman uk says:

    anonymous yes,tonight on schletterman;
    barney schwarb and naomi goldenfarbernbloom discuss their new holocaust cereal,’crunchtime’,with sarah silverbergenstien and jonathan david diamond,stars of fantastic new sitcom,”dont tell my Goyfriend!”;theyre joined by harry englishsoundingname and moses israel schlong,just to rub it in…..

  39. kerdasi amaq says:

    guitarman, you were a Forest Fan? Well there’s no law saying whites can’t form their own joint-stock companies, now is there? Housing, jobs and business opportunities are the real priorities, not jew-bashing! creating a zone of economic possibilities where socially hostile and harmful influenences can be frozen out is the way to go.

  40. Don says:

    This is revolting. There is some Jew on youtube, bluespaceoddity, spouting out random names of people who died at sobibor, and leading everyone to assume they are the justification for John Demjanjuks show trial. All the people he has mention were in their 70’s and most likely not murdered.

  41. Louis from Montreal says:

    Thanks for another great blog, Incogman! You’re doing a good job, and I wish you all the luck with your endeavors.

  42. Alpha Wolf says:

    Leif Oldhart- Good knowledge of the extent of jew crimes. I’ve got a passage from John Neihardt’s book “The Sixth Grandfather” from his 1931 interviews with Black Elk, that has Grandmother England (Queen Victoria) talking about ‘owning’ Indians and secretly predicting World War I in 1887 during their visit for the Queen’s 50th anniversary Jubilee. On page 250, chapter- World of the Wasichus, “There is something that I want to tell you, and perhaps this thing I will tell you will happen while you are alive (pointing to Black Elk), or sometime one of them will know (pointing to the others) this thing will happen. There will be a big war in the future and I wish that I had owned you people, for I would not carry you around as beasts to show the people.” To put it in context, the Queen was sympathetic and giving Indians advance knowledge of her secret.

    In 2012 there is another Jubilee planned. According to some sources this will be when Prince William, the anti-christ, takes control of the world. He is the 13th generation that I think was planned/predicted. There is a long and very informative research work of this as it concerns the kikes taking over the world, 9-11, Fed, Rothschilds, Vatican, City-States, Wars, and even solutions, on this site:

    Jubilee 2012 The Tip of the Iceberg

    The source may throw you off a little but read the whole thing. Just do it.

    American- what have you been smoking man? “4-5 years” Did you mean 4-5 weeks and that was just a typo? hehe Read the 2012 scenario above and let me know what you think. Could use your insight.

  43. rocketman66/67 says:

    being a music guy from across the pond you must be a FRANK ZAPPA fan.
    listen to I’M THE SLIME, that song means more now than it ever has,ZAPPA knew what was going on long ago.
    as far as black music,i listen to alot of yussef lateef and rahsan rolland kirk.
    the muslim jazz is the best.

  44. FlyingCircus says:

    Got Jews ? Got problems ! Unless and until these economic. liberty and life sucking parasites are driven out of the continent, it’s only going to get worse !

  45. FlyingCircus says:

    Actually, I think you can make a better case for the “Jews” being a construct rather than the Aryan peoples, whose genetics are well defined. Look at their sordid history – their genetic markers are dispersed and incoherent = a soup of Asiatic miscegenation. The problem with the White race in America is that so many haven’t figured out they they are targets in a very serious race war.

  46. Barney says:

    We know the jews are the enemy, not just of humanity, but of all life, but I’ve never felt such hatred as that triggered by the first quote about us never having “improved” in 2000 years. That’s REAL hate speech, and guaranteed to trigger hatred in any White person imho.

    As for our race being a “social construct” or whatever the kike was saying, he must have been looking in the (presumably unbreakable) mirror when he said that.

    First of all, they adopt and modify ancient myths and legends to suit their crime scheme, then they pretend to be descended from the people of those ancient stories.

    Whenever they meet a rich woman, they recruit her into the gang by marriage. From that point on, she and her offspring are automatic members of the tribe, all “jews” because jewishness follows the female line. That’s how they took control of England, by marrying as many rich women as possible, thus making them “jewish” for all time.

    Better not mention all that money they accumulated in the process.

    These “jews”, described by Jesus Christ as “those who say they are jews, but are not, and are the synagogue of satan”, create jews out of rich white women wherever they may be in the world, and they then claim that WE are the created race. It’s like a drunk I once knew who projected all her own faults onto others. That’s what these fake jews do all the time. That’s why they scream in pain when they stab you in the back.

    Like most others, I’m fed up with the way they transfer the blame for their crimes – slavery being just one example – onto the innocent Whites. A few of us may have been drawn into this evil trade, but it was predominatly a joint black-jew venture, the blacks supplying the slaves and the jews trading and “owning” them. None of it was my fault, and none of my ancestors were involved.

    Where’s my gun? Oops! We’ve been disarmed over here. Doesn’t matter. We’ll deal with the bastards somehow, guns or no guns, and once we’ve dealt with a few of their tame thugs, we’ll have the guns anyway, complete with dum-dum bullets as supplied to the British police. We’ll have Tasers too, and who can say what other weapons we’ll find in those brightly-coloured police cars? Shotguns certainly, and CS sprays, handcuffs, etc.

  47. guitarman uk says:

    good article here on israel and its ‘beyond criticism’ status;

    this is perhaps old news here at incogman,but,as a reminder,charming scenes in nyc;

  48. guitarman uk says:

    for a mainstream article,(the times) this is pretty amazing; ‘simon wiesenthal (aka the nazi hunter) was a ‘fraud and a liar’,(surprise surprise)
    check out the comments before they ‘disappear’…

  49. guitarman uk says:

    “In the United States, humans of all races, creeds and colors dominate cities, towns and villages. One ethnic group cannot continue blaming another race for its own shortcomings. It’s not one particular race’s fault that another ethnic group suffers a 76 percent high school dropout rate or that 70 percent of its teens are unwed mothers. Or, that one or two races commit huge percentages of crimes, rapes or murders—because of another race.” decent article by frosty wooldridge,comments are worth reading too:

  50. kerdasi amaq says:

    social construct or not, that is no justification for destroying it.

  51. hoff2 says:

    ” It seems like those who identify themselves as ‘jewish’ are one minute a race,the next a religion,the next neither and both! born slippy..”

    Yes, and the jews do it on purpose to confuse gullible non-jews. lt’s just the jewish fraud communism, it’s jewish mumbo-jumbo marxist-leninist bullshit. The jews will tell you any bullshit to hide what they are doing they do as jews. One of the most common comments when l tell people about jews, on the net and in real life face to face is: -That have nothing to do with them being jews!

    l did that myself until l woke up some three years ago.

  52. hoff2 says:

    lt’s just LIKE the jewish fraud communism

  53. guitarman uk says:

    this man is a “conspiracy theorists” dream,hes gay,jewish,crooked(forced to resign more than once) related to the rothschilds,and wields supernatural influence(hes basically running uk):

    a supercreep

  54. guitarman uk says:

    does anybody know if the infamous ‘harold rosenthal’ interview is genuine? sounds a bit ‘dr evil’ to me…

    “The blood of the stupid masses will flow as we wait for our day of world victory” he said coldly.

  55. Marshall says:

    Your millions have become trillions…(take your little finger from your mouth) JEW.

    It was never your world to start with. Women just would rather not mate with Jews, unless JEWS force them to. Hence, PORNOGRAPHY.

    Since women don’t want to mate with Jews naturally…

    Jews try to re-create an environment wherein they can capture GENTILE women, with their LIES of DEATH. HENCE, HELLYWOOD.


  56. Marshall says:


    Harold Rosenthal actually existed, and in fact referenced Jacob Javitz, who definitely existed.



    The ultimate lie.

  57. Marshall says:

    There’s a JEW who tells something. Who would even try.

  58. Marshall says:



  59. Marshall says:


    JEWS SPEAK YIDDISH wherever they are. They expect Gentiles will never figure out what they are SAYING, and think they are brilliant for doing so.

    They naturally took over your laws and universities, because you either follow Christ, or you follow THEM. They speak back-to-front. Their “Hebrew’ came from ancient Chaldean texts. The pit of hell is from whence their plans emanate. The DJINN as they are referred to,

    “Genies.” I Dream of Jeanie, get it? Disney. “Bewitched” all shows produced by JEWS. YOU ARE SCAMMED.

    No amount of “magic” will save you from the abyss from whence you came. Your illusions are growing weaker by the DAY.

    There is nothing they despise more, than a person who simply will not go along with their plans for global conquest. BY FORCE AND MAKE-BELIEVE. (From the PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION)
    Eventually, your slickness runs out. Like oil in a car.



  60. kerdasi amaq says:

    Well, there are still some loyal patriotic Americans still left in America.

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