The Moon Landing: Was it a Hoax?

Now, this is an obvious faked photo in Photoshop that I didn’t do, so don’t freak out on me!

Last week, in advance of today’s 40 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon, ABC ran a interesting piece on the videos from the mission. Evidently, the original tapes were “lost” (possibly taped over) from the landing — can you believe that? Yes, that’s what they said (ABC just said the tapes were lost).

At the time of the landings NASA, for some odd (some say suspicious) reasons, refused the networks to have a direct feed, forcing them to video the screen inside Mission Control. Video experts recently had to digitally improve the poor TV images we all saw back then (if you’re old enough).

Now, I don’t know one way or another if the whole thing was faked, but below is one creepy video. It purports that a reel of analog film (like negatives, remember them?), was accidentally released by NASA and which apparently shows the astronauts doing some really curious things while in low earth orbit. Watch it and you tell me.

Also, please take a quick blog poll to let me know what you think. A poll was recently taken in Britain, which says 25% of Brits think it was faked.

Video on a reel of film accidentally (?) released to the public, which purports to show Apollo 11 crew faking earth shots from a distance. Very spooky.

The main question seems to revolve around the Van Allen belts. These are fields of Electromagnetism that envelops the earth, created by friction within the molten iron core of our planet.

The Van Allen belts deflect (and absorb) extremely dangerous radiation from the sun around the earth, over and into the polar regions. That’s why you have the Northern Lights. And you can thank your lucky stars that it’s around or else you would be one dead mutha by now. You actually wouldn’t even have been born if it didn’t exist. Hell, NOTHING would be born if it wasn’t around!

So get down on your skinny, knobby knees and thank God for Van Allen and his belts!

Earth orbiting missions are still protected to an extent by the Van Allen belts, but any Moon voyage would not be. Since the Lunar orbiter and command module were pretty much little more than tin foil and sheet metal, nothing would stop the dangerous radiation from passing through the astronaut’s bodies. The question is: How much?

Even today, astronauts report a curious phenomenon. With their eyes closed tightly, they see bright flashes of light once and awhile. This is the radiation not stopped by our atmosphere and the Van Allen belts.

Now we know that the astronauts didn’t come back and suffer horrible deaths six months later. Their eyeballs were not covered in sickening white cataracts, their hair didn’t fall out in wispy clumps and their teeth didn’t pop out, leaving bloody holes in their slack jaws.

So they either: Didn’t go to the moon or the radiation was so minuscule not to have effected them on the cellular level.

When I first saw official NASA films long ago (I don’t recall what mission or year), I distinctly remember thinking at the time that the cloud patterns on the earth at a distance looked funny. Too flat, too big. Something was not right, but I wasn’t sure exactly why at the time (watch above video). I have a pretty good set of eyes and have excellent depth perception, if I may be so bold as to say.

There’s also some other strange things about the Apollo mission. The flag appears to wave in some breeze, no surface distubance under the LEM descent engine, other photo anomalies, shadows, etc. etc. And we sure haven’t been back, either. On the other hand, if it was all faked, they’ve done a good job keeping it secret, that’s for sure!

The movie “Capricorn One,” used this whole idea for a plot back in the 70’s (albeit a Mars mission). The wife-slashing, Jew-stabbing Negro, OJ Simpson was in it and gets whacked trying to escape the clutches of evil NASA scientists to tell the world (undoubtedly former Nazis with “Von” in their names).

Basically, I don’t really know. But I am curious about what you think, so please take my little poll here.

— Phillip Marlowe

Check out the video which says the Chinese Spacewalk was faked. Sure looks like something fishy to me!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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207 Responses to The Moon Landing: Was it a Hoax?

  1. incogman says:

    MOON MOVIE.COM: Documented evidence of the moon hoax here.

  2. Marshall says:

    I’m coming to the realization…that demonic people seem to congregate in certain areas…

    It must be their problem. The “digital universe” as it were, (ahem)

    Maybe it’s the HATRED in your SOUL. Why make bizarre movies like “The Devil’s Rejects,” Hellywood in action.

    DAMN!!! I remember that woman who was an actress in a late version of “Threes Company” She played Chrissie Snow’s cousin or something. I can’t even remember her name, but she was a GENTILE woman. She was subjected to HORRIFIC ABUSES at the hands of JEW MOVIES.

    Nor can I remember the name of that guy who was Clint Eastwood’s sidekick in those movies where CLYDE was his constant companion and Sandra Locke was his girl. He was in that crap too. Hellywood stars, go out to pasture.

    I’ll never forget seeing CARL REINER sitting on Johnny Carson’s HEAD.

    You sick jew immoral asswipe. Here’s your show business. YOU.

    Must have missed it.

  3. kerdasi amaq says:

    “Every which way but lose” was that it?

  4. kerdasi amaq says:

    “Once again Mr. Newtonian physics guy. WHAT FORCE SHOULD PUSH THE DUST UP OR OUT?”

    simple the molecules of the exhaust gasses from the descent engine would push the dust around.

  5. If it pushed the dust out as the Apollo believers continue to claim, then HOW was there still small rocks, dirt, and pebbles directly UNDER the LM as shown in multiple pictures? Ummmmm…..

    Like I said before, the more you research and actually look at it, the more it looks so unreal….Maybe because it was!!!

  6. Maybe a bit off topic here but….I have a great idea, guys.. Lets build an Apollo rocket according to the 1960 specs and have one passenger on board.. Themadjewess!! I always wanted to see her be the first Talmudic Jew on the moon!

    We could also have her be the perfect guinea pig to actually test to see if the VA belt radiation really does fry humans….

  7. White Master says:

    Someone please change Don’s diaper, he’s a bit whiny!


  8. Marshall says:


    I guess my main question is about the temperature on the moon, and what was in their backpacks to keep them cool, exposed directly to solar radiation with no atmosphere to shield them. A typical heat-exchanger MUST have air to operate, to dissipate heat at the molecular level.

    It’s strange stuff to think about. You know, they say space is COLD. Hmm. Is a vaccuum “cold?” A vaccuum has an absence of any molecular activity, right? Frozen nitrogen is pretty damn cold, measured in Kelvin degrees, like -400 degrees Fahrenheit. But there are molecules present there.

    Therefore is it either hot or cold? Things I don’t really know. It’s rocket science LOL!!! I’m sure we could get temperature data from one of the many satellites floating in orbit out there, or from the international space station. I may go check that out, just out of curiosity.

    Sorry about my previous diatribe, I was watching “Saving Private Ryan.” Yet another attempt to manipulate us all with illusions way after the factual WW2 ended. Jews making money off death. Why is Hellywood so violent? It’s a direct manifestation of what goes on in the minds of the Jews who run it, that’s why.

    WW2…I never figured out why we teamed up with Communist Russia. Could it be that the financing for the whole conflagration was arranged by the very same people? Funding both sides, and no matter who “won” they still walked off with trillions of dollars. I read a book one time wherein Jews claimed that wars are their “harvests.” How indescribably EVIL. Plain and simple.

    Marsh 🙁

  9. Marshall says:

    Here’s an interesting article picked up on about space travel.

    I remember looking into ion drives several years ago. This is pretty intense stuff. It’s “doable” in a VACCUUM, according to what I’ve read previously.

    You know, there’s a guy who is working on MAKING a freaking authentic Flying Saucer too(I’m not kidding)…how wild!!! LOL!!!!

    Marsh 😉

    NorthernTruthSeeker-if we make that rocket 60’s style, I want some deep shag carpet in that capsule and a Lava Lamp LOL!!!

    Marsh 😉

  10. JamesTheJust says:

    I used to wonder why we have never returned to the moon. Why is it with all the potential for using it as a staging base and with its untapped resources haven’t we returned?

    The truth is that we never went in the first place and I don’t need fancy videos on the subject to know that’s the truth. Science, along with other facts say it was never done. It could not have been done.

  11. Marshall says:


    You know I have personally seen and touched the original Mercury capsule at the Smithsonian. That freaking thing has NO radiation shielding on it whatsover. It’s amazingly small. I can’t imagine it going through ANY Van Allen Belt, “thinnest part” or NOT.

    As far as re-entry goes, hell…even the Space Shuttle has heat-dissipating tiles on it, that are known to break off at times. This thing doesn’t have SQUAT for heat shielding on the bottom. Look at it!!!

    It’s a big question. Are the Van Allen belts actually there? Maybe not!!! I’m sure there’s an answer to all this controversy…it’s quite a fascinating subject indeed.


  12. guitarman uk says:

    for marshall; stumbled upon these comments about your favourite no-talent merchandise peddling,tongue waggling shyster:

    Christian Bale: ‘Total idiot.’

    Vince Vaughn: ‘A miserable sod’.

    Avril Lavigne: ‘Beyond boring. Beyond self-involved’.

    Shia LaBeouf: ‘A total corpse.’

    Gene Simmons: ‘The most unbelievably vain, egotistical bloke I have EVER come across. He has a whole room in his house dedicated to all his Kiss rock memorabilia. He can talk about himself for hours and not even know who he’s talking to. That’s pretty tragic.’

    Read more:

  13. orion14 says:

    Let people believe it was a hoax if they want. It doesn’t matter. This has nothing to do with the struggle. It’s basically another conspiracy theory designed to discredit the real coverups like 911 and the Holohoax.

    That’s how they do it with 911. Notice how the jews have infiltrated the truth movement and put forth some absolutely laughable theories on what really happened. My personal favorite is the one where there really wasn’t airplanes that crashed into the building, but holographic images designed to hit at the same time the planted explosions went off. LOL!

    Sad thing about all this is there are sincere people who will pick this type of stuff up and run with it. See how this works?

    Now we have racially aware white men trading insults with each other. know your enemy, folks. This is psych ops warfare and the jews are masters at it.

  14. kerdasi amaq says:

    yeah, Orion14 that’s a good point. NASA and the government will never have to come clean. The water is thoroughly muddied.

  15. orion14 says:

    True, kerdasi. Even if it is a hoax, the people involved are tight lipped and nothing is going to give it away. Even so, it doesn’t matter one iota in our struggle to be free from the muds and the jews. That’s all that matters, so our genetic heritage can survive and prosper.

  16. Xenophon says:

    People, landing on the nearest rock ain’t that big ‘o deal. Get over your problems with space travel. lol

    Mein Gott, you’re a bunch of simpletons when it comes to leaving the planet.

    You goyim are almost as unbelievable as the jews.

    Here’s to a teeny tiny existence on an infinite celestial body!


  17. kerdasi amaq says:

    The challenge, as I see it, is to take control of the social environment in which people live, so that hostile and harmful inflences can be frozen out.

    Providing jobs, housing and business opportunities for racially aware people must be a priority.

    People will have to co-operate for the common good. If they don’t do that then I don’t think that they have a future.

    You saw what the Bolsheviks did to the Kulaks. Well forewarned is forearmed.

  18. kerdasi amaq says:

    Streaming JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_July_23_2009.mp3

    have a listen to this.

  19. babette says:

    Bush wanted to put men on the moon “again” followed by putting men on Mars.

    Soetero wants to skip the moon and go directly to Mars.

    Why not Venus? Or Pluto? Heck, why not Betelgeuse?

    The bigger the lie, the better.


  20. Duh says:

    The moon landing is the pinacle of achievement of thde white race, thus it makes perfect sense that there are those that would want to remove this white achievement.

    Read this whole page and you’ll see that you are a moron for believing it a hoax.

  21. JamesTheJust says:


    “You know I have personally seen and touched the original Mercury capsule at the Smithsonian. ”

    I’ve seen it too. Can’t remember if I touched it though. One thing I said to my brother was that the hatch was too small for anyone but a midget to get in and out of; let alone a fully suited astronaut. This was years before this controversy came to light.

    The things people believe; just ’cause the idiotbox said so…

  22. JamesTheJust says:


    “People, landing on the nearest rock ain’t that big ‘o deal. Get over your problems with space travel. lol”

    I don’t know about that. I’ve got a few million Jews and niggers I’d like to blast off to the nearest rock in space.

  23. Alpha Wolf says:

    I’ve heard that the Resistance engineers are working on a “Tay Sachs” pandemic virus and an Ebola pandemic virus. (jk)

  24. Bleda says:

    I think it was a hoax. There’s too many questions but the most important one is how were they protected from enormous amount of radiation in that cartoonish looking space”ship”, i mean radiation is one of the most dangerous phenomenons we know when Chernobil reactor had some leak, not a big explosion people who live thousands of miles away from Ukraine was affected by radiation. So even if we assume those astronauts really survived the trip how are they still alive and having no problems related to radiation? I mean even among people who works in nuclear reactors the cancer rates are higher than average. And it’s happening now, so if they had such technology back in 60’s how come people who works in reactors aren’t protected as good as those astronauts. One other thing is, USSR back then was much more developed in rocket science in fact American air force was stronger but USSR was relied on rocket science and missiles and had much more missiles than US. Going to space first, building the first space station, sending first people to space… What made USSR not to go moon?

    Before getting any “smart” remarks, i would like to say; repeating commonly accepted information is not smarter than questioning them.

  25. Bleda, take the time to look at “Nasa Mooned America”, by Ralph Rene… It is now available under for the full book, free of charge…

    I have known for 30 years that Apollo was a hoax, and only now thanks to the Internet can others research the entire episode for themselves…. Look at all of the facts first, and then come to your own conclusions..

  26. Alpha Wolf says:

    Northerntruthseeker- Did you see the LRO satellite images NASA released recently? They are so low resolution and nothing but small blobs that could be anything are claimed to be what was left from the moon missions. I simply can’t believe they can’t produce better images that actually show something if it’s really there. Damn on google earth I can see your car parked in the driveway and this is the best they can do?

    You know that the last episode of Star Trek aired three weeks before the first alleged moon landing. It’s the technology back then that makes it seem almost impossible. I’m still not convinced either way. Need more evidence. NASA claims it will release 2-3 times better photographs that show the mission remains soon. What will you say if they do? The images photoshopped? I have a friend that is absolutely convinced that ufos are everywhere and he just wants me to watch these videos to convince me. What’s your position on ufos?

  27. I have NO position on UFO’s…. I know that Apollo was a sham, and is no way linked to the study of UFOs….

    I say that we are not alone in the Universe.. That is a given… But whether or not UFOs are real or fake is speculation… Some real evidence points towards possible visitation from elsewhere in the Universe, while other so called “evidence” has been shown to be fraudulent.

    Putting the faking of Apollo into the same context of UFOs has been a ploy that NASA believers want… I refuse to fall for that stupid trap.

  28. And about the LRO images… Yes, they are seriously flawed… They have the capability to get better pictures than those blurred ones that they pass off on the public.

    I do strongly believe that NASA photo experts are working overtime right now in trying to come up with plausible photos that they can pass off to the public as pictures of the LMs on the lunar surface… With the money they have to create phony photos, it is very obvious….

    Just wait until next month when they supposedly will have “better” images of the landers… I can hardly wait, and just watch the Apollogists pounce immediately without any of them saying “Hey wait a minute… What if these pictures have been faked?”

  29. Alpha Wolf says:

    Alright you wouldn’t bite hehe. What about the LRO images?

  30. I did…. Read above… LOL

  31. babette says:

    Incogman: Thanks for the moon movie. I never tire of seeing the moon hoax revealed. Next, Soetero wants to go to Mars, no less! Sometimes you just have to laugh at so much unadulterated BS!

    Northerntruthseeker: Thanks so much for the book link.

    I’m reading and laughing.


    “Did you put up the poop-ding on ramus?”

    “No the clavrick has exceeded port 19!”


  32. kerdasi amaq says:

    The Soviet Union planned only one manned moon mission. Soviet cosmonauts related to me that their astronauts were literally COOKED by the extreme radiation in space when sent into high orbit through the Van Allen Belt. The USSR never again attempted to send men into or above the Van Allen Belt. If man could not survive the extreme radiation of the Van Allen Belt how could they put a man on the Moon? The Soviet Union scrapped their Man On The Moon program.

  33. It should be noted that Dr Greening and Dr EE Kovalev put out a report in 1983 about the level of radiation within the VA belts…. They listed it under the study of space medicine….. Their report was damning to Apollo…. I will give you some details:

    The strength of the VA belts according to Soviet measurements from the early 60’s right through to the 70’s gave an average strength of the belts varying from a low of 500 REM/hour upwards to almost 11600 REM/hour!

    At these levels, you are absolutely right kerdasi, the Astronauts/Cosmonauts would have been dead within minutes, unless they were protected by a minimum of almost 5 feet of LEAD….. And I repeat again… Aluminum does NOT offer ANY such protection and in fact creates a secondary shower of even more harmful particles when its molecules are hit by highly charged particles….

    Apollo to the moon? I do not think so….

    That is exactly why the Soviets never sent anyone to the moon… They knew better!

  34. Interstellar space is a sea of highly charged particles, and according to Ralph Rene’s article, has an average radiation level of almost 0.32 Rad/second… Over the period of the Apollo missions to and from the moon, these fools would have absorbed several THOUSAND rad of radiation…. Cooked Astro-fools definitely!

  35. Alpha Wolf says:

    Northerntruthseeker- I was over at pravda looking around and found that the Russians have really done their homework on the supposed moon landing. One page of many but starting halfway down this page the arguments are pretty compelling. Actually the whole site is interesting to see the Russian take on the jew conspiracy against the world and even the holohoax.

  36. Alpha Wolf says:

    Look at the earth rise in these four photos from the moon. This is the kind of proof needed. I haven’t researched the photos but these guys are really tough on proving the moon landing hoax. That’s what threw me off before because being in a ‘space race’ with the Russians you would have thought they would be going ape-shit over it. Now they are.

  37. I just spent the last few hours pouring over that thread from Pravda… Awesome!

    It seems that only in the USA are people still gullible in believing that they put men on the moon…

    Open discussion in foreign sites shows that they are open to thinking, unlike the dumbed down brainwashed people in the US…. Amazing indeed!

  38. Alpha Wolf says:

    Northerntruthseeker- how did I know you would be over there for hours! hehe The Russians are really going after the moon hoax and have really investigated it. I’m about ready to acknowledge it was a hoax- almost.

    Looking at the other threads there it does appear that a lot of them are wide awake about jews and the holohoax and everything else. It’s encouraging.

    When you look at each set of images and carefully analyze them as the pravda people did, and all the other points they make, it’s getting real hard to believe we made it to the moon.

  39. Alpha Wolf says:

    Northern- you probably already saw this but look on page one of the Apollo 11 thread at comment #2. I suppose that’s the picture that gave incogman the idea on the visor reflection. If that’s an original image it needs a LOT of explaining. And comment #1 pretty well covers the whole shebang.

  40. Alpha Wolf….. You say almost….. What NASA BS is still holding you back?

    I hope it is not pride.. because that emotion is what NASA has been banking on for over 40 years in keeping the American public duped about Apollo…. Don’t fall for that trap!

  41. It is so amazing how they use the old adage: Look at what we accomplished! America first on the Moon! Woo Hoo… USA! USA! USA!…. I can see how the hype and pride has kept an entire generation in awe of the hoax….

    People are (hopefully) smarter now, and not so easily deceived…. America is a mess and the government has been caught in its sea of lies…. More and more when people finally dissect the entire mission logs and the history, they realize how impossible it was to get to the moon with the technology then, due to the fact that they cannot even go now!

  42. Alpha Wolf says:

    Northerntruthseeker- Have you seen the space shuttle take off, not on tv but with your own eyes? I’ve watched it blast off in Florida a number of times. At night it’s pretty wicked. I keep an eye on the universe with a couple of nice telescopes. The sky is pitch black out here compared to total light pollution in the city. I see satellites all the time. I saw the space station go by just lately. We have done things. We do have all kinds of shit in space. It just seems possible NOW that we might be able to go to the moon. I stayed home from school to watch the moon landing on tv when I was a kid. So like many I never questioned it. Now that I’ve looked at it , the technology factor alone makes it extremely unlikely. We were still using vacuum tubes, and transistors were new back then. Then there’s the stuff like the coke can in a moon scene shown to the Australian audience and many calling and reporting it, and the phony looking photos and the visor reflection, and well a pretty big list of shit. We may not have actually landed anyone but what about the unmanned rovers and actually flying around the moon? It’s 240,000 miles away. Supposedly, rockets have landed and brought back moon samples. I’m still weighing all the evidence but it doesn’t look good. What about the Russian moon program? Do you think we “fooled” the Soviets with the moon movies? THE SOVIET MANNED LUNAR PROGRAM

  43. Look at some of my original comments wayyyyyy up above… Few people can still hardly face the fact that the Soviets and the Americans were in cahoots together all through the Apollo years and beyond.

    In fact, Eustace Mullins puts it best in his Cold War, the 5 Trillion Dollar Swindle, when he describes how the American public were completely duped by the Cold War scam….

    If you spend the years as I have in actually looking at all evidence, then you would have first a bad sick feeling in your stomach, but later begin to rationalize that the world is full of deceptions.. Apollo included!

  44. Your thought about the distance is correct also… MOST Americans still do not even KNOW that the Moon is 240000 miles away! I remember a game show a while back where one of the questions was a multiple choice: What is the distance from the Earth to the Moon? … the answers were something like (a) 10000 miles (b) 50000 miles (c) 100000 miles… or (d) 250000 miles….
    You want to know what the majority answered? It was answers a, and b, primarily!
    I remember I shook my head, but after a bit of rationalizing, it made sense… Most people look up in the night sky at a full moon and they think the Moon is very close by! Many are not taught to think that the moon is quite a distance away!

    Up until 1966, the highest altitude claimed by NASA was about 300+ miles in the Gemini flights… Now we are led to believe that in 1968 they sent 3 men in Apollo 8 the 240000+ miles to orbit the moon? Come on!!!! That means a sudden jump of almost 800x the distance!

    Do you not now see how people are still so gullible?

  45. And about the moon rocks….. What comparison did they possess to make sure that they actually came from the moon? NONE….

    Here is how to make a moon rock…. Shake and bake a rock in a nuclear bombardment chamber, and then subject it to tremendous heat/pressure, and then pit it to make it look like it has been bombarded by meteorites… voila.. You have a moon rock! NASA had the facilities to do this type of work…..

    Now they want to send a manned mission to Mars…. The fakery will continue!

  46. As even Incogman shows in these articles in his blog…. Corruption runs deep in government. There are so many lies that need to be exposed and for people to finally wake up to the truth about our distorted history.

    If we do not learn from history, then we are doomed to repeat it! (even the lies)

  47. babette says:

    Hi Northern!

    I really appreciate your comments.

    I did some research on the fact the Russians and the USA-ians were actually in cahoots during those space program years.

    Fascinating…the grandeur, the scope, the showmanship of those liars!

    When it comes to history repeating itself, well, if the USA isn’t the quintessential example of doing just that, I don’t know who is.

    And it’s way too late in the game for it to change now.


  48. Alpha Wolf says:

    I think Buzz Aldrin is a jew. Look at his nose. Apparently he is also a 33rd degree freemason. Either way he is acting a little spooky in this Mars promotion video:


  49. That video is a massive lie and the liars are going to ramp up their want for a massive (and ultra expensive) manned Mars Mission… Which will of course be another massive hoax. But the public will fall for it anyways…

    And using the modern fakery methods available to them now, an entirely new generation of suckers will be duped into believing that we are on our way to Mars!

    If we do not stop them now, trillions of dollars will be spent on this new fiasco.

    Aldrin is a con artist extraordinaire.

  50. Hey, babette! It does make sense when you put all the pieces together… Our entire history of the 20th Century has been nothing more than a pack of lies. These people have no souls or care in the world. They only want money, power, greed, and to see the rest of us as their slaves.

    Apollo was a form of entertainment along the lines of the ancient Roman “bread and circuses” where when the Roman Senate and the Roman Republic were so corrupt, and the senators were most evil, they kept the Roman citizens unknowning of their evil intentions by giving them circuses to entertain them, and made sure they were well fed… The Roman “bread and circuses” type of manipulation…. Eventually the Republic was overthrown, and the Roman Empire was born. They did it with no bloodshed and no outcry by the Roman citizens! Sound familiar?

    Is that not so different now? People are poisoned on purpose by fluoridation, fructose, aspartame, MSG, brainwashing by Television, etc to keep them dumbed down and non thinking.
    That way they are easily manipulated slaves. The “circuses” is the television BS entertainment, and great acts of “glory”, and “I love America” BS, such as Project Apollo! Keeping people in a state of contentment while they destroy liberties seems to be the order of business these days….

    Governments by democracy eventually destroy themselves due to internal corruption by selfish power mad individuals (Jews, Zionists, etc) , and greed (same group). That is fact… Athens was the first, Rome the second…. Is the USA is next?

  51. Alpha Wolf says:

    Northern- do you see where Buzz says there is a monolith on Mar’s moon and “people will say who put that there?” Now with total digital high definition video they can make a really good Mars movie. It always boils down to one thing, and that is jews stealing money (and/or killing people).

    It looks like obongo and his jews will get the military stationed in the homeland, declare martial law, and try to do a round up of resistors and degunning. If we allowed that to happen, there would be nothing left to stop them from carrying out their demonic plans. It’s between us and the loyalty to the Constitution of our military. If that don’t work then it’s every man for himself. hehe

  52. Alpha Wolf says:

    “democracy” equals communist jew. United States of America is a Republic.

  53. Yes, but a Republic still gives the voice of government to the people… These Khazar Talmudic Hippocrates want to take that voice away. Enslavement is the result!

  54. My own country used to be a Democratic Constitutional “Monarchy” built upon the British model of Parliamentary Democracy. Now it is nothing than a Zionist playground of hate and subversion. I have come to the conclusion that they have been using the Canadian people as their experimental guinea pigs for what is to come to the USA.

    It is time for a new revolution, Alpha Wolf…. The people will have to take up arms against the criminals in government to win their countries back.. Both in the US, and in Canada. Expulsion of the parasites that caused the problems will happen after we get our countries back!

  55. JamesTheJust says:


    “Expulsion of the parasites that caused the problems will happen after we get our countries back!”

    Expulsion will only delay the inevitable.

  56. JamesTheJust says:

    It is going to take a lot of our blood. The death rate and horror will be unimaginable. These are things people do not want to think about. It is true nonetheless.

    I am not going to put my life on the line for the sake of the Jews’ “expulsion”.

    The solution must be final and it must be complete.

  57. kerdasi amaq says:

    The Second Amendment marks the line they cannot cross.

  58. Hey, James… What do we do then, line them up? We have to be humane about this… Unlike these Talmudists who would not hesitate to line us up and shoot us without any thinking! Damn, it is so hard to think about the double standard here…

    I say we expel them, and make it a law to absolutely prohibit and refuse their return… Let them all go back to their native land… Khazaria, which is in the central Russian steppes….And in the process strip them of all entitlement, all moneys that are locked up in European banks, and all dual citizenship what so ever. Then have all of the history books, legal books, and any literature properly updated with correct information about them and their criminal activities…. Then have the Media redone to eliminate any Talmud Vision over the airwaves… Good wholesome family television without any toilet humor or toilet sexual content…. I know this might seem like a lot, but it would only be the start…

  59. Also, all money to be printed only by the governments through government owned banks.. Private banking to be outlawed… All money to be printed and based upon only the nation’s good word alone, debt free! This was done several times in the US through the issuance of continental script back in the 1760’s, and US greenbacks in the 1860’s….

    Then have the nations declare a Jubilee… A celebration where all outstanding debts are at once by law declared ended! Look up Jubilee, people… They did this many times in the past, and only when the Rothschilds took over the banking in Europe was this practice ended with the nations and people becoming permanently in debt to these monsters…

  60. babette says:

    I’d like to ask:

    How is it Americans still think they can remove the monsters when the US military, with its cornucopia of technologically advanced weapons, work for them?

    NORAD was in on the 9-11 massacre. They didn’t know? They just followed orders? If it’s the former, and they still haven’t figured it out by now, they’re stupid. If it’s the latter…

    And what say you of the UN Global military and police cooling their heels while the US empire unravels?


  61. It is the latter… They knew damn well what was happening, and were totally in cahoots with the Mossad in pulling off that operation.

    Murdering thousands of people without blinking an eye is common practice for these people because they have no souls, no morals, and no compassion. Their belief system is one of materialism. They think that the “goyim” are disposable subhumans and nothing more than cattle.

    The UN? The UN was formed purposely as a stepping stone to one world government. All that the UN is is really the continuation of the work towards the one world government vision of the Rothschilds that started with the failed League of Nations after WWI!

    Take a look at my blog when you get a chance at for articles that deal with this sickness and their plans for world domination.

  62. babette says:

    Many thanks, Northern.

    They followed orders. No matter what the orders were. Just as I suspected.

    And what can the population do to defend itself? Pray its annihalation be quick?

    WWIII just over the horizon with Israhell and FUSA (Former USA)feverishly plotting to nuke Iran…


  63. Update now 4 years later…..

    The United States has not only faked the moon missions, but many of the Mars missions as well…

    I asked someone to explain to me how the Mars landers landed on Mars using parachutes in the almost vacuum Martian atmosphere, and I still have not received a straight answer…

    Proves again that with NASA and other US Government agencies.. Once a liar, always a liar!

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