The Moon Landing: Was it a Hoax?

Now, this is an obvious faked photo in Photoshop that I didn’t do, so don’t freak out on me!

Last week, in advance of today’s 40 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon, ABC ran a interesting piece on the videos from the mission. Evidently, the original tapes were “lost” (possibly taped over) from the landing — can you believe that? Yes, that’s what they said (ABC just said the tapes were lost).

At the time of the landings NASA, for some odd (some say suspicious) reasons, refused the networks to have a direct feed, forcing them to video the screen inside Mission Control. Video experts recently had to digitally improve the poor TV images we all saw back then (if you’re old enough).

Now, I don’t know one way or another if the whole thing was faked, but below is one creepy video. It purports that a reel of analog film (like negatives, remember them?), was accidentally released by NASA and which apparently shows the astronauts doing some really curious things while in low earth orbit. Watch it and you tell me.

Also, please take a quick blog poll to let me know what you think. A poll was recently taken in Britain, which says 25% of Brits think it was faked.

Video on a reel of film accidentally (?) released to the public, which purports to show Apollo 11 crew faking earth shots from a distance. Very spooky.

The main question seems to revolve around the Van Allen belts. These are fields of Electromagnetism that envelops the earth, created by friction within the molten iron core of our planet.

The Van Allen belts deflect (and absorb) extremely dangerous radiation from the sun around the earth, over and into the polar regions. That’s why you have the Northern Lights. And you can thank your lucky stars that it’s around or else you would be one dead mutha by now. You actually wouldn’t even have been born if it didn’t exist. Hell, NOTHING would be born if it wasn’t around!

So get down on your skinny, knobby knees and thank God for Van Allen and his belts!

Earth orbiting missions are still protected to an extent by the Van Allen belts, but any Moon voyage would not be. Since the Lunar orbiter and command module were pretty much little more than tin foil and sheet metal, nothing would stop the dangerous radiation from passing through the astronaut’s bodies. The question is: How much?

Even today, astronauts report a curious phenomenon. With their eyes closed tightly, they see bright flashes of light once and awhile. This is the radiation not stopped by our atmosphere and the Van Allen belts.

Now we know that the astronauts didn’t come back and suffer horrible deaths six months later. Their eyeballs were not covered in sickening white cataracts, their hair didn’t fall out in wispy clumps and their teeth didn’t pop out, leaving bloody holes in their slack jaws.

So they either: Didn’t go to the moon or the radiation was so minuscule not to have effected them on the cellular level.

When I first saw official NASA films long ago (I don’t recall what mission or year), I distinctly remember thinking at the time that the cloud patterns on the earth at a distance looked funny. Too flat, too big. Something was not right, but I wasn’t sure exactly why at the time (watch above video). I have a pretty good set of eyes and have excellent depth perception, if I may be so bold as to say.

There’s also some other strange things about the Apollo mission. The flag appears to wave in some breeze, no surface distubance under the LEM descent engine, other photo anomalies, shadows, etc. etc. And we sure haven’t been back, either. On the other hand, if it was all faked, they’ve done a good job keeping it secret, that’s for sure!

The movie “Capricorn One,” used this whole idea for a plot back in the 70’s (albeit a Mars mission). The wife-slashing, Jew-stabbing Negro, OJ Simpson was in it and gets whacked trying to escape the clutches of evil NASA scientists to tell the world (undoubtedly former Nazis with “Von” in their names).

Basically, I don’t really know. But I am curious about what you think, so please take my little poll here.

— Phillip Marlowe

Check out the video which says the Chinese Spacewalk was faked. Sure looks like something fishy to me!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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207 Responses to The Moon Landing: Was it a Hoax?

  1. Also, all money to be printed only by the governments through government owned banks.. Private banking to be outlawed… All money to be printed and based upon only the nation’s good word alone, debt free! This was done several times in the US through the issuance of continental script back in the 1760’s, and US greenbacks in the 1860’s….

    Then have the nations declare a Jubilee… A celebration where all outstanding debts are at once by law declared ended! Look up Jubilee, people… They did this many times in the past, and only when the Rothschilds took over the banking in Europe was this practice ended with the nations and people becoming permanently in debt to these monsters…

  2. babette says:

    I’d like to ask:

    How is it Americans still think they can remove the monsters when the US military, with its cornucopia of technologically advanced weapons, work for them?

    NORAD was in on the 9-11 massacre. They didn’t know? They just followed orders? If it’s the former, and they still haven’t figured it out by now, they’re stupid. If it’s the latter…

    And what say you of the UN Global military and police cooling their heels while the US empire unravels?


  3. It is the latter… They knew damn well what was happening, and were totally in cahoots with the Mossad in pulling off that operation.

    Murdering thousands of people without blinking an eye is common practice for these people because they have no souls, no morals, and no compassion. Their belief system is one of materialism. They think that the “goyim” are disposable subhumans and nothing more than cattle.

    The UN? The UN was formed purposely as a stepping stone to one world government. All that the UN is is really the continuation of the work towards the one world government vision of the Rothschilds that started with the failed League of Nations after WWI!

    Take a look at my blog when you get a chance at for articles that deal with this sickness and their plans for world domination.

  4. babette says:

    Many thanks, Northern.

    They followed orders. No matter what the orders were. Just as I suspected.

    And what can the population do to defend itself? Pray its annihalation be quick?

    WWIII just over the horizon with Israhell and FUSA (Former USA)feverishly plotting to nuke Iran…


  5. Update now 4 years later…..

    The United States has not only faked the moon missions, but many of the Mars missions as well…

    I asked someone to explain to me how the Mars landers landed on Mars using parachutes in the almost vacuum Martian atmosphere, and I still have not received a straight answer…

    Proves again that with NASA and other US Government agencies.. Once a liar, always a liar!

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