What if I’m Right about Mr. Bungles?

Hey, let’s stop for a few minutes and do a little thought-experimentation here, OK? Let’s just say you’re some regular White person and all, who stumbled upon this blog out of the blue and are now saying to yourself “WTF?” What’s all this stuff about, anyways? You sure as hell don’t want to hate anyone, now do you?

Now, let’s pretend that you live in a nice house, with a big happy family and then this neighbor comes along and tells you that the guy down the street, Mr. Bungles, hates your guts for something your cousin once did to him way back in college. You blow it all off, not wanting to cause a ruckus about it.

Then your son tells you that Mr. Bungles is now buying beer and weed for the neighborhood “Gangstas,” befriending and being pals with them for some reason. And then your daughter insists she saw Mr. Bungles stealing your mail last week. You just chalk it up to her imagination.

Then, your dog ends-up poisoned, your car gets keyed and you constantly have other acts of petty vandalism to your property. Your daughter, pissed off at you for not listening to her about Mr. Bungles in the first place, takes up with the neighborhood gang out of teenage frustration (don’t we all go through that phase as kids?). The next thing you know, the whole gang is out partying on your front lawn and are now buddying up to your son, too.

You find out you’re a victim to identity theft and whoever did it, ran up a huge credit debt, possibly even bankrupting you. Plus, he cancelled out your home owner’s insurance, for some reason. Then you catch this Gangsta trying to burn your house down but, as you manage to put out the flames, the SOB gets clean away.

You try to tell the police about your suspicions of Mr. Bungles stealing your identity, but they just laugh in your face, calling you an anti-Clownite, since poor Mr. Bungles belongs to the always-so-victimized Clown race. The police call you a hater to your face, kindly suggesting that you just shut the hell up or they’ll throw your White butt in jail. Then, per chance, you find out that Mr. Bungle’s cousin is the police chief — another Clown.

That really ticks you off, so off you go to City Hall to see if you can get any help. While waiting in the foyer, you happen to look up and see the mayor’s portrait hanging there — that’s when you notice that his highness has got himself a big cherry nose, red afro and a toothy, smirking grin.

Frustrated as all hell by now, you decide to stop by the offices of the local newpaper to see if they’ll look into your story and, when you get there, they send out a reporter named Ronald Bungles to talk to you.

Now, at some point, you’ll finally get it and realize that you have a real problem with this guy, Mr. Bungles, that Clown down the street and his little bunch.

One would hope you finally get it.


Yeah, of course I’m writing about Jews here. But I’m trying to get you to pick up on the real deal in this country today. I’m using the Evil Clown bit simply to illustrate what you can’t or maybe won’t let yourself see. What is the common denominator in America’s troubles today? Secret White Nazis? A big Oil Cabal? The Military/Industrial Complex? Some Freemason conspiracy? Everything, BUT the Jew, right? It seems like everyone is scrambling, trying to come up with some answers out there to explain it all away before they dare breath the word “Jew.”

That’s exactly the deal and the more you look into things, the more you’ll see that it’s true.

Jews have been nothing but BIG trouble for this country ever since we let the Eastern European Khazar ones immigrate here. From the phony Neocon convervatives (former liberal Jews who say they’ve seen “the light,” but are really no more than traitorous Israel-Firsters); to the Marxist, lefty Jews of Obama Nation (who are always for “Change”); to Hollywood culture warriors berift of any morality (and cannot keep their obvious contempt of Christianity in check); to Wall Street Scam artists now ripping off this country, left and right (how many more rip-off’s like Bernie Madoff, et al. will it take for you to notice?).

From illegal immigration of non-Whites (in all White countries, now); to the war in Iraq which has cost this country upwards of a trillion dollars and 5,000 lives; to pushing “diversity” and literally mating our race away in the media; to controlling this country’s economy with the Federal Reserve and running us straight into the ground by printing fiat money; to non-stop Neocon propaganda about “evil muslim terrorists” or any enemy of Israel; to traitorous false-flag plots like 9/11 and the US Liberty bombing; to New World Order efforts that will end-up destroying the sovereignty of America.

Ironically enough, some of them are indeed “comical” clowns. In fact, most of the comedians you ever see are Jewish, backed-up by groups of other Jews behind the curtain, writing the material and putting their moralities out on the airwaves. This modus operandi mimics the over-all strategies of these Clowns in every endeavor — even those outside our borders. It’s never, ever been loyalty to the country they live in, but only to the global Jewish race, first and foremost. It’s a true International Agenda.

Hell, these Clowns are known historically to have conspired with each other to bring down and enslave entire nations. Who do you think the majority of Marxists were? Snow White and the Seven comrades?

Oh wait, you just happen to know some nice Jew at work — so that negates all this? How do you know what this SOB thinks about you dumb Goy when he talks to your face? After-all, he’s one of the “Chosen,” those who has been raised to believe God himself loves only them and promises the entire world will one day be in their control.

And I got other news for you, Bub: These sorry bastards, either “progressive” or “conservative,” have been tearing this country a new anus for over the last 50 years or so. Probably even much longer. How much more will it take for you to see Mr. Bungle’s little dealings?

Now, we know that Mr. Bungles will say and do whatever he can to keep this country snowed and blinded when it comes to him. He knows instinctively that if his true colors were to be seen by the majority of White people out there, then his time in the US will finally be cut short. That’s why he’s always out there, calling anyone who dares say anything a “Nazi” or “anti-Semite.” He’s got the whole routine down pat!

What’s more, these Jews frequently pretend to be White, even changing their names to blend in (an age-old tactic of criminal Jewry). On the Internet, they pretend to be just another White person too, calling Whites who have become aware of them, the usual Jew slanders like “Nazis,” or resorting to calling them crazy and tin-foil hat people, if the Nazi description doesn’t fit.

But we know what’s going on, Jews. The Jig is up!

And you can now see them scrambling around, trying to shut down Free Speech in the US before us White Americans get wise to the deal because of the Internet. Whether you know it or not, it’s already started. They’ve already done this to Canada. The Internet as we know it, is doomed. Some might say it’s because of commercialism or perverts, but the real truth behind the efforts are the Jew.

They’ve been doing this kind of thing for a long time to America in hidden ways, or more accurately, ways that are not spoken about in mainstream news simply because of the “Political Correct” blinders created by them to hide behind.

Today, at a public library, I came across another prime example of this in action. I’m still relatively flabbergasted by what I found. I sat down at the computer to do a search for the writer Arther Koestler, a fairly prominent Jewish writer of the fifties and sixties. What did I find? Pretty much zero and it was a major city-wide library system. They had precisely 2 audio books of one of his earlier fiction novels and absolutely nothing in any book form, including (maybe especially) any of his non-fiction writing. Which is probably why the Clowns got him scrubbed.

Do I know this was done on purpose? Dam right I do. The guy was fairly important, but made the mistake of writing some things that Jewry would just as soon you not read. Anti-Defamation League Jews (ADL) frequently check out what books go into libraries in our country and when they find something they don’t like, apply pressure to get it off the shelves.

These Jews do this kind of thing all over the place. Especially the owned, corporate mainstream media. Even the Internet. Did you know that Wikipedia is heavily targeted by the Jews to keep stuff out about them? Yes, Jews have secret teams who joined up so they can confuse and obfuscate Jewry’s behavior in the world (like with Gaza) and their real history. Here, go read this article where some emails got out explaining just what they are up to. If you go to the editing tab on some potentially controversial Jew subject (that you know about), you can often pick out where others disagree with edits that the hidden Jews did, but just don’t know who they are dealing with in the first place.

Often times you can see the secret Wikipedia Jews come out and say “does it matter if so and so is a Jew?” and edit it out of the main page — if the subject is negative — but if the subject is positive, they make sure that the Jew part goes in. Jews are very much like individual public relations people for Jewry over-all and you’re nothing but a Nazi if you dare state inconvient facts.

Like when they talk about Arthur Koestler’s book, The 13th Tribe, they blatantly lie, saying that a DNA study negates Koestler’s thesis about the Ashkenzim Jews being Khazar in origin, when in fact the “Y” haplotype test was inconclusive (see page 5) as it pertained to the origins of the Ashkenazim Jews (Khazars). Besides, actual historical documents from the Middle ages and other modern-day DNA tests have shown results that do lend credence to the Khazar hypothesis. Go here for my article about all this — stuffed to the gills with links backing it all up, including the actual “Y” study PDF.

Jews, like the self-serving highbrow British historian Tony Judt, actually try to say Koestler suffered from a brief spat of insanity when he wrote the 13th Tribe. But if you go and read it yourself, you’ll come to a whole other conclusion about Mr. Koestler’s so-called “temporary insanity.” And that’s what they definitely don’t want you to do, check it out yourself. I do believe that the ADL Jews had Koestler removed from my library system. I’ll be checking into it.

OK, so this might be some minor thing and all, what most White people don’t know anything about, nor care. Well, the deal is, they can’t have you even start having a clue them. They know more about the “Jewish Question,” then most White people do and they know where the smallest thing could lead. Trust me.

You think I’d be doing this whole blog just because I think Jews look and talk funny? Hell, no. I’ve had plenty of Jew friends in my life and made every effort (for years) not to come to this sad conclusion. Everywhere I turned the evidence mounted — from history to current events, the more I looked into things the more I saw the fingerprints of Mr. Bungles’ destructive behavior in our White countries.

These evil Clowns comprise the majority of the so-called “Neocons,” think tank intellectuals who constantly push for war in the Mideast against the enemies of the violent and stolen State of Israel, a country that freely says that it’s only for the Chosen Ones (Israel is totally racist). What they did to get us into Iraq just a few years ago, they are now vigorously doing to get us into war with Iran, another of Israel’s enemies, not ours.

This kind of war-mongering can rapidly spin out of control and result in a total World War that could put you and your children into some real serious physical danger, along with finally destroying what’s left of this country’s whole economy. Here, read this one quote (see my “Revealing Quotes” page above for more) from a couple of these evil Jew Clowns, positively giddy about us going to war in Iraq and that it would soon include even more enemies of Israel:

“The [coming war] is going to spread and engulf a number of countries… it is going to resemble a clash of civilizations that everyone has hoped to avoid… it is possible that the demise of some ‘moderate’ Arab regimes may be just around the corner.”

— Robert Kagan and William Krystol (both traitorous Zionist Jews) in the Weekly Standard, called a “conservative” magazine, but is really nothing more than an Israeli, pro-Zionist propaganda mouthpiece.

Yeah, I fully realized that people around me might call me a “hater” and “Anti-Semite,” once I started to talk openly about the Jew. But that’s what people have been programmed to do all these years and this alone was but another giant proof to me, since I could readily see all their efforts behind the various “Political Correct” social movements of the last 50 years or so, and I knew that all the PC indoctrination was purposefully created by them, for them to hide themselves.

All of us MUST do something and do it now before these evil Clowns destroy the America you were born in and the brilliant Constitution left to you by the White Founding Fathers of this nation. Not only that, but you will also be fighting for even more: Real peace and justice — the morality and honesty that this country has sorely lacked ever since these subversive Jew Clowns gained power and control over our race — chiefly due to owning our nation’s money-making and using that to buy-out the media and politicians.

Right now they have very little real physical power, it’s all illusionary and built completely on the lies and brainwashing they’ve done to your sleeping fellow Whites, via the media.

If we don’t start coming together about them, and if you think all my talk about Mr. Bungles is pure bull, I promise you — sure as I am sitting here typing out all this — that you, your children and grandchildren will live to deeply regret it. Or maybe not even live to regret it.

Wake up to these evil Clowns in our midst, White people!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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0 Responses to What if I’m Right about Mr. Bungles?

  1. JamesTheJust says:

    What about all the jews that were rescued from the camps with the tattooed numbers who all account to being starved etc, are they just liars?

    YES! Is that so hard to believe? Remember that these “stories” of the Holocaust did not surface until the 1960’s. In your mind, they’ve been around since WWII. Not so. And any “confessions” made by Germans would never be entered into a just court of law. They were tortured to sign confessions of events, which never occurred. If you understood the history of the Jews, you’d understand that this is not so far fetched in their historical lexicon.

    what about things like the famous anne frank diary? Are you saying that it was possibly written by the jews?

    As I stated, Hitler was rounding up Jews and placing them in camps. The Jews were responsible for the spread of Communism in Germany and Hitler put a stop to that. The Jewish Banksters were also responsible for the decimated German economy and Hitler put a stop to that too.

    Also, much of Ann Frank’s diary has been proven to be a hoax with many aspects of it added later on.

    I find it hard to believe the jews are that smart, organized, and loyal enough…

    OK, this is the point I have to say that you need to know the ENTIRE history of Jews and the ENTIRE history of our people. As I said, this war has been going on for a very long time. The difference between the White race and the Jews is that the Jews know who they are and we have been blinded, in part, to who we are.

    That time is coming to an end.

  2. kerdasi amaq says:

    Is it my imagination, but does the world seem to be a cleaner, less evil place today? Saturday.

  3. kerdasi amaq says:


    “I find it hard to believe the jews are that smart, organized, and loyal enough that not one of them wrote a book or something telling it was all a lie “.

    It’s nothing like that, it’s just that non-jews are that dumb.

    P.S. I think you’re a troll.

  4. rocketman66/67 says:

    wow,just catching up on some of what i missed during the month of august here.
    excellent post as usual INCOGMAN.
    even better than that is the thread between JamesTheJust and the newbee chris.
    if chris cannot be convinced by James than i’m affraid he never will be.
    brilliant writing of truth that should be known by all.

  5. Bella says:

    hi , These people have been kicked out all over the world for centuries , the U.S. founding fathers did not want to let them into America. Now more are learning of the ‘holocaust’ & what B.S. that is. I think times will become dark & bloody , but for heavens sake history , through the expulsions shows us that the B.S. will once again be exposed. This time I know it will be done & over with. The cost is O.K. . Because we will hold freedom in our hands.

  6. Bella says:

    There was a gentleman named Benjamin Freedman who spent his own time & money exposing the khazar crap & the holocost hoax. He became a Christian . Google him & you will know the world contains hope & the power ,the power is on our side. The bad ones will learn they can’t fight the laws of physics regardless of their centuries long quest to get blood out of stones!!! They are scared ,at this point it is still only in their subconscious minds. They mainly use the reptile brain so keep a watch out for their NLP techniques. Its gone on too long, this time there are too many of us. Its a paper dragon & we’ve seen it before.

  7. Bella says:

    Please read & google Jordan Maxwell !

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