White America: 9/11 SHEEP?

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9/11 showed that we are sheep. Nano Thermite particles proves 9/11 was an inside job.

Are White Americans sheep? Considering the recent physical evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job and where the USA is now going, one would be hard-pressed not to come to this sorry conclusion.

Watch my latest video (above) on the subject, with information on the Nano-thermite or “Super-thermite” evidence discovered in the debris of the World Trade Center destruction. This is from a peer-reviewed study, by nine scientists from various countries and was published in OPEN CHEMICAL PHYSICS Journal. I talked about it here in 9/11: The Smoking Gun? For an essay on the study, by Jim Hoffman, please go here: 9/11 Research: Explosive residues

Also, I tie all this together with the Zionist Power Structure and the obvious direction they are now taking America with Obama, just like Bush before him.

9/11 was a glimpse into the maw of the beast. With the evidence now virtually mountainous that 9/11 was a Inside Job, and all the other current events going on today; it’s now becoming glaringly apparent that the US is under a purposeful plan to socialize this country and even worse. We are gradually being marshaled along towards a Judaized Communist state, with Whites Gentiles as a powerless and spat-upon minority.

White America needs to come together to fight these people. But even voicing our concerns about the Health Care bill, has them calling us all “Nazis,” and “White supremacists.” They want to scare us into shutting-up, using the same old tired Jew slanders. The whole “diversity” and Political Correct business has been created and used by these people to hide behind, to politically brand any White who’s become wise to the deal, as they go about literally stealing the United States for their own selfish power, religious and racial reasons.

If you just came here to my blog, please take the time to read a few things here, go to some of the links on the left and really think about what is happening today. I started this blog, wrote articles, copied other people’s work and created videos like the above, because I sincerely believe that White Americans are in danger and wanted you to wake up to it.

I hope I am wrong. I really do. But since I came to this conclusion I continually see evidence, every day, that I am not. And if I can put this much effort into this, can you not spend a little time reading, watching a few videos and thinking about it?

Thank you for your time in advance.

— Phillip Marlowe


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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76 Responses to White America: 9/11 SHEEP?

  1. Marshall says:


    That’s hilarious!!! No need for a knight with a shield, just a bumper sticker that says, “Get Thee behind me, Edomite!!!”

    Whomever it “offends”…well…there ya go LOL!!!

    Remember that story about St. Patrick and the snake…the snake talked ITSELF into that box…St. Patrick just closed the lid and got rid of it.

    Dare I say the Talmudvision is the box the Jew crawls into all by itself?

    Marsh 😉

  2. American says:

    After livestock auctions, I’m finding farmer’s markets a good place to chat about the JEW. First, these people are typically organic and entirely opposite personalities of the JEW-pigs. The farmers are not watching tv, but growing fantastic food for themselves and others. You also won’t find JEWS here, as the sales tickets are typically just a few dollars each, thus making criminal enterprises not lucrative enough. However, this does make it another fine place to spread those singles around, with comments like “JEWS control and censor ALL media”, or “the banksters are JEWS, “JEWS have been expelled 109 times, look into it”, and “Timmy Geithner doesn’t pay taxes, why should you?”

    I don’t know why ‘canadian’ hasn’t seen any of these bills in circulation, it’s on ALL my currency! Let the pig roast begin, the JEW-pig, that is.

  3. JamesTheJust says:

    Dare I say the Talmudvision is the box the Jew crawls into all by itself?

    Great analogy, Marsh.

  4. guitarman uk says:

    dragons eye…..”We should be asking: ” Am I like God yet? “

    pantera ‘becoming’ (godsize) with lyrics

  5. themadjewess says:

    IncogSNOB… The Daily KKKos is wanting to shut Beck up, the one that YOU said was a “Zionist tool” I told you time and time again that BOLSHEVIK monsters are in charge, but you REFUSED to listen.


    Once AGAIN, the MAD Jewess proves you WRONG 🙂
    WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

  6. Julian Lee says:

    This is an important new video on 9-11. It’s really well done, and makes things really clear. Even the slowest potatoes will be able to get the picture when watching this:

    How the WTC Towers Were Destroyed, What They Used, How They Did It

    It features a professional demo man who really exposes the thing.

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