Who is Behind Obama’s Rise to Stardom?

The Rothschild-Soros (George Schwartz) connection controls voter registration (ACORN), money laundering (Tides), billions in stimulus spending (Apollo), possibly the future of health care (SEIU), finance (Franks), and the Oval Office’s inner workings (Emanuel, Axelrod and Summers)

By Victor ThornAFP

Is Barack Obama the product of a vast socialist conspiracy designed to undermine the fundamental tenets established by our Founding Fathers, all bankrolled and organized by Jewish financiers? The answer is unequivocally yes.

To deconstruct this labyrinth-like network, one must start at the top with Jewish businessman George Soros [Schwartz] and his ties to the world’s most powerful Jewish banking family. Journalist, historian and economic researcher William Engdahl sets the stage.

“Soros has been identified as a front man for the Rothschild banking group. Understandably, neither he nor the Rothschilds wants this important fact to be public.” He continues, “Soros’s connection to the ultra-secret international finance circles of the Rothschilds is not just an ordinary or accidental banking connection.”

Finally, in a November 1, 1996 article, Engdahl writes, “From the very first days when Soros created his own investment fund in 1969, he owed his success to his relation to the Rothschild family banking network.”

Soros, through his Open Society Institute, funnels approximately $300 million a year into various liberal venues, including the influential MoveOn.org, which he owns. According to veteran researcher Anton Chaitkin, Soros also hand-picked Barack Obama to challenge Hillary Clinton (and ultimately defeat GOP nominee John McCain). On Sept. 5, 2008, he wrote, “Barack Obama came under special Soros sponsorship in the 2004 U.S. Senate race [and] raised $60,000 for his campaign.” After attaining victory, Obama met personally with Soros, then attended a fundraiser at his home.

Chaitkin elaborates further in “Soros Runs British Foreign Office Coup Against U.S. Elections,” an online article. “On December 4, 2006, two years after getting into the U.S. Senate, Barack Obama went to Soros’s New York office to be interviewed for higher office. Soros then took Obama into a conference room for other politically subordinate billionaires. With money and connections assured, Obama announced for the presidency soon afterward.”

Let’s look at the words of Michelle Obama from a June 19, 2008 speech. She said, “We’re going to have to change our traditions and our history.” She explained further on Aug. 25, 2008. “All of us are driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do. We have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.”

Saul Alinsky

Who, precisely, will determine how our world should be? Mrs. Obama’s poignant phrase was lifted directly from Saul Alinsky, a Chicago-based Jewish extremist who penned the handbook for far-left causes, Rules for Radicals.

To implement his plans to undermine America, an intricate network needed to be established that would spread its tentacles throughout every aspect of society. One of the primary vehicles they utilized was the Tides Foundation, to which Soros contributed $13 million from 1997-2003. Established by Jewish antiwar activist Drummond Pike in 1976, this tax-exempt organization serves a very important function. According to researcher Ben Johnson of Front Page Magazine in September 2004, they “allow high-profile individuals to fund extremist organizations by ‘laundering’ their money through Tides, leaving no paper trail.”

In essence, after taking a 10 percent cut, Tides has fed over $300 million to entities such as cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, MoveOn.org and those who advocate abortion-on-demand, all the while assuring contributors that they won’t be publicly linked to these causes. One look at the Tide Foundation’s board reveals who calls the shots.

Drummond, senior vice president Gary Schwartz, and executive vice president Ellen Friedman are all Jewish. Pike also used his leverage to bail out ACORN’s welfare rights leader Wade Rathke, after he embezzled $948,507. To protect Rathke, ACORN never contacted law enforcement officials or sought prosecution. Instead, Stephanie Strom of The New York Timeswrote on Aug. 17, 2008, “The organization announced that an anonymous supporter had agreed” to pay off the debt. That man was Drummond Pike. To cover their tracks, Arthur Schwartz (also Jewish) now coordinates their slippery public relations.

Of course, Barack Obama began his political career as the chief national trainer for ACORN, which now faces lawsuits in 14 states for voter fraud. Obama’s mentor as a community organizer in Chicago was Gerald Kellman, a Saul Alinksy protegé. To begin his meteoric rise toward the White House, money originated from what Clarice Feldman of American Thinker calls the “Gang of Four”— Soros, Peter Lewis, Stephen Bing and Herbert & Marion Sandler. All are Jewish billionaires.

Marilyn Katz

One of Obama’s most important backers was Marilyn Katz (Jewish), who oversaw security for the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and advocated violent guerrilla tactics toward the police (as did Obama associate William Ayers of the Weather Underground). Katz became a fundraising bundler for Obama, as well as hosting fundraisers and serving as an Illinois delegate at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

The Tides Foundation controls the San Francisco-based Apollo Alliance, which “absolutely believes that government is the solution to all social and economic problems.”

On July 28, Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity described how the “Apollo Alliance is designed to bring together the elements of organized labor with community organizers and green groups.” More importantly, Kerpen revealed that the Apollo Alliance “put out a draft stimulus bill in 2008 . . . that included almost everything that ended up being in the final stimulus bill.”

Van Jones, Obama’s new “green jobs czar,” described the Apollo Alliance as a “grand unified field theory for progressive left causes.” Who exactly is Van Jones? After participating in the 1992 L.A. riots (for which he was arrested and incarcerated), Jones told the East Bay Express on November 2, 2005, “I met all these young radical people of color—I mean, really radical Communists and anarchists. And it was like: this is what I need to be part of. I spent the next 10 years of my life working with a lot of these people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary. I was a rowdy black revolutionary on April 28th, and when the verdicts came down on April 29th, I was a Communist.”

To round out this list, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) is primarily responsible for what is contained in Obama’s socialized health care bill. Andy Stern and Anna Burger lead the SEIU, both of whom are Jewish cronies of George Soros. Their vice president is Gerald Hudson (Jewish). Pushing this bill and the stimulus package to various media outlets is Robert Borosage (Jewish) of the Institute for America’s Future (also a huge recipient of Soros’s funding). Overseeing the housing and banking industries is none other than Barney Frank (Jewish), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Last but not least, Key members of Obama’s inner circle—David Axelrod, Lawrence Summers and Rahm Emanuel are Jewish and Bilderberg.

Putting this complicated matter into perspective is educational theorist and critic David Solway. On July 7, 2009 he wrote, “We Jews are a sly and surreptitious people . It pains me to admit this, but candor compels. . . . [T]he best way to bring America to its knees, to weaken its will to survive, to cleverly turn it against itself, was to do everything in our considerable arsenal of means to deliver the White House to Barack Obama.” [INCOG: Solway, a Jew, is trying to be funny, but it shows you how nervy these people are] 

The conspiracy has been completed, and now the Jewish Rothschild-Soros connection controls voter registration (ACORN), money laundering (Tides), billions in stimulus spending (Apollo), possibly the future of health care (SEIU), finance (Franks), and the Oval Office’s inner workings (Emanuel, Axelrod and Summers).


Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of many books on 9-11 and the New World Order. These include 9-11 Evil: The Israeli Role in 9-11 and Phantom Flight 93.

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Read it and weep White America: The globalist Jew community has been steadily working in conjunction with one another behind the scenes to dispossess you of your very own country and transform it into a Judeo-Communist state. Not only America, but all the other White countries of Canada, Britain and Europe, as well. This will be the New World Order: America turned into a Third World slave labor region, Whites stripped of their Christian religion and political power — merely another part of the Jewish hegemony over the Western world.

Go to the following link and read more about the Marxist Jew Saul Alinsky:

“One Alinsky benefactor was Wall Street investment banker Eugene Meyer, who served as Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1930 to 1933. Meyer and his wife Agnes co-owned The Washington Post. They used their newspaper to promote Alinsky…. Her series, called ‘The Orderly Revolution’, made Alinsky famous….”

“By 1985, the influence of traditional Christian philosophy in the West was weak and negligible…. Gramsci’s master strategy was now feasible. Humanly speaking, it was no longer too tall an order to strip large majorities of men and women in the West of those last vestiges that remained to them of Christianity’s transcendent God.”

— Malachi Martin


In Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” his opening page is dedicated to Lucifer:

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer”

Quotes from his book:

“A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism.” Page 10.

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”

— Saul Alinsky

From Alinsky’s son:

“Obama learned his lesson well. I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday.”

— Letter from L. DAVID ALINSKY, son of Marxist Jew Alinsky

Obama Learned Alinsky’s Message Well

The First Time I heard of Obama

Obama’s Jews: Change We Can’t Believe in

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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138 Responses to Who is Behind Obama’s Rise to Stardom?

  1. White Master says:

    superscreamingeagle says:

    Im tired of the BS here, urgh.

    Yeah, we’re tired of your Jewish BS also!

  2. American says:

    The future is bleak for JEWS, when clowns like ‘canadian’ (who only gets 1/3 comments through) still has to try and try again to vomit here. Imagine his jewish frustration!

    I’ve never seen anybody own another as much as Incog owns ‘canadian’. See JEW what happens when the Whites get onto you? 🙂

  3. superscreamingeagle says:

    that POS WARNING line is getting really OLD isnt it?
    WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

  4. White Master says:

    I’ve never seen anybody own another as much as Incog owns ‘canadian’. See JEW what happens when the Whites get onto you?


  5. American says:

    JEWS have many fatal character flaws. Really, who says “the world will lick our boots!”?

    Menachim Begin did, and the JEWS also gave him a Nobel peace prize! It’s one big joke to see how much the Gentile (ALL non-jews) will take.

    Remember, they don’t want us to collapse quickly, even if they want to own everything. They much prefer a slow steady bleed until the host is dry. Turmoil and crashes are dangerous times for JEWS, and they know it no matter how big their mouths.

  6. American says:

    “Zionists Have Been ‘Well Poisoners’ Since The Beginning Of History

    In the 1300s, it was the Black Plague, and in 1915, it was the Armenian Genocide, and in 1933, Zionists used the Ukrainian Famine to kill the opposition. This doesn’t even take into effect the countless Communist genocides.

    When the economic collapse does hit, the Zionists will weed out American dissidents just like they did in Soviet-era Russia. That’s where the Bolshevik/Communists killed 45 million, over a thirty-year period . They started by marching the intelligentsia to the forests and shooting them in the back of the head, then famines, and next were Stalin’s Gulags.

    If you fast forward to today, you see the “Swine Flu” Influenza Pandemic in the making. The Arab people will think current-day Baghdad and Lebanon of the Israeli occupation-era was utopia compared to what the coming pandemics will do to them. ” from judicial-inc.

    Full article here:


    Buckle up, it’s us or them, but the good news is JEWS don’t excel in actual physical confrontations (except when murdering unarmed, fleeing Palestinian women). Just keep letting people know the truth, and watch how quickly it turns. JEWS drip on you for decades, but enlightened Gentiles explode almost overnight.

  7. super-puking-buzzard… Your comments are the only ones that are so disgusting in here!

    Take your sorry ass out of here once and for all… You are a fool, and a zio-brainwashed moron.

  8. And the warning line is so priceless! Incogman has you fools nailed.

  9. American says:

    LMAO!!! Check out the staged guy, armed with a gun at an Obama rally:


  10. Cowboy says:

    By the way guys…

    A few weeks ago my friend was explaining to me how he couldn’t wait to see the new GI Joe film. I told him that I predicted it would be not unlike any other Jewish filth and that there would be an inter-racial relationship in the film if I knew anything about Hollywood Jews (which I actually do…more than I can let on here.)

    Over the next weeks, I predicted several times that there would be a scene in the new GI Joe film where a black character would “get on” the female character, Scarlet. I picked Scarlet because she has red hair,and from what I have seen, Jews marginalize red-heads. Many of those with whom I am acquainted think that I am an extremist. Over the last few weeks they have all been hearing me make this prediction about the GI Joe movie.

    Finally, thus last weekend the film finally came out. I got text messages from my friends and they were all variations of this: “WOW! Your prediction proved correct! How did you know? You must have read it somewhere!” It turns out that, yes, indeed, in the film, Scarlet the red-headed GI Joe hot piece of ass actually kisses a black man for millions of children to witness.

    No I didn’t know that beforehand. I just know how these fucking Jews operate, and I am learning more from yall as well! By the way, this is my first time posting here under a name that isn’t anonymous. So if there is already someone who uses the name “Cowboy”, please let me know!

  11. American says:

    What Vona really meant to say was, “get stepping to Israel while your legs still work!”


  12. incogman says:

    Cowboy, welcome and go right ahead and use that name, if you want. Jews are predictable. I hope you used that movie business to enlighten some White sheep.

  13. Marshall says:

    LOL Cowboy…

    I watched “Poltergeist 2” last night.

    Male Gentile: Drunken helpless impotent
    Female Gentile: Psychic, powerful inter-dimensional traveller
    Native American: wise and magical savior
    Tiny Jew Tangina Barrens: wise and magical savior(Zelda Rubenstein)
    Gentile male child: wimpy dork
    White female child: pursued by…

    Total inversion of traditional roles. Warning: Jew at work. STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT!!! LOL

    Marshall 😀

  14. I gave up on Jewish controlled Hollywood a long time ago. Movies are being used as nothing more than propaganda tools by these Zionist pigs.

    What about their latest “Inglorious Bastards” that is hitting the theatres? What a load of BS, and enough to make anyone puke!

    I guess Jew-lywood needs its mandatory Holoco$t/WWII propaganda film output every year.

  15. My son wants to see that GI Joe movie… And I have been trying desperately to get him to not go with his friends to watch that zio-garbage. Kids are so impressionable these days, and the idiot box has been filled to the limit with advertisements about that garbage and that bullshit Inglorious Bastards movie! Absolutely revolting!

    Is there not some decent, wholesome, family orientated, proper values, and truthful, movie out there for him to actually watch?

  16. JamesTheJust says:

    Many Whites get hippified in college and come out thinking they are intelligent and advanced human beings. They support any brainless liberal cause.

    You know that’s true. I even went to a private Christian University and you’d think they would have been somewhat conservative there, but no.

    Every Jewish BS fluffy subject under hell was required there and I earned my degree in Business!

  17. Nemesys says:

    Northern – let your kid see the flick. MY 8 yr old nephew saw it. He loved the action. He does NOT like Blacks. He HATES Sotoero. Has from the beginning.He’s been talking to me about how he feels about Negroes for some time. I did not start this line of inquiry; he approached me about 2 years ago, and asked me, “Aunt (?) – do Black people steal?” He’s been bouncing his reactions off of me, ever since. I give him loads of instruction on how to deal – and I AFFIRM HIS INSTINCTS. He is natually, instinctively racialist.

    He didn’t mention the inter-racial agirprop, in this movie, but I took him to see the Harry Potter flick, a few weeks ago. Harry (played by Hebe Daniel Radcliff) comes on to a Mulatress, in the beginning of the movie (this episode was NOT in the book at all!), and Ginny is seen spooning with a House Nigger type boyfriend (which WAS! Grrrrr) – and he and I just looked at each other, and said “Ewwww. YUCK. Disgusting..”

    We said it loudly, in a full house. NO ONE told us to “shush”. So use these horrible attempts at brainwashing to teach how WRONG and evil it all is.

    My bright little fellow is already getting a very thorough instruction on Jews, and how they have CREATED all the mess.

  18. JamesTheJust says:


    I can proudly say (with much humility) that I have not watched the Jewtube since 1998.

  19. kerdasi amaq says:



    Northern, Nemesys, have a look at this. There is a lesson here for everyone.

    This is “Naruto”. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it. In the scene above three trainee ninja have been set a test by their teacher(sensei) to see if he will take them on as his students. Japanese humour is situational and based on relationships between characters. So, to me, some of those scenes are intensely funny.

  20. American says:

    Thanks for sharing, ‘Cowboy’. It happened a lot like that with me. Once you are onto all the JEW subversions, it’s impossible to look back. Now my only option is to keep spreading the truth. It won’t be long before it’s commonplace for people to speak out public about the myriad of JEW-riggings all around us.

    Like this article I just read by a blogger is one of the most read regarding economics. He doesn’t say “JEW”, but almost ALL the criminals (political and financial) that he’s named are JEWS. People are catching on, but we must work quickly while the internet gives Gentiles options other than JEW media!


  21. kerdasi amaq says:


    Incog Man Could you check out this blog. He could do with some traffic.

  22. Whitefella says:

    This is off topic but may not be appearing on the net much longer either –

    Why is the UK Guardian allowing an obviously self-hating jew (right Abe?) to so outrageously smear God’s wonderful gift to humanity, the long suffering, perpetually victimized, poor old Chosen Master Race?

    Israel’s Anti-Immigration Immigrants:


    “In a country where over half of the dominant ethnic group wishes to expel those of a different racial profile . . .”

    Gee Abe, that almost sounds like ethnic cleansing. Imagine that – a mainstream article that actually accuses the Divine Master Race of outright racism. It must be time to do a tribal phone around and get an advertising boycott imposed on the Guardian.

    These anti-semite “semites” are a very rare breed indeed. What do you say Abe? Send him off to Talmud re-education camp?

  23. guitarman uk says:

    hi all just been on the fine river wye in a canoe for a week..medicine!
    with reference to the above comments on harry potter,please take a mo to read this link,hidden metaphors of ethnic cleansing etc. theres me thinking it was just a shitty kids film:

    As “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” opens today to mostly stellar reviews, the title itself evokes why the book and film series have so resonated with Jewish audiences. Like all the “Potter” films – based on J.K. Rowling’s best-sellers – “Prince” is rife with metaphors for racism and ethnic cleansing, including characters who refer to wizards as “pure-bloods,“ “half-bloods” or mudbloods (a racist slur meaning mixed or non-magical parentage).

    “They’re not Nazis but they recall the politics and attitudes of Nazi Germany. And aesthetically—although it’s a cliché—the [Death Eater] Lucius Malfoy and his family are blond, like Hitler’s ideal of the quintessential Aryan.“ yawn…


  24. guitarman uk says:

    this just for fun
    How would Anne Frank look if she had lived to see 80?

  25. guitarman uk says:

    totally off topic,mainly for marsh,lets raise a glass for les paul(nee polski or somesuch..jewish? dont know,dont care) great guitarist and electronics genius..reverb,multitrack,etc etc…..Rest in peace

  26. guitarman uk says:

    from makow;
    Although there was no official proclamation, Jews were tacitly allowed to return to England. The “British” Empire became a vehicle for the longstanding alliance of Cabalist Jew and Gentile aristocrat to achieve world domination. Now, American imperialism carries the baton, to be replaced eventually by a world government mechanism.

    History needs to be rewritten in terms of the actual conflict that took place between the secret hand of the Judeo Masonic alliance against indigenous forces of Christianity, nationality, race and family. Culture today is Cabalist in character: pseudo mystical, solipsistic, and amoral. It rejects God, and deifies man and sex instead.

    A distinction must be made between the rich Masonic Jews and Gentiles and the ordinary Jews and Gentiles that are their dupes and go’fers. Ordinary Jews have suffered as much as ordinary Gentiles from the megalomaniac vision of the Masonic elite. Masonic Jews guaranteed Jewish solidarity by ensuring that all Jews suffered for their sins. “Anti-Semites” were only too happy to oblige.

    This is really about the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a tiny Lucifer-loving cult, and the serfdom of the majority of mankind, regardless of race.


    who are they? what are they? who claim to be ‘jews’?

  27. guitarman uk says:

    no mention of schmolocaust here,but admits influence of movies on perception of ‘reality’ esp. ‘history’

    Hollywood’s distortion of the truth alters history in the eyes of schoolchildren
    Hollywood’s habit of playing with historical facts is leading schoolchildren to get it wrong too – even if they read the true story in classrooms, a new academic study shows.

  28. guitarman uk says:

    re above; just say, jew!

  29. guitarman uk says:

    its so sad that many,many people still believe that these frontmen hold any power..o bummer comes from nowhere,writes an autobiog,’my struggle as a soccer mom’, and goes on to run the nfl? come on,amerika!

  30. guitarman uk says:

    more from makow on my favourite subject,jew self promotion in movies,etc,although i take issue with this;
    I for one am tired of it. In a world in which Jews are under constant threat, is “wimpy” really the image we want to convey?

    however its good to see a jewish person recognise the things that get my teeth grinding;
    Eli Roth, one of Tarantino’s “basterds” and also director of the “Hostel” horror movies, said the notion of Jews getting even with Hitler was “kosher porn.”

    “It’s something I dreamed since I was a kid,” Roth said.

    In the movie, Roth gets to live out his childhood fantasy: He plays the baseball bat-swinging “Bear Jew,” who some of the film’s Nazis believe is really a vengeful golem.


  31. guitarman uk says:

    hostel is the only movie i have walked out of.im far too tight to want to waste my seven pounds(12 dollars?) i wanted to pee and i just didnt care how it ended.
    i thought the sick fucks were the guys paying to see people tortured…oh,thats me now? fuck off,eli roth. i was into blood and guts when i was 13,what’s your excuse? fuck off again. is talentlesstino a jew,too?

  32. Marshall says:

    RIP Les Paul…

    BTW I’m getting ready to buy my cousin’s Goldtop guitarmanUK, he’s got 4…sheez…:-D

  33. guitarman uk says:

    only four? pussy..!

  34. guitarman uk says:

    but seriously,is tarantino a latino schlomo?

  35. Hard to say guitarman what Anne Frank would have looked like if she lived to 80…But she did time travel to the future to obtain a ball point pen for her diaries that were written some 8-10 years before ball point pens were even invented!

  36. Yes, her diaries were proven in the late 50’s to be fraudulent due to the fact that they were done with a ball point pen.

    Putting out Phony stuff seems to be the mode of operation for these Zionists.

  37. judicial-inc.biz has done many articles about the authenticity of the Anne Frank story and diaries… Proven to be phony.

    And yet they have put several people in Europe up for jail time for questioning the “Ann Frank Diaries”? Give me a freaking break!

  38. I have read the comments about “GI Joe” still not being too bad for kids to watch…. Therefore, my kid is going to see GI Joe tomorrow night… I told him to have fun!

    Thanks guys!

  39. guitarman uk says:

    im sitting here ‘fit to burst’ with ‘that feeling’..partly because im on a different timeline to you lot,so im posting to myself,but really,’that feeling’ of knowing something vitally important and wanting to share it with those that dont know yet.
    my sister said of her boyfriend (who is no friend of the darker hued) when they looked at my bookmarks,”whats he got against jews?”
    well,as we know,its a long story…heres the best,shortest,capsule review of ‘alternative history’ ive found on the net. (video) incogs,’conspiracy and all that jazz’ is the most compelling text..it’s less than 30 mins,a good intro for the newbie:
    The German Philosopher Johann Von Goethe once said “there are none more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are free.”
    But few who hear the words realize that they are the ones to whom Goethe was referring. For the reality is, that every person in the civilized world is enslaved from childhood. They are enslaved in a prison without walls or bars and so few ever even realize it, but all are enslaved nonetheless. And what the people of the world are enslaved to is a system of perpetual self generating debt that is created for them wholly by design by private international banking interests. And the people are taught from an early age to just except this debt, because this is ‘just the way things are’.
    But the real reality is that it is not just the way things are, but more the way things have been designed. And all one has to do is glance around them at the state of the world today to realize, that though this is the way things current are, it is most definitely not the way things should be. The most powerful and useful tool a person can ever gain in their life is knowledge. For with knowledge comes wisdom and a deeper understanding. And real truth can be exhilarating because real truth will set you free.

    Now Whether you believe in the Illuminati or not; whether you will take the time to listen to so called conspiracy theories or not, there are some things that should be clearly understood by all. And these are not conspiracy theories by any stretch of the imagination. They are well documented, quite traceable and very provable facts. And these facts are as follows:

    There is one ruling bloodline that exists on this earth. This ruling Bloodline is very old. It is the same bloodline that has always ruled the earth ever since the days of ancient Egypt and it is very pervasive. For example, many people think that anyone can get to be President of the United States. But the reality is that all US presidents have been Freemasons. And a large number of them are in fact related, and that their lineage can be traced back to European Monarchy and in particular to the line of William of Orange. This elite Bloodline can actually be traced back a good deal further than William of Orange, and even back as far as the royalty of ancient Egypt. And it is this very same bloodline that has ruled the earth ever since; and to which the British Monarchy and the current US President can both ultimately be traced. Many people may be surprised to learn that US President George W Bush is in fact the 13th cousin of Queen Elizabeth the second of the current British Monarch.

    Reverence for the royal bloodline and worship of Amen Ra are still carried out in the world today, though it is veiled and secretive. But the symbolism remains true, as always, hidden in plain view. Adherence to such traditions is why each of the three city states of London, Vatican and the District of Columbia all have their own obelisks. The London Obelisk is also accompanied by two sphinx wrought in the image of Thutmoses, indicating that it is in London that the royal bloodline actually resides. The fact that out of all the pharaohs to choose from, the London sphinx depicts Thutmoses, is actually very telling indeed for a number of reasons, but that is another tale.

    The British Monarchy is steeped in ancient traditions and symbolism and they do not attempt to hide these connections, they just don’t mention them or answer questions about them. But the signs and symbols are right there for discerning eyes to clearly see again and as always hidden in plain view. Just a look at the Royal Coat of Arms, the Royal Regalia, and the Coronation Throne clearly demonstrates these connections.

    The evidence linking that these rulers to the one bloodline does exist and all the information to verify these claims lies within the public domain. It is up to each of you to connect the dots yourself.
    More importantly however, is the fact that over the last two hundred odd years there has developed behind this ruling bloodline, another elite class somewhat similar to a priesthood, that remains hidden in the shadows. This shadowy priesthood is the money changers. The international banking elite, consisting of 13 very influential families. And it is this shadowy elite who ultimately controls things from behind the scenes. This control is achieved through covert manipulation of the global money systems, and maintained through an intricate web of interconnected secret societies, through which control over the flow of all money, all resources, all food, and more importantly, all information, through manipulation of the worlds educational institutions and corporate media is also achieved. Many of these smaller secret societies are completely oblivious to the existence of the others, but all lead back to a round table of six, and ultimately, to one at the very top, that is populated by a virtual handful of individuals. It is this handful of very powerful men that controls all the other societies, and through them the heartbeat of the entire world.

    The society that sits at the very top was founded on Knights Templar traditions in Bavaria in 1776 by a man called Adam Weishaupt, and this is the order of the Illuminati. The man who commissioned Weishaupt for the task was Mayer Amschel Rothschild, and it was done in order to carry out a plan conceived by Rothschild, and the heads of twelve other families at a secret meeting that took place in 1773. These families included the Warburgs, the Schiffs and the Oppenheimers. The Illuminati has since become the most powerful society in the world. And in the last 230 years, it has been instrumental in helping the Rothschild family accumulate over one half of the worlds total wealth, at the cost of quite literally millions of innocent lives. The horded wealth of this one family alone, could comfortably feed, clothe, and house, every man, every woman, and every child on earth. And this just one of the 13 Illuminati families.

    The goal of the Illuminati has always been a simple one and that is to achieve, by whatever means possible, total ownership and control, over no less than every resource, every government, every rock, every drop of water, every blade of grass, and every living creature, both human and non human, in the entire world. And since its inception, for over 230 years, the order of the Illuminati has been tirelessly, relentlessly, and unfalteringly steering its members towards the achievement of that one ultimate goal. Through secrecy, they have so far been extremely successful in their endeavors, in fact so much so, that we are right now living in the time when they intend to see this long spanned work come to fruition. The situation we are witnessing in the world right now is in fact the final endgame of the Illuminati. This is their big grab for ultimate power and mass depopulation.

    Some people claim that the Illuminati is a myth and that what is really to blame are organizations such as Zionism. but I assure you that this is not the case. It goes far deeper than Zionism. And such people have simply limited the scope of their vision. They have locked to to an answer that supports their beliefs and have refused to delve any deeper. They are not seeing the bigger picture. Greek Philosopher Socrates once said that true wisdom is knowing how little we actually know and he was absolutely correct. And this is why is important to keep an open mind and allow your beliefs to be flexible enough to change as new knowledge is acquired. And it is important to listen to all the information and not to just that which reinforces your beliefs. Because this conspiracy goes very deep, and Zionism and the Jewish influence over the money system, is merely one layer of it. And it goes still deeper than even the Illuminati. Those who we know as the Illuminati are merely the shadowy controllers.

    The plan that is unfolding in the world today is indeed an old one, and it is a plan that is very complex, but not so with the system of control that is in place to blind the people to its existence. This system of control just appears to be complex; but in reality, it isn’t. In reality, its very simple, and very fragile. However it is its apparent complexity that has kept it so well veiled, and it has also been kept very well hidden by constructing a conspiracy culture to breed around it, and by then promoting an air of endless ridicule towards such concepts. Indeed, the creation and proliferation of such a culture, and the promotion of constant ridicule towards it, has been one of the Illuminati’s most valuable assets in obscuring the reality of the society’s existence.

    The entire Illuminati system is today operated by the Crown, and what is the crown exactly? Well contrary to popular belief the Crown does not refer to the Royal family or to the British Monarchy, but to the Inner city of London which in actual fact is a privately owned corporation that functions as a completely separate sovereign state, outside the jurisdiction of England, the same as its two sister city states of Vatican and Washington’s District of Columbia, all of which combine to form the Empire of the three cities. Most people are completely unaware that when they swear allegiance to the Crown they are actually swearing allegiance to this private corporate empire owned by the the 13 Illuminati families. These are the same private individuals who also indirectly own and operate the World Bank. And what does the world bank do exactly? well apart from other things, like control global oil prices, it lends money to whole countries by supplying each country’s federal reserve bank and then it collects interest on these loans which is paid by taxing the the labor of the peoples of each country.
    Now let me just run that by you again so you clearly understand how this works.

    If you live in a country that has a federal reserve bank, then the World Bank, a privately run company that is able to legally create money from thin air, is who supplies your country with money, at interest. And you as the individual is required to pay a tax on your labor to pay off the interest on the governments’ loan from this private bank.

    Many people are duped into believing that their taxes pay for infrastructure, and without taxes their would be no roads or schools and the country would fall apart, but this is completely untrue. The government has the legal right to coin its own money and control its value, but it does not. It borrows money from a private bank and uses this bank loan to pay for infrastructure and then you are taxed in order to pay off the interest on the loan. Interest, which from a business perspective, is pure profit for the international banksters.

    However you choose to look at things, one thing must be clearly understood, and that is that each person in the western world who has a job, is forced every year, to give away approximately Three months worth of wages in taxes, and that tax money goes directly into the pockets of the private individuals who own and run the world bank.

    Its one big, privately run scam. And if you ever allow yourself to be microchipped and cash money is abolished altogether, which is their plan, then all bills and all taxes will automatically be removed from your account when they are due, whether you actually owe the money or not. And if you complain about the system, well they can simply turn off your chip. Since all commerce will center around the chip, you will not be able to buy food, or pay rent or do anything ay all. And there will be absolutely nothing whatsoever that you can do about it. And that is their goal. To limit the size of the population on earth and to microchip those that are left. Then its game set and match and total control of the world and everyone in it will be in the hands of an international cartel of criminal banksters.


  40. Cowboy says:

    Yeah Northern, one of my friends went to GI Joe with his nephews. They are 13 and 11. I guess the kids liked the film.

    I had no idea that the Anne Frank diaries were written with a ballpoint! I knew they were fake, but come on…a ballpoint pen??? LMAO!!!! I am gonna ook that up for myself. Thats too funny!

  41. guitarman uk says:

    a longer and perhaps whackier synopsis is called ‘ring of power’ and can be found here
    we are talking 4 and a half hours

  42. guitarman uk says:

    i believe that the original anne frank video diaries have just been released on betamax format.she is quite scathing of the so-called,’lazer disc revolution’..

  43. Nemesys says:

    Guitarman – QT is a worthless little wannabe. He’s desperate to have another hit. I’ve only seen commerials for his infantile Nazi Slander flick. I don’t think it’s gonna be a hit. It looks stupid, they had to resort to casting Gentile Brad Pitt as a Kike “hero” – and he’s getting long in the tooth. The “wild boyish thing” freneticism makes him look like he overdosed on his first experiment with Viagra.

    THe Harry Potter thing is fascinating. It’s really a re-telling of the central myth of the England – the story of St George and the Dragon. Rowling is a work-manlike prose stylist, but she is a genious in creating memorable, consistent characters, and excellent action. She’s a GREAT story TELLER.

    I’ve read all the books, several times, and she IS a Racialist, albeit an unwhitting one. She tries to be PC – but she cannot help herself. She’s written about some of her motivations, and intentions in getting across her “message”. She’s stated she was influenced by the Holohaox museums – but her comprehension of the Nazis et al is extremely shallow. Her “diversity characters” are tacked on, and barely drawn. They are “thrown in” to the mix.

    The books makes repeated references to the Indian Patil twins as “the prettiest girls in school” – but there is ONE reference to the physicality. One of them has long dark hair. THE MOST beautiful woman in the book is a French character called “Fleur Delacourt” – the flower of the court”. She never appears in the book without a mention of her shimmering, shining waterfall of long, silvery blonde hair, and her enormous blue eyes. He males literally go ga-ga, when she’s around, and when she marries, Rowling writes that her magical beauty usually dims others around her, but when she is marching to the altar, she is SO happy that her radiance literally beautifies every-one present. She’s a good character, too. Her RED-headed, super cool fiance Bill is attacked by werewolves, and has his face shredded, and every-one expects Fleur to dump him. She LOVES him, ya se, and she’s loyal, true, and tough.

    Rowling always goes on and on and on about the physical attributes of her White characters, Her REAL ones. The CENTRAL, critical ones. And THEY are WHITE. Every book cites Harry’s green eyes. They are rge feature of his gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful kind, exemplary mother Lily. “LILY”. Dark red hair, green green eyes. She’s a “Mud blood” – Human born – but Rowling screws things up, in trying to implement “diversity” propoganda – cause all the Mud bloods are WHITE. So she trips up, and contravenes her own “message”.

    The Race mixer characters generally wind up dead, or utterly disgraced….hmmmm..I doubt Rowling even knows she’s doing this….

    Even the dreaded “Nazi” Malfoys really aren’t that bad. Lucius is bad at being bad. He screws up evil. He gets punished. His family are aristocratic, haughty blondes – and they are VERY popular characters. As the story progresses, it turn out that thier motivations are family unity. They treat each other VERY well, and in the last two books, Draco, Harry’s contemporary boyhood nemesis, does what he does to attempt to save his family’s lives. Harry winds up saving Draco’s life at a critical point, and Narcissa, the mother – a gorgeous blonde woman – more long, shining gleaming blond tresses, lovingly described -winds up saving Harry. They are survive the standard Rowlin Death Toll, of every book, and are last seen as an intact family.

    Here’s a little dish – Daniel Radcliff is a Hebe. He’s very rich from these movies – but he’ll need to save his money. He is not a very attractive leading man. He’ short, dark, and he has no real charisma or personality. Tom Felton, the young actor who plays Draco, has grown up to be SUCH a total BABE that the producers of this last episode, “The Half Blood Prince” had to take extra special pains to make him look less attractive than he is, in order to not eclipse Radcliff. (Which he does.)They gave him a repellent hairstyle, and dressed him in a dark, ill-fitting suit, throughout. He’s wildly charismatic, and he steals EVERY scene he’s in – even when he does some very NASTY things. Felton gives an actual performance. The rest kinda walk thorugh their very well-known scenes. Felton gives the only real performance in the film.

    Finally, Rupert Grint, who plays side-kick/best pal, Ron Weasley, is a rather odd-looking “ginger” sorta Limey. He’s a brilliant kid. I’ve seen interviews with all the principles, for years. He has grown up into a REAL STAR. H’es got what no amount of money, or connections, or training can buy. He has “It”. That Star thing. He’s insanely charismatic, and madly sexy. CRAZY sexy. I am a woman in my Late 40’s. I am usually only interested in men my own age, I am NOT interested in kids, as I consider every-one under the age of/…mmm..say..35 to be walking fetuses… However – that Grint kid….

    Yowsa! Where’s my Celebrex……

  44. Orion14 says:

    Let’s be honest. Frank’s diary was not written in ball point pen. The annotation was. Here’s a good FAQ from Heretical.com


  45. canadian says:




    You’re as much an embarassment to Canada as “American” is to the U.S.
    WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

  46. Marshall says:

    Anne Frank? See Jews exploit her yet again…how about some porno? LMAO!!! Beyond deranged.

    “A dog always returns to its own vomit.” – Jesus Christ


  47. guitarman uk says:

    the point surely is….so what,dont care…what of the diary of olga kalashnikov? im sure there were many.”today the jews took daddy away because he read books……….” yadayada

  48. superscreamingeagle says:

    If ya watch this VIDEO it will be CLEAR who is behind Obama’s rise to stardom……

    Oh, and dont talk about Jesus Christ here cuz he was Jewish and you hate the Jews, remember? I guess you will have to follow Buddha or someone, now. Oh, thats right, do you follow Hitler’s ghost?


    WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

  49. guitarman uk says:

    screeching bugle thats just silly.no coffee before bedtime,ok?

  50. guitarman uk says:

    lets face it ,he can read. but america blew it with lickle boy bush. hell,you blew it with raygun!

  51. Nemesys says:

    The Yids are still trying to blame the Muzzies. What a joke! Pu-leese/

    Reagan was Ok. He was the best of the last 60 years.

    Now – the important stuff:

    Tom Felton

    Rupert Grint
    (He’s got the most fansites)

    Daniel Radcliff

    NO comparison

    Pay attention to the BIG popular culture stuff. It MATTERS.

  52. themadjewess says:

    Muslims in charge of Britain….”Zionist Conspiracy?”
    WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

  53. Steve in TN says:

    Bring on the Muslim. Bring on the Mexicans. Thanks to the Zionist for their wonderful gift of cultural diversity. There you geniuses go again complaining while stabbing your host in the back. Shove off weirdo!

  54. White Master says:

    Thats all those shitwad JEWS do is divert and blame others. How could someone be that low down? They force us to be pissed at them and then cry about it!

    Truly, there is not a more pathetic people on planet Earth than the JEWS!

  55. themadjewess says:

    Check it out, Leftist Jews right in line with INCOGMAN!!

    WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

  56. The original judicial-inc.biz article on the fraudulence of the Anne Frank Diaries has been purposely taken out of internet access (most probably by the zionists themselves) BUT the following link is available for your research…


    The bottom section of this page is especially interesting, and shows how researchers checked closely the handwriting in comparison to actual handwriting of Frank from the war, and it showed forgery, and on top of that was purposely rewritten in 1951 using a BALL POINT Pen!

    So, mr “canadian”, you obviously are spewing your trash again in a vain effort to prevent the rest of the people in here from wising up on facts, and researching it themselves… You sayanim agents are all alike in your attempts at disinformation.. It is to laugh…

    Truth should never be suppressed… no wonder you zionists are working overtime to cover for your crimes against humanity in vain attempts to prevent the truth about your lies from coming out!

  57. And to say that I am a disgrace to Canadians is another lie on your part. I want Canada to be free of your type and your sick dream of world domination.

    BTW, “canadian”… where does your allegiance belong to? Canada, or your psychotic dreamland called “Israel”? You are here to spew your trash, so obviously we all know that answer!

  58. So, fellow true commentators.. Again it points to another Zionist LIE!

    What other lies of history have they concocted? I would say almost all of them!

  59. kerdasi amaq says:


  60. kerdasi amaq says:


  61. linkb97 says:

    this site is very good information, thank 4 sharing…. i like all your article

  62. themadjewess says:

    “Zionist tool” Beck (LOL)

    A total of 33 Fox advertisers, including Walmart, CVS Caremark, Clorox and Sprint, directed that their commercials not air on Beck’s show, according to the companies and ColorofChange.org, a group that promotes political action among blacks and launched a campaign to get advertisers to abandon him. That’s more than a dozen more than were identified a week ago.

  63. themadjewess says:

    Alright tough guys.. I am suing the ACLU for suing Sherrif Joe, are you all going to do something or sit here and complain

  64. gtrman says:

    Bush’s Third Term – You’re Living It
    By David Swanson and Tom Engelhar

    A presidential candidate opposed to the Iraq War is elected and enters the Oval Office. Yet six months later, there are still essentially the same number of troops in Iraq as were there when his predecessor left, the same number, in fact, used in the original invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Moreover, the new president remains on the “withdrawal” schedule the previous administration laid out for him with the same caveats being issued about whether it can even be met.


  65. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    What Barack Hussein Obama’s Really Like At the White House
    by a White House mole.

    3rd Installment


    Pretty incredible what we elected for the American President.

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