Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

“Famous is thy beauty majesty, but behold, a lovely maid I see… Rags cannot hide her gentle grace… Alas, she is more fair than thee…”

–The Magic Mirror in Walt Disney’s Snow White

“Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall” …Pathological Narcissism as the Sparkplug of Armageddon


By Mark Glenn, The Ugly Truth

We have to assume — given the incalculable suffering presently taking place — that had He (the Almighty) to do over again He would probably leave out all the “I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee” nonsense and get right down to business with the “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots“.

After all, He is considered a wise and merciful creator, is He not? Not just wise and merciful, but the shrewdest of all investors as well, and what has His (supposed) aggrandizement of this tiny microbe of “chosen people” profited Him and His business interests?

Well, if we are to go by the “official records”— meaning the Bible — ever since these people pushed and elbowed their way into 1st place ahead of their contemporaries it has been nothing short of disastrous, both then and now. War, exploitation, deception, greed, envy, assassination, genocide, despoilment, enslavement — all these and more — the same bitter fruits our forefathers dealt with yesterday that we are dealing with today. The only real difference between then and now is that 4,000 years ago the Chosenites had neither nuclear weapons nor control of the world’s economy as they do today.

And yet, the lone individual responsible for bringing this venture about — both past and present — is supposed to be pleased with this? Are we really to believe (as some think) He gets some kind of sick pleasure seeing his priceless merchandise — meaning the innocent men, women and children in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Lebanon and elsewhere — squandered and wasted (literally in the millions) and that He wants even more of it in places such as Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere? That He fantasizes about seeing entire swaths of stable, productive civilizations being turned into caldrons of misery or that He shrieks with glee at the sight of maimed children — the same children He created with a mere thought — robbed of their legs, arms, faces, etc, by psychopaths who believe this is all part of the “Divine Plan”?

Well of course, there are plenty of nutcases these days who would say “yes” to the above questions and who maintain with the same kind of fervency as yesteryear’s flat-earthers that indeed the Big Guy sits up there, beer in one hand and a wad of popcorn in the other as He reclines and watches the light show down below.

After all, these nutcases say, He DID make that promise to His “Chosen“ people that He will “bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee“ and therefore, logically, He is more than ready, willing and able to bring about Armageddon and the consummation of the entire world for the benefit of this the tiniest of minorities…That He sits up there with an itchy trigger finger, growling through clenched teeth “Go ahead punks, make my day…” and is just waiting for an excuse to run everything — vegetable, animal, mineral or what not–through the great divine paper shredder…

…and just so He can make good on His word to this same microscopic group of people who have been so much a welcome addition to mankind’s various civilizations that they have been kicked out of every decent country in the world throughout history shortly after their arrival.

Of course, the one question not asked in the 4,000 years since this concept of “chosenness“ (said to be the definitive bird’s-eye view into the mind of the Almighty) was first introduced is whether or not there is a shred of truth in any of it. On its face, the idea certainly seems to defy all logic, that the creator responsible for all life and order in the universe would pick one guy — ONE GUY — stick a blue “First Prize” ribbon on him (as well as on his kith-n-kin) before the beauty contest even got underway, give everyone else in the competition the boot and declare that all future contests had been decided already by this one decision.

And yet this is how we are supposed to believe it all went down, and more so, that to this day, the creator of all things STILL favors them heads and shoulders above all else…That there is something organically and ontologically different about them — meaning the Jews — making them better and rendering the rest of us inferior, or, as Jewish writer Ariel Natan Pasko wrote in his article “This War Is For Us” —

“Simply put another way, if all the world is a stage, then the Jews — and especially those in the Land of Israel —are the lead actors on the stage of history, and the goyim (the gentiles) have supporting roles… As our tradition states, G-D – the great playwright — created the world for the sake of the Jewish People, and it is our responsibility to implement the Torah — absolute morality and the blueprint of creation — in it…”

It is so farcical, so non-sensical and irrational on its face that in this the modern age it should be rejected with all other notions rooted in madness and illogic such as the aforementioned flat-earth theory or the practice of drilling holes in the heads of the mentally ill so the demons afflicting them could escape.

And yet, unbeknownst to so many, it is not. Rather, it is swallowed whole hog by entire swaths of people, so much so that it is now THE dominant ideology driving world events today and yet which threatens to destroy all life on earth if its aims are not met.

For those who have not put 2 and 2 together in this matter, what we are of course discussing is the present “clash of civilizations” being waged Israel’s proxies in the “Christian” West against those in the Middle East and elsewhere. Whether recognized as such or not, nevertheless it is a billion+ on one side vs. a billion+ on the other and all engineered by this covetous, envious third party in the interests of seeing the two succumb to the inevitable mutual assured destruction, leaving what is left on the carcass free for picking and pecking on the part of Jewish interests, and all fueled by a mindset that cannot tolerate fair competition, because with fair competition comes the possibility of defeat, which is unthinkable.

Of course some, carefully placed throughout the various podiums and soapboxes around the globe will say it is more complicated than simple narcissism on the part of Jewish interests, that there are other factors with long, complicated names, pronunciations and definitions that the rest of us are too stupid to understand. Themes such as “jihad” and “72 virgins” and “anti-Semitism” and “fatwa” and “Islamo-fascism” and a whole host of others that Merlin and his fellow magicians have conveniently conjured up and stored away in their little black bag of dirty tricks.

But in the end, in the final analysis where the rubber meets the road and where the bottom line speaks with the same authority as an auctioneer’s gavel on the podium, it is this indeed, this “love thyself above all others” that is the bedrock of the Jewish mindset and — more importantly — which acts as THE sparkplug for the impending Armageddon the entire world is facing.

In short, pathological narcissism that obliterates any sense of morality or conscience on the part of those afflicted and — much like the latter stages of rabies — renders the infected animal mad and, just as former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan once described the Jewish state — “too dangerous to bother.”

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” asks the wicked Queen in Snow White. She isn’t asking this because she is curious, but rather —

Please go and read the rest of this great article HERE! Bookmark Glenn’s site — the guy gets it about the Jew, big-time.



I wanted to run this story because of a comment left by some Jew who comes here by the name of “canadian,” where he pasted in a link to an article extolling Israel and going on and on about how great Jews are to Capitalism (funny considering how many of them are Marxists), America and the world.

Somehow, “canadian” believes that by us simply reading his Israel/Jew bragging puff-piece, it will make us see the light and ignore our common sense, patriotism for America and our White moralities. I’m here to tell Jew Bozos like “canadian,” right in their fat faces: Fuggitaboutit!

Israel and Jews world-wide do indeed consider themselves God’s “Chosen people” and I’m continually astounded by the utter arrogance and hypocrisies of these people that I come across. Every day it’s seems to be getting worse and worse, in geometric porportion to the things they are now getting away with in this country and elsewhere.

“They are the boastful, arrogant rascals who to the present day can do no more than boast of their race and lineage, praise only themselves, and disdain and curse all the world in their synagogues, prayers, and doctrines. Despite this, they imagine that in God’s eyes they rank as his dearest children.”

— Martin Luther, On the Jews and Their Lies, 1543

Lately, you can see the media ramping up the paranoia about Iran. This is surely in advance of what Israel has in mind to do shortly. Every channel now headlines Iran’s “nuclear ambitions” and shows you missiles being launched one after another in some desert and telling you how evil Ahmadinejad and the mad Mullahs are.

Not a single word about Israel having the bomb. Not a one. It’s so embarrassingly obvious how controlled the media now is.

All Americans are not that dumb. More and more of us, every day, can now see right through the grotesque propaganda bull being run by the Zionists in control of our politics and media. The Jews are playing with some serious fire and will live to regret it. Mark my words.

I started this blog because I was personally sick to my stomach about all the lying bull out of these people’s mouths and where they were taking the America that I grew up in. Iraq was the final straw for me. Plus, it totally sickened me when I saw Israel killing defenseless Palestinians and Lebanese in absolutely uncalled for ways.

There was a evil sickness going on here that I could see through-out history, like what they did in Red Russia, or what they made us do to Germany during WWII and after.

You think I’d bother with all this simply because I can’t stand the Jews for being Jews or because some of them merely worship a different religion? I don’t think so. I do all this so that if other, free-thinking Americans read it and start to think — really think — we might be able to put a stop to their global, NWO shennanigans and regain the America as it’s supposed to be.

These people have been nothing but Israel-Firsters and Nation Wreckers to the extreme. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it up to FRIGGIN HERE!

Think about it. Jews have been kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived, or even much worse. Adolf Hitler was elected by the Germans for a reason, and it was not because he had some Svengali, mass hypnotism tricks like the Zionist media constantly tries to portray it.

It’s long past the time we blindly suck down the Jewish PC bull and go with the flow. It’s time we put a screeching halt to the Jew’s games in all White countries.

Thank you.

[/rant off]


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. karen says:

    Finally finished & thank you gw2bc for inadvertantly providing the material. The article should be published by the APA 3rd quarter of 2010 in their journal Group Dynamics. The subject is manipulation, and you gw2bc are the star. To everyone else in Incogland God bless you and I’m sincerely behind you.

  2. Biker68 says:

    GREAT KAREN!!! Percival Peetercheeks made ME the subject of an Incog post! lol Goy …hows it feel ya fuckin TOOL!

    pse to post when it comes out, and where we can find it?!

  3. JR says:

    @ kerdasi amaq
    A lot of what’s written in catechisms and creeds in both Orthodox and RC Catholicism is a pretty wet attempt to rewrite what God has already quite adequately and much more perfectly provided by verbal and plenary inspiration in the Bible; and doctrine of that merely human sort has, of course, caused endless debate and lots of division in Christendom, primarily because a significant proportion of it is actually heresy if compared diligently with what the Bible ACTUALLY SAYS, and this applies to some extent to the Catholic doctrine of the nature of the soul, but mostly only in terms of ambiguity of words and the way they’re used to express it.

    For it has always been Christian doctrine that the “soul” (Gk. psyche, Lat. anima) resides in and is a metaphysical counterpart of the physical corpse, and is the seat of the personal life, will, mind, ‘heart’, and conscience, and provides us with deliberate or conscious thought or action, self consciousness, world consciousness, and (because we’re persons) God consciousness; and hence could let us be and do things like that both in a body in this life and in heaven or hell as a metaphysical soul out of the body, after putting the body off by dying, like a driver gets out of a car body and is still conscious after he has wrecked it on an interstate or railroad track.

    What do you think of this video …

  4. kerdasi amaq says:

    That was great. Very moving.

    “that the doctrine of the Catholic Church on the nature of the soul is a lie”.

    I’d describe that as Spiritual chloroform.

  5. sept says:

    I was trying to “think out of the box” in regards to the Jew problem.

    Let’s do an all-white online dating service, no Jews allowed. We can at least bring pro-white people together and hopefully improve the birth rate.

    I know it doesn’t solve the Jew problem but at least it’s something.

    Or, has ZOG already made such a thing illegal?

  6. gw2bc says:

    Ah yes, good ol JimmydaJEWJEW, always finding still another way to work in the character-assassination JEW-GENDA…

    Wow, what a pack of total gatekeeper assholes you ALL are! You know this thread got started back in September, right?? Every time I post, does a bell ring above your cubicles there in Hertzliya? Does the Mossad officer wave a fresh-cooked steak under your noses too? Does he provide slobber-guards for your keyboards??

    Fuck being nice to you vipers. If Incogman won’t enforce that rule uniformly, then obviously it’s really about SUPPRESSION. It sure is funny, how he “just happened” to whip out the iron fist right after I posted one of my strongest comments… If I oppose the psy-op ineffectually, he lets it go; if I oppose it WELL, he’s all over me, hmmm…

    Karen, as far as I’m concerned your Jew-trained brain-scrambler “profession” is totally irrelevant, and if smearing me in front of it makes your nippies go “ka-boi-oing!” that is just fine. I could not possibly care less. That just confirms you really are a spiteful bitch. It would be real gasser, though, to watch Biker PRETEND to be interested in an intellectual topic.

    • incogman says:


      Hey man, I can’t help people get all bollixed up about you. You have to admit you’re a SOB. And I don’t have any rules, I’ve asked American, biker68 and JamesTheJust to cut down getting on your case. I’m not some babysitter.

      And these people are not Jews, I’m fairly certain of it. The reason people suspect you, is because you are often a real bring-down, as they say up in the Haight.

  7. Biker68 says:

    GOY, percival….you show up in my trench? ill drop yer ass on principles, DEAD. i do NOT need a preacher, i do not need a sheperd. i need FRIENDS. EQUALS. people of like memory and childhood, people of like blood and culture. you put Incog and most of us in a precarious position, most of us not being ME… i can smell you fuckwad, I gat yer game. if we ever meet, ill drop your ass like a dirty shirt. you sniveling JEW sunnofabitch.

    ps. id REALLY like to meet! where ya at you nasty piece of pig fucked frogshit?!

  8. Scottish Banjo Dude says:

    psychotic paranoid genius talks to god and hates david icke? Delicious. “Give ’em enough rope……”

  9. Biker68 says:

    and he will HANG BY HIS OWN HAND. we can only hope… most homo Jews DO off themselves. im still waiting.. GOY.

  10. American says:

    “In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

    — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928

  11. JamesTheJust says:

    Ah yes, good ol JimmydaJEWJEW, always finding still another way to work in the character-assassination JEW-GENDA…

    What the hell are you getting your panties all in a bunch for? YOU ASKED ME THE QUESTION.

    My response to you was very civil, but you can bet that won’t happen again. You are an unmitigated ASSHOLE. I would not be the least bit surprised to find that you are a Jew. You certainly act like one.

    You are child, trying to pretend to be an adult.

    You are a coward trying to pretend to have balls.

    You are a Jew trying to pretend to be an Aryan.

    You are a sad tale of rejection trying to pretend to be a joke…and doing a mighty fine job of it, I might add. 🙂

    Shoot back a response if you want. From this point forward, I have engaged my own personal SPAMBLINKA, and your name is at the top of the list.


  12. JamesTheJust says:

    Let’s do an all-white online dating service, no Jews allowed. We can at least bring pro-white people together and hopefully improve the birth rate.

    Unless you plan on having a blood test as a prerequisite, it won’t work. Jews cannot stand being excluded from our culture. Besides, everyone knows that Jew vemen have a thing for white goy males. I’ve heard that the jew-boys aren’t too adequate in that department.

    This love/hate relationship the Jews have with us Aryans is a mystery. Maybe its because deep down inside they know that their “jewishness” is a farce; a lie; a dream that can never be. Maybe its because they know that it is BLOOD that binds races and on that account they are unbound; miscegenated; impure; mixed beyond comprehension; broken cisterns bound for destruction .

  13. JamesTheJust says:


    The web address is http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/audioPop.jsp?episodeId=273181&cmd=apop

    The host is SwordBrethren. Pastror Finck is a guest on his show. This is Part 1. Part 2 will be aired on Oct 10th.

    There are other really great radio shows hosted by Pastor Dan, Pastor Visser and Pastor James. These are great guys who really love our people. They’ve place themselves on the line for us. They walk the walk. Some of them are singled out on ADL’s most wanted.

  14. scary mossad agent says:

    i happen to know that “genius with two brown cell-mates” is a soon-to-be single 47 year old overweight, unfit bookworm with a crummy computer, possibly ex-cop with an unusual Irish name, who has received direct communication from “the lord” and, as a result, speaks with utter and complete conviction and withering contempt for any lowly neophytes. He also regards himself as an “intellectual tarzan”. I suppose thats like being a “fast tortoise”. His massive intellect prevented him from seeing the bloody obvious fact that “joe public’s ” comment was aimed at kerdasi and yet he accuses all and sundry of being “narcissists”.
    Well before the jewish concept of “projection”, us regular folk got by with aphorisms like, “takes one to know one”.
    Now, he knows his shit, but his gargantuan and unearthly mind-power obviously prevents him from observing simple manners, and also grasping the fact that “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. We all die soon enough, and personally I’d rather get spattered in the trench with Rock, Biker, American,Nemesys et al than “survive” with a prick like “Groid with Tupacs bowel cancer”. Maybe a better steve martin film to pick as a nic would be “The Jerk”. I have to say as a sign-off that if Incogs fantastic blog was full of this brand of “holier-than-thou” ranting when I first came here I wouldnt have stuck around to check it out in all its dark glory.

    There’s no more to say, Ive sat back and watched him piss off every regular poster here, one by one. I cant be bothered with internet slagging matches. Shame he’s such a dick, as he obviously has some good points. Maybe he should start his own blog; maybe called “Self-proclaimed messiah with two readers”. My two cents. By the way ,Incog, “GuitarmanUK” never went away, just retreated, read this blog every day and waited for “Grubby loner with Too-many belligerent conceits” to rant and gnash his oh-so-superior (yet probably few) teeth at the very people that deserve it least. Ive also been here under a few other names, “all out of gum” was me, seeing as its “show pee-pee time”

    Im just honest, i cant help it. How “goy” of me.

    “I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass!……..and I’m all out of gum!”

    From “They Live” as if you didnt know…..

    • incogman says:

      scary mossad agent:

      Tell guitarman to come back around with some more pink floyd stuff. He’s always welcome, you too. I sure hope gw2bc reads your comment.

  15. nobel prize winner says:

    When I read comments by, “Gibberish with Too-much Boastful Chutzpah” I find it useful to picture the anti-hero from the classic ‘South Park’ episode, “World of Warcraft”. Or am I being too kind?

  16. irish ukelele fellah says:

    roight, Incog, oill be sure an’ tell d’ guitarman dat its safe to come back out. And what was that criminal lesbian crypto-jew bitch hilary doin’ in th’ole country today i wonder?

    P.S. One day I hope to invent something. Can I please have a Nobel prize for science?

    PPS apologies Kerdasi for the bad accent

  17. Rock says:

    scarry mossad agent- All seriousness aside. That was one of the funniest comments I’v ever f-kng read. I nearly chucked my tator tots. You “YOU” are a SMARTASS!! I shit you not I almost fell on the floor. Much love pal an keep em commin. Honnesty mixed with wit makes a big BOOM!!

  18. JamesTheJust says:

    scarry mossad agent- All seriousness aside. That was one of the funniest comments I’v ever f-kng read.

    I second that emotion.

  19. JR says:

    Actually I’ve been rediscovering some of that Pink Floyd guitar that I didn’t think was there – especially the last half of “comfortably numb”. Take a break with one, why let the Jews on Cuba have all the fun …

  20. Marshall says:

    Ah yes. But can Floyd overcome their comfortably numbness? Perhaps, with some assistance…


  21. JR says:

    That vid was BS Marshall. Here’s another Floyd to piss you off further — BTW the word “piss” as in urine is actually in the Bible. Here’s the chapter and verse …

    “So and more also do God unto the enemies of David, if I leave of all that pertain to him by the morning light any that pisseth against the wall” (1Sam. 25.22).

    Now for another brick in the wall …

  22. kerdasi amaq says:

    irish ukelele fellah

    apology accepted.

  23. gw2bc says:

    Wow, it is just amazingly hilarious how all you skittering cockroaches keep imagining I give a FUCK what you think!

    You know how the Jews just keep rolling over you, year after year, like an M1A1 Abrams tank doing 80 over a drunken beached carp? Do you know WHY they keep doing that??

    It’s because you’re




    whose lousy self-centered cultureless parents “raised” you with TVs and Nintendo sets, and WOW does it show.
    Seriously, it’s not the demon heebs’ fault you’re total DUDS as “opponents.” It’s YOUR fault. It’s not their fault your shallow asshole parents and grandparents sided against the Germans 70 years ago. It’s YOUR dysgenic cockroach trash non-culture’s fault. Quit fucking dodging the Truth. Things keep going the way they’re going because YOU FUCKING SUCK SHIT.
    You could learn anything, be as clever as anybody, and you’d still be…




    who can’t even figure out you’re James Von Brunn’s twin brothers sitting in their cross-hairs.

    It’s a character thing. It’s like you were born with a giant pus-dripping boil where your head should be, except it’s INSIDE.

    And ya know, SHALLOW. MORON. ASSHOLES. like you have NEVER beaten the “Jews.” Only genuine heroes do. CHARACTER is EVERYTHING. This is the supreme lesson of Jesus and Christianity. James keeps twisting it into “white supremacy” because James is a LYING FUCKING JEW. He even argues like a Jew.

    So you had better get used to being their groveling asshole-licker pet insects, because that IS the level of your “water.”

  24. Marshall says:

    WHOA there GW2BC- gentiles are shallow and stupid because we were raised on TV? That’s a Jewish “self-indictment” if I ever heard one, considering Jews have run TV since its’ very inception!!!

    Right about the time TV caught on…the extreme Jewification of the gentile American mind began. Hard to overcome programming you grew up with. It’s taken me quite awhile to do so myself…even harder with older people. Back when I was really impressionable, Fonzie was cool…didn’t know he was a Jew!!!. Even “Mr.C” Cunningham was Jew, and nobody knew. Bet his real name isn’t even “Tom Bosley.”

    Crap in, crap out. I can tell you have been ingesting quite a bit of toilet water there GW2BC. Unfortunately, I threw out the Talmudvision, so I can’t join you in your latest culinary adventure, surely a tasty feast for roach-like mentalities.

    “A dog always returns to his own vomit.” – Jesus Christ


  25. Biker68 says:

    LOL! shallow are we Goy? ive got to agree with Marshall, a fox smells its OWN hole, dog returnes to its own vomit, jews smell their own shit first… and like a cat, try to cover it.

    i will not worship you, for i do not worship.

    i will not follow you, for i do not follow.

    do not walk behind me, for i might not lead.

    just walk beside me, and help US solve this problem!

    and if you cannot find anything in the above… go fuck yourself, and un-ass my world…

  26. JamesTheJust says:

    gw2bc thinks he has saved the world. That all his diatribes don’t point RIGHT BACK at himself. That it is EVERYONE ELSE; NOT him. The grand Jewish Superman complex or whatever Jew infested Marvel hero he has in his mind.

    So tell me gw2bc…what have you done to save the world lately and what makes you think you’re above the fray? Did you hug a tree? Plant a flower? I know, you wrote another post, demeaning the White Race!

    It’s YOUR fault. It’s not their fault your shallow asshole parents and grandparents sided against the Germans 70 years ago.

    For all your over generalizations, you have squat to show for it. My parents did not side against the Germans. My dad resigned from the Army the day the US declared war on Germany, and I’ve never even seen a Nintendo except in adverts, so there! Ha! Take that! and double HA!


    How would you know? Character is EVERYTHING? Good god man, you’re delusional There are good characters and bad ones. Define your terms. Do you have any? Do you have any principles at all beside railing at others as if you’re all that? (or do you just rail at Whites?)

    James keeps twisting it into “white supremacy” because James is a LYING FUCKING JEW. He even argues like a Jew.

    You’re an idiot. The Jewish village ghetto idiot. And you’re even lousy at that! In fact, you’re just lousy.

    I’m sure you love your race, but you sure as hell have proven, by your numerous diatribes, that you hate the White race.

    The only time you’re even remotely sane “acting”, is when someone, who doesn’t know the score, actually kisses your ass. Then you’re “oh so” kind. But let anyone question your stupidity, masking as wisdom, and it Katie bar the door.

    Me sound like a Jew? You and the MadJewASS could be sisters.

    The Aryan people ARE YHWH’s ONLY chosen people. I know that excludes you, but you’ll just have to get over it!

  27. gw2bc says:

    Oh JimmydaJEWJEW, I do stuff all the time that is 500,000 times more effective than high-fiving the other frat boyz here in this circle-jerk roundtable. I have this WAR completely figured out in fact. But I’d have to be stupid as shit to brag about it HERE. This is what’s so mindless about the bunch of you. Many of the “regulars” here are Jew spies — this is as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning — and the other big faction is goys too goddam dumb to realize it. This place stinks of Jew perverts like a bris.

    You people are falling for the ILLUSION that hanging out anonymously on this site constitutes “organizing.” No it doesn’t. Those of you who are sincere are just HANDING intelligence to the Jews about yourselves. That’s all you really “accomplish.” And then many of the Jews here are agent-provocateuring naive goy saps to adopt violent “klan” mentalities because those who do automatically totally discredit themselves. It’s the oldest cheap Jew trick in the book.

    Genuine organizing against the Jew soul-lepers is virtually impossible, I’m afraid. The most successful genuine leader of this sort I can think of is David Duke, whose effectiveness provoked the Jew-flunkies known as “the Bush administration” to LET Hurricane Katrina demolish New Orleans. This is the kind of TOTAL POWER they have now, and how incredibly sadistic and vengeful they are. They can’t come right out and kill Duke. That would be too obvious and therefore counterproductive. But they can infiltrate the shit out of every cranny of his organization, and they have. It’s the other oldest cheap Jew trick in the book.

    David Koresh may have succeeded in organizing against them in a way they couldn’t infiltrate. This would explain Waco PERFECTLY.

    So what do I think we should really do? Well again, I’d have to be a goddamned idiot to state my thoughts in detail HERE. I have been as specific as I can be.

    The Christian emphasis on PERSONAL MORAL DEVELOPMENT really is the ultimate weapon against them, because it drives each of us to independently become incorruptible and a self-contained “organization.” If we each clarify our minds to the point where we can no longer be fooled, we become invulnerable to their methods of subversion. Then the kind of organization we need will happen spontaneously. The demonic Jew can not sabotage this process. This is the subtext that gave Christianity the power to crush them 1,600 years ago. It can happen AGAIN. The time is ripe. It is a matter of refining a totally truthful relationship with our own hearts. They can’t intervene in this. It’s the possibility they are most terrified of.

    This really is the most appropriate and invulnerable message, even if Jew psy-oppers don’t like it. They want us to think in terms of “wal les jes take us some fuckin masheen guns an blow us away som fuckin kikes, niggers, wetbacks, chinks— yee-haaaaaaaah….”

    mm, yeah, reeeel intelligent there, clem. Yes, being OBVIOUS SELF-DISCREDITING HOMICIDAL JAILBAIT is going to work perfectly, no doubt.

    Aw, Jamesy, that is so CUTE! Now you want to Jew-di mind-trick us by claiming you don’t sound like a JEW!

    Let’s try comparing two sentences:

    “The Aryan people ARE YHWH’s ONLY chosen people.”

    “The JEW people ARE YHWH’s ONLY chosen people.”

    Look, JEW, haven’t you noticed yet that Jew mind-tricks don’t work on me??

    • incogman says:

      Uh, I guess, welcome back gw2bc! I think. I hope you don’t find that too jewified to say. Hey, don’t break bad on gtrman now, since he came back here thinking you were gone. James can handle himself.

  28. JamesTheJust says:

    All your other rot aside (which means squat) Yes let’s DO compare the two sentences.

    Let’s try comparing two sentences:

    “The Aryan people ARE YHWH’s ONLY chosen people.”

    “The JEW people ARE YHWH’s ONLY chosen people.”

    The first one is true and is scripturally sound. The second one is false, based on identity theft; circa 1890 (about the same time that Christians got it into the cockamamie head to “covert” heathens). Of course, I can SEE the concerted effort of Jewish machinations, whereas you cannot. But you claim to know the score where Jews are concerned and you really haven’t got a clue.

    I have adequately proven this to be true and have successfully refuted your arguments to the contrary USING SCRIPTURE and history.

    The fact that you reject scripture and hear voices in your head, which directly violate scripture, is more telling on you than on me.

    Unlike you, I don’t claim to have answers and then refuse to provide those answers. I claim to have answers and freely share those answers with my kinsmen.

    Unlike you, I know there is a God and HIS name is YHWH. I know I am one of HIS people and have NO fear as a result of the faith. I don’t hide behind voices or tell everyone I have answers and do things for the cause but I’m not going to tell you about it because you’re not worthy…

    You are mentally arrogant and scripturally illiterate.

  29. gw2bc says:

    Uh-huh, but the POINT, o Satan’s flunky, is that “The Aryan/Jew people ARE YHWH’s ONLY chosen people” is a real JEWY thing to say, or at least a judaized thing to say, which it just clearly IS, there’s no getting around it, but sure enough there you go trying to Jew-di mind-trick your way around it with another of your chutzpah-crazed sophist lines of PURE IRRELEVANT RED HERRING BULLSHIT, which is exactly what I meant when I said you argue like a fucking JEW in the first place.

    Pharisees like you have always been lying sophist trash.

    When your Jew cocksucker ancestors shape-shifted into “the Jesuits,” sophism even became known as ‘jesuistry.’

    The EMPIRICAL FACT that you ARGUE LIKE A JEW has nothing to do with me saying it and everything to do with the way YOU ARGUE, fucking Einstein. If you don’t like people noticing, stop fucking being a LYING MANIPULATIVE JEW all the time. Duh.

  30. Marshall says:

    A JEW… will argue with a brick wall. That’s why they they “head-bob” on that “Wailing Wall.”

    Damn, Jew.

    The definition of “”insanity’ is repeating the same behaviors over and over again, with no results thereof.

    Reminds me of Jews “head-bobbing” or doing their “davening” on their “Wailing wall”


  31. Marshall says:


    The time is coming soon…when you should revisit Israel. Stay over there.

    Christ’s Law somehow seems to supercede Jewish illusions.


  32. gw2bc says:

    “The definition of “”insanity’ is repeating the same behaviors over and over again, with no results thereof.”

    Um, that there would be Einstein’s definition.

    Uh (tap, tap) Einstein was a JEW.

    Letting Jews define anything for you, but especially terms of mental health and sickness, is guaranteed to turn your brain into dogshit.

  33. clayton bigsby says:

    like being called ‘goy’ for instance?

  34. Marshall says:

    Einstein (Ahem) seemed to derive his equations from a man named DiPretto, or soMEthing similiar you can look up on google or your available search engine.


    I have pics of Einstein collaborating with Oppenheimer.


    You know…the atom bomb type. Karl Marx. His twisted degenerate poetry.


    That in itself is pretty bizarre, but you can then see the depravity of the Jew in action.

  35. Ggoy with a chance of meatballs says:




  36. gtrman says:

    sorry, incog, its me , gtrman. Maybe ive had too much “jesus juice” tonight. I was just trying to parody gw2bc’s bombastic, cartoon supervillain style. No more from me tonight , ok?

  37. gtrman says:

    notified. Apologies.

  38. JamesTheJust says:

    Uh-huh, but the POINT, o Satan’s flunky, is that “The Aryan/Jew people ARE YHWH’s ONLY chosen people” is a real JEWY thing to say, or at least a judaized thing to say, which it just clearly IS, there’s no getting around it,

    No, the point is that you’re an idiot. You talk about YHWH, Yahshua and scripture as if you actually know what you’re talking about when clearly you know very scripture. By your own admission; would rather follow the voices in your head.

    You think because the Edomites stole the Aryan birth right that should any Aryan become aware and try to reclaim it, it makes them an Edomite by default…which proves what an idiot you really are.

    but sure enough there you go trying to Jew-di mind-trick your way around it with another of your chutzpah-crazed sophist lines of PURE IRRELEVANT RED HERRING BULLSHIT, which is exactly what I meant when I said you argue like a fucking JEW in the first place.

    No, actually you have all the posting attributes of a Jew. You have proven this time and time again. Your absolute disdain for the white race is apparent with every post you make, UNLESS another poster is kissing your ass; something I would never do. This is the fundamental basis for your endless diatribes.

    You think if you post long enough, people will suddenly see the “YOUR light” and hear the same voices in their heads too. Sorry, but whites are infinitely smarter than Jews; especially once they become aware of their place in the universe.

    Pharisees like you have always been lying sophist trash.

    You think that by calling me a Pharisee, that it automatically makes me one, but all you are doing is showing your ignorance of scripture and history – AGAIN. If you had such knowledge, the last thing you’d be calling me is a Pharisee. LOL!

    When your Jew cocksucker ancestors shape-shifted into “the Jesuits,” sophism even became known as ‘jesuistry.’

    Listen, you jew fucking scumbag. Give me your address and we’ll settle this mano-a-mano. You think you’re something; pissing your little brains out on the Internet; but all you’re doing is showing what a pussy you are. Now, give me your address and we’ll settle this once and for all.

    The EMPIRICAL FACT that you ARGUE LIKE A JEW has nothing to do with me saying it and everything to do with the way YOU ARGUE, fucking Einstein. If you don’t like people noticing, stop fucking being a LYING MANIPULATIVE JEW all the time. Duh.

    Like I said…

  39. JR says:

    @ incog

    I think there’s a computer savy Jew or two out there that has got hold of the real names of some of the people who are making comments on your blog, and is using them and the nicknames of others to try to cause confusion.

    Of course it’s up to you, incog. Either let them loose to amuse us and reveal more about what they’re up to and worried about or toss them in Spamblinka.

    My surname is Gibson, and they know my first name, but it’s my middle or spiritual name they’re more concerned about right now, because they know we have the power, and not the Jews out there in synagogue of Satan land.

  40. gw2bc says:

    Marshall: Yes, Einstein the Jewish “supreme genius” was a TOTAL FRAUD criminal con artist SCUMBAG who STOLE “his” ideas from truly brilliant goyim, of course. This is common knowledge in our camp…

    SO WHY ARE YOU QUOTING THIS FRAUD ASSHOLE JEW’S DEFINITION OF “INSANITY” LIKE IT MEANS ANYTHING???? If I were you, especially given your alleged sentiments, I would shop around for another definition, one that spotlights the Jews as the SUPREME INBRED LUNATICS they truly are.

    JimmydaJEWJEW: as I said before, Jew trash, any time, any where. Just make sure to have your worldly thievings— er, “wealth,” transferred to the ADL upon your death, like you always wanted. You might also want to get that foot-long hook shaped deformity you call a “nose” bobbed, cuz otherwise that’s what I’m taking off FIRST.

    So what is YOUR address, bazooka mouth????????

    “Pharisee” is a PERFECT metaphor for you, Jew Fuck. Like them, you are a “gnostic” meaning-twister, an ever-fanatical “lawyer,” and a sophist liar. You’re not a Christian. Jesus’ origination of a NEW creed and the WORLD REVOLUTION it sparked mean absolutely NOTHING to you. You’re out to totally erase every bit of that history with gnostic mind-tricks, just like every other LYING JEW COCKROACH on earth.

  41. Marshall says:

    Wow GW2BC, and I was starting to think you were Jewish yourself. I guess not.

    Gnosticism is NOT Christianity. Christianity is having Christs’s small mustard seed of TRUTH implanted in your heart. If your heart is a suitable place for it, then from there it shall grow into a large tree…

    Marsh 🙂

  42. JamesTheJust says:


    You’re just a loud mouthed pussy. That’s all you are. You are a joke and not worth the time it takes to even post this reply. The best remedy for Jews is to ignore them, so consider this my last post to you. You are officially ignored jew. Talk to your ass. It’s the only thing listening.

  43. gw2bc says:

    No, I’m no Jew Marshall. I’m their worst nightmare: a fairly intelligent European-Christian MAN whom they CAN NOT FOOL. Everything they do to try just reveals them to me even more. Make of this what you will, but I think Jesus knew these Satan-worshipping monsters perfectly, and that his main goal was producing men like me, i.e. men they can not FOOL. “Anti-Semitism” is Christianity’s practical meaning and purpose! But that’s a way bigger meaning than people know. It’s not some weird little fringe. It’s the Main Event. That’s why “Jews” want to manipulate us away from it. The Truth is their deadly enemy. You loiter in this dusty neglected corner that most people don’t have the spine for, and then the whole of history opens up – REAL history, not the goo goo ga ga patty cake shit the “Jews” force-feed us in THEIR schools – and the whole of moral knowledge, too. These psychopathic cockroaches, Mesopotamian Semites, have been unilaterally attacking us Europeans continuously for 5,000 years. Their determination to make utter slaves of us, and our determination to remain HUMAN, this is the main tension of our entire history, going back to when we were “cave men.”

    The best indication of how totally insane they are: to set them flipping and flopping on the floor chewing their tongues off in wild demonic convulsions of hatred against you, you don’t have to do anything to them. Not one finger needs to be raised against them. All it takes is NOT LETTING THEM FOOL YOU. To these demonic lunatics, this counts as “aggression” and lets them justify ANYTHING! I can’t tell you how many times they have PROVED ME RIGHT about them by spying on me as I studied quietly, or sending some TOTAL STRANGER, one of their snarling jackals, out of the woodwork to harass and threaten me. Once you become an “anti-Semite,” it’s incredible how “famous” you suddenly are. You visit a town you’ve never been to before, and people you’ve never met turn and glare when they hear your name. I had to witness this myself to realize how incredibly villainous the “Jews” really are, and therefore how ABSOLUTELY CORRECT “anti-Semitism” is. People who are in the right are not threatened by ideas, scholarship, factual knowledge, lucid thought. Only insane villains are. I don’t know of a single movie lunatic—not Norman Bates, not anybody—that even comes close to how fucking NUTS they are. Their greatest strategic asset is that Europeans are not demonically insane enough to comprehend what they’re really like!

    So this is some of my perspective that I’ve been trying to share. I didn’t come here to fight, believe it or not.

    I know all about Einstein.
    I can’t say I’ve read through this behemoth (has anybody?) but I know where I can find ANY piece of trivia relating to Einstein’s plagiarism.

    Gnosticism is an extremely important forgotten episode of history, closely related to Mesopotamian Satanism / black magic, that no one seems to understand now. I think I’ve recovered its real meaning, but I don’t know of anyone else who has.

  44. ultraR says:

    “…Gnosticism is an extremely important forgotten episode of history, closely related to Mesopotamian Satanism / black magic, that no one seems to understand now. I think I’ve recovered its real meaning, but I don’t know of anyone else who has.”


    Please share…, I’m interested; gnosticism is/has been presented in a veiled sort of way -at least to my somewhat limited knowledge-, and in a “gut feeling” way, I find it to be a weapon of some sort in the way that it has been pushed forward as with Dan Brown’s books… It’s relations with oriental philosophy make it a melange that I tend to regard as webs to obscure something else.

  45. JR says:

    @ gw2bc

    Here’s my take on gnosticism,

    The Jews’ kabbalah provided the basis for the second century sciences of Hermeticism and gnosticism, which were vindictive attempts by Jews to formulate doctrine to rival Christianity, inspired by the Jews’ failure to realize their antichristian aspirations in their wars against Rome in 66–70 and 132–35 AD.

    Adepts of Hermeticism upheld the lore of Essene philosophy and gnosticism; but they emphasized texts considered sacred or “Hermetica” by the Greeks, and those ostensibly authored by the “Ascended Being” Hermes Trismegistus, the Greek synthesis and conflation of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth who had renown as the “scribe of the gods”.

    Hermes Trismegistus gave his name to the esoteric science of Hermeticism, and his name means “Hermes the Thrice Greatest”; and there is reason to believe Hermeticism was vindictively contrived by Jews to rival the increasingly popular wisdom of God resident in Christendom, which derives from the “Thrice Greatest” Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

    Contemporary Hermeticism emphasizes merkavah mysticism, which is an attempt by psycho Jews to reach a higher consciousness by contemplating biblical texts that mention the chariot throne of God, and to move through the seven celestial spheres to sing in God’s presence with the angelic choir.

    This is how the Jew dreamers into the doctrine of Hermeticism plan to escape the planet and dodge hell after death, which they know they deserve …

  46. ultraR says:

    Thanks JR.
    Any chance of a book title or something similar?
    Just to get started.

  47. gw2bc says:

    Gnosticism is the Western name for an incredibly ancient Babylonian occult methodology of carefully studying other religions, i.e. “enemy” religions, in order to subtlely strategically subvert them into alignment with Babylonian Satanism, or at least Babylonian methods of psychological conquest. Basically, gnosticism is ancient Babylonian Satanism hiding behind an infinite variety of artful disguises.

    For example: the Cathar heresy perverted Catholic subjects with gnostic ideas in 12th century France. Some Jewish historians have attributed Catharism to the Bulgarian Bogomils, but they ALWAYS omit that the Bogomils themselves were Mesopotamians who migrated to Bulgaria as Paulicians and Euchites 500 years earlier.

    It is often claimed (by Jews and crypto-Jews) that the original Christians were gnostics. This is just typical Jew bullshit. What really happened, I am sure, is that after Christianity originated, “Jew” gnostics immediately leaped to infiltrate and poison it, thus the incredible multiplicity of early gnostic heresies and “Christian” sects frothing about Sophia, the Demiurge, etc. These scum were dealt with severely by the emerging church, which was a beautiful thing.

    L. Ron Hubbard’s “Scientology” is actually a weird new gnostic variant, which fits perfectly because Hubbard was actually a Satanist. I can’t get into this right now, it’s too complicated, but the parallels are astonishing.

    The oldest, most spectacular, most important example of Babylonian gnostic subversion of another religion is modern Talmudic “Judaism.” The Pharisees were actually Babylonian Satanist vipers working doggedly to subvert the doctrine of Moses, and they completely succeeded. Jesus understood this perfectly. Modern “Judaism” is NOT a legacy of the original biblical Jews; it’s a SATANIC legacy of Babylon. The authentic Jews of the Bible are EXTINCT, with the possible exception of modern authentic Christians, the true bearers of their ideological torch. The people who call themselves “Jews” today are really BABYLONIANS who STOLE the original Jews’ identity, and ostensibly (but not really) their religion. So crypto-Jews are impostors with a secret identity, but professed “Jews” are too! Virtually ALL modern “Jews” are really crypto-Babylonians. This also gets very involved. If you’re interested, Elizabeth Dilling does a brilliant job of laying out the pertinent details in The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today. “Gnosticism’s” horrible secret character and “Judaism’s” weird evolution are really a single grisly tale.

  48. JR says:

    @ ultraR

    Fiction writer Dan Brown sacrilegiously suggested that one of the figures in The Last Supper mural is Mary Magdalene pregnant with the child of Jesus Christ, because the feminine looking person on Jesus’s right hand was really Leonardo’s way of depicting the devoted affection John had for Jesus, and a foil for an image of a Semitic royal of the house of the Duke of Milan.

    The renaissance in art in general was largely a contest between works commissioned by pro-papal rulers and popes of Rome and their rivals among Semitic royals who sought to vindictively counter the increase in quality, papal commissioned, Christian or biblically based art in Europe at that time.

    Much of the best non-papal commissioned painted art of the Italian Renaissance was patronized by Semitic royals, and celebrates their conspiracy, often by using Christian or biblical themes and persons as an overlay to avoid drawing attention to what the patrons were really trying to achieve.

    The imagery of Leonardo’s The Last Supper secretly celebrates an episode in the life of a Semitic royal of Milan, with the biblical theme of the Last Supper as an overlay.

    The way ‘Peter’ in the mural confers with ‘John’, while ‘Judas’ with a bag of money looks on, uses the biblical account of Peter’s jealousy toward John as Jesus’s best-loved disciple and Judas’s betrayal of Jesus for money as an overlay for a plot to buy out a Semitic royal in Italy to betray her husband diplomatically.

    The protagonist ‘James the Greater’, third to the right of ‘John’ in the mural, with hands up in front of him as a sign that he is protesting innocence, provides a biblical overlay for a caricature of Leonardo da Vinci holding his hands up after the fashion of the Grand Hailing Sign of Distress used by initiates of medieval operative stone masons’ guilds, as a precursor to its use by dupes in the Jew concocted lodges of speculative Freemasonry.

    Rev. Ted Pike’s Website says:

    “Sony Corporation, the force behind the Da Vinci Code movie, is the eye of this Jewish promotional octopus. In the late 1980s, Sony of Japan bought out Metro Goldwyn Meyer, Columbia Pictures, and United Artists. Former president of Jewish-owned CBS, Howard Stringer (a Jew), became second in command of Sony International. He is chair and CEO of Sony of America.

    “Sony of America is dominated by Jewish names. Emily Susskind is president. Robert Wiesenthal is executive VP and chief financial officer; Nicole Seligman is executive VP and general counsel. Phil Weiser is CTO and senior VP. Michael Fidler Jr. is senior VP. Jay Samit is general manager of Connect. Gretchen Griswold is director of corporate communications.

    “Sony’s subsidiary, Columbia Pictures, maker of the Da Vinci Code movie, is headed by Amy Pascal, a Jew. She is also chairman of Sony’s Motion Picture Group. 3 The producer of the film is Brian Grazer, a Jew.

    “The screenplay was written by well-known, Jewish screenwriter Akiva Goldsman.”

  49. gw2bc says:


    One of the best, most primary sources for understanding gnosticism is St. Irenaeus of Lyons’ Against Heresies, written around 170 AD, a veritable encyclopedia of sleazy gnostic mind-tricks, also a treasure trove of Lost History, i.e. history Jews don’t want you to know.

    I don’t know anything about Dan Brown, haven’t read his shitty books, never will. You don’t want to get fascinated by any of these vermin; that’s how they worm into your head and POSSESS you. You want to keep a HEALTHY DISTANCE. Occult possession of souls is very real.

    My previous post was also addressed to you, UltraR.

  50. ultraR says:

    Thank both!
    late in reply, sorry!

    gw2bc, started searching for Elizabeth Dilling, I’d rather a paper book, but if not, a pdf format will do.
    JR, somewhere around the household, I have a pict of the last supper… I’ll check the parallels!
    Couldn’t finish reading Dan Brown…, I fancy him as a mediocre writer, obviously a front man for the jewish agenda of mining faith…
    All these things were geared back in the spotlight when speculations made upon the dead sea scrolls started to make their way thru the media’s filter, to the public… there was talk about how Jesus never died but ended his life with Mary Magdalene,in India, as some kind of illuminated master or teacher, thus deepening the discredit of faith, and on the true nature os Christ, The Verb…

  51. gw2bc says:

    Here’s the page for the book in Carol Valentine’s site:
    which includes a link for the PDF version

    This site is an internet classic. The HTML version is fantastic. It has hundreds of links to “exhibits”— electronic scans of the Soncino Talmud, the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, other sources. Jews do not criticize this website; they pretend it doesn’t exist. That’s how brutally it kicks their asses.

  52. ultraR says:

    “Occult possession of souls is very real.”

    I do believe that to be true.
    The same way that “words define us”, and define our entourage, written words also influence…

  53. ultraR says:

    Many thanks to both JR, gw2bc.
    Bookmarked the links!
    weapons not only consist of firearms!!

    this gnostic issue, as I am inclined to believe, is the building block on which infiltration and deviousness begun, and is at some point, at the core of what -together with the blasphemous talmud-, constitutes the spearhead of the cancer inoculated by the jews on our society.

  54. gw2bc says:

    UltraR: “weapons not only consist of firearms!!”

    That’s right! The greatest weapon of all, the one mightier than all the H-bombs we could ever build, is…


    That’s why the “Jews” fear THIS more than anything.

    I remembered other early Christian “encyclopedias” of heresies, including Gnosticism. Again, these are the best descriptions of Gnosticism, etc., from the time when they were most formative and rampant, but also comprehended and contained, so these books are crucial to your interest. In fact, I understand Dan Brown uses “the DaVinci Code” to resurrect the “Gnostic gospels,” which were composed during the same period when these books were written. These books and the other one by Irenaeus are DIRECT REFUTATIONS of Dan Brown’s core material!

    An interesting discussion of the above:

    Hippolytus of Rome
    Philosophumena, or A Refutation of All Heresies (circa ~220 AD)
    Unexcelled for attention to the hive-mother of the problem: Chaldean, i.e. Mesopotamian perversity & inbred mental diseases, including all variations of Sorcery
    Various PDFs and other electronic versions of a 1921 translation available HERE: http://www.archive.org/details/philosophumenaor01hippuoft
    simple HTML here: http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0501.htm

    Epiphanius of Salamis
    Panarion, or Against Heresies (circa 374 AD)
    Unfortunately, I can not find a full e-version. Google Books has detailed previews of Brill’s (incredibly expensive) two-volume set:
    Libraries are your best bet. Check WorldCat. Oxford and the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary also published translations.

    You should also see Nesta Webster’s profound masterpiece, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, and “Maurice Pinay’s” The Plot Against the Church, both of which are also staggering. I can get you good PDFs of these.

    Mesopotamian psychopaths (a.k.a. “Jews”) are incredibly slippery, secretive, and devious, which makes their intrigues extremely hard to pin down, but brilliant scholars down through the ages have done it, and we can stand on their shoulders. One big obstacle is rediscovering the books they wrote; the “Jews” don’t want us discovering them, so they’re all kept very “obscure.”

  55. ultraR says:

    I believe is that the resurge of gnosticism goes somewhat further back in time -movie wise- to “Matrix”, in which all the mayor elements were set in motion in a rather veiled way (my bet is that the gnostic theme goes deeper in the entertainment industry, a good example is History channel), in a move to win over young minds, and discredit any faith in Christ, making His name and teachings, part of a mythological system of believes, I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard the “Jesus was a revolutionary like Che Guevara”, “a MAN(their emphasis) who wanted peace, and spoke for the oppressed”, BS. mostly by the radical lefties, most of whom aren’t older than 26, 27 and constitute the shock troops of communism aka judaism, mere useful idiots with Che T-shirts…, but I digress…
    The links you shared are of great interest.
    Much obliged!

  56. gw2bc says:

    Yes, that’s very perceptive. ALL mass media are Jew brain-scrambulation monopolies, but this goes DOUBLE for the “film industry,” which has been a total sewer of deJewnerates since BEFORE Himey-wood. Virtually all movies are just nauseating subversive Jew brain-rot that MUST be avoided like a plague, which they are.

    Speaking of gnosticism in film, I can think of no example more perfect than Zeitgeist. It’s so perfect, in fact, it could be the main “text” of an in-depth college course on gnostic methods. Everybody I know who “just loves it” is demonic trash. Another superb example is Loose Change. I am fucking dumb-founded by the way people in this “movement” can not notice that POS is an obvious Jew psy-op. I mean, THREE FUCKING JEW pot-heads “MADE IT.” That too is a total crock of BS, BTW. Those three couldn’t put together a kindergarten puppet show, far less that very slick production. That had to be done by Mossad types inside a major New York PR firm. The “Three Stooges from Oneonta” (Talmudic psychopaths also, no doubt) just got to front for it.

    Any semi-bright 8-year-old should have realized by now that the Jews fucking did 9-11 themselves. Does either film go there? Oh fuck no. They’ll throw out any other stupid pot-head gimmick, but only to aim their FAKE JEW “guns” at the designated back-up patsy, Dubya the Jew sock-puppet. PAY NO NEVER MIND to all those Jews with their arms up his (and Jew-bama’s) ass. Those aren’t the Jews you’re looking for! Which reminds me, I have to challenge you about Matrix being the first wave. STAR WARS was also crammed with Jew subversive messages. For example, “Jedi” is incredibly similar to JEDEL, the Jew name for Meir Kahane’s terrorist organization, the Jewish Defense League. This sort of thing slips past the goy cattle, but not past Jews.

  57. ultra says:

    late reply, been rummaging thru old books…, I had read the StarWars novel long time ago, and wanted to check it again. I’m not so versed in gnosticism to such an extend as to be able to discover the subtleties with which they bombard us. But I’ll get there eventually, to fight against the enemy, one must know how they think; Jesus helps, and I’ve pondered more on His recommendation of being shrewd as serpents
    “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”
    I’ve been copy-pasting this thread to read with time on my hands, moving along towards the directions given and to prod(is that the right word?) the minds of all, so as to help me polish my weapons…

    Ah, Zeitgeist! clearly forgot about that one!! certainly the epitome! I have to search some, but after I saw it, I found a refutation which was an eye opener, more for the simplicity of the arguments…, got to find it and add it to the armoury!

    9/11, and “terrorist bombings” before, all have a particular M.O. and as my Old Man taught me, one doesn’t have to be an expert engineer, to understand, just asking a simple question will point you in the right direction… cui bono? who benefits?
    “…PAY NO NEVER MIND to all those Jews with their arms up his (and Jew-bama’s) ass. Those aren’t the Jews you’re looking for!”

    “PAY NO NEVER MIND to all those Jews”
    Like frontmen, or cannon-fodder jews?

    I know that jews will, without a second’s hesitation, get other jews to burn at the stake to advance their agenda, but the question lies in the last sentence
    “Those aren’t the Jews you’re looking for!”

    lots of learning down the road for me!!

  58. Marshall says:


    Digest mountains of crap, and then deal with your own. Did 6 million Jews suddenly take a crap and die? Were they raised in the wilderness by wolf vomit they were suddenly given by Little Red Riding Hood?

    These and other fanciful tales…come to you every day from the NSA IMAGINEERING OF DISNEY.

    Strange, how that sort of thing could become a global multimedia enterprise, but it did. It must be JEW MAGIC.

    Old Walt was a guy who created a character, “Oswald the Rabbit.”

    Somehow, Jews made trillions of dollars with their illusions.

    How far down the rabbit hole shall they go?

    The words of Christ fall on deaf ears. Howard Hughes made the “Spruce Goose.”

    Died mysteriously, and Jews made movies about it!!!

    I felt compelled one time to e-mail ROY Disney for some reason, and got his secretary’s address. Turns out SHE was DEAD. WHAT THE???

    Sorry…as a person with a soul, NSA DISNEY IMAGINEERING should be your first “search term” because it was all created from a LIE.



  59. ultraR says:

    “Digest mountains of crap, and then deal with your own.”

    yep with my own, I can deal and live with, but that has nothing to do with my search for truth; mind you, The Ultimate Truth -for me that is- IS God, and Jesus Christ His Son, The Verb, The Saviour.

    Everything put forward by the jew could be analyzed, and simply considered as evil -which IS- but that, for me, just isn’t enough… You see, Marsh, I by trade, am a sniper, not proud of it I might add -my reasons are mine only- and by nature I am curious, and don’t like to just scrape the surface…, I have sons to pass the torch to, like my father did. Every one in my bloodline(Thanks Nemesys for reminding that word for me) passed his/her knowledge on, but not complete; it was/is the duty of the next generation to fill in the gaps. My duty to my forefathers and my sons, is to pass what was taught to me, plus what I’ve learned by my own(with the help of others)…, my sons, are not just mine, they are not just bound to family, me and them are bound to God and race.

    “Sorry…as a person with a soul, NSA DISNEY IMAGINEERING should be your first “search term” because it was all created from a LIE.”

    I will take your advice and will do, thanks Marsh!!

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