Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

“Famous is thy beauty majesty, but behold, a lovely maid I see… Rags cannot hide her gentle grace… Alas, she is more fair than thee…”

–The Magic Mirror in Walt Disney’s Snow White

“Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall” …Pathological Narcissism as the Sparkplug of Armageddon


By Mark Glenn, The Ugly Truth

We have to assume — given the incalculable suffering presently taking place — that had He (the Almighty) to do over again He would probably leave out all the “I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee” nonsense and get right down to business with the “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots“.

After all, He is considered a wise and merciful creator, is He not? Not just wise and merciful, but the shrewdest of all investors as well, and what has His (supposed) aggrandizement of this tiny microbe of “chosen people” profited Him and His business interests?

Well, if we are to go by the “official records”— meaning the Bible — ever since these people pushed and elbowed their way into 1st place ahead of their contemporaries it has been nothing short of disastrous, both then and now. War, exploitation, deception, greed, envy, assassination, genocide, despoilment, enslavement — all these and more — the same bitter fruits our forefathers dealt with yesterday that we are dealing with today. The only real difference between then and now is that 4,000 years ago the Chosenites had neither nuclear weapons nor control of the world’s economy as they do today.

And yet, the lone individual responsible for bringing this venture about — both past and present — is supposed to be pleased with this? Are we really to believe (as some think) He gets some kind of sick pleasure seeing his priceless merchandise — meaning the innocent men, women and children in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Lebanon and elsewhere — squandered and wasted (literally in the millions) and that He wants even more of it in places such as Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere? That He fantasizes about seeing entire swaths of stable, productive civilizations being turned into caldrons of misery or that He shrieks with glee at the sight of maimed children — the same children He created with a mere thought — robbed of their legs, arms, faces, etc, by psychopaths who believe this is all part of the “Divine Plan”?

Well of course, there are plenty of nutcases these days who would say “yes” to the above questions and who maintain with the same kind of fervency as yesteryear’s flat-earthers that indeed the Big Guy sits up there, beer in one hand and a wad of popcorn in the other as He reclines and watches the light show down below.

After all, these nutcases say, He DID make that promise to His “Chosen“ people that He will “bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee“ and therefore, logically, He is more than ready, willing and able to bring about Armageddon and the consummation of the entire world for the benefit of this the tiniest of minorities…That He sits up there with an itchy trigger finger, growling through clenched teeth “Go ahead punks, make my day…” and is just waiting for an excuse to run everything — vegetable, animal, mineral or what not–through the great divine paper shredder…

…and just so He can make good on His word to this same microscopic group of people who have been so much a welcome addition to mankind’s various civilizations that they have been kicked out of every decent country in the world throughout history shortly after their arrival.

Of course, the one question not asked in the 4,000 years since this concept of “chosenness“ (said to be the definitive bird’s-eye view into the mind of the Almighty) was first introduced is whether or not there is a shred of truth in any of it. On its face, the idea certainly seems to defy all logic, that the creator responsible for all life and order in the universe would pick one guy — ONE GUY — stick a blue “First Prize” ribbon on him (as well as on his kith-n-kin) before the beauty contest even got underway, give everyone else in the competition the boot and declare that all future contests had been decided already by this one decision.

And yet this is how we are supposed to believe it all went down, and more so, that to this day, the creator of all things STILL favors them heads and shoulders above all else…That there is something organically and ontologically different about them — meaning the Jews — making them better and rendering the rest of us inferior, or, as Jewish writer Ariel Natan Pasko wrote in his article “This War Is For Us” —

“Simply put another way, if all the world is a stage, then the Jews — and especially those in the Land of Israel —are the lead actors on the stage of history, and the goyim (the gentiles) have supporting roles… As our tradition states, G-D – the great playwright — created the world for the sake of the Jewish People, and it is our responsibility to implement the Torah — absolute morality and the blueprint of creation — in it…”

It is so farcical, so non-sensical and irrational on its face that in this the modern age it should be rejected with all other notions rooted in madness and illogic such as the aforementioned flat-earth theory or the practice of drilling holes in the heads of the mentally ill so the demons afflicting them could escape.

And yet, unbeknownst to so many, it is not. Rather, it is swallowed whole hog by entire swaths of people, so much so that it is now THE dominant ideology driving world events today and yet which threatens to destroy all life on earth if its aims are not met.

For those who have not put 2 and 2 together in this matter, what we are of course discussing is the present “clash of civilizations” being waged Israel’s proxies in the “Christian” West against those in the Middle East and elsewhere. Whether recognized as such or not, nevertheless it is a billion+ on one side vs. a billion+ on the other and all engineered by this covetous, envious third party in the interests of seeing the two succumb to the inevitable mutual assured destruction, leaving what is left on the carcass free for picking and pecking on the part of Jewish interests, and all fueled by a mindset that cannot tolerate fair competition, because with fair competition comes the possibility of defeat, which is unthinkable.

Of course some, carefully placed throughout the various podiums and soapboxes around the globe will say it is more complicated than simple narcissism on the part of Jewish interests, that there are other factors with long, complicated names, pronunciations and definitions that the rest of us are too stupid to understand. Themes such as “jihad” and “72 virgins” and “anti-Semitism” and “fatwa” and “Islamo-fascism” and a whole host of others that Merlin and his fellow magicians have conveniently conjured up and stored away in their little black bag of dirty tricks.

But in the end, in the final analysis where the rubber meets the road and where the bottom line speaks with the same authority as an auctioneer’s gavel on the podium, it is this indeed, this “love thyself above all others” that is the bedrock of the Jewish mindset and — more importantly — which acts as THE sparkplug for the impending Armageddon the entire world is facing.

In short, pathological narcissism that obliterates any sense of morality or conscience on the part of those afflicted and — much like the latter stages of rabies — renders the infected animal mad and, just as former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan once described the Jewish state — “too dangerous to bother.”

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” asks the wicked Queen in Snow White. She isn’t asking this because she is curious, but rather —

Please go and read the rest of this great article HERE! Bookmark Glenn’s site — the guy gets it about the Jew, big-time.



I wanted to run this story because of a comment left by some Jew who comes here by the name of “canadian,” where he pasted in a link to an article extolling Israel and going on and on about how great Jews are to Capitalism (funny considering how many of them are Marxists), America and the world.

Somehow, “canadian” believes that by us simply reading his Israel/Jew bragging puff-piece, it will make us see the light and ignore our common sense, patriotism for America and our White moralities. I’m here to tell Jew Bozos like “canadian,” right in their fat faces: Fuggitaboutit!

Israel and Jews world-wide do indeed consider themselves God’s “Chosen people” and I’m continually astounded by the utter arrogance and hypocrisies of these people that I come across. Every day it’s seems to be getting worse and worse, in geometric porportion to the things they are now getting away with in this country and elsewhere.

“They are the boastful, arrogant rascals who to the present day can do no more than boast of their race and lineage, praise only themselves, and disdain and curse all the world in their synagogues, prayers, and doctrines. Despite this, they imagine that in God’s eyes they rank as his dearest children.”

— Martin Luther, On the Jews and Their Lies, 1543

Lately, you can see the media ramping up the paranoia about Iran. This is surely in advance of what Israel has in mind to do shortly. Every channel now headlines Iran’s “nuclear ambitions” and shows you missiles being launched one after another in some desert and telling you how evil Ahmadinejad and the mad Mullahs are.

Not a single word about Israel having the bomb. Not a one. It’s so embarrassingly obvious how controlled the media now is.

All Americans are not that dumb. More and more of us, every day, can now see right through the grotesque propaganda bull being run by the Zionists in control of our politics and media. The Jews are playing with some serious fire and will live to regret it. Mark my words.

I started this blog because I was personally sick to my stomach about all the lying bull out of these people’s mouths and where they were taking the America that I grew up in. Iraq was the final straw for me. Plus, it totally sickened me when I saw Israel killing defenseless Palestinians and Lebanese in absolutely uncalled for ways.

There was a evil sickness going on here that I could see through-out history, like what they did in Red Russia, or what they made us do to Germany during WWII and after.

You think I’d bother with all this simply because I can’t stand the Jews for being Jews or because some of them merely worship a different religion? I don’t think so. I do all this so that if other, free-thinking Americans read it and start to think — really think — we might be able to put a stop to their global, NWO shennanigans and regain the America as it’s supposed to be.

These people have been nothing but Israel-Firsters and Nation Wreckers to the extreme. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it up to FRIGGIN HERE!

Think about it. Jews have been kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived, or even much worse. Adolf Hitler was elected by the Germans for a reason, and it was not because he had some Svengali, mass hypnotism tricks like the Zionist media constantly tries to portray it.

It’s long past the time we blindly suck down the Jewish PC bull and go with the flow. It’s time we put a screeching halt to the Jew’s games in all White countries.

Thank you.

[/rant off]


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. karen says:

    Finally finished & thank you gw2bc for inadvertantly providing the material. The article should be published by the APA 3rd quarter of 2010 in their journal Group Dynamics. The subject is manipulation, and you gw2bc are the star. To everyone else in Incogland God bless you and I’m sincerely behind you.

  2. Biker68 says:

    GREAT KAREN!!! Percival Peetercheeks made ME the subject of an Incog post! lol Goy …hows it feel ya fuckin TOOL!

    pse to post when it comes out, and where we can find it?!

  3. JR says:

    @ kerdasi amaq
    A lot of what’s written in catechisms and creeds in both Orthodox and RC Catholicism is a pretty wet attempt to rewrite what God has already quite adequately and much more perfectly provided by verbal and plenary inspiration in the Bible; and doctrine of that merely human sort has, of course, caused endless debate and lots of division in Christendom, primarily because a significant proportion of it is actually heresy if compared diligently with what the Bible ACTUALLY SAYS, and this applies to some extent to the Catholic doctrine of the nature of the soul, but mostly only in terms of ambiguity of words and the way they’re used to express it.

    For it has always been Christian doctrine that the “soul” (Gk. psyche, Lat. anima) resides in and is a metaphysical counterpart of the physical corpse, and is the seat of the personal life, will, mind, ‘heart’, and conscience, and provides us with deliberate or conscious thought or action, self consciousness, world consciousness, and (because we’re persons) God consciousness; and hence could let us be and do things like that both in a body in this life and in heaven or hell as a metaphysical soul out of the body, after putting the body off by dying, like a driver gets out of a car body and is still conscious after he has wrecked it on an interstate or railroad track.

    What do you think of this video …

  4. kerdasi amaq says:

    That was great. Very moving.

    “that the doctrine of the Catholic Church on the nature of the soul is a lie”.

    I’d describe that as Spiritual chloroform.

  5. sept says:

    I was trying to “think out of the box” in regards to the Jew problem.

    Let’s do an all-white online dating service, no Jews allowed. We can at least bring pro-white people together and hopefully improve the birth rate.

    I know it doesn’t solve the Jew problem but at least it’s something.

    Or, has ZOG already made such a thing illegal?

  6. gw2bc says:

    Ah yes, good ol JimmydaJEWJEW, always finding still another way to work in the character-assassination JEW-GENDA…

    Wow, what a pack of total gatekeeper assholes you ALL are! You know this thread got started back in September, right?? Every time I post, does a bell ring above your cubicles there in Hertzliya? Does the Mossad officer wave a fresh-cooked steak under your noses too? Does he provide slobber-guards for your keyboards??

    Fuck being nice to you vipers. If Incogman won’t enforce that rule uniformly, then obviously it’s really about SUPPRESSION. It sure is funny, how he “just happened” to whip out the iron fist right after I posted one of my strongest comments… If I oppose the psy-op ineffectually, he lets it go; if I oppose it WELL, he’s all over me, hmmm…

    Karen, as far as I’m concerned your Jew-trained brain-scrambler “profession” is totally irrelevant, and if smearing me in front of it makes your nippies go “ka-boi-oing!” that is just fine. I could not possibly care less. That just confirms you really are a spiteful bitch. It would be real gasser, though, to watch Biker PRETEND to be interested in an intellectual topic.

    • incogman says:


      Hey man, I can’t help people get all bollixed up about you. You have to admit you’re a SOB. And I don’t have any rules, I’ve asked American, biker68 and JamesTheJust to cut down getting on your case. I’m not some babysitter.

      And these people are not Jews, I’m fairly certain of it. The reason people suspect you, is because you are often a real bring-down, as they say up in the Haight.

  7. Biker68 says:

    GOY, percival….you show up in my trench? ill drop yer ass on principles, DEAD. i do NOT need a preacher, i do not need a sheperd. i need FRIENDS. EQUALS. people of like memory and childhood, people of like blood and culture. you put Incog and most of us in a precarious position, most of us not being ME… i can smell you fuckwad, I gat yer game. if we ever meet, ill drop your ass like a dirty shirt. you sniveling JEW sunnofabitch.

    ps. id REALLY like to meet! where ya at you nasty piece of pig fucked frogshit?!

  8. Scottish Banjo Dude says:

    psychotic paranoid genius talks to god and hates david icke? Delicious. “Give ’em enough rope……”