Apeman Kills White Roomate with Baseball Bat

Sacramento State University student Scott Hawkins was a gentile, well-mannered history buff — religious and quiet. Unfortunately, he had himself a Negro roommate and now he’s dead. I would append “with a penchant for violence” to the perp’s description, but that would be a bit redundant.

Hawkins was murdered yesterday by that Negro roommate with a baseball bat. Imagine that: Getting the living life beat out of you with a bat in your own dormitory room.

The poor kid didn’t have the least chance. Ever swing a baseball bat at something really hard? I was hit in the head by one as a kid playing baseball (I was OK, nothing permanent — so no jokes). It’s painful. Picture yourself getting pounded in the head and body by round house swings delivered by some screaming half-apeman coming at you.

Hopefully, young Scott was rendered unconscious quickly before the wild Negro finished him off, more than likely by turning his head into a bloody pulp. The scene would have been a lot like something happening in sub-Saharan Africa a million years ago, or even today when you think about it.

19 year-old Quran Jones (where do they come up with those ridiculous names?) was on the football team and wanted to be a fireman (I’m sure someone will say he had such a “bright future” and all that usual crap). His foster parents, Kurt and Heidi Kilgore, planned to issue a statement soon. Boy, that’ll make things better.

His foster mother Heidi is listed as a co-director for “Real Options for City Kids” (ROCK) in San Francisco, a program where she works “with hundreds of children and youth from a low-income San Francisco neighborhood.”

How much do you want to bet Quran’s foster parents are stupid, diversity-touting White liberals? I’m sure they patted themselves on the back in front of all their friends. Now they’ll have to deal with lawyers, court dates, trips to the zoo, etc. etc. for a long, long time. Let’s hope they go broke. I mean that one hundred percent. Let them sleep in the bed they made.

Chances are, Quran is the baby of some pretend-Muslim crack ho and adopted by these do-gooder Whites, who kept the birth name given to him by his long-ago OD’d momma. Who cares who the daddy was? The stupid Quran lucked out big-time and had himself a chance advancing himself, but look at what he now goes and does.

Scott Hawkins apparently got along fine with everybody. “He told us several times he liked his roommates up there and got along with them,” his father said. “He’s a very gentle person, he never would defend himself even.” Sounds to me like Scott’s parents might have been a little soft, too. All kids need to learn how to defend themselves and fight back. Apemen frequently become enraged by passivity on the part of the victim.

After beating Hawkins to death with the bat, Quran came at the police, who apparently had just arrived on the scene. He must have been covered in blood, cast-off from the swinging bat, and presented quite the sight to the cops. He rushed at them swinging a 8″ knife.

They tried to pepper ball the crazed ape-man into submission, but when that didn’t work they had to shoot him with real lead. Just like some mad dog situation. But they made one mistake: They didn’t finish the job. The mad Negro still lives and will now be the ward of the taxpayer from here on out. I wonder who pays to dig that bullet out of him? Probably the taxpayer.

Likely some expensive Jew lawyer will come up with some BS excuse for the apeman’s behavior that day and get him 10 years for manslaughter. The defense will play the race card and try to say Scott called him “the N word.” He’ll be out in 6 or 7 years. That will give the apeman time to kill someone else down the road. Meanwhile, Scott will long be a rotted corpse in the ground.

This kind of story happens all the time in America today. No, not the exact particulars of the crime, but the race of the perp. Yeah, that’s the common denominator, alright. In my area alone (your’s too, probably), there is always some kind of story about a Negro going off nuts and stabbing, shooting or beating someone to death over something stupid. Thank goodness it’s usually another Negro who is the victim. Trouble is, taxes go up to house and feed these animals in the state zoo.

Just another White victim in today’s Jewified America. When will Whites finally get it about all this diversity nonsense?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. anti-zionist says:

    Agreed American born, These fuckers have no idea of the resourcefullness of the average redneck. I have always wanted a race war to settle matters.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love black fuck yall honkeys and I do fuck white bitches it’s damn good to

  3. Marshall says:

    Anonymous has mistaken Incogland for a bathroom stall somewhere. Where is it you are dealing with all these Somailians, Zngr?

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