Apeman Kills White Roomate with Baseball Bat

Sacramento State University student Scott Hawkins was a gentile, well-mannered history buff — religious and quiet. Unfortunately, he had himself a Negro roommate and now he’s dead. I would append “with a penchant for violence” to the perp’s description, but that would be a bit redundant.

Hawkins was murdered yesterday by that Negro roommate with a baseball bat. Imagine that: Getting the living life beat out of you with a bat in your own dormitory room.

The poor kid didn’t have the least chance. Ever swing a baseball bat at something really hard? I was hit in the head by one as a kid playing baseball (I was OK, nothing permanent — so no jokes). It’s painful. Picture yourself getting pounded in the head and body by round house swings delivered by some screaming half-apeman coming at you.

Hopefully, young Scott was rendered unconscious quickly before the wild Negro finished him off, more than likely by turning his head into a bloody pulp. The scene would have been a lot like something happening in sub-Saharan Africa a million years ago, or even today when you think about it.

19 year-old Quran Jones (where do they come up with those ridiculous names?) was on the football team and wanted to be a fireman (I’m sure someone will say he had such a “bright future” and all that usual crap). His foster parents, Kurt and Heidi Kilgore, planned to issue a statement soon. Boy, that’ll make things better.

His foster mother Heidi is listed as a co-director for “Real Options for City Kids” (ROCK) in San Francisco, a program where she works “with hundreds of children and youth from a low-income San Francisco neighborhood.”

How much do you want to bet Quran’s foster parents are stupid, diversity-touting White liberals? I’m sure they patted themselves on the back in front of all their friends. Now they’ll have to deal with lawyers, court dates, trips to the zoo, etc. etc. for a long, long time. Let’s hope they go broke. I mean that one hundred percent. Let them sleep in the bed they made.

Chances are, Quran is the baby of some pretend-Muslim crack ho and adopted by these do-gooder Whites, who kept the birth name given to him by his long-ago OD’d momma. Who cares who the daddy was? The stupid Quran lucked out big-time and had himself a chance advancing himself, but look at what he now goes and does.

Scott Hawkins apparently got along fine with everybody. “He told us several times he liked his roommates up there and got along with them,” his father said. “He’s a very gentle person, he never would defend himself even.” Sounds to me like Scott’s parents might have been a little soft, too. All kids need to learn how to defend themselves and fight back. Apemen frequently become enraged by passivity on the part of the victim.

After beating Hawkins to death with the bat, Quran came at the police, who apparently had just arrived on the scene. He must have been covered in blood, cast-off from the swinging bat, and presented quite the sight to the cops. He rushed at them swinging a 8″ knife.

They tried to pepper ball the crazed ape-man into submission, but when that didn’t work they had to shoot him with real lead. Just like some mad dog situation. But they made one mistake: They didn’t finish the job. The mad Negro still lives and will now be the ward of the taxpayer from here on out. I wonder who pays to dig that bullet out of him? Probably the taxpayer.

Likely some expensive Jew lawyer will come up with some BS excuse for the apeman’s behavior that day and get him 10 years for manslaughter. The defense will play the race card and try to say Scott called him “the N word.” He’ll be out in 6 or 7 years. That will give the apeman time to kill someone else down the road. Meanwhile, Scott will long be a rotted corpse in the ground.

This kind of story happens all the time in America today. No, not the exact particulars of the crime, but the race of the perp. Yeah, that’s the common denominator, alright. In my area alone (your’s too, probably), there is always some kind of story about a Negro going off nuts and stabbing, shooting or beating someone to death over something stupid. Thank goodness it’s usually another Negro who is the victim. Trouble is, taxes go up to house and feed these animals in the state zoo.

Just another White victim in today’s Jewified America. When will Whites finally get it about all this diversity nonsense?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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63 Responses to Apeman Kills White Roomate with Baseball Bat

  1. Hoff says:

    “Natural Wonders- Gorilla Warfare”


  2. Kenny says:

    An update on the latest trial in the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom…

  3. kerdasi amaq says:


    “Huge increases in immigration over the past decade were a deliberate attempt to engineer a more multicultural Britain, a former Government adviser said yesterday.
    Andrew Neather, a speechwriter who worked in Downing Street for Tony Blair and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett, said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a plan to ‘open up the UK to mass migration’.”

    Does this mean that the Labour government is doomed? If they can’t stop this coming out, it means they’ve lost control. It’s not enough to vote these cretins out of office. They must be punished. Es ist Zeit fur Rache!

  4. Buff says:

    I have no sympathy for these damned ‘brits’. Without these pigs the kikes would not have stolen Palestine nor have any power over us. These stupid english believe this nonsense about British-Israelism. That is why they have betrayed their own people.

    It is unfortunate what happened to young Hawkins. You cannot bring these apeman into your circle. Let the asociations be distant if they must exist.

  5. kerdasi amaq says:

    Britain has been a ZOG controlled country since the time of Oliver Cromwell. Their ruling class has intermarried and interbred with jews; to point that they are practically all jewish.


    “WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency and empowered his health secretary to suspend federal requirements and speed treatment for thousands of infected people.”

    There doesn’t seem to be a lot to this story; but with communists it is hard to tell. Washington is run by communists.

  6. OnOurOwn says:

    Diversity is strength?

    The antonym of diversity is similarity.

    Here’s a list of synonyms for similarity:

    affinity, agreement, alikeness, analogy, approximation, association, closeness, coincidence, collation, community, comparability, comparison, concordance, concurrence, conformity, congruence, congruity, connection, correlation, dead ringer, harmony, homogeneity, identity, interrelation, kinship, likes of, look-alike, parallel, parallelism, parity, peas in a pod, proportion, reciprocity, relation, relationship, resemblance, sameness, semblance, simile, similitude, synonymity, two of a kind

    Most of diversity’s opposites are what make a nation STRONG. All of above are forfieted with the focus on diversity.

  7. Pamyet says:

    Too bad so many young White males are passive and effeminate. By that, I don’t mean they talk like girls and effect a sissy manner – just not aggressive, manly, aware and willing to defend themselves or their females. If you glare back at the Negro and let him know you will kill him if need be you get its respect, otherwise you are prey.

  8. American says:

    I keep saying it, but Whites MUST move to all-White areas, and bring the truth with you to share with your new friends.

    Keep telling everybody the facts of black on White crime, and how the JEW suppresses the details in his total media control.

  9. American says:

    Many Whites in rural areas and small towns will become victims like the city Whites, IF the truth is not told. Most of these people have not had to deal with niggers. Country Whites kick ass, plain and simple, but it’s imperative to show them the war against them is already in progress. This way they don’t just think it’s a “city” thing, b/c that’s where the nigger-apes are.

    The JEW wages war in many ways, mostly pumping degenerate media. Race wars are just one facet of their overall strategy. When the dust settles, it’ll be self-sufficient Whites still standing.

    On a side note, I was in a city of approximately 70,000 people today, and could barely believe the decay I saw. Vacant buildings (now the property of the “Fed”, you and me again). I turned on the radio to here some nigger singing about his “cellmate bitch” in prison he traded a pack of smokes for, and all I could think is we’re very near chaos. Changed the station, only to hear a scumbag JEW plastic surgeon’s ad for breast implants, purposely looking for insecure women. It was disgusting!

    I can barely wait for the dam to break. I’m focusing on the JEW like nobody’s business. If I were one of those rats, I’d already be on my way to Israel, as much as I hate to give them ideas. My vote is they don’t get to leave until punished appropriately.

  10. gman says:

    Hey Incog,

    Go easy on apes, OK? Comparing them to evil dark demon niggers is not fair! At least apes don’t go around raping white women and murdering white women and children and men. I would rather have apes living on my block than niggers, any day!!! Hell, I would rather have grizzly bears in my area than niggers!!!!

  11. If and when our country descends into a state of collapse and total chaos, many angry whites will be going on a spree! A Goddamn spree I tell you!
    We will clean house and America will emerge a purified and wholly renewed Republic.

  12. Marshall says:

    Quran Jones vs. Eli Roth…white skull bashing home run derby!!!

    Kind of makes one wonder if young Quran was influenced by the recent Vainglorious Cowerdz…doesn’t it? :-O Just an observation…copycat crime?


  13. OnOurOwn says:

    Cute girl …

    South Africa: Another White Woman savagely killed by Blacks


  14. White Master says:

    They (pension chasing cops) should have shot that monkey right between the eyes.

    I don’t want the Jew to go anywhere yet. They have immeasurable debts to pay to White folks!

  15. JamesTheJust says:

    Keep telling everybody the facts of black on White crime, and how the JEW suppresses the details in his total media control.

    What amazes me American is that even the most liberal White instinctively knows this. You’ll never catch most Whites walking in an all-black neighborhood anytime; but most especially are night.

    Case in point:

    Had a friend whose wife was a flaming liberal (couldn’t stand her). She was going on and on about how all people are equal, blah, blah, blah.

    One night I told her, OK go for a walk down at the canal. Dead silence. Then she said, well, everyone knows that’s the bad part of town. I said, yeah and its black and brown, just like every other bad part of town in every city USA. Then she said she wouldn’t go walking in any bad part of town at night even if it were White. I said, OK name me ONE bad part of ANY city that’s White. Again, dead silence.

    Liberals are IDIOTS!

  16. JamesTheJust says:

    We will clean house and America will emerge a purified and wholly renewed Republic.

    Yep. Then we’re going to make the liberal whites clean up the mess. They’ll be burying and burning bodies for seven months.

  17. Jeremy says:

    What is even more sickening is the whole affair with Connecticut University’s boo-hoo for Jasper Howard. He was the negro footbal player who got stabbed to death. They had it all over the news with Whites crying for his slain body. While murder is wrong, it is always the non-White who gets the coverage. The following tells of his vigil:


    This is a perfect example of how Whites are dehumanized through the mainstream media complex. Another story of interest would be that Mississippi University has “tweaked” their fight song to remove the theme of the Rising South. Critics (jews And blacks) claim it is a reminder of the regions “intolerent” past.


    Of course, young White college women being raped and killed by negros doesn’t merit national news. I guess that fails to qualify as intolerent behavior. I have heard people talk about a coming race war for years. It isn’t coming: It’s here! We either stand up now and defeat the enemy, or else we die. Love, Honor, and Respect to all my White brothers & sisters.

  18. American says:


    JEWS and their conspirators must fear total chaos more than anybody. They want to keep letting the air out slowly so that the Goyim won’t react. An enlightened and angry White populace is dangerous for the criminals (JEW, nigger, and even cheating Whites). My guess is they keep working real hard to avoid making it obvious, so as not to drive Whites together.

    No matter what, it’ll be downplayed in JEW-controlled media. Perhaps we’re already at chaos, as JEWS have been fighting full-out while we wait for things “to get started”. We can’t be sure, but for now I’ll keep talking with people everywhere I go about the truths I’ve read (and seen on video) about the JEWS.

  19. Marshall says:

    Disney owns ESPN. Guess who runs Disney?

    Hey…I watched “Tropic Thunder” the other night…talk about a depraved Jewfest.

    Robert Downey Jr. plays a black guy. Tom Cruise plays a fat, hairy Jew media executive, who acts like a gangsta-rappa. Jack Black is an opium addict, who also has a Jewish flatulence problem, which he feels compelled to make full-length movies about, as usual. Nick Nolte, lucky to have any acting job these days, plays an old Vietnam Vet who is really not one, but is yet another scammer.

    Ben Stiller manages (of course) to portray heartland of USA farming types as complete retards.

    There’s a “wimpy” Jew, getting his first break in showbiz, who is nevertheless a media expert. There’s a black guy who is a closet queer.

    Jews are a plague on this country.

  20. American says:

    Good eye, Jeremy. Once somebody figures out the scam, there’s not going back. I had to get rid of my JEW-box (tv) after I realized the truth. JEWS are relentless in their propaganda.


    Ben Stiller and Jack Black in their 80th movies of the season. Imagine that. I don’t even rip off movies on the internet, which can EASILY be done, for those that are content to subject themselves to indoctrination. The internet is laying waste to the JEWS in so many ways.

    Keep telling it like it is!

  21. kerdasi amaq says:

    JTJ, liberalism is an ersatz religion. It’s no good treating them as if they were rational people(which they, no doubt, like to think that they are).

  22. White Master says:

    Plain and simple, television sucks, hollywoodey movies suck, JEWS SUCK!

  23. White Master says:

    I do not see how n the hell any White person can set in front of a tv for lengthy periods of time and soak up the Jew spew…I mean that is the definition of braindead.

  24. Dick Stallion says:

    The little Apeman picture featured on the lead post made me lmao! 😀

  25. American says:

    Speaking of Negroes, what’s Obammy jiving to in this pic?


  26. White Master says:

    Now cmon American,

    When you win the Nobel “Jew Piece” Prize, you gotsta “get down” and “gets jiggy wit it”, brutha!

  27. White Master says:

    Reading through some of the comments on the story of the murdering Apeman, the dumb liberals are playing down “race” as usual. Had the White guy pounded the Apeman, those same liberals would be pulling their hair out while screaming “when will this evil racism end.” I am so GD sick of these liberal idiots.

  28. Marshall says:

    I know what he’s jivin’ to American!!! Dig it!!! 😀

    I got chills, cause I been lyin’, and I’m gainin,’ control
    Cause the virus, we’re supplyin’, it’s multiplyin’!!!

    You better line up, all you Americans,
    for my shot to fix your floooo
    You better line up, woman, child and man,
    to Chertoff I must be true (and every Joo)
    My insurance pays for it toooo!!!


    Fema camp that I want
    (Fema camp that I want), ooh ooh ooh, money
    Fema camp that I want (Fema camp that I want),
    ooh ooh ooh, money
    Fema camp that I want (Fema camp that I want),
    ooh ooh ooh, money
    Chertoff I heed (feed my greed),
    oh yes indeed (yes indeed)

    If you’re filled with infection,
    You may die, this very day
    Meditate, my injection, feel your way

    I better line up,
    I’ve got such a tan
    Michelle thinks I’m a white man,
    She can’t keep me satisfied
    I better line up, if I’m gonna prove
    You better prove, that your jive is justified
    Are you sure? (Yes I’m sure)
    That I’m Hawaiian deep inside


  29. Anonymous says:

    From the article that American posted.

    Since most countries have stopped counting individual swine flu cases, the figure is considered an underestimate.

    More like an overestimate. This flu has been blown all out of proportion. Anyone getting this shot is an idiot.

    Some Mexicans came up to me and asked where the flu shots were being given. I gave them directions and told them they’d better hurry. 😉

  30. Marshall says:

    They can get them here Anony-



  31. DTN8 says:

    I had the opportunity to cut a friend loose because of his jew-media addiction. This person is living off his mom and devotes a large part of his time to downloading movies off the web. I tried to point out the underlying agendas visible to anyone with a brain and was met with a look that said he was confounded by what I said. Unwilling to listen plain and simple…the problem most have.

  32. hoff2 says:

    Why the jews hate ldi Amin – he expelled the jews – once more. ldi Amin got more brain then most white people got – and hes a nigger.

    “General Idi Amin Dada – An Autoportrait part5/17”


  33. all out of gtrman says:

    on “media”….my father likes to watch history channel type stuff, this morning he saw a programme on the ‘American Civil War’ and was spouting off his new ‘knowledge’. As usual i chipped in a little with some Rothschild stuff, to no effect.

    Watching tv for ‘education’ is like drinking sea-water for thirst.

  34. hoff2 says:

    Watching tv for ‘education’ is like drinking sea-water for thirst.

    Hoff: Spot on!

  35. hoff2 says:

    You can learn from TalmudVision, TV – IF – you know what to look for.

    Spot the Lying Jew Scumbag

  36. hoff2 says:

    Forgot – EVERYBODY you see on TV are Lyning Jew Scumbags.

    They are either Jews or Jew-Whores. What’s the difference?

  37. Biker68 says:

    like using waxed paper to wipe your ass GTRman LOL!

    noticed between weather channel on the 8’s ALOT of NAZI stuff on the history channel(s)! ramping up the propoganda to shore up the lie? YEP! they know were wise to their bullshit!! and the truth is spreading!

    sabotage the old mans TV GTRman!

  38. Louis from Montreal says:

    It’s so sad to see young Whites, like Scott Hawkins, getting brutally murdered by these inner city beasts, but it is made especially so because it could’ve been avoided. I wonder, did Scott Hawkins have a choice in who he was room-mates with, or was it just, “luck,” of the draw?

    I do feel pity for those who are innocent victims, but never a tear for those who deliberately choose to be with negros.

  39. Nemesys says:

    Pamyet – correct. Nig Things wil back down if you show them you are willing to take it all the way. It’s amazing how fast they go submissive, in fact. No ownder the weak, snivelling kikenvermin like to deploy them.

    The thing is – you have to BE an Alpha Dog, if you try this. You can’t fak them out. They are beasts; they can smell fear, and dominance.

    I agree w/ Gman – don’t insult apes. Actual apes are infinitely more civilized than these Jew bred hybrids plagueing us.

  40. Nemesys says:

    Nig things are really mostly like jackals. Think of jackals, when dealing with Nig things.

  41. hoff2 says:

    The Lying Jew Tattoo Riddle

    You can ask me anything about the Lying Jew Scumbags. l know what the jews are doing, l know why the Lying Jew Scumbags are doing it and l know how the Lying Jew Scumbagsa re doing it.

    Ask me anything about the jews and l can tell you in ten sentences what the jews are up to. 0f course l don’t know everything about jews and the tattoo is the last riddle.

    l have seen in real life the number tattoo on the arm of jews many times. ONE jew in Canada claims that he made 200.000 number tattoos by one wine cork and two needles.

    This is the first and last time l have ever read any jew that claims to be involved in the tattoo business. Except that … there are a MASSIVE silence among all the jews bout the tattoos.

    Do you know how long it takes to make a ten digit tattoo? A good tattooist with state of the art equipment could maybe do it in one hour. A wine cork and two needles? Four hours at best.

    When the jews are silent they are Lying jews. What all the jew tattos that l seen have in common is that they are all poor made. lf the germans had made these tattoos you can be sure they would be the same size and made by a machine.

    Do you know how easy it is to change a number tattoo? ln ten minutes with a wine cork and one needle any number tattoo can be altered into an unrecognizable mess.

    The jew tattoo was NOT made by germans. The jew tattoo was made in the jew run Sovjet. Jews tattooed jews in the jew run Sovjet. The only Q l have is: Why the tattoos?

    My guess is that some retarded jew in Sovjet came up with the idea that all dissident jews should be tattooed.

    Why are all the jews silent about the tattoos? Because JEWs tattooed JEWs.

    The last Jew riddle solved. Ask me anything about the jews.


  42. hoff2 says:

    Funniest shit ever. A Fiat 124 has the speed and durabilty of a tuned up T-Ford from 1922. -SHRRREEEK . Man – did you see that? l took the corner on two wheels.

    “Wild Car Chase “Le Coup / Le Casse / The Burglars” 1971 J.P.Belmondo / O.Sharif”


  43. hoff2 says:

    0:32 Man – if l only could get that Opel Rekord on two wheels.

    This is the stupidity we believe in? l guess that if we the stupid Lying Jew Scumbags narrates three times that germans killed half of the jews in three months the stupid non-jews will belivee whatever the Lying Jew Scumbags will tell the dumbfucked non-jews.

    l have had it to here with you Lying Jew SCUMBAGS.

    Jew = Lying Jew Scumbag

  44. hoff2 says:

    Bullit in a tuned up Fiat 124 — Special

    “bullit famous car chase”


  45. hoff2 says:

    How many mph do the car do? 10? 12 mph? My grandmother can kick in the reverse at 10 mph.

    Steve McQueen in a tuned up Fiat 124. Squeeeeeeking around the street corner at … What? 15 mph?

  46. American says:

    Until now, I didn’t know Marcia Clark (prosecutor in the OJ trial) was a JEW. That helps explain her acceptance of an 80%+ black jury.

  47. Biker68 says:

    Nemesys: i imagine them, or what they would look like with a HUGE 70’s FRO! … think of Mike Tyson with a 2foot FRO and a giant hot pink comb stuck in it… LOL! takes alot of the fear away. one on one, theyre NOTHING! like Jackals, solitary animals rarely attack.

  48. Marshall says:

    Hey Biker68-

    You don’t need to “imagine” them…check out Wally World bud!!!



  49. Biker68 says:

    DAMN GTR MAN! i dont see this shit at our wal mart! but then, we have a ‘WHITE’ wal-mart.

    selling Chinese CRAP to unwed mothers of half-ape kids that pay for everything with government money.

    run down to Pittsburgh, let the niggers pass you around like a doobie at a dead concert, and when you’re all used up, run back up to the hills and ma/pa’s farm to raise ya’ niggletts, da gov’ment gunna FEED yo niggaz!thats infiltration, like the fucking Emerald Ash Borer! in my opinion anyway

  50. Louis from Montreal says:

    It would be nice if some folks tried to stay on topic.

  51. DTN8 says:

    the topic being yet another non-reported blk on wht crime…..The topic naturally will turn to media and it’s ability to manipulate content.

  52. OnOurOwn says:

    Diversity is NOT our strength:


    One link of many.

  53. OnOurOwn says:

    This is just insane …

    S.F. to ease up on unlicensed drivers


  54. Marshall says:

    Utterly nuts. What if a carload of drunken illegal Mexes runs you over and you are permanently paralyzed? What’s your legal recourse? I already have to PAY for an extra “uninsured motorist” collision rider on MY freaking policy in case I get hit by one of these scumbags?

    NO WAY, JOSE’.

    I don’t know about where you live, OnOurOwn, but down here in FL, all I have to do is look in the Sunday paper police blotter, and the MAJORITY of the reports are Mex DUI’s. Are they going to stop giving them DUI’s now because they don’t have a license? SICK SICK SICK. I’ve seen stats that up to 80% of Mexes in California are driving with no insurance.

  55. JamesTheJust says:

    This is why we must start taking the law into our own hands. Do not seek a governmental solution. You’ll most likely be disappointed. Take matters into your own hands.

  56. OnOurOwn says:

    It has to be a NigNog.

    Man who threw feces in courtroom draws 31-year sentence for robbery


  57. OnOurOwn says:

    Sounds like the perps are Illegal Mexishits.

    Girl gang-raped for two hours at homecoming dance – while a dozen people watched and did nothing

    Manuel Ortega, 19, was arrested at the scene and was being held on $800,000 bail for investigation of rape and robbery.


    Some idiot in the comments has the audacity to claim “nice white boys” did it.

  58. Zngr says:

    This mode of function and thought now permeates all layers of Western society, much to my chagrin, and of yours, I’m sure, whoever it is that may read this message. This is similar to Nordic MSM that strives at all times to prove that the native “whites” hate immigrants, especially brown or black people and are prone to attack or mistreat them for no reason, and that minority immigrants are incapable of any misdeed, much less racism, at least by their own choice – any of their blunders and mistakes are explained away. Result: this makes minority issues impossible to resolve.

    “Racist” crimes committed by natives get top news coverage (until almost universally it is found that perp was also a cultural enricher) while it still remains a fact the natives are targeted by racist attacks as much as black or brown immigrants are. At least according to any official statistics, whenever they manage to leak out into public.

    I have for years contemplated, what, exactly, is behind this attempt of manipulation of public thought?

    Then I figured out it must be a conspiracy (insert tinfoil hat) to deteriorate “race” relations to the utmost. The whites feel that the brown/black people get all the positive media coverage, and the whites all the blame, and the black/brown people are made to believe all their tribulations and misfortunes are caused by racism (which sometimes is true), not their own conduct (which is true as often again).

    Hence everything will just get worse and worse. Only three hours ago I conversed with an acquaintance whose job description involves removing unruly customers from a certain space in the space time continuum we all share. When he removes a drunk aggressive white person, and the person calls the police to apprehend my acquaintance for excessive use of force even though they are not injured, that is, merely to annoy him, the police never come, but when he removes a black person (usually a Somali as it happens) the black person will invariably call the police and tell he was targeted by a “racist attack” or “discrimination” at which point the police will always get involved with the scene to solve a possible case of hate crime: of which there is never any proof, as everyone is treated equally, and it all ends up a massive waste of time. It is still unclear to me if the Somali or black person believe they REALLY ARE victims of “racism” 5% of the time or only 0% of the time, I think the latter is probably closer to the truth, and simply call the police because they wish to annoy the person who thwarted their attempts of robbery or assault and know their minority status enables them to do that.

    Are some of them really convinced by the MSM that they are victims? When they punch you or attempt to take your possessions and are detained (or get some back), do they honestly think they are treated unjustly?

    From what I hear most do not, they simply use the race-card to amuse themselves. Yet the MSM would have us believe they (minority people) are the victims nevertheless, time and time again.

    To what end?


    Because I’m not even sure anymore 🙁

    What is sure none of this serves to solve any of the issues and merely serves to worsen the relations of minorities and majorities within the EU.

  59. American born says:

    The White Race is the deadliest when its enlightened and pissed off. No other race comes close. When shit hits the fan the deliverance will be swift. Pay back is long over due. Its enevitable somthing will spark somthing leading to some pay back. If the jew media and unequal laws against Whites cease to exist niggers better run all the way back to apefreaka. The shit they get away with now is temporary, believe me. History proves this. niggers and jews cant sustain this scam forever. And when its over, its over for them. niggers are too dumb to realize this but the jew knows this. Thats why their paranoia is valid. Empires come and go, the current American empire protects the jew and the nigger and leaves the White Man out to dry. The more they push the more brutal the backlash will be.

  60. anti-zionist says:

    Agreed American born, These fuckers have no idea of the resourcefullness of the average redneck. I have always wanted a race war to settle matters.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I love black fuck yall honkeys and I do fuck white bitches it’s damn good to

  62. Marshall says:

    Anonymous has mistaken Incogland for a bathroom stall somewhere. Where is it you are dealing with all these Somailians, Zngr?

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