Is a Race War Coming to America?

Regardless of what the mainstream news tries to tell you, the economy is not at all “stabilizing,” in fact, it’s teetering on complete collapse. A hundred banks have closed their doors in the past year and the FDIC is spent, except for the 300 billion allocated by Congress from the taxpayer (you). The dollar has lost over 30% of it’s value in just the last 8 years.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing their jobs each month and millions have been unemployed since September of 2008. The mainstream media acts all excited that government unemployment figures for September were only 521,000 (but the numbers are cooked, it’s probably closer to a million). Just think: These out of work people means hundreds of thousands of other family members in a bad way and this was just one month — how about all the people affected over the last year and to come?

ABC did briefly (very) mention the story that the Gulf States are talking about plans to drop the US dollar to pay for oil. The Zionist-controlled mainstream media had to, since it’s now coming out into the open (but brewing for months). If they remained silent, even the braindead might notice the degree of control. Plus, the price of gold is skyrocketing because everyone knows when this happens, the dollar is finished. Kaput.

This will be catastrophic to the US dollar and result in our whole country plummeting into a financial black hole. Our money will be worthless and inflation will run rampant. Much like what happened to Weimar Germany back in the 1920’s, Argentina in the early 90’s and in Zimbabwe just recently.

The powers that be, have long realized that sooner or later we’ll get wise and the Jig will be up. Hell, they’ve known all along the deal behind fiat money, so they made it part of the Final Endgame to begin with. It’s a debt-based fraud that cannot last forever. Get ready NOW, America.

Our country is now being purposefully de-industrialized and turned into Third-world status. With this, we see the arrogant Zio-puppet Obama flying Airforce One at 1.2 million each direction to Copenhagen, just so he can get the Olympics for Chicago. Him, Michelle and Oprah Winfrey embarrassingly failed, with Chicago coming dead-last — quite possibly due to a Youtube video of some poor Negro “honor student” getting the life beat out of him by gang Negroes running amok.

But having a “Black” president can’t slow down much longer the mass awakening of White Americans, nor the planned death throes of the dollar. Obama is now losing popularity among White liberals, homos and even among some “people of color,” mostly because he hasn’t delivered enough special privileges for the selfish wishes of a few.

Obama never goes anywhere without his teleprompters. Washington insiders say he uses them more than any other president. Often, he uses two and is why you see him say one thing and then turn his head in the other direction to say another, as if he’s merely addressing parts of the audience. Also, reporter’s questions are carefully screened in advance and if you ask hard ones, forget about keeping your press pass and maybe even your job.

It’s should be clear that Obama is little more than another “teleprompter president,” doing little real “Change” beyond what Bush once did for his Zio-masters; pretty much blowing smoke up everyone’s ass while he eats-up the adulation of terminally foolish White liberals and militant Blacks — who basically support him simply because he’s another “person of color.”

Obama was pushed on this country by the traitorous, Jew-owned media because he could give social and political camouflage to the Final Endgame planned for America. Liberals would herald his election as watershed for racial advancement in America — blah, blah, blah — while the rest of the subplots ran their course. Agents and handlers surround him and make sure that he follows the screenplay and let his big ego do the rest.

Larry Summers and David Rockefeller.

Jew handlers in the Obama camp, like Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Peter Orszog, Crypto-Jews* Paul Volcker, Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers (Samuelson), are making the majority of Americans suspicious about who is really in control. Other Global Jews like Ben Shalom Bernanke of the Federal Reserve, Billionaire NGO/Rothschild operative George Soros and Lloyd Blankfein (CEO of Goldman Sachs), are the point men for the Globalist/Banker-engineered final take-down of the USA. That’s only a few of the Zionist Jews that infest “our” government.

A lot of people have speculated that the Zionist powers will set-off another 9/11 style False Flag operation on the country, to give an excuse to attack Iran, but with all the new revelations about 9/11, people might not believe the charade this time. Even so, we can see them ramping-up the paranoia about nukes and WMD, just like they did about Iraq, remember Saddam?

One thing they could do and stay in the shadows, is to start a race war in this country. We all know that the tinder for such conflagration is there, gradually built-up by all the social engineering and divisions, the race manipulations of Blacks and the fostering of White guilt over the last fifty years. Add the on-going illegal immigration of Meztizos up from the south (who hate European Anglos occupying the land they think belongs to them) and you have all the ingredients for a major race war in America. It’s very possible that they have had this in mind from the start.

Violent death and corruption have long been way of life for Mexicans.

White couple killed by drunk illegal Mestizo.† More American citizens die from illegal immigrants daily than soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of course, such a race war would be a horror for this country (as most wars usually are). It’s the Globalists behind the curtain and the media who started this mess that all of us should be going after in the first place. That’s how bad they’ve messed all our heads up, when most of us only believe what some talking head newscaster has to say — over what our own flesh and blood does, or even what good old common sense tells us.

Everyone, by now, should see that the Globalists want to merge the US into a union with Mexico and Canada, just like they are now doing to Europe. Creating the pieces to their puzzle right in plain sight. Finally, with Europe and North America under open control, they can finish the jobs they started down in South America and elsewhere.

America has always been the biggest nut to crack in the over-all “One-world government” schemes of the Globalists and the big-money Jews. Because many Americans are gun-toting patriots, they can’t be too obvious with what they’ve planned for us, or we might join into open rebellion against them. And what better way to misdirect these mobs away from them, but through a race war against each other?

Think about here: this is much more than just a two-fer for them. Misdirection away from the real culprits, getting potential White leaders liquidated and a big fat excuse to bring down a total commie NKVD-style Police State on all of us. They can ship off any captured to the front lines of Iraq, Afghanistan and the soon-to-be land war in Iran or the Saudi peninsula as cannon fodder. Ah, control of all the oil!

The chess moves of the Globalists should be plain to see by just looking backwards over the last few decades. The plan has always been to roll-out the North American Union (and new dollar) in the 2010 to 2015 time frame, and eventual join together with the European Union, thought to be projected for 2018 to 2020. These kind of things must not only be done with great care, but also with enough flexibility to advance or slow down various subplots so it all comes together at once.

Call it “just-in-time” social, political and economic manipulation.

The Swine Flu business and the Obama healthcare legislation are just smokescreens to distract people from the bigger picture of what these bastards have in store for us in the near future.

First off, they might instigate a White backlash movement even more radical than the Tea parties. You’ll be able to spot this out since the one White patriot group under their control will get a lot of press coverage without being too obvious. This particular group will have its own impetus, public face and leaders, but the funding will be paid quietly to corrupted agents buried within.

And these kinds of groups can be grown overnight, with the right media coverage and money. They have done the same thing for Blacks and Hispanics. In fact, you could say they have those groups already in place, the only thing lacking is the final spark to set things in motion.

Here’s the tricky part: How to instigate the whole shebang. What fuse to light? Well, for one thing, a “racist” White plot ostensibly belonging to the Jew-owned White patriot group attempting to assassinate Obama could easily do it. Once Obama has totally destroyed the US financially, he would have one last prime role to play in the Globalist’s plans: Victimhood.

But it’s not entirely necessary in taking Obama out to start a race war. They could commit some heinous crime on a young black couple, framing it to look like evil White racists did it and then broadcast the story 24/7. Meanwhile, race hucksters like reverend Al Sharpton will be employed to raise cain and foment Negroes into taking “street justice.”

Massacres of Whites would happen all across the nation as the Negroes go berserk, rioting and looking for payback against any White. Whites merely wishing to survive would have to gang-up for protection and these enclaves of Whites will be forced into warfare merely to stave off pure murder.

Another spark utilized might be between Blacks and Mestizos in California, or the ground zero might be the Mestizos against the dwindling White population in Texas. A radical Mestizo group might be given permission to do a coup de main on a southwestern state, like New Mexico, then proclaim themselves the sovereign nation of Atzlan. Incensed White patriots will rush in, starting a shooting war that is secretly fanned and allowed to spread.

All this would engulf the country, with little or no concern to the real perps behind it as to who was fighting whom. It would literally be an internal, False-Flag on American sovereignty, the last nail in the coffin for an America that the White, Founding Fathers created.

Initially, they would secretly finance both sides, leaving the part of the US government not privy to the real deal, the few National Guard soldiers still left in the US and local police to flail about uselessly trying to contain things. The regular Jews would demand and get preferential protection just like they always do, leaving regular Whites to the violent hell of what comes. The Jews already have been getting the lion’s share of DHS civilian funds and could easily afford hiring private armies to protect their enclaves.

The controlled White patriot group would then be made a scapegoat for the whole thing on the basis of phony evidence and media propaganda exposés. The by now fully Jew-controlled government, would openly support any coalitions of Blacks and Hispanic forces, while at the same time go out of the way to attack any groups that appear to have figured what’s going on. It would be especially critical for them to isolate any grouping of Whites from each other, that are not already corrupted by them.

White woman slain in own home by Negro gang in South Africa.

Uncountable stories of genocidal acts would occur, possibly hundreds of thousands dying in open racial warfare. Violent acts of murder which would shock people today, will be a daily, even hourly, occurence in many parts of the country. Entire families would be raped, tortured and murdered in their own homes by roving criminal bands of Negroes and Mestizos; police will have no time to respond, let alone investigate and prosecute the crimes.

Undoubtedly, Whites too would engage in reciprocal brutal acts, as payback for what happened to their own.

Sadly, the tribulations befalling sleeping Whites will be just reward for these couch potatoes allowing the Zionist-controlled media to shape this country’s public mind; all the liberals who have attacked racially-aware Whites for daring to bring up the real-life behavior of other races; those who have willfully ignored the genocidal crimes of Israel on the Palestinians and those who turned a blind eye to Whites being brutally murdered in South Africa; all those misguided pro-Zionist patriots who supported our fraudulent wars of “Pax Americana” and the “Israel-Firsters,” who’s only concern has been Israel.

Whatever independent, self-reliant and politically-wise groupings of Whites that could be found would instantly get targeted by government forces for destruction using high-tech weaponry and NKVD-style Jewry, now green-lighted to let loose their inner, viscious hatred on the Goyim (much like what happened in Russia). The Jew’s true murderous colors will be on full display — unfortunately, those individuals seeing this side may not live long enough to regret their past politics and ignorance.

Or they will simply imprison, isolate and starve to death areas of the country in the Jew Commie fashion.

Mad Jewess Albright

They did the exact same thing once in Russia, killing millions of Gentiles, and virtually all Whites in the US know little or nothing about this side of history (you won’t see it on the History Channel — what’s that tell you?).

Millions of Goyim across the US will end up in Gulags or as walking, dying skeletons, eating grass and rats as the Jews laugh it up, safely protected by Commie Police State tactics using the stolen government of the US. Madeleine Albright (right), Crypto-Jewess and Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, killed thousands in Serbia and once even admitted having no problems consigning 500,000 Iraqi children to death by embargo.

The arrogant Jewish upper crust could care less about Goyim dying, here, there or anywhere!

Those Jews who don’t get with the program will be simply liquidated as traitors and “Erev Rav” (some ridiculous story about Jew slave overseers that Moses allowed to go with him out of Egypt “against God’s will”). Those who have worked as agents to infiltrate and confuse us Whites, will be rehabilitated to join back into the Jew ranks for the upcoming Noahide Communist state, should they survive.

Now, we can’t be certain how it plays out in the near future, but we do know that they cannot allow things to go on as it is. People are now awakening to the lies of our economic system, the Federal Reserve and NWO way too fast, so they have to do all this in the next six months to a year, before our ranks swell. They nervously see American Whites now buying guns and ammunition in huge quantities, out of suspicion that things are just not right.

With the restraints of the Constitution on their power, and the American White population so well-armed (upwards of 75 million), they realize that the only way to eventually put a stop to all this and remove those constitutional obstacles would entail the outright economic destruction of the US, so they can recreate it for their final ambition: One world government, open Jewish control and slavery for us Goyim.

With this in mind, they’ve been gradually screwing with our heads for decades, dividing us up with politics and liberal social movements so as to confuse us where they are going. These are not stupid people. Greedy and power mad, yes.

Once the final takedown of the US is in progress, the perfidious Israelis will round-up and mass expel (quite possibly even genocide) the remaining Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. The rabid Orthodox Jews and Kahanists will be given the honor of pushing the button that blows up the Muslim Mosque of the Golden Dome on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem so they can immediately start rebuilding the Third Temple (already they are preparing the building stones and inner sanctum religious items, like golden Menorahs and other imagined religious Jew crap).

Believe it or not, these people are quite serious about this “bull,” working behind the scenes to make these dangerous wishes come true. They have even genetically bred a line of red heifers (right), which they can ritually sacrifice, burn in special Temple urns and mix the ashes in sacred water — all to sprinkle on themselves as they jump around in excited religious frenzy. Man, talk about some crazy Jew stuff!

When you read their material, it’s plainly obvious how carefully they avoid saying anything about what they might plan to do to the Mosque and the Muslims that control the top of the Temple Mount (the “Wailing Wall” is just a small remnant of King Herod’s palace, which is terribly appropriate).

What’s worse, many deluded Christians have been helping these freaks along, since they believe that Jesus will come down from the heavens and the Jews will be forced to convert or get smote by Jesus’ cosmic rays.

Few Whites in the US will care about any of this happening across the globe, they will be more worried about day-to-day survival; even Christian Zionist dispensationalists will have more “pressing” concerns. Trust me: No mass exodus of the faithful into the sky will take place. Everyone will meet their eventual fate in this world.

Regardless of any religious beliefs that anyone has, we can see exactly what the Zionist Globalists have been doing to get us to this point in time. NAFTA, where profit-hungry corporations would desert the US (remember Ross Perot?); open immigration of non-Whites into all White countries (look at Europe); the willingness to lie, propagandize us with Islamophobia and False Flag terror (never ending); outright theft of this country’s economy to pay for their plots (they won’t even say who gets our money).

These people are so clever that they let you get all worked-up about bonuses to bank executives, because that’s a safe outlet for your ire. They don’t want you to look at the big picture!

What will be left is a Judaized-Marxist country and those Whites who managed to survive, will be a preyed upon minority — enslaved by the other races and distantly ruled by a Jewish super-elite and Secret Police. Christianity will be outlawed on pain of death — woe to any found with the cross around their neck. Reproduction will be limited to mating with other races only, any White found pregnant by another White will be forced to abort.

Are you going to just sit there and watch NFL football on your brand-new hi-def 48″ TV? Will that pink slip come next week or has it already? Or don’t you even give a rat’s ass about anything and would prefer to call me a racist, anti-Semite?

The concept of America created by our White Founding Fathers is being stolen from us all and if we don’t come together right now, we will surely be victims tomorrow.

— Phillip Marlowe


*Crypto-Jews: Secret Jews who have changed their names to hide in Gentile nations. Paul Volcker is often called Methodist by the lying US media (even his bio follows the cover story), yet he’s known as a Jew in Globalist/Zionist circles and in Israel. Volcker is a longtime enemy of the working class. Larry Summers’ real birth name was Samuelson. Geithner may not be a full Jew (the Jury is still out), but is defininitely married into a rich, Zionist family and groomed by the Zionist power structure to do their bidding.

“The standard of living of the average American has to decline.”

— Paul Volcker

† This drunken illegal killed those two White teenagers, 16-year-old Leigh Anna Jimmerson and 19-year-old Tad Mattle, in Alabama this past May. You can read more about it HERE.



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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432 Responses to Is a Race War Coming to America?

  1. kerdasi amaq says:


    As long as people can eat, all will be well, but if the food distribution system becomes disrupted, and people go hungry, then the SW surely HTF.

  2. American says:

    I wish this guy would just name the JEW, however he has the economics down pat. Expect lots more of this in the future, and learn to like it because JEW hate crimes legislation makes it a very serious crime for a straight, White male to defend himself in any way.

  3. Zorimixx says:

    Jewish bankers are indeed responsible for this economic catastrophe. A dumbass white Christian fundamentalist cowboy sent young American men of all skin colors to die in Iraq and Afghanistan. His Secretary of State was a black woman. The man they most want to capture is a rich Saudi Muslim, who was their best buddy when the Russians were in Afghanistan. If you’re looking for potential suicide bombers and radical Islamist clerics who hate America, try London.

    I have a lot of problems with the jews, but given the choice of sitting next to a Rabbi or a sweating young Muslim on a plane, I know which one I’d choose.

  4. Marshall says:


    I’d be calling the stewardess at that point personally, ummm, and asking for a different seat. “Hey, are peanuts Kosher?” BUT…Zori…after ordering some peanuts from the stewardess…

    I would be whipping out my MP3 player, slap on the dual headphones adapter, and plug both of these weirdos into a double-dose of Cat…and then move to a better seat LMAO!!!

    Marsh: “You two keep the MP3 player the both of ya, ok? The stewardess may bring some nuts…divide them equally between yourselves, ok?


  5. Marshall says:



    Whoa…I left, but ya got some peanuts!!!

    Ole’ Marsh is watching how you divide up those peanuts from a different seat…YIKES!!!

    Next “In Flight MP3″…

  6. Bella says:

    All this BS music is just more government mind games. i.e. Bridges to Babylon is a title used not by acccident. Foreigner’s First time crap song relates to Zep Tepi, meaning the 1st good old time the elites had way back in Egypt. It’s all a type of mind control/money scam. For instance–was it by ‘Garfunkel?’ Sounds of Silence—was probably about a Harp type weapon. Examine NLP. Who the heck was Freud ? And that nephew Bearnaise? I always knew Plato was a dink! O & do google Brian Gerrish !!! It’s all a big trap! Like the Pelvis said!! One Theo Adorno was in on it too!! The list (like the Beat Goes On!)

  7. Octo says:

    Plato was a dink?

    That’s what Nietzsche said.

    Anyhoo, anyone know where I can get some C4 clown noses?

  8. Hitler says:

    This is what the muds will get from us is their deaths.

  9. The Negroes should have been sent back to Africa, as proposed by Abraham Lincoln, a long time ago before they became so entangled among us, tares among the wheat.

    Race Matters

  10. Marshall says:

    Well “David,” are you a JEW? You have twisted Christ’s great parable all around backwards from its original focus, which is the JEW. An example of the great nefarious skill of the JEW, to deflect criticism of themselves onto others, isn’t it? How deviously and fiendishly clever…you indeed have the intelligence of your father, clearly evident for all to see.

    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    9I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

    38The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;

    39The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

    40As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

    41The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

    42And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  11. Marshall says:

    This review of “Machete” is better than mine, dammit 😀 The evil people in the film are naturally white rednecks. How original!!!

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