The Stroop Report Forgery

From the Warsaw copy of the Stroop report. Handwritten under the photo in a cursive style: “Pulled from the bunkers by force.” This is the photo I distinctly remember seeing in college and thought was a first generation print from the original negative.

I might not recall a whole lot about my days in college, but this one visit to my dorm room I do. In case liberal and Jew readers want to act all surprised that some “redneck hater” like me went to college, I can assure you that I did and graduated fairly decently in four years — one year I even made dean’s list (which I don’t believe either).

My parents drove me up to school in August of my first year, along with my bean-bag chair and other imagined cool campus guy stuff. I was assigned to a dormitory right in the middle of things and the room was a single, on the first floor — I could barely believe my luck. When I opened the door, my mother gasped. My room was quite small, probably a former bathroom by the looks of it and very dusty. Yet the ceiling was high, like the Victorian-style mansions back when it was built. Although my parents were mortified with where their son now had to live, I was quietly ecstatic since I knew exactly what I had to do.

After shooing them back home, I made my own devious plans (my distressed mother was crying about the room, or leaving her son to God-knows-what), and no, it wasn’t just the prospects of my new-found “Animal House” lifestyle that I was thinking about at the time (maybe a little). Read on.

Over the next couple of weeks I collected 2×4’s and 4×4’s from raided building demolition sites and maybe even a few legitimately. Then I borrowed a circular saw, drill and hammer and went to work erecting a really cool loft in the high ceiling, just big enough for my single size bed. I even put in a nice ladder off to the side. It really wasn’t much, but I did make sure it was well-constructed and engineered plenty enough to handle double my weight (as I secretly hoped to need).

All my new dormitory chums were mightily impressed. Next thing you knew, everyone else was building lofts. A couple rooms even had a triple bed canopy.

So what’s all this got to do with something called “The Stroop Report,” you might ask? Well, my hip dorm room was where I recieved a curious visitation one night. I was used to knocks on the door at all hours, but this one visit sticks out in my mind all those years ago (OK, a few others, but let’s not go there).

When I opened the door, I saw this friend of a friend, holding a plain brown paper grocery store bag in his arms (I’ve wracked my brain and looked in Alumni lists trying to figure out who he was). All I can recall about the guy is that he had long brown stringy hair and horn-rimmed glasses. Like in high school, I had friends in the jock circles, the straights and the hippie crowd. I do remember know he belonged to the dopers slash heavy metal circle and was buds with a loud bunch living across the hall who always drove me nuts playing stupid Kiss albums loudly late at night.

When I saw the brown grocery bag, I probably was suspicious about a drug deal gone bad or something. But I did let him in.

When he sat down, he told me excitedly that he heard I was a big WWII buff (i.e. I passed history classes). He had something to proudly show me. I expected a rusty bayonet, a few pieces of shrapnel and maybe some German Iron crosses — that kind of thing. But I soon saw the paper grocery bag was stuffed with only photos. He explained that his father or grandfather (I can’t remember which) was part of the American contingent at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and the photos were once used as evidence. I did not believe it.

Reaching into the bag, I started looking closely at the photos. Being into photography myself, I knew what to look for. They were mostly 4″ x 5″ prints on scalloped-edged photographic paper and some were just glossy white print paper.

But they seemed curiously new, like they were not developed all that long ago. I remember distinctly that they had not yellowed at all with age. Also, many were badly curled, like the darkroom person was in a rush and had quickly run them through a conveyor belt dryer without letting them flatten out first by hanging on a line.

That made me look carefully at them with a magnifying glass, where I saw that they were indeed continuous tone images — gray values and a real emulsion layer that exhibited cracks. They had every appearance of being chemically created and not formed from halftone dots, like in off-set or lithographic printing. The detail was sharp and the silver halide grains within the emulsion were distinct and not blurred. I was positive they had to have been printed from the original film negatives.

I was impressed, but extremely confused since they looked so recently made.

And my friend was right, I did know a fair amount of the “accepted” WWII history at the time. I started looking at the photos and saw that they were mostly your usual concentration camp horror stuff — Dauchau and Bergen/Belsen dead bodies piled everywhere kind of thing.

Now, I can’t remember all of what I saw in that brown paper bag, but I do remember for certain the shot I used above. As I found out later, it was supposedly taken during the first Warsaw “Ghetto Uprising” in April, 1943, after the Germans had defeated a “brave” Jew resistance. This shot was of them marching the supposed survivors out (it really wasn’t all that much of a fight, as I discovered researching more in depth).

There is a second image of this same scene, taken by the photographer only a moment or two before and from a different angle. I’ve looked carefully at both, but can only recall the one above specifically. The lighting in the real life photo in my hands was so remarkable that it had a distinct other-worldly feel which I strongly remember to this very day. It was one of those rare times when a ray of sunlight suddenly bursts in from behind the photographer and illuminates the entire scene before him at precisely the right moment. The computer image above, or those in the best halftone printed books fails miserably to convey this dramatic lighting.

I found out much that the photo was in something called “The Stroop Report” — a leather-bound “commemorative” book and military after-action report, supposedly prepared by a SS General named Jürgen Stroop on the “liquidation” of the Jew’s Warsaw Ghetto for his SS boss, Heinrich Himmler himself. The following shot was also in this supposed book:

Stroop (third from left) in a photo titled “Leader of the Grand Operation” in a fancy cursive handwriting. Would you write that in a report to your boss?

One thing to clearly understand is that the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is not the same as the Warsaw Uprising in October of 1944. That was a non-Jewish Gentile effort, mostly patriotic anti-Communist Poles who were left to their own devices by the Soviets who waited out the whole thing, not bothering to advance their armies in support, so the Nazis would kill off as many enemies to their future rule as possible.

The earlier Jewish uprising was much, much smaller and hardly bothered at all the Germans, who suffered very light casualties.

Another very, very important fact to make note of, was that the photo at the head of this article was supposed to have only existed in the second surviving copy of the Stroop Report located in Warsaw, Poland (the other is at the US National archives in Maryland and has the slightly earlier shot taken right before the one I remembered). But I didn’t know all this at the time.

Another photo in the brown paper bag, I remembered, was a gruesome shot of a man laying in the grass with his head bashed-in and his brains spilling out; alongside his body was this huge wooden mallet, like from a Gothic torture chamber. Being sick guys and all, my friend took pleasure in showing me that one. On the back was a handwritten or typed explanation (I can’t remember which) that it was supposedly an American POW killed by fleeing SS guards around the time of liberation. I’ve never seen the photo anywhere, before or since.

Titled “On Patrol” in the Stroop report.

They were only three photos that I’m quite certain I remember seeing. The third (on the right) was of Germans walking down a street with a building in flames (the Radasky housing complex I found out later). I seem to remember two or three others taken in quick succession along with this one; yet only the one on the right was in the Stroop report, for whatever reason.

The others, I think were more the usual concentration camp shots (as far as that goes). I also seem to remember my friend was somewhat nervous about having the photos in the first place, like he couldn’t talk too much in detail about how or why his grandfather or father had them. Like maybe he was worried they were stolen. He only said that he worked as part of the US team at the Nuremburg War crimes trials. Or so he told me.

Now, it was possible that these prints were made years later from negatives in possession of the US or Army archives. I later found out that the Stroop shot at the head of this article was only in the Warsaw copy. One thing that struck me at the time of my brown bag visitor (and probably why I remembered the incident so much) was  the question on how the victorious, bomb-the-hell-out of Germany allies could have discovered the actual film negatives in all the destruction of the war. I guess it was possible.

I think (but don’t really remember), that one of the shots may have been the infamous little boy shot, shown here:

Photo of the little boy at the hands of the “evil Nazis.”

Now, the above photo was in the Stroop Report, too. It was one of the most infamous of holocaust images. The little boy holding his hands up as the evil Germans hold guns menacingly on them, as they “juden raus” them out. This shot really gets Jew torqued-up to this very day — insanely hypocritical, I might add, since they are many of the same kind of shots of Israeli IDF soldiers (some are even American Jews) doing the exact thing to Palestinian civilians and children in the present, maybe even right at this moment:

Forget about 65 years ago, just look at current events for chrissakes.

Anyway, the Stroop Report’s many problems make people think  it was something called “Black Propaganda” created by the Zionist/Communist Underground of the time, and are still being promoted to this day in the interest of Israel’s “right to exist.” This Black Propaganda is also known as “disinfo,” a manufactured forgery to paint your enemies in a bad way so you can get your own side worked-up.

Denierbud, the laid-back creator of the highly persuasive site Holocaust Denial videos (so dangerous to the lies of Jewry, that they’ve had almost all of his videos removed from Youtube), does a good job laying out all the doubts about the Stroop report. His essay can be read HERE.

Denierbud asks the logical question: Why would a German General submit something that shows his men in such a unheroic light, plainly bragging about the evils done? It would be just like a US Marine General in Iraq, sending back a photo album showing his Marines committing heinous acts on Iraqi civilians at the Abu Ghraib prison to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff.

Denierbud points this out when describing the little boy photo:

Above is most famous photo of the holocaust, and it comes from the Stroop Report. But would a German general choose such an un-chivalric, bullying photo for a commemorative book? The expression on the boy’s face seems to say, “What did I do wrong? Don’t shoot me.” It creates a strong emotional impression against the Nazis. The viewer’s reaction is “that’s outrageous!” which is precisely why the forger chose to include this photo in the report.

To grasp the unlikelihood the Stroop would have chose this photo, try to imagine General Patton sending General Eisenhower a commemorative book about victory in Germany that included a photo of an American soldier herding 8-year old German children at gunpoint into some enclosure. It’s not the kind of photo that would be chosen.

Denierbud also wrote another article specifically on this one photo and the curious facts surrounding it (you can read it HERE). He conclusively shows that one of these photos was really a “photo of a photo.” In other words, the original continous tone photo was NOT in both extant copies of the Stroop report, only that the Zionist Underground had taken another photo of it on the floor or in a copyboard (the distortions are evident). They also captured the handwritten caption of the first. Denierbud explains:

If it had really been Stroop’s project, his people would have just printed another image from their negative. On this supposed level of a German general working on a commemorative album to be given to Heinrich Himmler (who is the head of the SS) this shoddy workmanship isn’t believable.

It appears that the little boy shot was stuck in at the last moment to add dramatic import.

Also, there was a Lithuanian Jewish photographer named George Kadish (Zvi Kadushin) who gained fame for his photos of Kovno Ghetto life under the German thumb. After the war, Kadish said he “happened” to stumble on the lead plates that could have been used to print copies of this image and 35 others in a Munich second hand store. Denierbud believes this guy was part of the whole schtick to begin with and was the original photographer of the little boy shot, but kept mum for the Zionist cause, even though he now had himself a world famous “Pulitzer” shot. Denierbud’s very plausible theory:

“Kadish took the photo and was involved with putting it on the lead plate. They were going to mass produce the photo for underground anti-Nazi propaganda. But when higher Jewish Underground authorities decided to use it in the Stroop Report, not only could the photo no longer be used for that purpose, but Kadish could no longer claim it as his own. Even in the post-war period.”

Plus, it’s obvious from the photo that the Jews were not being captured during a military operation like the Warsaw uprising since they are not all dusty and dirty from hiding out in sewers and dug-outs, nor “pulled from the bunkers” as the caption below the photo says. They are cleanly dressed and carrying purses and luggage; they almost certainly had nothing to do with the Warsaw Ghetto uprising of 1943.

A New York Jew doctor, Tsvi Nussbaum, says it was him and said that he dimly remembers being told as a boy to stick his hands up for a photographer as his family were being cleared out from the Hotel Polski. He survived the war in relative comfort in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp because they all had foreign passports.

Or he could be lying about the whole thing from the beginning. It’s often quite impossible with holocaust Jews since they all clamor for victimhood status among each other, while each relating their own personal run-in with the ever-present and evil Dr. Mengele.

Also, the Stroop report contains technical mistakes on the kind of weapons used by the Germans, which contemporary military buffs have repeatedly pointed out, hardly something the General’s staff would allow.

A real Jew falling to his death caught by Nazi photographer, or a dummy drop staged after the final German retreat for propaganda?

Another photo shows what appears to be a dummy dropped from a window, purporting to be a Jew jumping for his life from a burning building to his death, as the always evil Nazis are down below photographing all the fun. Only the building does not look like it’s on fire all that much, just a little whispy smoke from a window far from the figure.

Young Pioneers in the Zionist takeover of Palestine (Hungarian Jew propaganda poster).

Denierbud thinks that the real author of the Stroop report was a Jewess named Rachel Auerbach, headed by Zionists Adolf Berman and Emmanuel Ringleblum. He suspects her as the main text author from her bragging about the extraordinary Jewish feats of war and her personal style of writing. She also makes the mistake of using the word “Chaluzim,” a Hebrew term meaning “Young Pioneers” (total Zionism there), instead of the real names for the Jewish resistance groups of the time (the ZOB and ZZW), as if a Nazi general would use some obscure Hebrew term instead of what he could have known from his evil Nazi interrogations.

Auerbach gets a little too imaginative at times as she describes Jewish women “Young Pioneers” blazing away at the hated Nazis while holding pistols in both hands in a combat stance. One shot hit a German hand grenade blowing the soldier up (highly doubtful). The woman should have gone to work in Hollywood, but instead went to work for Israel’s holocaust holy site, Yad Vashem; which is not too different, one could suppose.

A lot of people who come here and see my blog immediately jump to the conclusion that I am such an “anti-Semite” that I think the German Nazis where completely innocent of wartime atrocities. I’m very certain they did commit such things, but not to the extent Jewry has been pushing. As a bona fide “holocaust denier” I have serious questions about the industrial death camp business, mostly.*

What I’m trying to get people to see, is that much of the history of WWII was written by the victors and it is not always the true facts. This is a very important thing to understand in today’s geopolitical landscape.

I think Denierbud has pretty well cast serious doubts on the Stroop report in the end. My little experience back in my hip single dorm room may only have been some well-done copies, or it may indeed have been connected in the distant past to the same circle of people originally behind the forgery — I don’t know.

My college friend’s dad or grandfather, may have grabbed himself a big old wad of out-takes, while working in the support staff of the Nuremburg Witch hunt run mostly by the Jewish Zionists out for some payback. These shots were printed directly from German army and SS film negatives, some captured by the Soviets, some taken by US army forces as they moved into Germany.

One more very important thing you should understand: I’m not saying that the photos used in the Stroop report were faked, as in Commies dressed-up as phony Germans acting out atrocities, just the propaganda context they were soon put to use after capture by the Soviet Jew NKVD. In the decades following the Nuremberg trials, International Jewry expanded this lie to the so as to justify Israel, inflame common Jews about all us potential Nazis out there and to further reparation money rip-offs of us foolish Goyim masses in the West.

— Phillip Marlowe


The Stroop Report forgery

* What holocaust “deniers” like me say (chart courtesy of Gemar Rudolf):

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Hey Canadian.How come you’re the incarnation of lies?You have killed so many innocent souls.Is there no shame or self reflection in you?Why don’t you Jews police yourselves ?Then you can say”No flies on me!”.Without this reflection you’re starting to look like a bunch of luckless chimps.Without the good looks and manners of course.

  2. American says:

    Amazing story, Incog. I like the photo comparison of the child prisoners. Today’s dirty Israeli-JEWS vs. the Nazi. Notice the Israeli aiming directly at the child’s head, while the Nazi isn’t even aiming at the kid?

    And let’s also remember the JEWS were, and still are criminals deserving arrest or expulsion vs. the little Palestinian child who ONLY lost his home and family. JEWS are propagandists and illusionists at heart (just look around here at the HasbaRATS), and media control is the method. However, they get sick because they can’t diffuse what’s happening on the internet. That’s also why the JEW-freaks try so hard here at Incogland, while nobody cares to comment on their sites. Our only interest is to keep sharing this great content!

  3. JR says:

    Quote (apparently a reference to mass gassing of Jews in the delousing chambers or their elimination in concentration camps where there was lice everywhere):

    “Of course I could not eliminate all lice and Jews
    in only a year’s time. But in the course of time,
    and above all, if you will help me,
    this end will be attained.”

    —-Hans Frank

  4. Rock says:

    That kids head and the woman behind him certainly dont look like their part of THAT picture. If you look at any other object in the picture and just perifrally scan the pic while looking at that object, those two faces stand out as not being natural to that photo.

  5. I was wondering when the hasbarat agents would show their ugly faces in here…

    I really like the Zionist hasbara agent, “canadian” comment about “NEVER AGAIN, ASSHOLES!”…. Is that not what they have been saying for decades to cover all of their crimes?

    It seems that the children of Lucifer are finally being backed against the wall, and will do anything to keep their crimes covered!

    Thanks for the article, incog about the phony Stroop report! Very revealing, and exposes another lie from the children of Lucifer!

  6. JR says:


    “Not much will remain of the Jews.
    On the whole it can be said that
    about 60 per cent of them will have to be liquidated
    whereas only about 40 per cent can be used
    for forced labor.”

    —-Joseph Goebbels, 1942

  7. JamesTheJust says:

    I am not going to argue with you,…

    Ahhh, but you see my wacked out little fiend, that’s exactly what you’re doing with this post.

    as you are Christian first and then White,

    Most definitely! The words of Yahshua are ever true:

    Firstly, I am to love the LORD YHWH will all my heart, with all my soul and with all my mind.

    Secondly, I am to love my kinsmen as much as or more than I love myself.

    On these two commands rest the entirety THE LAW of our kinspeople; and our prophets.

    I am not ashamed of my stance.

    just like all of those multicultural’s that think they are white nationalist.

    Sure, sure…just like those pagans who think they are white nationalists…just like those people over there, who think they are white nationalists.

    I’ve been in the movement for years. I’ve seen your kind come in and start thinking that you have the right to set the criteria as to whom qualifies as “white”. One thing I’ve learned in all my years: People like you are quickly exposed – constantly trying to sow the seeds of discourse. I have lost count of the number of Jews who have tried to infiltrate, or who, having risen to the leadership, quickly obfuscated the movement and made it to non-effect.

    What’s the deference between you and a Christian Niger.

    Ahhhhh, geee, I don’t know???

    What’s the difference between you (pagan) and a Jew/Edomite (pagan)?

    I could play that game all day long and you’d loose. You know very little, as evidenced by your limited diatribe. You have no knowledge of MY people or our history.

    My aim is not to discourage “Christians from believing if that what the wish”

    LIAR! Bald faced LIAR! You contradict yourself even within the SAME POST. Compare that sentence above to…

    What’s the deference between you and a Christian Niger.

    , but to raise up how Christianity divides the white race and your comments proves it.

    Are you are jerk on this site only or are you ALWAYS that way? (my guess is the latter)

    The only one trying to divide here is YOU. Want to compare posts?

    No one has even said a word to you, save me as a rebuttal to your asinine comments. You are like a broken record…repeating, repeating your VILE HATRED for White culture and Christiandom. It doesn’t matter the topic at hand either.

    Words against the Jew??? NOT YOU! Instead you do EXACTLY as Jews do and berate White culture and Christianity in particular.

    I have seen you trying to push away biker68 and gw2bc for the same reason.

    I have not tried to push Biker and although I can’t speak for him; I think he will defend me on this point. And I got onto gw2bc for the same reasons for which MANY others have gotten to him.

    You don’t own the soul of the white race and I hope you don’t own this blog.

    No, but apparently you think you do since you think you have some mystical cabala allowing you to determine who a white national is.

    Do you ever even think before you post? You, like every Jew I’ve met, speaks with utter hypocrisy, but you’re so infested with hypocrisy that you cannot see the hypocrisy.

    If you cannot accept whites that don’t believe in your belief, that’s your problem

    And the HYPOCRISY continues. You are a Jew. I know a Jew by their fruits. You can deny it all you want, but then Jews are commiserate liars too, so that’s no big surprise.

    , so take care of your comments and get away from mine.

    Not a chance Jew-boy. I know an infiltrator when I see one. Call it a sixth sense. Call it YEARS of experience. Call it whatever you damned well please.

  8. hoff2 says:

    “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force.”

    Hoff: And now the jew mafia have five nuke-subs. Just look at Mediterranean Sea on a globe. That is not a Sea, it’s a very small lake.Thru Gibraltar and up in the English Channel and now the jews can hit London, Paris an Berlin without problem.

    Just listen to the scare and war mongering propaganda, exchang iran with lraq, WMD with Nuke and you got EXACTLY the same scare and war mongering propagand recycled. Wake up good people. lt don’t get more blatant obvious in your face than this.

    “Israel is pushing us into war with Iran”

  9. hoff2 says:

    And YES – it’s the jews!

    “Olmert at AIPAC: United with Bush on Iran”

  10. Jalal says:

    You are a wise Guy!
    I’m an Iranian and I usually read your articals. In the western media i never thought that some guys like you can be existed. You are much more open minded than other americans.
    Contact me if you had time.

  11. Steven10 says:

    What’s your point JR? So?! It’s no secret Germans killed their enemies. That’s what you do to those that war against you. It’s called survival. I’ve said it once and will say it again. The jews got what they had coming to them and like some one commented earlier… it would be a wonderful world if only they had finished what they started. Holocaust..schmolocaust. Still any tripe they shovel out to garner pity for their demonic ways remain merely childsplay compared to the massive slaughter they have unleashed upon humanity thoughout history.

  12. JR says:

    @ Steven10

    I’ve been putting up those quotes because I’m not a “Holocaust denier” – I believe the Germans systematically murdered at least 4 million Jews during WW2 and possibly more than six million; and that they used gas to kill many of them, and that God raised up Hitler as his servant to punish the Jews for their crimes against humanity since the Jew crime of the Crucifixion.

    I did a post on it once. Here’s a link …

    I think the real Holohoax is what the Germans did to conceal the 4-6 million plus Jews they liquidated, DURING and AT THE END of the war; and that what the Jews have done to counter that and hype the destruction of their people since the war hasn’t misrepresented the OVERALL number of Jews that perished, and has, of course, been done to gain settlement in Palestine, monetary reparation, all sorts of undeserved sympathy, and a sadistic sexual release from the voyeurism of the porn films they’ve made of it.

    Why deny the Holocaust? OK it infuriates the Jews who know millions of their co-religionists really did die, but it also downgrades what the Germans did for God and Gentiles by purging Europe of masses of their enemies.

    I posted this link earlier …

  13. hoff2 says:

    Some more Lying Jew Scumbags – the Sovjet-Jews.

    You can take any jew who lived in Sovjet. They will all tell you that Sovjet was hell on earth for the jews. They where so “persecuted” it was almost unbearably.

    We are now leaving the lying jews bullshit-propaganda an entering the real Sovjet world for the jews:

    One day in 1972, when Ludwig was thirteen, his par ents announced that they were moving the family to Israel, where they hoped to increase their already considerable wealth. Ludwig, who had never known the family to iden tify with Judaism in any way, was confused. “Jew” was just something stamped on their passport, he thought, signify ing their ethnic group.

    To him, being Jewish simply meant having certain privileges. “Jews were the richest people in town,” he told me. “Jews had cars, Jews had money, Jews lived in nice apartments. We were comfortable. My mother had nice clothes and jewelry. We took a vacation once a year to Odessa, a stunning city with a boardwalk and gorgeous beaches. It was filled with mobsters and entertainers. It was a city with a Jewish flavor.”

    What you and every single non-jew must understand is that Sovjet was run by jews from 1917 to 1991. Only than can you connect the dots and understand what really happend the last century. once you understand that and how jews think and that the jews was planning, to take over the whole western Europe from Moscow, only from there can you understand what Hitler did and why. Because Hitler knew the jews and he knew what they were up to. Most people at the time diden’t understand thatjews was running Sovjet. And it’s the same ignorance today, that is why lying jews propaganda-bullshit works.

    Sovjet was the jews proxy war machine and the jews wanted to take over the world from Moscow. Everything the jews accuses Hitler of the jews was in fact doing themself. But to hide what they were up to the jews pointed the fingar and said it was Hitler who wanted to take over the world.

    Just listen to the mafia jew Olmert in the video above. What he accuses lran of is in fact what the jews themself are doing. Just exchange lran with “israel” and you got the truth what the jews are doing. The jews are always talking about themself, when the jews speak to the stupid goy the jew just exchange jew with iranians, or Jewistan with lran.

    200 vids about the jews.

  14. hoff2 says:

    The holohoax – the most unducumented event that never happend.

    Now we have three holohoaxes. 1902, 1914 to 1920 and 1939 to 1945.

    holohoax #1

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 10th Edition 1902The words: “While there are in Russia and Rumania six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded…” appear in the last paragraph of the left hand column of the image.

    holohoax #2

    holohoax #3 Turn on any Talmud Vision, TV in the western world. The holohoax Lying Jews bullcrap-propaganda is the same in all western countries.

  15. hoff2 says:

    This is a video with David Irving. This is mandatory! What DI says is that the jews bought Churchill. Then he says that England had nothing whatsoever to do or gain from ww2.

    Do you know wher Churchill stayed when he was in America? At Bernard Baruch home. The jew Bernard Baruch was so well known that he even was in a Buggs Bunny cartoon. You have to be pretty well known to make a point.

    “The Zionist Influence Over Winston Churchill”

    ln short order, he [Buggs Bunny] pulls stunts renaming Barney Baruch’s private bench (financier and political consultant Bernard Baruch was famous for spending time on park benches in New York and Washington) as Bugs Bunny’s, …

    Video here: Rebel Rabbit

  16. biker68 says:

    creepy computer generated voice, but….

  17. biker68 says:

    great post Incog! and great links Hoff, thank you both..

  18. hoff2 says:

    4:40 in the Irving video. Chaim Weizmann writes a letter to Churchill saying that if he helps the zionist-jews to get an own army in Palestine, the jews will bring America into ww2. We did it once before! writes Weizmann.

    ‘There is only one big ethnic group [in the USA] which is willing to stand, to a man, for Great Britain, and a policy of “all-out aid” for her: the ?ve million Jews. From Secretary Morgenthau, Governor [of New York State] Lehmann, Justice [Felix] Frankfurter, down to the simplest Jewish workman or trader, they are conscious of all that this struggle against Hitler implies.’ British statesmen, he reminded Churchill, had often acknowledged that it was these Jews who had brought the United States into the war in 1917. -Chaim Weizmann-

    Hoff: This is straight from the horses mouth. One of the top mafia jews admits in writting that jews brought America into ww1. What more evidence do you want that jews made America go fight the jews proxy war?

    England had lost ww2. The ONLY way Churchill could win ww2 was to give the jews what they wanted. The jews wanted Palestine and the english took and gave Palestine to the jews. This is a jewish conspiracy and it really happend.

    Chapter starts page 75. We did it once before

    David Ering’s free books download page.

  19. biker68 says:

    this just found! but maybe some of you have already seen it?

  20. hoff2 says:

    This is a video with David Irving. This is mandatory! What DI says is that the jews bought Churchill. Then he says that England had nothing whatsoever to do or gain from ww2.

    “The Zionist Influence Over Winston Churchill” — 4:40

    Do you know wher Churchill stayed when he was in America? At Bernard Baruch home. The jew Bernard Baruch was so well known that he even was in a Buggs Bunny cartoon. You have to be pretty well known to make a point. He was ”advisor” to seven US Presidents. After ww2 he said in a public hearing something like: – l was probably the most powerful in America, or alike.

    ln short order, he [Buggs Bunny] pulls stunts renaming Barney Baruch’s private bench (financier and political consultant Bernard Baruch was famous for spending time on park benches in New York and Washington) as Bugs Bunny’s, …

    Video here: Rebel Rabbit

    Goldmann later recounted a humorous episode from that period of intense informal negotiations (1945).

    ‘The car stopped in front of the porch and at the sight of us, Roosevelt said: “Just look, Sam Rosenman, Rabbi Stephen Wise, and Goldmann are having a discussion. Go ahead, Sam will tell me what I have to do on Monday”.

    His car started and Roosevelt had it stop again to say: “Could you imagine what Goebbels would give to have a picture of this scene. “The President of the United States is getting advice about how to behave from the Three Wise Men of Zion”.’ [24]

  21. hoff2 says:


  22. hoff2 says:

    @ biker68: Don’t miss Judical-inc Older Archive, at top of page.

  23. American says:


    Those are some very interesting quotes of JEW-mobster Chaim Weizmann, thanks for sharing!

  24. hoff2 says:

    This thread is about jewish False Flag Ops. When the jews are Lying, that is a false flag op. The jews lie that Stalin killed jews because they were jews. BS, Stalin was married to at least two jewessses, Stalin’s children are jews. And on and on and on the Lying jews false flag op’s goes.

  25. hoff2 says:

    This is a video with David Irving. This is mandatory! What DI says is that the jews bought Churchill. Then he says that England had nothing whatsoever to do or gain from ww2.

    “The Zionist Influence Over Winston Churchill” — 4:40

    Do you know wher Churchill stayed when he was in America? At Bernard Baruch home. The jew Bernard Baruch was so well known that he even was in a Buggs Bunny cartoon. You have to be pretty well known to make a point. He was ”advisor” to seven US Presidents. After ww2 he said in a public hearing something like: – l was probably the most powerful in America, or alike.

  26. biker68 says:

    thanks Hoff. ill get to it. there sometimes seems to be TOO much info here LOL!

  27. hoff2 says:

    ln short order, he [Buggs Bunny] pulls stunts renaming Barney Baruch’s private bench (financier and political consultant Bernard Baruch was famous for spending time on park benches in New York and Washington) as Bugs Bunny’s, …

    Video here: Rebel Rabbit

    Goldmann later recounted a humorous episode from that period of intense informal negotiations (1945).

    ‘The car stopped in front of the porch and at the sight of us, Roosevelt said: “Just look, Sam Rosenman, Rabbi Stephen Wise, and Goldmann are having a discussion. Go ahead, Sam will tell me what I have to do on Monday”.

    His car started and Roosevelt had it stop again to say: “Could you imagine what Goebbels would give to have a picture of this scene. “The President of the United States is getting advice about how to behave from the Three Wise Men of Zion”.’ [24]

  28. hoff2 says:

    thanks Hoff. ill get to it. there sometimes seems to be TOO much info here LOL!

    Hoff: l told you, just ask anything 9D) l’m a fricking one-man GDF team. Gentile Defence Force. When i’m in the mode l just go to some jew-forum and take on all the Lying Jew Scumbags on my own, just for the fun of it 9D)))

    Once you understand how the jews are in the head it’s sooo predictable. For starter l use jewish ONLY sources, so the jews don’t even bother to use their bogus bullshit accusation “antisemite” anymore. What is funny is that they ALWAYS starts to tell you about their wank fanatasies. My second nick is Sledgehammer. l’m like a fine-tuned highly sensetive 5 kilos sledgehammer 9D)

    Yes, info-overload. But better to have to much then to little info. Copy and past to a Jew file.

  29. biker68 says:

    too much TRUTH, is never enough indeed!

  30. Jim says:

    Hoff: thank you for ALL the great info/links. Lots of reading to do…
    WOW! Question: how do we know the jews were behind the Katyn massacre? I haven’t watched the movie yet.
    great article Incog! Keep’em coming. This kind of stuff really increases awareness of what’s going on today 10 fold! Amazing how extensively we’ve been lied to. I remember being fed all the holocaust BS in 7th grade.
    Seemed pretty horrendous and a bit traumatizing.

  31. Rock says:

    hoff2, you kick ass. Rock on man.

  32. hoff2 says:

    Thx to all 8O)

    lt’s hard wor you know, to keep track of all the jew-shit. Find it, copy and past. Make comment, it all takes much time. Good to know that some appreciates the work.

    l hate communism to the core and my mision in life is to kill off every single jew-communist-lie ever told. Communism is just like judaism, all there is a shacky house mad of cards. The only way the jews can keep iy standing is to lie and suppres all truthteller about the lying jewish scumbags.

    l have studied the jews 24-7 for next four years now and l still discover new things about the jews.

    Katyn. They all had bullet holes in the neck, only the jews kill that way. The all had winter cloths. The Sovjet jews said they where shoot in the summer. Those polish soldiers was the elite in Poland. only the jews kills all the elite, they always do when they take over a country. The jews have killed the elite in the whole western world, by only promoting stupid idiots in their propaganda-machine.

    There is not one single true in the public sphere in the whole western world that don’t obey the jews and not labeled the bogus accusation”antisemite”.

    Do you know how the jews in Sovjet knew who to kill? They took the telephone book and just killed off everybody in the book. That is how the jews made quotas. lf you were on that list they just shoot you. The jews did the same at Katyn, they just shoot them. They were all on that list …

  33. Fleur de lis says:

    WW3 is gonna be the ultimate false flag operation. The jews are all in place for zionism vs Islam. Now it is open news that Iran’s Pres. is a jew

  34. Hoff says:

    Jews did this and how they did was that they told the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire that the armenians was planning a coup to take over the Sultans state.

    First minute is in turkish, then in english.

    “The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians – Bjerknes- Hajian”

    His homepage

  35. JamesTheJust says:

    I believe the Germans systematically murdered at least 4 million Jews during WW2 and possibly more than six million;

    Believe it if you want. There is zero evidence. The Jews tried to claim that six million of them were murdered by Germans in WWI. It didn’t fly them either. The six million holyhoax in WWII is simply a rehash of WWI.

  36. kerdasi amaq says:

    The Germans were very busy killing people in extermination camps, what about the 5,000,000 non-jews who were also knocked off, to give a grand total of 11,000,000 victims of genocide. That’s what I learnt in school history class, now those figures must be true, because the history book or the teacher, couldn’t have been wrong!

  37. JamesTheJust says:

    Now it is open news that Iran’s Pres. is a jew

    Gawd there everywhere. It’s like a nightmare.

  38. JR says:


    “It is a question of existence,
    thus it will be a racial struggle
    of pitiless severity, in the course of which
    20 to 30 million Slavs and Jews will perish
    through military actions and crises of food supply.”

    —-Heinrich Himmler, June 1941

    Source: Heinrich Himmler, as quoted by Christopher Browning,
    in Nazi Policy, Jewish Workers, German Killers p. 23.
    He comments in a footnote:
    “The Wewelsburg meeting has now been dated to June 12-15, 1941,
    according to Himmler’s Terminkalendar found in the Moscow
    Secret Archives (Osobyi 1372-5-23. The accession number of
    the copy in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum is: 1997.A.0328).

    Another link for Holocaust research …

  39. JamesTheJust says:

    Heinrich Himmler, as quoted by Christopher Browning,
    in Nazi Policy, Jewish Workers, German Killers p. 23.

    Uh huh…

  40. American says:

    It looks as if JR is most concerned about proving the holoHOAX was real, when he can only offer quotes on a supposed actual historical event. I simply ask to be shown proof of gassed JEWbags. I really wish it were it true, but the Germans obviously did not “gas ” JEWS, among many other false accusations.

    I’d change my opinion on a dime, IF anybody had some proof. It still would not change the fact that Israel is full of terrorists, with most recent proof last January in Palestine.

    JEWS are criminals, or complicit, plain and simple.

  41. JR says:


    “The Rwandan Genocide was the 1994 mass killing of hundreds of thousands of Rwanda’s Tutsis and Hutu political moderates by Hutus under the Hutu Power ideology. Over the course of approximately 100 days, from the assassination of Juvénal Habyarimana on 6 April through mid-July, at least 500,000 people were killed. Most estimates indicate a death toll between 800,000 and 1,000,000, which could be as high as 20% of the total population.”

    Now if you went to Rwanda today and tried to find the corpses of the victims, what would you find? Maybe 10%, maybe not, especially since lots of them were thrown in rivers or left out in the open to be devoured by insects and beasts.

    How much harder then would it be to find the corpses of the several million Jews that perished all those years ago throughout Europe during WW2, under the meticulous and systematic programme the peculiarly precise German mind early had in place for their extermination AND DISAPPEARANCE.

    You do realize, of course, that the ordinary mortality rate for Jews in Europe from 1939-1945 would have issued in about the same number of deaths as the Rwanda genocide, even if WW2 hadn’t taken place, don’t you?

  42. American says:

    So now the Germans were so efficient they made ALL the evidence disappear (except diaries, “official” papers, or the notes ‘Bibi’ Netanyahoo held up at the UN?). LOL!! How come you don’t speak of anything else?

    It is not for the accused to prove they are innocent. The burden of proof is on the accuser. Everything else is just a smokescreen, including Rwanda.

    I’m with you, and really tried to believe it did happen. In fact, I believe JEWS will get an ACTUAL holocaust. The lies they’ve pushed have given Goyim some great ideas.

    Either way, JR, we both agree JEWS are criminals exploiting us today, correct?

  43. JamesTheJust says:

    You do realize, of course, that the ordinary mortality rate for Jews in Europe from 1939-1945 would have issued in about the same number of deaths as the Rwanda genocide, even if WW2 hadn’t taken place, don’t you?

    You do realize that the jewish population INCREASED by 1.7 million people during the very time that the so-called holocaust was taking place don’t you?

    You do realize that official Red Cross reports reveal that the Jews were treated very humanely during the so-called holocaust don’t you?

    Using a jew source with second account hearsay hardly supports your supposition that the jews suffered at all. Jews are noted for providing all these so-called sources, which when researched all lead to dead ends and dubious reliability. This, all in an effort to make their claims “look” credible.

    Furthermore, your supposition that the jews are the descendants of the Judahites of Israel (only one of the twelve tribes) is not supported by scripture nor by historians of the time (see Strabo and Josephus). They were, in fact, mixed race people, primarily of Edomite extraction.

    Scripture clearly states that Herod, king of Jerusalem, was an Edomite. Since Edom was not one of the tribes of Israel, and since Edom was historically a virulent enemy of all Israel, a good student would question how it is that these historical enemies of Israel could be in positions of leadership in Jerusalem at the time of Yahshua, no?

  44. JR says:


    “Q: How long did the Russians take to die?
    A: I do not know. I only obeyed orders.
    Q: How long did it take to gas the Russians?
    A: I returned after two hours and they were all dead.
    Q: For what purpose did you go away?
    A: That was during lunch hour.”

    —-SS-Unterscharführer Wilhelm Bahr

    Source: Cross-examination of SS-Unterscharführer Wilhelm Bahr,
    as quoted in Shelly Shapior (Ed.),
    Truth Prevails, 1990, p. 99.

    Just checking on the response to a few things, I’m ‘going out now for lunch’.

    Yeah, I’m with you American, I know where you’re coming from.

  45. White Master says:

    Jews have continuously placed so much into a holocaust for themselves…they dream about it, they fantasize about it, they force Gentiles to believe the story. They have put so much energy into a “Jewish” holocaust it is only fitting that they get exactly what they so desperately seem to DESIRE.

  46. White Master says:

    It is really a sickening perversion Jews have with a “Jewish holocaust.” The “inglorious bastards” get off on it.

  47. JamesTheJust says:

    Source: Cross-examination of SS-Unterscharführer Wilhelm Bahr

    And yet we know that Germans were systematically torture for their responses during war trials.

  48. JamesTheJust says:

    Jews have continuously placed so much into a holocaust for themselves…they dream about it, they fantasize about it, they force Gentiles to believe the story. They have put so much energy into a “Jewish” holocaust it is only fitting that they get exactly what they so desperately seem to DESIRE.

    They are prophesying the final battle to be sure. The word Holocaust implies being consumed with fire. Strangely enough, this is exactly how scripture prophesies their demise.

  49. White Master says:

    Funny how things always work out JTJ.

  50. American says:

    I know, JEWS are losing it. Still, I’m pleased to see fellas like ‘JR’ out there, helping more Goyim see just how “invested” JEWS are in the tale of the holoHOAX.

    Man, they REALLY need that lie to stay glued, and they know it! 🙂

  51. Ummm…. Living in a country where Holocaust denial is a crime is one thing, but now I just found out that the Israelis are demanding that Palestinian children in Gaza are to receive Holocaust education! Unflippingbelievable!!!

    So when exactly are the Israeli children going to start receiving their education about the Palestinian genocides committed by the Israelis after 1948… I think that was called the Nakba?????

    These criminals always try to force a one sided issue down peoples’ throats without any rebuttals!

    But hey… Their holocaust is more important than anything else, right????

  52. And I do mean that last comment to be a bit tongue in cheek….

    Double standards anyone???

  53. White Master says:

    Tell people the Jews lie(d) about the holocaust and many will look at you like you just killed their dog….So yeah, I agree if that holocaust lie comes unglued thats all she wrote fellas.

  54. Rock says:

    Its real simple. If its not a lie or at least not completely true, then why is it such a big deal to say that it is? And why the hell are we having to pay for it?

  55. White Master says:


    Making “holocaust denial” a crime is evidence enough that something is amiss with the Jew’s holocaust stories.

  56. JamesTheJust says:


    Didn’t someone challenge that law in the Canadian courts and have it ruled unconstitutional?

  57. Steven10 says:

    Thanks JR.

  58. Hoff says:

    The jews own census for a century. What year’s did six million jews perish?

  59. biker68 says:

    truth needs no laws to protect it…

  60. dtk says:

    Nor does the truth fear investigation. In fact, one would expect the “truth” to WELCOME investigation.

    If I had been committed of a heinous crime and knew I was innocent, I would want the crime investigated until the truth was known. But with the holohoax, the victim is the one afraid of “the truth”. Why is that? The accused have been systematically murdered and or imprisoned until their deaths. The media has been systematically brain-washing the rest of us to believe, without question, that the victim’s story as “the truth”. Yet the victims do not want their story investigated. In fact they fear this investigation.

    Hmmmmm. God damn head-scratcher right there.

  61. biker68 says:

    right on DTK. ” NO, do NOT do a rape kit! just take my WORD FOR IT! ” when the hell HAS THIS happened? N E V E R!

  62. hoff2 says:

    Another jew False Flag Op. This is how the jews started ww2.

    The Jews puppet W Churchill started bombing German cities Hitler bombed military airfield and WC bombed civilians.

    Churchill ordered a series of night raids on Berlin for the specific purpose of diverting German attacks away from the airfields to London. After Berlin was attacked six times, the German air force was ordered to attack London, and as Churchill had anticipated, the pressure on the airfields was relieved. Thus began the blitz.

    The principal assistant secretary of the Air Ministry, J. M. Spaight, then wrote proudly: ‘We began to bomb objectives on the German mainland before the Germans began to bomb objectives on the British mainland.’ He said frankly that ‘because we were doubtful about the psychological effect of propagandist distortion of the truth that it was we who started the strategic offensive, we have shrunk from giving our great decision of May 1940 the publicity which it deserved.’
    (J. M. Spaight, Bombing Vindicated) London: Bles, 1944] pp. 74, 68.)

    Read more:

  63. American says:

    In our schools, the holoHOAX classes indoctrinating our youth present a real problem. One the one hand, the class is mandatory, but on the other, the little children cannot ask questions about the fabled event.

    JEWS have once again painted themselves in a corner.

    I laughed out loud the other day when sharing facts about Ernst Zundel. This supposedly enlightened individual (only enlightened to what the JEW has taught), asked me if he was a skinhead after I told his history as best I know.
    When I bump into an individual like this, I just confirm that “truly open-minded people can consider ANYTHING, right? Well, you better check into it, because facts are facts. Next time we meet, let’s have something to talk about, because throwing people in prison for examining history is crazy, don’t you agree?”

  64. American says:

    And I like to add, “these aren’t MY discoveries (no gas chambers, no mass graves), there are millions of people sharing these facts on the internet nowadays. The internet is so powerful, I don’t even own a tv anymore!”

  65. Rachel says:


  66. Flanders says:

    Just ran across this contention and haven’t checked it out, except it is based on a Judicial, Inc source and it definately fits jewish tactics.

    “Kristallnacht Was Not The Anti-Semitic Storm It Was Portrayed As

    The ravaging mobs were a few hundred paid Communists from around all of Germany.”

  67. Marshall says:

    Rachel is not a Jew because her command of grammar is insufficient. 🙂

  68. herm says:

    For decades “the little boy” (usually called “ghetto boy”) was supposed to be sent to Treblinka and gassed there. In reality he was a young thief who had just been arrested and was released a few hours later. In 1978 it was admitted that young boy had survived the war and had grown up into a wealthy businessman who lived in London (Jewish Chronicle, August 11, 1978). (“He’s alive!”)

  69. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    @ RACHEL A LONG TIME AGO. Close down this website because it is really mean to the jews. Are you kidding me? Try this I’m sure you’re over 18 by now and can handle obscenities.

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