Black Woman Pimps Baby Daughter to Perv Killer


Shaniya Davis

The mother.

You may have heard something in the mainstream media last week about this five year-old black girl going missing down in North Carolina, but then absolutely ZILCH. As usual, once the real facts came out, it dropped from the radar screen faster than a brick at 10,000 feet!

Just think a second and compare to the ongoing, non-stop reportage of the Caylee Anthony case when the evident perp happened to be a White mother. Amazing, isn’t it?

The mother, Antoinette Davis (right), provided the girl to another dreadlocks-wearing Negro, who then carried her off “to do his thing.” Surveillance cameras photographed the punky Mario Andrette McNeill entering a hotel elevator with his little prize (above). The police were called, but the black pervert was long gone by then. Arrest papers for the mother state she: “knowingly provide (d) Shaniya Davis with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude” and “permit (ted) an act of prostitution.” SOURCE

Later, the body of the child was found seven miles away from the hotel in a field. Although Fayetteville, NC authorities have not released the cause of death; the Negro probably choked her dead after he tired of having his way with her and she became inconvenient for his “Jamaican lifestyle.” I guess the sorry bastard didn’t leave a return deposit with the sorry mother. The little mulatto girl never knew what was going on, nor had a chance.

It turns out that father of the little girl was a White man who had a one-night stand with the woman. He then raised the child on his own when it was apparent the mother was just another good-for-nothing Negress. So typical for Whites to take the responsiblity for a mistake (the guy must have been drunk). After the mother got a job, he mistakenly allowed her to take care of the child and we see what happened.

The woman also had another son and was even pregnant with a third when she did this. Now the taxpayer will pick up the bill on her health-care, the cost of giving birth to the third child and prison upkeep for 15 or 20 years. The son will undoubtedly go into foster care and this, too, will cost more money out of social services. This is the kind of burdens America has had to shoulder for decades from this now obviously worthless race.

Anytime Whites become involved with Negroes, something, somehow goes south. Negroes are prone to the most disgusting behavior and eventually will bring down Whites to their same level. It’s a given.

Of course, this is a more disgusting case. But similar things happen all the time everyday in Multicult America. Just pay attention to your local news (they have to cover things to some degree). You might have to read in between the lines a little, or figure it out from all those ridiculous names Negroes like to give themselves, such as the ones in this story.

They are several things going on with this sick and tragic story that you desperately need to understand.

The main thing is how manipulated the national mainstream media is. They jump all over White crime like no tomorrow, but drop any horrible black crime like a hot potato. They can’t have White people figure out the real deal; they just might get a mite angry about “Diversity.” The people completely in charge of our media have no concept of reality, they don’t care about anything except for their fantasies.

By this point in time, Negroes do NOT deserve all the efforts Whites have made to accomodate them in civil society. All the decades of Affirmative Action, special privileges and liberal efforts evidently mean nothing to them. They still continue to whine about “oppression” and “racism” 24/7 while acting like savages from deepest, darkest Africa. Hell, living in Western Civilization is obviously too much for them to handle, they can’t in the least restrain themselves. They just don’t understand that what they do now, will have ramifications tomorrow.

Another thing to carry away is the bald-faced lie that liberals tell you all the time. They say that Whites are the majority of sex criminals, perverts and serial murderers when the exact opposite is true. They feel free to lie because they desparately want to make White crime somehow “balance out” when compared to the true street behavior of blacks. Just look at the rates of incarceration for blacks — one out of every three males will see the inside of a jail and the women are not far behind.

Our White countries have now been turned into stinking cesspools of immorality and crime. This is all due to the Jew, who started this God-forsaken mess from day-one. Go back and look at the “civil rights” efforts and who’s been behind it from the start. Look into immigration laws they managed to change for this country in 1965. Look at what they put on the TV today!

These kinds of things will just keep happening and happening until us Whites come to the conclusion “enough is enough.” Will that moment come for you when find two detectives at your door, asking to come inside to speak with you about something that happened to your son or daughter last night?

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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142 Responses to Black Woman Pimps Baby Daughter to Perv Killer

  1. anti-zionist says:

    Well me and my pure breed boys are laughing at your weird looking kids as you go by. Race traitors are the bottom on our list.

  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Probably isn’t even White. It sounds more like a jew. Notice the trailer trash and Nazi remark. The only thing it left out was the mention of feces. Their favorite topic. Sick bastards! Hypocrites. They are busy committing genocide against the Palestinians while I write this, and it was their people who ran the slave industry. Millions of Blacks died in transit across the Atlantic. That any of them would have the nerve to mention the mistreatment of Blacks is disgusting! Not to mention the fact that tens of millions died under communism thanks to those rats.

  3. Jason says:

    That smirk in his mugshot…

    I’m not a voilent guy and I understand this site DOES NOT condone violance.

    But I’d like to waterboard that smile off his face…

    Then I’d like to… Well I’m sure I don’t have to spell it out for you guys.

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