Giving Away America


By Lennis Waggoner


Lou Dobbs forced out by Jew Jonathan Klein and replaced with Jew convert, John King.

Quietly slipping through the legislative process, at least until lately, is the latest incarnation of the Immigration Reform Bill, called Immigration Legislation S-9. This is still nothing but an amnesty plan and a give away of America. This plan cheapens citizenship by giving it to virtually anyone who can get to U.S. soil and seek it.

Senate Minority Leader John Boehner has called this bill a “PIECE OF S#*%” and while the words are strong, they are descriptive. This more than can be said of the full name of S-9 as sponsored by Senator Harry Reid. It is called the “Stronger Economy, Stronger Borders Act of 2009.

For starters, this bill reduces the US/Mexico border fence from 800 miles to 200 miles. It allows for chain immigration as well, where not only can an illegal get amnesty and citizenship, but he can also import his extended family.


This Saturday, November 14. Go HERE for a location near you!

Youtube: Recently fired Lou Dobbs reviews the situation.

Alien gang members which are estimated to be 30,000 minimum, qualify for amnesty simply by declaring that they “don’t want to be in a gang any longer”. Aliens will pay no back taxes but will qualify for the “earned income tax credit” by way of a check from the Government at taxpayer expense.

Tax payers will foot the bill for lawyers to represent illegal aliens and in state college tuition will be given to them as well. Illegals will be given legal status just 24 hours after filing, even though a background check will undoubtedly take much longer. “Temporary ” visas will be granted indefinitely.

At a time when the economy is in the worst recession in many years and the competition for a dwindling number of jobs is fierce, the resentment of Americans having to compete for jobs with illegals is growing. What jobs are out there have had the wages they pay depressed by this cheap labor source as well.

At 10.2% the jobless rate is higher now than it has been in more than a quarter of a century and at 17.5% the rate of people who are working below their capacity is setting another record. A Russian comedian named Yakov Smirnoff used to say a revelation about America “What a country!”

Native American citizens are starting to shake their heads and say the same thing.

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The Immigration Gumball Video: It’s the real-life stats (yet easy to understand) behind illegal immigration and how the numbers alone will necessarily turn our country into the living hell of the Third World. If you have not seen this video, you need to stop and watch it now — it’s that important. (9:30)

And please, go to my blog page and read this: THE REAL IMMIGRATION DEAL Figure out what is really behind all this in the first place!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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0 Responses to Giving Away America

  1. gtrman says:

    Yes, Incog, its the internet and who is who and what is what. Ha, it was some goy trying to be funny.
    Im just hoping Akira doesnt prove Bollyn is “Bollycks”

  2. Akira says:

    Krazy Kuntish Kikess,

    No offense intended. I thought you would appreciate being addressed according to your true nature. I meant it in the nicest way.

  3. Akira says:


    But then how could Bowling etc be so fooled by such an obvious twist like Huffshit?

    That’s why I say they’re all tainted. A pox on all their houses.


    Yes it was a MC Piper show 2006.06.06 that Bowling guest-hosted and brought on his great pal Huffshit and then the two of them went through their crazy script.

  4. Flanders says:

    Not that I’m a particular fan of the Libertarian ideology, but there are aspects of the following story which, if true (and the video indicates that it is) should make all American’s arise to stop this BS (and to promote American education on jury nullification – It will have to be done by individuals because courts generally do not santion it.).

    A Jury Nullification activist was arrested by “Homeland Security” and injected with Thorazine.

    Veteran libertarian civil rights activist Julian Heicklen calls it “an out-and-out kidnapping” when Homeland Security Police forcibly transported him to a hospital where he was injected with Thorazine against his will.

    It began shortly after Heicklen arrived at the US District Courthouse in New York City for the third Monday in a row to pass out pamphlets to prospective jurors.

    The pamphlet, produced by the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) entitled “A Primer for Prospective Jurors” informs jurors of their right to judge the law and its application as well as the facts in a case, regardless of the judge’s instructions to the contrary.”

    More of the posting and a documenting video are at the link above.


  5. gtrman says:

    phew. there’s understandably mucho distrust in this internet world of “truth”, but, as Nemesys said a while ago, you can use your belly to suss out the bullshitters. I take stories from here and there. Are WE being played in the latest Hegalian shenannigans?
    If its not “the jew”, someones being awfully clever in making it look that way….
    anyone reccomend some audio i can go to sleep to?

  6. gtrman says:

    Ok, Akira, i will listen to it, but its from 2006, and a lot has changed between Bollyn and Hufshmid since then. Thanks anyway

  7. Akira says:


    I don’t know if Bollyn is for real or a con, but that’s only because i haven’t personally witnessed him pissing on a Cross in a Jewish graveyard at midnight.

    I’m just saying anyone who could work closely with Huffshit for years (!) and still promote the tool is supect suspect suspect, to say the least.

    If I writes something useful, good, follow up on it. But where’s his “proof” about anything? Anybody can write that Israel is behind 9/11. What does he prove? He quotes Silverstein? So what?

    Here’s some of his current raving:

    “Michael Piper, who brags about his Jewish ancestors…carries a portfolio from AIPAC, the Israeli lobby in Washington, lies a great deal and does so as a representative of Mark Lane and American Free Press. This behaviour is typical of people who have the backing of an agency like the C.I.A. behind them. Piper lies and slanders with impunity because he has what we call “a license to lie.”

    Does Piper brag about “his Jewish ancestors”? News to me. Where’s the quote? Evidence? A date? A link to a show audio?

    Who the fuck knows who’s a Jew and who isn’t anyway. Maybe these Three Monkeys are right and David Irving and David Duke and Ernst Zündel really are Elders of Zion.. Crafty bastards they must be …

    And Bowling is on record that his ex-wife (sometimes she was his wife, sometimes his gf… he seems to be confused.. maybe he was drunk at the wedding? the tazer screwed up his memory?) is a Mossad agent. No, that’s not suspicious …

    What the fuck is ” a portfolio from AIPAC”?

    Re: “Piper…lies a great deal…is a liar… has a licence to lie”

    Evidence? Proof? Argumentation? Evidence? Quotes? Links? Citations?

    And anyway, where can you get one of these “licences to lie”? Is it internationally recognized?

    Enough with the lunacy!

  8. Akira says:

    Re: “If I writes something useful…”

    Should be:

    “If Bowling writes something useful…”

  9. gtrman says:

    Wow, akira. “What a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive”

    So, if Bollyn’s not the real deal, who is?

    I mean, he certainly pisses on Hufschmid these days.
    Dammit, im going back to the ‘pissed off arabs with boxcutters” hypothesis

    ALL GOOD CITIZENS KNOW WHAT IS GOOD AND TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dick Stallion says:

    @ Marshall: I remember reading about the Boy Scout’s being recruited as a part of the American Stasi…broke my heart. I was a Boy Scout and my son was a Boy Scout, so, to think that they’ll be used as little snitches, really sickens and horrifies me.

    I just found this video, just right now, and the guy in it, William Pierce, says exactly what I’ve been trying to say about the WN/Aryan movement…

    Don’t know how I missed this dude for all this time – heck, I almost missed the jist of what he was talking about this time, ’til I read the sidebar info. But, wouldn’t ya know it, he’s dead. 🙁

  11. JamesTheJust says:


    The usa did not WIN WWII, certainly not by itself.

    No the USA did not win WWII at all. Neither did GB or any of the other “allies”. The Jews won that war and we stupidly played along. Ditto for the War of Northern Aggression (I’m a Southerner). Ditto for ANY war you can name. Without the Jews, peace would break out over the world.

    Now, the Sons of Perdition are being revealed and there is no excuse for us to play along anymore. There must be one FINAL battle and that will be AGAINST the jew. We must not and will not stop until every damned one of them are dead. This cancer, called the jew, must be removed and destroyed.

  12. Marshall says:

    I just got kicked out of “Facebook.” permanently I guess. Talk about strangling me.

    So what? Nothing digital is real to start with.

    William Pierce had some good things to say, but he’s just a reporter like anyone. Don’t make your impressions more than they are. The lights are on, and people can communicate around the globe every day.

    Freemasons may see all this as LUCIFER.

    Hmm. When your electricity goes out, you don’t type much, and when you do, it’s all saved to a hard drive that’s only available by a battery.

    Reminds me of movies I’ve seen about Apollo missions…and batteries, and communications technologies…



  13. JamesTheJust says:

    Exactly! And most, if not all, of the movements that are supposedly fighting against the Jew World Order – Militias, White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, Truthers, KKK, etc. – are actually controlled by Jews who are just stringin’ people along until it’s too late to act. Even worse than that, though, is the fact that the Jews have packed WN/Aryan groups with violent retards so as to humiliate and denigrate white males and stain them in the minds of other white people!

    You’re right Dick. The only place I have found where jews cannot infest the nest is Christian Identity. The Word is our standard and it weeds out the tares before too long. There is NO wiggle room and NO big heads vying for control. We have but ONE Lord and Master and we allow NO exceptions.

  14. Marshall says:

    All I ever really wanted to do, was fix up a boat and sail down through the Caribbean. If anybody needed their boats fixed up along the way…I know how, and I would be glad to help you out.

    I do that.

    Every place you go there costs 3000 bucks a night. How absurd!!!

    Why waste my time? Why not beat your head against a WAILING WALL JEW???

    Jews beat their heads out on wailing walls, and yet they claim that the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over again without any confirmation of response from said behavior.


    A JEW is going to talk to ME about “psychology?”

    DAMN…University whacko Kikes are even worse than their crapinsteins overseas.



  15. JamesTheJust says:

    I just get soooo wound up!

    Forgive me.


    That’s understandable. Just remember sister, quiet resolve!

  16. anti-zionist says:

    mad jewbagess, did you figure out the difference between real socialism and jew socialism, or should I say National socialism and communism?
    As a jewbagess, will you also give us an apology over your tribes killings in the former soviet union?Remember the top 6 killers were jewbags.

  17. babette says:

    To the one who said “how nice it was to be forgiven my nasty comments” or some such thing: I do not apologize for my statements because they are all true.

    Rather, I regret preaching to the choir, a choir of extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, articulate people who know this stuff better than I ever will.

    That’s what I’m sorry about, nothing more.

    And thank you, Jamie.

    Incogman: Ukraine pandemic now spread to Poland, Belarus etc. Several reports of aerosol spraying low-flying planes the day before. What do you think?

    Best Regards,

  18. Marshall says:

    NSA computers track such things. I wonder where Dr. Hazeltine is these days…at Disney Imagineering? What’s your JOB sir?

    I see you.


  19. JamesTheJust says:

    we are told by Judeo-Christian preachers and others caught up in the new-age occultic teaching of racial reconciliation that we should despise our birthright and to squander it before the heathen of the world.

    Who are these people that changed the world, that brought the world, civilization, medicine, technology, industry, science, education and abundance?

    Who are these people who dug deep into the earth and brought forth it minerals? Who are these people who harness the wind, who cut through the mountains with giant machines, who conceived the idea that man could fly and then not only did he fly, but he took his idea and rocketed himself into heavens.

    Who are these people who said we can build a castle to last a thousand years? Who are these people who said we can go to the depths of the ocean and pull up its wealth? Who are these people who said we do not have to live in the darkness of night, or even live in the shadow of a flicking fire, but said we will make our own light? Who are these people who could not be satisfied with the simple pounding of a hollow log and so made music with the harp, pipes, flutes, horns, guitar, violin, piano and organ?

    Who are these people who then took the music which they created and allowed themselves to explore new ways of expressing their soul. While the jungle beat only has one expression, our people created, the Waltz, Opera, Bluegrass, country, western swing, rock, classical, blues and Gospel.

    Who are these people who said we will no longer allow ourselves to suffer the torments of the summer sun or the frigid cold of the winter winds? Who are these people who said we will squeezed the cool air out of the summer heat and cool our homes in the summer and then we will take electricity and oil and heat our homes in the winter. Who are these people who said we will no longer allow our knowledge to be lost with every generation and so put their thoughts, ideas and knowledge on paper and built huge libraries so others can glean wisdom from the writings of their forefathers.

    Who are these people who then made knowledge available to everyone through the printing press, radio, television and computer? Who are these people who said where there is no road we will built a road, where there is no canal we will built a canal, where there is no light we will make light, where there is no heat we will make heat, where there is no cool air, we will make cool air, where there is no music we will make music, where there is sickness we will find a cure, where there is ignorance we will find knowledge, Where there is poverty we will elevate men to live in plenty. If there is something we need we will find it and if we can not find it we will figure out a way to make it.

    Who are these people who were given, not only the natural recourses found within the earth, but also the natural resources found within their spirit and within their genetics to become a reflection of their father in heaven, the creator of the whole universe.

    This is a great inheritance which have been given to us. We have done nothing to earn it. It is our inheritance and we are to be grateful and thankful for these blessings showered upon us by a merciful God.

  20. JamesTheJust says:

    Ukraine pandemic now spread to Poland, Belarus etc. Several reports of aerosol spraying low-flying planes the day before. What do you think?

    Got a link Babette? I need to follow this more closely.

  21. Marshall says:

    That is beautiful James.

    No “health care” shall ever happen, unless somebody pays for it.

    It starts with YOU. Do you care? These absurdy bizarre “head games” perpetrated on humanity by the men who made their own laws unto themselves, shall not last.

    Only Christ’s words are true to me.


  22. Marshall says:

    James the Just…

    Apparently, there is an NSA operation going on that claims they can track any “pandemic” by observing various data from around the globe…

    Bla Bla Bla.

    So, DO IT.

    Report your data to EVERYONE. Is the “pandemic” psy-op going well for you?


    Chert-OFF. LMAO!!!


    Hey…let’s take a minute to revisit that most evil muslim guy…Cat Stevens…WHOO!!!

  23. babette says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I hope this works…

    People will perhaps begin to observe the sky in which “skyspiders” draw plumes in grid and X patterns etc. that spread out to conceal the blue = Chemtrails.

    Tragically, it may be too late.

    Best Regards,

    p.s. Thanks again, Marshall, for sending it to me.

  24. gw2bc says:

    gtrman: “without “blowing your cover” could you give us a hint of these things that you do…”

    No, I can’t, but I’ll do better than that. Here is a weapon more powerful than a billion H-bombs:

    Sergey Nechayev’s Revolutionary Catechism

    Sergey Nechayev was one of the most dangerous men of the 19th or any other century. This pamphlet transformed every “radical” in Russia who read it, and since that was all of them it transformed radicalism itself, making it immensely more powerful and effective. The collapse of the Tsarist regime in 1917 can be largely attributed to the long-term damage wrought by this incantation. It also makes clear why Russian-Jew-commie types have no honor and can never be trusted the tiniest bit. Their treachery is just mind-boggling. The best way to “negotiate” with them is by blowing their heads off on sight. In just a few pages, Nechayev conveys and legitimizes a bizarre criminal mentality that does not occur to normal people.

    I DO NOT MEAN that the entire catechism should be taken to heart. On the contrary, Nechayev was an inhuman criminal degenerate who needed a hot lead lobotomy real bad, and this tract overall is an extremely disturbing formula for lunacy that I DO NOT endorse, but certain pieces of it are invaluable to us.

    1. “The revolutionary is a doomed man…”


    We must understand that we are “little people” defying the world’s most ancient and inhuman tyrants – walking Satans – whose resources may as well be infinite. We should not be so foolish as to kid ourselves that this is going to turn out well, but at the same time we should not let this realism deter us in the least. We must surrender our egos and self-interests to the necessary moral deed, and whither this takes us, good or bad, this was always our duty and destiny from the beginning. If indeed it does not go well for us, if it brings catastrophe down on us, we should not panic in that moment and beg for mercy like silly children. We should be calm, having known all along that this was likely to happen, and having prepared ourselves for downfall in every way.

    Nechayev advocates an anti-morality that transcends ego; I say that morality alone must do so.

    We must be resolved in our hearts that even if we should be killed in the act of defying Pure Evil, as our “punishment” for being so presumptuous, this will be no tragedy. It is in fact the highest honor conceivable, a fate to which we should aspire.

    9. “It is superfluous to speak of solidarity among revolutionaries. The whole strength of revolutionary work lies in this…”

    We must each be our own “generals.”

    We must overcome the crutch of needing to be led, since authentic leadership is not possible for us, so therefore any illusion of same (read: “Alex Jones”) must be a smooth-talking spy for the Jews whose guidance is POISON, from whom we should flee with all possible haste. Oh, we have had sincere leaders. Here’s what they always end up looking like: Bill Cooper, David Koresh, John F. Kennedy…

    We must each unobtrusively develop ourselves, intellectually, theoretically, motivationally, tactically, to the point that we do not need guidance. If the opportunity arose, any one of us could serve well as “supreme commander,” such is our passion and ability.

    Now stop and contemplate just these two points. Envision the scenario of revolt that this combination of steely determination and non-organization would produce: if each of you relies completely on his own inner creativity and is not dependent on any sort of leadership, the Jews have no way to predict what each of you will do, so therefore they have to burn their resources watching each of you constantly, to try to figure you out, and meanwhile you consciously make this as difficult as possible for them: you’re secretive and guarded at all times about these subjects, even around your family; you have NO confidants for this stuff; you don’t have a cell phone; you don’t use networked computers for anything sensitive. In fact, you need to learn about electronics and radio technology so you can defeat their usual methods of electronic “telepathy.” Defeating these is almost always amazingly simple, assuming you have moderate technical abilities. Cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, cordless keyboards, etc., etc. — you need to realize these are your DEADLY ENEMIES. If a device can send data without a cord, it’s a spy’s wet dream, a crystal ball right into your brain. All they need is an intercept radio receiver. That’s why the Jew congenital tyrants have promoted and subsidized the “cordless revolution” so aggressively. Duh. Same goes for any sort of wired network: LANs, WANs, etc. Computers and the internet are incredible tools, no doubt; just don’t be a trusting naive asshole in the way you use them, and NEVER TRUST INTERNET “FRIENDS.” Do not ever assume, until you know someone personally and really well, that he is not a JEW, because you would not fucking believe how well-disguised and cagey crypto-Jews can be.

    THEY’RE ALREADY THINKING LIKE THIS! They have been for thousands of years.

    Implicit throughout Nechayev’s piece is the need for extreme secrecy. This is not “an unnecessary luxury.” It is the ABSOLUTE ESSENCE of your struggle. If the Jews know what you’re thinking and what you plan to do, they can neutralize your strategy every single time.

    But if you maintain extreme secrecy, this in itself does most of the damage for you, because now the Jews have to work so hard to figure you out, and also have to do this for everyone else like you, that their tyranny is taxed to the point of exhaustion and collapse. Think of their “control freak” tendencies as a mental illness and deadly weakness that YOU can aggravate to the point of destroying them. This is how Tsarism was brought down! Nechayev duped the Tsar into believing he commanded a secret society numbering in the millions, when it was really only hundreds, so then the Tsar completely wasted his assets chasing after this bogeyman– a figment of Nechayev’s imagination! Nechayev’s catechism eventually became “the constitution” of Russian radicalism, after which this effect mushroomed even more, eventually making the Tsarist regime so exhausted it just gave up.

    This is high Anarchist theory and practice, and it really does work. Anarchists and commies overthrew the Tsar arm in arm, and it was the Anarchists who really deserved most of the credit. Soon after the Jew “Bolsheviks” cheated their way into power, however, they turned on the Anarchists and exterminated them, because Russian-Jew-commies had spent the previous 40 years witnessing the power of Anarchist methods and thus knew that they too could be defeated by them. “Control freakishness” is every tyrant’s deadly weakness, which makes Anarchism their worst nightmare, so therefore YOU should adopt it, and I don’t mean “throwing bombs.” I mean the revolutionary theory I just explained. Mindless stereotypes and lazy non-thought are YOUR deadly weakness.

  25. gw2bc says:

    By the way, “Babs” is a JEW, and everybody slurping on her tits is also a JEW.

  26. Steven10 says:

    I’ve thought the same thing gw2bc. That’s why I don’t think they will rip out the Internet from public consumpstion otherwise they will no longer be able to get a pulse from the resistance. It will drive the resistance underground and they will really start looking over their shoulders more frequently.

  27. ultraR says:

    great material gw2bc.

    I’ve been on that wave length since reading “Leaderless Resistance”.

    Internet not only permits them to get the pulse on things, it’s anonymity lets them rev things up or down, its just a matter of knowing which soft spot to touch.
    Usually its relatively easy to pinpoint an amateur, they tend to use certain words or sentences which are just clichés gullible PC brain dead gobble up.
    The pros are of a different nature…, they do give themselves away from time to time, but in such a subtle way, that the error is quickly amended, and not often noticed.
    I’ve seen them act in reunions and meetings, and they are GOOD at what they do… usually like in a chess game, peons move first… and then, they make their move. Fuck! To engage one, takes a lot of knowledge and skill; not just courage; on its own, courage is not the weapon of choice there as it is of no avail.

  28. gtrman says:

    gw2bc – sincerely, thanks for your comment.

  29. kerdasi amaq says:

    That Nechayev is a pscyhopathic fruitcake. Was he a jew, by any chance?

  30. Radio K.A.O.S. says:


    Does this sum up the White Race?

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