INCOG MAN is Two Years Old


IT’S NOW BEEN two years since I started this blog — going on-line Halloween night way back in 2007. I’m hoping I’ve become a bit of a nightmare for the Jews. Well, at least a little pain in the ass for all the creepy HasbaRATs* and Mad Jewesses out there. I know they are a big one for this pro-White guy.

Anyway, after a month or so on-line, WordPress (WP) decided to classify me as “Mature,” meaning my posts would not show up within the main WP blogosphere. But they didn’t outright close my account, which I guess was a half-way measure for them. Now, I see things in the open WP all the time that are much more “Mature” as far as sex stuff goes, or even blatantly anti-White hate blogs, for that matter. I know that I have a topic called “Homos and Sickos” and they probably did not want that term showing up on their topics screens. Plus, some of my headlines are pretty, shall we say, irascible and most likely would infuriate the hell out of certain segments of the population. We know who.

But because my blog location was still valid, people could still come here simply by knowing my http address or clicking on a pasted link elsewhere. So, as they say, I got that going for me.


Imagine the WordPress blogosphere like a house with over a million rooms, each having a sign on the door on who’s room it is. My door is unmarked and shunted way off in the far wing, but I still have a room. My visitors often stretch way out into the hall and down the stairs, while most of the other rooms only get a few visitors here and there. No one knows what’s going on in that crazy guy’s room over there, unless they pop in to see.

And I have good reason to believe that if my sign was still on the door, or if I was still “visible” to the mainstream WP community, my hits would be double or even triple of what they are now. Even so, I’ve gotten almost 900,000 hits and I’m now closing in on 1 million with over 70-80,000 hits per month. October was 98,000. I’ll be at 1 million in early December, if not before.

I also have good reason to believe my hits might even be more. WP records the number of clicks on the “read the rest” button and the static page articles (up under my banner). It doesn’t record when people just come to the blog and scroll down (that I know of). I once had one of my videos (Wake Up to the Real Deal.) embedded from Vimeo above the “read the rest” button and which Vimeo let me see how many times it was streamed over to my site (watched). It recorded 30,000 plus times before my account was suspended (due to embedded Jewry), versus the 5,000 or so times the article registered hits here by someone clicking the “read the rest” button. But I’m not sure that it means what I think (I’m no a blog expert).

At the present, I’m ranked at a little over 340,000 in Alexa rankings over-all for any kind of website in America, which I’m told is excellent for a mere blog (most blogs are usually ranked over a million). Pretty good, I guess, for someone semi-censored.

Do I feel like I’ve reached at least some people out there? I think so. Let’s assume a number like the people in the mass mailing business think is a successful effort: 3%. If I round up to 1 million, that would mean 30,000. If those 30,000 went on and convinced two or more others, than my net effect out there would be around 100,000 newly awakened White people.

Of course, I am merely speculating here. I may have swayed only a few, or I may have been more effective than I know, too. There is no way I can read minds out there. Even with my tin-foil hat on.

So please take a moment with my poll below and leave me your story in my comments section, should you have the time.

I can see search strings (word combinations) and locations where a link back to my blog is pasted in. This gives me a rough indication of what people out in the Internet are now saying and thinking about. This (plus a big uptick in my hits) has convinced me that in the last 6 months to a year, a whole lot of new people are starting to think hard about the “Jew Question” and are checking things out. Going to where my blog gets linked, I’ve noticed a lot of “Zionist” and some “Khazar” word play being used in the comments, obviously to keep from saying the horrid word  “Jew.”

But let’s stop a minute and let me state something for the record: I started this blog because I am totally convinced that America and the White race, most especially, is in extreme danger. I certainly did not do it out of unmitigated hatred for those with different skin color, or they just looked funny (but I do have too much fun with that sometimes).

Simply put: I could do the math, connect the dots and see the handwriting on the wall, and it said “Whites are being SCREWED ROYALLY!” And not even getting kissed first.

Jews are indeed a clear and present danger for us Whites. The various immoralities, promoting miscegenation on our race and social-engineering of the lefties, right along with the Israel-First, Neocon agenda now has America, our foreign affairs and race in a bad, bad way. That’s not even touching the Globalists and the Fed Reserve/Wall Street economic scam Jews. I would hope that it all should be obvious to anyone with a brain left, by now.

And I don’t know everything. I’m just some guy off in the Internet ether. Things like Chemtrails, Moon landing hoax, Illuminati history, UFO’s and Cryptozoology may not be my forte, but I am not saying they are NOT true either, just because I don’t write anything about those subjects. I generally reserve talking about stuff I know at least a little something on and feel I can back up with actual information and history that I know is out there.

And I don’t think it’s too wacked to see that we have something BIG going on that is indeed secretive and seriously dangerous for America and White people.

Yesterday, Glenn Beck had Lord Christopher Monckton on his show to talk about Global Warming and the proposed “agreement” due for signing in Copenhagen by Obama this December. He also had on that former UN ambassador and pro-Zionist shill, John Bolton, for “balance.” It was a pretty good show, Monckton was great and delivered his message well. Anyway, at the end of the show, Beck asks “do you think a secret conspiracy exists to create a one-world government?” He turns first to Bolton, who says “no,” and then to Monckton, who says “maybe” with a smile.

I think Monckton was being circumspect to keep from being ridiculed by the lefty, environmental crowd. I think his real answer would have been “yes” off-camera. In fact, I believe this guy knows much more than he lets on. Bolton is just another Zionist Neocon liar.

Do I think I’m a “conspiracist” person? Hell yeah, I do. History IS one filthy conspiracy after another, Jew or not. To treat people like “tin-foil hat wearers” because of believing “conspiracies” exist is ridiculous. This is simply a way of trying to get other people not to listen to what people say because they can’t debate the issue straight-up or have a vested interest. Others either don’t really know or are too scared to look into the subject with an open mind.

I’m not here spouting stuff that people cannot research themselves and come to real conclusions about on their own. Except for my Alpha Centauri Dimensional Brainwashing theories (just kidding now).

Obama is a big joke. He’s no change. That’s all political BULLSHIT. I know BS when I see it. If Obama started bringing the troops home; cut-off Israel from getting OUR money unless they stop building “settlements” on the West Bank and stealing the Palestinian’s land in east Jerusalem; stop with the spending sprees; give the Federal Reserve and AIPAC the big boot (totally justified); then I’d be all for the guy. Big time. I’d be out on the street, marching up and down with an Obama sign. I would dye my skin brown and wear a fro. But it’s not happening and will never happen. Get used to it, Obama is a double-talking Jew puppet of the Globalists, just like I predicted.

I’m all ready to stop jaw-boning and take my act on the road. These people will NOT ever listen to real America. Ever. They’ll only pull backroom stunt after backroom stunt, total crap that the media can easily camouflage until they get us to the point where we are all NWO slaves and America and our Constitution will be a thing of the past. Once it’s gone, then they will have nothing to slow down their lies and what they want to do.

Mao once said that all political power comes from the barrel of a gun and, unfortunately, that’s the bottom line. We are headed in this direction fast. Hate to say it.

The media will pay. They have been giant traitors to this country and every White person out there reading this. They have turned a blind eye to all the evils of Israel, all the real economic theft going on in America and all the horrible crimes committed on White people, not only in America but in South Africa too. When I say horrible, I mean it literally. Whites in the US are absolutely clueless how victimized some White people now are and this is because the mainstream media actively works to keep us in the dark.

I fervently hope and pray to be one of those who pays their TV studios a visit when the time comes. And it will not be a nice visit from some casual admirer, I assure you. Those laughing, talking heads, the pro-Zionist shills and lying, sorry bitches and bastards will have more to worry about than make-up and expensive, coiffed hairdos on that day, let me tell you. The producers, editors and writers too. And I’m not just talking CNN and MSNBC or what some call lefty, but also the so-called conservative scum at FOX, too. God, I hope some of them read this. They ALL SUCK.

I’m not really much of a big Christian kind of guy. Let’s just say I’m a Christian supporter and part-time sinner (drinking, smoking, swimming with bow-legged women, that kind of thing). If I was a big church-goer, I would definitely be doing what I’m doing 100% — maybe more. You can see where things are going and what these people get away with and if I was a big Jesus guy, I would be fighting back hard. I think it’s so obvious as to be incredible that Christians still support Israel. It’s a joke — wake the flock up, Christians!

Back to the subject of my blog. I hope you Whites like it. I try to make it interesting, but I can only do so much, though, being a one man band and all. Anything you want me to improve on, just say so. Can’t make any promises.

Also, give me some feedback on how things run and show up on the screen (speed of loading, etc.). If you could, please run the advertisement movie on the Surfrider foundation off on the left. Only 64 people have watched it so far. Bodyglove gives money to them (but not me) for the number of people who watch the ad. You can run it and go get yourself some coffee and come back. It’s a little thing to ask and you men will definitely like it. Lesbians, too.

That’s all for now. Thanks for supporting me by coming by. Oh yeah: get the hell out of White countries, Jewbois and Jewgurlz, before it’s too late.

— Phillip Marlowe

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*Hasbara RATs are international groups of organized Khazar Jewry trolling the Internet in the attempt to confuse unwitting people about the Jews or Israel’s behavior with comments and flooding polls. They are alerted with software and are even financed with Israeli money (probably your tax dollars).

NOTE: Anytime you add 4 or more links in your comment, it automatically goes into my moderation que or my SPAMblinka. On the rare occasion, it does it to regular comments for reasons I don’t know. It may take some time for me to release it.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. ultraR says:

    No you are not American

  2. GDL says:

    Thanks buddy.

  3. themadjewess says:

    I’ll take the Japanese ANY DAY, over the JEW-rat. I’m not alone, either.

    You WILL be alone with Akita in HELL.
    “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!'”

    You all can say you are “Christians” but you have NO EVIDENCE to back up your claim. NONE.
    I make NO bones about believing in Jesus. But, I dont pick and choose people, as you haters of God do.
    Take your JAP-Jew-hating friend, NAZI slime, and be warm, the place you ARE going in pretty HOT, also tools of the LEFT wing, taking up for enemies of America, the ISLAMIC slime. Bolsheivk loving filthy PIGS.

  4. OnOurOwn says:

    Akira, I really like your blog!

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