Jew Spy Case Down the Rabbit Hole

Just look at this rat-faced Jew! How much do you want to bet the guy had nothing concrete to do with the engineering of the technology in front of that fat face?

Back on October 19th, I wrote about Stewart Nozette getting busted by the FBI that very same day. In my original article, I mentioned a report that the guy had already hand-delivered a USB thumb drive containing secret data to Israel. Turns out that this was all too true. The guy had long been spying for Israel and the whole media business about a FBI sting operation and innocent Israel was all total bull.

Read the following Philip Giraldi (former CIA officer) article from

…Stewart Nozette, a scientist working for the US government, was arrested on October 19th and charged with conspiring to commit espionage. Nozette was caught in an FBI sting operation in which the Bureau officer pretended to be an Israeli Mossad spy. Nozette enthusiastically embraced the offer to cooperate, demanding in return an Israeli passport and money for the information that he would provide. The US media quickly went into damage mode, the New York Times headlining its coverage “The Scientist Who Mistook Himself for a Spy.” Many in the media quickly noted that the FBI agent was not actually Mossad, meaning that Israel was not directly involved. The convenient spin ignored the fact the Nozette told the agent that he had already “communicated classified information” to Israel for many years through contacts in the Israel Aerospace Industries, for which he received $225,000. Nozette stated that he believed he had already been spying for Israel, telling the pretend Mossad but really FBI officer “I thought I was working for you already.”

So what has happened to Nozette, who, according to the court papers, “had regular, frequent access to classified information and documents related to the US national defense”? Well, as in the case of Ben-Ami Kadish, he seems to have disappeared. The media has dropped the story and Nozette did not appear again in court on November 10th as scheduled. He may have been consigned to that limbo where those who spy for Israel seem to wind up prior to being released. The Federal District Court for the District of Columbia’s website is giving nothing away. Nozette’s name does not appear anywhere and if one calls the court clerk and requests information on his status, the call will not be returned. READ MORE HERE

Folks, these are rats, pure and simple.

Giraldi, in his article, also talks about the spy case of Ben-Ami Kadish, some Jew who gave Israel secrets about our Patriot missile systems which allowed Israel to build their own version called the Arrow. Because the Jews did not have the expenses relating to research and development, they could undercut America when it came to selling the missile system, costing US jobs. Hell, they probably even sold it to China by now.

The Jews told our government they would not spy on the US after Jonathan Pollard was busted. Of course, all that was total Jew bull, as usual. They would sell their grandmothers to make a buck. If it helps Israel, even better. That’s the equation in a nutshell: money and other Jews over anything else. Loyalty to America means JACK to them and always has.

Have you noticed that not a single word has been breathed in the mainstream media about the case ever since? That’s Zionist media censorship in action, my friends. If this had been some White schmuck selling secrets to the Russians, or a Chinese guy selling to China, then we would hear all kinds of stuff coming out. The greedy little Jews get a free ride when it comes to all this, as usual.

It’s so bad that the Jews are now trying to imply, as carefully and subtly as they can, that Israel has a special status and “spying is not really spying between us friends.” What pure gall these people have! They’ve often turn their thefts around and sell to the highest bidder, possibly even to those who might be fighting our troops in the future, like China. Hell, they sold the Lavi Fighter (along with critical US parts) and our Predator, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology to China.

They don’t give a damn about anything except themselves, always have. They can’t stand it when we finally figure that one out, so they rely on the “anti-Semite” crapola as a way to redirect the issue back on evil Whitey. It’s a big game for these rats: Screw us over, scream “Hater” should we dare to say something and then chuckle among themselves about the stupid Goyim later.

Writer John Kaminski lays out the real deal.

The Jew is the source to America’s on-going destruction. All the business you see coming out about this poisonous race has always been absolutely true and is true today. It’s definitely the worse problem this country now faces. The problems of America are often directly and indirectly attributable to the Jew. But it’s not only America’s future in question, but our entire White race. No question about it.

We need to show them the door now. They should just hope and pray the door doesn’t hit them in their fat asses on the way out!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Biker says:

    Akira: sorry buddy, thats “Vlasov”, not Vaslov. my mistake!!

  2. Biker says:

    ignore the WIKI dicky spew, the war in the east was against Bolshevism (jews) not the people! Hitler attacked the east, because he knew that Stalin planned to attack the west in August of 1941, Hitler got the jump on him.. some called him stupid for attacking the east while he still had a war going in the west, but he really had no choice. he had to deal with the Soviet threat ASAP. and with the British royal family favoring Germany, he hoped that they would become allies, or at least neutral. as they WERE cousins.

    one thing that really helped the Germans in the east? they reopened Churches, as seen in the gallery i posted earlier.

  3. mondo says:

    Someone should compile a list and post it in one single article. Sort of like the “missing biologists and scientists” list that Steve Quayle put together except this list would be “jewish spies and traitors.” Like remember that Navy submariner who was caught with documents trying to pass to Israel? Or what about that California jew who was making explosives in his garage while Mom had a daycare facility in the home? Or the guy who was given a pass to got to Auschwitz for the anniversary after being convicted for spyingbut somehow never returned from Germany after the ceremony? There must be at least 3 dozen cases since 9-11.

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